Cleanliness by Corvus

Cheryl heard the shower running. A grin slowly materialized on her pretty face. She ran a hand through her short blonde hair, and put down the magazine she was reading. She rose from her chair in the living room, and started to walk back to the bedroom, a tall, thirtysomething woman with medium size breasts, narrow waist, and wide hips.

Aha! Beth was in the shower. Cheryl could see her lively dark-haired friend pulling the sliding door back and stepping into the shower. She held her breath as she greedily watched the firm naked flesh of her sweet lover become obscured by the translucent glass of the shower door. The glazing could not hide the rounded rear end or the heavy breasts of her friend.

Standing just outside the doorway, Cheryl unsnapped her jeans and pushed them down. She pulled her t-shirt over her head. The panties and bra quickly followed.

She pulled the sliding door open with the whirring sound of the ball bearings. Startled, Beth turned around and opened her mouth. The hot water pounded down on her back.

“Hi, mind if I join you?” Cheryl asked, smiling. She slid the door shut behind her.

Beth’s mouth spread in a wicked smile. She picked up the bar of soap from the receptacle and started to slide it around her wet, round slippery breasts.

“You can come in only if your intentions are dishonorable,” Beth said, raising her voice over the pounding spray. Her long black hair was soaked and her wide brown eyes were dancing with eagerness.

“Oh, they most decidedly are, sweetie,” Cheryl said. She moved forward, and Beth was in her arms, and the kiss was sweet and honestly French, tongues slipping together in heated strokes.

Beth could feel the protruding nipples from Cheryl’s breasts against her own globes. The water sprayed down on the embracing lovers as they molded their bodies together, legs sliding between each other, bellies bumping together, and the unmistakable feeling of the rich forests of pubic hair tangling, the plump lips of their pussies meeting in slick wanton urgency.

Beth dropped the soap. Their limbs were strong and sensual, pulling the two lovers into each other, trying for ultimate closeness. They kissed again and again, open-mouthed with tongues dueling. They slid their full breasts against each other, rigid nipples meeting and bending, evoking deep moans of carnal release.

And they ground their pussies together, undulating their hips so that the pulsing mounds met and lifted, wet hair pulling apart. Their swollen clits clashed, the pink nubs sending shocks of libidinous bliss outward.

They were a wet fucking animal, the hips beating faster. Beth was against the back wall of the shower, her legs split apart, and Cheryl steadily beat a lusty rhythm. Wet smacks of flesh sounded in their ears, the cunt-to-cunt erotic kissing they loved so much.

It could not continue for long. Beth began a low crying sound of mounting aching need. She panted her passion in Cheryl’s ear: “Oh, god, oh, god, oh, god, fuck-fuck-fuck me…now, now, now, oh, god, oh, god, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

Cheryl braced herself, her feet trying to find purchase on the wet tiles of the shower. She pushed her hips up and in, and felt her pussy press against Beth’s. She held it there, pivoting her hips, grinding and rubbing. Their clits met in rigid wetness, and Beth picked up her legs and wrapped them around Cheryl’s waist and screamed.

Cheryl’s strong arms supported Beth as she screwed her pelvis forward. She grunted and felt Beth’s orgasm start. Cheryl started to howl and she felt her own climax begin.

Beth’s legs contracted strongly around Cheryl’s waist as she came. She cried out again and again, her pelvis bucking against Cheryl’s, her pussy spilling a stream of fluid.

Cheryl pumped her hips forward as her orgasm took her. Her own vagina let loose a slick flood of female juices as she shook with pure wanton delight.

Together, the two women twitched against each other under the hot spray of the shower. Finally, their breath coming in gulps, they leaned together, heads on one another’s shoulders. Little aftershocks coursed through their body, accompanied by brief voices.


They kissed. They took the soap and tenderly washed one another. They traded soft kisses and tender caresses as they showered.

After they got out, they dried themselves on thick cotton towels. Not a word was said. Then Beth held out her hand. Cheryl placed her hand in Beth’s, and they slowly walked into the bedroom.

They made love for the next three hours.

The End

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