Floating by Corvus

Cynthia Morgan (Mission Specialist, Astrophysics) hung weightless before the window. Two hundred and fifty miles below her, the shining globe of the earth portrayed a panorama of blue ocean and fluffy streamers of shining white clouds. Through the filtered thick plastic, she could see the edge of night. Soon it would be sunset. When your nights were ninety minutes long, you saw a lot of sunsets.

Katherine Simmons (Mission Specialist, Life Sciences) floated into the room. Quietly, she drifted in, and hooked her hand on a grip to come to a halt beside Cynthia. She watched, as the terminator grew closer.

On the International Space Station, one of the perks of being aboard was the view.

They watched in companionable silence. Cynthia was sandy-haired, about five-seven, and 140 pounds, those pounds being arranged in a pleasantly rounded package with generous breasts and a delightfully curved rear end. She had wide hazel eyes and a mouth forever curved in a slight smile. Well muscled, shapely legs completed the picture. Her hair was normally an abundant fall, but it now was secured into a firm knot. She had recently celebrated her thirty-seventh birthday. Katherine thought her quite fetching.

Kat was two inches shorter than Cynthia, more compact in build and appearance. Her breasts were firm, just on the edge of being a C cup. She had more of a swimmer’s build, thicker in the waist, more mass on the thighs. She had short brown hair, dark eyes, and an attractive face with a high forehead. She looked younger than her thirty-three years would indicate. Part of this was due to genetics. Also, zero-g tended to allow fluids to accumulate in the upper body, since gravity didn’t draw them down. This made the face slightly puffy, stretching the lines out.

Both Kat and Cynthia were dressed in standard space station garb: shorts, pullover top, and slightly gray athletic socks. Kat had a tendency to go braless. Her breasts bounced and oscillated a little when she moved. Cynthia had her larger globes secured in a plain bra.

There was a tapping at the entrance. They both slowly turned around and saw the station commander, Paul Fletcher.

“Enjoying the sights?” he asked.

Kat turned to look at Cynthia for a second. She said, “I never get tired of it. The light is constantly changing. There is always something different to see.”

Cynthia nodded in agreement. “Concur. And they pay for us doing this.” She laughed a little.

Paul grinned. “Don’t ever tell them we’d do it for free.” His face turned more sober. Both women recognized that it was business now.

Paul said, “Okay, the EVA starts in a couple of hours, after the team completes the nitrogen purge. Stan is going to monitor us from the command module.”

Cynthia said, “And…? You had something else for us to do? I thought this was our free period.”

He said, “It is. But I’ve noticed from the logs that you’re behind on the required exercise. I’d like both of you to get to the gym in the TransHab module and work up a sweat. Eventually you’ll be back in gravity again. Take it from me: you don’t get the exercise, you’ll suffer when you hit dirtside. Understood?”

Katherine and Cynthia threw a mock salute. “Aye, aye, skipper!”

Paul said, “Great. See you when we get back inside.”

After he left, Cynthia turned to Katherine and said, “Exercise, huh?”

Cynthia checked behind her, then floated up beside Kat. She reached out and pulled Kat to her. Her face was inches away. “I’ll bet we’ll find some way to sweat. Oh, yes, just wait. We’ll get some…exercise.” She slid her hands down to Katherine’s butt, and pulled sharply. Their hips collided, and crotch met crotch. The rustle of fabric. The promise of sexual battle. It wouldn’t be the first time. It damn well wouldn’t be the last.

= = = = = = =

Two hours later, Kat and Cynthia glided into the gym. Part of the large inflatable Transhab module, the room was padded on all sides, with hand and foot grips spaced around the walls.

Kat secured the exercise equipment behind some padded covers. They wouldn’t need it.

Cynthia undid the knot in her sandy hair. Her luxuriant mane floated free, drifting about her face. “Damn, that feels good.”

Kat wasted no time. Hovering a few feet away, she pulled off her top. She let it hang there beside her. She pursed her lips and blew. The shirt floated away, and she started a slow topless tumble in reaction to the jet of air. Her breasts bounced in slow motion, her pea-sized nipples lengthening in the cool, dry air. While still tumbling, she reached to her hips and undid the velcro catch on her shorts. She peeled them down. The hip-hugging tight panties quickly followed. Her bush was a dark and untrimmed thatch. She spread her fingers and combed the curly hairs, revealing the gentle curve of labia.

Cynthia watched, catching her breath. Ever since they had discovered their mutual kink of sexfighting, she loved to see Katherine take off her clothes.

Kat said, “Well, I’m waiting. Get naked, sugar tits.”

Cynthia grinned. She grabbed her pullover shirt and skinned it over her head. Her eyes on Kat, she reached in front and undid the catch on her bra. Her large breasts moved up and down in opposite directions. Her nipples were large, grape-sized sweet pink confections, surrounded by dark areolae. She brushed her fingers against them.

“Are these the tits you’re referring to, slut?”

“Got it in one.”

Cynthia lazily removed her shorts and panties. Her bush was a soft light brown patch that clearly showed the lips of her sex, turgid and moist. She split her legs slowly, and the pink nubbin of her clitoris winked at Kat.

Two could play at the display game, Kat thought. She rotated in the air slowly, bringing her legs up to fold under her arms and expose that sturdy bottom. This caused her cunt to be nicely framed within the upturned cheeks. She took her finger and spread the lips, exposing her own clit, the head poking proudly out.

They continued stretching for a few minutes, turning slowly in the weightless chamber, and continued their taunting and teasing.

Cynthia squeezed her breasts together with her upper arms, and said, “Are you about ready, bitch?” They got great pleasure from the trash talk, since most of the conversations aboard the station were dry and business-like. They found the vulgarities refreshing, and it increased the tempo of the sexual struggle.

Kat slipped her finger into her pussy and worked it in and out. She brought the finger to her breasts and wiped her love fluids on the nipples. “Let’s do it, cunt.”

Cynthia placed a hand against the bulkhead near the top of her head. She pushed and floated backwards. She hit the aft wall with coiled feet, the flesh rippling in her abdomen and breasts. She pushed outward with her legs and leaped into the air, straight at Katherine.

Kat spread her arms and legs wide. Cynthia sailed into her with a smacking of flesh, their breasts crushing together. Kat took her strong legs and wrapped them around Cynthia’s back, bringing her pelvis into a jarring collision with Cynthia’s. They wrapped their arms tightly around each other, and brought their faces into lip-bruising contact. Their foreheads were tight against each other.

Cynthia said between clenched teeth, “Is that the best you can do? What a pussy.”

Kat said, “Give me some tongue, whore! Open your dirty mouth!”

They pressed their lips together in a wet, slobbering kiss, sticking their tongues out to jab and push. They twirled slowly around, Kat’s legs pressing harder together, their cunts making naked contact.

The kiss broke, and they each grabbed the other’s rear, fingers digging into the luscious flesh. Their breasts separated as they concentrated on bringing their pussies against each other. The juices started to trickle out, the drops hanging in the air, occasionally landing on their tits or faces. The breathing became ragged as they pulled their hips together.

“I can feel you’re puny twat on mine, bitch,” Kat said. “It’s being eaten alive by mine.”

“You’ll be coming your brains out soon, you slut-whore!” Cynthia gasped.

It was too soon. They wanted to prolong it. Just before the sweet tension overcame them both, they pushed away from each other, and then sailed to the opposite bulkheads.

Cynthia hooked a strap with her hand before she could bounce off the wall. Kat took the opportunity to twist around and land with her feet on the opposite side. She pushed off with her legs and Cynthia saw her coming straight at her like a missile.

Kat had timed her launch perfectly. She extended her hand and it hit Cynthia’s soaking cunt like a smart bomb. The fingers twisted inside, and Cynthia screamed with rough delight. She let go of the strap.

Kat had one arm around Cynthia’s thigh. The legs were wide open as she worked three fingers rapidly into the fleshy tube. She flicked Cynthia’s clit with her thumb.

Cynthia tried to push Kat away, but the shorter woman moved around quickly, still continuing the lewd assault on her pussy. She was close.

Kat pushed away from the wall with one foot, until they were in the center of the room, spinning, as she continued her digital rape. Kat ducked between Cynthia’s legs, and spread them apart. Then she pushed hard, and started spinning Cynthia like a naked top on her outstretched hand. She held her hand straight out, and laughed loudly. Cynthia, her arms and legs spread wide, twirling slowly, the fingers in her cunt like a pivot for a gyroscope. She moaned with increasing loudness as the orgasm built.

She tried to bring her arms and legs in. Just like an ice skater, this conserved angular momentum, and she spun faster.

“Oh, my GOD!” she yelled. She brought her arms to her sides and spun like a whirligig, the juices pouring out of her pussy, smearing on Kat’s triumphant hand.

Convulsions raced through Cynthia’s body, her tits were tumbling up and down, her belly and pelvis contracting furiously. She whooped and hollered and finished with a high-pitched cry of true orgasmic bliss.

Katherine removed her fingers from the saturated vagina. She brought them to her mouth and closed her eyes in happiness as she licked the tangy juices.

“Oh, you’re gonna pay for that one,” Cynthia said, her breathing starting to slow. “You will pay.”

“Let’s see the bill, you pussy astronomer. Let’s see how much I’m gonna pay.”

Cynthia reached down and grabbed Kat’s hand. She brought her up and twisted her around, and quickly spread her legs, and laid into her cunt with her mouth and tongue.

Kat was caught by surprise. But she could give as good as she got. She snagged Cynthia’s butt with her arms and brought it in towards her head. Soon they were in a wild sixty-nine, twisting around in the air like an erotic pinwheel. Cynthia’s hair floated up and down, caressing Kat’s butt and the larger woman worked her tongue into Kat’s freely gushing cunt. Kat dug her fingers into Cynthia’s marvelous ass and ate her out with savage hard strokes of tongue and lips. She slurped the juices into her mouth, her face shiny.

Cynthia had the advantage. She had started her tongue lashing a tad sooner. She concentrated on sucking on Kat’s hard, throbbing clit. She was rewarded when Kat’s mouth ended its lustful licking to howl a wanton song.

Kat bucked her hips against Cynthia’s face, spurting juice as she came. Her orgasm shook her body, and she let loose a keening finishing cry. Cynthia let her loose, to float glassy-eyed, leaking drops of fluid from her cunt. Cynthia extended her tongue and one of the shining little pearls landed there.

They floated for a few minutes, catching their breath.

Kat said heavily, “This isn’t over. You know it isn’t over.”

Cynthia brushed some wild hair from her face. “I figured. You ready to pussyfight, bitch?”

“Absou-fuckin-lutely, cunt.”

“Get the belt.”

In the weightless environment, they would need a little help. Otherwise, they would bang hips together and just bounce around the room. To be in total contact, they used a wide elastic belt wrapped around their hips.

Kat retrieved the belt from a locker. They floated close together and worked the belt up over their legs and secured it around their hips. Their pussies were already flowing again in anticipation of the battle.

Kat mounted Cynthia, moving her strong legs around the larger woman’s hips. Cynthia spread her legs, and they positioned their mounds together.

Kat took the opportunity to work her hands into Cynthia’s bulbous breasts, digging her fingers into the tender titflesh. Cynthia gasped, and took her own hands and squeezed Kat’s smaller tits with growing pressure. As they did this, their hips involuntarily moved together, the lips of their wet pussies sliding in delicious friction.

Kat bent her head down and took one of Cynthia’s globes into her mouth, tongue stroking the nipple roughly. She sucked, drawing the large, stiff nipple into her mouth.

Cynthia bent her own head down, and worked the smaller breast with her lips, drawing the edge of her teeth lightly against the nipple. Kat moaned and grabbed the thick sandy hair of her opponent. She lifted her face from Cynthia’s reddened tit, and slammed her mouth onto those open lips.

Their tongues fought with other as they increased the tempo of their hips. They would press outward with their butts, and the elastic would slam them together, their cunts smacking wetly together. As they did their thrusting dance, they gently twisted around in mid-air, whimpering with growing lust into each other’s wet mouths.

Their clits lengthened, and grew hard. They begin to feel these stiff needles stroke the pussy flesh, diving in and out. Every so often, the clits would meet and slide along each other, the pink pearls of the heads touching with electric intensity.

They pushed their faces away from each other and gasped, taking the air in huge hungry pants. Their breasts were smashed together, the nipples meeting, tingling with hurtful pleasure. They gripped each other’s arms as their mounds continued to buck and join. Their cunts were spread wide, and a river of honey met and leaked from the heated holes.

Like the beat of a drum, the hips moved out and in, faster and faster. They could almost see the approaching climax, like a cataract of water cascading towards them. Weightless, they battled, until they both screamed incoherent obscenities, and they slammed their pussies together for the ultimate fucking, their clits banging head on and triggering the shattering orgasm.

They rolled their heads as the eruption took their bodies, tongues lolling, as shock waves penetrated their frames. They bounced and jittered in their elastic band, totally lost in orgasmic space.

After a few minutes, they rested their heads on each other’s shoulders, then pulled back to look into each other’s eyes. There was nothing more to say that hadn’t been said with greater eloquence in the lustful sexual battle.

They slowly got dressed, and arranged the gym to its regular layout.

As they got ready to leave, the door swung open. Paul was floating there, and looked at the two mission specialists.

“Well,” he said, “It looks like you had quite the workout.”

The women nodded.

“I bet you both feel miles better, don’t you.”

Kat and Cynthia glanced at each other, and nodded again. A ghost of smile was on their faces. Without saying a word, they eased past the commander, and went to their quarters.

Paul sniffed the air after they left. He looked around the room with sharp eyes. What was that glint near his feet?

He twisted down, feet in the air, head hovering over the deck. He touched his finger to the drop of moisture, brought it to his nose, and sniffed.

The commander of the International Space Station spent the rest of the day wearing the biggest smile of his life. It drove the rest of the crew crazy.

The End

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