Discord Sexy Writing Challenge #5

So on the site’s Discord, we have being doing writing prompts/challenges and I will be posting the results here!

The following posts are what people came up with when looking at the image above!

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Written by Christine:

It was a risk.

Anytime you put something sensitive near someone’s mouth during a fight – especially when you hate each other’s guts – you risk her biting down hard. Speaking from experience, the agony is… indescribable. It can easily change the course of a fight, or even leave you permanently scarred, her bite marks an object lesson in the perils of hubris.

And yet, ever since that brunette bitch had decided that I was going to be the next target of her bullying, ever since she started disparaging my breasts as “saggy lumps of flesh” in front of my new girlfriend, ever since the day she drove me so incandescent with rage in the ladies room that I challenged her to a fight, I was determined to not just beat her, but to make her fucking pay.

Risks be damned.

For a long time, however, our naked duel in the office gym was even – far too even for comfort. We traded slaps and pins and pain for what seemed like hours, our struggle pushing me far past the point of exhaustion. Several times, I thought she just might succeed in proving that I was the “sad sack of shit” she claimed I was.

But slowly, so slowly that I didn’t even realize it at first, she began to tire. Her slaps stung less, her holds were easier to break out of, her snarls of anger increasingly became sighs of exhaustion. I was struggling as well, but she… she was fucking fading.

Finally, I saw my chance for payback.

After one solid hold too many, she just lay on the mat, her eyes unfocused, desperately trying to suck down oxygen… until my “saggy lump of flesh” smothered her nose and mouth, my ample breast molding to her face. She struggled to break free, but slowly… slowly… her body went limp, rendered unconscious by the very tits that she had gleefully insulted time and time again. Ahh, the poetic justice of that picture perfect moment.

And she didn’t even try to bite her way out – too far gone, I guess.

It was a risk. But the reward? Totally. Fucking. Worth it.

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Written by Phoenix Falcone:

“How does it taste…? You can, cant you? Just like I could taste your cheap perfume on him when we fucked…Intoxicating, clouding my mind with hatred. He loves them you know…Way more than he’ll ever love a street corner whore like you. The way he touches them, caresses them, I know he’s done the same to you. But that ends tonight. It ends when your breath runs out and your body gives up…

Stop fighting it. Stop struggling. Just relax and savour the taste. I want you to remember. Every time this smell invades your senses, I want you to remember. He is MINE, and you will NEVER have him. When you wake up I want you to realise your loss, recall the humiliation you’re currently feeling. So that when you next try and fuck him, you’ll think twice. That involuntary pause when this memory returns.

Yes…scream for me. Waste your energy, that precious air you can no longer draw in. Every time it escapes you have to replenish. And when you do, my musk will run even deeper within you. That sweet scent, ushering in the blackness that will soon consume you. And then when it does, I will savour the sweet taste of victory…”

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