Raven and Lynda Come Clean by Corvus

It’s odd. Raven reflected that you could know someone for twenty years, and be totally unaware of what that person had hidden away. And it was strange that after those twenty years, in the brief span of five minutes, a whole universe of possibilities could unfold. Three hundred seconds.

It was time enough to discover a woman.

It was a warm May Tuesday afternoon when Raven picked up the phone and called Lynda.

“Hello?” Lynda’s pleasant voice sounded from the receiver.

“Hey, girlfriend!”

“Hi, there! I haven’t heard from you in couple of weeks. What’s going on?”

Raven sat down in her kitchen chair, cordless phone at her ear. She brushed back a curl of jet-black hair. “I know, Lynda, I’ve been terribly derelict. But I’m trying to make amends.”

“Amend away, sweetie. What’s on your mind?”

Raven said, “Well, I was wondering if you wanted to get together Saturday?”

Lynda said, “Actually, Saturday would be good. Carl is going on a fishing weekend, and my youngest is at a sleepover. I was going to take the time to wash the new truck, but…”

“Tell you what. Bring it over here. Larry is out of town as well, and you know my youngest would rather spend his time with his girlfriend at college. I was planning on washing our Expedition as well. Come on over and we’ll make it a party.”

Lynda replied, “Sounds super, hon! I’ll bring some wine. That way the car washing will be a lot more fun.”

“You’re on. See you, oh, about eleven?”

“It’s a date. I’m looking forward to it…it’s been a while since we got together.”

“OK, then. See you later, kid.”


As she hung up the phone, Raven realized she had a pleasant, hard-to-place tingle going up her spine. Ever since Lynda had moved to the other side of their mid-sized southern city, they had not been able to get together as often as they once had. It would be really nice to spend some time with her, without the interruptions of teen-agers or husbands. Just the girls. That had a nice sound to it. Just the girls.

Saturday morning came, and Raven busied herself in the empty house. She did some minor cleaning chores, and laid out the buckets and detergent and rags for the car wash.

She was a mature woman in her early forties and she had a woman’s curves, generous and pleasing. She was of medium height and her hips were wide and her bottom deliciously round. She had jet-black hair that was beginning to grow out in waves towards her shoulders. Her eyes were a startling liquid blue, and her pretty face held the promise of warm intimacy.

She had dressed in a pair of old cut-off jeans, now a faded blue and raggedy around the legs. They were cut quite high on the thighs, and her well-muscled legs were displayed to good advantage. She had decided against wearing any panties, and the soft well-worn denim pressed comfortably against her mound. If one looked closely, they might have spied a strand of black curls escaping from the crotch area. Raven rarely trimmed her pubic hair.

She wore an old baggy tee shirt, once vivid green and now a pale shade of the original. She had not put on a bra, and her large heavy breasts moved to-and-fro underneath the thin fabric. She enjoyed the sensation of the cotton cloth rubbing on her nipples. Her feet were bare, the toes painted a pale red.

Shortly before eleven, she heard a vehicle come into the driveway. She looked out the kitchen window, and saw a bright red Dodge RAM slowly pull in and park beside the Expedition. Raven saw Lynda at the wheel, an attractive woman with shoulder length dark brown hair and large sunglasses. She cut off the ignition and got out of the truck, one sneaker-clad foot stepping onto the running board.

Raven went to the back patio French doors and opened them. Lynda carried a large cloth bag with a couple of bottles of wine poking out of the top. She saw Raven and waved.

Lynda was dressed in similar fashion to her friend. She had some old faded black jean shorts, cut off rather high on the thighs, ragged fringes tickling the legs. A loose pink tee shirt with a v-neck draped around her top, and Raven could see that she also was sans bra.

Lynda was a couple of inches shorter than Raven, but her well formed body with its firm plump breasts and round bottom atop supple legs ensured that she was as noticeable as her friend. She was a few years younger than her friend, but she was equally a fully-developed woman.

Raven held out her arms and said, “Hey, there! Right on time!”

Lynda put the bag down inside the doors, and stepped into Raven’s arms for the brief hug and kiss on the cheek. “You bet! This was one date I didn’t want to pass up. The thought of spending some time with you without everyone else around was very appealing.”

It felt really good to see her friend, Raven thought. The hug and the kiss were like a warm breeze after a cold snap.

“Why don’t we just sit out here on the deck, honey? I’ll get a couple of glasses and we can start on that wine. I figure the trucks will wait for us.”

Lynda said, “That’ll be great. I also brought a loaf of French bread and some cheese.”

Raven said, “I’ll get the glasses and some plates.” She turned around back into the house, as Lynda moved to the right and stepped down onto a large Redwood deck. She made herself comfortable on one of the chairs by the wooden table, and pulled a chilled bottle of Chardonnay out of her bag.

Raven appeared a moment later with a couple of plates, some wineglasses, napkins, and a knife to cut the bread. She laid them out on the table and sat down. The air was warm and the sunlight was bright. Puffy white cumulus dotted the sky, ambling along lazily through a brilliant blue sky.

“So,” Lynda asked, “What’s been going with you and yours?”

Raven worked a corkscrew into the bottle. “Not a whole lot. The kids are fine, Larry is fine. I’ve been working a little bit on my painting. Life goes on. What about with you?”

Lynda took the crisp bread out of the wrapper and laid it on the plate. She cut two big chunks and a couple of slices of cheese. She said, “About the same. Carl recently got a promotion. This fishing weekend of his is to celebrate a bit. Fish! If they don’t come filleted and blackened, I don’t want to deal with them.”

Raven poured them each a glass of the chilled wine. She handed one to Lynda.

“To the menfolk…and getting away from them for awhile!” Raven toasted.

“Hear! Hear!” Lynda laughed. They each sipped the wine and regarded each other with sparkling eyes and open smiles. They felt the warm camaraderie of their long friendship wash over them. It had definitely been a mistake to go so long with seeing each other. It used to be that they got together almost every day.

So they chatted easily about trivial things, sipping the cold wine and enjoying the crusty bread and cheese. Before they knew it, and hour and a half had elapsed. One bottle of wine was gone, and they had started on another.

Lynda looked at her watch. “Well, are we splotzed enough to wash the cars now?”

Raven giggled. “Oh, we should probably make an effort. Just to avoid any guilty feelings about wasting the day.”

Lynda leaned over the table, and lightly placed her hand on Raven’s. She said, softly, “I don’t think anything has been wasted.” Her brown eyes were steady on Raven’s.

Raven felt a warm shiver run along her body. The touch was very…welcome. She covered Lynda’s hand with her own and squeezed it lightly. “No, it hasn’t been. Not at all.”

The two women rose from their chairs. They quietly carried the dishes into the kitchen and laid them in the sink. Raven gathered the buckets and rags and carried them outside.

Lynda said, “So, do we work on one vehicle at a time?”

“Sure. That’ll be more fun.” She hooked up the hoses to the faucets and dumped some detergent in the plastic buckets. She turned on the faucets and Raven and Janice used the attached sprayers to mix the water and detergent. Soon billowing clouds of the soapy mixture rose in the buckets, spilling a bit over the rims.

They tackled Lynda’s large truck first, spraying the RAM from top to bottom, then attacking the vehicle with the soapy rags. The women washed the truck under the shade of a large live oak, Spanish moss hanging down from the branches. The combination of sunshine, physical exercise, and Chardonnay had them in a state of mild euphoria.

They worked closely together, and the stretching and bending often brought their bodies together. The warm soapy water had wet the fronts of their shirts, and their unholstered breasts were quite evident. Each time they bumped into each other, they would smile and chatter about trivialities, and both would feel a warm glow. On occasion, they would cross paths when they went from one side of the truck to the other.

Lynda tried to work a tangle out of her hose, and walked behind Raven just as she was turning around. They found the front of their bodies in sudden close contact.

Raven gasped a little bit as Lynda’s wet tee shirt and round breasts met her own. The globes slid along each other, and Raven felt her nipples go suddenly erect as they touched Lynda’s points.

Lynda backed up quickly. She blushed a bit, and said, “Excuse me…I was clumsy.”

Raven stood there, holding her rag and hose, oblivious to the water streaming out. She said, “Uhh…that’s okay…it didn’t hurt, after all.” She tried an awkward smile.

Lynda walked around to the other side of the truck, and said in a low voice, “No…it didn’t…”

They continued to wash the truck, and they didn’t say anything for a few minutes. Raven wondered at her immediate sexual reaction to the inadvertent encounter. It was more than just stiff nipples. She had felt a tingle in her crotch. A definite shiver.

Lynda pondered her own feelings. The warm day and muscle-stretching labor had made her feel very sensual. Her whole body felt alive and receptive. She caught herself looking at her friend, and noticing what a beautiful woman she was. She had always known that Raven was pretty, but for the first time she saw how attractive she was. Those unbelievable eyes, and that spectacular body. What was going on here?

Raven had never questioned her sexuality. Her love life with her husband was good and satisfying. She certainly enjoyed a good hard cock. But as she stole glances at Lynda, she began to wonder. What would it be like to take a woman into her arms, to kiss those soft sweet lips? What would it feel like to have those breasts touch her own? For the legs to intertwine and the soft furry bushes to meet?

Lynda watched Raven’s breasts move underneath her shirt, the visible nipples sliding along the faded green fabric, now wet and semi-transparent. She saw those sleek legs beneath the cut-offs and thought what it would be like to have them wrapped around her waist. Lynda felt her nipples grow stiff.

They finished soaping and wiping the truck. They dropped the rags in the buckets and picked up the hoses. They squeezed the handles on the nozzles and the high-pressure spray shot out. The women adjusted the spray to a wide fan and started to rinse the truck.

They smiled at each other as they showered the truck. The breeze quickly blew the scattering mist around them, and they found themselves soaked. Their cut-offs became soggy and their tee shirts were dripping. The clothes were molded to their bodies like a second skin, the breasts plainly visible.

Raven took a second to pull the crotch of her pants away from her mound. She felt the cool sensation of wet soft denim on her mound. As she stood on tiptoe around the passenger door, she compressed her breasts against the window. Lynda looked through from the other side and saw the boobs flatten against the glass and thought the sight was incredibly erotic.

Lynda thought to herself that she’d better do something, or she was going to find herself raping her lifelong friend. So she picked up her hose, aimed it over the truck, and sprayed Raven in the chest.

Raven whooped. Lynda held the spray on Raven’s chest, and Raven turned and ducked, her head coming down and getting hit by the water.

Raven laughed, and shouted. “Two can play at that game, missy!” She adjusted the nozzle on her hose, and aimed the narrow stream of water at Lynda. Lynda danced out in front of the truck and Raven played the hose around her, water squirting forcefully and hitting Lynda’s chest. Raven could see the stream actually making an indentation in Lynda’s breasts.

Lynda closed her eyes and shrieked with laughter. She brought her own hose up and the two women sprayed each other and jumped around. They were now thoroughly soaked and dripping, and they got closer together, still aiming their watery weapons at each other.

Raven got close enough to hook an arm around Lynda’s neck. She yelled, “Now I’ve got you!” and held the hose nozzle right against Lynda’s breasts and pulled the trigger.

Lynda tried to bring her arms up to defend herself, but Raven was too quick with the hose. The brown-haired woman realized that the only defense was a good offense. She reached for the front of Raven’s shorts and pulled. The waistline came open enough for Lynda to put her hose down the front of Raven’s shorts and spray.

Raven laughed lustily, and did the same. The two soaking wet women giggled and howled as they pulled on the front of the shorts and hosed the crotches of the other. Raven noticed that Lynda had no panties on.

Then they stopped. They released the triggers on the nozzles and the flow ceased. They pulled the nozzles out and dropped them on the ground.

Raven looked into Lynda’s eyes. She said, “Maybe we’d better get inside and dry off.”

Lynda fixed Raven with a penetrating gaze, rich with sex. “Oh, yes,” she breathed.

Raven went over to the faucets and shut them off. Lynda then followed Raven into the house, down a long hall and into the dark, cool confines of the master bedroom.

They dripped water on the carpet. They looked at each other. Raven said, “I can get some other shorts and a blouse that will fit you. I can wash and dry these.”

They were standing near the closet, by one side of the large bed. Lynda said, “Okay.”

Raven moved a step closer to Lynda. “I don’t have any idea what I’m doing,” she whispered.

Lynda said, “Me, neither. But I don’t want to stop.”

Raven said, “It’s like a big wave of water is approaching. It’s getting higher.” She took another step, and their breasts were inches apart.

“Do you like the water?” Lynda asked.

“I’m going to find out.”

Raven moved her head closer to Lynda. Their lips got close. Raven could smell Lynda’s breath, could almost taste the want that was there.

They kissed. Raven and Lynda shared their first trembling kiss and then they both groaned. Their mouths opened, and they flung their arms around each other. Their wet tongues met and slid together, and they held each other in a tight, tight embrace, breasts and belly and thighs meetings and rubbing.

It was exactly like a wave. Raven had never felt anything so overwhelming in her life, this mad desire to hold and kiss and embrace. She heard a roaring in her ears and felt dizzy.

Lynda felt the wave as well, swelling overhead. Her breasts and crotch seemed connected by a hot cord, and she became incredibly horny. She ran her hands up and down Raven’s body, grabbing and squeezing, trying to get as close to her as possible.

They broke the kiss to look at each other with unguarded wanton lust. Then their mouths plastered onto each other again, raw and frank.

Their fingers were abruptly at each other’s shorts. They maintained the wet sloppy kiss as they blindly unbuttoned each other’s cut-offs and unzipped them. They moaned into each other’s mouths as their fingers frantically grabbed the waistbands and they simultaneously slid their shorts down to their knees. Lynda’s brown pubic hair, wet and tangled, came into view, along with the sodden thatch that spilled over Raven’s mound.

Driven purely by the instinctive need to bring their sexes together, they each grabbed the other’s hips and pulled sharply.

“Ahhhhh…ohhhh!” Raven screamed. The meeting of their bushes was like an explosion. Raven pulled on Lynda’s hips again.

“Ohhhh….GOD!” Lynda shouted.

The two women had never felt anything like this before. The wet pubic hair met with a cool sensation of tickling and pulling. Then the swollen labia touched and finally the rigid clits, bathed in female liquor, encountered each other.

For Raven it was almost immediate. Once, twice, three times their hips bucked together. The dripping cunts met and roughly tangled, each touch ratcheting up the tension. Then they bounced their hips together one more time and held it, grinding the pussies in a lewd swiveling motion, hands clenched in each other’s buttocks. Their wet breasts were compressed together underneath the faded tee shirts.

Raven jerked her head back and cried out, “Oh, my GOD…FUCK ME! I’M COMING!!!”

She felt the orgasm start in her clit and radiate outward like a circular lightning bolt. Her vagina spurted freshets of slippery juices and the muscles in her pelvis contracted strongly. She closed her eyes and howled in pure bliss as she came.

Lynda was right behind her. Her buttocks quivered as her hips danced and jittered, and she yelled out. A stream of fluid issued from her cunt and dripped down her legs. The strong contractions of her vagina brought delirious relief as she jerked and moaned.

They finally found surcease as the gasping orgasm dwindled, leaving sweet aftershocks as the trembling calmed down. They held each other, heads resting on shoulders, their shorts now puddled around their ankles.

Without words, they stepped out of the shorts. They broke apart and looked into one another’s eyes. They then reached down and pulled their shirts off and dropped them on the floor. Now naked, they stood together.

Lynda walked forward and reached out. She pushed backwards and Raven found herself against the closet door. Lynda grasped Raven’s hands and lifted them high overhead. The brown-haired woman moved forward and pinned Raven’s hands up against the wall.

She started to kiss the statuesque black-haired woman, holding Raven’s hands up as she rubbed her body against her friends. Lynda’s thigh worked itself between Raven’s legs.

Raven was going to be ravished.

Raven felt the delicious shocking sensation of being overpowered. The raising of her hands overhead had elevated her breasts and they rubbed strongly against the top of Lynda’s slightly smaller orbs. Her nipples were hypersensitive and she moaned into her lover’s open mouth as the arousing sensations shimmered through her frame.

Lynda was a couple of inches shorter than Raven, so she stretched herself up on tiptoe to kiss her. She insinuated her right upper thigh in between Raven’s legs, and jerked it against Raven’s crotch. The wet slickness dripped down Lynda’s thigh as she maneuvered it in and around. Raven squeezed her legs together, the strong muscles contracting around Lynda’s thigh.

Their breasts pancaked together, nipples bending against nipples. Lynda’s tenacious thigh fucking pounded Raven’s ass against the closet door, making a loud thumping noise. Again, Raven felt the approaching climax like a giant swell of water approaching, and her body was on fire.

She tore her face away from Lynda’s hungry lips and dropped her head on her shoulders. Lynda released Raven’s hands and they fell in a loose embrace around her waist. Raven’s legs spread apart a bit and Lynda continued humping her upper thigh, slippery with sexual secretions, against Raven’s wet hairy mound.

Raven moaned and fastened her lips on Lynda’s neck. She licked and kissed it as Lynda’s thrashing leg shook her body. She whimpered, and raised her mouth to Lynda’s ear and pleaded in gulping words, to the staccato beat of Raven’s butt against the door.

“Oh…ah…GOD!…now…now…oh, fuck me, darling, oh, fuck me…harder…Ahhhhhh…sweet, sweet fucking Lyndaaa!…OH, DEAR GOD…NOW! NOW! NOW!”

The last was screamed in Lynda’s ear as the leg slammed into Raven’s crotch and triggered a convulsive orgasm. Raven’s legs shook and squeezed Lynda’s thigh, again and again, smearing the smooth skin with slippery juices. Lynda smiled broadly as Raven quaked in her arms and against her thigh. She held her friend as she started to descend into calmness.

Raven pulled her head back and looked at Lynda. The leg was pulled back and Raven stood a bit straighter. She gazed at her friend with grateful eyes.

“Oh, that was so wonderful! Oh, sweetheart, why on earth did we wait so long?” Raven said in a low, throaty voice.

Lynda kissed her lightly. She sounded a bit bemused. “I have no idea…I guess we were bound by convention…but the desire was always there…I can see that now.”

Raven hugged her. “Oh, yes…and now I’m going to pay you back for that last orgasm.”

Lynda said, teasingly. “You think you’re the woman who can do it?”

Raven grasped Lynda’s upper arms. She pushed Lynda back towards the bed. “I am indeed the woman who can do it.”

Lynda’s legs hit the edge of the king size bed and she toppled backwards. Her round breasts bounced as she fell onto the mattress. She scooted backwards towards the center of the bed as Raven knee-walked toward her. She could see the wet coal-black bush, a tangled forest with a central cleft, and along it the pink slender shaft of the clit. Lynda’s mouth watered as she spread her legs and welcomed her lover into her arms.

Lynda raised her hands up as Raven lowered herself. Lynda filled her hands with Raven’s large heavy breasts and squeezed. The breast tissue bulged around her grasping fingers. Light blue veins were evident just under the flawless skin.

Raven gasped as Lynda’s fingers twirled and twisted at her large dark nipples. The friction sent a jolt of sensation along her body. She took her own hands and placed them squarely on Linda’s smaller breasts, moving her palms roughly along the stiff nipples. She leaned forward and brought her pelvis down onto Lynda’s, and felt the crinkly contact of Lynda’s brown bush with her own.

Raven pushed down. The women’s hands kneaded and pressed the yielding flesh of their breasts, almost sliding into the threshold where pleasure meets pain, a gratifying ache of erotic hunger.

Raven said, as they mutually gripped and massaged each other’s breasts, “Oh, sweetheart, you are going to get it…I am going to make you come so fucking hard, you’ll wish there were two of you…I’m going to give you such an orgasm…”

Lynda looked up. She closed her eyes briefly as Raven’s cunt slid along her own. “Oh, yeah, honey…I need that…come on, come on, come on….I’m open for you…do it to me…oh, God, I’m so fucking hot…”

Lynda raised her head up, and fastened her lips around the thick, stiff nipple on Raven’s right breast. She suckled on it, running her tongue along the sensitive edge, and was rewarded by Raven’s sharp intake of breath. Lynda worked her tongue along the pebbly areola, skating the edge of the dark patch, then sucking the nipple forcefully.

Raven’s hips started twisting downward as she ground her cunt into Lynda’s. She loved the suction and teasing of her nipples. It was like a vibrating rope extended from her breasts to her vulva, and the slurping on her nipple made her nerves strum with wonderful feelings.

Lynda let her head fall back on to the pillow, and she threw her arms around Raven as the black-haired voluptuous woman fucked her. Raven removed her hands from Lynda’s breasts and fell forward. She opened her mouth and kissed her friend, sloppy wet kisses with dueling tongues. Their round breasts slapped into each other, and they moved their torsos from side to side to bring their nipples into rough, teasing collisions.

Raven continued the gyrations of her pelvis and then pushed herself up so that she was astride the brown-haired woman. Raven pulled her hair back from her face and bounced up and down on Lynda’s hips, as if astride a mount. She twisted and turned and bobbed, thrusting with her swollen pussy, feeling her taut clit clashing with Lynda’s stiff needle of flesh.

The bed was swaying as Raven rode her friend, and now lover. Her eyes were narrowed in sweet bliss as she undulated her hips. Soon…soon…

Lynda’s face contorted. Her eyes were shut tight. Her hips bounced upward and she reached with her hands to grab Raven’s buttocks. She groaned with need as she pulled Raven’s hips forward.

Raven leaned down and placed her hands on either side of Lynda’s shoulders. She pushed firmly with her crotch, cunt-to-cunt until the pubic bones were felt beneath the flesh. She pressed down heavily, gyrating her hips as the dripping pussies collided and kissed.

Lynda cried out, an inarticulate howl of pleasure and release. She bucked her hips up, quaking with a massive orgasm. She felt the contractions stream outward from her vagina and pluck her nerves with sizzling surges of unalloyed transport.

As Lynda’s climax shook her, Raven felt her own orgasm arrive. She shook like a puppet on broken strings, and fell on top of Lynda, breasts smacking together. Her vagina spit strings of slippery juices as she shuddered in the grip of the sexual pinnacle.

Finally the quivering subsided and Raven lifted herself off her friend and lay beside her. Lynda turned around heavily and nestled herself within Raven’s arms. She rested her hand lightly on Raven’s left breast, softly tickling the flesh, teasing the nipple.

Lynda said, “Oh, my sweet one…you are the woman who can do it… I don’t think it’s ever been done to me that well before…”

Raven caressed Lynda’s forehead. Slight aftershocks of the intense orgasm ran through her body. She shivered. “I never knew it could be like that…the excitement…the wanting…I had to do it you…just like you had to do it to me…”

Lynda moved her head up, kissed Raven on the cheek. “And we’re not through, are we?”

“Oh, no, we are definitely not through.”

Lynda looked thoughtfully at her friend. “Bet I can wear you out.”

Raven looked at Lynda’s challenging eyes. “Oh, is that right? Well, sugar, you just might. But you’d have a contest on your hands. What are we betting?”

Lynda chuckled. “Bet you an orgasm.”

Raven laughed. “So the weapon is the reward, huh? Sounds about right.”

Lynda grunted, and raised herself to sitting position. She held out her hand, and Raven pulled herself up. The two naked friends shook hands.

Raven said, “But I need some water. You thirsty?”

“Yeah…I must have done some exercise…I am thirsty.”

They got up, stretched, and padded naked to the kitchen. Raven pulled a large bottle of mineral water from the refrigerator and twisted it open. She tilted her head back and drank deeply.

Lynda took the bottle then and put it to her mouth. She gulped several mouthfuls of cold water. Raven watched as she drank. She edged closer. Lynda’s rear end was against the countertop of the kitchen island.

Raven slipped her arms around Lynda as her friend inhaled the water. She positioned herself directly in front of Lynda and pressed her body forward. They met, breast to breast and belly to belly. Lynda took the bottle from her mouth.

“So you want to get started, eh?”

Raven kissed her. “Yes, I do.”

Lynda grinned and said, “You need to get cooled off, you little vixen.” She lifted the water bottle overhead and upended it.

Raven squawked as the cold water fell down onto her head and chest. The cold water also fell on Lynda, and the icy splash was a surprisingly effective stimulant.

Raven said, “Oh, my friend, you’re gonna get it!”

Lynda broke from Raven’s embrace and scooted sideways. She laughed loudly and said, “Catch me if you can!” She scampered out of the kitchen into the dining room, a naked wet nymph prancing through the house.

Raven giggled, and shouted, “Here I come, you little minx!” She took off after Lynda, running into the dining room. Her large breasts bounced as she dashed off after her friend.

Lynda darted through the French doors into the formal living room. She misjudged a step, and her haunch caught the corner of the large green sofa. She fell down, twisting at the last moment to land on her back.

Raven ran into the living room in time to see Lynda hit the carpet. Lynda scooted backwards and got halfway to her feet. She found herself backed up against the large ottoman next to the coffee table.

Raven said, “I’ve got you now!”

Lynda tried to stand up, but Raven was too quick for her. Raven picked her up and dropped her on the ottoman, then fell on her.

Lynda said, “No fair! No fair!” She giggled as Raven’s naked body met her own.

Raven chuckled as she gathered Lynda into her arms. “All’s fair in love and war, my dear.”

The two women sat up on the large ottoman. They worked their legs around each other, scissoring them together. They embraced and mashed their chests together, Raven’s heavy breasts sliding along Lynda’s smaller ones. They fell into a steady humping, wet pussy to wet pussy.

They held on to each other, heads bouncing on their shoulders as they fucked each other. The luscious feelings came again, the wet delicious sensation. They felt that undeniable wave approaching.

Lynda pushed forward roughly. Raven felt herself being pushed back, and tried to recover, but she off-balance. She fell backwards onto the thick carpet, and Lynda was on top of her. Their legs were still meshed together, but now Lynda could use her weight. She bumped her hips up and down, and the sodden cunts clashed.

Raven cried, “Ohh…..ahh….oh, you goddamn fucker…you’re did it…I’m commmiinnnngggg!”

Lynda continued to fuck her, shouting, “YEAH! YEAH! OH, FUCKING YEAH!”

Raven’s entire body shook and fluttered as she came. She looked up and saw Lynda riding her, and her orgasm rolled over her like a swift storm. She gripped Lynda’s ass and squeezed it as she quaked.

Lynda let herself slide down and fall into Raven’s arms. Raven came down from her climax. Lynda lay beside her on the rug.

Stealthily, Raven worked her hand around. Lynda’s eyes suddenly sprang wide open. Raven had jammed three fingers into her cunt.

Raven got up on one elbow, and looked down. She vigorously finger-fucked Lynda.

It didn’t take long. Lynda lurched her hips, her ass rising off the carpet, but Raven’s twisting fingers brought her to a sudden orgasm inside of thirty seconds.

Raven smiled down in pure devilish delight as she frigged her friend. The slick juices coated her fingers, and Lynda’s vagina was a hot, convulsive tunnel that squeezed her assaulting fingers.

As the climax subsided, Lynda said, “Oh, dear God…that caught me by surprise…oh, babe…”

Raven held her fingers to her lips, sniffed the tangy fragrance. “So…are we even?”

Lynda sat up and kissed her friend. She said, “Darling…sweetheart…no fucking way!”

For the next three hours, they fucked in almost every room in the house. They spent a lusty quarter-hour exploring the delights of sixty-nine. They mutually diddled each other, lying on their sides staring at the ceiling. They piled a load of clean sheets on the family room floor and used up an hour in slow pussy-to-pussy fucking, drifting from one orgasm to the next. They humped each other every way they could, never emptying the cup of loving delight they had discovered. They cavorted in the large shower, soaping each other in slippery wrestling embraces, until they were streaked with lather. They fell to the floor of the shower and slapped their cunts together, the sounds of the heated flesh loud in the enclosure. They cried out in orgasm again and again.

Finally, it had to end…at least for the day.

They were back in the bedroom, atop the wrinkled covers on the king size bed. Raven had wrapped her legs around Lynda’s waist. Lynda’s cunt slammed down and ground into Raven’s battered pussy.

Raven cried out, “Oh, God!…That’s it….Oh, sweet God!…oh, darling…please….please…”

Lynda panted as she pistoned her hips down. The wet cunts pressed into each other, the labia splaying outward. The throbbing clits twisted together.

Raven came, her voice sounding in hoarse cries. The last in an endless series of orgasms ran through her body. Her legs fell back from around Lynda’s waist. Her arms dropped onto the mattress.

Lynda collapsed on top of her. She lifted her head up and kissed Raven softly. Sweat was beaded on both their brows.

Raven said, “When…when do you want your reward?”

Lynda groaned. “Oh, sweet Jesus…tell you what…you can mail it to me.”

Raven laughed, then sighed. Her body ached, but it was a wonderful ache. She lifted her head and kissed her dear friend.

Her lover. Her sweet, sweet lover.

The End

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