Coworkers Become Rivals

There is always a risk when putting two attractive female employees in close proximity. That risk is often doubled, when they are left alone with one another. The female mind’s need to compare and compete is too keen, and the ease at which comments might be made, and glares caught, too great. Women in such a situation rarely start their struggle with a fist or a grab – no, often it begins with the lightest touching of toes — after each of the adjacent pair of hard-working women take their uncomfortable high heels off so that they may focus on work.

But it is then that the questions begin — and the true flame sparks.

Did she mean to touch me? This is my side of the desk. Who does she think she is? She did it just to see if I’d react. Let’s see how she likes this!

It is from there that things escalate, and from there, that coworkers become rivals.

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