Alabama Encounter by Corvus

Alabama Encounter by Corvus

Anna was tired. She had had a long day on the road and she was ready for a bed, any bed, and a good eight hours of sleep. She was driving through southern Alabama not far from the coast. It was 9PM and the lonely highway was sheathed in wisps of fog, ghost-like in the beams of her headlights.

She brushed back her brown hair from her forehead. Ahh, she thought, that looks ,,, well, it looked like crap, but beggars can’t be choosers. She slowed down and turned into the driveway of an ancient motel. There were a few cars there, but not many. But the VACANCY light was lit. All she wanted was a bed, maybe a soda, and eight hours of sleep.

She pulled her 4Runner up to the driveway in front of the office. She glanced at herself in the vanity mirror, and smoothed her brown hair back a bit. She was wearing snug jeans and white long-sleeved shirt. Two buttons at the top were undone, exposing a bit of cleavage. She grabbed her bag and opened the door.

It was humid and still hot in the last of twilight. She saw perhaps a half-dozen cars parked in front of the unit. A lot of the doors had X’s taped over them for some reason. The air was still, and beads of sweat popped out on Anna’s forehead. Definitely no Hilton, she thought, but one night shouldn’t kill me.

She went up to the front door and opened it. She heard a clattering window unit AC trying to cool the room without much success. There was a battered wooden counter and a woman, perhaps 40 or so, was sitting there, idly glancing at a magazine. She was dressed in an old t-shirt. She had shoulder length dark hair, and a face that would have been pretty if it wasn’t currently set in a bitchy-looking frown. Anna thought about turning around and getting back in her car. She had a visceral reaction to the woman behind the counter. She looks like she would just as soon slap you as say hello, she thought. Anna counted to five, and remembered how tired she was.

The desk clerk looked at Anna and said in a husky, cigarette-roughened voice, “Yeah?”

Anna decided to try for friendly. “Hi. I’ve been on the road for 12 hours, and I’d really love a room for the night. I don’t have a reservation, but I saw the vacancy sign.”

The woman stood up, grabbed a cigarette from a pack of non-filtered Camels, and stuck it in the corner of her mouth. Anna could see that she wore some dirty looking cut-off jeans. They exposed a pair of well-muscled tanned legs She pulled a butane lighter out of her pocket, and puffed the cigarette into life. On her shirt, Anna saw a scrawled name-tag: Cody.

Cody looked at her for what seemed like a long five count, then said, “Yeah, we got a room, but I guarantee it’s probably not gonna meet any uptown expectations you might have.” The voice had a distinct Alabama drawl.

Anna smiled slightly, said, “I don’t mind – just need it for one night.”

“Okay,” Cody said in a tired voice. “Got a credit card, sugar?”

Anna pulled a Visa card from her purse and handed it to her. Cody placed a clipboard on the table with a cheap ballpoint pen for Anna to fill out her information.

Anna asked, “Any place for a snack around here?”

Cody puffed her Camel, blew out a long stream of smoke. She said, “Vending machine around the corner. And no, I ain’t got any change.” She handed the key – a real metal one, not a card key – to Anna, who noticed that the fingernails were clean, but cut short. “Room 16, checkout time is noon.”

Anna waved her hand through the smoke. “Thanks.” She saw no point in any further conversation. Cody’s attitude gave her the urge to pop the bitch in the mouth. Temper, Anna said to herself. No point in bringing up those old ghosts again. She took her bag and left the office. She felt Cody’s eyes drilling into her back as she left.

Anna got in her 4Runner and drove down the row of units until she came to number 16. She got out and grabbed her bag and overnight case and unlocked the door. She flipped on the light. A nasty fluorescent tube flickered overhead. She dropped her bag and turned on the AC unit, and it rattled into life, puffing out some barely cool breezes.

The room smelled of cigarettes and cheap take-out food. It did seem reasonably clean though, and the double bed had a couple of pillows and a threadbare blanket over sheets yellow with age. She flipped on the bedside lamp. It provided a dim glow.

Anna thought about going to the vending machine to get a soda, then decided she would do without. She fished a bottle of water out of her bag, opened it, and took a long drink. She looked around the room. The insipid landscape prints in plastic woodgrain frames were hooked to the dingy wallboard. An old tube-type TV was shoved against one wall.

Anna shook her head and decided to get ready for bed. She unbuttoned her shirt and took it off. Her ivory bra was low-cut, exposing her cleavage. She unsnapped her jeans and slowly shoved them down past her hips. Her skimpy panties caught on the edge of the waist and almost exposed her shaven mound.

She reached around behind her and unhooked her bra and tossed it on the bed. She sighed as her breasts were free, and she rubbed them up and down, her large nipples becoming erect.

She went to the bathroom and splashed water on her face, grabbed a thin face towel and dried if off. She looked at herself in the cracked mirror under the baleful glare of a fluorescent tube. A wry smile came to her face

Damn, she thought, I still look good. Her breasts were still full and firm and her thighs still well-shaped. Working out religiously had slimmed her down, but she still had her womanly curves. She ran her hands over her skin along the elaborate tattoos. She flicked her nipples, and they became erect. She impulsively skinned her panties off. She looked at herself as she slid her finger along her shaven labia. That might be fun, she thought. Bring myself off – a quick orgasm is just what the doctor ordered.

She turned off the light and padded naked over to the bed. She turned off the overhead light and reclined on the bed. She thought about the desk clerk, Cody. It would be fun to have a go-around with her, she thought. A rough go-around. With some slapping – and some pulling hair.

Images flickered through her mind of her and Cody rolling around in an uninhibited fight. She stroked her clit softly, and pinched her nipple with her left hand. She closed her eyes and felt her sex moisten, and she hooked her two fingers and pushed them deeper into her pussy. She moaned as she thought about slapping that Alabama bitch in the front office, and then she gasped as she came, her cunt spilling.

Anna felt the climax ebb and she felt better. With the rattling hum of the air conditioner sounding in her ears, she fell asleep.

Anna was hot. She looked around, unable to believe her senses.

Fallujah. She was dressed in fatigues, and her M-4 was cradled against her chest. The other members of the patrol were not around. That’s wrong! Where could they have gone! She strained to hear something, but there was no breeze. The sun was beating down, hotter than hell. She wanted to run, find someplace safe. Never get separated, they had drilled into her. Never!

Anna, gasping, opened her eyes. Sweat dripped down her forehead, plastered her t-shirt to her breasts. She calmed her breathing, saying it’s all right, it’s all right – I’m in a crappy motel in Alabama. A crappy motel and the AC isn’t working.

Shit. She got up and walked over the window unit by the door. She flipped on the overhead light and inspected it. She pushed the power button and it lighted, indicating it was getting power. She flipped the fan switch. Dead.

She went to the particle board desk and picked up the phone, dialed O. It rang half a dozen dimes, then was answered in a raspy tone, “Yeah? It’s fucking two in the morning.”

Anna said, “I know what fucking time it is. My air conditioner is broken, and it’s a freaking oven in here. I need you to get me another room.”

Low breathing for a second, then, “We ain’t got no other rooms. You got the last one, six others are occupied, and the rest are being renovated. Sorry about that, but you’re gonna have to put on your big girl panties and bear up.”

Anna kept her mouth shut for a long moment. She wiped a drop of salty sweat from her forehead. Finally, she said, “Look – Cody, isn’t it? – It’s inhuman to expect me to stay here like this. You make me leave, I’ll cancel the charge on my credit card. That won’t look so good to the management of this shithole, will it? I don’t care how you do it, but get me some AC.”

Cody uttered an exasperated rattle, then said, in terse tones, “Oh, fuck, okay. I’ll come down. Maybe it’s just a fucking fuse.” She hung up.

Anna looked down at herself and smiled. Still naked. She got up and pulled skimpy panties and a red t-shirt out of her bag. She quickly put them on, then went to the bathroom to dash tepid water on her face.

Two knocks at the door. Anna crossed over, opened it.

Cody stood there, a tool bag in one hand, cigarette dangling from her lip. She looked at Anna, said, “You should owe for this one, sweetie.”

Anna stood aside and motioned for her to come in. She glanced down at herself, and saw that the water had splashed on her t-shirt, and her nipples poked out where the red cloth had been molded to her breasts. She shrugged. Who gives a shit, she thought.

She said, “If you get the AC working again, I will.” She noticed Cody was wearing skimpy pajama shorts in a faded print and a light blue tank top. She completed the outfit with ratty looking flip-flops. One shoulder strap was loose about her shoulder. Her breasts jutted out, nipples hard little points. Anna smelled stale sweat and cigarette smoke. She waved her hand in front of her face, gave a little cough.

Cody walked over to the AC, turned to give a lopsided grin at Anna. She dropped the tool bag on the bed and said, “Oh, is a little smoke gonna irritate your big-city lungs? Too bad. I won’t be here for long, though.”

Anna thought, Oh, you bitch, you could really stand to have every inch of your ass kicked. By me.

Cody bent down, exposing her breasts almost to the nipples, and pulled a rusty screwdriver out of her bag. She popped open the front of the AC, and peered into it. She pushed a circuit breaker switch off and then on, then hit the power button. There was a brief wheeze, and then a puff of vapor from the vents. Nothing else.

Cody turned around, wiped sweat off her brow. Indicating the AC with the screwdriver, she said, “Sorry, sugar-tits – but that compressor is fried. Nothing I can do with it until morning.”

Anna glared at her. Her temper was rising. In low tones, she said, “What the fuck are you going to do about it? I paid good money for a room, and by God, it should be fit to be inhabited by humans. You Alabama white trash might think this is good enough, but I sure as hell don’t!”

Cody held the screwdriver in her hands, looked down at it, then at Anna with a sudden flash of anger. She hissed, “You better watch yourself, missy! You better watch yourself. I could…I could…” She waved the screwdriver around.

Anna said, “What? You gonna do something with that rusty piece of shit? You want to stick that thing in me? Try it. Bitch.” She spat the last word out.

Cody looked at the screwdriver, then dropped it on the bed. She walked forward, stood a foot away from Anna. She narrowed her eyes, said, “I don’t need a screwdriver to take care of you, darlin’. I surely don’t know what it is about you, but I don’t think I’ve seen anybody that I’d like to fight more’n you.” She licked her lips. “Yeah, it’s funny. The thought of tangling with you has me sorta worked up.” She moved forward until her breasts met Anna’s.

Anna felt white fire course through her body. She forgot all about the infernal warmth, about the deadening fatigue she had, and felt the aching desire to fight, to fight like cats in the summer heat with this cunt. In the back part of her mind, something warned, “Stop. You don’t want to do this. It’s wrong.”

Aloud, she whispered, “But I do want it.”

Anna wrapped one arm around Cody’s waist, and pulled in hard. Their breasts flattened against each other, nipples like hard pebbles. She said, “Oh God! Let’s do it, you whore! Let’s get it on!”

Cody, her mouth an inch from Anna’s, moaned, “Ohhh….fight me you cunt!”

Anna felt the unforgettable pressure of two sets of breasts compressing against each other. She drilled her eyes deep into Cody’s. Cody responded by wrapping both her arms around Anna’s waist and pulling them closer together. They felt their rigid nipples poking their shirts and they groaned as their breasts were crushed together. Anna reached up with one hand and wrapped It up in Cody’s brown hair and pulled.

Cody hissed, “Cunt!”. She let go of her grip around Anna’s waist and fastened her left hand on Anna’s hair, twisting it. The two women squealed in pain and broke apart. Anna rubbed her aching breasts, and Cody did the same as they looked at each other, breathing hard, and sweating in the Alabama heat.

Then Anna said, gratingly, “I’m going to make you hurt. You are going to regret you were ever born, you redneck piece of shit!”

Cody replied, her hands hooked into claws in front of her, “I’m going to tear you apart, you bitch!”.

Anna paused for a second, then pulled her t-shirt over her head, exposing her large breasts and hard nipples. Sweat dripped down from her head onto them, shiny in the overhead light. She said, “Come and get me, girl! I’m ready!”.

Cody said, “Oh, you think those boobs can do anything? Let them meet mine!” She pulled off her tank top and her breasts came into view, dark nipples equally stiff. Her breasts rose and fell with her steady breathing.

Anna, for her part, knew she was in for a fight. She didn’t want to kill this woman (that would have been easy with her Marine training) so the trick was to fight her like a woman – as dirty as possible without delivering a killing strike to the larynx or breaking her knees. She had done her share of catfights over the years – and it was in her blood to lock up with this woman, to crush her and make her submit, to leave her on the floor, beaten. And the thought of seeing Cody dazed and beaten, beaten by her, gave her an immediate sexual rush.

As she was about to decide what to do, Cody yelled and jumped at her. Anna felt the hit like a freight train, bare breasts colliding, and she back-pedaled trying to say upright. She hit the wall opposite the bed. She lashed out with her right hand in a whip-fast slap to Cody’s face. The impact was solid, and Cody’s head twisted from the blow.

But the motel clerk was impressively resilient. She returned the slap with a backhanded left and caught Anna on the jaw and dazed her. Anna shook her head for a second, her auburn hair bouncing. She then slammed a hard punch into Cody’s belly.

Cody let out a mighty WHOOF and fell backwards onto the dingy carpet, cradling her abdomen, gagging. This sent a thrill of primitive joy through Anna. She leapt forward and landed on top of Cody. She felt the breasts crush together, and she relished the pressure. Her pelvis hit Cody’s solidly, and their sexes under their panties went SPLAT.

Anna raised her head a bit, looked down and said, “Oh, you cunt – how’s it feel having an uptown girl putting you down? Feel that?” And she pushed her hips down, feeling her pussy hit Cody’s sex, and she felt distinct warmth. “Oh, you whore – you’re making me wet, you are!”

Cody tried to bridge, but this had the effect only pushing her panty-clad pussy up against Anna’s. “Fuck you!” she cried, and twisted harder underneath Anna and managed to put them on their sides. Their legs wrapped around each other and entwined together roughly and the women slapped and tore at each other’s backs and sides, grunting curses and unintelligible mutterings of pain and rage.

Cody pushed again and the women rolled around the floor, a flaying catball of female violent embrace. They raked their nails down each other’s naked backs, raising angry welts. They tore at each other’s panties until they were shredded.

While on their side, they pulled apart enough at one point to each bury their hands in the other’s breasts. Anna hollered in pain as she felt Cody’s hands dig into her globes, squeezing them viciously. Anna snarled and clamped her hands onto Cody’s more pendulous breasts. She felt the hard nipples against her palms and she dug in her longer fingernails into the tender flesh. Both women attacked the nipples at that point, pulling and pinching hard the sensitive tips. The fiery pain concentrated their minds, each determined to outlast the other.

Finally Cody screamed, “TIME OUT, CUNT!” and pulled back, skittering back along the dirty carpet until her back fetched up against the bed. She came to a sitting position, and held her palms against her breasts.

Anna welcomed the break. She sat up against the wall, and regarded her now-nude opponent who was about eight feet away. She looked down and pulled the remnants of her panties off and threw them aside. She noticed that Cody’s labia were as naked as hers. She touched herself, and she was wet.

Cody looked at her and said wearily, “Do you want to quit?”

Anna paused, then said, “No. Let’s finish this. You and me, woman to woman.”

Cody managed a lopsided smile. She wiped a drop of blood from her mouth. “I was hoping you’d say that, slut. Okay, woman to woman. But let’s finish this dance someplace else.”


“Follow me.”

Cody got to her feet and headed for the door.

Anna said, “Naked?”

“Bitch, do you really care right now if some old tourist gets a look at the goods?”

Anna thought for a moment, then said, “I guess not.” She followed Cody out the door.

The motel clerk led her across the asphalt and to a dirt path heading into the woods. She turned to Anna and said, “We’re going to a place I’ve gone before. For this kind of thing.”

Anna felt a sudden tinge of fear and excitement.

Nude, they walked under a last-quarter moon into the woods. The air was as stifling as ever. They came to a clearing, and there was a patch of well-worn dirt and grass in a depression about six inches lower than the surrounding clearing, about twenty feet wide and irregular. Cody went to one end of this pit, and said, “Welcome to our hell, sweetheart.”

Anna looked around, and she felt the fire rise up in her. This is where they would make their final stand.

Anna felt intensely alive. Standing here in this pit, in the Alabama countryside, at oh-dark-thirty, she was facing this woman who was as naked as she was. The two combatants circled at the edge of the pit, taking the measure of each other.

They had undergone a furious ten minutes of uninhibited female combat in the drab motel room, and now they were set to take that fight to the ultimate conclusion. Their bodies were covered with a sheen of perspiration that glowed in the moonlight, highlighting their well-shaped breasts and hips and thighs. Their pussies seemed to be luminous in the night.

Cody said, “Ohhh….this feels so right….this feels so perfect. It’s what I’m destined to do, Anna. It’s what we’re meant to do.” Her voice was softer than it had been, and it was the first time the woman had called Anna by her name instead of some epithet.

Anna felt it too. She thought this place, this scene, felt like some out-of-life dream. She said, equally softly, “You’re right, Cody. It’s our fate. God! I want to fight you!”

Cody stopped circling. She stood at the edge of the depression, and held her arms down by her side, palms facing Anna. She extended her hands and clasped her fingers against her palms twice. The message was clear.

Anna charged, her breasts bouncing, nipples achingly rigid. Cody dashed forward. The women screamed like panthers. They collided in the middle of the pit, and threw their arms around each other, and stood their ground, bear-hugging in the night, and their mouths found each other’s faces and chewed, their teeth hard against flesh, biting lips. Their tongues stabbed forward as they struggled, breasts and bellies and legs mashed together.

Anna moaned as she felt every inch of the front of her body meeting Cody’s naked form. Their bare feet danced in the dirt as they strained against each other. Anna felt her sex meet Cody’s again and again, rubbing and grinding. She and Cody moaned as their pussies met and dueled.

The women slammed each other on the back and sides, slapping and punching, and then digging their claws into each other’s skin. They raised bleeding scratches and the pain drove them on to hurt each other even more.

Briefly they pulled back, and then punched each other over and over again in their tender breasts, feeling the hard nipples against their knuckles. They cried out in pain and desperate need as they fought. Anna thought that there would be no better end to her than to fight like this forever, naked and feverish with catfighting lust.

Anna kicked out and slammed her foot into Cody’s belly. Cody felt the air leave her body with a whoosh and she fell on her ass to the ground, coughing and retching. Anna jumped up and stood over the naked motel clerk who was clutching her midsection, her eyes tightly shut.

Anna placed her foot on Cody’s chest, and held her down. She felt the stiff nipples on the sole of her foot. She said, panting, “Cody…please…. don’t take it any further.”

Cody gasped for air, and then grabbed Anna’s calf and pulled, twisting. Anna yelped in surprise and she fell backwards, hitting the back of her head on the ground. She whimpered in pain, and then Cody crawled over and climbed on top of Anna, straddling her abdomen. She leaned forward and brought the palms of her hands down onto Anna’s scratched and bleeding breasts. She smiled evilly as she pressed down, flattening Anna’s globes.

As she dug her fingers in, squeezing, Anna saw Cody’s wet sex on her belly, rubbing. Cody closed her eyes as she pleasured herself, uttering small sounds of animal need. Anna felt the stiff clit rub on her belly button. Wetness oozed from her cleft.

Anna took Cody’s wrists in her hands. She looked up into Cody’s hazel eyes and grunted, “Ohhh….” She used all her strength and pulled Cody’s hands off to either side, and Cody’s upper body plummeted down and fell on top of Anna, who gasped when their breasts met once again.

Anna found her teeth pressed hard against Cody’s shoulder. She took the opportunity and bit down hard. Cody screamed in pain and pushed herself off, rolling to the side. Anna sat up quickly and saw the angry red bite on Cody’s shoulder.
Cody rubbed the injury, and muttered, “You dirty bitch! You dirty fucking bitch!”.

Anna game to her knees and jeered, “You know it, darling.”

Cody rose to her knees as well. They were both sporting dozens of scratches, and though it was hard to tell in the moonlight, patches of darkness that would soon be angry bruises.

The two women bounded at each other yet again, and twisted into a furious spitting catball. They rolled around the pit, tearing and punching, shoving their fists into their bellies and breasts and sides. They then managed to twist around and they locked their thighs around each other’s necks, squeezing. They smelled the supercharged scent of their cunts and as they contorted together, they chewed at each other’s labia.

Anna gnawed on Cody’s clit, mostly with her lips and Cody did the same to Anna, trying to find a way to bite. The result was a sudden flowing of aroused juices and they clamped each’s other pussy in a vicious 69, their wet tongues wrestling with clits. As they came to a sudden stop, side by side, they found themselves consumed with a shattering orgasm, and spurted their womanly ejaculate onto each other’s faces and mouths. Anna cried out like a wildcat in heat, as did Cody, their hips spasming and jerking.

They pulled apart from their mutual unexpected orgasm, turned around and looked at each other.

Cody whispered, “You cunt. You’re gonna pay for that. I’m gonna kill you, you fucking whore!”

Anna said, “I’m going to rip your tits off and chew your cunt into dog food, you redneck bitch!”

They came together again in a flurry of slaps and blows, yanking hair, punching each other again and again into the belly and pussy, mashing their labia. They were both weeping openly now, tears coursing down their cheeks, and they danced their depraved waltz in the moonlight. They hammered their bodies again and again, crashing their now pain-wracked breasts into each other over and over.

They fought and cried and their pussies met and they ground their sexes together while on their knees and screamed once again as their bodies betrayed them with a howling orgasm, juices spurting onto their thighs and staining the dirt below.

And then with the knowledge of finality, they fell to the ground, Anna on top, her hands encircling Cody’s throat, while Cody’s still strong hands were around Anna’s. They choked each other as their legs entwined one final time, all tears exhausted.

Anna felt her vision gray as throat was closing, and she fell to the side, her hands still locked around Cody’s neck, trying to dig her thumbs in. Anna’s hips still moved and jerked, rubbing their bodies together in malevolent sexual thrusts.

Both women felt their sight dim….their hands never left their task. As they grasped each other’s neck with clutching fingers, Anna’s last thought before oblivion was how right it felt to do this, and how, strangely, she would mourn the loss of Cody.



Anna felt herself swimming upwards through a haze of half-remembered pain and arousal. She opened her eyes and blinked in the sunlight.

Still dazed, she sat up. She was still in the clearing, but judging from the angle of the sun, it was at least 9 in the morning. She looked around, but Cody was nowhere to be seen. She stood up and glanced down at her nakedness.

Suddenly aware of how exposed she was, she put one arm in front of her breasts and the other covering her sex, and she hobbled down the path to the asphalt of the motel. It looked deserted. She saw no cars there, no sign of life.

She quickly dashed into her room, unable to believe the night she had had. Oddly, she didn’t seem more than moderately sore. She looked down at her breasts and legs, expecting to see a tapestry of angry scratches and welts. Surprisingly, they’re weren’t but a few, and they seemed to be fading.

The violent events of the past few hours playing in her mind, Anna hurriedly showered and dressed and left the room. As she loaded her bag in her car, she looked around. Where could everyone have gone. Spooked, she decided a quick exit was the best course of action.

In a small town off the outskirts of Highway 90, she stopped at a diner for quick cup of strong coffee. She spent a few minutes checking her email on her tablet, then got up to pay.

The hostess in the diner, a matronly woman in her 60s, took her check and cash and made change. She glanced up at Anna and said, “You okay, dearie? You look like you had an unsettled night.”

Anna smoothed back her hair, and said, “Didn’t sleep too well last night.”

Then she glanced at a faded newspaper clipping pinned the wall behind the cashier. The picture was of the ratty old motel she had just stayed in. She asked, “Pardon me…but what’s that picture about?”

The hostess laughed. “Well, that’s our little town’s claim to fame, you might say. About ten years ago, there was a woman run that place, name of, uh…it’ll come to me….”

Anna cleared her throat, said in faint tone? “Cody?”

“Yes, that’s it. Cody! Someone must have told you about her, that poor girl.”

Anna’s throat caught. “Uhh….just a little. I never got the full story.”

The hostess said, “Well, it’s kinda…perverted.”

Anna said, “Go on.”

The hostess leaned forward and said, “Well, Cody was one mean bitch, if you pardon the expression. She got into so many fights when she ran that place. And always with other women. Now, I can’t swear to it, but the story is that she got into one last fight with some out-of-town gal. And it must have been a doozy, because supposedly the state police found their bodies in a little low place behind the motel. And they found the women naked as jaybirds, their hands round each other’s throats, and if you’ll pardon the expression, like they was also lovers, because their private parts were jammed together. Musta been lesbians, I guess.”

Anna, her face betraying nothing, felt ice all along her spine.

The hostess concluded, “Yep, it was ten years ago…to the very day.”

Anna said, “How…how interesting.”

“Sure is. You have a nice day, now, sweetie.”

Anna got in her car and headed east on 90. In her mind, she refused to believe it. But she couldn’t help but know that she came so close to joining Cody. And part of her wanted to, to be locked forever in naked combat with that woman.

Cody had said, Ohhh….this feels so right….this feels so perfect. It’s what I’m destined to do, Anna. It’s what we’re meant to do.

Anna shivered and didn’t stop until she hit Florida.

The End.

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  1. Giannis says:

    Hot ! Well written, interesting plot, an unexpexted switch at the end. I would prefer a little more of sexfight and tribbing than catfight and brutal violence (like in many of the old Rino’s stories) but my personal taste speaks. I liked it.


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