“You want me to let you go?” Beatrix asked, as she tugged harshly at Eva’s matted and sweat-soaked hair.

“Yes, bitch! Get off me!” Eva responded, still struggling, though in vain, against the grip and mount of her victorious rival.

“Simple then.” In an almost mockingly gentle tone, Beatrix replied, all the while using her hips to bring her womanhood forward, only to then lower it, and drag it back down her rival’s face from the tip of her nose to the bottom of her chin.

“Lick me. Make me cum. And I will let you go.” Violently Eva reacted to the ultimatum, kicking her feet wildly, and shifting both her head and her body from side to side, in a final effort to unseat her confident and demanding foe. But as her attempts failed, and her brunette enemy remained seated and calm, fully confident that she has the blonde trapped, Eva looked up. There she saw written in the fire in her foe’s eyes that she would not relent, not raise up, not allow for escape, until she had gotten what she wanted.

That painful and dark truth in mind, Eva, with hate blazing in her eyes, and churning in her gut, reared her head back as best she could, and as instructed, engulfed Beatrix’ cunt with her mouth. She hated it. Every moment of it. The taste. The smell. The very though of it. But as she licked, invaded, and nibbled at her rival’s sex, she found some distracting comfort in the fact that had she ended on top, she would have demanded no less, and in fact, likely would have insisted on more. Much, much more.

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