The Phone Call by Corvus

Carrie had just poured herself a cup of coffee when the phone rang. She grabbed her cup and picked up the cordless phone off the counter.


“Hey, Carrie, it’s me!”

Carrie laughed out loud. “Maddie! How the hell are you?” She sat down with her coffee and took a sip.

Madeline replied, in her deep smoke-roughened voice, “Oh, I’m just peachy, darling! How about you?”

Carrie replied, “Oh, can’t complain. What’s been going on with your bad self?”

Madeline said, “Oh, I went shopping today at that big sale at Walmart. Let me tell you babycakes, but there were more middle-aged hens there than you can shake a stick at.” She shifted to a lower tone. “And I had myself quite an encounter, yessiree bob!”

Carrie was suddenly very interested. “Oh, what kind? Was it durty?”

“Dirtier than hell, sweetheart. Dirtier than hell!”

Carrie suddenly forgot about her coffee. She knew Madeline was one of the most wanton mature ladies out there, a slutty package five and half feet tall, with enormous firm breasts and wide hips, dark hair streaked with grey, big blue eyes and a come-hither attitude toward both sexes.

Carrie asked, “Oh, what happened? Tell me!”

Madeline lowered her voice to a conspiratorial level. “Well, honey, that Walmart was crowded, like I said, and I was grabbing stuff off the racks and heading for the dressing rooms. I glommed onto a skirt I had my eye on, and crowded in past the others. And right beside me was Helena Mackie! She had a dress in her greedy little hands, and she followed me into the dressing room area. There was one door that opened up, and you know tiny those Walmart dressing rooms are, we both tried for it at the same time!”

“Ooh, tight squeeze?”

“You know it! We both tried for that one room, and we were jammed shoulder to shoulder trying to get in. She was all ‘I saw it first!’ and I said, ‘Bullshit, I was in here before you!’ and we both finally squeezed in and I could feel her boobs jammed against mine as we pushed in. We turned around and looked daggers at each other, and she finally said, ‘Well okay, let’s both use it. Okay?’ and I thought for a second, but I wanted to get out of there, so I said, ‘Fine, just don’t bump into me, cow!’.”

Carrie said, “How did she look?”

Madeline replied, “She looked frustrated. She was wearing this old dress that must have been 20 years old. It was cut really deep in the front, and her saggy boobs looked like they might spill out if she bent over too far. You know how Helena is.”

“Oh fuck, yes. Pure grade slut!”

“Anyway, the dress Helena had brought in looked about a size too small. I told her, ‘Hey, you’ll never fit your booty into that!’ And she glared at me, she came back and said, ‘Look who’s talking, you porker!’ And that really pissed me off, because I know I’ll look fucking great in the skirt I picked up. So I told this bitch, ‘Oh, shut the fuck up!’ And she said, ‘You think you can make me?’ And I was getting really mad. The store was crowded, it was a hot day, and now this cunt is in my dressing room giving me attitude!”

Carrie broke in, “Oh Maddie – I would have slapped the shit out of her”.

Madeline replied, “Oh, don’t think I didn’t want to! But hell, I was thinking she’d be just the type to raise a ruckus. So I turned around, and I unzipped my dress – I was wearing that yellow number I like on a hot day, a bit too much cleavage some might say, but I always say if you’ve got the goods, might as well put them the shop window, right? Classy, not like that display Helena put on.”

Carrie knew them both and how they both liked to dress, but wisely said, “Oh, you know it sweetheart! Keep going…then what happened?”

“Well, I had turned around from her, but I could hear her taking her own clothes off, unzipping the old dress, and the thought of her getting undressed – with me! – in this tiny dressing room was getting me … well, worked up a little.”

Carrie uttered a low chuckle. “Oh, you’re such a slut, darling!”

Madeline giggled. “Oh, I don’t know what it is with me. You get me in somewhere where a woman is giving me lip, I get pissed and I get a little horny. I could feel our asses bump into each other as we worked our clothes off. Now, maybe I didn’t need to take off my whole dress to try on one little bitty skirt, but I wanted to see what it would look like without my dress getting in the way. So I get out of my dress and I’m in my sandals and panties (you know, those flimsy things colored like smoke) my dress is on the floor. I turn around so I can see the mirror on the door, and there’s Helena and she’s got nothing but panties on, so tiny, her breasts hanging down. And I couldn’t help but see her nipples were hard, and to tell the truth, so were mine.”

Carrie said, “So that slut was worked up too?”

“Oh, yeah…I could tell. And that dressing room was small. And we’re looking at each other and she sniffs at me and says, ‘Yeah I could take ya.’ “

“Oh my god!”

Madeline said, “And I get a bit nervous and I’m wondering what she’s thinking of doing, and I’m getting a bit confused, and I’m smelling her perfume, and her breath is coming a little faster, and so is mine. So I say, ‘Take me? Take me where?’” And she says, ‘I could squeeze the living shit out of you!’ And I immediately get pissed, because I can see what’s going to happen, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, I wanted to slam my titties into hers and show her what a real woman can do, so in a low voice, I tell her ‘Well, c’mon you saggy bitch…come at me!’”

“Oh my God!” Carrie interjected. “A titfight in Walmart!”

Madeline said, her voice getting a bit hoarse, “ Oh, she looked at me, an ugly frown on her face. She brushes back her dirty blonde hair and she comes up to me, right in my face. She’s got those breasts right next to mine, I can feel them her nipples on mine, jeez they were rock hard. But I can’t complain, mine were so stiff I could feel then aching almost. So she looks right at me, then she boomph, thrusts her chest out and shoves her boobs into mine!”

Carrie gasped. She was starting to get a bit turned on. As she listened to Madeline, she unbuttoned her shirt, and slid her right hand under it, and snaked a couple of fingers into her bra. She teased the nipple into erection.

Madeline’s voice continued from the receiver. To Carrie, it seemed like she was reliving it. Was that a hint of lust in the voice?

“I was shocked, I tell you, but I looked right at her and said, ‘Oh, honey, you call that love tap a titfight?’ and I grabbed her around the waist with both arms and bear-hugged her. Oh, our boobs flattened together like balloons being crushed! I could feel her nipples rubbing on mine, and I got mad I raked mine up and down her udders!”

Carrie hit the speaker button on her cordless phone and laid it on the table. She felt an overwhelming urge to touch herself. She undid her shorts and pushed them down past her knees and spread her legs. As she listened to Madeline’s lewd tale, she thrust her right hand down the waistband of her panties and rubbed her moistening cleft. She kept up her self-mauling of her breast as well, squeezing and tugging on the nipple.

Madeline: “I swear, Carrie, I don’t know what came over us. Maybe it was the combination of the hot day and the store being so crowded, but I just couldn’t help myself. Helena pissed me off so much and we were jammed in that little dressing room together, and like I said, I just couldn’t help myself. We were standing up in there, bear-hugging and rubbing our breasts together hard and it was starting to hurt, but you know when you get going the hurting feels so goddamn good?”

Carrie managed to gasp, “Oh, yess! I know…oh fuck, this getting to me, Madeline!”

Madeline laughed, then moaned a bit. “Oh, you fucking bitch…are you doing what I think you’re doing? Oh might as well admit it…my skirt is way up and my fingers are busier than hell! Ohh…we’re in that dressing room, and I can see us in the mirror, two fucking ladies, I see her naked back and panties on her ass, and my head is bouncing on her shoulder as we cram our breasts together…and I’m getting so wet and I can tell she is…”

Carrie pulled off her shirt and pushed her panties down to the floor. Her bra was half askew, one cup totally off her c-cup breast. She stuck two fingers up her vagina and hooked them in, searching for the g-spot, her pussy starting to gush. She said, “Ohhh…keep going!”

“Well, Helena says to me, ‘Pull your panties down you whore, I’m going to go clit to clit with you, you bitch!’ And I say, ‘About fucking time, cunt!’ and I pull my panties down and she pulls hers down….”

And it was at that time that Carrie’s husband, having left his phone in the kitchen, wandered in and stared in disbelief at his wife, almost fully naked, masturbating like a demon, her fingers darting in and out of her shaven pussy. His eyes bugged out as he heard Madeline’s voice coming from the speaker.

“Oh, Carrie, we pushed our cunts together, standing up, and I thought I was going to die! And I wondered how come no one could hear us, but we kept doing it and doing it…her wet pussy hard on mine….Ohhhh…fuck me!”

Carrie opened her eyes and saw her husband standing there as they heard Madeline’s voice coming out of the speaker. She was too far gone to stop. All that was on her mind was relief. As she heard Madeline continue with her obscene narrative, she covered the phone with her hand and whispered hoarsely, “Get on the floor now!”.

Her husband sat back on the floor, and Carrie lurched off her chair, reached down, and undid his trousers and pulled his turgid erection out. With a moan of pure lusty need, she sat down on his cock and commenced humping her husband.

Madeline said, over the speaker, “Oh Jesus, we crammed our naked pussies together, and we could feel each other’s clits touch and I penetrated her and she penetrated me, and we were squeezing each other and slamming our cunts together! Her breasts were crammed onto mind, I feel all of her, and we fell to the floor!”

Carrie looked down at her husband’s face as she rode his cock, hearing the wet slap and squeak of his dick impaling her, in and out. She imagined watching her friend and Helena fuck-fighting each other in the claustrophobic Walmart dressing room, and felt her first orgasm shake her. She screamed, “MORE! MORE!”. Her pussy spasmed and spurted out juices around her husband’s pistoning cock.

Madeline gasped, “Oh, yes there’s more! We fucked each other on the floor and that dirty Helena turned around we were locked in a 69. We chewed and licked on each other’s pussy, our lips and clit, and we are pouring out girlcum like no tomorrow!”

With a sudden intake of breath, her husband erupted inside Carrie, spraying molten streams of jism into Carrie’s pussy. She came again as she felt the semen blast inside her and the combined discharge puddled around the base of his cock.

Carrie collapsed on on top of her husband, and she heard Madeline say, moaning, “Oh, we came and came and came, two bitches in heat! We heard pounding on the doors and people screaming…and anyway, long story short, well, we can’t go back to Walmart again.”

Madeline paused for a moment, and then said, “So, what’s new with you?”

Carrie pulled herself off her dazed husband, and said, with a wink at her man, “Oh, well… I think that’s a call for another time, darling. Bill just came back, and I need to take care of things.”

The End.

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  1. Giannis says:

    One hot sexfight coming from the old good timeς. Hot, with a bit of humor. I liked that i had the chance to read it again after all these years.


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