All You’ll Get

You wanted her position, her push, her title, and her fans. You chased her. Insulted her. Challenged her in any way you could.

In front of cameras and behind them.

In the back and with the marks.

You did all that knowing that when you caught her — when you finally got her in the ring, you’d pin her, 1-2-3.

But somewhere in your chance — your match, she captured you between her legs. Locking her ankles behind your neck, and pulling you ever so deep. That hold was not fleeting or used in transition. No once she took it, she kept it.

Now, for nearly 10 minutes. Your cheek pressed tightly against her soft inner thigh. Your lips only pulling up from her gear-covered pubic mound when you find the strength to lift your weary head.

Your rival’s lips not asking for your submission or telling the ref to check your state of consciousness, but instead reminding you in hisses and whispers that THIS is as close as you’ll ever get to your dreams.

That your hopes of taking her title, her spot, and her everything are over, and that the inside of her pillowy thigh and fabric-guarded sex are all you’ll get.

4 thoughts on “All You’ll Get

  1. Poster says:

    This is a fun one. Any clue as to where the pic is from? A name of the model or any hints on the cropped logo would be nice

    1. Rival's Rapture says:

      Oh my, you’re real?! that email made me think you were a bot, so I rejected your forum join request! Feel free to try and register again, so sorry! Regardless, I wish I did know exactly what company made it, but it is a screen grab from this video. [REDACTED]


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