Play to You

It wasn’t for you. In fact, it started as just a run-of-the-mill argument between cousins, over money borrowed at least year’s family get-together. The only reason you were even there, was because the brunette happened to be your wife, and their catfight just so happened to occur in your living room, of all places.

You tried to hide it. Your excitement. The growing erection in your pants. The heavy pace of your breathing. The phone you took out to take these photos with, as soon as they first came nose-to-nose. But somewhere amongst the hair pulling and strangling – the legs wrapped around torsos and punches delivered to guts, she caught you: your wife. In your horror, you thought it might make her stop – maker her call a truce to deal with your perversion – but instead?

Instead she began to play to you – look to you for approval – to see if the pain she caused her cousin was keeping you hard. By the end, the entire fight seemed like a show put on by her just to please you – and though that was not the real reason, you could not have been more pleased, or more ready to rip your wife’s clothes off and fuck her.

It was not a moment after the last photo shown – the last photo you took, that your glowing spouse pulled her cousin out from the corner, laid her down on the hard wood floor, and then in turn, laid herself down on top of her, face-up. Then, as she motioned with a finger for you to come to her, she used her other hand to pull her panties to the side, so that you could make love to her atop her unconscious and defeated rival.

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