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Dr. Susan Glouster glanced at her calendar. Ah yes, she thought, Victoria Troughton. Susan brought up her notes on her tablet.

Victoria Troughton is a 42-year-old woman, well spoken, fashionably dressed, quite attractive for her age. She’s been married for fourteen years, no children. Her main complaint seems to be boredom. She works part-time at an art gallery, and she says she needs “some direction” in her life. The first three visits included details about her growing up and her marriage, which seems quite happy if not totally fulfilling. She has no interest in couples counseling. She finally seems ready to fully open up to me. The next session should be interesting.

A knock at the door. “Come on in.” Susan removed her horn-rimmed glasses and brushed her auburn hair away from her eyes. She smoothed a wrinkle on her dark blue pencil skirt, and sat back in her chair, crossing her legs. She had a pullover blouse, soft yellow, with a deep V neckline. When she leaned over a bit, the curves of her breasts were revealed.

Victoria Troughton walked in to the counseling room. She wore a classic little black dress, sleeveless, the hem brushing the top of the knee. The front had a scoop neck that revealed the slope of her firm breasts, just perfect for her frame. Susan could easily distinguish the protrusion of nipples. No bra, Susan thought. She really pulls that off.

Susan had the traditional couch for her clients. Victoria sat down on it and crossed her legs.

“How are you today, Victoria?”

Victoria let a small dreamy smile cross her lips. “Oh, I’m fine, Dr. Glouster. Just… fine.” In a soft fluid motion she removed her high-heeled pumps and brought her legs up on the couch, while turning to recline.

Susan glanced at her notepad. “Last week we were talking about your college days. Do you want to continue with that?”

Victoria turned her head, her jet-black hair bouncing softly. “Oh, no- I have something much more interesting to talk about.”

Susan smiled. “Well, this could be a productive session. Did something happen?”

Victoria said, “Yeah, I would say something definitely happened.” She hesitated.

“Sometimes it’s just best to flat out say it,” Susan prompted.

Victoria lowered her voice to almost a whisper. “Doctor Glouster, have you ever been in a fight?”

Susan was suddenly alert. “A fight? Were you injured? What happened?”

“Injured? Physically? No-o – not really. There may be a bruise or two.”

Susan moved her head forward, studying Victoria. No injury that I can see. “Victoria, was it Kevin?” Kevin was Victoria’s husband.

“Kevin? Oh, God no. Kevin wouldn’t hurt a fly. He hates physical confrontation.” A pause. “It was a woman. It was a … well, I’d guess you call it a catfight.”

She turned around on the couch, reclining on her side. “And you know what the really interesting thing about it was?”

Susan found herself intently interested in this. “What would that be, Victoria?”

“Oh, God – I want to do it again!” She closed her eyes, remembering. “I haven’t been so … so excited in all my life.”

“Victoria, who was it?”

“Oh…. her name is Kathy. She’s an old friend. Well, not so much a friend, but someone I’ve … worked with in the past, on charity gigs. You know, planning, arranging fund-raising parties. She’s a bit of a ….” She trailed off.

“A bit of a what?” Susan asked.

Victoria eyes went really wide, and she whispered like a little girl saying something naughty. “She’s a slut!”

Susan penciled a note on her tablet with a stylus. Reversion? Agonophilia? Childhood incident?

Victoria took her hand smoothed her dress over her breasts. Susan noticed that her nipples seemed more pronounce. Arousal?

Susan said, “Go ahead, Victoria. What happened?”

Victoria said softly, “I still can’t believe it.”

“I can imagine. A fight would be a shocking thing.”

“Oh, yes. But you have no idea how… how exciting it is!”

Susan thought, do I have to pull it out of her? Unconsciously, she shifted her position in her chair, uncrossing her legs. For some reason, she felt a little warm.

Victoria continued, “Well, Kathy came over because we been planning a fund-raising party for this one charity. She got to the house about nine – this was last Thursday, by the way. She got there and I let her in. She was wearing this sundress – you know how warm it was this morning. I had been doing some yoga so I was wearing some blue yoga pants and tank top. No bra.”

Just like now, Susan thought, noticing Victoria’s breasts again. Again with that feeling of warmth.

Victoria giggled. “Kathy is kind of a tease. Maybe she’s kind of mean. She said I was really living the relaxed life, just dressing like that. I kind of smiled at her japes, but I was a little annoyed. Whose business it anyway how I dress in my home?

She continued, “So I got her some coffee, and we started talking about arrangements for party, who’s bringing what, sending out Evites, what have you. We’re sitting in my den, on the sofa, kinda close together. I mean, our knees were touching. I think at some point, she had unbuttoned another button on her sundress, because I remember seeing her breast almost to the nipple. Gawd, she has these big nipples, Kathy does. She’s blonde, and she was wearing her hair in a ponytail. I was thinking, hey, if she wants to show her boobs off, and try to look like a teenager, okay. That’s just Kathy, she always likes to look young. And maybe I was trying to compete. I leaned over a bit, letting my neckline fall a bit forward, and I caught her looking. Told you she was a slut!”

Without thinking about it, Susan’s hand drifted to her neck, then fell toward her own neckline. Her fingers brushed her breasts, and she felt a distinct tingling.

“So, at some point, we were sort of arguing about who should do what. I thought she was piling too much on me, I told her so. Well, she leaned forward, narrowed her eyes, and said, ‘Oh, you don’t think you can do it? You don’t want to pull your weight?’ And I getting a bit heated, and I said, ‘What? I’ve been pulling this along since the beginning, so fuck you!’ And she was quiet for a minute, and then she muttered something I didn’t hear. So I said, ‘What did you say?’ and she said….well, she said, oh my, she actually said, ‘Well maybe we should just settle this once for all, you bitch!’ And I asked what she meant, and then she got very quiet, and then she said, like it was something she wanted to say for a long time, ‘I think we should fight. You and me. Settle this.’”

Susan moved forward in her chair, intent on Victoria’s narrative. Good God, she thought, this is … somewhat … oh, fuck … exciting.

“Then I looked at her. At first I couldn’t believe it, but then I kinda got, uh, like I wanted to. I’ve always thought Kathy could use a beat down, you know? So I said, ‘Fight? You think you could beat me? Is that it?’ And then she stood up and faced me, and I was still sitting on the couch and she said, ‘Come on, let’s find out. Cunt!’.

At the forbidden word, Susan felt a thrill of arousal. No denying it this time. She thought, Oh, damn – what’s wrong with me? This is making me hot!

Victoria paused for moment, then said, “Oh my! When I heard that, I snapped! I stood up and faced her. We were so close our breasts for pressing together. I could actually feel her stiff nipples – and she could feel mine. I said very softly, ‘You’ve got one goddamn second to take that back, you bitch!’. And she just looked me, and smiled her superior smile, and I slapped her!”

Susan caught her breath. Then she husked, “Oh you struck the first blow then?”

“Well, yes. But you could say I was provoked. Yeah, I was definitely provoked. If some woman said that to you, called you a cunt, would you just calmly sit there and take it? Would you?” And she raised her head, turned to look at Susan.

Susan, caught off guard, said, “Well…. I don’t know. That … never happened to me. But this is about you. What happened next?” The therapist felt a twinge of embarrassment, because what she really felt was agreement. She thought about how amazingly right it would feel to slap some bitch and again she experienced a sexual hit.

Victoria laid her head back down. Susan noticed that Victoria’s hand have drifted to her neckline and she watched with growing excitement as the black-haired woman caressed herself.

Victoria said, “Kathy looked shocked for a second, then she slapped me back, and it was like someone turned a switch and I didn’t feel quite human anymore. We grabbed each other’s hair and fell backwards onto the couch, slapping and rolling around. We cursed and screamed, and we dug our hands into each other’s breasts. I pinched her nipples and she did the same to me, and then we fell to the floor. We rolled all around the carpet, bumping into furniture. The hem of her dress went way up and we found our crotches jammed together, and oh God, I was getting wet and I could tell she was too. We were fucking animals!

“We kept fighting on the floor and I pulled the top of her dress and it ripped and her boobs just fell out. She yelped and she yanked the straps of my tank top down, and my breasts were exposed and she grabbed them with both hands. I couldn’t move to well because the straps were caught on my upper arms so she had the advantage.”

Susan listened with rapt attention and she reached up with her own hand and squeezed her breasts, feeling the nipples erect under her bra and she thought, Oh dear God, I’m going to have go the bathroom when she’s gone and masturbate, oh sweet fucking God I want to come right now.

Victoria continued, “I finally worked my arms from under the straps so I could go after her full force. We pulled apart and got on our knees facing each other. Kathy pulled the rest of dress down and wiggled out of it, leaving her in blue lacy panties. I could see they were wet. She was shaven, and I could see her pussy lips all swollen. I felt the same way and I tore what was left of my tank top away from my waist. I wasn’t wearing anything under my yoga pants and my pussy was soaked.

“Kathy looked at me and said, ‘At last – woman to woman!’ and I thought oh fuck yeah! We threw ourselves at each other, wrapped our arms around each other’s waists, and we crammed our breasts together. It really hurt, and it felt really good too! We bear hugged, trying to flatten each other’s breasts and then we jammed our hips together and we felt our wet pussies crush together; we were so wet it almost felt like our pussies were naked. We ground our pussies together and tore at each other’s naked backs and I grabber her ass and she grabbed mine.

“Then she plastered her open mouth on mine and I moaned, and she moaned and our tongues were wet and fighting. We bit each other’s lips and then she cried out, ‘Oh, God, Vicky, fight me fight me fight me fuck me fuck me!’ and we did and I fell backwards and she pinned me and my thighs spread apart and oh God I could feel her pussy, so wet, so hot, I could feel her CUNT on mine! And then it happened! I cried out and I came, I came so hard, spurting in my yoga pants and she came too, her panties even more soaked! We both came like sluts in heat and it felt so goddamned good!”

She paused, her breath coming back to normal. Susan, in her dazed state, noticed that Victoria’s left breast was exposed, the dark nipple hard. Susan desperately wanted to come. She shook herself to a semblance of normal.

Victoria noticed it too, and quickly adjusted it. She sighed, said, “Sorry. I still can’t believe it. I never felt anything like that before. “ She paused, then said, “We were a bit embarrassed about the whole thing. We each said I’m sorry and she gathered her clothes and got dressed. I stayed topless, and as she left she said very quietly, ‘I want to do this again. You?’ And I looked at her and said, ‘Saturday?’ And that’s tomorrow. “

“So, what do you think?”

Susan said, “I think I’m going to have to give this some thought. I must admit that was quite a story.”

Victoria said, “Oh, it’s not a story. It happened.”

Susan said, “Well, I do believe you, Victoria. The important thing is to find out why this was meaningful to you.” Now that the Victoria’s time was almost up, Susan felt her professionalism restored. She compartmentalized the very real arousal she had felt as just an odd event, caused by over-identification with a patient. The very thing that all therapists had to watch out for. She knew that she never would really feel an attraction to catfighting. Never!

Victoria stood up and Susan followed her to the door. Susan said brightly, “Next week then?”

Victoria looked at her, then said, “Let me convince you.”

Victoria fastened her hands tightly on Susan’s upper arms and pushed her back against the door. Susan didn’t even time to protest as she felt the breath half knocked out of her.

“This happened,” Victoria said, and jammed her body against Susan’s, their breasts mashed together, and Susan was suddenly swimming in the same animalistic fugue of sexual arousal she had so cavalierly dismissed.

Victoria reached up and grabbed Susan’s breast and squeezed. She raised the hem of her dress and inserted her right thigh violently between the doctor’s legs and moved it hard against her crotch. Victoria crushed her mouth on Susan’s and ground her thigh roughly against Susan’s crotch.

With the arousal earlier, it didn’t take long. Unable to resist, Susan found her arms going around Victoria’s waist and her head draped over the dark-haired woman’s shoulder. Her eyes glazed and then closed and she cried out suddenly, climaxing in Victoria’s arms, her hips thrashing and her pussy leaking.

Victoria pushed Susan away from the door. The doctor slid down to the floor, moaning and weeping. As Victoria opened the door to leave, she said, “Why don’t you come by Saturday?”

As Susan lay there, sexually and emotionally exhausted, she knew one thing. She knew where she would be on Saturday.

The End.

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