Obsession in Absence

As the momentum from their final glorious thrusts ebb and their orgasm-pitched screams fade into echo, Kelly and Kate begin to drift.

They had each built towards and waited for this confrontation for months. Each away at separate colleges, both women worked to keep their rivalry heated by sending insult-laced emails during the day and masturbating via FaceTime, whilst relaying their plan to outfuck the other at night. And finally, after being so long apart and so entirely obsessed with their hatred for each other, the day had finally come.

Nearly an entire workday of struggle has passed, in which they have put each other’s bodies to test against their own, but both have become tired, together having spent every ounce of energy they had, attempting to best the other. To this point, they have reached a stalemate of 13 orgasms a piece. An equality they shall break as soon as they wake, leaving and holding their rival in a scissor, as they fade into a well-earned sleep, hand in hand.

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