5 thoughts on “Hate on the 38th by Rival’s Rapture

  1. coolkris says:

    Just on word Wow…

    A catfight that didn’t go into Sex fight (bit disappointed) nor it went to fight to death ( very happy as am not fan of that genre)

    Still this had a Catfight that wasn’t planned and Spiralled out of control.

    Only thing was that the missing is the background that their intense rivalry that made to boiling point and Taylor taking first step of f***ing Rebacca’s husband (would have added more spice for their trash talk during the fight).

    But I sincerely believe this one deserves a follow up
    1. Rebacca though winning never dominated or might not have had 100% Satisfaction . She would want to dominate/humilate Taylor in catfight or Sexfight
    2. Taylor was under impression that she won already but got off guard by both promotion which gave opportunity for Rebacca to come back (else Rebacca might have quit) and didn’t have same intensity as Rebacca going into fight as later had nothing to lose. With battle lines drawn and both know till what extends the other is willing to take this , Second Battle is inevitable and Taylor would like to win against Rebacca on equal intensity (other woman had screwed up her hubby and spoiled their marriage)
    3. Behind Hate and fury, underlying both looks like eager for body to body fight… A Pure Lust but no love. Just pure Hate Lust they have for each other which neither knew or acknowledged it themselves as Bisexual. That could have been why that they were always at odds at each other from beginning (my own exaggeration 😅)

    4. Looks like there is more that beneath the eye. Amber and Jennifer looks like they are enjoying this. May be Amber and Jennifer themselves waged war at each other like Taylor and Rebecca and are at uneasy truce. Fuse would ignited by them making mockery of Taylor/Rebecca which would result Hateful enemies turning into temporary unlikely and uneasy alliance pitting Red and Blonde head against two burnettes for fight. But both alliance would be severely dented during the course
    of battle making tag team fight into 4 way fight (Sub plot for follow up) 😁😁

    I know you’re are already busy with several works. But may be follow up for this can come later after ur current works. Your thought 😇😇

    1. Rival's Rapture says:

      There’s a lot to respond to her, and I will try to respond to it when I have a little more time.

      In the mean time, go read War on the 85th Floor. That is the story of Amber and Jennifer. It was one of my first stories.

      1. ALJ says:

        I read that. I would like to see them (Taylor and Rebecca) fall in love; it would be heart-warming.


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