The Windgate’s Daughter

Cassidy is the youngest daughter of the prestigious Windgate family. The precious baby girl to parents who have conquered both finance and family — competition and corporate crashes.

And though her parents and brothers have accomplished so very much, Cassidy has done little else than grow. Rolling her eyes and walking away from anything in her life that poses more than the most trivial of issues.

For she has never had to worry. Never had to struggle.

And though she has never achieved or ascended on her own, still she clings to it. A peak pride and a discourteous confidence.

Feelings, unearned though they may be, that led the newly-minted 18-year-old to find the one maid in her parents’ employ who is as beautiful and fit as she and challenge her.

To nothing less than a duel of sexual prowess. A battle of one body vs. another. Each striving to drive the other into an unrepentant and unforgettable orgasm.

Why would she? What drives her?

Nothing more than her own desire for possession.

The one she seeks now being not a diamond-coated iWatch or a gold-plated iPhone, but instead another woman.

A young, vibrant, beautiful woman to own and control — humiliate and punish as Cassidy alone sees fit.

And though that fantasy of domination is what pushes her to confront and offer, when the battle between the two has ended, it is Cassidy who is pushed to her knees.

She having lost and cum, not after a long, hard-fought battle of attrition, but after after only the passing of minutes in the count of ten.

Held, though Cassidy would have, the pretty maid to her promise of stakes, she herself rebels as such consequence falls on her.

A resistance that is soon quelled as the once quiet maid slaps her face, and binds her hands after a brief struggle of pulled hair and back-bent arms.

Then, without her freedom or the strength or courage to fight for the same, she finds her face placed tightly between her victorious would-be victim’s thighs. The pussy of the woman she sought to conquer placed just over her mouth as the demand is made.

“Lick me, Zyu beetch. I own zyu now.” To the demands, Cassidy mumbles out in plea, before she finds hands rain down upon her.

“NOW BEETCH!” Is the last demand made before the young Windgate gives in and does as she is told. Not for the first and last time, but the first time of many. She, the daughter of prestige, playing the role of her own maid’s slave. For weeks. For months. For years, even.

Until the idea of freedom tastes like poison. And the thought of a life without her as mistress brings tears.

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