Saxon Violins by Corvus

Saxon Violins by Corvus story

Rose, a curvy woman in her early fifties, was in bed with her husband Jeff. Her silk robe was pulled back from her shoulders, exposing her large breasts. She was seated with her legs spread, the trimmed curly thatch of her bush visible, and the plump weight of her labia easy to see.

Jeff was on his knees in front of her, hard cock sticking out a good eight inches, the purple head swollen. There was a drop of pre-cum shining on the glans. Rose’s hand encircled the shaft and slowly worked it up and down. Jeff closed his dark eyes, and ran a hand through his close-cropped silver hair. Even after nearly thirty years of marriage, Rose could still bring him to a peak of aching lust.

“Oh, babe… better slow down a bit, or I’m going to go off all over your boobs.” He reached out and tweaked one of her stiff nipples.

Rose brushed back her long light brown hair and giggled. “That wouldn’t be the first time you did that, my man.” She let go of his cock, and it fell a bit, still pointed at her breasts.

The time was late afternoon, and muted sunlight shown through the curtains in their bedroom. Through a gap in the drapes, a shaft of sunlight splashed across their bodies.

Rose ran her hands along Jeff’s chest and abdomen, teasing by not touching. She said, “By the way, your sister called today.”

Jeff was wary. Rose and Catalina didn’t get along too well. “Oh? What’s going on?”

“She wants to come out next month to see Tom.” Tom was their son, Catalina’s nephew. He was currently away at the university, but would be coming down for spring break.

“And she’s planning on staying here?”

“Yep.” She didn’t say anything for a moment, and placed her hand around Jeff’s cock.

“Uh…how do you feel about that?”

She gave his cock a hard squeeze, making the head bulge out. Jeff gasped.

“You know I don’t care for your sister. But in the interest of family amity, she can stay. But sometimes I …”

She looked at him. “Sometimes I just want to slap her face. And more.”

She thought she felt Jeff’s cock jump a little. She couldn’t swear to it.

He said, voice a little rougher, “More? Like…a fight?”

She smiled. She knew Jeff had a mild interest in watching women tangle. She had on a few occasions woven fantasies about her getting in a catfight with with various women that Jeff knew from work, or a few of the prettier neighbor ladies.

She said, “Yeah. Like a fight. I know she’s your sister and I’d never really do anything like that, but fuck, yes. I’d like to take her down a peg or two. She’s always think she’s so hot.”

Catalina was indeed good looking, an inch or two shorter than Rose, but with shoulder length lustrous black hair and a killer smile. She had large firm breasts and a great figure.

Rose went on as she stroked Jeff’s penis. “Plus she’s always paying attention to you, and wanting you do things for her, and ever since she got divorced, she seems to think you should be at her beck and call.”

Jeff grunted. “Oh, she’s not that bad, is she?”

“Well…maybe not, but I tell you, I’d love to tangle with her. I’d push her down on the floor and slap her smiling face.”

It was definite that time. Jeff’s cock twitched. Another drop of pre-cum oozed out. Rose leaned forward and licked it up with the tip of her tongue. Yes, he was going for this. The dirty dog. She decided to go all out with it.

“You horny devil you! This is turning you on!”

“Oh fuck yeah!”

Rose continued, as she moved her fist up and down on the straining cock. “God, your sister and I would roll around the floor, slapping each other and pulling hair! I’d rip off her goddamn blouse and dig my claws into her oversized breasts. Oh, I can hear her screaming now! I know her, she’d be giving it to me as well. She’d punch at me and slap me hard, and I’d be cursing her out. ‘YOU BITCH!’ ‘YOU WHORE!’”

Jeff groaned and reached out, grasping Rose’s breasts. Their sumptuous flesh filled his hands and he squeezed them. Rose moaned, “Yeah…..oh, God yes… like that!”

Her breath was coming faster as she looked in her husband’s eyes, spilling the tale of catfight lust. “We’d roll around the floor tearing at each other’s clothes. She’d rip off my dress and maul my boobs, just like you’re doing now. She’d bite at me and I’d slap her. We’d pull apart and strip off our remaining clothes and go at each other naked.”

Jeff was starting to thrust his hips forward a bit. “And then we’d be locked up on the floor, slapping and tearing at each other, and we’d crush our breasts together. We’re rolling around bouncing into furniture, yelling and crying! We’d claw each other’s back and sides with our fingernails….oh, we’d be so enraged, but also dying to do this, something we needed to do forever.”

And Rose knew that was true. As she spun her fantasy for her husband, she knew that one day she would have it out with Catalina, and the thought made her hotter than ever.

Time to bring it home. “And then after an hour of biting and scratching like cats, I’d pin her down on the floor, and our breasts would be mashed together and I’d curse her name again and again, screaming FUCK YOU and I’d push my hips down and our pussies would slam together, our wet swollen pussies.”

That was it. Jeff groaned loudly and his hips bucked. His cock jumped in Rose’s hand and spurted a white streamer of semen that splashed on Rose’s face and dripped down her breasts. She continued to pump his cock, and he sprayed another sticky rope of seed that fell on her breasts, drops falling off the nipples. Again and again he moaned, and liberally decorated his wife with white streams.

Overcome with the need for release, Rose pushed Jeff backwards and she then moved forward to ride his face. She planted her swollen pussy on her husband’s face and said, “And then I’d push your sister down and … and… sit on her fucking face, until she ate me out and I came like a bitch in heat!”

Jeff chewed at her labia and sucked the hard clit into his mouth. Rose grasped his head with both hands and smeared her sex all over his chin and mouth. She gasped, and then cried out when she came, spurting her own liquor into his mouth.

She then looked down at him between her thighs, and said, “Yeah….that’s what I’d do.” Her breath was coming in gasps. And she knew…knew, indeed….that it could very well happen.

She dismounted her husband’s face and lay down beside him. Her mind was full of what might lay ahead.

The party was in full swing. It was three in the afternoon, and Rose and Jeff were attending to a group of twenty or so milling about the house, chatting, laughing, drinking, eating snacks. Tom had a group of his friends over, and there were various neighbors cheering in the good time.

Rose was dressed in a sleeveless blue dress that accented her figure well. The scoop neckline showed her cleavage nicely. She circulated around the den, engaging in conversation here and there, and Jeff did the same. People complimented her on the way she looked.

And Catalina was seated on a stool by the kitchen counter. She wore a spaghetti-strap scarlet dress that Rose thought was a bit too daring for a casual party. She clearly wasn’t wearing a bra, and the thin material of the dress was poked out by her nipples, which seemed to be constantly erect. She was laughing with a group of men who congregated around her, flirting, smiling, taking an occasional sip of her mimosa.

Rose looked at her, and Catalina glanced back. Her expression seemed to say, Yeah, I’ve got these men around me, and you don’t. They appreciate what a real woman looks like.

Rose tried to ignore her, but failed. Catalina had been staying with them for two days now. It seemed like Rose felt she had to walk on eggshells, even if Catalina didn’t do anything overtly catty. They were civil to each other during the day. Rose did remember when Jeff brought her to the house from the airport, Catalina leaned in for the obligatory hug and air kisses. She felt her sister-in-law’s breasts meet hers and she thought she felt a moment of increased pleasure. Was that a knowing glance from her after they pulled apart? Like a challenge?

Jeff was standing the patio doors talking with a neighbor. Rose went over to him, put a hand on his back. She watched as Catalina’s eyes followed her. She leaned against her husband, pressing her right breast against his shoulder. Jeff smiled, went on talking, and slipped his arm around her waist, squeezing hit. She briefly turned her head and saw Catalina, her smile gone, eyes narrowed a bit. Rose turned her face up and kissed her husband on the cheek. She whispered in his ear, “Hey, can you come out into the kitchen for a second?”

“Sure. Excuse me for a moment, Travis. I’m wanted. Again.” He smiled and walked back to the kitchen with his arm around Rose. They stopped by the refrigerator.

“Whatcha need, hon?” he asked.


She encircled his waist with her left arm, and leaned up to kiss him. She opened her mouth, and their tongues met, and she took her right hand closed it upon the front of his slacks. She had been careful to make sure that part was out of view, but she knew from Catalina’s viewpoint, she could see that her arm was moving up and down, doing…something.

Jeff inhaled and said in a husky low voice, “Girl, you want me to fuck you in front of all these people? Damn…..”

She let go and grinned impishly. “Oh, that’s a preview of tonight, sweetie. And I wouldn’t want you to take me in front of ‘all these people’. Though the thought makes me a bit hot….”
And she thought to herself, No, not in front of all these people. Just in front of one. I bet that would drive her crazy.

Jeff smiled at her, and held her until his erection settled down. “I’ll hold you to that. Remember, I have to get up early and leave with Tom for the lake.”

“I know. I hope you guys catch a lot of fish.” She lifted up and kissed him. He smiled and drifted back to the party.

She glanced back at Catalina. She was still frowning, despite the men around her trying to make her laugh. Rose decided to see how she was really feeling.

She walked over and said to Rose, “Excuse me, Catalina – could you help me get a folding table from the spare room? We’re going to be setting up a buffet on it.”

Catalina smile insincerely, and said, “Of course. Glad to help.”

Rose led the way out of the den, and down the hall to the bedrooms. The two women went into the spare room. It was crammed as it usually was with furniture and odds and ends. The folding table was behind a dresser.

They were away from the noise of the party. Catalina turned to her sister-in-law and said, in acid tones, “I saw what you were doing with my brother there. Are you such a slut that you can’t keep your hands to to yourself for a few minutes? Really, it was so tacky.”

Rose put her hands on her hips and looked at her. “Oh, gee, was someone taking your precious brother away from you, darling? I’ll have you know he’s my husband and I can touch him, hug him, kiss him – and more – whenever I feel like it! Don’t forget whose home you’re in, Cat.”

Catalina flushed. She didn’t like being called Cat. Still, adamantly, “I know he’s your husband, but he was my brother for twenty years before you came along. Blood is blood!”

Rose glared at her, the party forgotten. She was feeling a hot ember of flame inside, and she found it frightening…and exciting. She hissed, “It burns you up, doesn’t it? I have him now, and I always will. I’ve tried to get along with you because Jeff does love you and you’re part of his family. But I’ve never been good enough for your brother, according to your lights. I’m sick of it!”

“Well, that’s the way it is, Rose. You can continue to flounce around like a bitch in heat, twisting my brother around your finger, and as long as you do that, I’m going to hate you! You know what?”

Rose said, “What?”

“I have half a mind to teach you a lesson.”

Rose inhaled sharply. “What do you mean?”

Catalina stepped forward, until she was a foot away. She leaned her upper body forward and her large breasts under the thin material pressed against Rose’s bosom. Rose could feel the erect nipples pressing on her.

“I’d love to beat the shit out of you, you bitch!”

Rose pressed forward, feeling her own nipples become stiff. She was excited. She said, in a low voice, “Oh, babe, I’d like to see you try. I’ve thought about it myself, whore!” And she pushed her own upper body forward, and their breasts were pushed together hard.

Catalina inhaled sharply. “Oh, what I wouldn’t give to have you alone. I’d … I’d…” she trailed off.

Rose said, “What? What would you do, Catalina? You want to fight me? Is that it?”

Catalina said sharply, “Sometimes….” And then she reached up and wrapped her hand in Rose’s brown hair. She rubbed her breasts roughly on Rose’s.

“Oh, you bitch….” Rose husked. “You cow. You want to tangle with me?” And she found her hand grasping Catalina’s black hair. She looked deeply into her eyes.”

Catalina whispered, “We have the house to ourselves tomorrow, right?”

Rose said, “Yes….yes we do.”

The women pulled and tugged on each other’s hair. Not particularly hard, but definitely felt. Their breasts were still mushroomed against each other.

Rose continued, “Do you want to do what I think you’re suggesting?”

Catalina tugged harder on Rose’s hair. “Yes. Yeah. I want to fight you. Tomorrow. I want a catfight!”

Rose felt the burning ember burst into hot flame. “Oohhh… have no idea how glad that makes me feel, bitch! You and I …. In the bedroom….choose your attire.”

Catalina smiled evilly. “Bra and panties. To start. Don’t worry about your precious lingerie. It won’t last too long.”

Rose let go of Catalina’s hair, then slapped her on the cheek – not really hard, but it made an audible smack. “You’re on. We’re going to dance, you cunt.”

“I can’t wait.” And she slapped Rose back, the same amount of force.

A voice from the den. “Do you girls need any help?”

Rose called back, “Nope, we’re getting things….settled.”

Without another word, the two women broke apart, pulled the table away from the dresser, and headed back to the party.

Rose felt that the morning couldn’t get here fast enough.

True to her word, Rose gave Jeff a night to remember.

They started by showering together, and Rose took him into her mouth while the steaming water poured around their bodies. After he was good and hard, they soaped each up until he was at the peak of desire, his cock throbbing with need. She stopped at the point of no return, and then they hastily dried off.

While she leaned over the dresser, he entered her from behind, and reached around to clasp her swollen breasts with his hands, squeezing them roughly, enjoying the way she moaned with both delicious pain and wanton demand. Her heated pussy clasped his organ like a muscular hand, squeezing it as he thrust in deeper and deeper. She looked at their reflection in the mirror and they both grunted and groaned and kept up a loud patter of talking dirty, something they rarely indulged in, but now Rose had a reason to do so, for she felt sure that Catalina was listening. She new Tom was out with friends and would be back late.

“OHhhhhh….do it to me…FUCK MEEEEE! Stick your cock in there..OHHHhHHHHH! NOW! NOW! NOW! OH, FUUUUUUUCK!”

Jeff bellowed, “Oh, GOD! YESSSSSSSS! YOU HOT FUCKING WHORE! TAKE IT! TAKE IT ALL!” and crammed his hips forward and stiffened. Rose felt his cock go off inside her, erupting like a firehose, spurting lava inside her. She cried out, and her pussy contracted around his cock, her orgasm radiating through her, sucking in the come shooting out of her husband.

Shuddering, they clung to each other, then fell back onto the bed. Rose rolled over and while her husband caressed the back of her neck, she took her mouth and cleaned up his cock, sucking in the juices that coated his rod. Jeff’s penis twitched again and again as she licked him clean.

Jeff was asleep within three minutes. Rose had an evil grin as she imagined Catalina listening to the lurid scene, her face darkening with rage. She thought about how much she wanted to fight with her in the morning, and the images in her mind of the two of them locked in ferocious combat turned her on so much she had to stroke her clit until she came. Then she was able to sleep.

The next morning, dressed in a zebra print dressing gown, Rose sucked down a huge mug of coffee, black and strong. She watched as Catalina strolled out of the guest room wearing a gold silk robe that came down to mid-thigh. Her black hair was falling loosely above her shoulders.

Without a word, she got a big mug from the cupboard and poured a cup of black coffee. She took a sip and said, “Weak ass shit.”

Rose smiled archly and said, “Fits your character.”

Catalina put the cup down and her hands on her hips. “Oh, yeah? Just you wait, missy. I’m going to pound you into that bed of yours.” Rose noticed the flaring of her robe, revealing the top of her cleavage, and a hint of bra.

“So, looks like you’re ready to tango, bitch.”

Catalina sneered, “You bet, cow.” She undid the belt on her robe and opened it wide. She was wearing a sheer black bra that revealed a great deal of cleavage. Her dark nipples were easily visible through the semi-transparent material. Her bikini panties were equally sheer and her trimmed pubes and plump pussy lips were quite evident.

Rose said, “Oh, I suppose you think that’s so hot. Here’s what you’re up against.” And she tossed her robe off and flung it on the floor. Her bra was purest blue lace, a demi-bra that supported her large breasts and her large areolae with the pea-sized nipples semi-visible. Her matching panties were so sheer that her perfectly shaped vulva bulged the lace. Her wide hips and imposing bust line made for a breathtaking display of mature sexuality.

Catalina’s eyes narrowed and she put her hands on her hips and moved forward to the counter where Rose was standing. “Oh, you really do have high opinion of yourself, don’t you Missy? I’m going to wipe the smile off your face, bitch!”

The two mature women were about 18 inches apart. Rose moved a foot closer, her breathing a bit faster. She said, “You think you can? You think you can? I’m going to have you begging for mercy after I strip you naked, cunt.” And she pushed forward again until her bra-clad breasts met Catalina’s.

The dark-haired woman met this challenge by pressing her breasts forward slowly, looking into Rose’s eyes while she pushed forward. Rose said, “It’ll take more than those milk-bags to take me down.” And she leaned into Catalina, their breasts compressing under the thin material of the bras, the flesh starting to bulge out.

Catalina hissed, “So you want a titfight, slut?” She let her robe fall from her shoulders. “Don’t even want to wait for the bedroom, huh?”

Rose snarled, “Right here in the den is fine with me, whore.” And she wrapped her arms suddenly around Catalina’s waist and pulled her tight, crushing their breasts together. From the sheer excitement of finally beginning, she felt her nipples go hard. She cried out, “Oh, yes!” and relished the feeling of mashing their breasts together.

Catalina yelped and slapped Rose’s face. Rose uttered a startled “Ow!” and released one hand from Catalina’s waist and returned the slap. Then followed a flurry of slaps as they each held on to the other with arm and slapped each other, their bodies pressed together from the belly down. Rose put her thigh between Catalina’s legs and their panty-clad sexes rubbed against each other, as they cried out again and again, slapping and grinding.

They pulled away from the counter to the more open area of the den, between the couch and chairs. Early morning sunlight played across the bodies of the catfighting women as they struggled, whimpering and uttering curses. Rose thrust her thigh between Catalina’s legs again and again, trying to bring pain to Catalina’s sex. However, Catalina’s muscular thighs proved a formidable obstacle, and even though Rose felt her flesh impact against Catalina’s panty-covered sex, she new it wasn’t doing any real damage. She did feel that Catalina’s pussy was betraying her, because it was definitely moistening. The only problem was that Rose’s pussy was getting wet too.

Catalina pulled away from the clinch, and then hammered Rose with a blow to the belly. Rose went white and and fell to her knees, the shock to her abdomen making her gag. She looked up at Catalina who then slapped her face hard, rocking her head back. Rose recovered, then aimed her fist at the center of Catalina’s crotch and slammed it home.

Catalina howled in pain as she felt her labia being mashed by the other woman’s fist. She came down to her knees as well, and then Rose was on her. She pushed Catalina back and threw her full weight on top of the black-haired women. Rose felt their breasts being crammed together and she reached and grabbed Catalina’s hair in both her fists. Catalina cried out and did the same. Their legs automatically sought each other’s bodies and they entwined in a furious catball, and rolled across the carpet. They held onto each other’s hair, pulling and twisting as they gyrated on the floor. They buried their faces in each other’s necks, huffing and whimpering. Rose felt one bra strap go and the cup was twisted away. Her bare breast and erect nipple rubbed painfully against Catalina’s bra.

Catalina let go of Rose’s hair and clawed at her opponent’s back. She felt a thrill of rage as she felt her fingernails scratch the tender skin back there. Rose yelled in pain and rolled over so her back was against the floor. She then let go of Catalina’s hair and raised herself up enough to work her fingers into Catalina’s cleavage. While their legs were still entwined, Rose pulled up hard and was rewarded with a ripping sound as the bra tore at the front hook and both of Catalina’s breasts were exposed, showing nipples as hard as pebbles.

Catalina tried to push Rose off her. With a hard shove, Rose was sent rolling away. Catalina got to her knees and said viciously, “You cunt! So you want to fight topless, cow? Well my girls will take yours on!” She shrugged her bra off her shoulder and she was fully exposed, chest heaving.

Rose came to her knees, facing her sister-in-law. She looked down at herself and said heatedly, “Bring ‘em on, bitch!”.

The two women kneewalked to each other, eyes on their opponent’s breasts. Rose noted that their nipples were equally hard. She was filled with excitement at this carnal clash with her sister-in-law, eager to do battle. They collided, then pulled apart, and jammed together again, smacking their heavy breasts together, then twisting to rake their rock-hard nipples along the sensitive breast-flesh. Over and over again, grunting with obscene effort, they battled with their breasts, gasping each time they met.

Finally then pulled apart, cradling their bruised boobs. The skin was reddened and inflamed. The women rubbed their breasts gingerly, trying to bring comfort to them as they stared at each other in anger.

Catalina said, in low tones, “Does it hurt, DAR-ling? Does it pain you? Well, maybe you’ll be a little slower before acting like a slutty whore with my brother like you did last night! I heard you two. I heard every filthy second!”

Rose leaned forward and said, “You’re goddamn right I fucked my husband last night, and we loved it! We loved every dirty second, from the time I sucked your brother’s eight-inch cock in the shower to the end.” She lunged forward, crashing into Catalina and the black haired woman fell onto her back and Rose landed on her. She brought her face down and continued. “And then your brother fucked me hard from behind while I leaned on the dresser, his cock shoved in up to the root! I loved it, I loved it, I loved your brother’s cock inside of me. He took his powerful hands and squeezed my breasts hard! He fucked me until he shot his cum into me, over and over again! And then we fell back on the bed and I licked his cock clean!”

Catalina screamed, “You filthy sadistic bitch! You bitch! You’re a whore!” She spit into Rose’s face.

Rose lifted her head and swung her fist hard into Catalina’s jaw. The woman’s eyes swam for a minute and then she shoved the heel of her hand into Rose’s face in an uppercut. Catalina’s head was knocked back and she rolled off of Catalina.

Glaring at each other, the two women got to their feet. Rose growled, “Oh, you cunt. You want a fistfight? Fine, let’s have a fistfight!”

Catalina said evenly, “You’re on.” The two women balled their fists and circled each other, looking for an opening. Rose tried a left jab, but Catalina blocked it with her forearm. Catalina tried a roundhouse swing and Rose ducked under it and slammed her fist into Catalina’s left breast. Catalina howled and punched Rose hard in the belly.

The two women backed up, and then came together in a rage of punches and jabs, most of which did little damage. They punched at each other’s breasts and kidneys and belly, occasionally catching the jaw. It was an amateurish display but it was what they had. They screamed and cried as they hit each other, until they finally fell to the carpet in a clinch.

They each clawed at the other, and they worked their hands into each other’s crotches. With a ripping sound, their panties were each torn away and they continued to fight nude. Their legs locked together and Rose could feel her pussy getting wet as it rubbed and ground against Catalina’s sex. They rolled naked over the floor, bumping into furniture, thrashing and slapping, raising dozens of scratches that oozed blood.

Finally, Rose got a lucky shot and shot her fists in a perfect one-two into Catalina’s jaw. Catalina’s eyes rolled back and she lay flat on her back. Rose moved forward and inserted her hips between Catalina’s open thighs and felt her sex meet her sister-in-law’s. In a move of pure fighting lust, she ground her wet pussy into Catalina’s cunt, feeling her stiff clit penetrate the wet lips and meet its counterpart. Rose’s breasts flattened Catalina’s as she continued her rough trib.

Catalina opened her eyes and looked up into her sister-in-law’s eyes and screamed, “NOOOOOOO!”. Rose cried out, “YES! YES!” and hooked her legs around Catalina’s, spreading wide. Catalina wept as she was taken by her brother’s wife. There was no denying the erotic surrender, though. She felt her orgasm erupt and her mouth opened in a soundless howl, eyes shut tight while her body betrayed her. She came, her pussy spurting liquid under the pounding that Rose was giving her.

Then Rose scooted forward and yelled, “My turn, whore! Eat me! Lick my cunt, you whore!” She planted her soaked pussy hard on Catalina’s face and crooned as she rubbed it around around.

Then the unexpected happen. Rose opened her eyes and saw her husband standing there, a look of shock on his face…slowly replaced by lust. Rose breathed huskily, “Give me your cock! I want to suck your cock while I ride your sister’s face!”

Jeff undid his belt and stepped forward, and rose yanked down his jeans and boxers. Between her legs, Catalina watched in horror as Rose fished Jeff’s cock out, fully erect, and pulled into her mouth. Rose kept one hand jerking the cock while her hand held hard onto Catalina’s curls.

It couldn’t take long. Rose felt herself come, her hip in paroxysm as she queened her sister-in-law’s face, and Jeff ejaculated streams of white-hot come into Rose’s mouth. It ran out her lips and fell onto her breasts and then finally, onto the face and forehead of Jeff’s sister. It seemed like it would never end.

Jeff’s cock fell out of Rose’s mouth, he stepped back to see the lewd tableau. Rose, her breasts and red and bruised, bleeding from scratches all over, was dazed, moving her hips slowly over his sister’s mouth. Semen dappled Rose’s face and breasts, and on his sister’s face. He watched it….and started to get hard again.

The next few hours would be interesting.

The End.

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