Sue & Jenny – Roommates Sexfight (A Multi-Writer Story)

Note by AnubisX

Lately, I have been a little disconnected by my holidays and some personal problems, but I have had time to organize together with some other writers this small project called “SUE & JENNY, ROOMMATES SEXFIGHT”. I had the idea a few weeks ago, when looking at the sex/catfight stories that I have on my computer I let my curiosity lead me to look for the shortest story of all.

So I found an anonymous story entitled simply SEXFIGHT. A story with 22 sentences and 372 words about two roommates and a rivalry that could only be resolved in one way. Then I had an idea: what if I could find 22 writers so that each one could “blindly” choose one of those sentences and extend it as much as they wanted in order to create a longer and deeper story?

Then I wrote to several writers and 10 of them joined the small project (others were very busy, but I will count on you for the future!). Some generously worked on more than one sentence. They all wrote incredible, long texts. As in the previous multi-writer project we did, I retouched the text to maintain the narrative coherence.

The result is here: a story with 5434 words! And, at the end of the story, you will also have the original story. Many thanks to all the writers for their generosity!

Written by:
Amber, A. Penman, Augur, Catharsis, Catfightlover40, Giannis, Luffy316, Neo Cortex, Rival’s Rapture, Susanoom & Anubisx

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“Inertia.” That was what the Chinese beauty told her close colleagues at work when they asked her why she was still putting up with her Latina roommate. Bodies at rest tend to stay that way.

The two women had become roommates as acquaintances, hoping against all odds and against their own personal stories to become friends. After two weeks, both guessed that probably wasn’t going to happen. After two months and a number of arguments, they started avoiding one another rather than deal with their mutual dislike. Both knew they’d be happier once they’d finally decided to confront the situation and work to make a change, but neither did. Like the Asian said, “Inertia.”

But inertia has a flip side.

Bodies, once set in motion, can be hard to stop.

Sue was the name of the Asian beauty, well, her American name. When she moved to the United States, she had to change her name. Sui Lin then became Sue Lin, but she wasn’t the typical lambda Chinese girl. Sue had long dark hair that reached down her hips, she used to tie them into buns when practicing her kung fu. Her face was oval shaped, her eyes were like two goldish almonds that sat above defined cheekbones. Her nose was small and slightly turned up, but her most beautiful feature was her lips; voluptuous and sultry. She was always wearing a light lipstick that made them glow with lust. A foxy bitch.

Sue was of rather tall height, 5 feet 7, her legs were muscular, thanks to the long hours spent in the gym, and that didn’t only give her toned juicy legs, but also a big round ass honed by squatting. Her skin was pale as pearls, soft and silky. Her hips wide led to a tiny waist, where dressed rock but feminine abs. And for the main dish, her tits were out of this world, two big taut orbs, the flesh was full and heavy, the characteristics of tits destroyer tits.

It was undeniable that Sue, at her 25, was a queen from another world. Always wearing black high heels and tight dresses, her cleavage always on display with her risky necklines. Every person who saw her was said to have experienced sexual thirst for months! Men, women even birds that sang poetry about her!

Her roommate Jennifer Fernandes, on the other hand, was a 22-years-old Latina from Brazil. She was also a queen among queens. One side braided chestnut hair was her signature. Jenny’s face was as sultry as Sue’s but she wasn’t as classy, instead her face looked more arrogant. Her eyes were brown jewels, surrounded by a dark layer of makeup, a short and lean nose atop lips that were made for kissing, two ripe succubus dark lips, that made cry with pleasure countless men…and women.

Unlike Sue, her skin was heavily tanned, and it was as silky and soft. Her legs were as muscular as Sue’s, maybe even larger. Her ass was round, and her hips wider, true sign of a Latina. Her navel was between a grid of sexy abs result of years of jiu-jitsu training. If you followed the line of her abs, your eyes would get stuck on a pair of breasts that were as perfect as Sue’s tits. Two heavy and full round tits that sat proudly on her chest, defying gravity.

Jenny used to go everywhere in heels, and liked to wear jean booty shorts and small tank tops that exposed every inch of flesh possible. Normally that was all the clothes that covered her body…if covered was the use of such outfits. The eyes of men and women were attracted to her hundreds of meters away! Some even say that birds get stuck in plane’s helices because they were distracted by her swaying tits!

Before sharing an apartment, Sue and Jenny’s lives had been parallel, their humble origins not preventing them from being proud and confident as hell. Sue came from a modest family in Jiangxi Prefecture, and Jenny had grown up in São Paulo’s favelas. Ever since they were young, they had made an effort to ascend socially, which usually meant going after every powerful girl she met. Over the years, that turned them into arrogant bitches that couldn’t stand a sexy cunt in their territory. So when they raised enough money to seek a better life in California, both brought that competitive spirit in their luggage as a reminder of everything they’d fought to get there.

What none of them expected was that they would end up living with a bitch as competitive and vicious as themselves.

The Fine Arts Gala, at the beginning of the summer. There was the first time both beautiful girls knew there was something more than bad vibrations between roommates. Sue and Jenny had gone to the event separately, but had arrived almost at the same time.

The Chinese was the first one to arrive, cleavage all out, her huge pale tits barely contained and covered. Her thigh split black and gold dress exhibited her stunning curves as an invitation to sin. She smiled, purring her name for the breath-taking tanned, blond guy who picked up the invitations at the entrance. She knew she was the queen of the night…

But a few seconds later, her pussy instinctively clenched, sign of intrusion. Her smile faded as she realized she lost her hold on the cute boy, who was now looking right at the entrance, his eyes mesmerized. Sue looked back, and her eyes widened: there was Jenny, her Brazilian roommate. She was wearing a black minidress that exposed every inch of flesh possible. Her fat tits swayed on her torso with every wiggle of her intoxicating hips, and her skin shone with a sensual, goldish tone.

That was the first time they both saw the other girl really dressed up, and none of them liked the experience. It was annoying enough to live daily with a beauty like the other roommate to now worsen everything with an image of vicious sensuality that would be burned into their minds for the rest of their lives.

“Hi, handsome,” Jenny greeted the guy, acting like her roommate wasn’t there. Anyway, they hadn’t talked to each other in weeks. “Here’s my invitation…”

“Could you wait your turn?” Sue retorted harshly without looking at the Brazilian. “Here, love, my invitation.”

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t see you were busy with the older lady.” Jenny neither looked at her roommate as she spit out that affront.

The Asian beauty was mad at the insolence, but she forced a smile on her face before leaning forward, the eyes of the guy staring deep at her cleavage.

“Look for me later at the party,” she whispered, but making sure Jenny listened to her. “I’ll do things to you that a little girl…” she paused for a moment, looking at her roommate from the corner of her eye to make her point, “will never make you…”

With a seductive smile on her sexy lips, Sue walked away, moving her round ass with the confidence of a woman who believed she had the advantage over her rival. Little did she know that Jenny had the same plan about that handsome blond guy…

Later, both of them would make sure that, through their mutual friends, the other found out that they had fucked the young man that night. Sue did it in the restroom, Jenny did it in an alley. It had been the best night of the guy’s life, but for the two roommates, it had been the starting gun.

Over the next few weeks, Jenny and Sue fought for attention wherever they were. The tension was especially brutal in the pool where the two began to go knowing that the other would also be there. Day after day, they were sunbathing with less and less clothing: Sue started in a sexy red one-piece swimsuit, and Jenny soon countered with a suggestive yellow string bikini, her tits and thighs overflowing. The Asian wasn’t afraid from challenge though, and retaliated with a black microkini that put the Brazilian’s attire to shame. Not wanting to be subjugated by her foe, Jenny matched the score in her own black microkini. In the middle of summer, both were even thinking about going topless to beat the other but, somehow, neither dared to take the daring step.

Every day, after the bikini competition in the pool, both of them met again in their apartment, where the tense silence dominated. In the solitude of their bedrooms, the Chinese and the Brazilian wondered how to break her rival, painfully aware of how closely matched they were. They also felt threatened, looking almost identical when it came to raw sexual potential, the other bitch exhibiting with her body and her attitude that she wasn’t an easy prey and that, if they were not careful, they could lose this feminine duel.

Summer gave way to autumn, and the two queens still couldn’t meet without a clash to happen—sometimes silently, sometimes through hints, but never speaking directly to each other. Their subtler contests wouldn’t keep them satisfied for long, though: they both wanted a more decisive victory that would prove that they were better than the other. They wouldn’t want to avoid their particular conflict, aware that they were headed for a head-on train crash that, when it happened, would make one of them experience defeat and humiliation for the first time in her life. It was inevitable, it was bound to happen as Sue and Jenny were attracted to each other.

It had been months since Sue had told her colleagues that she was still living with Jenny because of inertia. With September coming to an end, that wasn’t true anymore. She wanted to put Jenny to the test, show her who was the sexiest of them before kicking her out of the apartment to get rid of her for good. She knew Jenny thought exactly the same thing about her, each queen wanted to dominate the rival in an all-out fight, something that would break the other to her will, something that would make one of them, undoubtedly the best woman.

The moment of truth came on the last Saturday in November, a cold night of full moon and bright stars. In the streets, people went out partying, but inside Jenny and Sue’s apartment everything was silent.

The air was thick with tension when they sat down to dinner in a silence that wounded and a tension that tore at their very sanity. Like other times they coincidentally met at the dining table, the roommates glanced up at each other wordlessly, making it seem like every stab of their fork was an attack in the making.

But tonight was different, as their beautiful eyes averted from each other for a moment, as the need to speak began to flood their minds. A need to discuss what was obvious. To discuss what had been made clear. The pressure couldn’t last for long and it finally erupted with words that the chestnut-haired Brazilian had long wanted to spit.

“I still can’t believe it,” Jenny complained to break the silence, the heat of her body growing. “I can’t believe you think you’re—”.

“Better than you…?” Sue ‘ed the sentence, her words also longed for to be exhaled. After months of competing with her roommate, comparing herself to the body of the other beauty, the Chinese girl could not stop her mouth. “My breasts…My nipples…My entire body, when I compare it to yours. You’d be kidding yourself to think otherwise. Deluding yourself to not know.”

With the ultimate question posed and as her own answer drifted, Sue’s eyes moved and locked on her roommate. The sultry speaker challenging the woman across from her, not just with words, but with a fire-etched and confidence-announcing gaze.

How dare she say those things? Jenny thought bitterly. How could she even think she could compare to me that way. They were completely different, two girls from separate worlds. How could this Chinese even think of being superior to me about our bodies. Jenny was a fiery Brazilian who when everyone passed was forced to turn around. There’s no chance of me losing a confrontation with Sue!

“You’d like it,” Jenny replied as she looked back at her with the same fervor, her eyes staring for a second at the pink top that covered the other woman’s fat breasts, “but you know it’s not like that.”

“Bullshit,” Sue whispered, looking at Jenny’s red top and her heavy load before shaking her head. “I’m better and—”

“Shut up!” the Brazilian interrupted. “My body is better than yours. My breasts are bigger and firmer than yours. My nipples are bigger and longer than yours…End of discussion! Now eat!” The chestnut-haired girl ordered.

Jenny’s sudden response leaved the Asian speechless. The Latina started eating in silence, without waiting for a reply from the girl. On the other side of the table, Sue looked down at her plate. She was angry. With what courage did she dare to say she’s better than me? It was obvious that she was superior to the Brazilian, and was convinced that Jenny knew it too but did not want to admit it.

Dinner continued, with both girls quitting talking. Sue and Jenny kept looking at their plate, playing with food while occasionally glancing at each other. Something had changed since dinner began. It wasn’t just any ordinary day, and both felt it. Things had changed, and it went far, far beyond a bikini competition or some dirty words transmitted through common friends.

“You’re just jealous,” Sue broke the silence.


“You. Are. Jealous,” the Asian girl said, “because you know my tits are better than yours…”

Shock crossed Jenny’s face. “Bullshit! Your flabby bags are nothing compared to my beauties!” the Latina answered, raising her bosoms with her hands.

Even under a shirt, Sue had to admit that her roommate’s breasts frightened her. Am I wrong to think I’m better than her? she thought. No, impossible. Sue was sure her tits were better than Jenny’s. She raised her own tits with her hands, and looked at the other female.

“Flabby? Honey, my breasts would devour yours if they had the chance.”

Jenny’s eyes widened as Sue’s last words came from her lips. Those words, that veiled challenge…it was what she needed. And Sue knew it too.

No more inertia, no more hidden desires: the moment had finally arrived.

The brunettes felt something new inside them. A new sensation. A strange happiness, mixed with fear and excitement. The roommates felt their breasts throbbing, as if they too wanted to confront each other, as if they too wanted to prove to the rival couple that they were the best. Jenny and Sue felt their nipples penetrating the bra fabric, suddenly stiffening, as their skin began to warm up at the thought of rubbing against the other girl’s.

Their eyes betrayed their emotions. As they stared, both could see that the other also felt the same things. All of a sudden, there were only them, in an empty room. Only them, with the knowledge that they would find out which of the two was really the best.

“Then show it to me.” Jenny’s eyes turned to Sue’s breasts, where her hardened nipples were clearly visible through the cloth. “Your tits against mine…if you’re a woman enough,” the Brazilian openly challenged her, standing up abruptly.

Sue watched her roommate get up quickly and challenge her. She felt happy. Immensely happy, because she wanted all this too.

“If I’m a woman enough…?” Sue began to say as she rose from her chair. “Ok, let’s go then! Show me what your boobs can do against mine,” the dark-haired woman replied. Now the challenge was officially accepted.

“You will regret the day you met me,” Jenny threatened her antagonist.

“Get ready to see what real tits look like,” Sue hissed.

Without hesitation, as if they’ve been waiting too long to do this, Sue and Jenny both took off their tops and bras, revealing two pairs of large, meaty boobs. Jenny’s puffy, dark brown nipples were quite large, and though Sue’s pink counterparts looked even bigger, it was only by a fraction. The difference in overall breast size was more pronounced, however, and Jenny’s jaw tightened just perceptibly.

“Pretty nice handful, huh?” Sue smirked, jostling her full, round jugs for a moment and causing the pale flesh to ripple and curl deliciously.

Jenny didn’t actually expect the advantage in mass and volume to go to the other woman, but now that she saw the other pair in all its magnificence, she felt that she had underestimated the Chinese’s by too much. Sue’s orbs had to be upper-end Double Ds, beating her own regular D-cups by at least one full bra size. To make things worse, now that their racks now bared, Jenny could see that her rival wasn’t as saggy or floppy as she’d hoped, either. Sure, the Asian’s ample, meaty breasts sat slightly lower on her chest than Jenny’s pert boobs did, and might’ve had a bit more visible hang, but still maintained a far nicer shape than the smaller-busted woman would’ve liked. At least they seemed to wobble and bounce more than her own set.

“They sure look like they need some hands-on support to stay up,” the Latina replied with a dismissive sneer, doing her best to look unconcerned. She was going to enjoy grinding those big, arrogant pillows flat.

Sue’s smug grin instantly made way for a scowl, and she glared at Jenny for a second before sucking in some air and puffing up her already sizable bust. She’d teach the lanky bitch some manners: no one mocked her best assets and got away with it. The chestnut-haired Brazilian, for her part, attempted to mimic the gesture, even if her smaller boob-size made the push-out effect less dramatic.

Each woman was regarding her opponent coldly as they stepped toward one another, now dressed only in their denim shorts, and proceeded to bring their hard nipples into contact.

“Any last words before I bury your ugly little tits?” Sue hissed, brushing her tips across Jenny’s turgid nips slowly and enjoying the way her nemesis’ breath seemed to hitch for a second. Though to be fair, the electrifying sensation did cause a grunt to leave Sue’s own lips as well.

“Keep dreaming, you floppy cow,” the Latina growled back, gritting her teeth as she shoved forward.

Neither could hide a wince as they felt their breasts slam against one another, each woman’s dense, proud chest starting to compress as it sought to force the opposing mass of titflesh to yield and to withdraw. For the moment, neither rack seemed to be having much success in displacing the other, with the Asian’s larger orbs resisting the Brazilian’s pert, firm tits, while Jenny’s tightly-packed pair refused to budge even as Sue’s hefty mammaries did their best to engulf and steamroll them.

“Unnnh,” Jenny groaned, setting her feet and pushing harder against her top-heavy opponent. Sue’s big jugs felt every bit as thick and powerful as they looked, and Jenny knew she’d have to grind them out fast if she wanted to win. This bimbo was seriously stacked, and way firmer than she’d anticipated.

“Fuck,” Sue gasped as she felt Jenny’s perky teats try to burrow their way into her pride and joy. The dark-haired woman’s big, round boobs held, but only barely. For a skinny little bitch, her rival had a pretty tough set. Deciding it’d be wise to end things quickly, Sue shoved back. Hard.

Both sets continued to balloon further out as the pressure increased, the women’s mighty breasts slowly pushing further away to the sides. But even that wasn’t enough. By some unspoken agreement, Jenny and Sue proceeded to wrap their arms around one another, adding their upper body strength to the embrace. Each female let out a long, breathless groan as their ample boobs were pushed from center out, feeling how more and more boobmeat oozed out as it molded against the opposing breast tissue. Yet they kept squeezing, grinding their sizable bosoms together in growing frustration.

“Hnnnnnggg,” the roommates panted in unison, forcing their prodigious chests to critical mass.

It was slow and tentative at first, and Sue had to look down to make sure she wasn’t just imagining things. She studied their sweaty, visibly displaced bosoms closely, watching her pale, ample titflesh battle it out with Jenny’s darker and smaller teats. Bit by bit, her eyes confirmed what her boobs had already started to feel. One pair was beginning to give ground, failing to resist the opposing pair like it’d done earlier, and gradually losing more and more of its shape rather than pushing back.

“Oh, shiiit…”

Sue looked up slowly and purposefully, meeting Jenny’s partially closed eyes. The larger-chested woman’s lips curled into a smug grin.

“What’s the matter, slut?” Sue cooed, rolling her shoulders a bit so that her hefty jugs slid atop Jenny’s sore, reddened pair. “Are my tits too big and strong for your little baby-bumps?”

“Fuck…you…” the Brazilian groaned, squirming and turning in the bearhug. “I can still flatten your saggy udders, skank!”

The bustier woman huffed, narrowing her eyes in clear annoyance. Some bitches were just too stubborn for their own good.

Once their boobs, by now glistening with sweat due to the struggle, had flopped back onto the same level, Jenny quickly started grinding her torso against Sue’s, making a point of pumping those pert D-cups into the opposing pair of tanned Double D jugs. And true enough, the more compact pair did still manage to push the Asian’s meaty orbs back, each set of boobs compressing visibly as it strained against the other. Yet both could see that one rack was taking over the fight: Sue’s.

“I’m not beaten yet, bitch!” the Latina growled as she continued to fight back, her face red from the exertion.

“Yeah, that’s the key word alright,” Sue hissed in reply, baring her teeth as she glared at her defiant rival. “We both know it’s just a matter of time, now. My jugs are rubbing your weak little titties away, you inferior woman.”

“You arrogant cunt!” Jenny grunted, really annoyed because she was getting the worst of this breast duel. “You want to know who the inferior woman really is here?” She licked her lips. “I challenge you to settle this completely naked, in your bed or mine, I don’t care.”

“You’re losing this titfight and now you want, what? Some kind of…sexfight?” The word had just come to Sue’s mind, but she found it delicious. “I accept…”

Pushing each other, the two beauties separated their reddened breasts. Panting from the brief but intense battle between their thick glands, they both looked at each other defiantly.

“I’m gonna fuck you raw,” the Brazilian challenged.

“To my bedroom, now,” the Chinese replied.

The sexual rivals entered Sue’s room, where a huge bed awaited them. Without wasting any time, the two girls began to undress, taking off their denim shorts and panties while looking at each other.

“You don’t know how many people I’ve fucked in this bed…and you’re just gonna be another one,” Sue said.

“You don’t have the pussy for that,” Jenny exhaled as the two of them looked at each other’s hairy, fat cunt.

“How do you want to do this, bitch?” the dark-haired girl asked as she and Jenny got on the bed, kneeling and facing each other, naked and wanton.

“Woman to woman, the first to come loses.”

“Good…Let’s fuck…”

This was the face-off that both young women had secretly desired for months. They began letting their bodies at the mercy of their foe, fondling each other’s tits and pinch the other’s nipples. Jenny dropped a hand down to Sue’s pussy and got a finger full of her roommate’s love juice. She then sunk her middle finger deep into the folds of labia and began to finger fuck the lovely Asian girl.

“Ugh!” Sue grunted as she felt her twat involuntarily tighten around Jenny’s ever deepening finger thrusts. She was quick to return the favor. “Two can play this game.”

“Bitch!” Jenny cried out, as Sue’s forefinger slid across her clit and plunged deep into her. They frantically finger fucked each other for several long, exquisite minutes, trying desperately to take each other to the brink. But neither girl was ready or willing to climax just yet…not with their fingers.

The “pop” of fingers leaving their pussies could be heard throughout the room. Then, Sue all of a sudden pushed Jenny back over the sheets and jumped out of bed. The Chinese walked over to the bedside table and opened a drawer. Opening her eyes wide, the Brazilian saw how her roommate got out a double-headed dildo.

“Let’s just make this more interesting…” Sue said.

The real surprise, that Jenny was in for, was just how devious Sue could be, especially when it came to her taste in sex toys. People on the world’s biggest retailer site was raving about this double-headed dildo, that required just a touch of lube, anti-allergenic, almost 18 inches in size, and as a coup de grace, it could be folded to enable for double penetration.

“Take a long look at this, because you literally won’t see the end of it!” Sue taunted Jenny, who was still trembling from their fingering session.

“All I hear is you talking out of your ass, when you know that’s reserved for that baby until I mindfuck you into the next week!”

“Wow, Jenny, that’s so butch of you, but before you could polish you bargain bin one liner, you’ll get busy sucking this first…after you pleased me!”

“Make your move…”

Sue went back to bed with the weapon in her hand. Anxiously but carefully, the girls inserted the double-headed dildo into their cunts, burying part of it inside them before starting to move their hips. The movement was gentle at first, but soon the pace and aggressiveness increase.

At this point in the tense night, the two women were so horny that, just after a few minutes and some strong thrusts, most of the sex toy were deep inside into their wet pussies. The room was soon filled with their moans, which turned louder when their clits met for the first time—now that their sex rods were fencing, they were finally able to fuck each other intensely.

“My pussy is tighter and stronger, bitch,” Jenny groaned. “Most of this dick will be inside your pussy! I will fuck you till you beg me to stop!”

“Slut!” Sue grunted back as she thrust the fake dick into Jenny’s pussy the harder she could. “My pussy muscles are tighter. I can push almost all of it into your pathetic pussy. I will fuck you dry!”

They looked straight into each other’s eyes as they kept fucking each other wildly, as they calling each other names.

“Oooh…Fuck you, whore!”

“Oooh…Fuck you, bitch!”

Jenny and Sue had well-trained muscles in their tight cunts so, for a long time, the dildo was shared almost on equal terms between their pussies. The effort to push the bigger part of the dildo into the other cunt was so intense that sometimes the women’s pelvises raised from the mattress as the rivals fucked each other on the air above the bed.

“Take this, you lesbo cunt!”

“Take this, you slutty lesbo!”

But, in spite of everything, and as had happened when they had fucked each other with their fingers, neither managed to bring the other to the final climax.

With the fingers and the double-headed dildo discarded, there was only one way left…

This time, it was Jenny who pushed Sue back. The Chinese girl came down hard on the mattress, flat on her back. The dildo rolled out of both pussies, soaked in vaginal juices on the sheets but forgotten by the naked amazons.

At first, Sue grimaced. Then, she flashed the Brazilian girl a wicked grin as she parted her legs in challenge. Instinctively, Jenny responded with the same smirk, opening her legs, her knees on the bed, her cunt as exposed as Sue’s.

“Enough…Let’s this just with our pussies, without fingers or dildos doing the job,” Jenny whispered.

It happened, between the rivals: an offer issued…the challenge made.

“My cunt versus yours? You don’t have a fucking chance…” Sue responded, far from tamed. “You are not woman enough for me…”

Hungry for the thick folds of Sue’s twat, the brunette stretched out, positioned her pelvis directly above the Asian’s pubic mound.

“I’m more than woman enough for you…” Jenny said, sounding brave.

The time had come. As if the world around them had ended. As if all else had given way. As if the apocalypse had come and taken. As if beyond the bed held no sway. Their everything was each other. Their battle of womanly ways. Their hitching breaths and their mutters. Whimpers given as fingers played. Gazes locked and calves seeking. Foreheads pressed, as nipples grazed…

Finally, Jenny thrust downward. On impact, both women thrilled at the critical sensation of their two cunts meeting with nothing between them, labia to labia, clit to clit.

With the Latina on top of the Chinese in bed, the mutual, decisive sexual siege began. With their own cunts, they stimulated the opposite pussy rubbing, pressing and pushing as their hands slid across the rest of the rival anatomy to stroke, rub and spank. Their mouths, meanwhile and to the surprise of both beauties, engaged each other in their own war of vicious kisses, bites and spits.

It was endless minutes of reciprocal fucking. The atmosphere that engulfed them was overloaded by the heat and wild aroma of their sweaty bodies. Always face to face, Jenny and Sue challenged each other with their eyes, inhaling the adversary’s breath—hating its sweetness but, at the same time, wishing not to breathe any air other than that. For the first time in their lives, they found themselves in front of a female at their level, with exactly the same sexual energy and endurance as themselves.

“How does it feel…to find a pussy…stronger than yours…you bitch?” Jenny whispered between gasps before caught Sue’s tongue and brought it into her mouth with hunger. The Chinese goddess trembled, groaning as she felt her tongue sucked over and over again.

“The only thing…I feel…is your tender Brazilian pussy…melting against my Chinese pussy…you whore,” Sue replied after freeing her tongue, pulling Jenny’s hair back to make her shake and sigh with a series of heated kisses and bites on her neck.

The female catfighters kept exchanging dirty words and kisses as their vaginal lips throbbed and dripped under the incessant attack of the other invading clit, as their big breasts clashed and rubbed together, adding waves of extra pleasure to the sex battle.

More minutes passed, and Jenny was still riding Sue clit-to-clit in a kind of revenge for the humiliation in the breast battle in the living room. But if the Brazilian was really winning this sexual duel it was hard to tell: her Asian enemy was sweating and moaning beneath her, undeniably excited by everything that was happening in that intense close-quarters engagement, but Jenny was perspiring and sighing just as much as Sue was, her own sun-tanned body trembling against the shaky light-skinned body of the other beauty.

The sweat was already soaking through the sheets, its odor filling Sue’s bedroom, when the bodies of the roommates finally stiffened, their clits bending each other as the girls groaned together in a mutual orgasm. Convulsing between the other arms, the rivals kept instinctively pumping one against the other, their female juices filling both pussies stickily, odorously until the inner earthquakes ended.

The room was then silent, only the exhausted gasps from the women breaking the silence around them. Crushing their naked boobs together, Sue and Jenny struggled to recover themselves from their mutual climax. Both were totally ashamed of the outcome of the contest.

“I’m not happy about this, bitch,” Jenny whispered into Sue’s ear.

“Me neither, you cunt,” the Chinese replied. “We haven’t settled this matter…”

“I want a rematch, slut,” the Brazilian grunted.

Slowly, the two gorgeous females began to rub their wet pussies together; a second later, both licked the other ear.

“Why wait, sow?” Sue spat.

Both had a long night ahead of them…

The End.

Original story:

Our two wives had never really got on.Steve and I had been friends since college and felt we were really lucky to get such good wives with good bodies.

Sue and jenny however were very competitive when it came to other women.When we had gone swimming or just sunbaking both would wear a bikini trying to outdo the other.

It boiled over one night when we were having dinner at our place.Jenny asked what part of Sue did I find a turn on,I answered that I thought that her boobs were great and I loved her nipples because they were very big.Jenny then said that Steve liked hers because her nipples were big too and that she believed that hers were bigger than Sues.

Sue said ok lets go for it then , show me what your nipples can do against mine.

They both took of their tops and bras and walked together holding their nipples together.Jenny’se big but Sue’s were a fraction bigger.This really annoyed jenny who then challenged Sue to a women to women sexfight,loser comes first to see who the better women is.

They went upstairs to our bedroom and got undressed while staring at each other.

They got on the bed kneeling in front of each other and started playing with each others tits and nipples.Jenny then dropped one hand and started to finger Sue.Both then for about ten minutes were fingering and caressing each other moaning softly.

Sue all of a sudden pushed jenny back on the bed and walked over to the table and got out a double headed dildo and said let’s finish this cunt to cunt if your womem enough.Jenny said that she was more than enough women for Sue.

Both women put the dildo in their cunts and sat opened leg before each other with their hands back to support themselves and started fucking each other.After about 5 minutes they both sat up hugging each and kissing pressing their tits together. Both were moaning and sweating like crazy.Then both finally stiffened and groaned together,coming at the same time.

Later both women were still unhappy that they had not settled the matter and said that they wanted a rematch.

Steve and I can’t wait.

The End.

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