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So, I do not want to share the email that prompted this response, but I do want to share my response, as it might explain my stance on doing commissions myself. A stance I have laid out elsewhere, but not on this site.

Some bits have been taken out, and the end of a sentence I forgot to finish has been added.


At this point, despite my own inclinations, I have written and released more catfights than sexfights, so I wouldn’t think your request would be dragging me too far afield.

Despite that, I do not do commissions. There are a few reasons for that. 

Firstly, I am someone who finds it hard to write anything that isn’t the hottest thing on my mind at a given time. A trait that leaves me jumping from story to story, idea to idea, without any ability to restrain myself or write only what is necessary.

Secondly, I like my stories to be my own and to make my own decisions about what is to happen at certain pivotal points. Being commissioned would mean giving up that authorial control, something I am not willing to do. 

Thirdly, [redacted].

All of that being said, I am willing to listen to story ideas, and occasionally those stories end up getting written and released. About half of my stories come from such pitches. A significant caveat being that there is no timetable for when those stories come out or guarantee that they will ever be finished, even if I start them.

So, feel free to share your idea with me, and if I like it, we can talk about turning it into an idea that makes sense for me. 

Regardless of all of the above, thank you so much for your interest and confidence in me as a writer. 

The above being said, I really do love discussing story ideas with all of you. It is one of the parts of interacting with this community that I enjoy the most. So don’t let my resistance to being paid make you feel like we can’t workshop a story together, it just means I won’t let you pick up the check or fill your head with the idea that I will be a dauntless steward in terms of getting your idea from mind to keys to release.

The wheels of justice and Rival’s Rapture grind slowly….

But if you do still want a commission, head on over to our commission page and find the writer that makes sense for you!

4 thoughts on “Commissioning Rival’s Rapture

  1. Justlooking9000 says:

    Excellent response. Those are the reasons why I myself have never done “commissions” per se. I’ve taken on some requests, but I’ve stopped doing even that. On top of your reasons I’d add:

    1. My time is very limited. Nowadays I can hardly get maybe 3 hours of writing in one week. So I want to squeeze as much as time as possible writing stuff I like instead of writing someone else’s fantasy. Someone offering money or free videos isn’t going to change the fact that I simply have no time to write.

    2. Some people have offered to pay money but frankly speaking, I don’t see catfight writing as a viable income source, especially for me. For me dedicate all my day writing catfight stories, I’d need to charge way more than the current market rate. That’s obviously not going to happen.

    3. But let’s say I manage to command such a high price for my services and that there’s enough demand for that. I think that me churning out 20 stories per month will probably make me hate catfights by the second month. My hobby would become a job I hate. In that sense, I admire people like Luffy316 or Clairebear who can consistently churn out lot of stories at a quick pace.

  2. DrewPowell says:

    Finally, finally I can keep my promise, and can reflect on the issue, and I feel it is best I do this here, seeing that I’m one of the commissionable writers.

    A couple of things that happened during this week. I had to change the conditions to reflect changes in real life. Last November I had suffered an accident, one that left me with a chronic lower back pain, so my output isn’t as fast anymore. Plus there’s the ongoing situation with shared responsibility caring for a relative, who often thinks I have all the time in the world.

    That is exactly why I need to do commissions, so whatever I create from it can cover my medical costs. On that point, I have to talk about something justlooking9000 raised, and rightfully so, namely the market rate.

    There’s a good reason I operate below it and it’s not to dilute quality or the undercut other established and talented writers. I don’t kid with established, Claire’s fanbase following her to Patreon is proof a writer can be very liked, which leaves me with no surprise as to why one would want commission Rival’s as well.

    The reason I operate like that is that I know for a fact attraction to the fighting fetish is a global phenomenon, therefore I sincerely believe my services should be available globally.

    So I set my availability geared toward a level where even people in developing countries can afford it should they choose so. As of the moment of this writing, not many did.


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