Sexfight at the OK Saloon by Corvus

Business was a bit slow.  There were three or four ladies on the main floor, idly drinking and playing nickel poker.  But that wasn’t where the real business was.

I was polishing the mahogany of the long bar when the doors swung open and a hurricane blew in.  Said hurricane was about six feet of dust and red hair shaped like a dream.  She announced her presence with a bellow of laughter and fetched up against the bar.

She took off her hat and this tangled mane of fiery red hair fell about her shoulders.  She said, “Whiskey, sweetie, and keep it coming.”

I placed the bottle on the bar and sterilized a glass with my week-old rag.  I poured a shot.  She pulled a dime out of her bag and flipped it to me.

She picked up the glass, winked at me, and tossed it back.  Her eyes watered a second, and she coughed a bit.  She shuddered, and said, “Smooth.  Gimme another, sugar lips.”

“You bet, Red.  But the name’s Bonnie Mae.  I own this establishment.”  I poured her another shot and she flipped me another piece of silver.

“Well, Bonnie Mae, a fine place it is, too.  My handle is Ginny, and I’m the baddest girl in three states and four territories.  I can outfight and outfuck anyone around.”

I smiled at her.  “Ginny, if that is indeed the case, you came to the right place to prove it.”

I indicated the solid door down at the end of the bar, by the badly out-of-tune piano.  “For ten bucks, gold, you can find out just how good you are.”

She studied me a minute.  Ginny was a tall and marvelously shaped woman, with breasts like grapefruit and a full round butt.  She was wearing dust-stained dungarees and a red cotton shirt.  She had a fancy two-gun rig, and she looked like she knew how to use it.

She slipped herself a chaw.  “Bonnie Mae, now just what would it be that I would find behind that door?”

I leaned forward on the bar.  She came in a bit closer.  “Ginny, behind that door you can go against some of the toughest women around.   Tooth and nail, tit and cunt.  The OK saloon is the only place around where a woman can prove that she’s the `baddest girl in three states and four territories’.  Catfight, sexfight, you name it, it’s there.”

Ginny chewed on this for about two seconds, while doing the same for the wad of tobacco.  She grinned, rooted around in her bag and produced a ten-dollar gold piece.  She turned it over in her fingers a few times, then handed it to me.

I took the coin and bit it.  Good as gold.  I deposited the shiny yellow coin in the strongbox under the bar.  

“Follow me, pussycat,” I said as I headed for the heavy door.

On her side of the bar, she walked along.  Before we reached the door, I held out my hand and said, “The hardware stays here.  You’ll get it back when you leave…providing you’re not carried out.”

“Suits me, babe.  These are just tools.  My weapons are my tits `n pussy.”  She undid the gunbelt, handed it to me.  After handing me the Colts, she reached behind her and pulled out an enormous shining blade on a bone handle.  “Here’s my penknife, too.”

I turned around and placed the lethal goods in the large box under the bar.  It fell into the company of several other revolvers and a couple of Winchesters.  I took the big key ring hanging from the old rusty nail and inserted the key into the lock on the door.

The ladies are always surprised when they see the room for the first time.  Ginny was no exception.  Her eyes widened, and she smiled in anticipation.

There’s a big circular depression cut into the wood flooring, about sixteen feet wide, and a foot deep.  It’s lined with blankets and straw and sawdust.  Around the big hole are several benches.  Right now, about twenty women were on those benches, leaning forward. Some of those women were topless, a couple completely naked.  Potential combatants.  They were intently watching the action in the pit.  Their voices were starting to get louder.

Two naked women were tangling in the straw and sawdust, their hands clenched in each other’s hair.  They rolled around, legs tangling and tits sliding roughly together.  The big black-haired woman got an advantage over the blonde smaller woman.  She got on top and positioned her thighs just right.

Blondie was helpless.  The dark haired woman started smashing  her hips down, her black hairy pussy striking the sparse blonde bush of the women beneath her.  She started to howl.

Ginny looked at me and said, “Now this is what I call quality entertainment.”

I smiled and said, “We aim to please.”

It was time for someone else to watch the bar.  I wanted to watch the fireworks.  Ownership has some prerogatives.  

“Hey, Lulu!  Get your fanny over here!” I called out.

A half-naked brown-haired woman looked up from one of the benches.  

“Aw…Bonnie Mae, not now!  It’s getting good.  Calamity’s just to about to make ole Susie pop her pussy!”

I put a little steel into my voice.  “Over here now, missy, or I’ll thrash you six ways from Sunday!”

She reluctantly got up and walked over, picking up her pants and shirt.  She started to get into them.

I said, “Watch the front for a while.  I’m gonna introduce Ginny.”

Lulu looked at Ginny, and smiled a bit.  She said, shyly, “Hi, Ginny.  Are you gonna take on Calamity?”

Ginny looked over at the pit.  Calamity was hammering her naked hips down onto the blonde, who was hollering and screaming like a banshee.  

“I sure would love to, darlin’.”

To Lulu, I said, “Get in there now, sweetheart, before I’m robbed blind.”

Lulu, now dressed, started to walk past me to the heavy door.  I snaked out an arm, wrapped it around her waist, and kissed her roughly.  “Sorry, baby, you’ll get your chance later.”

She reached up and pinched my right tit lightly.  “I’ll hold ya ta that, boss.”  She left the room.

Ginny and I moved forward to a crowded bench.  Two half-naked women moved over and let us sit down.  What can I say?  It’s good to be the Queen!

Ginny ran a hand through that gorgeous mop of red hair, and undid the top two buttons on her shirt.  She fluttered the fabric out a bit.  The air was a little warm.

The audience was starting to get really animated.  As Calamity continued dancing her hips up and down, grinding that dark hairy cunt onto Susie’s battered snatch, the voices around started saying, faster and faster, “Calamity…Calamity…Calamity…”

Finally it happened.  Susie wrapped her legs around Calamity’s naked waist and cried out.  Calamity pressed her pussy hard into the blonde’s abused mound and rubbed it, grinding into her.  From our angle, we could see liquid splash out of Susie’s quim, darkening the sawdust.  

Susie howled as she came, hips bucking up and down and side to side, her arms and legs flailing like she was having a fit.  When Calamity delivers the goods, they arrive with a ruckus.  The audience clapped and cheered, stomping their feet.

Ginny threw her arms in the air and cheered.  I did the same.  For a few minutes, the room was in pandemonium.  I knew that if my prohibition against weapons wasn’t in force, the ceiling would have been shot up.

Calamity sat up.  Her dark hair was tangled and sweat dripped down her dusty skin, making rivulets in the yellow sawdust that speckled her bountiful round breasts with thick dark nipples.  She was breathing hard as she idly pinched the pink nipples of the woman beneath her.

Calamity’s style wasn’t doing a face sit.  Her victory orgasm came from her own fingers.  She squatted over the blonde’s tear-streaked face, and frigged herself efficiently and quickly.  Her hips jerked a little, and her dark blue eyes closed as she had a short, intense orgasm.  She yipped as she spurted her juices on the lips and face of her defeated opponent.

Calamity got up and walked naked over the far end of the pit, and sat down heavily on the bench.  Susie slowly got to her feet and walked with hunched shoulders over to her bench and started gathering her clothes.  She began to dress in a dispirited fashion, while one of her friends tried to console her in low voice.  

Money started to change hands among the audience, the women muttering as they settled their wagers.  There was a little grumbling from the losers, but no one got too upset.  They knew my rules.  If they wanted to fight, they could strip off their clothes and take their chances in the sawdust.

I turned to Ginny.  “So, Red, do you think you can take her?  You could clear a hundred bucks if you win.”

In answer, Ginny started to unbutton her shirt.   I held my breath as those magnificent breasts came into view.  

I said, “I’ll take that as a yes.”  

I whistled.  Calamity looked up, her dark eyes drilling into us.  I crooked my finger at her.

Calamity rose to her feet and padded over.  Naked, she looked down at us.  She was imposing.

Ginny stood up.  They were equal in height.  Ginny finished unbuttoning her shirt and let it hang down, the insides of her tits exposed, but the nipples still covered.

I stood up as well.  I put an arm around Calamity’s neck and moved my head in for a quick kiss.  She gave me a good one, warm, wet and promising.

“Good match, darling.  You made me wet.”  It was true.  “How would you like to tangle with what just blew into town?  This here rusty-haired wrangler is Ginny.”

Calamity turned her head to look at Ginny.  She swept her eyes down slowly and back up.  She flashed a quick, evil smile.  Then the black-haired beauty took her hands and parted the front of Ginny’s unbuttoned shirt.  Like a curtain opening, the shirt revealed a pair of bodacious boobs crowned with pebbly stiff nipples.

Calamity moved forward slowly.  The two pairs of breasts touched.  I caught my breath as the round orbs met each other.  

I wasn’t the only one looking.  Twenty other pairs of eyes were watching.  This was someone new and unknown.

Pink pebbly nipples met dark ones.  As they rubbed together lightly, Ginny said, “I am pleased to make your acquaintance, Calamity.”

Calamity continued the slow rubbing nipple fencing.  In her rich contralto voice, she said, “Hey, Ginny.  I like your looks, Red.  You ready to tangle?”

Ginny bumped her tits into Calamity’s a bit more aggressively.  “Anytime, sweet lips.”

I watched the two women bump titties for a few more minutes.  If I didn’t do something, they’d start right here and now, and I wanted to see it play out a little differently.  For one thing, Calamity had just finished a grueling sexfight, and she deserved a rest.

So I put my arms around their shoulders and said, “Girls…let’s get this set up proper-like, OK?  Ginny, you just came off the trail.  Calamity, well, you’ve been a little busy too.  What do you say to a nice hot bath?  The tub is big enough for the two of you.”

The women continued their breast-to-breast action, their eyes fixed on each other.  Without missing a beat, Calamity said, “That’s would set right fine with me, Bonnie Mae.  What do you think, Ginny?”

Ginny did a slow rub with tits across Calamity’s chest.  “Sure thing, Bonnie Mae.  Let’s get cleaned up.”

I went to the back of the room and opened the door there.  “Calamity, you know the way.  The tub is ready.”

Inside that room was a large wooden tub, big enough for two.  It was about five feet across and three feet deep.  I saw that Lulu had indeed followed my earlier instructions, and the tub was full of steaming water from the galvanized iron water heater that I kept filled at all times.  

Two stools were set by the tub to make it easier to get in.  Side-by-side, arms around each other’s waists, Calamity and Ginny ambled into the room.  Ginny took off her top and dropped it on the floor.  She sat down on a chair and quickly pulled off her dusty boots and stained dungarees.  One of my other girls would see that they were cleaned up.  

Behind me, a couple of the other women had walked into the sawdust-lined pit and started to grapple.  The other audience members started to place their bets.

Calamity walked around to the other side of the tub, stepped on the stool, and climbed in.  She lowered her naked body into the hot water and sighed.  Ginny was now completely buff-bare.  Her auburn bush was a delightful sight as she walked up to the tub. She paused a moment to hawk the wad of tobacco into a convenient brass spittoon. She placed her right foot on the stool and swung her other leg over the wooden rim.  When her foot hit the hot water, she let out a guttural moan and eased her body into the water.

It was time for some good clean fun.  I closed the door behind me and stripped off my shirt.  My tits aren’t all that big, but they are firm and high on my chest.  I turned to my soon-to-battle naked beauties and said, “Calamity, you know the drill.  Ginny, you’re gonna wash each other.  Have fun, but save the rough stuff for the paying audience.”

I grabbed some big bars of soap and a couple of rags.  “And if you come in the tub, it doesn’t count.  Just sort of primes the pump if you know what I mean.”

 I handed them the washrags and soap.  They smiled broadly and moved to the center of the tub and sat down.  The water came up to their shoulders.  

Ginny said, “Oh, I’m gonna make you come so hard, you’ll see stars in the daytime!”  She lathered up the rag with soapy water and started to roughly wash Calamity’s heavy round breasts.

Calamity returned the favor.  I watched as the women scrubbed one another, closing their eyes in bliss, and walked up to them.  I bent down and lathered up my rag and started on Ginny’s back.  The busty redhead arched her back and purred like a cat.  Water splashed against my tits.  

There was a good deal of rubbing and cleaning and washing, the pink flesh shining like a dream.  They entwined together as they washed, breasts sliding together and thighs rubbing.  There were squeals of laughter as the explored each other’s bodies, and soon there was a mutual finger-fuck going on.

The water splashed against the rim of the tub as they worked their fingers into each other’s cunts.  I stepped back and watched the lewd tableau, the women sitting in the tub, each with one arm around the neck of the other, the other arms working two and three fingers into the opposing sopping pussies.

I rubbed my own stiff nipples as I watched their approaching orgasm.  They grunted and panted, bodies quaking as their relentless fucking neared an explosion.  

Ginny and Calamity came like a herd of stampeding cattle, cries of passion loud and prolonged.  They moved their upper bodies together, their heads buried against each other’s shoulders as the orgasm persisted.  It was quite a sight.

Finally, they pulled their heads back.  Calamity said, “Nice eye-opener, Ginny.”  She leaned forward, hooked an arm around Ginny’s neck and kissed her roughly.

Ginny kissed her back, tongue exploring the dark-haired woman’s mouth.  She broke the kiss, then said, “Not bad.   Now you know what it’ll feel like when I make you come out there.”

Calamity laughed. “No way, Red.  You’ll be screaming God’s name like a preacher before you know it.”

The women lay back in the tub and relaxed in the afterglow.  I went to a special locker, opened it and retrieved a bottle of brandy, the good stuff.  I poured two large snifters and grabbed a couple of 50-cent cigars and some matches.

I handed the women their glasses.  The rim of the tub was wide enough for them to rest there.  They each took a cigar and I ignited a kitchen match and lit them.  Fragrant clouds of sweet tobacco smoke soon filled the air as they sipped their drinks and puffed on the expensive cheroots.

“Ladies, I’ll let you relax here while I go prepare things for the big bout.”

They smiled at me around their cigars and waved.  I looked down and barely saw through the soapy water their strong legs rubbing together.  More pump priming.

I put on my shirt and left.  I came back into the pit room just as the cat-cries from the defeated girl sang out through the air.  I went up to the edge of the pit just as a short blonde girl finished her quivering eruption underneath the grinding pubes of a taller brown-haired wrangler.

I announced to audience that we’d soon have a special match between Calamity and the redheaded stranger.  I said this was going to be one to remember.  

A couple of half-naked women stood up and grumbled.  They had planned to be next in the pit.  I just looked at them until they settled down.  They muttered under their breath, but I knew they wouldn’t cause any trouble.

I went back into the main room of the Saloon and told Lulu to spread the word.  We’re going to stage a bout between Calamity and the redheaded hurricane, and it was even money who would prevail. She left through the front and I called over another girl to watch the bar, and went back into the pit room.

I slipped into the bathing room as Calamity and Ginny had just stepped out of the tub.  I handed them each a large towel and assisted them in drying those magnificent bodies.  I collected some quick wet kisses in toll, nice smackers that left me dizzy and tingling.  

“So, when do we get it on, Bonnie Mae?”  Ginny asked.  “I’m so ready to take on this wildcat.  I’m gonna make her sing.”

Calamity snorted.  “You’re gonna be doing opera, Ginny!   Soprano, if I work it right.”

The women faced each other, mere inches separating their glaring eyes.  I said, “Steady down, polecats.  Leave it for the customers.  In about ten minutes, you’re gonna march through that door and tangle.  I want it rough, but clean.  Eyes will be handed back if they’re gouged out.”

They regarded each other with narrowed eyes, breasts lightly bumping.  I turned around and opened the door a little bit, checking the house.  Lulu had done a good job.  At least forty women were crowded in there now, the noise a dull roar.  Even after giving a hundred to the winner and seventy-five to the loser, I was going to make a bundle!

After ten minutes, Lulu signaled to me that the house was full.  I turned to the naked women behind me and said, “Okay, girls.  You ready to rumble?”

The two women scowled at each other.  They were getting their game faces on.  They nodded tersely.

I opened the door.  The women at the benches let out a ragged cheer as I came out, with Calamity following and Ginny trailing.  We made our way to the wide sawdust-coated pit and the audience parted for us.

I led the women into the center of the pit.  I held up their hands, and said loudly, “The OK Saloon, home of the baddest sexfights around, has something special.  Y’all know Calamity, undefeated in more than twenty fights.  Here to challenge her is Ginny, the redheaded stranger.  Y’all give me a hurrah for these battling wildcats!”

The crown went, as they say, wild.  They yelled and stamped their feet and applauded.  They could sense that something special was going on.  I tell you, you haven’t seen anything like it.  Forty rough and tough cowgirls, some half-naked, raising hell.  It was great!

I let go of Calamity’s and Ginny’s hands.  I said, “Okay, ladies, listen up.  This is a catfight and sexfight.  The winner is the woman who makes the other one come first.  Try not to do no permanent damage.  That’s it.  Let’s see you tangle.”

I left the pit and went to my bench on the edge of the pit.  Lulu had closed up the main saloon and joined me.  She took my hand and squeezed it.

Ginny and Calamity kept their eyes on each other as they warily circled around.  Their hands were in front, slowly moving, their big breasts swaying from side to side as they danced around.  

They both jumped to the center of the pit.  Calamity’s arms hooked onto Ginny’s shoulders and Ginny worked her arms into an embrace around Calamity’s waist.  They grunted as they tried to force the other down.  Ginny’s head butted against Calamity’s shoulder as they twisted around.  Ginny moved her head down about six inches, and roughly jostled Calamity’s right tit.  She twisted her head around, grinding her red hair into the tender meat.

Calamity whistled between her teeth.  She stretched out her leg and hooked it onto Ginny’s ankle and pulled sharply.  Ginny went hurtling down onto her butt.  She squawked as that incredible ass hit the padded floor.

Calamity pressed her sudden advantage.  She grabbed two handfuls of Ginny’s red hair and pulled back.  Ginny had no choice but to follow through and Calamity followed her down.  In less than a second, Ginny was on her back and Calamity was straddling her.  I wondered if Ginny was all hat and no cattle.  It looked like it might be over pretty soon.

But to the raucous calls of the crowd, Ginny twisted around and Calamity found herself on Ginny’s back.  Before Calamity could apply a strong scissors with her naked thighs, Ginny bucked like a bronco and Calamity went flying backwards with a yell.

The two naked warriors got to their feet and shook their heads.  Gathering strength, Calamity said, “Oh, you carrot-top slut, I’m gonna make you scream.”

Ginny wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.  “You’re gonna be the one screaming in a few minutes, varmint.  Just wait to my cunt makes you spill.”

With that, they leaped at each other.  They tumbled to the floor, and for a while it was just a blur of arms and legs and breasts and crotches, the two women snarling as they clawed at each other.

After a few minutes, the two women were on their knees in face-to-face bear hug.  Their tits were compressed together like balloons, the women clasping each other, squeezing with their arms, trying to force the breath out of each other.

Their faces were turned toward the ceiling, and tears were leaking from their closed eyes from the painful pressure on their breasts.  They started to move their torsos from side to side, raking each other’s boobs with stiff nipples.  

Finally, they both cried out and pushed themselves away from each other.  They moved as far apart as they could, scuttling around the rim of the pit, cradling their wounded tits.  

The women in the audience watched and called the names of their favorite.  “Get her, Ginny!”  or “Tear her a new one, Calamity!”

The ache in their tenderized breasts eased enough for them to get closer.  Both women were breathing hard and starting to tire.  I knew that pretty soon they would start to get to the heart of the fight.

Calamity called out, “Let’s settle it, slut.  Get your pussy next to mine!  Let’s go at it, now.”

Ginny responded, “I’m more than ready, bitch.  Open those legs.  Ginny’s coming to town.”

The women crab-walked to the center of the ring.  It was going to be a scissor start, cunt to cunt.  They positioned themselves, thighs fitting together as they worked the wet wooly pussies into each other.  

Each woman extended a leg to the other.  They grabbed hold and started to hammer their cunts into each other.  The crowd yelled their approval as Calamity smashed her dark-haired quim into the rusty thatch that covered Ginny’s pussy.

Eyes closed, the women held onto the other’s leg as they slapped the heated cunt-flesh together.  Moisture spattered out from each impact and speckled their thighs.  Flecks of sawdust and straw dappled their skin as they sweated out their erotic thumping.  Each impact of their pussies was accompanied by a grunt, and increasingly a moan as their lust built.

There in the center of the pit, the sexual combatants went at it in a rapid hypnotic rhythm.  Their desperate thrusts were punctuated by periods when they held their cunts together and ground their tumescent clits into each other.  

I noticed that several of the women had undone their pants and were slipping their fingers roughly between their legs.  Next to me, Lulu had worked her hand underneath her shirt and was fingering her nipples.  There would be more than one orgasm in here before the fight was finished.

Calamity was losing.  Sensing her impending orgasm and the loss of the fight, suddenly she pulled herself away from Ginny’s pounding cunt.  Ginny saw her advantage.  She quickly leaped on top of Calamity and spread her legs wide with quick movements.  She then started to hump the dark-haired wildcat while keeping her pinned down.  Ginny leaned forward and slammed her breasts into Calamity’s, and Calamity howled.  She did it again and again, while grinding her wet cunt onto Calamity’s, and I could see it ending soon.

Calamity arched her neck and opened her eyes.  Those dark blue eyes sought out mine, as if in pleading.  I held her gaze evenly.  I could see it…she was going to lose.

In a last desperate attempt to stave off the inevitable, she tried to work her hands between their bodies and onto Ginny’s tits.  But Ginny was too strong, and Calamity’s fell away.  

Ginny’s insistent pounding awoke the erotic lust in Calamity.  She wrapped her arms around Ginny and opened her legs even wider.  She slipped her hands down to Ginny’s bouncing ass and pulled it in tightly.  

Calamity screamed as she came, thrashing beneath the redheaded victor.  Ginny ground her wet pussy into Calamity’s crotch, stabbing out with an erect clit.  The dark-haired woman shook and trembled as the orgasmic contractions rippled through her.  She spurted her female liquor onto the dusty floor.

I could hear half a dozen moans around the floor as members of the audience diddled themselves and came from their own twisting fingers.  Then the room was in uproar as the audience cheered and hollered their approval.  

Ginny hauled herself off the defeated woman.  Calamity lay there, hand thrown back over her eyes, hiding her tears.  Her chest rose and fell.

Ginny was magnanimous in victory.  She reached down with her hand to her defeated opponent.  Calamity looked up.  Apparently Ginny was not going to extract a victory orgasm for herself.  

Ginny pulled strongly until Calamity stood beside her.  She leaned forward, whispered in her ear.  Then she led the dark-haired beauty away into the bathing room.

In a few minutes, the room quieted down and the wagers were settled.  I smiled at Lulu beside me, who looked a little dazed.  Couldn’t blame her.  It was quite a match.

I disappeared into the bathing room.  Ginny was outside the tub, and Calamity sat in it.  Ginny was tenderly bathing her, giving her quick kisses and gentle caresses.

I told them I was going to fetch their money.  Ginny was going to collect $100 for her victory.  Calamity was getting $75, from her earlier victory over Susie, and this match.

Before I left, I asked Ginny what she had whispered to Calamity.  

Calamity blushed.  Ginny said, “I told her that’s one she owed me.  I think we’ll settle up in here.”

I smiled at the naked wildcats.  “I’ll be back…after payment is rendered.”

The End.

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