Story Insight: Hate on the 38th

Temporal Warning: This Post was Made Prior to Hate on the 38th Being Released

It has been coming for a long time, as those of you from the Free Catfight Forums know, but Hate on the 38th is almost upon us, or you — as it’s already all up over me. He he. It’s taken several, far removed sessions, and needs about one more before it’s finished, not counting my post-completion run-throughs, and that’s pretty exciting.

Apart from letting you all know what’s coming, I wanted to write this blog to explain a certain connection this story has with Who is This? (one of my most well-received tales). The connection being that right after Who is This? was posted, and the positive feedback began rolling in heavy, I felt the need to write another tale of violence — another catfight story.

Now, as you know I have a penchant for sensuality and softness, and so even with the focus of the tale being violence and fighting, at some point, I began to allow Rebecca and Taylor’s struggle to drift into a sexfight. And though what I wrote from that point on was good, I eventually decided to remove that section and save it for another tale — one that has not yet been released.

Then, with the digression was removed, I went back and continued their violence-filled battle where I had left off. And though progression I made, at some point, I dropped the story for oh, say … about 6-8 months. At this moment, I cannot tell you why I did so, both because I cannot recall and because it wasn’t due to any memorably impasse.

And though it has lingered, in the dawning of my mood to finish tales I have had half-written but un-released, I’ve returned to it and pushed it from 4,000 words to 10,000 words, which my fans will know, means it’s just about done.

But as I write it, and bring it closer and closer to completion, I find myself focused on a question? How does it compare to Who is This?

Why? I’m not fully sure. But if I were to guess, it would be because of both the proximity of the tale’s writing with Who is This?, and its similarity to that story in terms of style of combat. Both being catfights, vicious and wild, without much more than minor dalliances with sexual attraction and attention between the two.

And yet even as I tell you that, and believe it, I also fear. Is the ghost of a story many perceive as my best haunting me? Am I, without even realizing it enough to be sure, afraid that my own work, both present, and future, will never live up to that tale?

Was that the high point of my stories, and after it, all else will be nothing more than a faltering attempting to climb the same creative mountain and reach the same unattainable high?

Don’t get me wrong, I love the stories I have published recently, but still, the threat of such obsession with past glories is real and frightening for a writer — fetish-focused or not.

To Read Hate on the 38th: Click Here!

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