Warning: Share Feedback Not Cruelty

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Hey, Rivals, so … I wanted to make a request in writing and then provide a warning along with it.

This is a site for writers to post and keep their works for you to enjoy, and also for you to give feedback to those writers.

Writers crave feedback. It shows them that people are reading their work. Not at a glance or on a skim, but truly taking the words they spent hours and days drafting in.

This community, more than any other I have been in, is wonderful at actually reading, even long stories. Noticing subtle bits and slyly-placed pieces, which is great — which is WONDERFUL.

And so I ask, please tell our writers what you enjoyed about your stories by commenting on the pages on which those stories reside. Show them, that their hard work was not done in vain.

HOWEVER, this site is not a place for cruelty or needlessly harsh trash talk.

It is very easy to provide constructive, usable feedback to writers without being a complete and total shithole about it. There is no need or benefit to posting overtly rude, intentionally hurtful, or pointlessly personal comments on our author’s stories or in their forums.

If for whatever reason, you cannot control your own edge-lord tendencies, and find it necessary to rip an author’s hard work to shreds simply to make yourself feel better about whatever life you are living, I will delete your comment. If you continue to try and post similarly toned feedback, I will ban your IP from the site. I will not convey your comments to the authors. I will not ruin their day with your petulance. Instead, you will just be left screaming into the void of your own unhappiness. In this, I will be hyper-vigilant. So do not count on your cruelty flying under my radar. I am notified of every comment and post that is made on the forum or elsewhere on the site. So if you take a shot, I’ll be there to block it, and then you.

At the time I wrote this post originally, I had said: “I do not say the above because there has been an example of such comments on the site yet, but I have seen it elsewhere, and I wanted to make it clear — it is not welcome here. I have now seen it, and say again: such comments are not welcome here.

This is a community of authors and readers — fans and fiction. One made to allow stories to be shared for free so that we can sink into them and forget about the outside world.

So, yes, give our writers feedback. Tell them how much you enjoyed their tales and why. Tell them where you think the story might have been improved, or where it drifted past your preferences, but kindly and warmly.

Our writers are spending countless hours writing the stories posted here. Stories they hope will entertain you without cost or benefit to them.

Keep that in mind when you travel through the pages of this site.

And also remember, your tastes are not the measuring stick for quality. I have talked to so many readers and fans of this genre of fiction and almost without exception, each of them feels their particular take on the genre is the right one. That what they want most in a story is what makes a story good. Long or short. Turn-on focused or an attempt at real literature. Violent or soft. Sensuality-dipped or devoid of the same.

We each have our own triggers and turn-offs — our own preferences and dislikes in both this fetish and fiction in general. Not every story will be one you enjoy. Not every tale is meant just for you. The interests of this community are broad, and our writers need not contain themselves to one corner of it unless they want to.

So still read. Still love. Still dislike. Just remember, the Fights.Sexy community is about appreciation, preservation, and enjoyment … it is not a platform for your angst and animosity.

1 thought on “Warning: Share Feedback Not Cruelty

  1. dermonarch says:

    It would be a little sad if such bad behavior prevailed.

    To all the writers out there: You are great, no matter what you do.


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