Passages: Fighting the Crowd by Corvus

One of the more bizarre incidents during the night of the suspected aerosol release was the event that transpired at one particular house in the Ethereal Elms subdivision. The investigation owes much its substance to the transcript of video recordings made by one 18-year-old boy named Logan.

Logan groaned to himself. Oh, come on, he thought.

His mother Cheryl said, “Logan, look, I know you wanted to go hunting with your Dad, but I’m sorry. You have to stay here, and I want you to stay up in your room while I have my club group over. Just play your video games.”

Cheryl was a forty-five-year-old dark-haired woman, still quite appealing at five-foot-ten, and 155 pounds. She was wearing a tight black skirt that came down to two inches above her knees, and a simple white blouse that was pleasantly filled by her large breasts. She was currently barefoot.

Logan said, “Why can’t I go over to Blake’s house and watch some movies? Huh, why not?”

Cheryl, exasperated, said, “Because. Now, no more argument, Logan. There’s still tomorrow for you to go and pal around with your friends.” She looked at the time on her phone. “Damn – the girls are gonna be here in about twenty minutes. I have to get the drinks ready.”

Logan tromped up the stairs to his room. Every month it was the same thing with his mom. She had her neighborhood association meeting with about two dozen other women in the subdivision, where they pretended to talk about zoning issues and other boring stuff, but it was really an excuse to down several pitchers of margaritas and gossip.

Cheryl found her high-heeled sandals and slipped into them. She thought for a minute it was silly to dress up for this kind of thing, but she enjoyed getting pretty and at least pretend to have a social life.

She walked into the family room and there on back to the French doors overlooking the deck. She had opened the doors and set the screens when the cool front had settled in, and she smiled as the breeze carried in a subtle spicy scent.

What was that, she thought, and inhaled again. That’s nice, she reflected. And the odd moment of sensual awakening entered her. “Oh, I think we’ll have some fun tonight,” she thought. She went back to the kitchen and started to gather the tequila and other ingredients to mix the liquid fuel.

Feeling a bit devilish, she took the bottle of tequila, opened it, held it up to her mouth, and took a quick swallow. The warmth spread throughout her body. As she started to pour the mixers into the pitchers, she wasn’t even aware that her nipples were becoming erect.
The first guests arrived shortly after 8. The sky was painted pink as the sun set. The doorbell rang and Cheryl smoothed her dress down her hips, gave a quick glance to the tables laden with snacks and drinks, and headed to greet the first arrival.

When she saw who it was, an expression that wasn’t quite a smile and not quite a frown appeared on her face. Standing there was Paula, a tall slender blonde resplendent in a black cocktail dress that could have been called Early Slut. Her medium-sized breasts were high on her chest, and quite evidently unrestrained by a bra.

Cheryl didn’t particularly care for Paula, and for some reason she was feeling a little more animosity then usual. She said with false brightness, “Hi, Paula – so good to see you! Come on in, darling.”

Paula came in, and bumped her shoulder into Paula’s shoulder. “Oh, thanks, Cheryl – it’s always good to see you!”.

Paula walked further into the living room, then turned around and said, “I’m the first one?”

“Got it in one, dear. Excuse me, I’m going to check on the food. Fix yourself a drink and have a seat.”

Cheryl moved past Paula and back into through the dining room and into the kitchen. She had no real need to attend to anything there – she just didn’t want to spend any more time with Paula than she had to.

She heard tinkling sounds from the living room as Paula poured herself her usual vodka martini. She was wondering if she was going to have to engage in polite conversation when she heard to doorbell ring again. She called out, “Paula, be a lamb and get that for me.”


Cheryl came back out into the living room as Paula opened to the door to three women. She was pleased to see that it was Maggie and her twin daughters Lucy and Kate. She went up to hug them. Maggie was an exceptionally voluptuous redhead wearing tight violet slacks and a daring top that displayed a generous amount of cleavage. Her two daughters who had just turned 21 wore short pencil skirts, Lucy in vibrant red and Kate in a more subdued black and white pattern. They had on sleeveless matching tops though, white and sheer. Their figures were quite evident.

They made small talk as they walked in, depositing their purses on a desk in the foyer. Cheryl noticed that the twins were a bit short with each other, as if they had recently had a spat. She had a moment and pulled Maggie aside, and whispered, “Are your girls all right?”

Maggie glanced at them, said, “I’m not sure. It’s like they’ve been bitchy with each other for the past few hours. I’m not sure what’s going on. I figured things would be a bit easier since it isn’t so hot anymore, but I don’t know.”

Cheryl said, “I know what you mean. I love the cooler air, but it seems to be making me a little bit antsy. When Paula got here I almost felt like it would be fun…to… I don’t know…slap her.” She took a deep breath, and more of that tantalizing scent went into her system.”

Maggie said, “Oh, I know what you mean. When the girls were getting dressed and squabbling a bit, I was thinking how good it would feel to … to hit them.” That last was in a whispered giggle. “What’s wrong with me? Better get myself a drink.” She headed to the table and picked up a goblet and poured herself some Chardonnay. Lucy and Kate followed, and Cheryl noticed they were scowling at each other.

Unbidden, the thought came to her mind that it would be arousing to see the girls fighting each other. She had a quick vision of them slapping each other and falling to the floor, cursing and slapping.

The doorbell chimed once more and the vision disappeared. She went to the door and opened it to a group of four Black women. They were moderately hefty, and they all had enormous bosoms. Cheryl knew them well – she joking called them the Heifers, but their real name was Hifer. One twenty-five year-old named Callie, daughter of Betty, who was forty-five. Betty was accompanied by her cousins, both pushing sixty, Danielle and Caroline. They wore stylish dresses, filled to bursting with their ample flesh.

Cheryl smiled broadly and bid them in. They chattered a bit, then headed for the table with the drinks.

Over the next fifteen minutes, another dozen women crowded into the house. They talked animatedly about various things, and they all remarked on how wonderful the weather was. They inhaled that spicy scent, gossiped about this and that, and became slightly inebriated on margaritas and wine.

Cheryl glanced around at all the women and started to lay out the snacks. They all crowded around the table and picked up crudités and chips and other delicacies. She headed back to the kitchen, and ducked into the large pantry to bring out some other goodies. She heard a noise behind her, turned, and saw Paula standing by the door. Paula, without a word, grabbed the door handle and pull it shut.

Paula looked at her and said, “I thought we could use a moment of privacy.” The expression on her face was challenging.

Cheryl said, “Oh? What on earth are you doing? Why did you close that door?” She moved forward and stood a foot away from the blonde.
Cheryl wasn’t sure what she was feeling. She felt a tad feisty. She had always had a mixed relationship with Paula. She knew that she didn’t like how her husband remarked one time that Paula was a very attractive woman.

Paula fanned the neckline of her dress. She looked at Cheryl and said, “Did you ever get the feeling that there were things we should have talked to each other about?”

Cheryl said, “What kinds of things?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe about how you’re not really the alpha cat in this neighborhood? Ever think about that?”

Cheryl put her fists on her hips and glared at Paula. “Oh, really? Jesus, Paula, what’s got into you? You come in here spoiling for a fight? This is supposed to be an occasion where we work together, get things done in our neighborhood. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you want us to strip off like low-life sluts and have a catfight!”

Paula breathed deeply, then said, “Oh, don’t you tell me that you haven’t wanted to do that for a while. I could see it. In fact I see it right now!” The blonde woman raised one hand, hesitating.

Cheryl felt a sudden thrill. “Maybe there is something to that. I don’t know…but the thought of fighting you has me a bit … bothered!” She raised her own hand in answer.

The two women stood there in the pantry, hands raised, their breath coming faster. As they inhaled, the spicy smelling chemical went ever deeper into their lungs. Their chests expanded, pushing their breasts out a bit. They each felt their nipples get hard.

Without word, the two women moved forward and their bodies slowly came together. Their breasts compressed against each other, and their exhalations mingled, inflaming their senses.

With a moaning whimper, they slapped each other and tangled their hands in each other’s hair. Reason went straight out the window, and they pulled and struggled, their heads whipping back and forth, totally lost in the moment, like ships onto the ground in a storm.

Paula felt every sense come alive, and she hissed, “At last…at last…at last”.

Cheryl cried, “Ohhh….fight me you fucking bitch…fight me!”

The two sophisticated neighbor ladies fell to the floor of the pantry, legs seeking each other, getting pulled into a catball of fighting lust. They pulled hair and fastened their claws on each other’s breasts, tearing their expensive tops into rags. They felt the sudden shocking collision of naked breasts against each other, and they punched and ripped, making animalistic sounds of fury.
Their flailing limbs knocked boxes and cans off the shelf. One half open box of cereal tumbled shredded wheat over the fighting women, and they ground the crunchy squares into each other’s skin. They rolled around again and again, and felt their panty-clad crotches grind together in their mindless rage, and at the same time knew they were doing something they wanted to do for so long.

As their hard nipples met in their fight, they gasped and fought even harder, knowing that their bodies were somehow betraying them. But they could not help themselves.

The women fought on…. unaware that elsewhere in the house, a massive battle was going on.

Logan had been upstairs in his room, linked in playing Halo with a group of online buddies. He had just blown away a Brute with a Sniper Rifle when he heard a rising ruckus from downstairs. Irritated, he told his friends he had to go yell at some noisemakers, and he tore off his headset and left his room.

He went out into the hallway that overlooked the family room and his eyes bugged out.

Women…all these women were fighting and screaming. Moreover, half of them were displaying ample quantities of boobs and ass as they rolled around tearing into each other. His mouth fell open, but he knew just what he had to do. He went back into his room, grabbed his phone, tapped the camera and started shooting video.

There was a lot to see.

He heard some meaty smacks of fists into flesh, and turned, with eyes wide, to see two lean and muscular women fist fighting topless. They were standing by the door, pounding away at each other. Logan could see their breasts, nipples hard, bouncing as they danced and swung.

Then his eyes bugged open. He recognized them. The blonde was his Trigonometry teacher Mrs. Jenkins, and the dark-haired shorter woman was his English teacher Ms. Crowder.

The blonde woman wore a mid-length blue skirt, one foot bare, the other still hooked to a sandal. Ms. Crowder was in tight blue jeans, still wearing (barely) heels. The cried out as they hit each other, then fell to the floor of the foyer, infighting with short sharp punches to their abdomen, which was rapidly turning red due to the punishment. Logan watched as they slammed their breasts together, fighting like crazy.

He heard a cry and turned to look at the far end of the living room couch.
He saw Maggie avidly watching her twin daughters fighting on the couch beside her. The two redheaded girls were slapping each other and pulling each other’s long hair. Their pencil skirts were rucked halfway up their thighs and Maggie was cheering them on.

“Go Lucy! Slap the shit out of your sister! Ohh, Kate – hit her! Hit her!”

Logan tried to hold his phone steady while he recorded the redheaded girl fight. He was hampered in this by the enormous erection that was tenting his jeans. He reached down and unzipped his jeans and fished his rigid cock out into the open air.

Something made Maggie and the girls pause a bit and look up. They licked their lips when the saw the teenaged boy filming them, and they moaned and went about their lustful battle. Maggie thrust her hand between her legs and slipped two thrusting fingers inside her wet cxnt. Lucy and Kate shoved their mother down on the carpet and spread her legs wide apart. With a a keening sound, they straddled their mother’s thighs and ripped of her blouse and bra. Maggie slapped at her twin daughters and tore their tops away.

A shriek from one corner of the room caught Logan’s attention. He turned to see Betty and Callie, the black mother and daughter, standing in front of each other, trading slaps. They cursed at each other, and Betty’s cousins, the 60-something Danielle and Caroline, watched in astonishment!

Danielle hollered at the mother and daughter slapping each other, “Betty! Callie – you two stop this right now! Right now, I’m telling you! “

Caroline put her hand on Danielle’s shoulder, turned her so they faced each other. “Hey, cousin – let them work it out. I wanna see this!”

Danielle said in disbelief, “Why you bitch!”

Caroline narrowed her eyes and hissed, “Sister, that’s all she wrote!” She then doubled up her fist and punched Danielle hard in the stomach. Danielle yelped and and shoved her thigh hard between Caroline’s legs, impacting squarely on her cousin’s panty-covered sex.

Caroline groaned in pain, and then slugged Danielle on the jaw with her right fist. Danielle’s head was whipped back, and she fell to the floor on her back in a thud that seemed to shake the whole living room. Caroline leapt at her cousin, smashing her hefty body on top, breasts crushed together and splaying outward. The two mature black women commenced to fighting, gyrating like crazy, slapping and tearing at each other until their clothes were torn from their bodies. They attacked each other’s breasts, digging their nails into the meaty flesh and then bringing their teeth into the game, chewing on each other’s dark huge nipples.

Logan started downstairs, his eyes darting this way and that, his erection bobbing up and down as he watched the lewd fights taking place all around him. He found himself standing by the redheaded twins, Lucy and Kate, as they ground their wet sexes on their mother’s thighs.

Lucy and Kate looked up and both yelled, “He’s mine!”

And Maggie, entranced by the young man’s rigid cock, growled, “Get out of the way, bitches! Your momma’s taking him!”

Logan aimed the phone at Maggie as the redheaded MILF pulled her thighs away from her daughters’ legs. Maggie grabbed the phone from his hands and tossed it aside. Fortunately for posterity’s sake, the phone landed upright on a cushion of the couch.

The young man gasped as Maggie reached out and grabbed his engorged penis with one hand and used it to pull herself up to her knees. Lucy and Kate watched in avid lust as their mother fastened her mouth on Logan’s cock and started devouring it like a woman who had been starved for years. She pumped the cock with a clenched hand and swirled her mouth on the head, moaning and slurping on the purple crown.

Lily and Kate knee-walked to either side of the boy and yanked his jeans down to his ankles. Logan fell to his knees, gasping and whooping. Maggie followed him down, and then pushed the young man backwards. Swiftly she scooted forward, grasped his tool, and positioned herself just right. With a cry of pure relief, she sat down and impaled herself on the cock, and started riding him, uttering loud animalistic sounds of wanton need.

Logan lifted his hips up, groaning, feeling his cock penetrate the woman to the root. He raised his hand to her breasts, squeezing hard. Maggie tossed her head back and howled in delight as her breasts were mauled, and in pure fiery reaction, she slugged the boy on the chin again and again. The pain of being punched by the woman angered and enraptured him.

Lily took this chance and straddled the young man’s face, grinding her cxnt all over his mouth. Logan thrust his tongue deep into the young woman’s pussy and with a ferocious whoop, erupted. He felt his orgasm explode from the root of his buttocks as he spurted a hot spray of semen deep into Maggie’s vagina. Maggie pulled herself off of the spurting cock and the boy shot burning streamers of cum all over the assembled women.

Logan had the remarkable stamina and recovery of a teen-aged body and he instantly became erect again. The young sisters, dappled with rivulets of semen, attacked him and each other, punching and yanking hair. The boy encircled his long arms around each of the girls and pushed them down to the floor. Their mother watched, drooling.

Lily fell upon her twin sister, shoving her pelvis in between Kate’s thighs. As the two sisters fought and fucked, Logan saw his opportunity and leaped on top of Lily, and while the twins engaged in a wild and tribadistic fucking, he thrust his engorged young cock into Lily’s cxnt from behind. He whooped with lustful abandon, and he fucked the redhead without real skill, but with abundant enthusiasm.

The twin girls yanked and pulled each other’s hair, and crushed their breasts together, nipples hard as rocks. They kissed each other violently as they slammed their pussies hard, rubbing them wetly together, their clits meeting and fencing. They felt their juices pour out of them.

Logan arched his back and came again, and his cock popped out, spraying a fountain of cum over the two young girls who howled their own climaxes as they spurted their own liquor into each other’s pussies. Maggie frigged herself as she watched, and then grabbed Logan’s cock bent down, and directed two huge streams into her open mouth. She orgasmed over her twisting fingers, her own secretions running down her thighs.

Meanwhile, the four Black women were engaged in their own battle. They were on their knees, two women north of 60, and fighting like they were thirty years younger. They fist fought on the carpet, punching each other inexpertly, but with growing enthusiasm. Danielle hooked her fist deep into Caroline’s belly, who doubled over, groaning. She yelled, “Oh, you fucking bitch!”, and then straightened up, and swung a roundhouse blow into Danielle’s jaw. Danielle fell backwards, semiconscious, and Caroline got on top of her cousin, straddling her, her pitch black snatch rubbing hard on her cousin’s pubic batch.

Danielle screamed in rage and grabbed her cousin’s breasts and tore into them, scratching and squeezing. Caroline yelped and picked up Danielle’s head by the the hair and slammed it twice into the carpet. The two fell into a hefty howling catball and rolled across the floor, cursing and fighting.

As this went on, Betty and her daughter Callie had gotten to their feet, their clothes long since torn off, and they struggled, wrestling, their upper bodies grinding hard against each other.

“Mamma, I’m going to take you down!” Callie hissed, and brought her knee up sharply between her mother’s thighs.

“OHHHHH…..Callie, you did NOT just knee your mamma in the cxnt!” She groaned, back-pedaled a step, then ran at her daughter, swinging her fists. She bent her head and ran it into her Callie’s breasts, and they fell onto the couch where they had earlier been sitting. Betty fastened her teeth onto her daughter’s left breast and started chewing on the big black nipple. Her tongue licked it.

Callie gasped and tried to push her mother off, but she also realized that she was feeling something else. As she gasped and the aerosol worked its way into her, she moaned.
Betty felt the same strange emotion. She whimpered and said, “Fight me baby, fight me and fuck me!” She thrust her hand down and as she kept biting on her daughter, she thrust three fingers between Callie’s legs and deep into her pussy which was flowing rapidly.

Callie felt an overwhelming urge and as she slapped her mother with one hand, she also shoved her hand down and stuck three fingers into the older woman’s sex. The Black mother and daughter, helpless in the induced sexually violent fugue, fell onto the floor and tore and slapped at each other, and finger-fucked each other into a screaming orgasms.

As this was going on, the Trig teacher and the English teacher were alternately wrestling and boxing on the floor near the the stairs. They pounded away at each other, and each one realized just how much they despised each other in the school where they both worked. They were both fit and muscular, and they worked themselves into an entwined knot of fighting womanhood. They glared at each other as their arms and legs locked together, straining. As they groaned and gasped, they inhaled each other’s breath and then they were violently kissing, biting each other’s lips.

Blonde woman huskily breathed, “Ohhhhh…..I want to fight you forever!”

Brunette woman replied, their mouths locked together, “Fuck yes….fuck you….fight you…fuck me!”

They were then sprawled on the stairs and twisted around, and the women attacked each other’s pussies in a wild and frenzied 69. They ate each other, sucking on their clits, drinking each other’s slick juices. They thrust their tongues deep into each other’s shaven pussies and came like bitches in heat.

They fell to the floor dazed in utter sexual exhaustion.

Gradually Cheryl came to consciousness in the pantry. Sprawled across her was Paula. They were both naked and coated with crumbs and debris. For a second Cheryl wondered what the hell was going on, and then she took a deep breath, and the gas did its work again. Half-aware, she got to her feet, followed ten seconds later by Paula.

Paula shook her head, and corn-flake crumbs fell away. She heard sounds of fighting and lust coming from the living room. She pushed past Cheryl and said huskily, “I need some more of this!”

Cheryl moved ahead and they both were jammed in the pantry door for a bit, their breasts and bellies rubbing hard on each other, awakening their desires again. They managed to squeeze out, and they both moved hurriedly on unsteady feet into the living room.
Cheryl’s and Paula’s opened wide when they saw what was happening. Over a dozen women were fighting and indulging in sexual violence. Cheryl looked at the writhing mass of femininity and felt her nipples get even harder, and a distinct return of moisture to her crotch.

In one corner, the two teachers were alternately slapping and tearing and punching, and then pausing to lock into a sixty-nine, moaning and crying while they fought and ate each other out. As Cheryl stared, they both arched their backs and orgasmed, and she saw them spurt their juices in each other’s faces.

The four Black women rolled around entangled in four-way catball, arms and legs twisting. As they struggled, they rolled into the fighting mess of Maggie and her twin daughters Lily and Kate. And then they rolled away and Cheryl gasped as she saw her son Logan, eyes glazed, stroking his enormous cock, and growling as he looked for new worlds to conquer.

Maggie looked up and saw Logan’s mom looking down on her, then smiled sardonically and said, “You want some of this? Bitch.” Maggie grabbed her own breasts and squeezed them, making the nipples pop up.

At the sight of Logan slowly fisting his cock, Paula said lustfully, “Oh fuck give me some of that!”

Cheryl turned to her friend and backhanded her, then fell down beside her son, and moaned, “Logan, come here! Come fuck your mother!” And with that she swung aboard her son, grabbed his cock, and guided it into her wet steaming pussy.

Maggie and the twins howled and all three of them tried to pull Cheryl off her son, who had started pumping his hips up and down, delighted that he was fucking his mom. They managed to pull her to one side, then Maggie and Paula got the same idea and they both mounted Logan, who bucked his hips as his cock, dripping precum, slid between their labia.

Cheryl yelled and punched Paula hard, catching her on the jaw, and then it was her and Maggie, facing each other as them gyrated on top of the teenaged boy. They mashed their breasts into each other wrapped their arms and bear-hugged. The twin girls looked on and masturbated, topping occasionally to slap each other and maul each other’s breasts.

It was just a matter of seconds before every woman in the room was standing around, breathing in great gasps, as they watched Maggie and Paula entwined, and Logan’s cock between them, thrusting like crazy. The two women bit and kissed each other, raking their hands up and down each other’s backs, leaving bleeding scratches.

Suddenly Logan yelled and bucked his hips and started coming. The two women backed a few inches apart and screamed their climax as Logan shot streams of hot semen over his mom’s and Maggie’s breasts and face. He came like a stallion and the cum dappled several of the assembled women, who then rubbed it all over their bodies.

Suddenly the front door burst open and six figures clad in hazmat suits and carrying dart guns scrambled in. One shouted, “Keep those masks on! You get exposed, you’re gonna get hit with a dart and have to say nighty-night!”

One of the figures aimed his gun at Maggie and Cheryl, and pulled the trigger twice in rapid succession. Thwip! Thwip! And two small titanium darts with a charge of the gas antidote found their mark in the women’s naked breasts. They looked at each other, and in seconds, they closed their eyes and fell off of Logan. Logan looked at the men in annoyance, and the man with the gun said, “Sorry, kid”. One more Thwip! And Logan fell across his mom, his face on her breasts.

Turmoil. The naked fighting women tried to get away, but the hazmat team aimed their guns well. Darts hit breasts and buttocks and thighs, and in five minutes, all the formerly fighting women were out cold.

The leader said, “Well, this was the worst of it. The other squads hit sixteen houses, and it looks like another 30 people had been exposed and they had been fighting and fucking like crazy.”

One woman said, “Well, you know….they won’t remember it, but for a moment they had some of the greates fucking and fighting fun they would ever know. Kinda makes you want to give it a try, you know.” She nudge one woman’s naked pussy with her foot. “I bet she would have been a helluva fight.”

The man said, “Can it, Anna. You’ll have plenty of time later to do a slut fight. We gotta get this under wraps. Thank god the media never got word.”

Another picked up Logan’s phone. “Hey, look at this!” He started the video, and they crowded around, murmuring and giving slow whistles.

The leader said, “Hand me that.” He took the phone and shut it off.

“Hey, boss, what do you think they’ll do with this stuff later?”

“Hell, I don’t know. Who knows. They’ll mess with the formula, try some new twists. Shit, I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t see on pharmacy shelves in a few years. Probably give it some crazy name like Viaggro.”

The others laughed, and exited the house.

The End?

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