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Witchfire by Corvus

Witchfire by Corvus Story

Part One

The elders of the coven made the final arrangements. The site of the sacred Sabbat would be prepared. The necessary hiding spells would be cast, and the messages would be sent. Then at sunset, and with full audience, the two chosen daughters of the coven would meet as mortals in a struggle as old as time, and with a passion that could fell a colossus.

Marriage between covens is a time-tested means of securing an alliance. The wizard of the Lovecraft coven was powerful and charismatic – and charming in every sense of the word. The two young witches of the Shelley coven, Pandora and Hera, were both smitten by the sight of the wizard – and longed to be the fulfillment of his desires.

The wizard found much to admire in both Pandora and Hera. They were both comely witches, just at twenty years of age, shapely and sweet, but different in appearance and nature. He found that he could not decide which witch was most suited. So he had invoked the ancient ritual. Pandora and Hera would unite in a sexual competition, using their carnal impulses to exhaust the other, to drain her and produce as many climaxes as possible. One must submit. One must prevail.

Pandora had pure black hair that fell in thick waves around her narrow shoulders. Her eyes were dark, with flecks of gold, and her full lips and fine bone structure produced a stunning face. Her breasts were not large, but they were formed nicely, high and proud, with crowning nipples that betrayed themselves under her robe. She was tall and carried herself with easy grace.

Hera had pearly hair, a shimmering whiteness framing her face. Her eyes were a startling green. Her mouth was narrower, and her face had a patrician form, regal and knowing. She was narrow in the waist, and had full and heavy breasts. Her hips were wider than Pandora’s, but her legs were sleek and strong.

The members of the covens gathered in the clearing, a low murmur of excitement audible between the witches and wizards. Over them, salamanders darted here and there, igniting brief flares of firelight that hung in the air, flickering and dancing. A crescent moon hung low over the trees in the west. The brighter stars came into view. The hiding spells were such that no mortal would see this Sabbat.

Other species of fantasy folk found their way in. Elves and Brownies and other Little Ones dodged around the feet of the larger people. Tiny faeries flew in graceful loops, incandescent and chattering in high tones about the upcoming contest.

Almost time. The wizard from Lovecraft coven sat down on a large rock at one end of the clearing. The witches from his coven formed half of a large circle of people, and the witches of Shelley coven made up the other half. They were dressed in their finest robes, and wore living jewelry that sparkled and sang softly.

One faery fluttered by the elders of Shelley coven, seated near the wizard. One of the old witches gestured and intoned in the archaic tongue. The faery found herself getting bigger. As she grew in size, she moved to the center of the circle, and when she alighted, she was six feet tall. She was pure golden light, naked and small breasted, with fluttering diaphanous wings. A small tuft of yellow hair was at the juncture of her iridescent legs.

She spoke: “Thank you, elders, for this opportunity. We are here to bear witness to love’s battle for the wizard of Lovecraft coven. This is our way, and it is good.”

The crowd echoed the words softly.

The faery went on. “Pandora and Hera, come forward.”

The two young witches rose to their feet and walked towards the center by the faery.

The faery said, “Do you enter into this contest of your own free will and for the love of this wizard?”

Both witches nodded. The faery motioned towards two of the elders. The women came forward. One went to Pandora’s back and removed the robe. It disappeared. Pandora stood there naked, her face half in shadow. She had a thick patch of black pubic hair.

Hera’s robe was also removed. The two young naked witches faced each other. Their eyes were distant and unreadable. One might have detected a slight trembling in their frames.

The faery said, “Before you begin, affirm your love for the coven and each other.”

Pandora and Hera stepped forward. They brought their arms together, and embraced. They exchanged a brief look, then kissed. After they separated, they stepped back and faced their coven. They opened their arms wide and made the gesture of acceptance and love.

The faery said, “Administer the spell.”

The two women must compete as mortals. The two elders reached into their pouches. Each one produced a small sack of cold iron powder. They spoke a few potent words, as old as the stars, and then threw the powder over the women.

Both women inhaled deeply, then gasped. Their witchcraft was stripped from them. They could not use magic in this battle.

The faery said, “Are you ready, Pandora and Hera?”

Pandora moved next to Hera. She brought her face close to her opponent’s. She whispered, “Do we do sweet battle, my cousin?”

Hera said, softly, “Let us meet between lust and light, my cousin.”

The faery was starting to change back to her normal form. She started to shrink and hover in the air. The two elders move back to the circle.

The faery’s final words, high and piping, were, “Then begin.”

Part Two

Under the wavering light of the hovering fires, Pandora and Hera started to circle one another. They moved slowly, walking in a ragged oval pattern, turning their heads to face each other. Their faces were steady, and they gave nothing away.

Along the perimeter of the circle, the members of the covens arranged themselves. Robes were loosened and sandals removed. They shifted slightly in position. Some of the witches were astride their brooms, and floated in lazy patterns as they watched the scene below. The hard wooden handles of the brooms made a pleasant pressure against their crotches.

Pandora started to crouch a bit, shifting her weight to the balls of her bare feet. Her breasts bobbed a bit as she moved in her little circle, her dark eyes fixed on Hera.

Hera matched her opponent’s posture, her own heavy breasts moving from side to side, the pale pink nipples becoming stiff. There was an agreeable itch in her nether regions. She slipped a finger down to the pale white curls over her pudenda and slipped her finger along her labia. She drew it away with a soft coating of shiny wetness.

Both women stopped. They were less than a yard apart. Hera could see that Pandora’s dark puffy nipples were erect. She licked her lips at the sight of them. This would not be the first time they met in an erotic encounter.

Like all witches, Pandora and Hera were polysexual. Sex, species, age – it didn’t matter. They had many times enjoyed the other’s taste in their apprenticeship. They had lustily shared the favors of wizards, and employed magic to fuck and be fucked by faeries, elves, and even the occasional unsuspecting human. They were each skilled in the art of love.

But this time would be different. They would try to induce orgasmic transport in the other, do it so many times that surrender would be the only option. And the winner would gain a powerful wizard.

They watched each other. Hera said, “We have met many times for love, dear cousin, and I know your weaknesses. I know your nipples are exquisitely sensitive, and I can tease them till you cry out. I know the shape and curve of your sex, and will defeat it.”

Pandora shook her head, her black hair twisting. “Yes, darling cousin, we have met many times, and I know you as well. I’ve tasted your juices and your desire, and I will make you scream the names of your Mother.”

Hera said, “Fool! You’ll scream!” And she leapt at Pandora.

Pandora met her attack with a twisting motion to her left. Hera’s hip struck Pandora’s buttocks a glancing blow and both women fell to the ground.

Pandora turned to her right and grabbed Hera around the waist. She encircled the white-haired witch’s hips with her arms and pulled down. Hera hit the ground, her posterior striking the grass. The impact opened her legs slightly.

That was Pandora’s opening. She took one hand and spread Hera’s legs apart. Hera tried to resist, but Pandora’s determined strength slowly prevailed. Hera grunted as Pandora swung her legs around in attempt to straddle her.

Hera brought her hand up to Pandora’s small breasts and started to rub and squeeze them. As Pandora settled her crotch against Hera’s, the witches started a battle of endurance.

Pandora started to rub her pussy against Hera’s, her weight almost fully on Hera’s pelvis. She bent forward slightly and closed her eyes. The slick fluid started to issue from both of their vaginas, lubricating the swelling lips and leaking from their joined mounds.

Hera closed her eyes. She knew that the tribadistic fucking would affect Pandora as well. She continued her manipulation of Pandora’s breasts. It was firm, but not a mauling. She rubbed her thumbs around the dark, thick nipples, enjoying how they stiffened under her sensual assault. The dark-haired witch’s breasts were very sensitive and soon Pandora was closing her eyes and starting to moan.

But it worked both ways. As Pandora swiveled her hips, grinding her wet cunt into Hera’s, she brought her hands down onto Hera’s large, heavy breasts. She dug her fingers into the flesh and teased the pink nipples into full erection. Hera’s breasts may not have been as sensitive as Pandora’s, but they were hardly numb.

The witches in the covens watched raptly. Some started to move their hands beneath their robes, and tease their breasts. As the sexual battle unfolded, they caught the empathic waves from Pandora and Hera, and it was an effective aphrodisiac.

The witch’s erotic clash continued. Pandora’s upper body was undulating, and Hera’s hands followed, caressing the breasts and pulling at the rigid nipples. Pandora’s hands were grasping handfuls of Hera’s globes, kneading and rubbing, the breast meat distended and revealing a faint tracery of blue veins.

Hera knew the first orgasm was only moments away. The question of who it would happen to first was open. She felt the tension building in her body, the delicious ache that must be relieved.

Pandora, astride her cousin, felt the need like a balloon inflating, a balloon that must burst and release her. She whimpered. Hera moaned.

They fucked. The heated wet mounds met in sweet friction, and the witches felt the moment coming.

Hera cried, “Oh, Sweet Mother; it comes, it comes, oh, let it…let it…let me…AHHHHHH!”

Pandora keened, “Ahhhhhh… oh, the fucking…the waves…fire is coming…OHHHHHH!”

The first orgasm hit them both at the same time. Hera and Pandora shouted to the stars and climaxed, jetting streams of fluid from their contracting vaginas. Pandora fell forward and her breasts met Hera’s. Their hips bucked against each other as the blissful oscillations racked them, and Hera’s mouth found Pandora’s for the first time since the sexual clash began. Their heated lips and tongues touched, and they found themselves in warm embrace as their orgasms subsided.

As the sexual emanations rolled over the watchers, they whispered in susurrations of approval. A few took the opportunity to discard their robes and enjoy the warm spring night in naked sensuality. Kisses were exchanged.

Hera and Pandora rolled apart and rose to their feet. This was only the beginning.

Part Three

They took a few minutes to catch their breath. They walked again in a ragged circle, with their heads hanging down a bit. Hera wiped her arm against her forehead, pushing aside strands of tangled pale white hair. The young witches still tingled from the orgasm that had rocked their bodies and senses. They needed this respite to allow nerve endings to relax and the emotions to calm.

This time the confrontation was more measured. Hera and Pandora stopped and faced each other. They moved together and extended their arms to grip the other’s shoulders. They began to push, muscles laboring and bunching in their arms and neck. Grimaces appeared on their faces, mouths twisting. They moved in ragged jerks, back and forth, as they clutched each other. They kept their legs far apart for balance, and the sinews in their sleek thighs and calves rippled with the struggle. Perspiration stippled their brows, providing a lustrous sheen under the golden floating fires.

Around the circle, more and more witches and wizards had shucked their robes. Some lay lazily on the ground, watching the nubile women grapple. They fondled themselves unconsciously. The male onlookers had tented robes, and the naked ones displayed engorged members. Faeries started to couple overhead, screaming in the ultrasonic frequencies, flaring in orgasm.

Pandora pulled herself backwards, and Hera followed. The pale-haired witch thought she could force Pandora down again. But she was caught by surprise. As Pandora tumbled to the ground, she quickly lifted her foot and caught Hera in the belly. Hera found herself sailing over Pandora’s head, the foot making a painful indentation in her abdomen. Pandora gracefully completed the throw and Hera was slammed flat on her back, her heavy breasts bouncing from the impact.

The fall knocked the air out of Hera’s lungs, and as she struggled to inhale, Pandora twisted around and jumped on top of the wheezing girl. The dark-haired witch straddled her cousin in a classic schoolgirl pin, her pelvis just athwart of Hera’s large breasts. Pandora placed her hands roughly on Hera’s shoulders, and held her down. Hera’s eyes were panicky as she struggled to catch her breath.

Pandora slid her hips backwards, and she leaned forward, moving her smaller breasts down and exchanged nipple touches with Hera’s globes. Pandora grinned in triumph. She settled her dark pussy against Hera’s, and bent her face down to teasingly kiss the woman who tried to twist this way and that, to escape the pin.

Pandora stuck her tongue in Hera’s mouth and started a rapid humping. She made a growling sound of rough pleasure as she felt her wet cunt slide along Hera’s. The clits were stiff and swimming in liquor, and as they bumped along each other, electric shocks of pure lust coursed through their bodies.

Hera started to moan her arousal and wantonness. As much as she wanted to win, the craving for the orgasm was strong in her. But another emotion started to stir. She was angry with herself for being made so helpless, so quickly. Even as the climax came nearer, she wanted to change the outcome. But what could she do?

She decided to seemingly surrender. She stopped her twisting gyrations under Pandora, and opened her legs wide. She moved her head up and opened her mouth, starting a slow sensual kiss, with tongues dancing together.

Pandora smiled broadly, said, “That is wise, my darling cousin. It is inevitable.” With that, she loosened the pin on Hera’s shoulders and started a more gentle grinding motion with her hips, soft and stirring. Pandora let herself go a little, enjoying the oncoming moment, for she knew Hera would come first.

Hera stubbornly focused on her next move. She tried to ignore the mounting tension in her torso as she waited for just the right moment.

Both women were giving voice freely, soft sounds of passion and need. Their breasts rubbed together, rigid nipples touching, the sweat-coated flesh slick and sensitive. Their pussies were incredibly wet, the labial folds distended and red.

NOW, Hera said to herself. She split her legs wide open, then shifted her pelvis up. This brought her crotch forward a bit, and enabled her to enfold her strong legs around Pandora’s waist.

Pandora had just a brief second to wonder what happened, and then the strong pressure from the waist scissors that Hera had applied began to make itself felt. She grunted, and Hera squeezed.

“Ahhhh!” Pandora gasped. She lost all thought of orgasm as the legs contracted around her. The crushing scissors compressed her diaphragm, and she struggled for breath.

Hera, still underneath Pandora, kept the pressure up for perhaps thirty seconds. Then, with a surge of adrenaline, she raised her thighs. The smaller witch found herself bodily lifted up into the air. Hera twisted her waist to the right, and rolled the dark-haired witch to the right.

As Hera hit the ground, there was brief loosening of Pandora’s thighs. She pushed strongly at Pandora’s shoulders and scrambled away. Her stomach and chest ached from the compression. She sat up, tried to rise to her feet, but made it only to her knees. She rested there a second, chest heaving and heavy breasts moving up and down. She was shocked. She had been so certain of her victory.

Pandora also rose to her knees and sat on her haunches. She also took this time to recover from the struggle. She raised her head and looked at Hera.

“So, my cousin, you were surprised, no?”

Hera said, “You will not catch me off guard again…beloved cousin.” The last endearment was in a half-sardonic, half-grieved tone.

The witches and wizards in Lovecraft and Shelley coven were rapt at the latest turnabout. Now more than half the audience was as naked as the erotic warriors. There were witches joined together in varied ways, some in unhurried 69’s, others probing orifices with fingers, still others scissored together at the crotch, rubbing slowly. There was the deliberate stroking of tumescent cocks and the application of wet mouths to genitals.

Pandora and Hera knee-walked to within six inches of each other. Pandora fixed Hera with a firm glare. She said, “No further games, cousin. Meet me flesh-to-flesh, now, until we cannot bear it.”


With that, they threw their arms around each other and embraced strongly. Their mouths met in sloppy wet kisses, lips and tongues tangling. They tightened their embrace, and their breasts flattened together, invoking guttural moans as the pressure increased and the hard nipples pressed into each other.

They slid their hands down to one another’s hips. As they kissed and slapped their breast together, they pulled strongly and crashed their hips together. Along with the sound of pelvic bones hitting, was the wet smacking of swollen hairy mounds meeting.

They stayed there on their knees, fucking each other, pulling their hips inward, feeling their cunts meet and separate. The stiff pearls of their clits were like little swords, and they fenced together, parrying and thrusting.

They kept at it, and started to cry together, knowing the orgasm was again approaching. Their hips moved faster and faster, the muscles in their buttocks clenching. The staccato drumbeat of their rhythmic fucking sounded in their ears.

Their mouths left each other, and they looked straight up and bellowed. Again, the orgasm was simultaneous, and again, they were helpless in its grip. Juices poured out of their vaginas and fell on the grass below. They jerked their hips together in a ragged jittering dance and then fell backwards, their legs quivering as the climax ran through them.

Around the circle, over a dozen female and male voices cried out in their sympathetic climaxes, feeding the on the libidinous energy of the impassioned young witches.

But now something else would be added to the picture. The wizard of Lovecraft coven rose to his feet. He was still in his robe, even though most members of his group were now naked.

He strode to the center of the circle where Pandora and Hera reclined on the grass, trying to recover from their orgasms. He stood over them and motioned with his hands.

The women got to their feet unsteadily and stood in front of the wizard.

He said, “I would see you continue your contest in other forms, my young beauties.”

“It is your right,” Pandora said.

“But you must start the metamorphosis,” Hera said.

The wizard turned to the encircled crowd. He raised his voice, “I wish to invoke the Change. Do you approve?”

The crowd stirred at that. This was something that happened only rarely. But the entertainment would be great. They cried out, “Yes!”

The wizard said, “Prepare yourselves.”

Pandora and Hera lowered themselves to the ground. They got down on all fours, stretching out. They crawled forward, moving like lithe beasts on their hands and feet.

The wizard opened his pouch and removed two small green bottles. He uncorked them and passed one to each woman.

Pandora and Hera hesitated perhaps half a second. Then, they looked proudly up at the wizard and downed the potion.

The wizard retrieved the empty bottles and stepped back.

An eerie eldritch light started to shine over Pandora and Hera. The light fell upon them in streams and curtains. As the glow floated in and around them, blurring their features, they started to transform.

Their skin started to sprout fine fur. Pandora’s was the deepest shiniest black. Hera’s was pure white. They grew long tails. Their faces bulged outward, and their noses shrank. Their eyes began to slant. Pointed ears materialized at the sides of their heads.

It took about a minute. The women were now were-cats. Their proportions were still human, including their breasts, but sharp claws had replaced their fingernails, and the finest softest fur was all over their body – except over their vagina’s, which were now completely innocent of hair.

The two transformed witches moved about, and rubbed their heads together. Their voices were a mixture of purrs and sibilant hisses.

“Sssssoo, dear cousin, my feline lover…rrready to finish thisssss?” Hera said. She licked her hand and ran the palm along her whiskers.

“My sssweet cousin, I am morrre than rrready.”

The bewitched erotic cat-women keened their lust and jumped.

Part Four

The furry witches met in mid-air. As a side effect of their transformation, they levitated a few feet above the grassy surface as they aggressively embraced. They hissed and meowed and their paws roughly caressed each other. They exchanged love bites on the neck, and they curled their limbs about each other.

They were re-energized by the transformation, and the savage lascivious urges suffused into their brains. They were now gripped by lust, and the rational parts of their minds served as spectators to the overwhelming primal sexual instincts.

They danced in the air, twirling around the floating fireballs, fur-covered breasts meeting and jousting. Pandora and Hera grasped each other around the torsos, and merged their cat-like bodies together. The wet naked cunts slid together and they called out in siren-like howls as the jolts of pleasure ran through them.

(Along the sidelines, the now supernatural carnal energies of Pandora and Hera rolled and penetrated the witches and wizards. One wizard stood naked, his penis hard and throbbing, while two witches gave him head, their lips meeting over the hard staff and touching. The women’s fingers were buried in each other’s vaginas, finger-fucking while fluids coated their hands. When he came, he shot out luminescent ropes of white semen that splattered on the ground. Later, strange flowers would grow from that seed.)

As Pandora and Hera swirled around in the air in tight salacious embrace, they ground their sexes together. The were-cats were a preternatural sight, pure white and pure black, with tails curled and caressing, and they lifted their heads and licked each other with raspy tongues. Pandora and Hera cried out in stark feline yowls as their dripping mounds met. Their clits were hard and long enough to serve as little cocks, and they traded penetrations, the hard pink nubbins sliding between the slick labia and into the vaginas a bit.

The cat-women ascended another twenty feet into the air, and Pandora came. Her lustrous black fur rippled as she screeched and spilled her orgasmic fluids. She gripped the white-furred Hera fiercely, and twitched her hips against her opponent.

Hera yelled her triumph, and allowed her own climax to wash over. She rolled on her back in the air, and bit her rival’s neck as she came, discharging her own liquids.

(One witch in Shelley coven had converted her broom into a vivid representation of a phallus. She grasped the wooden handle and energetically plunged the magical member into another witch who lay on the ground, legs spread wide open. She panted and moaned as the broomcock fucked her. When the strange device was pulled out, it ejaculated white streams over her naked breasts.)

Pandora and Hera continued their levitating sexfight. They danced in the night, sometimes using their rough tongues in a hovering sixty-nine, but primarily they brought their cunts together again and again.

For three hours the were-cats fucked each other, and the orgasms sounded in the enchanted night. They waltzed at varying heights, a blur of pale and ebony fur, thrashing in sweet conflict.

But it became apparent that one creature would dominate. Hera began to sense that Pandora was tiring. She used that feeling, and redoubled her efforts. Soon, the dark-furred cat-woman found herself in almost continuous sexual climax. Hera started purring to her, up in the air.

“Dearrrr cousssin…I sssensse that I will prevail…sssweet lover…ahh…let ussss end it…”

Pandora was still quaking from the last orgasm. She closed her slanted eyes and tears leaked. Hera slowed her dancing hips and kissed the tears.

Pandora gulped and sobbed, “Ohhh…wicked Hera…most wicked coussssin…my loverrrr…my rival…I sssubmit…oh, Great Motherrrr…I yield….”

The two feline women floated to the earth. Hera sat down and held the dark-haired witch in her arms as the potion was neutralized by a wizard’s gesture. The creatures melted and blurred and regained their human shape. Now they were two naked mortals, exhausted and drained, and they held each other and wept softly.

As if awakening from a dream, the witches and wizards blinked and stood up, slowly donning their robes. The Sabbat orgy had resulted in many lustful couplings, and more than a few witches would find themselves pregnant after tonight.

The elders from Shelley coven approached the young naked witches who rested in the center. They brought refreshing drinks and soft creams for them. Hera and Pandora were tenderly dressed. They were given potions that would restore their powers.

Hera turned to Pandora and whispered, “Perhaps we can meet again, dear cousin, and ease our pain.”

Pandora brushed back a strand of dark hair. “I will await that moment, my cousin.”

The witches embraced one more time, and Hera left to stand by her wizard. Pandora watched with unfathomable eyes. The Sabbat was over.

The End.

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