Making a Statement

Her name was Vanessa. I didn’t really know her well since we weren’t friends or even in the same year of college.

In fact, the only reason that she caught my eye was that she was in nearly all of the same classes as my man, and that she was the most popular and hottest girl in that year’s freshman class.

I hadn’t heard that she was after my boy, or ever even seen her talking to him, but I decided to use her as an example anyway. Figuring that if I showed her Julio was off limits, she would tell every one of her little slut friends. So, one day, I walked up to her after class, and after a short conversation about how much I liked her outfit, I asked if she wanted my notes from when I took the class she was currently in. She said yes, so I told her we’d have to go back to my house for me to get them. She agreed and after a short drive, I took her up to my room. She sat on my bed, and I went to go get the notes, or at least that’s what I told her.

As soon as she got comfortable, I stripped down to just my bra, sneaked back into the room, and jumped on her from behind. Yeah, she and I wrestled for a couple minutes, but before too long, I locked her face between my thighs. Then I yanked at her hair and forced her nose to disappear inside of my pussy lips. She fought me, trying to get away, but the harder she tried, the harder I pulled her hair, and tighter I squeezed my thighs around her cheeks. Finally, though, she gave in, and stopped trying to fight me – focusing her energy instead on whimpering and sobbing into my pussy. That’s when I loosened by grasp on her, holding on just tightly enough for her to stay buried in my ass and pussy. And there I kept her as hour after hour passed, not even speaking a word to her until I couldn’t stay awake any longer. Then, as my eyes began to close, I told her:

“Now stay there, chica, and momma’s gonna sleep. If you try to escape, I’ll wake up and hurt you again. But if you’re good, and don’t move, I’ll let you go in the morning, as long as you promise to tell all your friends that Julio Galvez is my man, and off fucking limits.” Weakly she nodded, as she spoke the muffled word “Ok” into my vagina. To tell you the truth, I would have felt kinda bad, but her crying felt so good against my clit.

In the morning, she was still there, having slept between my thighs. And the best part was that I didn’t even need my alarm, as I woke up to her licking me. Pretty sure homegirl was trying to earn her release. And she did, as after I came on her pretty little mouth, and she again promised to tell her friends to stay away from my man, I let her go.

You’d think that after all that she’d hate me, but she actually became one of my friends. One of my most obedient friends.

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