Sunday Afternoon, While the Big Game Played by Corvus

The muted sounds of football come from the family room. Kayla hears a puffing sound as a beer is opened. Her man, and the man from next door, will watch as the two teams clash. Kayla has another meeting in mind. She sees herself in the hallway mirror as she prepares to leave. She is a thirty-five years old, with dark hair that falls about her shoulders in thick waves. Her eyes are a soft amber. She is dressed in white shorts and a red tank top. Her medium size breasts move under the shirt as she walks, the nipples making little points. She slips on her casual cloth shoes and walks out of the house.

Laney is next door, in her bedroom. She is redheaded, with green-blue eyes and a smattering of freckles. Her hair is long and straight, and she is brushing it. She sits on the bed, looking in the mirror and not seeing anything. Her eyes are half closed and a small smile of erotic anticipation curls her pleasant mouth. She is dressed in a dark blue sundress that clings to her body like a second skin. She has a generous bosom, heavy and round. She is naked underneath the dress.

Kayla rings the doorbell. She admires the crisp autumn day and the bright sunshine. She shivers a bit. She hungers.

The door opens. Laney tilts her head and smiles. Kayla comes in and Laney closes the door.

There in the foyer, the women embrace. Their arms reach out slowly and hug tightly. Laney is slightly taller than Kayla. She bends her head down and whispers hello.

Kayla opens her mouth and they kiss. Both women utter soft moaning sighs as they press their bodies into each other and crush their lips together. Kayla finds Laney’s mouth is warm and wet and infinitely sweet. Laney finds her lust growing as the humid kiss continues.

They break apart and look at each other. Laney indicates the stairs. Kayla, her walk a bit unsteady, heads up. The redhead follows.

It turns out to be a slow progression. The women cannot keep their hands off each other. They walk up the stairs side by side. Their arms go around each other’s waist as they rise, and their other hands clumsily find each other’s breasts, squeezing softly. They nearly stumble as they reach the top of the stairs.

They are shaking with desire. Laney feels her nipples stiff against her dress, and her pussy is moistening. Kayla’s breasts tingle from her lover’s hand.

They get to the end of the hall, walking slowly as they kiss and feel each other. Laney reaches behind her to get the doorknob as Kayla moves her hand down and touches Laney’s mound through the cloth of her skirt. The door swings open and the women stagger to the bed.

No words have been said. They communicate through throaty moans and short whimpers. Laney falls back on the bed and Kayla lowers her body on top. Laney opens her legs as she claws at the back of Kayla’s shirt. Kayla opens her mouth and kisses Laney deeply, wet tongues darting and wrestling.

Laney pulls the tank top up and Kayla breaks the kiss as her round breasts are exposed. Kayla sits up and pulls on the shoulders of Laney’s dress, making short sharp sounds of need. She tugs on the sleeves and the top pulls down past Kayla’s heavy breasts. She can see the thick erect nipples and dark areolae as she pulls the dress down past the hips.

Laney lifts her hips off the mattress as the dress is pulled all the way off and tossed on the floor. She then sits up and grabs Kayla by the arm. She firmly pulls her lover down on the bed beside her and reaches for her shorts. She quickly undoes the snap and pulls the zipper down. She reaches with her fingers into the waistband and pulls the shorts off in one quick moment.

Both women are naked now. Laney looks down at the thick tuft of brown fur that defines Kayla’s sex. She can see the vague shadow of the labial swelling in the triangle of sweet hair. Her eyes then trace the round curve of the breasts and the pink nipples, stiff and pebbly.

Kayla looks at her lover, and sees the womanly hips and heavy breasts with their dark nipples. She licks her lips as her eyes dwell upon the crimson thatch between Laney’s legs. Laney’s legs part, and the wet lips open, glistening and inviting.

Laney rises from the bed. Kayla scoots backwards on the quilted comforter. She rests her head against the pillow. Her hands rise lazily to her own breasts, and she starts to fondle her nipples, twirling the hard pink nubbins with her thumb and forefinger. She starts to open her legs.

Laney stands naked at the foot of the bed and regards the dark-haired woman with hooded eyes, her mouth open. She unconsciously moves her hand to her mound and casually introduces an index finger to the slit brimming with slickness.

The naked women watch each other and their lascivious displays for at least a minute. The libidinous tension increases as they tease each other.

Kayla strokes her breasts and says softly: Is this what you want?

Laney nods, eyes fixed. Kayla opens her legs wider, licks one of her fingers, and slides it between the lips of her sex. She reaches down with her other hand and spreads the lips apart. The shiny pearl of her clitoris is swimming in nectar.

Kayla says: Are you woman enough?

Laney’s finger moves faster on her own pussy.

Kayla’s face contorts. She says loudly: DO IT! NOW!

Laney leaps. Her heavy breasts tumble and bounce as she lands on her lover. Kayla cries out in joy as Laney’s body collides with hers, the breasts meeting in tingling shock and the belly flesh smacking together. Laney’s thick nipples poke into the Kayla’s breasts and her red-haired pussy makes delightful wet contact with Kayla’s wide-open quim.

Kayla growls with sheer animal lust and she throws her arms around Laney in a tight squeezing embrace. She feels the compression of their breasts and buries her head in Laney’s shoulder. She kisses the redhead’s neck, nibbling softly with her teeth. Her eyes are closed in raw sexual rapture.

Laney starts to push forward with her hips, and feels her wet labia separate and the hard protuberance of her clit push into Kayla’s sopping cunt. She cries out as her clit slides along Kayla’s, the heads meeting with exquisite sensation. She closes her own eyes and lifts her face up, breath coming faster.

Their mouths find each other and they kiss with wet, pure whimpering intensity. Their stiff nipples tangle with jolting shocks of sensation, and they press their breasts together even tighter.

Laney begins to slowly fuck her lover, her hips rising and falling in a carnal rhythm as old as time. Kayla feels the slap of wet pink flesh as a throbbing smack of ecstasy, and she starts to moan. Laney brings her pussy down and her ass cheeks clench as the tangled dripping mounds collide. The moist slapping sound inflames them both. Laney’s hips start to beat faster. At each contact, Laney grinds her cunt forcefully into Kayla’s pulsating sex.

The bed is shaking now with the violent carnal cadence of their tribadistic dance. The wanton tension increases, like a hot steel spring was being wound deep in their pelvises. Both women are mewling, the unintelligible noises of animal lechery deep in their throats.

Release draws near. They can feel the burning steel spring winding to a breaking point. Their flesh is one fiery wet orgy of fucking.

Kayla cries out sharply, and wraps her legs tightly around Laney’s waist. She screams, Oh, fuck me, Laney! Oh, fuck me!

Laney screws her pelvis down and her cunt slams into Kayla’s. She swivels her hips and rubs her turgid clit along Kayla’s hot pink pearl. The clits collide in aching urgency, and the orgasm erupts for both of them.

The lovers scream and the liquid evidence of their climax spurts like a stream of pearly juice from their swollen pussies. Their hips buck against each other in a jerky rhythm of unbridled bliss, and the contractions ripple through their bodies like waves of sheer joy. Their nipples get even stiffer as the orgasm shakes them. Their tightly closed eyes leak tears.

The release is like a thirst finally quenched, and a ravenous hunger at long last satisfied. The pulses of pleasure ease as Laney and Kayla move together in slower, gentler motions. The warm rivulets of fluid stream down the flesh and puddle on the comforter.

Laney rests in Kayla’s arms, stroking each other softly, whispering endearments. Their breath catches now and then, as the twinges of remembered lust echo in their bodies. They kiss lightly, warm moist tongues in gentle grazing contact.

A sweet afternoon beckons. With any luck at all, the football game will go into overtime.

The End

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