This blog post was originally posted on: August 31, 2018

Challenge. It has always driven me — always pushed me as a writer to try things I’m afraid of.

In comic book roleplay (which is where I started my writing career/hobby), it led me to play characters with accents and personalities that were foreign to me — intimidating to me, just because they were. And when I ran out of those, and felt, perhaps wrongly so, that I had conquered every challenge, I decided to move on to a different genre. Namely, the writing I do now and post here. And putting aside for another time the weirdness of wanting to create erotic fiction, especially in such a niche genre, I have found myself challenged even here. Not just by all the incredible writers. Not only by writing in a community with such diverse tastes. But by people who message me and tell me:

“Your writing is too soft. Too sensual.”

“You need to write about violence instead of lust, and have it be about pure, unflinching hatred.”

“Do more catfighting, not sexfighting.”

Now, I realize, as the writer, I can do whatever I want. And that there is a certain hubris in someone trying to push me into writing not what I feel I should, but what turns them on individually.

But something about the “critiques,” subjective as they were, came off to me as not, you should do this, and I know you can.

But instead, you aren’t capable of writing catfight stories or tales without sexuality and lust at the forefront. And that was when it became a challenge. Almost a dare.

Was I tricked into writing stories they wanted? Probably… But, I did it. I wrote them. And they, I think, we’re really fucking good. “Who Is This?” as an example.

But today, someone asked me to give them a list of my sexfight stories — and when I looked, I realized. About half of my stories are now catfights. Which is great! It means that I’ve balanced the books, and brought some parity to my output. BUT, it also says to me that I can delve back into some good old-fashioned sexfights.

So! This has been a long-winded way of saying — get ready for ’em!

As a teaser. Here are the softer tales I am working on now:

July 9, 2019 Update: The below has been changed to better reflect my current plans. All of the below stories can be found on my Rivals Previews page:

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