May Seem

To men, it may seem effortless and natural for a woman to be “sexy”.

A trait women are born with, rather than a facade they take on.

To move with a confidence and hip-heavy stride, as if she was hungry and on the prowl. To with her eyes, send the message, that she is tigress and all else is prey.

To at all times wear a cloak of appeal and the aura of allure.

And though it is nurtured rather than nature — donned rather than inherent.

That learned and projected emanation of power is of utmost importance in any battle between two women.

Whether that confrontation hinges on violence or something softer — comparison or carnal concerns.

Each woman, within the walls of such a contest, playing deep and leaning hard into every bit of sexy they can find within themselves.

Not because a man might be watching, or because they know no other way.

But instead because is no better way to make your rival concede to you, than to make her believe that you are every bit the huntress. And without a shadow of a doubt, the goddess, that before you fought, she claimed to be.

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3 thoughts on “May Seem

  1. DrewPowell says:

    Ever since we exchanged our caves for walls, and irrevocably reshaped human connection from sheer survivalism into a more faction-based existence, women were seen as guardians of the house, and as such didn’t much leave said household (except of course for the very rich and highly revered).

    Where men invented religions to offer an external force as a justification for a root to their power and existence, women, by the necessity of aforementioned walls, have turned more internal, deriving their own power from that of their fathers, brothers, and husbands.

    As the latter is more grounded in reality, yet still just as much arbitrary, the pecking order dictated a uniqueness, the desire to have the best makeup, dress, and personality traits.

  2. Ellis Kent says:

    Yes, Rival’s Rapture has hit a truth here. The three women I know who fight and sexfight do it alone because it they are testing their carnality against a rival. They all want a woman who is equal to them in sexual charge as a rival, to test themselves…


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