No Barriers by Corvus

No Barriers by Corvus / Rino Story

Cathy Burton tossed and turned on the bed.  She glanced over at the clock.  Three A.M.  She groaned and pulled off the covers.  Despite the comfort of the bed, despite the wonderful meal she had had earlier in the evening, she just wasn’t sleeping.  She got up and went to the window. Avery early Roman morning was outside her suite in the Hotel Excelsior.

Cathy, a trim and fit blonde in her late thirties, looked at the brochure describing the facilities.  Ah, she thought, the fitness center.

Let me go sweat for about 30 minutes…that will relax me.

She stripped off her nightshirt and looked in the dresser for some workout clothes.  She grabbed a pair of black gym shorts and a dark blue sports bra.  She stepped into the shorts; not bothering with panties, then pulled the sports bra on and tucked her 34c pink-nippled breasts into the cups.  She ran a brush through her casually cut blonde hair, found a pair of flip-flops, grabbed her cardkey, and left the room.

She met no one as she rode the elevator down to the first floor.  She followed the directions to the fitness center, and opened the door.  Towels were on a convenient table, so she grabbed one and went over to the near elliptical exerciser.  Setting the timer, she started slowly, then graduated to a brisk workout, swinging her legs and arms vigorously.

Ahhhhh…..she thought…this is just what I need.

She heard the door open, turned briefly to look at who was coming in.  A sleek and beautiful black-haired woman stepped into the room and glanced around.  She caught Cathy’s eyes, and smiled.  She has a lovely face, Cathy thought.  Strong nose, high cheekbones, perfect skin.  Wide, dark eyes. 

She must be Italian….that Mediterranean look.  Her body was slender, and she was dressed in black spandex shorts that hugged her hips, and a white sports bra.  The nipples were quite evident.  Her hair fell about her shoulders in lustrous waves.

What was she doing here at the 3 in the morning?  Another traveler? 

Another victim of insomnia?

Cathy looked at her then glanced away.  I wonder if she likes to play around, she thought.  She shook her head, and concentrated on her workout,while stealing looks as the lovely stranger walked over to one of the weight machines, not 15 feet away.  Damn, the jet lag is doing me in. But as she watched the woman start flexing her muscles, stretching that wonderful rear end and fabulous legs, she could not help but ponder what it would be like to work out with her.  I wonder if she’s ever done any recreational wrestling….no, that would be too much to hope for. 

Still…it’s fun to fantasize.

Cathy closed her eyes and concentrated on the workout.  She was starting to get to the point where she would slow it down when she sensed someone standing in front of her.  She opened her eyes and the Italian woman was looking at her with a slight tentative smile.


Cathy paused in her workout, picked up the towel, and wiped her face. 

She shook her head, and said, “No Italian…. sorry… American”.

The dark-haired woman said, “American?  Si?”

That much Cathy got.  “Si.”

The Italian woman pointed to herself.  “Gabriella.” She then pointed at Cathy.

Cathy smiled and said, “Cathy”.  She held out her hand. Gabriella took it and gently squeezed it, smiling.

Gabriella gestured to the side of the center that had the free weight benches.  She pantomimed lifting weights, fingers curled around an imaginary bar, moving up and down.  Cathy watched as her breasts moved up and down as well.  Gabriella repeated the gesture and then held her hands forward, hands curled up, lifting again.

Cathy figured it out.  “Oh, you want me spot you while you lift?  Sure.”

She stepped off the elliptical exerciser and stood facing Gabriella.  She smiled, and then repeated the same lifting motion.

Gabriella smiled back, and they walked to the weight benches.  Gabriella swiftly fastened forty-kilo cylinders to ends of the bar and lifted it to the bracket.  Then she positioned herself on the bench.  Cathy stood at the head of the bench and positioned her arms as Gabriella grasped the bar and lifted it.  Cathy admired the flexing of the muscles of the arm, and how Gabriella’s chest tensed as she did several slow reps.  The Italian woman’s feet were planted firmly on the floor.  The black spandex she wore hugged the contours of her crotch like a second skin.  Cathy watched intently.

After another series of reps, Gabriella was breathing hard, and her arms began to tremble.  Cathy grabbed the bar and hefted it up to the bracket.

Gabriella let her arms fall to the side.  Her top was wet with perspiration. She rested a second, and then lifted herself to a sitting position.  She got up and rubbed a towel over her face, and she motioned towards Cathy and the bench.

Cathy said, “Sure.” She traded positions with Gabriella and lay back on the bench, her feet firmly on the floor and took the bar in her hands.  She looked up and saw the Italian woman placed in perfect position to take the bar if need be.  What a view, Cathy thought, staring up at the juncture between Gabriella’s legs.

Cathy pushed the bar off and pressed the 80 kilos up and then down, doing slow reps.  She breathed in and out with her lifts, enjoying the bunching of her muscles.  She did a dozen lifts, and then held up the bar.

Gabriella took it smoothly and placed it on the bracket.  Cathy rested a few seconds, then sat up.  She turned around and remembered some Italian.


“Benvenuto,” Gabriella said, and smiled.  She looked at Cathy, and then pointed at the floor mats a few meters away.  She took Cathy’s hand and brought her to her feet.  She pointed at the mats again, and then took

Cathy’s hands and pushed and pulled at them alternately.

Cathy said, “Oh, you want to some tandem exercises?  Why not?” She followed Gabriella to the mats.  The two women sat down and face each other. They positioned themselves so that their legs were spread and their bare feet meeting at the soles.  Cathy noticed how nicely her feet looked.

She’s had a recent pedicure, she concluded.

Before they grasped each other’s arms, Gabriella looked at Cathy with a questioning tilt to her eyebrows.  She looked around and swept her arm around the empty gym, and then pointed at her own sports bra, still soaked with perspiration.  She shrugged her shoulders as if to say, “I’m going to get comfortable…why don’t you do the same?”, and she pulled her top off over her head

Cathy’s eyes widened as Gabriella’s perfectly shaped breasts came into view.  Her nipples were dark and prominent, the areolas a shade lighter. 

They bounced a bit as Gabriella tossed the bra aside.

Well, Cathy thought, when in Rome.  She grinned at Gabriella and pulled her own bra off.  Her pink-nippled breasts bobbed a bit as she chucked her bra over to land on Gabriella’s.  She knew her breasts were well shaped, a nice 34c, firm and high on her chest.

Gabriella looked at Cathy and smiled.  She reached out and met Cathy’s hands and they started to press and pull at each other, bracing with their strong legs.  Their hands then grasped each other’s forearms as they became more energetic in their tandem workout.  It was a little dance they did on the mats and soon they began to breathe more heavily, pressing their feet together and pulling and exerting pressure.  Cathy thought it was wonderful. They kept it up for several minutes.

They found that their exercise became more of a competition as they went along.  Cathy would push one arm forward and pull the other arm back. Gabriella would exert more of her strength to resist the forward pressure and start to lean back as she pulled on Cathy’s arms.  They glanced at each other.  They saw the effort reflected in each other’s faces.

Oh, God, Cathy thought, she is strong and so fit!  Damn, she’s killing me here!  With the thought came the determination to do better.  She dug into her inner reserves and met Gabriella’s strength with her own.  Her muscles bunched and the tendons in her neck became corded as she worked at the exercise.  She was conscious of the same feelings as she had when she wrestled with another woman.  The need to prove herself. The need to win.

And along with that came the sensuous excitement of testing herself against this beautiful stranger.

At one point, they were at a stalemate.  Cathy pushed as hard as she could with one arm and pulled equally as hard with the other.  She was met with a steely resistance from Gabriella.  They trembled in perfect tension as they sought to move, to overcome the other.  They looked at each other, eyes open and staring, trying to see what the other woman had.  Trying to see into her.

Just as Cathy thought she would collapse in nerveless twitches from the tension, Gabriella cried, “Rendo!” and let go of Cathy’s arms.  Cathy heaved in a great draft of air and fell backwards, her arms to weak to lift.

For a few minutes the two women lay on their backs, their feet still joined together, breathing heavily.  Gabriella rolled over, looked at Cathy and smiled weakly.  “Grazie,” she said.

Cathy’s mouth twitched into an equally week smile.  “Benvenuto.”

Gabriella got to her feet and extended her hand to Cathy.  Cathy took it and rose to face her.  She looked steadily at Gabriella.  Gabriella then held up one finger.  One more?

Cathy nodded.

Gabriella placed the tips of her fingers together, and then pointed at her head.  She gradually flexed her fingers so that they were pressed together, then the palms meeting, and then the heel of her hand.  She touched Cathy’s forehead lightly, then her own.

Cathy got it.  She wanted to a direct body-to-body press, standing up.

Starting with the head, then to the shoulders, and on down…to the end.

Cathy smiled.  It was time to make the next move.  She swept her arm around the room, then at her own shorts.  She smiled as if to say, “Ain’t nobody here but us.  Might as well get comfortable.”

Cathy hooked her fingers in the waistband of her shorts.  She looked steadily at the beautiful Italian woman.  Her look was challenging. She slowly pulled her shorts down her lovely legs.  She exposed her sex with the neatly trimmed pubic hair and stepped out of the shorts.  She tossed them away, and resumed staring at Gabriella.

Gabriella returned her stare, and then placed her hands on the waistband of her tight spandex shorts.  In one swift motion, she skinned them off herself and stood nude before Cathy.

Cathy looked at her.  Gabriella was almost totally shaved, except for a small patch of hair above the cleft of her pussy.  Her clitoris was a small pearl at the top of her lips.  Her labia shone with moisture.

The two women looked at each other, measuring, taking stock.  Gabriella brushed a lock of black hair from her eyes and then leaned over a bit.  She kissed Cathy gently on the forehead.  Cathy felt the Italian woman’s nipples briefly touch her own.  She shivered.

From that position, they pressed their foreheads together and leaned into each other.  Their eyes almost crossed from the close range as they stared, pushing forward with their heads.  They kept up the pressure for a minute or so, then they both pushed forward and lowered their faces so that they pressed together.  Their lips met and softened and they kissed, warm and open and thrilling.

Cathy moaned.  But this was just beginning.  She pressed her shoulders into Gabriella’s and pushed forward, moving her back a bit.  Gabriella’s feet found purchase on the mat and she pushed back.  The tops of their breasts encountered each other.  They leaned together, pushing with greater pressure.  Gabriella’s thick nipples touched Cathy’s pink nubbins.  Both of them were erect and stiff, and they gasped as the sensitive tips rubbed together.  They pushed their breasts together, mashing them into each other. Gabriella groaned and sighed as they compressed their breasts, mushrooming them.

The tops of their abdomens met and they kept pushing forward, legs twisting and dancing as they sought stability.  They had not yet used their arms.  They danced against each other, naked and struggling, gasping and making short sharp intakes of breath.

Belly fell into belly.  Cathy and Gabriella pressed their stomachs together, feeling the muscles in their abdomens tighten as they pushed. 

Cathy was in heaven.  In direct competition with this naked Italian beauty, she was in her element.

Then the contact progressed lower.  Cathy moaned at the touch of her pussy to Gabriella’s.  She felt the lips splay apart.  She felt her

clitoris meet Gabriella’s sweet nub.  At this point just pushing forward was no longer enough.  She threw her arms around Gabriella and the Italian woman did the same to her.

They bear-hugged standing up, sweet sex against sweet sex, and ground together, gasping.  They used all of their strength, pushing against each other.  Cathy felt herself get wet, felt her breasts swell.  She was undulating her hips now, fucking the Italian woman standing up, grinding her as Gabriella pushed into her.

Oh, dear God, Cathy thought.  Oh, God, this is what I needed.  She pulled her arms tighter around the other woman, relishing the pressure of their breasts crushed together, their nipples stabbing each other.

Gabriella gasped and pulled her arms into a fierce embrace, and her hips spasmed, jerking against Cathy’s.  Cathy cried out and her own orgasm convulsed her, and she climaxed standing up, feeling her pussy spurt sweet juices.  She clutched at Gabriella, moaning.

The two women held each other up as the mutual orgasm took them.  Then they slowly descended to the mats, still holding on, faces pressed together.

They lay together for a while, as their breathing slowed.  Then Gabriella pulled her head away from Cathy’s shoulder.  She kissed her, then breathed, “Grazie… grazie… grazie…” She rose to her feet, found her shorts and sports bra, pulled them on and then blew a kiss at the American.

Cathy smiled.  She also got to her feet and found her clothes.  In less than 20 seconds, she was dressed.

Gabriella left first.  A minute or two later, a very bemused American woman left the fitness center, and five minutes later, was sound asleep in her hotel bed.

The End.

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