DisHarmony by Corvus

Part 1

Before going to bed, Caitlyn Clarke took a half-tab of Lucid. She stretched out on the bed wearing an insubstantial nightdress. Her full breasts strained against the material, making a pleasant friction on her nipples. She dimmed the lights with a flicking gesture. Another one commanded the screen on one wall to transform from mirror to reception.

She arranged the pillow behind her medium-length glossy brown hair. She scrolled her finger in the air to choose a channel. Pleasant music and soft colors pulsed. As the abstractions played upon the screen, she noticed one of the ads playing in a bottom bar.

“DisHarmony. The place you go to when no place else will serve. DisHarmony. Choose your enemy. DisHarmony. Because it’s a fight.”

Intrigued, Caitlyn sat up a bit, and gestured to open the ad. It splashed on the screen, showing a lavish estate, with old world architecture. The grounds were perfectly manicured.

The POV shifted to the front entrance and followed into an open door. The narration, soft but insistent, described the scene.

“Imagine someplace you could go to work it all out. With total discretion. And no limits. You could do anything with your opponent.”

The scene shifted to a scene in one room. Two men were fighting, hard and brutally. The narrator continued, “Ever wanted to satisfy the one urge you never could? DisHarmony will match you up with someone with the same desire, almost tailor-made to your wishes.”

A flashing icon blinked, “Female? Click here.” Caitlyn pressed it.

It was a catfight. Caitlyn blinked, and sat bolt upright. Her breath caught as she watched the two women on screen roll around, ripping each other’s clothes off. The camera hovered when their breasts were bared, and the sound accentuated each slap with a stinging reverberation.

How could this be possible, she thought. Then she saw the FAQS icon blinking and selected that.

“How is this possible?” the first of the Qs said.

Caitlyn smiled, and punched it.

“Located in the free nation of Libertane, DisHarmony is subject only to the rules and laws of its own devising. Whatever two adults decide to do of their own free will is perfectly legal and your own business.”

She minimized the FAQS window and went back to watching the two women fight it out. They were in a lavish bedroom, all pastels. The camera cut between various scenes. Here was a loud smack as a hand landed on a cheek. And here was a whimpering moan, half sexual, as a breast was squeezed.

The Lucid was kicking in. Caitlyn’s eyes narrowed, and her nipples stiffened. As her dream took over, a dream she could both enjoy and actively participate in, the screen dimmed. She surrendered herself to rough passion as she guided her charged dream into violent erotic territory.

There was a woman she worked near. She didn’t know her name. She thought of her as that foreign bitch, because she had a vaguely European accent and her manner was reminiscent of European women she saw in some vids. She was slender, dark-haired, with a secret smile.

Caitlyn thought about her all the time. She thought about facing her. She thought about grabbing her by the shoulders. She thought about slapping her. In her dreamworld, she guided her passion through a tearing and violent battle. They ripped each other’s clothes to shreds, and tore into each other with unholy fury.

They joined in a frenzied rolling fight, spitting and biting, and at last, crushed together in a ball of flesh, they orgasmed in purest sexual agony.

Caitlyn moaned and twitched and her sex parted and issued a stream of heated fluid. She rolled over, clutching the pillow, holding it to her breasts while she came, her hips moving in slow motion. And at last she slept.

June was coming up, the month when Caitlyn took her usual vacation. She perused various sites, wondering if four weeks in zero-gee would be as good as promised, or whether a month under the ocean in the Marianas Trench would be as deep as she thought it would be. She even considered a temporary upload to the floating mind-hive with all the dreams that she was promised, but decided that was too virtual.

She kept coming back to DisHarmony. Her discrete queries at work yielded no results. Apparently no one at Fortunata went in for the darker stuff.

One night at 3AM she sat down at her workstation and went to the site she had visited so many times before. She wore skimpy blue panties and nothing else. She saw her heavy breasts with the prominent nipples in her reflection in the monitor.

This time she selected Book A Meeting. She was greeted with a mellifluous feminine voice.

“Greetings. This is the DisHarmony AI. We’re so glad you’re interested in partaking of our unique services. The decision to enter a DisHarmony contract is not an easy one, but one that will provide one of the most meaningful experiences of your life. So, please say one of the following: Same-Sex fight, female, Same-Sex fight male, Opposite-Sex fight, or Other”

Caitlyn whispered, “Same-sex fight, female.”

The AI said, “Very good. Do you choose a random candidate, or a tailored one?”

Caitlyn said, “What’s a tailored candidate?”

The AI said, “We attempt to pair you with a candidate who matches in visual appearance and temperament that person you would desire to fight. For instance, if you have had a love affair that ended badly, we can strive to match you with a candidate who either is willing be suitably and temporarily changed in appearance to match your desires, or who already comes close to that. Be aware that tailored matches are more expensive.”

Caitlyn thought of the Euro bitch she wanted to fight, and said, “Tailored.”

The AI said, “Please upload an image or images of the woman that you want the candidate to resemble. “

Caitlyn chose several images from the company functions directory, and they flashed up to DisHarmony.

“Please speak of her personality and attributes. DisHarmony will include as much of this as possible in choosing your opponent.”

“Pause,” Caitlyn said. This would be interesting. I have to describe my fantasy. Inwardly, she was thrilled, and felt a mild wave of sexual arousal. She went to her kitchen and ordered a cup of coffee, double sweet. A panel slid back and her beverage maker dispensed a cup and filled it with her order.

She came back to the workstation in the study, pacing around, sipping her coffee. She caught site of her topless body in the monitor’s reflection, smiled, and said, “Resume.”

“She’s smart. Superficial charm. Witty, always on the know about the latest vids or holos. She can see right through you. It’s challenging. She carries herself with … confidence. Her gait is relaxed. She wears clothes well; they just drape themselves on her slender body perfectly. God, she’s so perfect!”

The AI said, “I see.” Was there a hint of amusement in that programmed voice? “What type of confrontation do you want with her? MMA? Boxing? Straight wrestling?”

Caitlyn hesitated, then said, “Catfight.” When the word came out of her mouth she felt a sudden tick of arousal. Her nipples crinkled.

“Very good. Is this to be a rules match?”

“Yes, definitely! No death matches!”

The AI definitely chuckled, “Oh, death matches can be arranged. Anything can be arranged at Disharmony.”

Caitlyn said, “No!” But for half a second, she wondered what it would be like…and shivered.

“Very well. Rules match.” The AI listed off various moves and blows. Caitlyn glanced at them, and selected Face Slaps, Hair Pulling, Body Slaps, Body Punching, Breast Grabbing, Nipple Pulling, and other less injurious moves.

The AI said, “Is there to be an element of eroticism in this match?”

Caitlyn shivered again. She ran her fingers through her hair, and whispered, “Yes. Oh, God, yes.”

“Lightly erotic, moderately so (with occasional orgasms) or more?”

“Moderately.” Caitlyn reached down and stroked her cleft. Her finger came away with a glow of moisture.

“Of course, the progress and methodology of your eroticism is up to you and your opponent, but we can make a wide array of sexual aids available should you desire.”

Caitlyn said, “I don’t know – probably not.”

“Before we continue, DisHarmony requires a deposit and wishes to know the approximate time period to schedule your rendezvous.”

“I figured you get to that. Here’s my payment information.” She keyed in her numbers and security code. “By the way, how much is the deposit?”

“Five thousand US dollars.”


The AI seemed to hesitate. “We know it’s expensive. But we provide a unique service. And, if you and your opponent are willing, we can make arrangements that will substantially reduce the amount of the fee.”


“Should you and your opponent desire, you may allow your encounter to be webcast to DisHarmony’s membership. You would have the opportunity to be seen – in flatscreen and holo – by over five million members. You may also specify that recordings could be seen. For each paid viewing, you and your opponent would receive a payment that will be credited to your encounter fee. If you prove popular enough, you can actually make money from this. Some have made a substantial amount. So, Ms. Clarke, are you interested?”

Caitlyn thought for a moment. Part of her was titillated. The idea of people – strangers – watching her in an intensely sexual catfight with another woman was fascinating. She closed her eyes and succumbed to a wave of profound arousal. Millions of people, she thought, watching me rip this woman apart…ohhhh.

Her breasts were swollen and her nipples stiff. She caressed herself, seeing in her mind the other woman and her rolling around a carpeted floor, locked in a violent struggle. She felt herself go wet.

But then she had the sudden thought about her co-workers watching and she went cold. Some things, she decided, demanded privacy.

“No,” she said. “I can’t.”

“Are you sure?”


“Very well.” A slight pause. “When will you will be available for your confrontation?”

Caitlyn thought. She had a good deal of latitude as to when she took her vacation. “Let’s say…August.”

“Very well. I’ll block out a period of time and start the process of matching you to an opponent. Bear in mind that this can take a while.”

Caitlyn smiled. “Because you’re dealing with humans, right?”

The AI gave a very human-sounding dry laugh. “Of course. Nobody’s perfect.” Another pause. “The deposit gives you full access to all recorded or live matches, of whatever style you may wish to see. Would you like to choose one now? The library will be available as soon as you authorize the payment.”

She keyed in her bank account number and triggered the transfer. In five seconds she received the acknowledgement and was presented with a menu of vid choices.

Caitlyn looked at the time. Four in the morning. What the hell, she thought. She perused the entries, and flicked an ongoing match between two women. Soon she was immersed in a holo of some of the bitchiest catfighting she’d ever seen. She fell in her chair and soon had two fingers buried in her pussy. Three climaxes later, she switched off, headed for the washroom, and set her shower to automassage. That night, she fell asleep as her head hit the pillow.

Part 2

Caitlyn relaxed in her seat before the departure of the sub-orbital launch. She was pleasantly high from the effects of the pre-departure (and anti-nausea) gas that wafted through the cabin. She thought about the upcoming match with giddy anticipation.

She opened her tablet and reviewed the DisHarmony guide. The opponent was willing to alter her appearance to match her desires a bit, and she felt it would be polite to reciprocate. Her hair was now two shades lighter and cut in a more contemporary style, feathered and blended. Her eyebrows were narrower, and her lips a touch plumper.

She felt lucky because her breasts and nipples were deemed satisfactory. She had gone through a full holographic body scan, with 100x magnification. From her clitoris to her tongue, she was thoroughly imaged.

She had also received full holos of her opponent. Her name was Sarah Chambers.

Sarah was of course completely nude in her holos. Her appearance was in her late 30’s (although that hadn’t meant much for fifty years or so), with dark hair that perfectly matched her rival at the office. Her breasts were perfect, crowned with thick dark nipples, just begging to be tugged.

The ship’s AI informed her and the other passengers to prepare for launch. Caitlyn was in a purple flightsuit, specially made for these trips, and it magnetically hooked to the restraint system at the touch of a contact. The AI counted down, and at zero the magrail eased in. It accelerated quickly and at three gees, the craft arced into the sky. She enjoyed the pressure of the acceleration, the way it crushed her breasts. She imagined Sarah’s hands pressing down on her breasts and smiled.

After a few minutes, they had completed acceleration and were at zero gee. She unhooked her restraints and joined the rest of the passengers in the novelty of weightlessness. She wondered what it would be like to catfight someone in zero gee, floating around, naked, and she shivered.

The ship’s AI cautioned everyone to go back to their seats for the descent. She did so and the ship bit into the stratosphere and slowed at it’s guaranteed -2.5 gees, and her body braced against the restraints.

Clearing customs in Libertane was simplicity. She was scanned for weapons and walked into the freest land on the planet. It was 11 AM local time.

She was expected. A smartly dressed woman recognized her, and said, “Ms. Clarke?”

“The same.”

“Thank you for coming to DisHarmony. This way. Your luggage will be delivered to your suite. My name is Mia.” She led Caitlyn, carrying a small day bag, out of the spaceport and into a private tunnel. Here she entered a shiny ovoid capsule, just her and the escort. The capsule accelerated swiftly and silently.

Caitlyn reclined in her seat and asked the escort, “How long does this ride take?”

“Five minutes. By the way, your competition arrived two hours ago. Do you wish to have dinner with her tonight?” The escort brushed back a strand of blond hair. She was about Caitlyn’s height, but very slender. She crossed her legs clad in tight taupe leggings and soft café au lait colored boots.

Caitlyn considered, and then said, “Sure. Might as well size up my rival.” She smiled softly.

Mia smiled. “We’re not really allowed to say things about clients, but….”

“Oh, tell me – I won’t breathe a word.”

Mia leaned forward conspiratorially. “She’s beautiful…but I think you could take her. I have 500 Libertane credits that say so.”

Caitlyn gasped a bit. A Libertane credit was worth 10 US dollars. She said, “Well, I guess I know that my fee is going to some daring associates.”

Mia smiled. “Oh, I should never have said that. But we’re human…or at least most of us are.” She then touched the edge of one eyebrow, pinched it, and her face pivoted to one side to reveal a gray plastic inner face, with cybernetic eyes glowing red.

Caitlyn stared, stammered. “Oh-oh m-my God.”

Mia pushed the face back into place, laughed. “Relax, Ms. Clarke. I’m a bot with a human consciousness. The real me is on the DisHarmony grounds in a secure office. I’m currently sipping coffee and eating a croissant.”

Caitlyn reached out a tentative finger and poked Mia’s leg slightly. Mia smiled, and said, “It’s the best organic flesh money can buy.”

“With full sensation?”

Mia said, “Wouldn’t be much use if there wasn’t.”

Caitlyn shook her head. “I had heard of some remarkable progress being made in cyber tech, but I’m amazed.” A sudden dark suspicion arose. “Mia….is my opponent a regular human being?”

Mia laughed lightly, and said, “Yes, she is. Guaranteed. It’s in the contract, and Libertane is all about contracts. However, the corporation has thought of offering people the option of fighting through cyber proxies, but the cost would be prohibitive right now. One of these bodies with the micro-fusion power source is north of 20 million dollars. Can’t have those being battered in a catfight.”

Mia looked at nothing for a second, then said, “We’re here.”

The capsule glided to a smooth stop and Mia said, “Wait.” She grinned flirtatiously and said, “Wanna kiss a bot?”

Intrigued, Caitlyn leaned forward and Mia cupped her face gently and they kissed softly, then with more urgency. Their mouths opened and softened, and Caitlyn caught her breath. It felt absolutely real. Her nipples stiffened. They moved closer together, and their bodies merged for an intense moment.

Mia broke the kiss. Caitlyn could taste the breath and it seemed fully human, warm and aroused and sweet.

She had no time to dwell on it. The door slid open and Caitlyn got her bag and exited the vehicle, followed by a bot with a sly feminine grin.

They were in an open archway and to the north stood the massive stonework of the DisHarmony estate. Gently curving green hills were behind it, and the grounds were immaculate, with a riot of flowers like daubs of brilliant paint growing in perfect accord.

Mia said, “Go ahead and drink it in. Everyone does the first time.”

Caitlyn took a good couple of minutes to absorb the scene. Here and there, she saw several people, some in groups, wandering along the walks. Wide pathways in darker green led to the main building, and she inhaled the scent of the flowers. Perfect cumulus clouds hung in a sky as blue as a dream.

She took a deep breath of crystalline air and then walked with Mia through the arch and up broad marble steps. They passed through a translucent force portal and into the deep hushed interior of the main building.

Mia led Caitlyn through softly lit corridor and brought her up to a broad marble alcove. Up above, a softly glowing hologram read CHECK IN in several different languages. A woman clad in a white jumpsuit smiled and beckoned.

“Good afternoon, Ms. Clarke. Welcome to DisHarmony. I’m sure that you will have a most amazing encounter here.”

“Thanks. What do you need from me?”

The woman indicated a holo lens. “Just take a look in here.”

Caitlyn looked. A brief blue flash indicated her iris pattern was scanned.

“One more thing.” The woman held out a small device with an oval depression. “Put your thumb here.”

Caitlyn did so, felt a brief moment of warmth. She had heard of these new DNA scanners.

“Well, you are you, Ms. Clarke. We’ve put your luggage in Suite 2138. Oh, Ms. Chambers has agreed to meet you for dinner at 7 PM. That will give you plenty of time to freshen up. Again, welcome to DisHarmony. Mia will escort you to your suite.”

As they walked through the softly lit corridors, Caitlyn noticed other guests. A good deal of men walking together, some holding hands. A scattering of women, ranging in apparent age from early twenties to early fifties.

Mia indicated the broad double doors. “It’s keyed to your touch,” she said.

Caitlyn pressed her fingertips against the door and it opened inward. She turned and said to Mia, “Thanks…I’d tip you but I wouldn’t know how to do it.”

Mia said, “If you would like to compliment me, then simply ask the room AI.” She grinned, looked around, then leaned forward and kissed Caitlyn lightly on the lips. “I’ll be thinking about you.”

Part 3

Caitlyn took her time picking out her dress for her dinner with Sarah. She had brought half a dozen outfits, some of which would be worn for the match (and undoubtedly torn to shreds), but after a half-hour of posing in front of the holomirror, she chose a simple floor length gown that might have been woven from smoke. Her legs were bare, and she wore strappy sandals with a 10-centimeter heel. This caused her rear end to jut out nicely. She debated about a bra, and then decided on a pure black strapless number easily visible through the bodice. It barely covered her nipples. The neckline was deep and the shoulder straps of her dress were always on the verge of falling off her shoulder. She had done her hair to match Sarah’s wishes to resemble her fantasy opponent, in swirls and strands with shining highlights. Her eyes were done with the just the right amount of makeup to make them look enormous, the eyelashes thick and long. Her lips were touched with a pale sunset glow.

She engaged the room camera and viewed herself in life-size holo, perfectly turned from the exquisitely shaped rear end to the rounded softness of her bosom.

She entered the doublewide doors of the softly lit dining room. She was surprised to see that the room looked vacant. Where she expected to see tables and diners she saw instead broad cylindrical areas of shimmering light.

A maître-d greeted her. He glanced at his pad, and said, “Ms. Clarke?”

“That’s me.”

“Follow me, please, your dining companion will be arriving shortly. “ He touched a contact on his pad, and one of the cylinders of light became transparent, revealing an intimate booth. He escorted her in, and said, “Would you like a beverage?”

“Sure. Extra-dry martini, neat.”

“Very good.”

A waiter came back in a couple of minutes with the chilled beverage. She tasted it, sipped again. “Potent,” she said.

He smiled, and said, “Of course. My name is Tim and I’ll be serving you this evening. While you’re waiting for Ms. Clarke, let me point out some things.” He indicated a flat panel with icons. “Touch this one to bring up the privacy field. “ He demonstrated and the colored flickering curtain surrounded them, dampening the outside noises. “When your server is ready to bring you something, this light will pulse and soft chime will sound. If you require service, touch this pad to bring up a menu of choices.” He did so and Caitlyn saw the various screens listing food and beverages appear.

The chilled and powerful drink was good. Caitlyn sipped it and smiled, and looked up just as Sarah Chambers walked up to the table.

Sarah was dressed in something that might have been termed Classical Slut. She wore a Grecian-style gown made of purest white silk, translucent and clinging. Her breasts were bare under it, the dark nipples poking out from areolas a half-shade lighter. The bodice had a deep vee that revealed the inner sides of her breasts and culminated just over her navel. The skirt was ankle-length over bare legs and exquisite high-heeled sandals fashioned from glove-soft leather.

Caitlyn had an instant physical reaction to seeing Sarah. Her breath caught, she flushed, and her nipples went hard. She swallowed, stood up awkwardly, and took Sarah’s proffered hand in hers.

Sarah regarded her with a look of not-unfriendly amusement. “Hello, Caitlyn – I am so glad to meet you at last. I’m sure we’re going to have the most amazing time together.” She smiled and brushed a strand of lustrous dark hair away from perfect violet eyes.

Caitlyn recovered her composure. “Hi, Sarah – it’s wonderful to finally meet you. I – I’m frankly overwhelmed a bit. The last couple of days have been intense. Oh – please…sit down.”

Sarah smiled and descended into her seat. Caitlyn touched the pad. “Want a drink?”

“Absolutely – a single-malt on the rocks would be wonderful.”



Caitlyn tapped the order in, and a refill for the martini. She turned to look Sarah up and down.

Sarah smiled archly. “See something you like?”

Caitlyn blushed, “Sorry….I was just thinking how much you look like … her.”

Sarah leaned in a bit, her breasts coming oh so close to Caitlyn’s arm. “And you look just like her. I’m going to enjoy the hell out of this.”

Tim returned with the drinks. After he left, Sarah activated the privacy field and the flickering curtain appeared. The women raised their glasses to each other, clinking them.

“May the best woman win,” Caitlyn said with a slight smile.

“Indeed, that is the question of the hour, isn’t it?” Sarah said. “So tell me, how did you get into this particularly kinky thing?”

Caitlyn took a sip of her martini. She said, “Oh, back in University, I got into a tennis team. There was one girl there who had a temper. In fact, the coach had to suspend her from playing a couple of times because she’d miss a shot and throw the racket at her opponent. She did that to me one time. Once. After that, I said we needed to have a talk. A private talk.”

Sarah said, “Oh, I’ve had a few of those private talks myself, sweetie.”

Caitlyn said, “No doubt. Anyway, we met in my room. I chased my roommate out. I was wondering if I could actually go through with it. The she said something about me being a crappy tennis player. And that if I wanted to fight about it, she’d be happy to.

“Well, we got into it. She stripped down to her panties and that shocked the hell out of me, but I wasn’t about to let her intimidate me. I stripped down to my panties too. We were both a bit unsure, so we got on our knees on one of the beds and we gripped each other’s shoulders, trying to push the other back. We weren’t getting anywhere, and she finally said ‘fuck it’ and slapped me.”

Sarah smiled. “Then it was on, I presume.”

Caitlyn noticed that Sarah’s nipples were hard under her bodice. She felt a sudden urge to touch them but contained herself. There’s time for that she thought. “Oh, it was most definitely on. I slapped her face hard and we fell into a classic catball on the bed, legs entwined and squeezing, and hitting and yanking hair, squealing. We rolled around and fell off the bed and continued like that for about ten minutes. We were sweating and I could smell her and no doubt she could smell me, and we were both wet. We kept struggling, and I got to my feet and dragged her up. I slammed her against the wall and I ground my pelvis into her, hard, rubbing. She cursed me and I then she said, ‘Oh, fuck!’ and her hips bucked against mine and she came. I did right afterwards, standing there, fuckfighting, and we were coming in our panties like sluts. My God, it was confusing and exciting and bit frightening.”

Sarah said softly, “Oh, my. Jesus, that’s a hot story, Caitlyn. I think you’re getting to me.” She smiled, her mouth parted slightly.

Caitlyn felt her face get warm. She had never told that story to anyone. Seeing the reaction in Sarah triggered her own sudden desire, and she tried to tamp it down just a bit. She thought, Oh, steady girl, or you’ll wind up attacking her right in this booth. She wondered how many erotic encounters had happened in this very restaurant.

Caitlyn took a sip of her martini. “So, what about you? Tell me something wicked, I hope.”

Sarah’s eyes twinkled. “Oh, it happened to me after I graduated from Smith. I landed an analyst job at Stratos, and I fell in with a group of women there. They didn’t seem to be into men so much, but that was probably because a lot of the men there were total dicks. Anyway, I went out to few happy hours. Over a half-liter of scotch one night, they told me they were into something kinky and did I want to see it?

“Well, I was a bit inebriated so we tapped for a ride and we stopped at Brina’s apartment. The other woman was named Trish. Both very cute redheads, almost looked related. We got in there, and they gave me some more scotch, set me in a chair in the living room, and said, ‘Watch’”

Caitlyn leaned in. She rested her hand on Sarah’s thigh. “Oooh. This sounds hot. Pray, continue.”

Sarah rested her hand on Caitlyn’s and squeezed it. “Oh, it has its moments, my dear. Brina and Trish stood up and stripped out of their work clothes, down to their bras and panties. They teased each other when they did, and they caught my eye every now and then, smiling. These were really skimpy underthings, too. I could clearly see their nipples, and the bulge of their labia. I started to feel a bit warm.

“They started taunting each, calling each whore and slut, and getting closer to each other. Trish slapped Brina, and then they fell to the floor wrestling and fighting, and at first I was just looking at it kind of off-handedly, but then I kept watching and it seemed like one of the most erotic things I’ve seen. They ripped off each other’s underwear, and they kept rolling around. I was feeling really warm, and I took off my blouse, leaving my bra on. I started squeezing my own breasts as they got hotter and nastier, punching and pulling hair, squealing and yelling. When Trina pinned Trish down, grapevined her, and made her come… well, that did it for me. I jammed my hand down my panties and stuck two fingers up my cunt, squeezed my clit, and came so fucking hard.”

Caitlyn exclaimed, “Ohh! Sarah, you just made me feel so hot!”

Sarah grabbed Caitlyn’s face with both hands, and kissed her hard. Caitlyn melted into the kiss, and reached for Sarah’s breast. She palmed it, then pressed her hand forward, pushing it flat as hard as she could, feeling the nipple like a pebble against her palm. Sarah’s tongue delved into Caitlyn’s mouth for a hot thirty seconds, and she clutched her hands into Caitlyn’s hair, pulling.

The kiss broke and Sarah said, “Oh, God – I couldn’t help myself. I just had to do it or was I going to die!”

Caitlyn looked into Sarah’s eyes, said, “Oh dear Lord – that was intense.” She paused for a second. “Perhaps we’d better order. If we continue now we’re going to tear our clothes off and fight right here. And as erotic as that sounds, I’d rather we do it someplace a bit more private.”

“You’re probably right…damn it.” Sarah grinned and turned to look at her tablet. She tapped out an order for steak au poivre, rare.
Caitlyn perused it. She decided on shrimp scampi with mixed vegetables. She asked Sarah, “You have a wine preference?”

“Oh, a Pinot Noir will be nice.”

She submitted the order and a pop-up message said it would be at their table in fifteen minutes. Sarah and Caitlyn stole sly glances at each other.

Sarah pulled a small vial out of her purse. She thumbed it open, and shook out two blue pills. Caitlyn looked at them and said, “What is that?”

“This is something you might want to try. Or not. But we should take it together. Otherwise it would be unfair.”

Caitlyn looked at Sarah curiously. “Is it legal?”

Sarah smiled, “Oh, hon, anything is legal here. This is called Limbinex. It has a most … unusual effect.”

“And what would that be?”

“Well, it has the effect of boosting aggressiveness and libido. At least doubling it. It’s safe – there’s no overdose limit. But it can make you feel even more horny – and feisty – than you’re feeling now.”

Caitlyn said, “I never heard of it.”

Sarah picked up one of the pills and said, “Oh, it’s not really made any inroad into the US. It’s big in Asia and of course here. Its nickname is Viaggro.”

“Wow – sounds intriguing. So it will make us twice as aggressive – and twice as hot?”

“I’ve tried it. It takes about an hour to kick in, and it does work. The funny thing is, it was originally developed as an asthma treatment. It works well for that, but then the researchers noticed that the subjects were getting into fights…. and then they’d fuck like rabbits. So… you game?”

Caitlyn picked up the pill. She smiled at Sarah. “Down the hatch, bitch.”

Sarah gave a throaty laugh. “Right with you, slut.” The women popped the pills in their mouths and swallowed them.

They chatted about various things, enjoying each other’s company … and feeling the first tinges of the effects of the Viaggro. They heard a soft chime and the light on the table pulsed three times. Sarah touched the contact and the privacy field disappeared. They were served their meals and wine quickly and efficiently. The waiter inquired as to any further needs, then being assured there wasn’t, quietly backed away. Caitlyn tapped the contact again and the shimmering field reappeared.

The food was delicious. They set into their plates with a will, and sipped the excellent wine. Caitlyn turned to Sarah and asked, “So, obviously you’ve taken Viaggro before. What was it like?”

Sarah paused to swallow, and then said, “It’s like taking a guitar string and twisting it even tighter, and attaching it your nerve endings, only it doesn’t hurt. The drug works better on women than on men, for physiological reasons.”

“Oh? It doesn’t work on men?”

“Oh, no, it works too well. It tends to trigger prematurely. One of the effects of the drug is to cross circuit pain nerves so that impulses can register sexually. “ Sarah giggled. “I saw this demonstrated on a nude fistfight between two men once. They had each taken it. They stripped and started to fight. They each landed a fist on the other’s jaw and they simultaneously ejaculated. Semen spurted all over the place!”

Caitlyn laughed, then said, “Wait a minute. Where did you see this nude fight?”

Sarah smiled, “Oh, here in the Dungeon.”

“The Dungeon?”

Sarah said, “Oooh, you haven’t seen the Dungeon yet. Well, my sweet little catfighter, you have a treat in store. It’ll be just the thing to get that Viaggro pumping through your veins. And mine.”

“But what is it?” Caitlyn pleaded.

Sarah smirked and patted Caitlyn’s thigh. “Patience, my sweet. Right after we finish eating, we’ll visit the Dungeon. You won’t fucking believe it.”

Part 4

Sarah led Caitlyn down a softly lit hallway. They passed other couples coming back. She noticed that most of them seemed in a state of high sexual excitement.

“So….did they just come from where we’re going to?” Caitlyn asked.

“Without a doubt. Their pumps have been primed, so to speak.”

They were walking hand in hand, sometimes squeezing each other’s palm, softer, then more insistently. Caitlyn felt the first stirrings of the Viaggro. Oh, yes, she thought, it’s definitely kicking in.

Sarah said, “The real name for the place is the Holo Room, but because of what goes on down there, it got the nickname of the Dungeon.”

They walked down a wide ramp, an entered a force portal. They felt the characteristic slight tingle as they entered. It was a large room, perhaps ten meters by twenty, with a tall ceiling. The only illumination came from ten different waist high boxes, about 15 square meters each. Several people stood around them, looking in, their faces rapt with attention, their bodies glowing softly from the light thrown up.

Sarah put her arm around Caitlyn’s waist, and led her to one of the boxes. A dozen men and women looked down into the holo tank, and Caitlyn saw, from the perspective of about two meters up, two naked women fighting. They were rolling around the floor of a bedroom.

Sarah whispered, “All the people you see in the tanks agreed to do this. It reduces the fee, and some of them do it to make extra money. It can be quite lucrative.”

Caitlyn asked, “I wondered about doing that – couldn’t bring myself to try.”

“Me either. I don’t mind a select few people watching, but not the whole world. I sure as hell don’t mind being a voyeur, though.”

Sarah indicated a wireless headset. Caitlyn slipped it on and heard the fight taking place. The women in the holo tank cursed and screamed in pain as they tangled in a perfectly scanned holovision. A screen on the edge of the box informed Caitlyn and Sarah that this was no holds barred catfight between Susan and Kim, both 35 years old.

Caitlyn and Sarah caught their breath as they watched the three-dimensional images of the women locked in a frenzied fight. Caitlyn noticed that this holo was the sharpest she’d ever seen. Most other holos she viewed would betray themselves by a flicker or an occasional moiré pattern as the 3D cameras processed the input. But this was like looking through a window into a real-life fight.

On impulse, Caitlyn stuck one slender hand briefly into the holo tank. To her eyes, here hand ended sharply at wrist. She withdrew it and watched as the women stood up, pulling each other’s hair sharply, and then mauling their breasts. She saw blood welling up from the scratches.

Sarah put her mouth to Caitlyn’s ear and said, “Don’t worry about that. DisHarmony has the finest medical tech on the planet. A few hours in the health tank will make those scratches disappear. Broken bones and other injuries are fixed with medical nanobots over the course of one night. They could pull each other’s arms out of their sockets and go home good as new. It’ll still hurt like hell, of course.”

In the tank, the two women, both dark haired and slender, tore into each other. They got into a figure four leg-lock, thighs crushed around each other’s heads, and they each bit and licked at their respective mounds. Caitlyn could see that despite the real rage of the fight, they were wet, hairless vulvas swollen. She heard them scream in her headphones.

Sarah ran her hand up Caitlyn’s back, digging in her nails a bit into the fragile cloth. Caitlyn shivered in excitement, and wanted to turn to her right now, but she was still fascinated by what they were watching. When the two women broke off their leg-lock panting, she wished she could dive in there with them, in a three-way fight. One of the women, breathing hard, gazed up into the camera pickup, and it felt like she looked right into Caitlyn’s eyes. Caitlyn felt a trickle of moisture drip from her pussy.

Sarah was breathing a bit faster. “Want to see some others?”

“Yes. God, yes.”

They drifted to the next tank. Here were two women in panties fist fighting. They were in a ring, and the light was from an old-fashioned bright overhead incandescent. Vague indistinct figures of an audience were crowded around the ring as the women battered at each other. The women appeared to be about their mid-forties, and they had some meat on their bones. They punched each other, somewhat inexpertly, some blows missing, some landing solidly.

One woman, a blonde, slugged the other one the belly. She staggered and doubled over, then came up with murder in her eyes. She landed a right cross on the blonde who back-pedaled into a corner. A referee appeared and a bell sounded. The women went into neutral corners and their cornermen (both men) rubbed them down and gave them water, rubbing ointment on their bruises.

The bell sounded again and they came back out fighting. They slammed their fists into each other’s meaty breasts, grinding their hands into the nipples. They grunted and moaned as they punched and wove and dodged.

Caitlyn was equally excited watching this, and caught Sarah’s eye. Sarah looked at her, eyes bright with excitement. Caitlyn wondered what it would feel like to be in such fight.

They wandered to the next tank. Here was something different. At first glance it seemed to be an orgy with six women, rolling around and slapping and tearing at each other, and then they noticed that all the women had large erect penises. It was a group of she-males, ranging in apparent age from mid-twenties through fifties, half of them African-American. Their body types were generally voluptuous, the dark-skinned women more muscular.

They were basically fuck-fighting, punching and clawing and kissing, with a good deal of frot going. They were all approaching some kind of group climax. Caitlyn and Sarah watched in awe as they grasped their rigid cocks and pumped them. Two of them came as she watched, their ejaculating penises hard against each other. Thirty seconds later, four of them came simultaneously, spurting ropes of white on each other, dappling their breasts and faces.

They moved along to another tank and saw a man and woman wrestling naked. They were both in remarkable shape, well muscled and agile, and looked to be in their early twenties. They struggled for position on the mat, and one point the woman pinned the man down and he tried to bridge. She grabbed his erect cock to emphasize her move and he tapped out.

Caitlyn noticed one tank with a privacy field flickering around it. She nudged Sarah. “What’s going on there.”

Sarah didn’t say anything for a second, then said, “Death match. Are you … are you curious?”

Caitlyn remember her long ago feeling when she first heard about it. She felt a distinct shudder of fear and excitement. “Okay….maybe for minute.”


The two women walked over and penetrated the privacy field. There were just a few gathered here. She looked down and saw two women naked in a sword duel. She gasped as the women, both in their apparent forties, fenced with skill and deadly intent.
Caitlyn whispered to Sarah, “Can the health centers fix this?”

Sarah said, “That’s what they’re counting on. Most death matches don’t go to final death. After the fatal blow or thrust, med bots rush in and take them to the health center. As long as they get to the person before brain death, they can freeze them and repair the damage.”

She looked down as one slashed her saber at the other’s breasts. The point of the blade drew a line down one breast that oozed red. Caitlyn heard the sudden intake of breath from the wounded woman.

Sarah said, “I’ve seen these two here before actually. They really get off on killing each other.”

The taller woman tied to thrust sword in and her foot slipped a bit on some blood. Her opponent saw the advantage and corkscrewed her wrist in and her blade punctured the taller woman’s belly. She pressed forward and the steel exited her back. The taller woman fell down, and into her opponent’s arms, breasts colliding.

Caitlyn felt faint. The tank went dark as the med bots sped in.

Sarah put her arm around Caitlyn. “Too much for you?”

Caitlyn said, “Ooohhhhh……I never dreamed!”

Sarah said, “Let’s look at something a bit less final.”

She led her over to another tank, and they looked in to see two older women, voluptuous and in their apparent fifties, catfighting with pure sensuous fury. The women both had dark brown hair. They were on a huge bed and their nightgowns were in shreds. They locked in a ball of mature female flesh, their thighs entwined, their hands twisted in each other’s hair.

Caitlyn felt the Viaggro kick in. Her nipples got rock hard and she touched herself between her legs. Sarah, behind her, wrapped her arms around Caitlyn’s waist and brought her hands up to clasp Caitlyn’s breasts. She squeezed them, pinching the nipples, and Caitlyn moaned. She watched the two mature women go into a classic trib posture, legs spread out and grinding hard, crying out their fury and their lust.

Caitlyn turned around and fastened her claws into the Sarah’s breasts. She looked her in the eye, and said, “Now….for the love of God let’s get to my room and START this thing. I want to fucking tear you to pieces!”.

In answer, Sarah slapped Caitlyn sharply on the face, ignoring the other people around the tank, and said, “Bitch….I thought you’d never ask!”

She grabbed Caitlyn’s hands, and the two women, their hands all over each other, hurried to the exit.

Part 5

Caitlyn tried to get her thumbprint on the door sensor, this being made somewhat difficult by Sarah crushing her against the door, and slapping her sides and ass. Caitlyn squealed and finally got her thumb on the right place. The door chimed and slid open.

The two women stumbled inside and the door closed behind them. Hands tangled in each other’s hair, they dragged each other to the bedroom and then broke apart.

Caitlyn’s bodice was torn, and one black bra cup was hanging down, exposing her breast and one very hard nipple. Sarah’s top was shredded and her bare breasts rose and fell as she breathed.

Sarah said, “You have a preference as to how you want to do this?” She came up to stand facing Caitlyn, inches apart. Caitlyn breathed, “Ahh-uhhh…..” a sound of frustration and need and anticipation. She thrust her breasts forward onto Sarah’s, felt their nipples meet and rub.

Caitlyn said, “Oh GOD! I’m going rip you in two!” She grabbed two handfuls of hair and Sarah did the same, both women crying out in sudden urgent fury and need. They shook each other’s head back and forth, their feet unsteady in their heels, relishing the feeling of fighting, feeling their breasts jammed together.

Sarah let with one fist and slapped Caitlyn hard on the cheek, leaving a red imprint. The sudden jolt of pain unleashed a primitive sexual rush in Caitlyn and she responded with a slap of her own. She kicked off her heels and Sarah did the same.

They looked at each other evenly. Caitlyn said, “Oh God that felt good hitting you.”

Sarah replied, “Fuck, yeah!” And whipped her hand hard against Caitlyn’s cheek again. Caitlyn felt the impact as if it rocked her innermost being, and she howled in pure animal pleasure and threw herself onto Sarah.

The two women ripped into each other, slapping and punching each other, and they fell onto the bed. The hems of their gowns were rucked up and soon their legs were entwined, thighs rubbing roughly together. They stared wide-eyed into other’s faces, seeking to inflict pain with their legs and clawed fingernails. The covers were soon disheveled as the women fought, desperately trying to gain advantage.

Caitlyn twisted away, seeking an avenue to turn the tables. Sarah went after her, and they tumbled from the bed onto the floor. Caitlyn tried to gain her feet, but Sarah wrapped her arms around the other woman’s waist and squeezed, her face on Caitlyn’s shoulder. She took the opportunity to clamp her teeth on the shoulder bit down, causing Caitlyn to scream and buck.

Sarah pulled the remains of Caitlyn’s dress down to her knees, and she was effectively hobbled. Sarah pushed Caitlyn face down on the floor and locked her arms around Caitlyn’s neck in a full nelson. Caitlyn cried out and tried to twist away, but Sarah applied more pressure.

Caitlyn felt her thighs being pushed apart by Sarah’s hips and then felt the dark-haired wildcat hump her hips between her legs. As Caitlyn tried her best to squirm away, Sarah crushed her mound to her sodden sex, and she gasped in sudden pleasure. Caitlyn raised herself enough that Sarah could suddenly rake her nails down Caitlyn’s chest, digging scratches into her breasts, as Sarah enthusiastically fucked her from behind. Caitlyn felt Sarah’s clit penetrate her labia and twist with her own nubbin. The pain of the scratches on her breasts synergistically combined with grinding tribadistic humping from behind, and Caitlyn keened her sudden orgasm, feeling her girlcum spurt out in heated rivers.

Sarah pushed down hard as her hips gyrated, and felt her own orgasm take her beyond control As the Viaggro coursed through their bodies, she came hard, and then brought her fists down on Caitlyn’s back just below the neck. She punched her three times until Caitlyn collapsed, dazed. Then Sarah fell to the side, her own dress barely there, rolled onto her back, and caressed her own body, squeezing her breasts and tugging on her nipples, in a state of raw lust.

Caitlyn came to full consciousness, looked over her shoulder, and Sarah on her back, still touching herself. Instantly aroused, she turned and threw herself on top of Sarah, and cried, “Oh, I’ve got you, you goddamn fucking whore! I’ve got you!”

She arched her back and pinned Sarah’s shoulders down. Sarah looked, still dazed from her overwrought climax, and brought her hands up to hook her fingers into Caitlyn’s breasts. She felt the hard nipples and pulled on them until Caitlyn shoved her hands aside.

Caitlyn pushed her own pussy down, forcing Sarah’s thighs apart and feeling her heated labia meet Caitlyn’s. She forcefully ground her pussy down, her clit throbbing and drowning in juices, and groaned loudly, fucking her clit into Caitlyn’s sex.

“I’m going to fuck you flat – I’m going to crush your cunt, you fucking bitch!”

Caitlyn threw her body down, crashing her breasts hard onto Sarah’s. Sarah tried to bridge, but the other woman painfully bounced her hips up and down, their pubic arches crashing together. Sarah felt her clit get mashed between the bones, and howled in sudden pain. She was forced to spread her legs to purchase some relief and she wrapped them around Caitlyn’s waist and tried to scissor her.

Caitlyn arched her back and slapped Sarah hard across the face, then put one hand around Sarah’s throat and started squeeze. Sarah felt her vision go gray, and her legs fell away.

In triumph, Caitlyn pushed her mound even harder onto Sarah’s, feeling the labia splay outward, smelling the fluids that were issuing from both of their pussies. She pushed her mouth down fiercely onto Sarah’s, invading it with her tongue and biting it, a savage assault that could barely be called a kiss. She slammed her sex down, and moaned with absolute triumph when Sarah gave her cat-cry of climax, whimpering as her hips spasmed and twisted. Caitlyn yelled when her own orgasm ripped through her, and the two fighting women lost themselves in their violent release.

Caitlyn looked down at Sarah’s face, then whipped her hand around, smacking it hard. “You owed me that one, you fucking bitch!” She rolled off, and grabbed the edge of a nightstand to pull herself to her feet.

Sarah lay on the floor, one hand thrown over her eyes. She rolled to her side, “Oh, just you wait, Caitlyn. Caitlyn….Caitlyn the cunt. What a cunt you are. Fucking hot, do you think, just because you made me come? Slut. Just you wait.”

“Ob, you want some more? Get up, Sarah – Sarah the slut, that’s what you are. Fucking fuck anything, wouldn’t you.” An inner part of Caitlyn’s mind was shocked by the words coming out of her mouth, but another part – and even more primitive part – was overjoyed. There was nothing more important than this fight; one of many, one that she felt would define her for the rest of her life. She wanted nothing more than to fight this woman, to feel their naked bodies clash and merge. She knew that the Viaggro was working in her, and she undeniably loved it.

Sarah rose to her feet. They were both nude now, their expensive gowns lay in tatters around them. They were scratched and bruised, with lines of red from their nails. Their makeup was in streaks, faces puffy, and hair in disarray.

The women both moved away from the bed, to an open sunken part of the room, about a dozen square meters. Caitlyn walked to the center, turned around, her hands on her hips. Sarah walked up to stand a foot away. They glared at each other.

Caitlyn hissed, “Bitch….let’s fistfight.” Gone was the early idea about rules that she felt were needed. They now both felt free to cut loose.

Sarah snarled, “Oh FUCK YEAH!”

With a roar, she pivoted on one foot and buried her fist in Caitlyn’s belly. Caitlyn doubled over, retching, and Sarah took the opportunity to swing a left hard onto the other woman’s jaw. Caitlyn went down like she was poleaxed, holding on to her midsection while Sarah stood over her, fists at her side.

Caitlyn coughed again, looked up, and rolled onto her back. She thrust out with her foot and caught Sarah hard in her sex. Caitlyn felt the wet impact and knew it hit hard.

Sarah screamed and backed away, cradling her wounded vulva. She whimpered, closing her eyes and tears streamed down. Caitlyn got to her feet and came over, fists held close to her head.

Sarah stretched out laid a right hook into Caitlyn’s left breast, flattening it. Caitlyn howled and threw a quick uppercut into Sarah’s chin. She went backpedaling from the punch.

They found a rhythm and started swinging at each other, and the drug did its work. They felt each blow burn their loins like a vibrator set on high. They pounded each other’s bellies and breasts and sides, slamming their fists into their jaws, and feeling each flash of pain and loving it. They clinched and they each crushed their fists into their pussies, and both of them cried out when the orgasm took them.

The nude fistfight continued as the bruised and bleeding warriors punched each other over and over, sometimes falling together, then rising to their knees and slugging again and again. Caitlyn lost count of the orgasms she had, feeling the liquid evidence of their battle course down her thighs.

They grew tired. Their fists had lost most of their power, but still they threw the punches. Until, both weeping, they fell into each other’s arms, but even then they tried to hit each other on their backs. Joined like that, the fighting women fell to the floor, locked together, legs entwined. Crying, they joined, their tender painful breasts rubbing together while their naked cunts merged.

They threw their heads back as one final orgasm swept them, an orgasm accompanied by the last blows they were able to leave on each other. In pure exhaustion they their heads back and looked at each other through swollen eyes.

Caitlyn whispered, “Oh, Sarah….Sarah…..I want to fight you like this forever…”

Sarah whispered back, “Oh yess….I never want to leave this room….fight you….hit you…fuck you…..over and over again….”

They fell asleep in each other’s arms, locked like that…..

Three days later, and a full night in the health center, Caitlyn’s most memorable vacation was over. She would never ever forget Sarah.

The End.

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