Mother and Daughter and Auntie by Corvus

Mother and Daughter and Auntie

At the house at the end of the lane lived a Mother and her Daughter. The Mother (whose name was Anna) and the Daughter (whose name was Dru) had lived there many years.

Mother had long brownish hair and Daughter had hair that was glossy and black as midnight. They were both blessed with well-shaped, womanly figures. Their breasts were full and crowned with large nipples. Daughter’s nipples were as dark as coffee beans, while Mother’s were a shade lighter.

One day, Mother’s twin sister Christina came to visit. Christina’s features were identical to Anna, though she wore her hair in spiral curls. Daughter was pleased that Auntie Christina had come to visit, for they always got along, and Auntie was known to spoil her beloved niece. As far as Mother was concerned, she had strange feelings about her sister. When she didn’t hate her sister she loved her, and when she didn’t love her sister, she hated her.

Over the course of years, this had led to many fights between them, and then they would make up and swear never to fight again. But this was a hard promise to keep. Mother and Sister would be getting along, talking and having fun, and then something would happen, and they would find themselves fighting.

Over the years, the fighting became more of a ritual. They now did not mark a visit as complete until they would meet at midnight to fight. They took the liberty of taking off all their clothes when this happened, and they would fight naked. They did work to hide this from Daughter until she was asleep.

Mother and her Sister would watch each other taking off their clothes. First they would remove their dresses, and they would stare at each other, as if their eyes were hungry. When they saw each other’s full breasts, they would catch their breath, and again, they would gasp when they took off their panties and saw the curly thatch of each other’s sex between their thighs.

They would meet and grasp each other’s hair, and they’d make sounds like animals, but quietly enough not to wake Daughter. Their breasts would press together, and their nipples would be like stones, they were so hard.

They would fight and curse each other, and hit and punch. They would fall to the floor and Mother would wrap her legs around her Sister and their sexes would meet. They found their womanly juices would flow at this time and they would get very excited. They would fight until they found release, crying softly into each other’s arms.

But it had been a few years since Mother and Sister had seen each other. Daughter was overjoyed to see her Auntie and hugged her tightly, and Auntie was delighted to feel that her niece’s firm breasts met hers equally. Mother noticed this, but she was thinking that she understood, for she had long known that when she embraced her Daughter that it felt very good to feel Daughter’s full chest against her own. She knew this should be a forbidden feeling, but she could not deny her own attraction.

Mother and Daughter and Auntie had dinner together, and they watched some television, talking about their lives. Auntie sat by Sister on the sofa, close together. They were both wearing long flowing white dresses, and the tops were loose enough that one bare shoulder or the other would be exposed. Mother and her Sister were not wearing anything under their dresses, and Daughter noticed that their nipples were poking the thin fabric. Daughter loved how Mother and Auntie were calmly touching each other, their arms joined. Daughter was wearing tight blue jeans and a halter that displayed her rich cleavage.

Soon it was time to go to bed. Daughter kissed Mother and Auntie goodnight. She kissed them on the lips and she thought it was wonderful and sweet. She said goodnight and went to her room.

Mother and her Sister went into Mother’s room much later. There they would spend the night. They walked in, Mother first, then her Sister.

That evening they had drawn strength and need from their closeness. Mother had felt her Sister’s body next to her on the couch, and felt the warmth of it. She had felt the Desire. She took a little time and lit candles around the room.

They stood by the foot of the large bed facing each other. They regarded each other’s feminine strength, the shape and sway of each other. They looked at each other’s hips and breasts and faces. They looked for a long time, and they felt the need grow stronger.

Mother whispered, “It’s time, Sister. It’s time to fight.”

Sister replied in soft murmurs, “I know, Sister. I have been looking forward to this. Shall we disrobe?”

In answer, Mother pulled the top of dress down slowly, and Sister watched as her breasts were exposed. The thin material of the dress slid down and then stopped briefly before the nipples were revealed. As the top came down fully, the breasts were now visible to see in the soft light of the candles. Sister breathed in quickly. Seeing her twin’s globes moved her.

Sister then did the same, for this ritual was tradition. Mother watched as her Sister undressed, and caught her breath as Sister’s breasts (so much like her own) were revealed.

Mother said, “Your nipples are hard, my Sister.” Sister replied, “All the better to do battle with yours, my Sister.”

They continued to undress and pushed their dresses down past their hips. The dresses fell to the floor, and they stood before each naked. Their breasts, crowned with rigid nipples, rose and fell as they breathed, and they were each conscious of rising excitement.

Auntie said to her sister, “I am ready to fight you, Sister.”

Mother said to her sister, “And I ready to fight you, Sister.”

They stepped away from their fallen dresses and advanced toward each other, and then they clashed. They met with a quake of flesh and they groaned as their breasts came together and they felt their sensitive nipples meet and the breast flesh mushroomed out on the side. They whimpered when their bellies touched and inhaled sharply when the curly nests of their bushes touched, followed by the exquisite pressure of their southern lips.

They wrapped their arms around each other’s waists and pulled each other in. Mother and her Sister rubbed up and down and side to side, seeking out full contact. They felt the heat of their bodies. Their breasts fought their own war and they closed their eyes and bit each other softly on the shoulder. They pushed their hips inward and their labia ground together, opening and closing, and the pink nubbin of their sexes met in a slippery duel.

“Ohhh, fight me, Sister,” Mother cried, “Oh, I need to fight you!”

“Oh yes, my Sister, I will fight you forever!” Auntie said.

“Fight me on the floor,” Mother said quickly.

“Oh, yes!” Sister replied.

They descended to the floor, the unclothed forms of Mother and Sister now slapping and hitting. They pulled hair and struck each other with their fists, and each blow was a blow of both anger and passion, and they ran their sharp nails down each other’s backs, and the scratches released more passion and they became wet between their legs.

They rolled, folded into each other, around the floor, in love with the fight. Their legs and arms twisted and turned and grappled. Their breasts merged and slid and danced. They were locked into a ball of womanly fire, and called out again and again, cursing each other with names that they would never use in ordinary times.

And it was those cries that brought Daughter into the room, who burst in and saw Mother and Auntie fighting naked. She said in shock, “Mother! Auntie! What are you doing? What are you doing?”

Now, the thing was that Daughter was as naked as her Mother and Auntie. Daughter always enjoyed the freedom of sleeping unclothed. She watched Mother and Auntie fighting and she was unaware that she had run into Mother’s room naked.

Mother and Auntie heard her noise and rose to her feet. Mother said, “It’s all right, Daughter…Sister and I have done this many many times. It’s time you knew.”

And Auntie said, “That is right, darling. We have we will do it many more times.”

With that she rushed toward Mother and Mother welcomed her in to her fighting embrace again, bodies clashing.

Daughter saw what Mother and Auntie started again, and she was determined to stop them. She strode forward and tried to insinuate herself between Mother and Sister. She pushed hard and got between them, her young and buxom naked body between her mother and aunt. She felt Mother’s body along the front of hers, and she felt her Auntie’s naked form against her rear, squeezing so hard.

She felt Mother’s breasts push into hers hard and insistent, and she was overwhelmed by the feelings of pure wanton need that flowed through her. She kissed Mother, opening her mouth and letting their tongues meet. She felt Auntie’s breasts on her back as Mother and Auntie made a sandwich with her in the middle. She felt the need to fight and she slapped Mother and in turn felt Auntie tear and slap at her.

She pushed her sex toward her mother and her legs were split and spread from behind by her Auntie. Auntie pushed her mound forward and ground it hard into her virginal sex. She cried out as she was deeply and truly fucked by Mother and Auntie. Auntie whispered roughly into her ear, “Now you know….now you know….we live for the fight…we fight to love…”

Mother thrust her sex deep into the cleft between her legs, and groaned, “Fuck and fight me, Daughter….this is our destiny.”

They dropped to the floor, and spiraled around, three naked women lost in fighting ecstasy. As Auntie and Mother thrust their cunts into Daughter, she gasped and she orgasmed, followed in turn by the climaxes of her elders. Their womanly liquors spurted forth. They rolled on the floor, Daughter between Mother and Sister, and knew at last what they were.

The End.

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