6 Hours

6 hours have passed since Carrie and Karen began their sexfight, locking themselves within their dorm room, as the sun set outside their window. Since then, neither has conceded an inch or allowed their bodies to separate from one another. Both have cum, more time than they can count or remember, and yet still they battle – not just each other, not just over-stimulation, but also crushing exhaustion, which threatens to bring an end to their marathon conflict.

Neither remembers now how their arguments began, or how their issues with one another first surfaced, both instead only knowing that they do not want to stop. Feeling. Fighting. Fucking each other with every body part they can still move. And as they continue, and the hands on the clock slowly move, the only sounds that accompany their struggle are that of heavy breathing, soft energy-less moans, and Carrie’s whispered chant of “No”, her only defense against the coming resolution to their seemingly endless war.

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