Release from Servitude

Often defeat means removal and expulsion, but on occasion, the absence of such punishments may be worse. Look no further than Kelly, who finds herself forced to play with her victorious rival’s clit, as she watches her own husband fuck the woman he now belongs to. Not for one session, or two, but until she is released from such servitude, and finally allowed to forget a life she lost to another.

3 thoughts on “Release from Servitude

  1. Giannis says:

    Ahhh these threesomes (MFF) !! Whatever is the reason for them, they are HOT !!

  2. Ellis Kent says:

    I once had to share a winner of a naked catfight with another man while his wife watched, taunted by the winner…I never heard a man come so noisily, while his wife cursed him and the victrix in Spanish.


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