Dominate for Him

Thomas could have any woman he wanted, he being rich beyond the dreams of avarice, handsome, and blessed with a quick wit and a cute smile. |

Did he want one with a perfect body? An incredible mind? One who was famous, and chased after by the world?

Many such women came to him, fawned over him, threw themselves at his feet, but in the end … he realized they were not who he wanted. For with each he would tell them of his deepest desire. What he wanted them to do for him. What role he NEEDED them to play, in order for him to be truly happy.

Some would recoil in disgust. Some would joke, and try to change the subject. Some would agree, but then when the time came, refuse. Others, others would try, but without heart – without passion – without any commitment to his vision. And as each failed him, one after another, Thomas began to doubt, that he would ever find what he wanted. A champion. A queen. A woman who would fight for him. Compete for him. Dominate for him….

Until finally … in Ann Marie, he found such a woman. For when he told her that he wanted her to battle other women – to put her sex against theirs – to fight and fuck them for control, seeing each not just as a fellow actor in a play role, but a rival – an enemy – a threat that must be defeated, she agreed, though that is too soft a word. Instead she swore, on bent knee, that from that day forth she would be his vision – his warrior woman, forever and for always.

And so she was, training and sparring with every moment of her free time. She of her own accord finding friends to face, enemies of her own to dominate, and even going so far as to pay escorts to struggle against her when she could find neither. But that was years ago, a decade nearly, and now, after countless battles, and almost as many victories, she has become his goddess – his cutting beautiful blade of sexual power and prowess.

Such truths did the once presumptuous Tanya on this night discover. Since that lesson ended, Twenty minutes have passed, and yet, Ann Marie keeps her lips locked to those of the woman Thomas brought home for her to play with. In a similar fashion to that unmoving and unbroken kiss, the redhead’s fingers remain forcibly kept where they were when the conquered blonde came upon them. Such a lingering hold is a message of control, announcing to the world, the defeated, and most importantly Thomas, that the pussy so held now belongs to his champion – just like every such pussy that came in challenge before it.

The sight is beautiful, intoxicating and exhilarating for Thomas, who sits off just a few feet from the end of the bed. For he knows that though he could have had anyone, and though he had to sift through woman after woman, for years, he finally found his true love. One that would devote herself to his needs, his desires, his fascinations – not halfheartedly, but completely. One that enjoyed it herself. One that became obsessed with it, as he always had been. Something made clear yet again, as Ann Marie ferociously tightened both the press of her lips against those of her bested rival’s, and her claw-like grip upon the pussy of the same, in reaction to the blonde’s foolish attempt to break away from her new master.

Original Tumblr Thanks: Special thanks to @oldRugger82 for sending me this image, and to @Capmsmak for talking out some of the story with me.

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