A New Year’s Resolution – A Multi-Writer Project by Anubis

Based on the first Anubisx’s story (1995)

Rewritten and reimagined byCkskevin, Neocortex, Susanoom and Anubisx

Isabel Vs María

It was beyond, far beyond willpower and self-restraint. That night, Isabel Álvarez and María Peralta felt unable to control their eyes; over and over again, as if they had a life of their own, their pupils dilated by alcohol and anxiety looked at the round virtues that the other beautiful young woman proudly exhibited in a scandalous neckline. Jealousy could almost be tasted in the thick air of the suburban nightclub, the glances of the girls more brazen with every minute that passed.

Somehow, both beauties felt that there was some sense of conclusion around them. Since they had met at the gym five months ago, María and Isabel had been engaged in a silent but tense rivalry that they knew that would end tonight. That was why both had chosen to go to the same New Year’s Eve party, why both had chosen to wear those low-cut dresses. There were many, many questions about them that needed to be answered…and most of them were about their breasts.

The gorgeous, fit girls had had problems with the round pair of the other female from the first moment. Accustomed to their bosoms always having absolute attention, the arrival of a woman with a bust capable of stealing their thunder had been felt as a knife in the guts. That had poisoned their relationship from the beginning, along with the fact that their beautiful looks were painfully similar to each other: both were two good-looking 24-year-old females with dark hair, brown eyes and pink lips, with wide hips, rounded asses and strong legs, one meter sixty-eight of pure hypnotic gorgeousness.

Neither Isabel nor María had been surprised to hear comments in the gym comparing one to the other. They themselves did it every day, with the same doubts as everyone else: who was prettier? Who was hotter? Who was the ultimate brunette beauty? Working out on fitness machines or changing clothes in the locker room, they looked at each other and wondered who had the fittest arms, the longest legs, the tighter butt…but mostly they asked themselves about the other woman’s breasts, about their real size, their firmness and shape. All that line of thought led to a final question, and the only one that really mattered: which one of them had the best tits?

That New Year’s Eve, both young girls expected to answer that crucial question, even though they were unable to visualize how to do it. During the first hour of the party, they were simply settled for keeping an eye on each other from some distance, obsessively checking the cleavage in the nemesis’ black dress, the competitive sexual tension that always bound them together boiling more intensely than usual. The rivals also observed the reaction of men and women when they saw the other brunette, taking mental note of the admiration and envy her rival aroused around her.

Midnight was approaching inexorably, the new year about to arrive at a nightclub where everyone was having fun except two women. Every minute that went by, María’s and Isabel’s veins filled with more alcohol, but also with more animosity and envy. The tension reached such a fever pitch that it was enough for the women’s hips to rub slightly together as they both approached the nightclub counter for the first hate-filled words to emerge from their throats.

“Watch where you’re going, girl,” María grunted, looking fiercely at her rival.

“You’re the one who should be more careful,” Isabel replied with fire in her eyes.

“Or what?” María spat, glancing up and down at the other brunette. “You gonna keep looking at me like you’ve been doing all night? That’s it?”

“What the fuck are you talking about? You’re the one who’s been staring at me all night,” Isabel groaned as she took a quick look at her rival’s body. “And you better know that if you’re looking for trouble, I’ll do a lot more than just look at you.”

As the situation became more tense, more and more people paid attention to the girls. And, as usual, the first thing they did was to compare them. María was spectacular that night, her lovely brown eyes highlighted with dark mascara, her succulent lips painted red and her long dark hair tied up in a beautiful topknot. Her curvaceous body showed all its splendor in a black dress that fell to her thighs, showing her attractive legs. Sleeveless and framed by two thin straps, her dress exhibited an incredible neckline, where María’s greatest pride and Isabel’s biggest obsession were shown: two large, sensual tits, enhanced by the brunette’s bra.

As for Isabel, she looked as pretty as María, her beautiful brown eyes and her striking mouth made up with femininity and reddish tones. Her hair was slightly curly, and tonight was falling beyond her shoulders like a beautiful waterfall of black strands. Isabel’s voluptuous body was covered by a red dress that almost grazed the floor; a slit on the side of the cloth showed a voluptuous leg with an appetizing thigh. Like María’s dress, it was sleeveless, with straps framing a neckline no less spectacular than her rival’s. Her exceptional, firm tits—Isabel’s greatest pride and María’s biggest obsession—stood out thanks to the bra that the girl had chosen that night.

“Why don’t we go to the ladies’ room?” María asked. “Looks like we don’t have a lot of privacy here.”

“Sounds good to me, girl,” Isabel said plainly.

Walking in a rush, the two young women moved through the party until they reached the restroom. Unfortunately, there was a long line of women waiting to get in.

“This way,” Isabel mumbled, making a gesture to María. The two beauties walked to the left and, without anyone noticing, they sneaked out to a small balcony, beyond dark curtains that would hide them from anyone looking in that direction.

With the cool night breeze caressing their bodies and the city lights shining in the distance, María and Isabel faced each other in the narrow place. They could barely fit in there, but that didn’t matter to the girls, since that way they would settle everything body to body, in the most intimate battle possible.

“What the fuck is your problem, you bitch?” Isabel asked, her eyes falling on the other impressive breasts.

“I’ll tell you what my problem is,” María said, looking back at the stunning rack of the other beauty. “My problem is that you are a jealous whore.”

“Oh, many women are jealous of me, so why shouldn’t you be another one?”

“Because I’m so much better than you. In every millimeter of my body, slut.”

Now looking into each other’s eyes, the two angry brunettes gently pushed their boobs together.

“Your pathetic body can’t compare to mine,” Isabel spat as she squeezed her breasts against her rival’s more tightly.

“Don’t compare your worthless body to mine,” María grunted heatedly, pushing her bosoms against Isabel’s. “Especially your flabby tits!”

“Then show me how your tits are better than mine!” Isabel challenged María as both smashed their arrogant glands together with a resounding blow of flesh and a short groan of effort.

You show me the full potential of your little tits!” María snorted, the two pairs of mammary glands crashing together a second time.

“Your small tits will soon feel what real tits are!”

“Let’s see what those ugly bags of yours can do!”

A third bump of tits resonated in the balcony, and then a fourth.

“My tits are bigger and firmer than yours, bitch!” Isabel roared. “And that’s enough to flatten your boobies!”

“In your dreams, slut! I’m bigger and firmer!” María claimed in rage. “C’mon, we’re all alone! Let’s do it!”

After colliding breasts to breasts again, María and Isabel hugged each other furiously. Fully together now, their big boobs crushed and flattened against each other as they moaned with effort, fury and anguish, struggling to dominate the rival’s bosoms.

A minute later, Isabel and María were sweating, but both remained almost motionless, squeezing each other. The pain was increasing as the brunettes leaned forward, resting their heads on the foe’s right shoulder and increasing the pressure on the antagonistic breasts.

Another minute passed, and the situation didn’t change. More sweat covered their sculptural bodies, more moans escaped from their clenched teeth, more suffering ran through their magnificent tits, but the rivals still failed to dominate the other beauty.

“You didn’t have to flatten my big tits, bitch?” María growled, taunting the other girl.

“I’m just afraid to ruin my dress, bitch,” Isabel grunted in an effort to apply more force to the bearhug, making the other girl moan, who replied the same way. “Why don’t we take off your clothes so that it can destroy your flabby bags?” she finally challenged the other brunette.

Without words or anything, the two girls waited to see if the rival would abandon the embrace. After a few seconds, they both took the initiative, moving away simultaneously. For a moment, Isabel and María stared at each other’s eyes, exchanging a hateful look before starting to remove their dresses.

María’s black dress was the first to fall. Her body slipped away from the dress, with some difficulty in letting her breasts and hips out, a sign that she had bought voluntarily a smaller size to accentuate her girl’s shapes. She took a step forward, defiantly as Isabel now undressed. The other brunette made the same show, her red dress as small as María’s, before took a step forward like her nemesis.

Pushing their breasts forward with their hands on their hips, remaining in a bra and panties—black for María, white for Isabel—the two girls stared at each other, their pupils immediately moved to the rival’s breasts, the glands bouncing softly in their bras. Neither could take their eyes off the other chest, immediately trying to compare them with their own but, as it always has been, they couldn’t find any difference.

“It’s not enough!” María spat angrily. “Also the bras…if you are woman enough!”

Her rival narrowed her eyes. Without special ceremonies, Isabel unfastened her bra, leaving it to rest on her boobs. María looked at her questioningly; Isabel smiled before shrugging her shoulders, dropping her bra to the floor and showing all the splendor of her tits, which stood high on her chest.

“It’s your turn,” Isabel said as she pushed her tits forward. “Or aren’t you enough woman to do it?”

María’s response was an angry growl. She could not bear the idea that this girl had breasts comparable to hers. She unfastened her bra and threw it behind her. Her boobs danced for a few seconds, before staying as firmly on her chest as her counterparts.

When María imitated her rival’s position, it was time for comparison. Both young women looked down, eager to find even the smallest imperfection that could increase their pride to the detriment of their nemesis. But the more their eyes traversed the opposing flesh, the more their unbelief grew—their boobs were almost identical, the rounded and full, slightly pointed shape making the girls’ dark nipples point slightly upwards. The only difference was the color of the skin, given that María had a slightly darker complexion than her rival.

Could it be that I was wrong? Is it possible that her breasts are better than mine? they both thought as they looked up, locking their surprised eyes—both were heartened to discover that the other girl had been as astonished as they were. There was still hope.

“So?” Isabel went on, turning mischievous. “Are you giving up, or do you want to be humiliated by me again?”

“Humiliate me? You have nothing that can humiliate my body!” María hissed, moving towards Isabel. “Let’s finish what we started!”

Both hurled each other at the same time. The pop that came out echoed on the balcony and beyond, the two pairs of boobs trembling on impact as the girls moaned together. The brunettes rammed her breasts forward again, María’s nipples bouncing against Isabel’s before their tits compressed to the point of impact. They continued to move their hips, constantly keeping their breasts in contact as the fat glands slid over each other. María’s bosoms were blocked by the rival’s couple, but their boobs continued to resist in the same way. With a grunt, they finally separated their sweaty tits.

“That’s all, bitch?” Isabel hissed panting.

“I just started,” María replied in an angry way.

María didn’t give her foe recovery time, lifting her breasts with her hands and charging the girl in front of her. Isabel didn’t have time to move, so she was forced to take a step back for the blow. A second charge made her moan, before she also lifted her breasts with her hands and began to attack. Their tits met halfway with a loud slap, accompanied by the grunts and moans of the women.

Without warning, Isabel took the initiative. Immediately after the collision, she wrapped her arms around María’s back, starting to squeeze. The other brunette moaned in surprise as she felt her rival’s grip tighten. With a grunt of hate, María imitated her opponent, wrapping her arms around Isabel’s back.

Soon, they both moaned as their boobs molded against each other. No pair of breasts gave ground to the other couple, the four tits continuing to push each other without a clear winner despite the girls began to grind more aggressively. Isabel’s breasts slid over and around her rival’s breasts, while María kept moving her boobs left and right. Two minutes later, no girl seemed to have made progress—María’s tits were still firm on her chest, and Isabel’s rack was barely moving. María looked down at their struggling breasts for a second, then looked back at her rival with a smile—she thought she had an advantage. Isabel smiled too, obviously thinking differently from her antagonist. 

To the surprise of Isabel, María freed her and withdrew to launch a hard blow against her rival’s breast, which Isabel didn’t have time to stop. For a moment, Isabel’s bosoms flinched, flattening out. After the impact, the fleshy globes of the girl slowly returned to their perfect shape, but a second blow from María made the girl moan loudly.

“Does it hurt you, bitch?” María smiled maliciously.

María prepared to launch another blow, but this time Isabel was quick to jump to the side, swinging her boobs to the right before hitting. The flesh of María’s breasts rippled on impact, but the attack was not over yet. Isabel grabbed her rival’s body in such a way that she could not run away, and swung her tits again, causing the opponent to swear in pain.

María grunted from the effort to end Isabel’s streak. Before the other girl could hit again, she pushed her breasts forward, intercepting the foe’s momentum. Both women stepped back moaning from the blow, but immediately charged the girl in front of them.

“Bitch!” María shouted.

“Cunt!” Isabel replied.

María grabbed her rival’s back, and pulled her towards her. Shortly thereafter, she felt Isabel’s arms tighten her back. Their four naked breasts swelled and spread over each other when they met in the middle, the rivals squeezing them together hard right away, feeling how their bosoms met the resistance of the other pair. Repeatedly, they crashed their glands together, crushing them with stronger and stronger thrusts. The breasts resisted any impact, spreading in the space between them, so Isabel and María began to rub them together, twisting them in the middle of the duel. For a while, their boobs were pushed up, and then pushed down, but still no pair seemed to give way. The brunettes felt the pain growing inside them, from the constant clash between firm boobs that refused to give ground to the rival’s orbs.

If someone had gone out on the balcony at that moment, they would have seen a spectacular view: face to face, tits to tits, groins to groins, thighs to thighs, two sexy female bodies were perfectly crushed together, neither surrendering to the other.

“You’re going down, bitch…” Isabel whispered between the quick breaths.

“Fuck you,” María grunted as she pushed again.

Their thrusts became more and more violent, but as they continued, the fatigue began to burn the girls’ muscles. They couldn’t go on like that, or they wouldn’t solve anything. They looked each other intensely, challenging each other to give more. But what they saw was the same pain and fatigue they felt. They had to win, at any cost.

Suddenly, the women saw the way to do it. It was exactly behind the back of their rival, a few steps away—if they managed to push the other young brunette against the wall, flanking the balcony, they would certainly have forced the other girl to surrender. Bu they had to hurry—they were in a dangerous place to fight, anyone could go out and see them. And they couldn’t allow it.

Both, almost doing it on purpose, released their arms and parted. Their breasts resumed their forms, although the damage was now evident: there was redness in their skin from too much contact, and the round shapes of their tits seemed abused. But there wasn’t much time to measure the damage done and what it suffered, so Isabel and María pushed their boobs together hard immediately. The impact made them go back, but they were instantly ready to strike again.

“Whore!” María growled as she pushed the girl back in front of her with her big tits.

“You’ll pay for this, bitch!” Isabel grunted as she pushed back with her own fat pair.

Their bodies shattered together, banging their breasts harder and harder, the titflesh deforming after each impact. The common goal of the women was now clear to both, and they would do everything they could to push the other towards the end. Blow to blow, María and Isabel felt their flesh tear at the passage of the opposing nipples, pain ran through them all over the body as their breasts pressed further. They increased the strength and speed of their thrusts, going on tiptoe for more momentum. Neither of them seemed to notice the terrain she was conquering or losing—each girl just tried to push her rival back. Sometimes it was Isabel gaining ground, other times it was María. Their boobs never gave up, as the two girls never gave up on pushing their breasts together. Every three seconds, the two pairs of bosoms collided, flattening each other before returning to their original shape. It was the only way to win, and María and Isabel knew it. But despite everything, they could not feel the surrender in the other girl’s breasts while banging with their own. They stared at each other while still pushing, moaning. But one of them had to win.

The year was coming to an end, and so was the hard-fought battle of the tits. Both girls pushed their magnificent boobs forward again, crushing them together…but this time, one of them faltered, one of them wasted more time recovering from the blow. When the girl with the weakest tits jumped forward again, she felt like she gave up an extra step. Another boob blow, and she started to realize she was really going back. At the last, she stitched her feet to avoid being pushed again, and the boobs of the rivals pressed evenly. But another thrust caused the losing girl back until her body hit the cold surface of the wall of the balcony.

“Argh!” María groaned, suddenly cornered. In front of her, she saw the smile popping up on her rival’s face.

“You’re mine, bitch!” Isabel hissed as she attacked again.

María drew back against the wall, her rival continuing to push her big breasts against her big breasts. Isabel wasted no time and tried to grab the trapped girl’s wrists. The two titfighters clasped their fingers, grunting at the sudden showdown. Although they were equally strong, María had less room to fight against the opposing force, so she found herself losing ground.

“N-n-nooooo…” María moaned.

With María’s arms slammed against the wall, with her foe unable to push her arms back, Isabel took advantage and pushed her boobs forward, stabbing the girl’s flesh with her hard nipples with all the strength she had. María groaned in pain, feeling her flesh torn and crushed.

“Argh! Bitch!” María whined.

But Isabel’s only response was her diabolical smile as she continued to assault the opponent’s tits. She pushed her breasts forward against María, who screamed in anger and pain, trembling in an attempt to push her glands forward. But the other brunette backed away before charging on tiptoe, to delivered full force against the rival against the wall. Both young beauties grunted as their boobs flattened each other out by the impact, their nipples penetrating the areolas and giving electric shocks to the voluptuous bodies, the titflesh trembling as the girls pushed with all the power of their proud breasts. Then, Isabel resumed charging her rival, slamming her tits against those of the bitch who dared to challenge her. María kept struggling, and both women rubbed their breasts together, with Isabel leaning fully on María.

With occasional pushes from one of the two female amazons, Isabel’s and María’s continued to battle it out for a full minute more, but dominance was clearly an advantage. María’s moans became more frequent as Isabel’s nipples stabbed her flesh. The trapped woman fought as much as possible to escape from her unfavorable position, rubbing her tits relentlessly against those of her rival. The breasts of the girls pushed and locked between them as they tried to capture as much space as possible, but María could feel her boobs losing ground against the rival couple. Her flesh was slowly crushed and rammed, her nipples was slowly bent against the tips of the girl who was beating her—it was undeniable that she was losing. But she didn’t want to admit it. She could not, so she continued to beat their breasts together, in rhythm, moaning from the constant pain, as the end drew ever closer.

It wasn’t long before María groaned in despair, making her rival rejoice. With a violent push, Isabel pushed her dark nipples into María’s tits.

“Fuck!” María moaned, starting to feel tears in her eyes. She felt humiliated. She could not believe that she was losing, that her magnificent boobs were losing against those of another girl.

In front of her, Isabel felt exulted as she pushed her bosoms even further against her opponent’s now on the brink of victory, enjoying the feeling that her breasts were gaining more ground against María’s pair. She wanted more, much more. She kept pushing, trying to completely flatten María’s boobs with her own, but the surrender came sooner than expected.

“Stop…” María sobbed. “Stop. You won…” The taste of defeat was truly bitter.

“Who has the best tits?” Isabel asked, holding her breasts firmly against her nemesis’.

María did not reply immediately, her pride made her think she could still win, she could still be able to fight back. But Isabel pushed her boobs forward, penetrating María’s breasts, forcing from her a moan of pain.

“Fuck, you dirty bitch,” María sobbed as Isabel pushed forward her tits to flatten her boobs. There is only so much space between them and Isabel intent to close that space with her huge tits. María closed her eyes, waiting for the inevitable to happen: the dreaded moment of her tits being completely flatten, her champions dethroned by a similar pair…

The pounding and crushing didn’t stop, but that moment never came. Isabel was shocked. Despite the plead from María, her tits are unable to crush María’s pair. She knew it was only a matter of time before María got her second wind and Isabel grew anxious and frustrated at the stalemate.

“No…You haven’t beat me…Your tits cannot beat mine…” María said as she opened her eyes to see her glands holding their ground against Isabel’s.

“Fuck you! I beat you! You surrender!” Isabel screamed in frustration.

“Not my tits!” María yelled back and she pushed back. Locking her arms around Isabel, she felt Isabel doing the same.

Again, their tits were held in a tight space, in an arena created by their arms. Fighting for space. For dominance. Four huge tits with their nipples battling to bend the other. María and Isabel pressed forehead to forehead, eyes glaring deep into the other most of the time. When they are not glaring at each other, they looked down into the arena of their arms, watching in awe and fear the battling tits.

Then something happened that seemed impossible to take place between the girls but which, in hindsight, should not surprise either of them, given the unusually high sexual tension that always burned between them. Without a single word, Isabel and María pushed their fingers deep into the other’s panties, searching for the other pussy. Their fingers fondled the other’s pussy lips, readying to penetrate. Their eyes never left the other as they knew their battle has moved to the next phase.

“I always knew you were a fucking dyke…” Isabel said in a low husky voice, as she felt María’s finger probed near her cunt.

“Says the lesbo who keeps looking at me…” María shuddered as Isabel nearly touched her clit.

“Look at you…so wet. I know my pussy is better than yours. It can beat yours…” Isabel said as she felt her pussy grew wetter and her fingers was rewarded with the same moist sensation.

“You want it? Pussy to pussy? Clit to clit? You won’t stand a chance…” María relished in the thought of moving the battle to such extent.

Without giving the other’s breasts a chance to recuperate, fingers were removed, and they started to hump against the other. Colliding panty to panty, white against black, pussy seeking pussy and, in time, clit crushing clit.

It was a sight to behold. Two equally strong and beautiful women, under the moonlight, locked in tight combat, pushing their champion tits against equally hard bosoms, panty-covered pussies shoving back and forth.

Isabel glared hard at María. Their eyes constantly met all the time, searching for any weakness and signs of surrender but there was none. She moved her legs against the railing behind María, to balance herself and to goad María into full pussy to pussy battle. María soon followed suit and their pussies met, covered in wet panties.

Both women gasped at the first touch as their heels held against railing and their pussies fucked through their panties. The feeling was near…The familiar feeling that both of women used to welcome, but today it was the feeling that they are rejecting. Warm fluids flowed out of their pussies.

“I can feel your juice, bitch…” María fucked as hard as she was fucked back.

“My juice is going to drown your pussy…” Isabel felt her clit slowly growing harder and harder.

“I dare your clit to come…” María gasped as she felt her clit pressed against her black panties.

“My clit is read—” Isabel’s sentence was cut short as a sudden, unexpected orgasm rocked her. “Fuck!” she screamed as she came hard.

“Slut!” María screamed her own climax seconds later.

Both women yelled, eyes shut tightly and held on each other for dear life as the powerful orgasms detonated within them. They yearned and dread against it. Once the pulses began to slow down, they opened their eyes just to be met with equal defiance from the opposite pair.

María smiled as she knew Isabel came before her but, as she was going to claim her victory, Isabel pushed her body, breasts and pussy against María. The other brunette pushed back—that was when she knew one orgasm wasn’t going to determine the winner tonight.

Before any of them could muster a word out, the moment came. Isabel and María felt something hard licked against their clits—it felt like a wet tongue licking their panty-covered clit. Their eyes met again but not with anger but with a shocked. Their clits finally found each other. It was too much for them. 

“I…fucking…hate…you! both girls screamed as they fucked clit to clit.

Neither were willing to give up against the body they thought that was inferior to theirs. But it was soon to be proven that they are too much of an equal to be better than the other. No, this is not acceptable, both beauties thought.

Long minutes felt like hours as they fucked hard, as their breasts battled for dominance and space. María felt her muscles straining beyond anything she ever felt. She might lose again. But then it happened…

Isabel screamed out loud as she came first again, this time even harder than the previous one. María, not wanting Isabel to gain any rest, fucked as her own orgasm threatened her.

“No…no….no…Stop!” Isabel pleaded this time.

María continued until her orgasm rushed over her, her own body rocking with pleasure. It would finally seem that a champion had emerged.

For a moment, the two young women were fused together, skin to skin, breath to breath, their foreheads stuck together, in strange communion. Their bodies were hot, covered with sweat. The coolness of the night was counterbalanced by the burning microclimate they generated together.

“You lose, stupid weak pussy,” María said with a malicious whisper, her body still throbbing from her own orgasm. “You’re not wo—”

María couldn’t finish the sentence, her enthusiasm being interrupted by what she felt pressed between her legs—Isabel’s clit still remained hard against hers. María could still feel it, protected behind the damp fabrics of her white panties, straight and defiant in spite of everything. She had felt Isabel coming hard, her voice breaking in despair, and yet her sex spear seemed to be still hungry for more.

“Shit!” Isabel exclaimed, pushing María away. “This proves nothing, do you hear me, you dyke? Nothing!”

“You came first again, you little bitch, and you begged me to stop. It’s clear which one of us is the best.”

“Shut the fuck up, you sow!” Isabel was trying not to think about it, but it was true—she had given in to María. Her voice sounded shaky and full of shame—two orgasms in a row was too much humiliation. But, despite the discharge of pleasure she had just suffered, she could feel her vagina regaining its initial vigor. Even better, her clit still remained hard and firm. “It was just another round, cunt. The battle’s not over yet, and you know it.” Getting back some confidence, Isabel pointed at her crotch. “You’ve felt it, don’t deny it. Everything’s still just as strong down here.”

“Not for long.” María snorted with a short laugh. Then she resolutely took off her black panties, leaving her naked, sexy cunt exposed to the night and its cold breeze. With pride, she trapped her cunt between her index and middle fingers, allowing Isabel to contemplate the thickness of her vaginal labia. From between them, a long, hard clitoris stood out with pride. “You dare to get into the real battle? Show me your weapons…”

Isabel looked at her rival’s powerful pussy and a shadow of doubt crossed her mind—that was the pussy that had forced her to come first…twice. But she couldn’t let the woman she hated most in the world bully her.

“Look at the pussy that’s going to humiliate you, you little shit,” she said as she stripped off her most intimate piece of clothing. The white panties fell to the floor, leaving a wet, hot pussy in sight, ready to keep the action going. Isabel then squeezed her sex, forming a diamond shape with her hands. “You’re tough cuntfighting in your panties, but now you’ll feel the fight for real.”

María looked at Isabel’s naked sex with all her hatred. Her labia and clitoris matched hers in fatness and firmness, making both pussies look like practically twins—even their pubes were trimmed in a similar way, forming small dark triangles that pointed directly at the root of their fleshy sex rams.

The intimate fragrance of their wet cum-covered cunt mingled in the gentle night breeze, reaching their noses to excite and disgust rivals at the same time.

“Come and fuck me,” Isabel challenged.

“Show me what a woman you are,” María spat out.

The two female warriors, now in high heels only, approached each other, grabbing the nemesis’ hard, pert butt and, throwing their hips forward, beginning the fiery siege. With their bodies meeting fully naked for the first time, the beauties grunted in unison—it was total war now, with their large breasts stimulating each other, with their nipples ravaging each other, with their fat, growing juicier cunts punishing each other, with their fully extended clits looking for each other to bend and stab.

The sound of panting and cursing, and the splashing of the sexes became all that María and Isabel heard. Luckily for them, beyond the curtains, the music and noise of the crowd at the party covered the sounds their screams and sexual noises, making no one aware of the primal battle.

“Holy shit!” María groaned as a dirty blow from the opposite clit made hers shake dangerously.

“Fuck!” Isabel snarled, her vaginal appendix slapped resolutely by María’s hot horn.

 The minutes passed with both girls fighting each other on the balcony, oblivious to the reality around them—the only idea shining in their minds was that they were there to fuck their nemesis to the end. Sometimes, one of them took the lead, her body briefly dominating the opponent’s, but the sex battle always returned irretrievably to a stalemate of tits and clits.

“Fuck me hard!” Isabel gasped, her brown eyes glued to María’s. “Break my pussy if you can!”

“Make me come!” María grumbled, trying to undermine her foe’s confidence. “You don’t have the body to do it!”

No one knew who started it, but suddenly their mouths were together, merging together in vicious intercourse, tongues and lips finding themselves battling. Tugging at the other dark hair, Isabel undid María’s topknot, and María took her revenge by jerking her contender’s equally black mane. Now the two young girls looked much more like each other than ever before.

The orgasm came suddenly and, this time, at the same time for both women. Shaking, Isabel and María squeezed each other, breasts, bellies and pussies pressed together as they came, their hearts thundering against each other like drums of war under the breasts.

“That’s it, María, come for me! I want your stinking pussy to squirt!”

“Give it all to me, Isabel! Give me your filthy cumshot!”

Their hands traveled nervously up and down their backs, squeezing the sweaty flesh, scratching and slapping. They struggled back and forth in the cramped space of the balcony, shaking, as their vaginal juices poured down their thighs, falling to the floor…until the mutual climax ended, leaving the girls exhausted.

For a full minute, María and Isabel stood still on the balcony, breathing noisily and grunting out soft curses and unintelligible insults, hearing again the noise of the party behind them. None of them knew how much more they could take, how many more orgasms their bodies could withstand.

“Let’s finish this…if you still have the strength.” María’s whisper arose finally from her throat.

“I still have the strength to fuck you and three others like you, you little shit,” Isabel answered.

“You know how we have to end this…”

“You too, bitch…”

They knew perfectly well what to do—in fact, somehow they had known for months. Hugging each other, they left themselves to fall to the floor of the balcony and, without any challenge or ceremony, they began to intertwine their powerful legs together. Just seconds later, their vaginas were already in contact with each other, impatience overcoming any hint of doubt.

“Shit!” both cried with hate and desire, for a second unable to believe that they were actually tribbing with the woman they hated most in the world.

The ground, at first cold and dry, was soon soaked with the hot sweat of the female skin and the fluids that their punished sexes oozed. Anyone who had gone through the curtains to get a bit of fresh air would have been struck by the sight of the two dark-haired goddesses fucking clit-to-clit on the floor with passion and despair, their perfect bodies naked and bathed in perspiration, glowing in the moonlight as their big breasts trembled with each pussy stroke, as their thick nipples hardened and stiffened to the point of pain.

Then, the music of the party stopped unexpectedly. On the other side of the curtains, a voice announced through the microphone that the twelve bells to say goodbye to the year were close. It was just at that moment that suddenly Isabel’s body jerked as a powerful pleasure wave flowed from her pussy to every corner of her body. A dull cry came to her mouth, her eyes opened in shock.

“No!” she gasped, drowning out the scream so they wouldn’t be caught as her cunt exploded again, a blast of burning vaginal magma gushing out from between her lovely legs. “Fuck!” Never had a man taken her to such high levels of excitement—her busty nemesis, however, seemed to know which buttons to push at every moment, always in the lead in this long pussy duel.

“That’s it! Give it to me, bitch! Give me everything! Every last drop!” María whispered in delight, for the third time making her hated enemy come sooner than she. “Oh, shit!” Her joy was broken just seconds after her victory, her own sex coming abruptly, hotly. All her boasting was buried by the heat and pleasure with which Isabel did not cease to affect her until she was taken beyond her limits over and over again, no matter how many times the other brunette came first.

“You give it to me too, you sow,” Isabel boasted.

“I hate you, dirty bitch,” María spat. “My pussy is winning!”

None of the fiery young women stopped as they fell into an abyss of pleasure together. Their two cunts, swollen and reddened, were spitting juice at each other in the orgasmic swirl that engulfed them. Their clits kept pounding against each other, throbbing with the most lacerating bliss.  But one of the two spears had to give way, one of the two pussies had to surrender. That had to be settled right now, or they’d both go crazy.

“Do you all have the grapes?” the microphone man announced on the other side of the curtains. “The bells are about to start…”

“Before the year is out, you’ll be at my feet,” María said. “You little slut!”

“Get used to the idea that you’re going to start the year with a dry cunt, you whore!” Isabel replied.

“You’ll start the year with a broken clit!” María growled.

“After I dry your pussy out, I’m going to flood it with my hot cum!” Isabel threatened.

Ding! The first bell resounded at the party, and everyone present ate the first grape—all but two, as Isabel and María leaned forward and ate the other mouth with a furious bite.

Ding! “My big pussy will eat your ridiculous little pussy!” María replied.

Ding! “My pussy’s gonna make you come first this time!” Isabel grunted.

Ding! Both sexfighters felt the inexorable countdown towards the end…

Ding! …they could feel it in their overheated bodies as their pussies continued to clash and rub together…

Ding! …their clits digging into each other like red-hot daggers.

Ding! “Come on! Fuck me harder! Push your fucking cunt against mine, bitch!” María exclaimed.

Ding! “Break my cunt, slut, if you are woman enough!” Isabel roared.

Ding! They gasped, groaned and cursed, both aware that they were about to surpass their own limits, that the end was only seconds away

Ding! “I’m going to fuck you! You’re mine, whore, mine!” María was panting feverishly, attacking with her pussy incessantly, knowing that this was the final sprint, that only the most female would bear the pressure.

Ding! “Moan, bitch, moan, scream for me! Cum for me!” Isabel whispered, hyperventilating, in the final effort to overcome the other brunette and push her beyond the climax.

Ding! “Happy New Year!” The unanimous shout was heard from the other side of the curtains as, in the ultimate war of pleasure, labia against labia, clits in hot duel, something cracked. Without warning, without gradually softening or giving way, one of the clitoris was crushed by the other with a single, heated blow, and pleasure gave way completely to pain.

“Aaaaaaagghh!” The cry was long but, fortunately, it was drowned out by the party and New Year’s greetings. María noticed at once how all her pride and willpower were falling away, her eyes filling with tears as Isabel’s cruel clitoris completely bent hers.

“Oh, God!” Isabel shouted, aware of what was happening. After the whole run of small defeats against María’s pussy, that filled her beautiful face with relief. She had been sure that she couldn’t have taken it for five more seconds. “Fucking hell! Yeah!”

Isabel pushed María to the ground and mounted her, holding her by the wrists with the determination and the renewed strength that victory gave her.

“You bitch!” María spat.

“Say it, fuck! Say I’m the best woman!” Isabel’s naked body fell on María’s, the winner’s tits crushing the loser’s, the nipples of one impaling and bending the other’s, a pussy and a clitoris fiercely punishing the rival’s.

“I hate you!” María squirmed, in pain and anguish, babbling and crying.

“I’m the real woman here! Me!” the victorious girl roared, rubbing her young body against the other beauty.

“Oooh! Stop!”

“Say it!”

“No! Fuck!” María cried. “I give up! You win…but I’ll never say that!”

Isabel wanted to stay there, punishing the body of her detestable nemesis to the point of forcing Maria to say the words she wanted to hear, but she was already practically without strength, and on the verge of her final orgasm. Besides, as if coming out of a dream, Isabel had become truly aware of where they were and what time it was. The risk of them being discovered at last increased with every minute that passed from midnight, for anyone could step out onto the balcony to welcome the new year overlooking the city. Worse still, some friend might have already noticed their absence from the party and were looking for them.

Isabel moved away from María’s body with a whimper and began to stand up with a slight wobble. The defeated sex gladiator remained defenseless on the floor, her eyes closed, unable to look at the one who had beaten her…until a slap made her open her brown eyes again. Isabel, again fully dressed, was leaning over her.

“Now listen to me carefully, you cheap whore: don’t you ever challenge me again until you’ve become a real woman, you hear?” Straightening up, she stuck out her chest, her smug smile shining in the moonlight. “It’s been a pleasure to break you, you fucking loser.”

Another slap made María turn her face away and close her eyes again, her teeth clenched in a sneer of infinite hate and tension. As tears streamed down her cheeks, she heard the other young brunette’s heels moving away. It took a couple of minutes before he finally started to get up, but the night sky seemed to fall in on her. Her knees bent, but she managed to hold on to the balcony’s balustrade.

Panting and sobbing, she saw a figure below, coming out of the club—it was the red-clad figure of Isabel Álvarez. She walked slowly, tired but proud. Then the victorious brunette stopped and looked back towards the balcony…and she smiled.

“Bitch, I will destroy you…I will humiliate you…I swear,” María Peralta said in a low voice.

That would be her New Year’s resolution.

The End

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