Often Assumed

It is often assumed, by lustful men and by sheltered women (if they know of the style of engagement at all), that every sexfight stems from hate and spawns from jealousy.

But for those women of a more adventurous and playful spirit, it can be so much more. A game. An aphrodisiac. An exciting twist on long-old affair.

For what could possibly make an sexual encounter between two women more unique and explosive, than by making it a competition between equals.

One without the consequence of losing a lover or promotion — freedom or a job.

It being instead a test of one’s body against another. One will against another. Not once, in a flash of regret and cruel dismissal, but whenever the prurient spirit calls.

One night after another. Until a pairing of women know one another so well, that their battle of sex becomes one of mastery, their victories decided by mere seconds cut in half.

The worth of such a discovery, that lustful and toe-curling game, is in fact doubled or perhaps tripled. As it can be introduced to one loving partner or willing stranger after another. The excitement of new conquests and competitions providing a passion-brought joy to cherish — till the passions of youth fade.

2 thoughts on “Often Assumed

  1. DrewPowell says:

    Half a century ago, doing what I’m doing now was looked at in ridicule and embarrassment, given how people thought, based on socially acceptable norms, that being a typist is a lowly female job they ought to have before they eventually drop out to have kids.

    The second thing computer technology changed for the world is how the “installment” of viewpoints is being evaluated.

    Before RAM, the core principle was that every item inevitably and unchangeable comes with a small memory container. It was assumed everybody is cis heterosexual, just get corrupted along the way.

    Computer technology changed how we look at innovation, how “traditional” jobs can be changed, and open the door into acceptance of concepts like gender fluidity.

    Having said that, cultural stigmas still exist around certain subjects, with sexfights being one. From the “hardwired” lesbian and bisexual perspective, it’s about sensuality, a foray into a deeper understanding, whereas for others it could easily be a logical conclusion to a quest of dominance, a power play.

    We need not go further than the Huguenots to find an outlier of forced migration from Western Europe toward east to the point they lost their memories of the French language and their cultural identities. That’s the worst case scenario short of a genocide that humans can do to each other.

    The only way to even want and appreciate how things actually work is by having an open mind.


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