Hunter’s Moon by Corvus

Evelyn Harris strolled down the tree-lined street in the brisk October morning. Leaves swirled around her feet as she took in the view of the broad main street in the small New Hampshire town where she lived and worked.

Evelyn was twenty-seven, with chestnut hair and secret hazel eyes. She was an assistant librarian and she had lived in Pembroke for four years. She was slender, and her shape still reflected the suppleness of youth. Pleasantly round breasts and a compact rear made most men look twice. She wore octagonal wire-framed glasses that made her look studious. She was soft-spoken and a bit shy.

She was interested in what the day would bring. After much debate, the town fathers had approved a new assistant librarian, and after a two-month search, one was found. She started today. Evelyn had not met her, but she knew her name was Diane Abbot, and she was Evelyn’s age.

Evelyn rounded the corner and turned towards the 120-year old Victorian style building that housed the town’s library. She made her way up the stone steps. She checked her watch and saw it was nine on the dot. Right on time. She swung open the heavy door and proceeded to the large square office and checkout area.

Mrs. Brown, the sixty-something head librarian greeted her. “Evelyn, good morning, dear.”

“Good morning, Mrs. Brown.”

The older woman tilted her head. “Well, it looks like it will be a rather ordinary day. We’ve got a school group coming in for some reading and research. The software for the new catalog system is due to be installed this afternoon. There are a bunch of old volumes we want to move to storage downstairs.”

Evelyn put away her handbag and draped her sweater on the wooden back of her chair. She was wearing a long wool skirt in a subdued tartan pattern. Her blouse was powder blue, long-sleeved and high-necked. She had on simple gold hoop earrings. Her makeup was minimal, a soft foundation and a touch of lip gloss.

Evelyn said, “And Diane Abbot starts today.”

Mrs. Brown smiled briefly. “Indeed she does. She will be in about 10, I believe. I’m sure that you can show her around, get her briefed on the routine.”

Evelyn said, “Of course. It’ll be nice to have someone here. Maybe we’ll be able to get caught up?” Evelyn did not mind the work as such, but she frequently found herself working late as she handled the daily routine of the library. It would be pleasant to spend a little more time on her reading and gardening.

As the young librarian started working at her desk, she reflected on her quiet and understated life. She had graduated from a small liberal arts institution five years before. She was an only child, and her parents lived in a modest house near Boston. Pretty as she was, she had no lack of suitors in high school and at the university. Some mild passions had burned a few times (she had lost her virginity at 19, to a fumbling skinny chemistry major) but no young man had made a lasting impact on her life. She preferred the reading of grand romances to the actual experience.

And yet, on the edge of awareness, she infrequently felt the desire for…something a bit risky. Evelyn felt sometimes that an atavistic appetite for conflict slumbered beneath her placid life. She talked with no one about these hidden facets, and she usually tucked them away, safely in the subconscious.

She had no steady boyfriend. Once in a while, some man would strike up a conversation with the pretty young librarian, and ask her out. A dinner, sometimes a movie followed these queries, but none of the men ever made much of an impression on her. She fended off the passes with skill and diplomacy, and as a consequence, rarely dated a man more than twice.

Evelyn busied herself with the minutia of her job. Books were returned, books were checked out, and fines were paid by sheepish cardholders. She was pouring over a spreadsheet on the computer when a soft contralto voice sounded.

“Hello. I think you’re expecting me? I’m Diane Abbot.”

Evelyn looked up. She saw a very pretty young woman, perhaps and inch or two taller than herself, with jet-black hair falling in lustrous waves to her shoulders. She had wide violet eyes behind large oval-framed tortoise-shell glasses. She wore a simple navy dress and low-heeled pumps.

Evelyn stood up and extended her hand. “Hello, Diane. It’s nice to meet you.” Evelyn indicated the chair by her desk. “Please sit down.”

Diane placed her bag on the corner of Evelyn’s desk and sat down and crossed her legs. She had nicely shaped legs sheathed in nude hose, with slight dimples at the corners of her knees. Her breasts were round and in perfect proportion to her rib cage. She smiled tentatively.

Mrs. Brown came over and said, “Well, I see you two have met. Evelyn, Diane comes to us from San Francisco. She studied library science at Berkeley.”

Evelyn raised her eyebrows. “That’s interesting. What in the world brought you out here?” She smiled at the dark-haired woman.

Diane said, “I lived in New England as a little girl. I guess I got to miss it? When I saw this job advertised in the Library Journal, I thought it was perfect for me.”

Evelyn said, “Then I suppose this is a sort of homecoming for you?”

Diane replied, “Yes, it is. When I saw this town, I felt I was coming to the right place for me.”

Mrs. Brown said, “Diane, we’re looking forward to you working with us. Why don’t you come over to my office, and we’ll get the W-4 filled out, along with the other paperwork.” She turned to Evelyn. “And we might as well get the dirty part out of the way. After that, I’d like you two to handle getting the old stuff moved into storage downstairs.”

Evelyn made a face. “My favorite part of the job,” she said, with a trace of sarcasm.

Mrs. Brown smiled indulgently. “Now, now, we must take the bitter with the sweet.”

Diane reached out and touched Evelyn’s wrist lightly, “We’ll make it go fast, Evelyn.” She smiled as she rose and walked with Mrs. Brown.

Half an hour later, the two young women were downstairs in the storage area. It was dark and more than a little dusty as Evelyn and Diane worked steadily, moving the old books to the tall shelves. They had to work in narrow aisles, and push a ladder along to shelve the books.

The two women talked casually about the town and the library. Soon they had exchanged the pertinent information about their lives. Evelyn found herself liking the tall, dark-haired woman. Diane was perhaps a bit less reserved than Evelyn, but Evelyn ascribed that to the Bohemian atmosphere of California. They were both of a type, somewhat quiet, and not given to demonstrating every feeling they had. New England types.

Then something unusual happened. Evelyn was in one aisle, reaching up to place a dusty volume on the shelf overhead. Diane came by with a book that needed to go further in. The space was perhaps twenty inches wide.

Diane murmured, “Excuse me a bit, Evelyn.” She then tried to squeeze by. She was facing Evelyn as she tried to slide by.

Evelyn said, “It’s really a tight squeeze in here…but I think we can manage.”

Their bodies touched as Diane moved inward. Diane’s breasts compressed against Evelyn’s, and their bellies touched and slid into each other. Their hips met as the material of their skirts rubbed together. The women smiled awkwardly at each other as they met in inadvertent intimacy. Evelyn felt slightly embarrassed at the touch of Diane’s breasts pushing and rubbing against hers. But it wasn’t entirely unpleasant. Flickering shades of heat briefly pulsed through her upper body as Diane moved by. She almost gasped as the Diane’s thigh fell against her mound.

Evelyn looked up, just a quick glance. Their eyes met, and in the momentary eye contact, Evelyn thought she saw a hint of something other than embarrassment. She thought she glimpsed a bit of … desire.

Diane finished moving by. Evelyn’s breasts and thighs tingled from the pressure. She breathed in, a long deep draught, and she heard Diane do the same. Evelyn finished shelving her books, then left the aisle. She decided to choose books that would go in other aisles. As she continued the chore, she felt her mind return to the few seconds of contact with the lovely young woman with the violet eyes. Evelyn wondered why the brief pressure of Diane’s body would affect her so. She could not think of it now. She dared not think of it now.

Over the next few days, Evelyn and Diane discovered a growing friendship. They took their lunches together (soup and sandwiches at a quaint place nearby, or the occasional fast-food burger), discussed the goings-on in the small town (did the mayor really have a mistress?), and explored where their tastes met or diverged (Evelyn liked Hemingway, Diane preferred Steinbeck).

Of course, the talk did get around to relationships.

Over cream of tomato, Diane asked, “So, have you been dating anyone?”

Evelyn chewed her chicken sandwich slowly, then swallowed. “Oh, there are a few, here and there. No one steady.”

Diane asked, “What are the men like around here?”

Evelyn said, “Well, you’ve got the paper mill. Most of the men there marry early. Those that aren’t are usually drunk. And you have the university over in Concord. I’ve dated a few assistant professors. And fended off some roving hands at a few parties. Some of the older men seem to think their marriage is just a minor issue, like hair color.”

Diane nodded. “I know the type. Adultery is practically coursework over at Berkeley.”

Evelyn took a sip of tea. “Anyway, I guess I’m just waiting for the right man? I’m not exactly the most exciting woman you can find. I’m quiet, I don’t like parties all that much, and my passions tend towards old books and vintage movies.”

Diane looked at Evelyn. “Don’t sell yourself short, dear. You’re beautiful, and you have a keen mind.”

Evelyn blushed, and lowered her eyes. The casual compliment had touched her. “Well…thanks, you’re awfully sweet. But look at you! You’re fantastic. Your eyes, your skin, not to mention your body… well, you’ve got a mirror. Haven’t any of the local boys launched themselves at you yet?”

Diane brushed back a lock of black hair. She said, diffidently, “I guess I’m not quite ready. There’s always time to date. Now friends…friends are special.” Diane stole an unguarded glance at Evelyn.

Evelyn impulsively reached out and squeezed Diane’s hand. “Indeed,” she said.

That weekend, Evelyn invited Diane over to her house to spend the afternoon. They planned to do a bit of antique browsing and hit a garage sale or two. Evelyn anticipated a pleasant day.

Saturday dawned clear and cool, but the weather forecast called for increasing cloudiness that afternoon, with an increasing chance of rain. Evelyn frowned a little as she watched the morning news in the compact living room of her bungalow, but she decided that the rain wouldn’t really spoil things that much. She busied herself with laundry and straightening the house while waiting for Diane to show. Just at one o’ clock, she heard a car door slam outside, then quick steps echoed outside the front door. A brisk three knocks sounded. Evelyn answered the door.

Diane stood there dressed in tailored jeans and a long-sleeved red pullover shirt. A couple of buttons were undone at her neck. The beginnings of a slice of cleavage peeked through. Her hand held the neck of a jacket slung across her back. She smiled at Evelyn.

Evelyn smiled back. “Come on in, Di. You ready to go spend a few dollars?”

Diane came in the house, took a swift glance around. “More than ready, babe. Say, this is a sweet little place.”

Evelyn looked around. She was clothed in brown corduroy slacks that fit snugly along her pleasantly firm rear end. She had on a deep blue button front blouse that was tucked neatly into the pants.

“The operative word is indeed ‘little’. A bit over a thousand square feet, but it suits me.”

Diane sat herself down on an overstuffed armchair. “I like little. It makes me feel all cozy and warm. You have it decorated really nicely. I love the Degas prints.”

“French impressionists. I’ve always had a weakness for them.”

“Well, maybe we’ll find an original Renoir to go with them today?”

Evelyn laughed. “My fondest dream.” She gathered her car keys from the coffee table. “Shall we?”

Diane rose from the chair. “Let’s do it.”

As Evelyn locked the door, she indicated the two-year old Celica resting by Diane’s Accord. “I ought to drive. I know a couple of nice places on the other side of the river.”

Diane said, “By all means.”

They got in the car and eased down the driveway. Soon they were out of sight.

Several hours later, and about a hundred dollars poorer, the car reappeared. The women chatted amiably about the day. Evelyn pulled in the driveway, and they got out. The trunk was opened, and they removed several bags from the car.

“Diane, do you want to stay for supper? I’ve got some stew that’s been in a crock-pot most of the day. It should be just about perfect.”

Diane paused by her car, with two large bags dangling from her hands. She looked at the sky. It was late afternoon, and there was a chill in the air. Low dark clouds were coming in. The rumble in her stomach settled it. “Sold. I just realized I’m starving.” She came back with the bags, and both women went into the small house.

Diane placed her bags along one wall in the living room while Evelyn went into the old-fashioned kitchen to check the stew. Diane came into the kitchen while Evelyn was testing the stew. She looked up and offered the wooden spoon to the dark-haired woman. Diane leaned forward and smelled the savory mixture. She tasted it.


“I think it’ll do,” Evelyn said. “I’m going to stick this French loaf in the oven. In about twenty minutes it should be nice and brown. Think you’ll hold out until then?”

Diane nodded. “Say, I saw that park over there. I know we’ve been on our feet all day, but I could use some steady walking to work the kinks out. How about it?”

Evelyn said, “Sure. Let me get my jacket.”

Shortly, the two women were ambling briskly in the late afternoon breeze. The sky was almost completely overcast. The smell of rain was in the air. They walked in companionable silence along the nicely manicured park.

“Say, what’s that over there?” Diane asked, pointing. There was a dark object about thirty feet away. They walked up to it.

“It’s a football. Some kids must have left it here.” Diane picked it up. “You know, I had some brothers who ate, breathed and drank this stuff. I picked it up a little.” She grinned at Evelyn. “Go long.”


Diane drew her arm back. “Go out there. I’m going to throw you a pass.”

Evelyn laughed. “All right.” She trotted out away from Diane, as the dark-haired beauty let fly with a perfect arcing throw. It landed on the ground about twenty feet from Evelyn. She ran to the ball and picked it up.

“Well, you’ve got the ball. Run with it!” Evelyn yelled.


“Down here! You have to get past me.” She indicated two trees on either side. “This is the goal line. Try to make a touchdown.”

Evelyn tucked the football under her arm and headed towards Diane. She gathered speed as she saw Diane angling towards her, arms extended. Evelyn broke to her right. Diane shifted course rapidly. The impact was jarring. Diane launched herself at Evelyn, her arms going around Evelyn’s waist. The two women found themselves falling to the ground. Evelyn hit the ground on her back, the ball flying out of her fingers. She felt Diane’s body slam roughly on top of hers, Diane’s breasts sliding along her midsection to hit her own, and Diane’s leg fell between hers. There was the rough collision of thigh and crotch, and Evelyn whooped with surprise. She flashed on the moment earlier in the library when Diane squeezed her body past Evelyn’s. A moment of frankly sexual heat.

Then Diane was scrambling to her feet. She grabbed the football and laughed. “I’ve got it! I’ve got it!” She started to run in the opposite direction. Evelyn was instantly competitive. She didn’t know where the feeling came from, but she knew that the game was on. She got to her feet and started running after Diane.

Moments later, she was just a few feet behind the raven-haired woman. They were both breathing hard and laughing. Evelyn threw herself forward, got her arms around Diane’s legs. Diane fell forward, but still hung on to the ball.

Evelyn moved forward on her hands and knees and grabbed Diane’s shoulders. She got enough leverage to turn Diane around and reached for the ball. She wound up straddling Diane, her thighs around Diane’s midsection, gripping tightly. Diane slammed her hips up and down, trying to buck the brown-haired woman off. Evelyn’s breasts bounced around underneath her blouse.

Finally, the ball was worked loose, and Evelyn grabbed it and ran back the way she came. Now it was Diane’s turn to give chase. For the next fifteen minutes, the two women played their game as earnestly as any two teenagers might have done. Their hair got mussed and they rapidly got several grass stains on the pants and shirts. They laughed and giggled as they tackled one another.

Beneath the surface joy of the athletic competition, Evelyn was half-aware of the sensuous weight and heft of Diane’s body. Their breasts met in conflict during most of their tumbling around, and her entire body was often entwined and pressed against hers. In the heat of the moment, she found herself tackling and being tackled for the body contact. She wanted their breasts to meet and bend. She wanted their crotches to fall together, to rub and grind.

In the midst of their rough football game, they found themselves straining for the ball, their arms and legs moving in coarse rhythm. They were panting and sweating. Evelyn felt a drop of rain on the back of her neck. Then another. She stopped moving, and rolled over, staring at the sky. The rain started to fall harder. As if coming out of a dream, the two amateur gridiron heroes rose to their feet. They steadied each other with their arms. The football was dropped and forgotten.

Diane shook her head. Drops of rain flew from her hair. “Well, THAT was refreshing. I think I worked up an appetite.”

Evelyn said softly, “So did I.” She shook herself. What had she been feeling? What was going on? She couldn’t quite say. Strange, she thought. Very strange.

Through the now-pouring rain, the erstwhile warriors found their way back to Evelyn’s house.

Diane and Evelyn stood on the front porch for a couple of minutes, letting the rainwater drip from their hair. The skies were dark now, and the rain had become a steady roar on the roof of the little porch.

Diane shivered. She pulled her glasses off and wiped the lenses with the tail of her shirt. It just succeeded in smearing the mess around.

Evelyn hugged herself. “We’d better g-get inside and d-dry off.”

Diane said, “Ri-r-right. It’s getting a little ch-chilly.”

Evelyn opened the door to the bungalow and the soaked women went inside. Evelyn went to the gas fireplace and turned a knob. She pressed an igniter and welcome flames started blazing around the faux logs.

Evelyn took off her glasses and looked at them. “It’s a wonder these things survived.” She placed them on the coffee table, and joined Diane to stand in front of the fireplace.

Diane stretched her arms out. “Ahhh … that feels so damned good! But we’d better get out of these wet things.”

Evelyn said, “You’re right. I can run them around the washing machine and dry them while we eat. Come on in the bedroom. I’ve got a couple of robes we can wear.”

The dark-haired woman followed Evelyn into the bedroom. She was already pulling the shirt over her head. Evelyn turned around to see Diane in a white lace bra that revealed the tops of her beautifully shaped breasts. They were high and firm, and she could see the suggestion of dark nipples through the front of the bra.

Evelyn unbuttoned her blouse, then slipped it off. Diane glanced at her and saw an ivory demi-bra with spaghetti straps and a front hook. The neckline plunged deeply. Evelyn’s breasts were perhaps a tad smaller than Diane’s, and more of a conical shape. The nipples had gotten stiff under the wet cloth, and poked out erotically.

Diane undid the snap on her jeans. She pushed the waistband of the tight, wet garment down over her hips. She slowly inched them down, exposing blue bikini panties. She worked the jeans the rest of the way down her legs, bending over. Her breasts jiggled a little as she stepped out of the wet jeans. She stood back up, and handed the wet clothes to Evelyn. Evelyn couldn’t help but see the thickening at the crotch of Diane’s panties. The swelling of the mound was quite noticeable. A few stray curls of jet-black hair peeked from the groin area around the leg openings.

Evelyn took the jeans and shirt from Diane and dropped them in the wicker laundry hamper at her feet. Then she undid the button on the waist of her corduroy slacks. She pushed them down over the curve of her hips. She wore lacy white briefs, cut high on the sides. Diane saw the shadow of the pubic thatch at the crotch. The thin material was folded in a little, displaying the cleft between her labia.

Evelyn went to her closet and opened the door. She pulled out a couple of thick cotton robes, one a black and white print pattern, one a solid dark red. She handed the dark red one to Diane, and folded the print about herself, tying a loose knot at the waistband.

Diane fitted herself into the robe and knotted the cord. It flared a little at top, showing off the tops of her bra cups. Evelyn picked up the basket and went into the kitchen. Diane followed.

“Diane, why don’t you grab a couple of bowls from the cupboard over the sink? There’s a ladle in the drawer on your left.”


Evelyn disappeared into the small utility room adjacent to the cozy kitchen. She came back in as Diane was spooning out large bowls of steaming beef stew. Evelyn grabbed a potholder and opened the oven door. The delicious smell of hot bread spread out from the oven.

Soon, they were enjoying the stew and the crusty bread in the living room, sitting on the floor with the bowls on the coffee table. The fireplace exuded a cheerful glow and the Merlot in the tall goblets added to the warm occasion. The rain fell steadily outside, the wind making occasional moaning noises. They chatted about the day, the conversation moving easily from topic to topic. Evelyn poured them each another glass of the mellow red wine. Then she got up and moved to where one of the bags they had brought in rested. She reached down and pulled out a stuffed animal.

Diane laughed. “We never did decide who gets that.”

‘That’ was a furry rendition of a cat dressed as a Samurai warrior. The plump stuffed pussycat was wearing the Japanese garb and carried a cloth sword. Both women had seen the animal at a flea market and both had wanted it.

Evelyn brought it over to the table and set it down. “It is SO ugly and SO damned cute at the same time. So what do we do? Have joint custody?”

Diane took a sip of wine. She then reached for the Samurai cat and hugged it to her bosom. “I don’t think so,” she said in a teasing voice. “I think I want him for myself.”

“Oh, you do, do you?” Evelyn smiled and reached for the toy. Diane held it out of reach.

“You’re gonna have to do better than that, sweetie,” Diane said.

Evelyn put her glass down and looked at her friend with hooded eyes. Diane was holding the stuffed cat high up over her head. Without warning, Evelyn moved swiftly. She pushed herself forward onto Diane’s upper body. Diane fell backwards, laughing.

Evelyn found herself stretched out on top of Diane. She reached for the animal, but Diane kept moving her arms around, keeping it away from Evelyn. As Evelyn tried to grab it, her body moved and twisted, her breasts starting to crush Diane’s. Diane’s legs opened. Evelyn’s thigh slipped between them. Evelyn felt the springy nest of pubic hair underneath the cloth of Diane’s crotch rub against her thigh.

Diane opened her legs wide. Evelyn found her waist being encircled by two strong thighs. Diane grinned at her as she worked the scissors around Evelyn’s waist.

“I grew up with brothers, remember?” Diane gasped.

Diane then awkwardly tossed the stuffed cat aside and swung her legs around. Evelyn found herself on the bottom and Diane lying on top of her. Diane sat up and did a classic pin on Evelyn. Evelyn’s breasts were just ahead of Diane’s thighs. The robe had ridden up and the blue panties were visible. Diane’s strong hands held down Evelyn’s shoulders. Evelyn tried to move. She strained upward with hips, trying to shake Diane off. She grunted with effort. Finally, she just lay still, breathing hard. She felt…excited. Warmth pulsed with each heartbeat. She could feel her nipples become stiff and erect. She felt her panties moisten.

Diane looked down at her. Their eyes met and held. The moment stretched…then passed. Diane rose to her feet, held out her hand to help Evelyn up. Evelyn’s print robe had fallen open. Her bra was askew. The edge of one areola peeked out.

Evelyn adjusted her robe after she got to her feet. “Well, I’d better check on those clothes in the dryer,” she said in a subdued voice.

“I guess…” Diane replied.

In silence, Diane got dressed after the warm clothes were retrieved from the dryer. The rain had stopped. She got her stuff together as Evelyn took dishes to the kitchen.

Both women realized that some invisible line had been crossed. Things could never be the same.

Evelyn opened the door. Diane exited, paused, and turned around. She brought her lips down swiftly to Evelyn’s cheek, kissed it lightly. Evelyn moved her hand up and touched Diane’s face briefly. In the first-quarter moonlight, Diane could see troubled questions in Evelyn’s eyes.

“See you on Monday,” she said softly.

That night, Evelyn slept nude. Halfway to sleep, she slipped an index finger into her swollen and wet pussy. She lightly stroked her clitoris as her hips moved in circular motions on the wrinkled sheets. She whimpered her orgasm as she spilled her juices about her stiff spasmodic fingers. Her dreams that night were troubled and dark, and Diane moved at the center of them. They struggled in an erotic war of tangled limbs and grinding pelvises.

Monday came and the young librarians busied themselves in their work. They still lunched together, and chatted about inconsequential things, but Evelyn felt that the easy emotional intimacy they had been developing was dormant. Their friendship had encountered some sort of wall.

Evelyn’s mind returned time and time again to the sexual aspect of her brief relationship with Diane. She did not believe she was a lesbian. But on the other hand, she knew that she had never developed strong passions with men. And what was the story with the wrestling and the fighting? What was it about the combative sexual tenor of their meetings?

Diane in turn would try to think of some way they could talk about the issue. But her own innate reticence to discuss strong sexual passions stopped her. She would look at Evelyn and see someone she thought she could love. That might fly in San Francisco, but in conservative New Hampshire? She was stricken, unable to move back, reluctant to move forward. The unspoken tensions were building.

Soon it was Saturday. This weekend, the library was open late. Mrs. Brown had left at five, and it fell to Evelyn and Diane to lock up after closing time.

At eight-fifteen, the last patron had been shooed out of the old building. The books were put away and the paperwork filed. It was dark outside, but clear and near freezing. A brilliant full moon was already high in the southeastern sky.

Evelyn put on her long coat and came out into the lobby. Diane waited there. Evelyn looked up at the second floor. A lone light shone up there. Moonlight flooded down through a large rectangular skylight.

“Damn. I thought all the lights were out. Let me go up and get that one. I’ll be right back.”

Evelyn started up the stairs. As Diane watched, everything that had been on her mind all week came to a head. She and Evelyn had to do something. She swiftly followed Evelyn, not making any noise.

Evelyn got to the top of the stairs and walked over to the reading area under the skylight. She found the green-shaded desk lamp and bent down to switch it off. The light faded, and she paused there, illuminated by the moonlight.

Suddenly, strong arms encircled her. They went around her waist. Surprised, she turned her head and started to cry out. A warm insistent mouth muffled her voice. The kiss was thrilling. Her rationality went out the window. Diane was kissing her, hard.

Evelyn finished turning around. Diane’s hands ran up and down her back, caressing her as she continued to kiss her. Evelyn moaned and kissed her back, her mouth open and moist, her tongue reaching out to meet Diane’s.

Abruptly, she pulled back. Her eyes were wide behind her wire-rimmed glasses. “W-what are you doing?” she breathed. “We can’t do this…we can’t…”

Diane gripped her shoulders. Her face was inches from Evelyn’s. She said, “Oh, we can. We must. Don’t you see, Evelyn? We can’t let it lay there. We’ve got to talk. We’ve got to do something…anything. I – I love you. We have to!”

Evelyn stepped back. Diane’s arms fell from her shoulders. She looked at Diane helplessly. Her mouth opened a couple of times, but no words came out. Finally, she whispered, “Oh, God! Oh, dear God! You’re right…I’ve denied it and fought it…but I absolutely adore you.”

Diane came forward. She shrugged her coat off. It fell to the floor. “It’s time to begin.”

Evelyn began to unbutton her overcoat as Diane closed the distance between them. She backed up until she came against a tall bookshelf. She felt the spines of the books against her back. She shrugged, and the coat fell to the floor. She was wearing a knee-length button-front dress in a pale red. She had on sheer dark panty hose and low-heeled black pumps. As Diane came up to her, she held up her hands in front of her, fingers back.

Diane was wearing a calf-length navy blue skirt which had mid-thigh slits in front and back. She had on a loose cowl-neck sweater in a black knit weave. She wore strappy sandals and sheer nude panty hose. As Diane came within inches of Evelyn, she raised her hands and intertwined her fingers with Evelyn’s. She brought her face right up to Evelyn’s and whispered, “I’ve been wanting to do this since our first day here in the library, when we came so close to each other in the shelves. God! I still feel that. Your body, your breasts…I was so fucking hot.”

Evelyn squeezed Diane’s hands, gently at first, then with building pressure. She felt her breasts touch Diane’s sweater-clad globes.

Evelyn said, “Oh, you and me both. I had no idea what came over me?” She pressed her hands forward, and Diane’s arms moved back slightly, then held firm as Diane pressed back. “But what is this compulsion? I want to make love to you…I want to fight you or wrestle you at the same time. To feel your body press hard against mine…your breasts…your pussy…oh, God…I want that…”

Diane pressed her lips against Evelyn’s cheek. She extended her teeth and ran them along the flesh, poking at it a little with her tongue. She pulled her head back a bit and whispered in Evelyn’s ear, “We both have the same kink, darling. I looked it up. It’s called a sexfight. And I really want to do it with you!”

“Sexfight…,” Evelyn said softly. She liked the sound of that. “What happens….?”

Between soft kisses, Diane said, “Oh, we wrestle…we roll around…we rub our breasts together…we do everything we can to make the other come…until she can’t come anymore.”

Evelyn bent her hands and Diane’s fingers bent back a little. “And who wins…?”

Diane laughed throatily. “Oh, if we do it right, everyone wins…but I’ll let you in on a little secret…you’re going to be the first to come…I think I can wear you out…”

Evelyn said, “You really think so, baby? You think I’m that easy?” She punctuated each of her sentences with a quick squeeze of her hands.

“Oh, I think I can.” With that, Diane pulled her hands from Evelyn’s twisting fingers and threw her arms around the chestnut-haired librarian. Evelyn did the same and they were deep into a crushing bear hug. Evelyn felt her body pressed full length against Diane’s, breast to breast and belly to belly. She shifted her legs and her right thigh forced its way between Diane’s legs. She heard the rustle of cloth and silken panty hose as her thigh slid up and against Diane’s crotch.

The women intensified the squeeze. Their breasts pressed against each other, beginning to flatten. Evelyn knew her nipples were rigid, poking through her bra and blouse. She could feel Diane’s equally stiff nips meeting her own.

Evelyn opened her mouth and moaned. She then closed her eyes and plastered her mouth onto Diane’s. Diane opened her warm and wet lips and met the bruising kiss with equal strength. The women tongue-fought as they pressed their faces together, lips pressing against teeth as the mouth lock continued.

Evelyn had never felt so turned on in her life. She was one aching sexual organ straining for release in this battle. She had never been so alive.

Diane suddenly moved her arms and gripped Evelyn’s shoulders. She broke the embrace and started to turn Evelyn around, away from the bookcase. She pushed, and Evelyn had no choice but to be marched backwards to the reading desk. Diane pushed again and Evelyn sat down on the hard polished wooden surface.

Using one arm to hold on to Evelyn tightly, Diane used her other hand to force Evelyn’s legs apart. Evelyn felt the strong hand go past her thigh and come up against her crotch. She started to pant. Diane’s fingers pressed against the pussy. Despite the pantyhose and bikini briefs, the insistent prodding was doing its work. She rapidly moistened as Diane’s knowing fingers stroked the pussy. Her thumb found the clit and pressed.

Evelyn’s eyes closed and she whimpered. She knew that she would orgasm soon unless she did something. But, oh sweet Jesus, it felt so damn good!

Evelyn’s hands came up to Diane’s breasts. She quickly molded her fingers around the globes through the sweater, then simultaneously pressed and squeezed. Diane moaned in turn and moved her upper body back a little, while still holding tightly to Evelyn as she continued her digital assault on Evelyn’s pussy.

Evelyn used both her hands and mauled Diane’s breasts. She could feel the stiff nipples on the palms of her hands, even through the bra and sweater. She took her thumb and forefinger and pinched them. Diane’s eyes watered, but she went on rubbing Evelyn’s pussy and clit through the cloth.

Evelyn’s breath came more and more rapidly. Her hands on Diane’s breasts lost rhythm as the approaching climax neared.

Diane’s fingers worked the cloth-covered cunt roughly. The clit was erect and poking up a little and the panties and hose were soaked. She shifted her fingers to the clit and rubbed rapidly. Here it comes…now….now…

Evelyn uttered a high-pitched cry as she came. Her legs contracted around Diane’s butt as she shuddered in orgasm. Diane kept thrusting her fingers against the clit while Evelyn shook in raw passion. Her juices poured out into the sodden panties and hose, spreading around Diane’s hand.

Finally, after a few hitches in breath, and with tears leaking from her eyes, Evelyn quieted down. Diane removed her hand from between Evelyn’s legs and she held the shorter woman in her arms. Evelyn rested her head on Diane’s shoulders.

When Evelyn could speak, she said, “Oh, dear sweet one…oh, you incredible fucking bitch….”

Diane moved back from the table and let Evelyn stand up. In the heat of the passion, a few buttons had popped from the front hem of the dress. Evelyn’s thighs were revealed.

Diane said, “But it’s not over, is it?”

Evelyn shook her head. “Oh, it is most certainly absolutely indubitably not fucking over.”

Diane said, “Let’s get out of some clothes.”

Evelyn started to unbutton the front of dress. “Oh, yes.”

Diane pulled off her sweater. Her blue Victoria’s Secret front-hook bra was exposed. One cup had slipped down from Evelyn’s mauling. A sweet, dark nipple was revealed, stiff, about a quarter-inch long.

Evelyn pulled down the front of her dress, letting the top half rest against her hips. Her bra was a Bali number, eggshell color. The cups were filled with Evelyn’s conical shaped breasts, the nipples rigid and poking. Her bra was a back hook model.

Diane said, “Stop there…I want to take it off…”

She came forward. Their bra-clad breasts met as they moved together. Diane reached up with one hand and touched the narrow strap on Evelyn’s left shoulder. Evelyn took her own hand and ran her thumb under Diane’s left shoulder strap.

“At the same time…” Evelyn breathed.

Simultaneously, they slipped the bra straps down over the shoulder. Evelyn leaned forward and gently kissed the indentation of the strap on Diane’s shoulder as Diane did the same to hers. They did the same with the other straps. Both women worked their arms slowly out from under the straps. Then Diane reached around Evelyn’s back and felt the hook, while Evelyn placed her fingers on Diane’s front hook.

“One…two…three!” Diane said. They popped the hooks and both women pulled back. Diane let her bra fall in back of her as her round breasts were revealed, crowned with the poking dark nipples. Evelyn let the cups of her bra fall into her hands and she dropped it on the floor. She rubbed her own tits exuberantly and her pink nipples stiffened.

Diane moved forward again. She held her breasts in her hands as she brought them forward. Evelyn held her breasts and pointed them at Diane, like fleshy guns.

“Nipple fight?” Diane asked.

“Oh, yes!”

The women brought their breasts together slowly. Diane’s stiff, turgid dark nipples met Evelyn’s pink pencil erasers. They moved their breasts to and fro and rubbed the points together. The sensitive crowns to their breasts radiated pulses of tingling electricity throughout their body. For the next few minutes, Diane and Evelyn fought a little swordfight, jabbing and thrusting. It was inconclusive. Their nipples remained erect. Evelyn’s became a little red, but still they dueled.

Diane was the first to escalate it. She moved her tits forward quickly and the round globes flattened against Evelyn’s. The sudden pressure made Evelyn gasp, but she moved to the side and slid her breasts against Diane’s, the stiff nipples raking the flesh underneath.

Now it was a breast-fight. The women backed up a little and moved forward. Accompanied by gasps and yelps, the women rammed their breasts together again and again. The pain was real, but the pleasure was dominant. Then they moved from side to side, and battered their tits into each other, like a pillow fight. They held onto each other’s shoulders as they fought. No words were exchanged during the tit battle, but the occasional grunt or gasp of shock kept them going.

Finally Diane cried out. “No more! Ohhh….oh, God…” She let go of Evelyn’s shoulders and stepped back.

Evelyn stepped back as well. She saw Diane in front of her, cradling her reddened breasts in her hands. Evelyn felt triumphant…Diane gave her an orgasm, but she had won the breast battle. Her own breasts were tender. Unconsciously, she brought her hands up and lightly rubbed them. It had been close!

Diane straightened up. Her hair was a bit askew. She pushed an ebony lock out of her eyes. Slowly, she undid the catch on her skirt. She pushed the skirt down until it puddled about her feet. She stepped out of the skirt, noticed that she still had on her high heel sandals. She bent one leg up in back. Keeping her eyes on Evelyn, she undid the hook on the sandal and let it fall. She then undid the other sandal.

Silently, Evelyn matched her. She pushed her dress the rest of the way down. She kicked it aside and then slipped off her pumps. The two erotic combatants looked at each other. They were five feet apart, now naked save for panty hose and panties.

Diane slipped her fingers under the waistband of her panty hose. She slowly pushed the top down over her hips, then rolled them down the legs, bending down awkwardly to pull them off her feet. She rose again, her white bikini panties glowing in the silvery moonlight.

Evelyn wasted no time in stripping off her pantyhose. She stood up and faced Diane. Her panties were wet at the crotch. Diane moved forward. She placed her hands on Evelyn’s hips, so that they were resting on the cloth of the panties. She moved her head, and gently kissed Evelyn, a warm and inviting kiss. She whispered in her ear: “Now I’m going to take off your panties. I’m going to see you completely naked for the first time. This makes me so fucking hot. Then I’m going to fuck you until you surrender.”

Evelyn kissed her back, then whispered, “You’re welcome to try, baby. You’re welcome to try.”

Diane bent down swiftly. Her eyes were now level with Evelyn’s crotch. Slowly, she slipped her fingers under the waistband of the panties. Then she started to gradually pull them down. She slipped her nose close to the wet crotch and inhaled. The deep musk odor of a woman in peak sexual heat assaulted her senses. The emotion was so powerful that she nearly fell back before recovering her balance.

She pulled the panties down. Evelyn’s wet cunt came into view, a shadowy nest in the moonlight, full of dark mystery. The brown pubic hair was thick and curly, and she could see the open labia and the pale bud of the clit. Tiny pearly drops of moisture speckled here and there, clinging to individual hairs and dappling the skin.

After Evelyn stepped out of the panties, Diane stood up. “Your turn,” the dark-haired woman said softly.

Evelyn slowly lowered herself until she stared at Diane’s crotch. She moved her head and inhaled. Diane had not yet hit the same peak of arousal as Evelyn, but there was no mistaking that profound fragrance. Evelyn raised her hands and slipped her fingers under the waistband on the side of the hips. Just as slowly as Diane had done, she pulled down the panties to see Diane’s cunt for the first time.

The labial swelling was pronounced. There was a veritable forest of pure black curls, but they were open enough to see the sweet lips and little bud of the clit. She pulled the panties down the rest of the way. She lifted Diane’s well shaped feet to pull them away from the panties.

Suddenly Evelyn was seized by an impulse. She looked up at Diane from her unusual vantage point. She grinned impishly, then grabbed Diane’s ass with both hands. She plunged her mouth and tongue against Diane’s crotch, and started licking it, thrusting her tongue up along the slit until it met the clitoris.

Diane was taken totally by surprise. The abrupt oral assault weakened her knees. Her legs spread a little as Evelyn gustily ate her out. Diane’s pussy started to ooze with female juices.

Evelyn had never gone down on (or in this position, gone up) on a woman before. She just concentrated on a frontal attack, her tongue and lips attacking Diane’s dripping pussy. She moved her mouth in rapid gyrations, inhaling the delicious smells, feeling her own cunt lubricate. She thought that she was capable of getting off just by eating Diane.

Diane’s clit stiffened, became longer. Evelyn instinctively concentrated on the pink needle, and sucked on it. Diane whooped in delight, loud cries of sexual bliss. The oral attack was so unexpected and so devastating that she was lost. It was all she could do to remain standing.

Diane cooperated with the inevitable. As the massive orgasm approached, she reached down with her hands and grasped Evelyn’s chestnut hair. She moved the head back and forth and smeared her flowing cunt all over Evelyn’s face. Evelyn grinned. Her shiny face glowed in the spectral moonlight. She clutched Diane’s ass even tighter as she again plunged her tongue up Diane’s vagina.

Diane cried out in a keening howl of utter animalistic lust as the orgasm hit. Her hands convulsively clenched in Evelyn’s hair as the contractions started in her vagina, expelling a cataract of sexual juices onto Evelyn’s face and mouth. Diane’s legs shook. She started to lose muscular control and she started to topple backwards.

Evelyn extended her arms up Diane’s back and guided her to a soft landing on the carpet. Diane was still whooping as the orgasm continued, her hips and legs bouncing.

Finally, she lay still, a few hitches in her breathing. She raised a hand to her forehead. Evelyn moved to lie by her side. She brought her face up and kissed Diane softly, her mouth open and giving, but undemanding.

Diane tasted her own sexual secretions on Evelyn’s face. She moved her tongue and licked. She returned to the gentle kiss.

For a few minutes, the two naked warriors lay together, resting. Already, they had experienced more intense sexual passion, more delightful conflict, then they had ever known. But they both knew it wasn’t over.

Diane sat up. She looked down at Evelyn’s naked body resting on the carpet. Evelyn looked up and smiled lazily. “What next, O fearless warrior?”

“Oh, you think you’re so smart,” Diane laughed. “Use that tongue on me, will you? Just because you brought me to a screaming helpless humongous fucking orgasm, you think you’re hot stuff? Well…you’d be right. You’re pretty damned hot. But are you ready to go pussy-to-pussy with me, slick?”

“Oooh…I like the sound of that!” Evelyn sat up. “So how do we do this?”

Diane maneuvered herself around so that she was facing Evelyn. “Well, we spread our legs apart like this-“

“Nice view!”

“Shut up, lover. Then we work our legs around each other-” The two women scooted together, with Diane’s left leg under Evelyn’s right, and Evelyn’s left leg sliding under Diane’s right leg. “Then we scoot forward.”

They slid their butts forward and loosely wrapped their arms around each other. Their crotches were joined, pubic snatches bristling together, and their breasts lightly bounced into each other. Evelyn looked into Diane’s eyes. They kissed deeply.

Diane reached down and used her fingers to spread her lips apart. The pussy was still wet from Evelyn’s attack. The pink clit came into view. Evelyn in turn reached down and did the same. They positioned their crotches together. Their breath started to come a little faster.

As they watched, the clits stiffened and grew longer. Moisture started to bead up on the surface of the labia. They were fascinated by the intimate views. Then they bumped their hips forward. The pussies slid together. And they both gasped as their clits tangled.

“Oh, god, that feels so fucking good!” Evelyn said.

“Jesus, it’s like an electric shock,” Diane moaned. “Oh, god, fuck me!”

With growing passion, they brought their cunts together, the hard turgid clits meeting in stabbing sensation. They flowed freely as they slammed their crotches into each other. They held onto one another for dear life, their fingers making indentations in the flesh of their shoulders. Their stiff-nippled breasts brushed against each other with greater and greater frequency, in rough counterpoint to the wet slapping sounds of pounding naked cunts.

They knew that they weren’t getting enough pressure in their present position. Diane pushed Evelyn back against the carpet. Evelyn fell back slowly, clutching Diane’s shoulders. Evelyn’s legs spread wide, and Diane mounted Evelyn with a lustful yell. She started to raise her hips, breaking contact, then slamming her crotch down onto Evelyn’s.

The woman underneath yelled with surprise as their cunts came together. A sudden shock of pain was irrevocably mixed with lustful sensation. Again, Diane raised her hips, then brought them down. The smacking of the pussy flesh was loud. The lubricious fluids splattered out.

Diane humped Evelyn with an ever-growing rhythm, totally aware that her pussy was taking a beating. She knew that orgasm was close, but she wasn’t sure who would come first.

Without warning, Evelyn took the upper hand. Drawing on reserves she didn’t know she had, she bucked her hips up. Swiftly, she pressed with her legs and Diane was now on the bottom, thighs spread lewdly.

Evelyn looked down at her lover/opponent and commenced fucking her. It was her turn to slam her hips up and down, and watch Diane’s face as it twisted with pleasure/pain. Evelyn slammed her hips down, and held them. She raised herself on her arms as she rubbed her cunt sensuously against Diane’s. Oh, yes, she could see it. She could see it coming.

Diane was caught by surprise, but she wasn’t giving up. Desperately, she took her mind off Evelyn’s enthusiastic humping. She brought her hands up and pushed hard. Evelyn rolled to the side and Diane was again on top.

But not for long. Both women clamped their hands on the other’s shoulders. The rapid movement of the hips ceased as the erotic strugglers rolled across the carpet. It became a contest of strength as their limbs twisted around during their rolling sex battle.

Diane was briefly on top when she moved her hands from Evelyn’s shoulders and moved them to her proud breasts. “Do you feel this?” she yelled. She slammed her hands down on the breasts and Evelyn gasped. Her hands fell away from Diane’s shoulders.

That was the opening Diane needed. She rapidly spread Evelyn’s legs and started her tribadistic assault again. Her buttocks clenched as she pounded her pussy into Evelyn’s soaking cunt.

Evelyn had no choice. She decided to end it quickly. She wrapped her legs around Diane’s waist and embraced her fiercely. She put her mouth to Diane’s ear and said gutturally, “Oh, you bitch…you fucking bitch…do it to me now! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Diane obliged. She battered Evelyn’s crotch with her own, a rapid drumbeat of pure lust. Finally, she slammed her cunt down and felt the clits meet. She rolled her hips as the cunts tangled together, clit hitting clit head on and triggering a massive simultaneous orgasm.

They both screamed and wept as the climax rolled over them. Their hips bounced together, the battered pussies pouring streams of liquid into each other, dribbling down their legs onto the carpet. Their faces came together and they kissed, a raw trembling biting kiss as they moaned their aching release. Pulses of animal ecstasy reverberated through their bodies. Flowing waves of muscular contraction started in their vaginas and rippled their flesh.

After several minutes, the exhausted women rolled apart. Tear streaks stained their cheeks. It had been a profoundly emotional encounter.

Evelyn whispered, “Who won?”

Diane chuckled, then groaned. “Oh, who cares?”

The naked librarians got their knees, then crawled to the couch by the reading desk. Almost painfully, they got up on the couch. Under the gaze of old books and dead authors, in the silvery sheen of the moon, they found a way to fit themselves together and hold each other.

Let us leave them there, almost desperately in love. Let us leave them there, resting naked together, lips touching in delicate kisses, all aches eased and all hungers sated. Let us leave them there, a slow sculpture of passion and release, under the shining benediction of a Hunter’s Moon.

The End.

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