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Afterward, they could never pin down exactly who enabled the release of the aerosol. The FDA and CDC launched investigations, but the leads never went anywhere probative. And the fact that no one actually died in the Ethereal Elms subdivision near Atlanta led both government agencies to conclude that the origins of the incident were ultimately untraceable. The book was closed.

However, there were a few rumors going around that the gas that caused the mass outbreaks of what could realistically be termed “sexual combat” was actually an alpha test of a new drug, Limbinex.  In any event, Limbinex never came to market, but there are rumors that the drug is traded on the Dark Web in places.

So, a long time ago in a suburb….

Julia, an attractive 50-year-old blonde woman, opened the windows of her living room. A front had blown through and the usual Atlanta heat and humidity were gone. She inhaled the fresh cool air and smiled. She was alone in the house. It was early evening.

She unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse and opened it, exposing a generous amount of cleavage. She took another deep breath.  She could not identify the subtly spicy scent in the air, but she really liked it. Again, she breathed deeply, and her breasts rose and fell.

Suddenly she felt a strange urge. Standing there in front of the open window, she undid the rest of the buttons of her blouse and shrugged it off. She felt better just wearing her jeans and bra.  She felt a moment of devilish daring at the idea that someone might see her in her bra, and she pushed her chest forward.  She thought if her were husband were home instead of out on a business trip, he would be utterly shocked.  The thought of her husband made her feel a bit randy. Unconsciously she reached down and rubbed the crotch of her jeans.

She left the living room and wandered through the house. As she languorously drifted, odd thoughts went through her mind.

“…oh, this is feeling good….”

She reached behind her as she walked, unhooked her Victoria’s Secrets bra. She pulled the straps down from her naked shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

“…I should go naked more often….the breeze from the windows feels good….”

She walked into the bedroom, idly tugging on her nipples.  She stopped, closed her eyes, and enjoyed the sensation of her fingers on her stiff nipples.  She reached down and unsnapped the button on her jeans.  She moved forward again, eyes half closed as she dreamily came up to the full length mirror on the closet door.

“…ooh, look at you, Julie….you are so pretty…prettier than any woman around here….”

She walked up to the mirror and slowly leaned forward. She loved the way her reflection looked, her full breasts and wide hips. She sighed as she pressed her breasts into their reflective counterparts in the glass. Pushing forward harder, the breast tissue compressed and she felt her rigid nipples bend inward. She gasped and a sudden moment of frankly sexual heat coursed through her. She whispered to her reflection.

“….you don’t look so tough….I bet I could take you….I could wrestle you down to the floor….”

The idea of conflict with another woman entered her mind and set its hooks.  She rubbed her naked breasts against the mirror and put her lips up against their reflection.

“…ahhh….yes….we should get together and fight….you and me…”

She unzipped her jeans and pushed them down past her hips, along with her panties.  A trim pubic patch came into view, the labia glistening with moisture.  She inched the jeans down stepped out of them, her eyes glued to her doppelganger.

Fully nude, she pressed the length of her body to the mirror and imagined one by one, different neighbors moving against her.  The image that most held her attention was the idea of Carol, two houses down, a 41-year-old dark-haired woman, also of generous build, with large breasts. Julia remembered how she saw Carol naked one time, as they changed into swimsuits before going swimming.  She saw Carol’s hanging breasts, blue-veined and capped with thick dark nipples.

Julia felt her body merging into her reflection, only it was Carol she was pressed against.  She moaned as she pushed against the glass, imagining Carol and her struggling naked and cursing.

She fought Carol in her mind, and they traded biting swift kisses as they pulled each other’s hair slapped and punched. 

Julia fell on her back to the floor and whimpered with aching need.  She imagined her hips bouncing against Carol’s and their sexes merging.  Julia roughly squeezed her own breasts, pinching the nipples hard and using one hand to masturbate furiously. 

She climaxed hard, her pussy contracting on her questing fingers, and spurted her juices on the carpeted floor.  She lifted her hand to her mouth and sucked on her fingers, tasting them and moaning.  In her mind, Carol and her stayed merged, lightly slapping and hitting each other.

Normally, after a climax like that, Julia would be to exhausted to do anything but sleep. But as she took deep breaths, the spicy scent aroused her again.

She got up and pulled a sundress out of the closet. Shunning underwear, she put it on. She picked up the phone, and dialed Carol. In a voice still somewhat drugged from her orgasm, she said, “Oh…hi….it’s me….do you…I don’t know…want to get together?”

Carol’s voice sounded like she was a bit out of it as well. “Ohhh….okay…you want me to come over? What are we going to do?”

Julia was acutely aware of her naked body under the thin material of the sundress.  She caressed one of her breasts and said, “Ohh…whatever….watch a movie maybe…a glass of wine….”

Carol said, “Ooh, that sounds nice. I’m so bored right now with Jack being out of town.”  She paused, then said, “I’ve been feeling kinda strange.  Kind of…I dunno….wicked.”

Julia pinched her nipple. “I know what you mean, sweetie. Come on over….we can get …wicked together.”

Carol giggled.  Julia remembered that Carol never ever giggled.  Then Carol said, “On my way, you wicked lady.”

Julia hung up the phone and waited.

Part Two

There was a knock at the door.  Julia moved to the door at a lazy pace, growing more and more excited. Her blue sundress had buttons up the front and she undid three of them as she walked to the front door. The hem of the dress was three inches above her knees.

She opened the door, and Carol stood there for a second. She wore long skirt of black lace, semi-transparent. She had walked over barefoot, and her top was a flimsy sleeveless thing, red and barely buttoned.  She was obviously braless, her breasts moving slowly under the thin material, nipples hard.

Carol said, “Why, look at you!”  She came into the foyer, and threw her arms around Julia, and pulled her into a firm embrace.

Julia returned the hug, her arms encircling Carol’s waist. She felt their breasts meet and her mind flashed back to her salacious solo session in her bedroom.  Not a mirror image this time!  It was the real thing.

Julia said, “Well, aren’t you a sight in the dress!  I love it!”

Carol, still in the tight embrace, said, “Well, you did say ‘wicked’.  And I might add, you are a sexy thing in that little nothing of a sundress.”

Julia pulled back a bit, and led Carol into the living room, and she twirled a little.  She laughed and said, “This old thing?  Why, it’s just something I threw on.”  As she turned, her dress rose up and revealed her lack of panties. 

Carol smiled broadly and said, “Oh, you are into a slutty mood this evening, aren’t you?  Well, two can play at that game.”

With that, she lifted her own long filmy skirt up slowly and smiled as Julia watched her reveal her nakedness in the brightly lit living room.  Julia clapped, and said in a low voice, “Oh, darling, it must be something in the air, I swear.  Ever since that front came through, I’ve been full of naughty thoughts.  And more.”

Carol let her skirt drop and she came over to stand by Julia.  She said in a conspiratorial tone, “Ooh, I know just what you mean.  It’s crazy, but it’s almost like I could ….well…fight someone!”

Julia grabbed Carol’s arms, said, “You too?  It’s the strangest thing!  I know I’m not a violent person, but right now the thought of wrestling someone is making me crazy!  And the more I think about it, the more I want to do it. It’s making me hot!”

Carol said, “Ohh…you know…I think I could fight you….and win!”

Julia replied, “I feel the same way.  But what are we talking about? Are we talking about fighting each other?  Really?”

Carol said, “Ooh…yes….but, really, what’s the harm?  After all, we wouldn’t really hurt each other, would we?”

Julia let go of Carol’s arms.  She whispered, “No…well, maybe.  We might bruise each other.”  And the thought was arousing.

Carol said, “Bruises aren’t so bad.  They heal.”

Julia moved her body closer to Carol’s. Their breasts met lightly, nipples hard and tingling.

Carol said, “Ohhh….”. She shivered and was suddenly conscious of her wet pussy. 

The two women inhaled deeply, and the spicy  scent did its work,

Carol looked intently at Julia, extremely conscious of the closeness of her body, her heat, her feminine scent.  “This is making me drunk…”  She placed her hands on the blond-haired woman’s waist.  She slowly slid her hands down to grasp Julia’s sumptuous ass. She squeezed it several times.

Julia shuddered and felt her sex go wet.  She let go of Carol’s arms and moved her hands up to grasp two handfuls of tangled dark hair. 

Carol moaned and raised her hands to part Julia’s sundress and reach in and clamp her hands on the blonde’s breasts.  The two women crushed themselves together, and Julia pulled and twisted on Carol’s hair, while Carol mauled the Julia’s breasts.

“Oohhh….do it, Carol!” Julia hissed.  “I want it so.  Fight me!  Fight me!  FIGHT ME!”

“Yessss…..oh my GOD, YES!”, Carol exclaimed. 

With a cry of urgent need, the two women tore into each other, tearing and slapping, ripping their clothes away.  They fell to the carpeted floor, nude save for shreds of clothes strewn about, their mature female bodies locking into a gyrating catball.  They uttered animalistic curses and ground together, breasts and hips and pussies, scratching and punching and loving every minute of it.

They rolled around the living room, reason absolutely gone from their expressions, and kissed each other, raw kisses, tongues invading, biting each other.  They rolled into a twisting clumsy sixty-nine, and as they clawed each other’s asses, they attacked their pussies, chewing and licking, drinking their copious fluids.

They stiffened and twisted their tongues around their clits, and they howled as they came, hips spasming, and spurted a river of female liquor.  They came and came again, and then fell back, tears streaming down their faces.

Then, they looked at each other with lust and need and anger, and they joined their bodies again, and called each other names.  SLUT and WHORE and CUNT and BITCH.  They rolled to the side and pulled each other into a sex war, their pussies wet and hot, moving against each other, fuckfighting over and over and over…

Julia rolled Carol over onto her back and Carol’s legs spread wide and encircled Julia’s waist.  Julia started a pounding tribadistic fucking, grinding her sodden sex and lengthened clitoris into Carol’s pussy.  Carol cried out again and again until finally, Julia arched her back and painfully drove her crotch into Carol’s.

Carol screamed her orgasm, and Julia nearly passed out as her own orgasm came in turn.  She collapsed on top of Carol, who was semi-conscious after the sexual battering.

The two women lay there, dazed and sated. 

They fell away from each other. 

But the gas was still around.  As they breathed it in, as it went deep into their lungs, their bodies renewed. 

They would fight three more times that night.

And that was just the beginning of what transpired among so many women in that subdivision.

Their stories are coming.

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