The Club: Lydia and Darleen by Corvus

Lydia Romano was cleaning up the kitchen when she heard her employer’s shrill voice emanating from the bedroom.  Since the master bedroom was at least a hundred feet away from the kitchen, Lydia knew that Holly Cavanaugh was really giving it her best effort.

The shapely Latina woman dried her hands on a towel and left the kitchen. She never knew what to expect when her employer summoned her.  It might be just a minor household chore.  But sometimes it would be a perverse sexual favor that Ms. Cavanaugh wanted.  

Lydia shivered.  She hated the woman with the pixyish face, light brown hair and pale, pale eyes, but she also could not deny the sick excitement she felt whenever she used her mouth and hands on the beautiful Cavanaugh bitch.

Lydia entered the master bedroom.  As usual, the large suite was a mess, with bedclothes scattered and expensive clothing strewn everywhere.  It would take Lydia a half-hour or more to restore the room to a semblance of order.

Holly stepped out of her giant closet.  She was naked from the waist up.  She had round, bouncy breasts with puffy nipples.  She was wearing dark sheer pantyhose.  Holly never wore any panties, and her shaven mound was clearly visible beneath the hose, the plump lips spread slightly apart.  In her hand she held a designer dress.

Holly looked at Lydia, and said, “Lydia, take that envelope off the bedside stand, and get it over to the Stanton’s.”

Lydia retrieved the large manila envelope from the table, dislodging it carefully from the lipsticked cocktail glasses.  It was thick and sealed with transparent tape.

Holly started to step into the dress.  Her breasts jiggled a bit as she worked the snug garment over her torso.  “I won’t be back for the rest of the day.  After you’ve finished cleaning, you may have the afternoon off.”  She looked at Lydia steadily, expecting the show of gratitude.

Lydia held the envelope by her side.  She said, “Yes, Ms. Cavanaugh, thank you, Ms. Cavanaugh.”

Holly turned around and said, “Zip me up, then.”

Lydia grasped the zipper with two fingers and zipped it smoothly over Holly’s naked back.

Holly said, “Off you go, Lydia.”

Lydia left the room.  A short while later she was scooting along in her ’93 Toyota for the five-minute drive to the Stanton residence.  She had only encountered Laura Stanton occasionally, but if there were a woman with more corrupt tastes than her employer, it would be the redheaded Stanton woman.  She was utterly devoted to Holly and the sexual games that they shared.

The Stanton house was an imposing gray edifice with towering trees that were beginning to green with the coming of spring.   Lydia parked the Toyota under one of the oaks near the driveway and made her way to the back.  

Lydia was dressed in her standard house-keeping uniform of white skirt and shirt-jacket, but the utilitarian flavor of the clothes could not deny the abundant sexuality of the Latina woman.  Her dark lustrous hair was drawn back in a tight bun.  Her olive skin radiated health.  The full breasts and generous hips rounded out a very womanly package.

She stepped up to the back door to the kitchen and pressed the buzzer.  It opened to reveal a lanky blonde dressed in blue uniform slacks and blouse.  Her hair was pulled back into a pony-tail and she had a cigarette in one corner of her mouth.  Lydia thought she looked a little cheap.

“What can I do for you, darlin’?” The blonde said in a low throaty voice.

“I’ve got a package for Ms. Stanton from Ms. Cavanaugh,” Lydia said in her accented English.

“Well, come on in, then.”  She opened the door for Lydia, and stepped back to let her in.

“I’m Darleen.  I just started workin’ here a week ago.”

Lydia said, “Pleased to meet you.  I’m Lydia.  I’ve been working for the Cavanaughs for six months.”

“Well, Lydia, the redheaded bitch is in her bedroom, gettin’ dressed.”  

Lydia was startled a moment by this characterization, but then she smiled slightly at Darleen, trading a knowing look.  Darleen knew about what was going on.

Lydia said, “Then I’ll just go take this to her.  Ms. Cavanaugh wanted her to have it right away.”

“Really?  What’s in it?”

“I don’t know.”

Darleen laughed and took a long drag on her cigarette.  She exhaled a blue plume of smoke and said, “Well, it’s probably something dirty as hell, and twice as hot.  You’d better get it to her, then.”  

Lydia left the kitchen and threaded her way through several rooms decorated in generally dark themes until she knocked on the door of the master bedroom.

“Come in,” said Laura Stanton, in soft cultured tones.  

Lydia opened the door, wondering what twisted nastiness she would see.  To her relieve, it was just Ms. Stanton, fully dressed and applying makeup.  The well-built redhead put on the cosmetics with a practiced hand and then patted her tangled mane of flaming hair.  She turned around.

“Well, Lydia dear!  Did Holly send you?”

“Yes, Ms. Stanton.  She wanted you to have this immediately.  She handed the thick manila envelope to the redhead.

Laura took the envelope and slit the seal with a sharp thumbnail.  She pulled out a folder and reviewed the contents, muttering under her breath.  Lydia could not see the contents, but there were several pages, and there seemed to be some color pictures.

Laura replaced the folder in the envelope and tossed it on her table.  She said, “Well, thank you, Lydia.  I’m going to be going out for awhile now.  Why don’t you have some coffee with Darleen.  I’m sure she’d love the company.  And you might lend a hand with the laundry.”

Lydia paused.  So much for the afternoon off.  “Of course, Ms. Stanton.  I’d be happy to.” She turned and left the room.

She returned to the kitchen.  Darleen was sitting on a stool at the kitchen island, a cigarette in one land and a cup of black coffee in the other.  She acknowledged Lydia’s entrance with a brief lifting of one eyebrow.

She took a long drag on the cigarette and stubbed it out in a plastic ashtray.  She let the smoke escape from her open mouth.  

“So, do you want some coffee?”

“Yes, please.  Thank you.”

Darleen got off the stool and pulled a cup from a rack resting on the countertop.  She poured a cup from the coffeemaker by the sink.  She looked at Lydia, asked, “Cream or sugar?”

“No, black is fine.”

Darleen brought over the cup to the kitchen island and indicated the other stool.  Lydia sat down and Darleen settled onto her stool.

Lydia sipped her coffee.  She looked at Darleen.  The blonde regarded her calmly.  Lydia could see she had a nice body.  The general frame was lean, but the breasts were full and the hips and rear were pleasantly in proportion.  Her eyes were light blue and the mouth was sensual.

They sat in silence for a few minutes, sipping the good coffee.  Then Darleen surprised Lydia with her next words.

“So, our bosses are a piece of work, aren’t they?  Did you ever fight `em?  Or fuck `em?”

She paused, then looked at Lydia with hooded eyes.

“Or both?”

Lydia almost inhaled her coffee.  She spluttered, placed her cup down with a rattle, and looked at Darleen.  “What are you talking about?” she asked.

Darleen leaned forward and softly licked her lips.  She lowered her voice.  “I’m pretty sure you did something with `em, Lydia.  They wouldn’t keep someone like you or me around unless they had a hold on us.  We know too much.  So what was it?  Do you wrestle with her naked?  Does she fuck you with a strap-on?  Does she want you to hump her until she comes?”

Lydia opened and closed her mouth a couple of times, unable to think of a lie that would not be obvious.  She stared down at her coffee cup, and slowly turned it around on the counter, keeping her dark eyes away from the blonde who looked at her with such intensity.  

Finally, Lydia spoke. “She has done all those things with me, and more.  She looks at videos from the Club she runs, at the fighting women, and I am to bend down and lick her pussy.  She hits my back with a branch, and when she comes, she squirts into my mouth.  This I then pass back to her mouth.”

Lydia shivered.  “She has taken me at night, thrusting into me with her dildos.  Sometimes, your boss comes over.  They both have me, and I must satisfy them with my mouth and tongue before they let me sleep.  And I do this because I have family in El Salvador, and I hope they will let me bring them here.  They have connections.”

Darleen showed sympathy in her eyes.  “You must really hate it.”

Lydia looked up, her expression tortured.  “No…that is the most terrible thing they have done.  I … want to do it with them.  I hate it, but I want to do it.   It is like a drug.”

Darleen nodded.  “You got that right.  It’s a craving.”

Lydia said, “What…what do they do with you?”

Darleen extracted a cigarette from her pack, stuck it between her lips, and struck a match.  She took a long drag.  “It started with an argument.  This was the second day I was here.  The redheaded bitch was on my ass, said I didn’t make her bed right.  She was picking at me, poking at me, saying I’d better straighten up, or I’d be sorry.

“I finally had enough, and told her to go fuck herself.  She stopped, smiled at me, and said, `Oh, no, Darleen, that’s your job.’  We were up in her bedroom.  She jumped at me and then we were fighting to beat the band.  Rolling all over the bed, clothes getting ripped, my tits were getting clawed.  And she was laughin’ like she was having the best of times.

“Lordy, that woman is strong.  She had me pinned on the bed, her legs between mine, when she suddenly slammed her mouth on mine and stuck her tongue down my throat.  She started humping me as I tried to push her off.  

“Well, I’ve been with a few girls.  This bitch was good.  Soon I’m so soaked it’s like I’ve pissed myself.  I’m starting to like it.  I wrapped my legs around her waist and she fucked me until I came.”

Darleen inhaled deeply from her cigarette.  “After that, it’s been every couple of days.  Now I admit, I like it rough from time to time.  But these bitches have made a science out of it.”

Darleen moved her stool closer to Lydia’s.  She softened her voice.  “Enough of that, and it gets into you.  I start to want it.”  She moved her body forward so that her breast pressed into Lydia’s upper arm.  She rubbed her firm round globe on the sleeve.  “Like now.”

Lydia turned her head to Darleen.  She saw the desire in those eyes.  A desire that, despite her better judgement, she shared.  She wanted to get naked with this woman, to fight her and fuck her.  

Lydia reached out with her index finger and pressed it against the front of the breast that was compressed against her arm.  Her sharp nail made a scratching sound against the cotton cloth.  She pushed her finger into the nipple.  Darleen hissed and narrowed her eyes.

Darleen opened her arms and embraced the beautiful Latina woman.  Lydia moved into those strong arms and the woman started to hug each other.  Their embrace tightened as they pressed their upper bodies together.  Lydia began to feel the aching pressure on her breasts and let out a slight moan.

Darleen increased the pressure of her arms as she felt her breasts mushroom against the other woman’s tits.  She pulled her face back and looked into the Lydia’s dark eyes.  She saw both lust and antagonism there.  It made her heart race and lit a burning ember in her pelvis.  She opened her mouth and brought her face to Lydia’s.  They kissed.  

Lydia plunged her tongue down into Darleen’s sensuous mouth.  They tongue-wrestled as they slid their breasts against each other, bringing them apart and then forward in rough delicious friction.  

Darleen removed her wet mouth from Lydia’s, panting.  “Let’s go upstairs…my room…want to get you naked…oh, God…let’s go NOW!”

The two women got off their stools, and stood unsteadily.  Darleen placed her right arm around Lydia’s shoulders, and they started to walk slowly out of the kitchen.  The blonde woman brought her left arm around and started to run her hand firmly across Lydia’s large breasts, squeezing and kneading them.  As they walked, Lydia took her right arm and moved her strong hand down to Darleen’s crotch.  Their path was awkward as they made their way up the stairs, groaning their need as they roughly mauled each other.  

The women entered a door at the end of the hall.  Darleen motioned for Lydia to enter.  She went inside.  Clothes were strewn across the unmade bed.  Lydia started to turn around when she felt the blonde woman forcefully push her onto the bed.  The Latina beauty turned as she hit the bed and saw Darleen come toward her, hands extended.  

Darleen fell onto Lydia with a growl of lust.  She reached down and quickly unbuttoned Lydia’s blouse, exposing the plain white bra and the expanse of olive-colored breast flesh.  Lydia reached up and unzipped Darleen’s top.  Darleen was wearing an ivory colored demi-bra that revealed the firm tops of her breasts.  She had delicate traceries of veins visible under the fine skin.

Both women reached out and clutched the other’s breasts with urgent fingers.  They made mewling sounds as they dug their fingers into the fleshy globes.  Lydia reached up and grabbed Darleen’s blonde locks and pulled her head down into a bruising kiss.  They rubbed their wet lips together as their bra-clad breasts met.

“Get…get out of those clothes, god damn you!”  Darleen said between furious kisses.

“Get off me and I will…oh, Madre de Dios, you’re making me so wet!”

They separated long enough to kick off their shoes and peel the uniforms off and throw them on the floor.  Breathing loudly, they looked at each other as they took off their underwear.  Their eyes were fixed on the other’s bodies as they revealed their breasts and cunts.

Lydia had a dark thatch of pubic hair that spilled over her groins and along her thighs.  Darleen was aroused by the abundant growth of the hair.  Her own pussy had a sparse patch of blonde hair over the long lips of her cunt.  Her clitoris was erect, as were her protruding pink nipples.  

Lydia’s heavy round breasts were crowned with stiff nipples, dark and thick.  Darleen licked her lips at the sight of them.

Each woman rose and stood by the foot of the bed.  They looked at the other, standing their in their naked glory.

Lydia said, “I want you.  I want to put my hands on you.  Fight me.   Fuck me.”

Darleen breath started to come faster.  “Oh, baby, you are going to get it so good.  I am the woman who will take it all.”

Lydia said, “Your breasts.  Now.  Against mine.”

Darleen said, “You’re on.”  She came forward.  The women embraced standing up.  They slowly brought their upper bodies together and their marvelous naked breasts touched each other for the first time.  Their erect nipples nudged each other.  The women moved their torsos lightly, the nipples dancing against each other.  Lydia shivered with tension at the pure sweet touch.

Darleen and Lydia tightened their grip.  The breasts slid against each other, the nipples starting to dig furrows into the tissue.  The tits began to pancake as they hugged even tighter.

They started to move faster, the breasts slamming into each other now.  They increased the pressure of their bear-hug, pressing their foreheads together.  Back and forth, the round globes bounced and slid together, erect nipples sending shocks along their nervous system.

Down below, their hips began an involuntary dance as they bumped into each other.  Their pussies started to lubricate, fluid beginning to form speckles on their labia.  As they tit-fought, their snatches occasionally touched, the pubic hair meeting and separating.  The heart of their sex was seeking its own wanton contact.

As their breasts became tender, the women started to moan.  Pain and libidinous lust were etched in their faces.  Tears started to leak from the corners of their eyes.  Still they slid and battered their breasts into each other.

Finally Darleen cried out.  “Oh, Jesus!  Ahhng!  Oooohh!  Stop!”

The two women pulled apart.  Their breasts were reddened from the battering.  Darleen and Lydia brought their hands to their wounded tits and cradled them.  Lydia whimpered vague Spanish entreaties as she started to recover from the bruising breast battle.  

They awkwardly crawled onto the unmade bed and lay side by side facing each other.  Darleen extended her hand and caressed Lydia’s face.  Lydia closed her eyes as the gentle hand brushed her cheek.  She moved her mouth and kissed the palm of the woman who had set her breasts against her own.  

Darleen said, “Oh, God!  That hurt so much and felt so good!  Kiss me, you sweet bitch!”

Lydia pressed her mouth to Darleen’s and the two women exchanged wet sloppy kisses, tongues exploring each other’s mouths.  Their bodies pressed against each other and they felt their legs merge and entwine.  

The humid kisses continued as they worked their arms around each other and positioned their crotches for the cunt-to-cunt warfare they both so desperately needed.  The female juices flowed freely and the lips of their pussies softened and swelled.  Their clits lengthened into stiff little needles of turgid sensation, swimming in cunt liquor.  

Lydia swung herself around on top of Darleen.  The blonde woman opened her legs wide and wrapped them around the darker woman’s waist.  Their breasts, recovered from the intense tit-fight, merged, the stiff nipples meeting and bending in pure electric pleasure.

Lydia’s strong hips started to rise and fall in a drumbeat of tribadistic fucking.  Darleen’s sparsely haired womanhood opened like a flower and met the pounding of the luxuriantly hirsute cunt of the Latina fighting angel.  Darleen moved her hips upward to meet Lydia’s, and the throbbing clits tangled and slipped alongside each other.  From time to time, the tender head of each pink bud met its counterpart, and each women gasped from the blast of lewd pleasure it sent along her torso and ass.

It had never been like this before, for either one of the battling women.  This was erotic combat at its perfect pitch, a furious blending of antagonistic desire and sweet fury.   The women pounded into each other, sometimes holding the contact as they ground the swollen cunts into each other, sometimes lightly touching the pussy lips together and dueling with the tumescent clits.  

It could not last.  The climax was approaching for both of the sexual warriors.  Their mouths fell open and their eyes started to swim.  The fluids were pouring out of their pussies and soaking the bedclothes.  

Darleen looked up at the woman fucking her with such violent intensity and she started to keen, a high-pitched howl of lust.  Lydia looked down and she began to give voice in deep whoops and cries, increasing in volume.

Darleen’s hands went up to Lydia’s hips and pulled them down onto her widespread thighs.  She cried out as the cunts slammed into each other and the hard clits collided.  The orgasm started with the blonde woman, and then Lydia climaxed.  The juices spurted from their cunts as the freight train orgasm slammed into them.

Their vaginas contracted violently as they screamed, and rolling waves of bliss energized their muscles.  The naked bodies shook as they came and came, weeping and laughing as the dams burst.  

Slowly, the shaking subsided.  The women held each other as aftershocks from the orgasm made little hitches in their breathing.  Tears rolled down their cheeks as they softly kissed each other.  They held and caressed each other as the erotic combatants found tenderness and redemption in each other’s arms.

They fell asleep in each other’s arms.  They knew that in an uncertain and dangerous environment, they had each found a friend.

The End.

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