Serial Stories: “I’m Player One” – Part 1


The first part of this tale, and the first post of my serialized stories.

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But remember, not every story is going to hit your specific trigger — so if your response is “mAkE tHeM pUncH eAcH oThEr aNd sTuFf”, maybe ssHHhHHHHhhhH.

“Hey, wait! I’m player one!” Came a gentle protest from Julie, who, until that moment had been excited to the nth to have a “Nintendo Night”. The name her roommate Steph used when pitching the night sans guests.

It would be just them.

Just they two gamer girls and an NES Classic. The fun of it not meant to be shared on a Twitch or Mixer stream, just to let loose and have fun.

It sounded amazing, and filled both brunette and redhead with a giggly anticipation, as together the two curvy girls sat with crossed legs on the carpeted floor in front of the TV in their apartment’s main room.

And yet still, as Steph went to start the game as Mario, Julie protested. Not just with words, but a reach, as the bright red-haired girl moved to steal the black and white controller away from her roommate.

But with an equal feeling of insistence, Steph leaned away, stretching her arms out wide to the side, trying to keep the rectangle-shaped device away from her pawing friend.

“Mmmnn mmnnn, I’m Mario! You can be Luigi! It fits us. You are sooo my player two….” There was some truth to it, at least as far as the brunette Steph believed, but still, as she said it, she smiled. Even chuckled, as she leaned further and further away.

“Oh my god, WHAT!?” With an equal sense of humor and playfulness, Julie leaned with her roommate. Only to then shift, lift, and climb into Steph’s lap. The dye-earned redhead taking a wide straddle of the sitting brunette’s hips.

“Ha ha, what are you doing?! Get off me!” Steph complained through lighthearted snickers, as Julie’s Mario-themed sundress rode up past her hips.

“Only if you let me be player one!” Julie demanded with an intensely fake sternness.

“Yeah, ugh … NEVER!” The brunette’s refusal came with a soft smile, one she wore as she let the controller drop from her hands to the floor. Not so that she might give Julie what she wanted, but instead to use her newly free hands to grab and push against’s Julie’s shoulders.

“Fine then!” Julie replied as she felt her roommate’s palms press against her shoulders. Instead of giving into it and letting her friend push her off and back to the carpet, the redhead rebelled. She doing so by reaching both arms around the brunette’s head and neck, and then with a sudden seizing, pulling her forward, and without intention, between the cleavage of her breasts.

It was then, as one roommate’s nose and lips pressed against the dress-exposed fleshy-valley between the other’s breasts, that everything stopped. The speaking. The laughing. The pushing. And even the pulling hold, Julie had taken not a moment before.

Then, a few seconds after that cessation began, each leaned back. Julie away from her unintended smother, and Steph from playing victim to it. Such reversing allowed for the sitting pair’s eyes to meet, to connect, and then … question.

What had just happened? Was it nothing more than just a playful attempt at claiming Mario’s player one glory for their own? Or an excuse….

What were they feeling at that moment? Nothing more than shame and embarrassment of a moment gotten out of hand? Or something more….

What was next? Would they laugh it all off and swiftly end their moment of contact. Or would they choose a different path? One they had both wanted. One they had wanted since the first night they met.

“Wrestle me for it.” Steph dared, though her tone was soft and her eyes shifting left and right in a deep, shame-driven study of Julie’s face.

A look which pulled the redhead in like gravity — like fate. Her body leaning in, her neck bending forward, and her lips moving closer and closer to her roommate’s.

In truth, they each wanted it. A kiss. A soft, gentle, lingering kiss, but instead. Pushed to deny those feelings by a fear of rejection and taboo, Julie took a different route. One that guaranteed that she would get to feel her body pressed against Steph’s for just a few moments more.

“Deal!” The redhead’s acceptance came in a quick, excited shout, as suddenly her arms tightened around her roommate’s neck, once again pulling her into a cleavage-only breast smother.

And though at that moment conflict was beginning — a struggle for something they each had wanted, the sitting pair together wore wide, irrepressible smiles. One free and above the other, and the other pressed blissfully between a pair of trapping tits.

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4 thoughts on “Serial Stories: “I’m Player One” – Part 1

  1. Markus Wolf says:

    Oh my, I love the setup, and the accidental/tentative nature of this contest… plus, it involves video games 😉

    Would love to read more!

  2. Dinos says:

    I like it ! Of course (!!) i expect all this to escalate to more excitement, more clumsy wrestling and finally… to settle who of them is the top player, the usual way two hot and horny for each other women do.
    Let them to wrestle, to playfully fight one another, whatever but finally, their p@ssies will settle their “dispute” fighting one another.


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