The Club: Karen and Tracy by Corvus

Karen St. James saw the street corner come into view. She slowed to make her right turn. The BMW obediently followed her motion and slipped into place by the curb. Karen removed her sunglasses and looked at the large house. Ah, there was the driveway.

She reached into her purse and found the transmitter. The iron gate pivoted inward and the sandy-blonde woman drove the car in. She followed the asphalt driveway around to the back of the house. There, under the shade of tall elms, she found a large covered parking area. Karen pulled into the spot on the far left.

She rummaged in the large bag that rested on the passenger seat next to her purse. She pulled out a file folder and started to peruse the contents. Inside were several sheets of ink-jet printout. The first page had today’s date listed. It also had the time: 10:00 AM. Karen checked her watch. Five more minutes.

Karen read the rest of the information. She was very excited. This was the third time she read it since the courier service had delivered it two days before.

Contest: Karen St. James vs. Tracy Ford.
Type: Catfight/Sexfight
Style: Prolonged
Clothing: Dresses over full slips, bras and panties.
Preferred scenario: Clothes ripping rules catfight. Continues until naked.
Sexfight until mutual exhaustion/satisfaction.
Time allotted: Three hours (combatants must clear the club house by 1:00 PM)

The next page had a high-resolution picture of Tracy. She was shown standing against a neutral background wearing a red string bikini. She was about as tall as Karen, with short jet-black hair. Her breasts were somewhat larger than Karen’s, but looked firm and well shaped. Her hips were broad, and she had the barest suggestion of a slight belly. She was long-waisted, and her thighs were well muscled. Her full mound bulged in the briefs. Karen whistled slightly. It would be delicious to go full contact with her.

The next sheet contained a plan of the house. It was a two story brick home, originally constructed in the 1940’s. There were several large bedrooms on the second floor. These were furnished in various fashions. Some had traditional four-poster beds. Some were larger rooms empty of furniture but well padded with exercise mats. On the first floor were a large kitchen, a dining area, a well-equipped exercise room, and a room where the opponents could meet and talk before and after the contest.

Karen could see a portico connecting the main house to an outbuilding behind the carport. She knew that contained a Jacuzzi and swimming pool.

Karen replaced the folder in her large bag. She got out of the car and headed for the back door. She was dressed in a beige dress that had seen better days. It buttoned down the front and was short sleeved. It ended just above the knee, and the side slits went up to mid-thigh. The hem had a few ragged threads hanging down. She was bare-legged and wore loafers.

When she got to the door, she slid the card key into the slot. The latch clicked, and she pulled the door open. She stepped into the small covered mud room. She opened the interior door and found herself in a large kitchen. Consulting the layout, she headed for the meeting room.

The meeting room was furnished with a sofa and a couple of easy chairs. A low coffee table was in front of the sofa. A large window overlooked the driveway. Karen put her bag down and went back out into the kitchen. She found a large bottle of mineral water in the refrigerator.

A few minutes after she sat down, she heard a car in the driveway. She stood up to see a black Cadillac pull into the slot next to hers. After the ignition stopped, Karen saw Tracy Ford step out of the car. She was wearing a red dress that came down to mid-calf. The dress had a deep v-neckline that showed a slice of beautiful cleavage. Her hair was held back in place with a barrette. It was a little bit longer than the hair in the picture.

The taller dark-haired woman slid her card key in the slot. Karen felt her breath coming faster. She wondered what it would be like to fight this stranger, to engage in intimate and intense struggle with this woman. Her fingers curled in anticipation.

Tracy Ford came through the kitchen and into the meeting room. Like Karen, she also carried a large bag stuffed with clothes. She put the bag down and turned to Karen with a large smile.

“Well, hi there! You have got to be Karen, and I’ve got to say, sweetie, that the picture doesn’t do you justice. You are the prettiest thing.” Tracy had a distinct Texas accent.

Karen smiled and stood up. She went over to Tracy and held out her hands. The women grasped each other’s hands and leaned forward to kiss the proffered cheek.

Karen found herself instinctively liking Tracy. They let their hands rest in each other’s while they talked.

Karen said, “And I think you are just gorgeous. I feel so lucky that you are my first opponent in the club.”

They sat down together on the couch. Tracy said, “When I got the folder and I saw you, I knew for sure that this would be a good one. It’s my seventh contest in the club.”

Karen said, “Seven? Wow. How did they go?”

Tracy smiled, “Oh, I held my own. I can give it pretty good.” She gave Karen a challenging look. “Can you take it?”

Karen smiled back, meeting the look. “Oh, I can take it. I can dish it out, too.”

Tracy drew in her breath and licked her lips. “Oh, darlin’, I can’t wait.”

Karen asked, “What room do you like to do it in?”

Tracy pulled out her own house layout. “It’s the one I call the catfight living room. Come on, I’ll show you.” She held out her hand to Karen.

Karen took it. She felt Tracy’s strong grip, and answered it with a strong grip of her own.

They went upstairs and followed a hallway that encircled the upper floor. Tracy opened the door to a room at one end of the hallway. She held it open as Karen stepped in.

Tracy said, “See the floor? It looks like regular carpet, but there are exercise pads under it.”

Karen took off her loafers and walked with bare feet onto the gray carpet. The material yielded beneath her feet. She did an experimental fall onto her back.

Karen said, “Very nice.” Tracy extended her hand and helped her up.

There was large low sofa and a loveseat. Both were thickly padded. An ottoman in the center of the room was large enough for two women to easily wrestle on.

Tracy put her bag down by the door and slipped off her own shoes. She started to bend and stretch.

Karen said, “Good idea,” and started her own warm-up. Soon they were satisfied with their limberness.

They stood about ten feet apart, near opposite ends of the couch. They looked at each other, sizing each other up, taking the other woman’s measure. Karen saw a confident and assertive woman, extroverted and friendly. Tracy noticed that Karen was a little more reserved, but easy to like.

Karen said, “How do you like to start?”

Tracy said, “Like this.” She came up to Karen, took her face in her hands, and gently kissed her. Karen returned the kiss, opening her mouth.

Tracy said, “That’s how I like to start, and how I like to finish. But in between, I like to do this!”

Tracy stepped back about a foot, and suddenly grabbed the front of Karen’s dress. She pulled and the material ripped halfway down, revealing the white slip underneath.

Karen smiled broadly and leaped at Karen. They collided and fell to the floor. Karen grabbed a handful of Tracy’s red dress and pulled. She was rewarded with a long ripping sound down the side of the dress.

Both women yelled and grabbed the other’s hair. They pulled as they rolled around on the carpet, elbows and legs and knees thrashing. Karen felt her breasts crushed by Tracy’s larger mounds. She bent her leg and felt her thigh penetrate and separate Tracy’s legs. The long red dress resisted at first, but then started to tear. The rip lengthened and Karen’s thigh was shoved against Tracy’s crotch, the thin material of the slip sliding up.

Tracy moaned, then grabbed Karen’s shoulders and rolled. Now Karen was on the bottom, scuffling with her hands trying to find purchase on Tracy’s dress. Tracy batted them away, then pulled back enough to get a double handful of Karen’s dress. She pulled with both hands and the top of the dress was in shreds. One strap of the slip hung down Karen’s shoulder. Her breasts moved up and down, cupped in the low-cut white bra beneath the slip.

Tracy attacked the breasts. She grabbed Karen’s tits and squeezed. Karen yelled and tried to buck Tracy off with her hips. Tracy held on, her fingers digging into and flattening the breasts beneath the clothes.

Karen moved her hand back and swung it in an open-handed blow at Tracy’s side. The slap connected and Tracy grunted in pain and surprise, lifting her hands from Karen’s chest to ward off another attack. Karen pressed her advantage and pushed with her strong legs. Slowly Tracy rolled over as Karen pressed her lower body into Tracy’s.

Karen got to her feet and grabbed the front of Tracy’s dress. She lifted with intense effort and pulled Tracy on top of the large low ottoman. Tracy bounced a little on the cushion.

Karen snarled and grabbed the bottom of Tracy’s dress and ripped it up the side. The dress tore all the way to the top of the armhole. Karen struggled to prevent the stripping, but Tracy had the rest of her dress shredded in seconds.

Karen then pounced on top of Tracy, and the women gyrated on top of the ottoman in a bear hug. They came to the edge of the ottoman and fell to the floor. They continued their snarling, spitting fight, rolling around the carpet, faces contorted with the struggle, as the rest of Karen’s dress was reduced to strips of clothing.

The women pulled themselves apart from each other. They got to their feet, somewhat unsteadily. Their hair was tangled and they were perspiring freely. They crouched a little, hands on their knees, as they caught their breath. Karen’s slip had a tear starting at the hem that revealed her inner thighs. Tracy’s slip had its left strap torn and hanging. Scraps of their dresses littered the carpet.

Karen decided to try psyching Tracy a little. She stood up slowly, and said, “Hey, sweet lips.”

Tracy looked at her, “Yeah, sugar?”

Karen finished tearing her slip so that the rip extended to her belly. She pulled the front of her lacy white panties down and exposed her sparsely haired pussy. The lips were engorged, and her clitoris was easily visible.

Karen said, “If you give up now, you can give me what I deserve. Tastes great. You’ll love it.” Karen thrust her pelvis out as she framed her cunt with her hands.

Tracy was turned on by the lewd display. She also recognized it for what it was. She laughed. “Oh, honey! Momma told me about girls like you!”

Karen said, “And what did momma tell you?”

Tracy said, “She said to do this!” She suddenly leaped at Karen. The quick jarring impact knocked Karen onto the sofa.

Tracy jumped on top, and the fight was on again. They pummeled each other’s breasts, relishing the shock and pleasure. Their nipples became erect. They fell off the couch and did their fighting dance around the room as their silky slips tore and fell.

Bras and panties were their only clothing now. Their fight became more a close-in clinch as their legs and arms became entwined. The rustle of filmy cloth against cloth became sensual. As they tangled and tumbled around on floor, they brought their heads together with firm grips in each other’s hair. They stared at each other with ferocious intensity until they finally brought their lips together in a mashing, rubbing abrasive kiss.

They were on the floor, side by side, bodies pressing against each other as they opened their mouths and stabbed their tongues together. Karen knew her panties were getting wet as she sought to press her cunt against Tracy’s. She reached down with her hand and lifted Karen’s leg and slipped her own naked thigh in between. She rolled over on top of Karen and felt her opponent’s thigh slide between hers. Tracy’s panties were equally as wet. They began to pitch their hips up and down while their mouths were crushed together.

Their arms made a furious motion and their bra straps were pulled down. Their breasts made naked contact for the first time, in an electric sensation as their stiff nipples poked each other like pencil erasers.

Karen lifted her head from the bruising kiss and looked down at Tracy as their hips moved up and down, the friction of their thighs producing raw shocks of wet pleasure against the sopping cunts.

Tracy looked up. They stared into each other’s eyes with passion and lust and need. Their hips moved even faster. They knew it was close.

Karen lifter her hips up high. Tracy spread her legs apart. Karen’s crotch slammed down into hers.

The women moaned and gasped as the pounding panty-clad cunts fell into each other.

Tracy found small voice as she approached climax. “Oh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me….” Over and over again. Louder and louder.

Karen had her own chant: “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes…” getting faster and louder in time with Tracy.

Tracy grabbed Karen’s ass and pulled down. She held Karen’s cunt against hers and rolled her hips. The cunts rubbed against each and the clits poked into the cloth of the panties and met. Tracy screamed as she came, and then Karen cried out in her own intense climax. Liquid poured out of their cunts. The furious contractions of their orgasm shook their pelvises and made their bellies ripple.

Karen lay full length, like a blanket, on top of Tracy for some time. She then rolled over and raised herself to her knees. She put her arm around Tracy’s shoulder and helped her up to the couch. They collapsed on the long wide couch together, Tracy resting in Karen’s arms. Their bras were still hooked, resting around their waists.

They reclined together, slowly regaining their energy. Tracy got to her feet and wobbled over to her bag. She pulled out a bottle of Evian water, and brought it back to the couch. She opened it and took several large swallows. She then handed the bottle to Karen. Karen drank deeply as Tracy removed the bra from around her waist and threw the garment across the room.

Karen handed the bottle back to Tracy and unhooked her own bra, which had been resting on her hips. She sat up and tossed it so that it landed next to Tracy’s.

Tracy looked at Karen’s firm, high breasts. They had pink nipples that stuck out a quarter-inch from a lighter patch of aureole. Tracy’s breasts were a little larger and hung down a little more. The smallish nipples were darker, but the surrounding aureloae were two inches wide.

Karen said, “Sweetie, that was something else again. You know how to scrap.”

Tracy said, with a grin, “Oh, you think it’s over? Give me a few minutes and we’ll strip off these useless panties and go at it naked.”

“You’re on, baby!” Karen paused a second, then asked, “So how did you find out about the Club?”

Tracy paused for a moment. “Actually, it was Holly who found out about me.”

Karen said, “Really? That must have been interesting.”

Tracy took another drink of water, and handed the bottle back to Karen. She absently slipped her hand down inside the front of her panties and began to slowly caress her still-wet pussy. Tracy said, “I met a woman a year ago at the country club. I don’t know how, but her gaydar must have been finely tuned, as she picked me out as bisexual. My husband, bless his heart, doesn’t have a clue. Anyway, we got to talking, then we had some lunches together. We wound up fucking one morning on her living room sofa. We got to talking about fetishes, and I mentioned the wrestling I really enjoyed so much at some summer camps I went to.

“Well, she knew Holly. So pretty soon, I’m having tea at the Cavanaugh house, and Holly lays this amazing story on me. I’m turned on. I decided to go for it. Karen, you know once you get a taste for this, it’s hard to put it down.”

Karen nodded. She was mesmerized. As she listened to Tracy talk, her own hand drifted down to her crotch and she was caressing her labia with two fingers, enjoying the slick feel.

Tracy continued, “It was like a dream. I wrote her the check. And then she said there was an initiation.”

Karen said, “I’ve found out about her initiations. What did she do to you?”

“Well, we were on the couch together. She was wearing a long flowing skirt. She lifted it up and showed me her shaved pussy. To make a long story short, I ate her out right there on her living room couch until she came. That girl nearly drowned me. I got to admit, it turned me on. It went a damn sight better than the next time we met.”

“Was that during a fight here?”

Tracy nodded. “She was my third contest. Now I’m not a slouch. But this woman put moves on me you wouldn’t believe. And she’s into the discipline thing a little. Well, I know when I’m licked. I just cooperated with her, figuring she’d make me come, and then I’d make her come, and it would be over.

“But she kept me right on the edge. She’d use her tongue and her fingers and her cunt, and kept me poised, not letting me come, not letting me off, for damn near half-an-hour. It was torture. Finally, she got off me, leaving me hanging. She left the room and blew me a kiss. As she left, she told me to be sure to get out of the clubhouse within the hour. The last I saw of her was her naked butt as she walked out.”

Karen said, “Jesus! And you’re just lying there?”

“Yep. I was crying, I was so goddamn frustrated. I tried to make myself come, but I was numb. It was a week before I could have another orgasm. I love the Club, and I adore the sexfights, but I don’t ever want to see that Cavanaugh bitch again.”

Karen leaned over and Tracy welcomed her into her arm. Their breasts and bellies pressed together as Karen tenderly kissed Tracy.

Karen said, “We can erase that memory with a good one.” She grinned wickedly. “You ready to fight? You ready to fuck?”

Tracy plastered her open mouth onto Karen’s. She pulled back, and said, “Go for it, doll!”

They stood up. Tracy went over to Karen, put her hands on the other woman’s hips, and pulled down her panties with swift motion. She then stood up, and Karen returned the favor. They stood back a couple of feet and regarded each other’s deliciously naked bodies.

Tracy had a thick, dark tangle of pubic hair. It was matted and wet, with droplets of moisture visible in the weave. Karen’s cunt had a just a few sandy-blonde hairs that could not obscure the heavy, wet lips and pink pearl of her prominent clit.

They slowly moved forward until they were inches apart. Tracy moved quickly. She put her hands on Karen’s shoulders and swiftly turned her around. Tracy slammed her left arm around Karen’s chest, smashing her breasts. She snaked her right arm down and in front and started fingering Karen’s cunt.

Karen gasped. She could feel Tracy’s breath on the back of her neck, and Tracy’s tits mashed against her back. Tracy’s hand was thrashing her pussy, and she started to moan and whimper. Karen tried to move her own right hand back to grab at Karen’s dark tangled thatch, but the larger woman danced her hips away as she kept up her fingering assault on Karen’s wet cunt.

Tracy kissed the side of Karen’s neck, sucking at the flesh near the shoulder. She nibbled with her teeth lightly as Karen shivered.

Karen realized that she would soon come all over Tracy’s clutching fingers unless she did something. Karen bent down sharply and grabbed the back of Tracy’s head with her right hand. Karen then used her leverage to flip Tracy over her shoulder.

Tracy cried in surprise as she went flying. She landed flat on her back on the thickly padded carpet, and the wind was knocked out of her with a whoosh. Her round breasts shook like water balloons from the impact.

Karen moved to the side and dropped to her knees beside Tracy. She roughly separated Tracy’s legs and grabbed at the dark-haired pussy. She worked two fingers into the soaking cunt and finger-fucked the dark-haired woman while Tracy struggled to catch her breath.

Tracy’s hips were starting to move involuntarily. She finally got enough air in her lungs to fight back. She swung an open-handed slap at Karen’s breasts as she rolled to her side. Karen gasped in sudden shock, and her hand left Tracy’s crotch and rose up to cradle her tender breasts.

Tracy continued her move and knocked Karen onto her back. Tracy went quickly on hands and knees to Karen’s legs, and shoved them apart. Karen tried to rise, but Tracy pushed her back down with a strong hand between her breasts.

Tracy spread Karen’s legs apart in wide split. Karen’s engorged labia separated, and the hard nubbin of the clit was framed by the lips. Tracy spread her own legs and positioned her pussy above Karen’s. She held Karen’s shoulders down with arms as she lowered her dark-haired mound onto Karen’s.

Karen was helpless. She felt Tracy start to hump her in a methodical fashion. She tried to push her off, to no avail. She was completely pinned.

Tracy said, “Feel it, girl? That’s my pussy. Feel that clit? Do you feel it? Oh, you are so fucking gonna come.”

Their breasts were mashed together. Tracy rubbed her upper body against Karen as they continued their tribadistic dance. Karen whimpered as she felt Tracy’s erect nipples slide along her tender breasts.

Karen decided to cooperate with the inevitable. She raised her hands to Tracy’s face and brought it down to a passionate open-mouthed kiss. Their tongues wrestled together with sensuous urgency. Karen’s hips pressed upward to meet the descending beat of Tracy’s, their pussies meeting in wet slaps.

Tracy raised her upper body from Karen’s as she slammed her crotch down. Their faces were twisted into lustful masks, their eyes closed shut as they concentrated on the feeling of their cunts coming together.

Karen arched her back and came. She cried out in a high-pitched voice. The juices spat out of her pussy and spotted the carpet. Tracy yelled as her orgasm exploded from her cunt. She spurted fluid onto Karen’s already sodden mound.

Their hips bucked against each other as the powerful climax shook them. They wrapped their arms around each other, heads tight against the other’s shoulders, as the emotional dams burst. They wept and laughed and shouted incoherent obscenities until they fell bonelessly together on the carpet.

For some moments they lay still, Tracy resting limply on top of Karen, her hips still between Karen’s thighs. Then the dark-haired woman groaned, and slid off. She rolled onto her back. They both stared vacantly at the ceiling.

Karen found voice first. She turned her head to look at Tracy. “Okay. You win. In a couple of weeks, I’ll get up and do anything you want.”

Tracy giggled. She raised a hand to forehead and brushed away a lock of dark hair. “Deal. You can paint my house.”

Karen laughed loudly, then winced. “Oooh. I’m going to have a couple of bruises. I think I need a shower.”

Tracy slowly raised herself up to a sitting position. She held out her hand to Karen. Karen took it and brought herself up to lean against Tracy. They moved their faces together for a slow, lazy kiss.

Tracy said, “Wait to you see this shower. You’re gonna love it.”

Assisting each other, the two naked erotic warriors got to their feet. They picked up their bags and padded out of the littered room. The scent of heated sex permeated the air.

The bathroom was down the hall. Tracy opened the door to large sparkling room tiled with expensive ceramics. An enormous glass-enclosed shower was along one wall. There were four overhead brass nozzles, and three side-firing ones. Several handles and levers allowed for an almost infinite adjustment in variety and types of spray.

Karen said, “Wow. Someone sure likes their plumbing.”

Tracy nodded. She dropped her bag down the side, and opened the shower door. She motioned for Karen to follow. Tracy hit the master valve, and every nozzle opened up with a sharp spray of cold water.

Both women yelped and danced around in the cold spray. Tracy quickly turned another knob, and the water became warm, then hot.

Karen closed her eyes and sighed as she stood under one showerhead. She lifted her arms up as the water cascaded over her perfect breasts.

Karen opened her eyes as she felt the sensuous touch of Tracy’s hands on her back. The dark-haired woman had filled her palms with shower gel and she started spreading it around Karen’s back.

Karen turned around, and Tracy rubbed the gel onto her breasts. Karen took the bottle, squeezed some gel into her hands, and returned the favor. The women rubbed against each other, their hands moving up and down in the hot spray. They brought their bodies together and rubbed their breasts slowly against each other. The gel lathered, and soon the women were covered with a slick white lather from head to toe as they writhed in an erotic dance.

Karen maneuvered Tracy so that her back was against one shower wall. As Tracy’s ass compacted against the fogged-up glass, Karen slid her legs between Tracy’s thighs, and started a slow, slippery humping.

They embraced, and fell to the floor of the shower. They sat up in a tight hug, and entwined their legs so that their cunts were pressed together. Slowly they rocked back and forth, trading wet kisses under the shower, their hair plastered down.

It was a gentle orgasm that took them. Their bodies shivered as the waves of pleasure came over them. They fell onto their backs, still joined at their wet cunts as the water showered down.

About a half-hour later, dressed in the slacks and blouses they had brought in their bags, they got ready to leave. At the back door, Tracy embraced Karen and gently kissed her.

Karen said, “That was truly one of the best times.”

Tracy nodded. “You want to get together again, outside the club?”

Karen nodded. “Oh, yes”

Tracy smiled, and said, “Give me a call.” She handed Karen a card, then opened the door and left.

Karen stood there and brushed a lock of hair from her eyes, and whispered, “Oh, yes.”


= Later, at the Cavanaugh house =

Holly Cavanaugh sat in her study. It was nearly midnight. She was dressed in a blue silk robe that reached down to mid-thigh. She leaned back and regarded the picture on the monitor that sat on the bookcase. Holly reclined in an old-fashioned wooden office chair, the slats pressing into her back.

Holly pressed a button on the remote. The action speeded up for a second, than slowed down to reveal a high-definition video of Karen and Tracy tangling on the floor in their intense sexual battle.

Holly murmured to herself, “Oh, that’s good. Oh, that’s sweet.” With her other hand, she held onto a switch recently carved from willow tree. She moved her wrist rapidly, and the switch made a whistling sound as it moved back and forth.

Her eyes still on the monitor, she leaned over to the intercom switch. She pushed the button, and said, “Lydia, come here at once. To my study”

Lydia took a few seconds to answer. In a sleep-drugged voice, she replied, “Yes, Ms. Cavanaugh.”

Shortly Lydia appeared. Her dark hair was undone and fell in waves over her shoulders. She wore baggy dark cotton pajamas. Two buttons were undone, revealing an olive-colored swell of breasts.

Holly undid her belt. She pulled apart the folds of her robe and exposed her puffy-nippled breasts and shaven plump pussy.

“Do me, Lydia. And take off that ridiculous top.”

Lydia stood there a second. She hated this woman, but she felt the same sick excitement she always felt whenever Holly summoned her. And she felt that if she did as she was asked, she would soon see the rest of her family from El Salvador.

Lydia unbuttoned her top and let it fall to the floor. Her heavy round breasts had dark nipples that were becoming swiftly erect. She leaned down quickly and brought her face between Holly’s thighs.

Holly spread her legs and moved her butt forward. She felt Lydia’s knowing, wet tongue invade her pussy and come into contact with her clitoris. With her eyes glued to the monitor, she watched Karen and Tracy fuck each other.

Holly started to swing her switch back and forth. With each stroke, it hit Lydia’s naked back. Lydia shivered under each strike. It wasn’t really hard, just enough to sting a little. She increased the tempo of her mouth. Holly’s cunt started to pour an increasing amount of fluid into her mouth.

Holly was well pleased with the sophisticated video system she had installed at the clubhouse. The motion detector circuitry worked perfectly. She had a video of each contest for her private review. And the pleasure of a few close friends.

As the video battle started to reach its thrashing climax, Holly signaled Lydia with a tap on the head. Lydia brought two fingers up and plunged them into Holly’s pussy. Lydia pressed the fingers up until she felt the rough ridge of the g-spot. She pushed firmly. Holly cried out and ejaculated into Lydia’s mouth. Lydia didn’t swallow it, but held the female fluid in her mouth until Holly’s orgasm subsided.

Then, Lydia came to her feet and leaned over. She brought her mouth down over Holly’s as Holly moved the switch roughly over Lydia’s breasts, poking the nipples.

Holly opened her mouth as their lips touched. The liquid fell from Lydia’s mouth into Holly’s, some spilling over the side and dripping down onto Holly’s breasts.

Lydia swallowed her own ejaculate. She pushed Lydia back with the point of her switch.
She said, “Very good, Lydia. Put your top back on and get out of here.”

Lydia retrieved her top and slipped in on and left the room.

Holly regarded her retreating figure with an evil smile.

The End

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The End

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