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Rivals, when recently I announced that I would be changing the nature of the site, I had a chance to speak to many of you. And a common question I was asked was, why not just let people help you. I was a good question. And a safe assumption. Surely, in this large, friendly community, people had offered to help me with the site. But I, one might surmise, from ego, a need for control, or just plane old stubbornness, refused their aid.

Buuuuut, actually, nobody had offered to help. Now clearly people had aided me with ideas for the site, talked me through my own personal worries and concerns, and just generally helped me take one step after another to this point. But in terms of the day-to-day running of the site, nah.

The same day I was explaining that to people, I just happened to receive such an offer from @phoenixfalcone . Phoenix is one of the site’s hottest up-and-coming Even More Stories writers, and an incredibly polite and thoughtful member of our F.S community.

It is that latter reason that led me to accept their offer of aid, and to start teaching them the ropes of navigating the backend of the site.

I do not want to say that with this addition we will be returning to super frequent and reliable updates, but it should eventually allow me to have more time to focus on my own works and engaging with some of you.

With all that said, everybody welcome Phoenix to the team!

2 thoughts on “Some Assistance

  1. phoenixfalcone says:

    Thank you Rival’s, I certainly hope I can take some of the burden off and allow you to do what you do very well, and that is to write and create art for this community to enjoy. I will do my best to keep to the high standard that’s expected of this site. Ultimately though I’m extremely glad we could get to the point where this site continues to showcase the talents of all the wonderful authors that adorn it’s pages.


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