Stories Ranked By Positive Feedback

This post was originally published on November 30th, 2018 and has not been updated. If I had updated it, Peace Talks would be very high on the list and I wrote that with Sprite.

This just popped in my head so I am going to share it. My top stories, based only on the feedback I have gotten about them are as follows.

1. Who Is This?

2. Dutch Dominance Denied

3. Wrong Number

4. Where Waves and Breasts Crash

5. Backseat Battle (oddly lol)

6. War on the 85th Floor

7. To the Last Breath

8. When Life Starts: Chapter 1

9. Parent-Teacher Confluence

10. Margaery vs Cersei – GoT

What can I take from that? Well, most of my most popular stories are the ones I wrote unguided.


2 thoughts on “Stories Ranked By Positive Feedback

  1. DrewPowell says:

    Parent-Teacher Confluence and Peace Talks also share two common traits from the loudest of crowds in general, sexualizing racial strife, that comes out in our favor. As I’m usually on the receiving end, heck if that’s seen (selfish) than I own up to calling it out.

    I know it’s a point of contention, maybe incontrovertibly so, but personally I avoid writing them. It’s a Ripped from the Headlines trope, but there’s a current real life developing story about the UCLA women’s gymnastics team, where one member without having actually an athletic background became a member. It’s a confrontation/setup worth writing about, since the stakes aren’t based on superficial expectations, and presents a challenge.


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