Celine & Hannah by AnubisX

Celine vs. Hannah by AnubisX Story

Commissioned by SFFAN4E

The sun was reflected in the crystalline water of Long Bay, a small paradise of beaches of fine sand and tall, thin palm trees that leaned towards the sea as a sign of respect. It was late July at Jost Van Dyke—the smallest island of the British Virgin Islands—and that meant heat and tourists. Sweating, a group of Americans photographed the beautiful landscape, the lens of their cameras pointing to the blue sky, the cobalt sea…

…and the beautiful mermaid that was coming out of the water at that moment.

“Is she…?” one of them asked.

“Yes, it has to be…” a girl said.

Celine de Comminges-Couserans, the controversial French Countess, the Queen of the Tabloids, was there. Wearing a small, sexy white bikini, she was strutting and crawling like a cat on the sand, her beautiful brown hair dancing with the morning breeze, her stunning brown eyes ignoring the cameras of tourists to focus on the camera of the professional photographer from Cosmowomen Magazine. The man was on his knees on the beach, starvingly photographing the countess who, with each movement, remarked her female virtues: Celine opened her mouth slightly to show desire, squeezed her breasts with her forearms, shook her ass and hips. The photographer licked his lips as he found it increasingly difficult to control his desires before the sexy show of the brown-haired beauty…

The show wasn’t exclusive for the man, though. In fact, every Celine’s movement and gesture was targeting a specific person, a person who wasn’t the photographer or any of the tourists. Behind the man, Hannah von Lippe-Weissenfeld, the controversial German Countess, the other Queen of the Tabloids, was attentively watching the whole scene. A couple of steps behind the photographer, Hannah was safe from the man’s gaze, so she didn’t hide her true feelings for Celine. Her blue eyes burned with contempt as they shamelessly traveled throughout the other countess’ body, studying face and curves in person as she had done hundreds of times through magazines and television. Hannah compared each Celine’s asset with her own virtues, examining her beautiful, firm breasts and womanly hips, her toned legs and strong butt in order to know exactly what she was up against.

The other beauty, of course, was well aware of the examination. Celine’s body kept throwing at her absolutely every ounce of sensuality she had in an arrogant display of resources, her brown eyes full of hostility.

If you want to analyze me, this is my best shot, Celine grunted mentally, decided to hit Hannah psychologically with her best female weapon…

Celine raised her arms over her head, arching her back and thrusting her breasts out. As her beautiful tits jutted high and firm from her chest, the French opened her fleshy lips slightly, giving Hannah her sexiest face. The sound of cameras clicking resonated in the humid Caribbean air, the photographer and the tourists immortalizing Celine in her white bikini.

Beat this, you cunt, the brunette thought as she defiantly looked at Hannah.

Bitch, the blonde spat inside her head, her own attractive boobs bouncing lightly on her torso because of the tension that ran through her flesh. She still couldn’t believe they had called another woman for the same photo shoot as her—that this other woman was Celine de Comminges-Couserans was even worse. Her relationship with the other countess had never been good: the tabloids had compared them since they became famous due to their first scandals, dedicating covers and pages to the similarities of their looks, attitudes, lifestyles and backgrounds…which had being embraced by both in a war of controversial statements that each 23-years-old woman had thrown against the other. Young and gorgeous, black sheeps in the European nobility, assiduous to crazy parties and love affairs, the two countesses were perfect reflections of the same mirror, which none of them could stand.

Celine’s photo shoot went on for a few more minutes—never-ending minutes for Hannah—until, at last, the photographer was satisfied and called the blonde to pose. The German beauty walked to the position in front of the man as Celine returned, both beautiful countesses facing equally envious eyes. Seeing sideways that the photographer was distracted with his camera, and hoping that the tourists wouldn’t notice it, Hannah and Celine let their shoulders bump into each other when they came across. The blonde needed all her willpower not to jump at that very moment on her rival.

“Okay, Frau von Lippe-Weissenfeld, give me everything you’ve got,” the man said, starting to photograph the Germanic beauty.

Hannah posed for the camera lens, showing her amazing body in bikini in different, very unaristocratic postures. She played a lot with her long golden hair as she almost danced on the fine sand, shaking her firm breasts, crossing her long legs, pushing her round ass out with the boldness of arrogance. However, just a minute after starting to pose, her blue eyes inevitably turned to Celine.

It’s time for you to see who’s in charge here, the blonde thought bitterly.

Imitating her rival as if to say ‘I do it better’, Hannah placed her hands on her head, the blue sky and sea in the background. Slowly, she curved her back to make her firm boobs stick out in her yellow bikini, her twin glands boasting of sex appeal before the enthusiastic gaze of the photographer, the distant scrutiny of the American tourists and, most of all, Celine’s brown eyes.

This is a real woman’s body, Hannah thought proudly. Enjoy the view, you slut.

Whore. Full of fire, Celine’s pupils went through the curves of the other countess’ chest. Do you really think you have better tits than me?

The French beauty didn’t blink, crossing glances with her nemesis in a mutual intimidation attempt while Hannah posed. Celine didn’t hesitate to compare their two bodies with vicious attention, analyzing the femininity of shapes and sizes, the virtues of bodies blessed by nature. They both stood about 5’9” tall, and shared weight and body build—model-type frames with well-proportioned breasts and round butts, flat bellies and long legs. Their faces, though different, possessed the same features of the contemporaneous canon of female beauty, with thick lips and feline eyes framed by long silky manes.

Celine had come to grudgingly admit that Hannah was very hot, but the brunette firmly believed that she was way hotter than the blonde. Fuck her nice tits, she growled inside her head as she was once again focusing her attention on the other countess’ breasts. Mine are better. To her surprise, the overwhelming staring contest between she and Hannah eventually hardened her nipples.

“Perfect,” the man said as he finished photographing Hannah. “Now, Frau von Lippe-Weissenfeld, Madame de Comminges-Couserans, I’m gonna take some pictures with both of you together.”

His words awoke Celine from her reverie. Without realizing it, one of her hands instinctively had landed near her bikini-clad crotch. What the fuck? she thought, surprised and confused. Now that for the first time she met Hannah in the flesh, her body was beginning to act weird, as if the nature of the tense rivalry was not what was expected. Quickly pulling her hand away from her inner thigh, the gorgeous French countess approached the not less gorgeous German countess, ready to continue the comparison duel at close range.

“I’d like to take some pictures for the magazine cover,” the photographer commented, looking at the two beauties that, on the sand of the beach, stood next to each other, almost shoulder to shoulder. “Please. pose as sexy as you can.”

The females threw each other a quick look of contempt before looking at the camera. Puffing out their chests provocatively, the countesses began to pose with their most suggestive gestures, seeking to overcome the other beauty from the very first second in this direct comparison of virtues.

Knowing that half of the world would soon see these pictures, Celine gave it all she’s got, bragging about boobs and butts, cocking hips and highlighting her waist. Her beautiful brown eyes captivated the camera and the man behind it; she hoped that also would captivate anyone that looks the pictures. You could be as tall and busty as I am, you stupid blonde, but you can’t eclipse this, she thought arrogantly, believing herself to be the alpha female.

Less than two feet from her, Hannah tried to devour the camera with her presence. Her blue eyes were burning, her wiggles were seductive and her body was a flexible, toned sculpture dedicated to absolute femininity. Being aware that those pictures would be used for a critical comparison between the two hot countesses, the blonde struggled to ignore her opponent, wanting to suppress her presence. But it was impossible, because of that kind of heated aura that was emanating from Celine constantly; an aura that Hannah also was throwing through her pheromones and her sexuality. In those moments, the only thing that the blonde expected was to be able to overwhelm the brunette with her aphrodisiac halo, reducing her enemy to nothing in front of the camera lens. Maybe you think you’re a hot slut with that nice ass and that full mouth, but you’re nothing next to me, she thought angrily.

Despite the hot tension between them, they would not progress in the game of femininity in which they were immersed if their elbows hadn’t collided after four minutes of poses. The involuntary blow diverted the attention of the women, causing a quick, mutual glance between them. As their irises met each other—brown against blue—the two countesses knew that the stakes had just risen.

Without thinking, Hannah turned her back on Celine, raising her hands above her head and pushing her ass towards the brunette’s. The other woman took the challenge gritting her teeth; turning around to imitate the blonde, Celine faced her back to back. Then the sound of the camera photographing both beauties gave an idea to the brown-haired countess.

“I want a copy of that photo,” she said, with a certain lust in her voice. In that position, and with the sun highlighting them with lights and shadows, Celine knew that this picture would serve perfectly to compare tits and asses without cheating.

“I want another copy…and a copy of this photo,” Hannah exclaimed. To the surprise of Celine, something firm stumbled against her ass; her brain warned her that it was Hannah’s butt. Her body reacted instantly, hardening her own buttocks.

You fucking sow, Celine croaked inside her head, biting her tongue as she gently but challenging pushed her buns against the offensive ass of the other beauty.

Bringing their shoulder blades together, the females found themselves immersed in a struggle between their asses. It was so slight that they just barely keep their butts together in a direct test of strength, since the presence of the man frustrated any other idea. Hannah could feel the heat and hardness of Celine’s ass, understanding bitterly that the world fame that her butt had was deserved. Meanwhile, Celine was also reluctantly impressed by what she felt behind her, fervently hating the solid ass of the other countess with a more typical intensity of a lesser girl that of a worldwide beauty like her.

In just seconds, however, the two rivals took the risk of pushing a little more flesh against the buns of the other female, but what might have resulted in a real combat of young buttocks was aborted by photographer’s voice.

“Good job. Now I want that both of you turn around. To finish the session, why don’t you start by posing face to face?”

The two beauties nodded, confident in themselves, but the photographer had not finished speaking.

“On your knees, giving each other a nice hug.”

The words of the man words caused an earthquake inside the women. Hannah’s eyes shivered nervously, and a crowd of butterflies fluttered into the stomach of Celine. After all the breast boasting, they were going to pose face to face, blue eyes against brown eyes, yellow bikini against white bikini…German tits against French tits.

The blonde turned around, just to saw the brunette already facing her. Their eyes were burning. A second later, they were betrayed by their own nervousness, and looked down on the rival’s beautiful chest. The glands looked bigger now, at this dangerous close range.

Hardening her nerves before what was coming, Celine took a step towards Hannah with all the courage that she could muster. Her opponent claimed her own territory with another step, narrowing her eyes despite the presence of the photographer. In front of her, the brown-haired countess pushed out her boobs with pride, and so did Hannah just one thousandth of a second later. Then, both let themselves fall on their knees, the hot sand of the Caribbean kissing their legs.

The perfect bodies were a few inches from each other. The tension between the aristocrats had reached a breaking point, Celine and Hannah knowing that as soon as they moved slightly forward, their young tits would touch each other bikini to bikini, flesh to flesh. Then, the boasting of tits of one of them would be nothing because, as soon as both felt the breasts of their rival against their own, the truth about which ones are better—bigger, firmer, fuller—would come to light.

Absorbing the doubts of the other woman and beating her own doubts, Celine decided to take the initiative. With a deep breath, she closed the distance between the two bodies with a determination that was overwhelmed by jealousy.

What happened as soon as they brushed together her bosoms was strange: both felt the whole process of mutual crushing in an ultra-slow motion. Their tits were pushing against their rivals as their torsos leaned forward, as their arms were wrapped around another body in a gentle embrace. The small bikini bras didn’t prevent both women from feeling themselves almost naked against the firm flesh that the other countess brought against them, causing some early and quick electrical shocks between their sensitive skins. The sparks traveled through their sexy boobs, jumping from one another while the moldable flesh was crushing each other, adapting in equal terms despite the wishes of the angry females.

Just seconds after the beginning of this odd flesh duel, both women’s chests reached the crushing limit that the countesses could show in public. Firm and dense, it was impossible to bring tits to a true compression without starting a real fight in front of the photographer, so the women could only hide their frustration looking at the camera with a fake smile of white teeth and fleshy lips. The man immortalized the moment, pressing the camera’s button again and again without being aware of what was happening before his eyes. Hannah and Celine, meanwhile, had to resign themselves with grinding their orbs very, very slowly, dragging together with such delicate, precise movements that they were virtually nonexistent. Upwards and downwards, from one side to the other, the beauties felt as best they could the solid, proud bosoms of the other young countess, reveling with each shake they stole, hating themselves after each tremor they suffered.

Feeling the warmth of Hannah’s left cheek against her right cheek, Celine noticed how her body was flooded by a fervent desire. She longed to be alone with this woman; that way, the chains that created the presence of foreign eyes wouldn’t contain the animal desires to crush, knead and destroy that were beginning to bloom inside her mind. The hot brunette wanted to go further, wanted to humiliate Hannah’s big tits with her own pair, showing to the blonde who was better endowed and which boobs were tougher, sexier.

This has always been the real issue. A revelation illuminated Celine’s mind. Now she perceived clearly that there was much more than simple female jealousy. Two beauties as they never could have been friends, because the world of the celebrities was too small and cruel for two troublesome goddesses like them. For this reason, the physical rivalry between both of them had to be settled soon. Although Celine visualized herself sinking her hands in Hannah’s long golden mane and slapping her rosy cheeks, for a moment she sensed that there were other more humiliating ways to settle her problems with the German beauty.

While the brunette mused about all those ideas, on the other side of the connection between breasts the frustration at the inability to fight for real filled the thought of Hannah with resentment. Rubbing chest to chest with her hated antagonist—even in this light way—was proving to be a shattering experience, a frustratingly exciting duel. Fucking lesbian slut, she thought, furious for falling into the dirty game of her French opponent. However, she couldn’t stop obsessing about the urgent need to clearly establish that her boobs were stronger, larger and hotter than Celine’s boobs.

If I could face her without anyone around, I would crush her small tits until she screams for mercy, Hannah thought with glee, just before denied what she had just thought. No! This is not how I want to finish her…

To the limit of their wills, the sexy women kept languidly struggling for three long minutes, slowly rubbing their tits together. But the mutual excitement caused a new phase in the war: the action again increased in intensity when the nipples of the countesses—as erect and unexpected spears of steel—stung the other supple flesh beyond the fabric of the bikinis. The right nipple of Celine soon collided briefly but sharply with the left weapon of Hannah, causing a double gasp in the beauties; a sudden hot whirlpool, full of animosity and competition, ran inside both slightly sweaty bodies under the hot sun.

That double impalement was too much for them: Celine and Hannah pushed their noses and chins together as they drilled each other with the eyes. The arms around Celine’s torso surrounded her even tighter and the brunette took less than half a second to respond with a hard, hateful squeeze. Mouth to mouth, both countesses insulted each other so quietly that not even the rival could hear the contempt. At that time, the photographer didn’t exist for any of them: only the other half-closed eyes and the other firm bust mattered now. The hugs squeezed more and more intensely into each opponent, crushing the breasts in a way that both had wished for a long time.

“Oh, perfect pose!” the man didn’t stop to photograph the dueling bodies, until he focused the camera on the faces of both females. It was then, at last, when he knew that something was wrong. “What the fuck…?”

Before he could react, the hands of the breathless and flushed women roughly pushed each other, and the rivals separated from each other. The eyes of the two women talked about revenge, frustration and animal hatred, but their soft and false words were in another direction.

“I need a break,” Hannah asked, still scrutinizing Celine’s angry brown eyes.

“Me too,” the brunette apologized, as irritated as her rival. “Forgive us, but the flight to here was very long…”

“Uh, yeah, sure…” Doubtful, the man saw the countesses get away from him, toward the nearest hotel where both were installed. With resolute steps and swaying breasts, the females don’t hesitate to spit one last and quiet threat before leaving the beach.

“You’ve started this, Celine, but I’ll finish this,” the blonde whispered.

“No, Hannah, I’ll finish that you have begun,” the brunette murmured.


Through the window of the room 69, Hannah could see the sun falling on the horizon, towards the Caribbean Sea. The light illuminated the beautiful features of the blonde, beautiful features that were twisted in a gesture of rage.

“That fucking Celine is always causing trouble,” she whispered, remembering the whole issue of the beach. “She thinks that she’s the queen bee, but she’s just shit.”

For a few seconds, Hannah thought about get out of there and look for the other countess to her room. Luckily the hotel is empty. No one would interrupt us…

Hannah didn’t have to think about it anymore because the destiny was set in motion before she did any movement. Some delicate knuckles knocked her door. The heart of the countess stopped.

“Is this possible?” she wondered in a whisper, walking towards the door…and opening it…

In front of her, the hateful face of Celine appeared, twisted into a gesture of contempt.

“What the fuck do you want?” the blonde asked, unable to contain the irritation in her voice.

“What the fuck do you think?” the other female replied, suddenly pushing Hannah into the room. “You really thought that your arrogance today would have no consequences?”

“You’re the only arrogant one here, you bitch,” Hannah growled, while the brunette closed the door behind her.

Locked in the room 69, the beautiful countesses felt that the whole outside world disappear. Somehow, both felt that their lives had been directed to this point. The rivals faced each other with hands on hips, contrasting skirts matching each other in shortness, as unequivocal gestures of pride. Wanting more, Celine suggestively thrust her hips, puffing out her chest in defiance, and Hannah immediately imitated her. Under their tight white shirts, the breasts of the two women almost erupted beyond the fabric containing them.

“Don’t stick your ugly tits before me, you fucking sow,” Hannah’s voice was low, controlled, poisonous.

A few steps away from her, Celine shivered slightly, unable to bear the fact that the enemy’s tits were as big as hers. The hatred still filled her head with all the hurtful comments that Hannah had thrown for months over her body through the tabloids and their mutual friends. To be honest, she has also played this exchange of insults, so Celine wasn’t innocent, but she wasn’t going to recognize that. The two beauties had been saying really nasty and vicious things about the face, breasts or asses of the other woman, or even about her bitchy personality. But there was no doubt that the jealous objective of Celine always was Hannah’s heavy chest.

The insult to her bust caused a hiss from Celine, as the previous slights against her tits still flooded her mind. In the past, she said that my boobs were saggy and small. Now, she says that they are ugly, the brunette enumerated, with her blood boiling. It’s time to put this bitch in her place.

“Look, you cheap whore, I have the best tits in this room”, she spat. “So I will stick mine every fucking time that I want to do it. And if you have a problem with that, come here to solve it.” Taking air, the hot brown-haired countess pushed even more her breasts against her T-shirt in provocation. Hannah could not help noticing how Celine’s nipples—hard by the excitation of the long-awaited showdown—were marked against the fabric. That brought a hot discharge of anger through her tall body, with the provocation from the other woman driving her crazy.

“You always have been jealous of my tits, as you showed on the beach.” Hannah took a step forward, feeling a rush of adrenaline through her body because of the dirty argument. “You felt mine before, so it’s impossible that you really think that your saggy tits are better than my fat women.”

In front of Celine’s eyes, Hannah arched her back to display more of her tits. Even under the fabric, the hint of the blonde’s hardened nipples stimulated Celine in what she already knew that would end up coming to blows…just what she wanted.

“You know? It’s funny how you insist that my tits are saggy,” Celine smiled. “If I’m honest, now I don’t wear a bra…”

“I wouldn’t expect anything less from a slut like you,” Hannah cried, with a chaos of emotions burning inside her. The situation was urging her to jump on Celine and destroy her pretty face with her fists. However, she knew that none could touch the other face without getting in trouble.

“Yes, I’m a slut,” her nemesis accepted with a snake hiss, walking towards her slowly. “The slut who will teach you to respect my body, and my tits…”

That was all: unable to take it anymore, the faces of the two beauties filled with contempt and animosity before the two women rammed against the enemy. The hands of the countesses rose up in the air and their fingers intertwined immediately. The fight that both had wanted for an eternity was finally happening!

The struggle began, backed by the force that was born from hatred and frustration. Everything that they had said to each other with words and glances was put behind the muscles of their arms and legs, in a test of strength that was to prove more than their female tendons. To the amazement of Hannah, who had always thought her rival was a weakling, Celine managed to hold on equal terms against her. The two countesses struck the bed, the dresser, the table and the chairs of the room, always in a silence broken only by grunts of effort and groans of rage.

Finally, Hannah managed to push Celine against the bedroom’s door. The arms of the beauties instinctively stretched out in a cross, shivering while trying to dominate the opponent’s muscle. That brought the four firm and conceited boobs in tight contact, with the hard breasts of the blonde battling against Celine’s sexy tits. The women moaned, their eyes throwing from close range all the hatred that they felt for each other.

“I’m gonna fuck you for coming to my room looking for a fight, you weak bitch.”

“We’ll see who the weak bitch is when all this is over, you dirty prostitute,” Celine snarled, trapped.

“You’ve been asking for trouble with me for a long time. Here’s your reward,” Hannah cried, twisting the wrists of the brunette cruelly.

“Oh, you damn bitch!”

Summoning all her strength, Celine used her hot ass to lean against the door and pushed herself forward: pushing back Hannah, she managed to struggle for the second time with her enemy in the middle of the room. However, the brunette’s arms were beginning to get tired, as the pressure from Hannah’s arms didn’t yield. The blonde was showing that she was stronger than her, so Celine knew that she had to change tactics.

“Take this, you sow!” she shouted, suddenly raising her right knee. The sudden blow hit the underbelly of Hannah, leaving her unexpectedly without air. Momentarily paralyzed because of the pain, the blonde felt Celine’s hand sinking in her hair.

“Ouch! My hair!” she complained instinctively, before being thrown against the dresser. Her back and her head struck against the wood and the blonde felt momentarily groggy.

“I’m gonna do much more than just rip your fucking hair.” Celine jumped against Hannah, and the blonde screamed again. “I will humiliate your body in all possible ways.”

With Hannah now cornered by her nemesis, the beauties grabbed mutually the other silky hair with rage, battling in a total body-to-body competition against the dresser. The blonde tried to escape, but the mad rush of Celine surpassed her: between gasps and screams, she found besieged by the fury of the French woman.

“I hate you!” she croaked, shaping the feelings of her heart.

“It’s mutual!” Celine accepted, exalted by having her opponent at her mercy.

For a full minute, the long hair of the countesses was shattered, filling the floor with delicate brown and golden strands, while their bodies full of curves rubbed against each other, one wanting to escape, the other wanting to dominate. Hannah uncomfortably noticed how Celine insisted on push upwards with her tits, hitting them against the lower part of her boobs with rage.

“You fucking dyke!” she spat. Sick of her rival, Hannah freed her right hand and quickly crossed the lusty face of Celine with a slap that echoed into the room. “To hell with the tabloids!” she shouted, repeating the smack. The brunette retreated with a whimper, with Hannah ramming her.

“You fucking and jealous whore!” Celine gasped, returning the blow fiercely. “To hell with the movie! You’re gonna walk out of here with your pretty face unrecognizable!”

“You too, German bitch!”

The two countesses hit the other face with slaps and blows with the back of their hands as they staggered across the room. Their bodies were full of sweat, and their boobs, swollen with excitement. At that time, none cared if their faces were beaten: they only wanted the total destruction of her nemesis, whatever the cost.

Once tasted blood, the two young women wanted more. Their claws fell again on the other body, but this time grabbing the other T-shirt. The fabric, soaked in sweat, was thin and delicate, so it soon began to break under the cruel fingers of the amazons.

“Cocky bitch!” Hannah shouted, feeling that Celine’s nails did more than tear the fabric: her large, firm tits were scratched up and down, being marked with long and reddish traces even through the bra. However, she wasn’t far behind, as her own hands also ruined Celine’s fabric and skin at the same time.

“Jealous whore!” Celine roared. Under her fingers, Hannah’s T-shirt was ripped at last, falling to the floor in several pieces, but she didn’t stop there: eager to destroy the source of her insecurities with her own hands, she sank her fingers into the big tits of the German countess, now covered by a small red lace bra.

“No!” Hannah cried, suddenly feeling her proud boobs squeezed. Finally shattering Celine’s T-shirt, she saw with her own eyes that the brunette wasn’t lying: her firm tits weren’t covered by any bra. Without wasting time, the blonde stuck her ten nails in the naked chest of her rival. The outraged howl from Celine watered her ears with pleasure, but she wasn’t satisfied: she wanted to completely crush those tits that so many problems had given her on the beach.

“Fuck!” Celine spat pitifully as the two rivals focused on the flesh that they held in their hands.

Stumbling through the room 69, the women squeezed tits with a jealous rage that had been building for a lot of time. Their beautiful, big breasts trembled violently under the nails, throbbing with a pain that Celine and Hannah soon found unbearable. Even so, they insisted for a few seconds, gasping, screaming, moaning, crying, until they crashed into the table. Losing the balance, both fell to the floor, away from her nemesis and her violent claws.

“Shit!” Celine whispered, cupping her bruised boobs as she shuddered on the floor. A few steps away, Hannah whimpered anguished, massaging her battered bust under her ripped red bra.

This is worse than I had thought, Celine ruminated, unable to relieve pain. However, the brief skirmish had only increased her desire to continue battling against the other beauty. Pain is energy!

“Had enough?” she managed to grumble, sitting on the floor. In front of her, Hannah did the same and the rivals faced off at a safe distance…for now.

“Had you?” Hannah fired back with arrogant.

Slowly, carefully, the couple got up, always watching the other woman. At first, Hannah enjoyed Celine’s disheveled appearance, with her pretty brown hair now shattered, her beloved tits now full of marks, her usually perfect body now flushed and sweaty. However, she soon discovered that this wildness wasn’t detrimental to her rival, but quite the opposite: Celine had never been sexier than now. I hate her! Hannah thought angrily, wishing that her appearance was at least equally fierce and sexy. Hannah began to circle to the other beautiful countess, comforting herself with the envious glances from the other girl.

“I don’t see anything to be jealous of,” Celine countered with her voice, as if she were able to read her thoughts. The pupils of the brunette were stuck into Hannah’s ample breasts.

“I would say that you have reasons bigger than me to be jealous of,” the blonde replied, with her watery eyes falling on her own tits before revisiting the opponent’s chest.

“I don’t give a fuck about your cow tits,” Celine gasped. “Your ugly boobs aren’t bigger than mine. And remember that I just had yours in my hands, you pathetic bitch, so I know perfectly well that yours are saggy.”

“Bullshit! I’ve had my hand in yours. It’s impossible that you think your tits are firmer than mine, unless you’re more stupid than I thought.”

“If your tits are soooo superior…why don’t you just take off that raggedy bra and fight me in topless?”

“It will be a real pleasure.”

Grabbing the remains of her bra, Hannah ripped it without ceremony. As she rocked her long golden hair in the air with arrogance, she puffed out her chest again before the other female.

“Do you have something to say, you fucking pervert?” the blonde said.

Just covered by their short skirts, none could avoid staring the tanned and wounded breasts of the opponent. Proud of their tits, the blonde and the brunette had been sunbathing in topless for weeks, so there was no contrast between the skin tone of their curves and the rest of their bodies.

Celine found hard to find any difference between her tits and Hannah’s bust. But because of the shimmering look from Hannah, the blonde must be feeling the same frustration. Both had lovely breasts, with a perfect size in relation to their slim torsos. Separated by a few steps, none could claim any advantage in terms of firmness and size, so the mutual accusations of sagging were mere hateful words.

“Wow! Yours are really horrible! And people spent years talking about them,” Celine said, driven by her boastful instinct. However, she quickly saw the error of calculation: she had admitted how much passion caused the blonde’s tits. “You fat boobs are uglier than I expected,” she added with a grunt.

“You are fucking blind if you believe that, you dirty bitch.” Hannah’s blue eyes examined the other breasts hungrily, looking for nonexistent flaws. “Your brown nipples are so small and your areolas so large that your tits are really disgusting.”

“Oh, did you really think that your little pink things are better than my perfect nipples?” the brunette hated Hannah by the contempt thrown at her bosoms, but she hated her especially because the blonde seemed to be able to read her mind, since Celine had been about to accuse her of the same thing. “You can say whatever you want, you cocky cunt, but if mine are small, yours too. And our areolas are equally large.”

“Whatever you say, asshole.” The blonde had to admit how right the other beauty was. Both countesses exhibited large areolas with medium-sized nipples, although their sexual spears appear to be smaller in the middle of the rough sea of flesh. “Anyway, my tits are better than yours: nicer, bigger and firmer.”

“You’re out of my league, stupid girl, especially if we compare our boobs.”

Both females kicked aside their summer sandals, animalistic grunting at the insults about their tits. The two approached one another, with their hands still on their hips, ready to solve their growing differences. The women looked at each other with hatred and disdain, now just three feet away. Their naked, injured breasts challenged each other to move forward, as vanguard of a hot army.

With their tits still pounding from the punishment suffered under the rival’s nails, the beauties prepared mentally for the next assault—an assault that would undoubtedly be dirtier than the last one. The hatred and the adrenaline filled their bodies with a hunger for violence.

Without warning the two jumped on the opponent. The topless bodies collided in the center of the room 69 with a loud thump of flesh as the arms of the countesses hugged each other tightly. Struggling for control, the amazons felt the surge of emotions around their fighting breasts, with brunette’s glands pushing against blonde’s tits with fury. Mutually flattened, the boobs sank their nipples into four jagged hills of flesh. The eyes of the women twitched a second after their bodies, the young women starting to trash talking to each other to increase tension between their chests.

“I’m gonna enjoy this, you stupid bitch,” Hannah gasped, feeling the sweaty body of the other countess against hers.

“No, I’m the one who is gonna enjoy this,” Celine said, licking her lips, almost mouth to mouth with the other hot woman. “I’ll finish you and then you’re gonna suck my sweet tits.”

“You’re a fucking lesbian sow!” the blonde cried out, fighting against the heated feelings that were beginning to flood her body.

“Lesbian or not, I’m gonna fuck you!”

Celine’s dirty words were mixed with the friction between the two pairs of silky, hot lips. The animal part of Hannah encouraged her to bite that arrogant mouth but at the last moment she managed to control herself. I won’t fall in your dirty games, dyke!

“This is a fight!” Hannah growled, trying to clarify terms with Celine—and with herself. An angry gasp from the brunette countess let her know that somehow her refusal to open other fronts had touched a Celine’s nerve.

“You cunt!” Celine cried. The passionate hostility that the brunette felt by the other female filled her with energy. Her desire to win the fight—one way or another—strengthened her body: using the muscles of her legs, she pushed back Hannah one, two, three steps before the angry rival squeezed her body with her powerful arms. Celine screamed as her momentum again being stopped by Hannah’s higher strength.

Close to the bed, the fierce embrace of the females intensified, but Celine was at a distinct disadvantage: her spine crunching under the blonde’s arms while their arms achieved just occasional groans of discomfort from the other beauty. But the pride of Celine forced her to keep fighting in this desperate struggle. The heated women remained locked skin to skin, flesh to flesh, for another three, four minutes; their perfect skins shone with sweat because of the combined efforts and heat. Following her instincts, Celine looked for the chest of the blonde with her own tits again, as if that could unbalance the fight in her favor. Her nipples stabbed the sensitive Hannah’s boobs and the blonde howled softly at the sudden perforation.

“Stop it! Don’t stick your fucking little things in my tits more!” Hannah said angrily, placing a leg behind Celine. With a sudden, hard shove, the brunette fell inelegantly, dragging her rival with her. Both beauties landed on the edge of the bed and then they went flying into the floor. The embrace was broken and the wild cats fought each other on the floor for supremacy. Moaning and gasping in a contest of skill and strength, the countesses insulted each other with the most contemptuous words from their vocabularies as they desperately looked for an effective hold on the sweaty body of the other female.

The passion filled both hearts, the rivals willing to break the stalemate of the fight as soon as possible: they had been hating each other for a long time and now they couldn’t wait a second longer to dominate the other countess. For nearly ten minutes, Celine and Hannah gained and lost the advantage, never able to keep it for a while. Becoming more and more exhausted, they rolled to and fro, bumping into chairs and walls. Their hands looked for the other wrists and shoulders and their legs tried to choke muscularly the other pair in tense duel.

The afternoon sunlight illuminated the amazing hot bodies through the bedroom window as only witness of one of the world’s most desirable fights. As the final exhaustion was approaching, this fact began to worry the countesses: What if I lose against her? Did she tell everyone how she beat me in a topless catfight? Those dark clouds only served to accelerate the attacks of the women. Both beauties began to tearing mutually hair and skin with even more momentum. Breaking the no-spoken agreement, they slapped cheeks, reddening the other beauty face, and nailed their fists in bellies and butts.

Somehow, the women ended up sitting on the floor, side by side. Celine managed to grab Hannah around the neck with her arm. Angered by the lack of capitulation of the blonde, and feeling the throbbing cuts that the nails of the other she-cat had left on her body, the brunette squeezed her throat in a final attempt to subdue her. With her blood boiling, the blonde used her obstinate angry to raise her left hand and grab fiercely Celine’s long hair. At the same time, she used her free hand to sink her claws into the oppressive arm of the brunette, exasperatedly looking for get it away from her neck.

The bodies of the two females wrestle on the floor. The left boob of Hannah crashed again and again against the equally firm right tit of Celine. The wet fleshes of the countesses slid together, looking for space. To her surprise, the blonde’s crotch started to trembled against Hannah’s will.

“You hot bitch!” Hannah cried out.

“You don’t know how much I hate you!” Celine growled, with her brown hair yanked cruelly. Closing her watery eyes, she let the blonde’s neck go to sink both hands in her silky and wet hair. “I’ve hated you since the first day I saw you!”

“The feeling has always been mutual!” Turning to face the brunette, Hannah grabbed the mane of the other woman with her ten fingers. The movement knocked both women to the floor, with Hannah above Celine. Both amazons were tearing the other hair in a cruel attempt to rip the lovely filaments of the other girl. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to ruin this beautiful hair!”

“Is this what you want, you bitch?” the brunette countess growled with animosity. “Because if that’s the case, I’m willing to let you bald!”

“We’ll see who is the bald when the fight ends!”

At that point of the fight, the efforts of their muscles began to seriously take a toll. The pace declined sharply, but the malicious words were yet full of anger.

“You fucking piece of shit!”

“You little cry-baby!”

“You stupid blonde!”

“You weak brunette!”

Celine summoned her last strength and, freeing Hannah’s hair, hugged the blonde and forced her to roll to one side to ride her. The blonde countered also releasing Celine’s mane to bring her arms around the wet torso of the nemesis, bringing both women for the second time within a tight embrace in an angry attempt to get to the top position. Despite the efforts of the warriors, they were only able to roll along the floor—now soaked with sweat— sturdily hugged each other with their limited energies. In tight and sweaty contact, they gasped when their chests found each other again, their bare breasts sliding hard but erotically together.

Was impossible to know how long they kept fighting each other but at this point their hot bodies barely could continue fighting after all the experienced tension. The fear of losing paralyzes the drained muscles, without any of the beauties could throw a final offensive to subjugate the other girl. Both beauties were content to rip another skirt, as if the sound of torn fabric was enough for now, as if the humiliation through nudity was enough for now.

However, in the end the superior strength of Hannah prevailed: getting the top position, the blonde forced Celine on the floor with her last energies, controlling her. The fight stopped: without almost any movement, the rivals just kept hugging each other body to body on the floor, exhausted and sore.

Gasping without air, Hannah felt Celine’s soft skin against hers but, above all, she felt her lack of struggle. Definitely, her superior body had exhausted the body of the brown-haired countess, but at a terrible cost: Hannah barely had the strength to keep fighting. Unable to insult or brag, Hannah resigned herself to watching the eyes of Celine arrogantly. Her nemesis replied with a frustrated expression, full of rivalry, through a wild hair glued to her sweaty forehead.

Then Hannah felt it: the touch was electric, hot…and forced a soft and sexual moan from both beauties. No way! the blonde growled inside her head, realizing that during the struggle her rival and she had done much more than just tearing the other skirts. A slight breeze came through the window and gently caressed the bare ass of Hannah. We are totally naked! She realized, knowing that the small panties of both would be somewhere in the room 69, completely shattered.

Again, she felt it: a new friction, this time more insistent against her mound of Venus. A hot fire went down her spine, while her brain was translating what was happening. Is she trying to fuck me? the blonde cried mentally, feeling the thick hairs of both pussies mingled under the pressure of Celine. Grimacing, Hannah wondered if her opponent was doing this on purpose. She’s Celine, the biggest bitch of the world. Of course she’s trying to fuck me!

Under the blonde, Celine felt the heat of the heavy and sweaty tits of Hannah, but especially she felt with pleasure the blazing fire that began to be born in another crotch. The brunette knew that she had no energy to keep fighting with the blonde—at least for now—so she felt obligated to force another way to victory. So she insisted on rubbing her naked sex against the naked sex of her heated nemesis.

For now, it doesn’t work: Hannah had enough weight and the assistance of gravity to keep the brunette under her, so she insisted on maintaining the physical state of war between them. However, the mind of the blonde was falling into the perturbation gradually, yielding to sexual thrusts from Celine. Shaking with each thrust of the sensitive skin of the other female pussy, Hannah suddenly couldn’t contain the moans that were born from the deepest part of her throat. The heat from the flames of both naked bodies blended in an inflammation that was impossible to control, and Hannah found herself answering like an animal. Finally, each thrust of the dominated woman’s pussy was answered by a thrust on the dominant woman’s pussy; the brown hairs were intertwined with the golden hairs in a close and hot fight.

What the hell am I doing? Hannah asked herself as they brought their pelvises together gently, again and again, again and again. Their sexual skins were blended, slipping each other into a delicious but fierce battle. Involuntarily, Celine opened her legs a little and Hannah did the same a second later. The sweaty, exhausted rivals accommodated their naked bodies on the floor, looking for a more intimate contact with their heads leaning on the other shoulder.

“Fuck you,” Hannah whispered without air on Celine’s left ear, in a last attempt to avoid the temptation of the sexual war. However, her spread legs allowed the pussy-to-pussy fight with the brunette, moisture against moisture. Both beauties trembled with pleasure, feeling their most intimate anatomies in an amazing duel.

“No, stupid blonde…I will fuck you,” Celine purred, pushing her cunt in close combat against the crotch of her hated enemy. The attentions of both countesses fell to the only match that mattered now: where their female heats struggled to suffocate each other. “This proves how wet your stinky pussy is for my body, you sow,” Celine remarked.

“Oh, you tramp, your weak and pathetic body doesn’t make me horny,” the blonde countered. However, her hot body doesn’t accompany her words, as she kept rubbing her sex against Celine’s cunt. “I’m not a fucking dyke like you are, bitch.”

“Your pussy thinks another thing,” the brunette taunted her. “Your little pussy wants to be devoured by my superior pussy, and that’s what I’ll do. Get ready to scream my name.”

“You have wanted me to fuck your body from the beach, you fucking whore, so my pussy will fulfill your dirty desires right now!” Hannah felt inevitably drawn into the hot fight that her rival wanted. “I’m better than you, my body is better than yours…and my pussy is better than yours!”

“Show me what you’ve got, you fucking loser!”

The time for words ended: for the first time in their lives, the two torrid beauties kissed another woman. Their mouths locked together with desire and their tongues came into play instantly. The eyes were closed with passion, and minds clouded with pleasure.

Fuck, this is TOO hot, Hannah thought, savoring every nook and cranny of the mouth of Celine, battling every inch of the tongue of the other countess. Her whole body seemed to melt against the nemesis’ kiss, with electric waves exploding for all her skin. Her clit hardened even more than it was; so much that her long weapon almost hurt. I hate you, Celine!

“Let’s fuck right now to see who gets the tabloid queen’s crown and who will stop appearing in magazines, you slut,” Celine whispered in the middle of the hot kiss. “If you cum first, you will renounce all your media commitments.”

“Same if you cum first, you dyke bitch,” Hannah grunted. Feeling the insistent pressure from Celine’s sex against hers, she suddenly felt the anxious need to destroy the pussy of the brunette. “I’m going to enjoy making you understand how it feels a real cunt, you fucking sow,” the blonde spat uncontrollably, mouth to mouth with the other girl.

“You have to fuck harder if you want that, you cocky bitch,” Celine replied.

Sexual oaths heated up the amazons, soaking more and more their crotches in duel. Gradually, the most intimate anatomies of the women were merged together, although the missionary position didn’t allow that Hannah and Celine could achieve all access that both were looking for. For now, they had to content themselves with rubbing their mounds and pubic hair together, although little by little the women were opening their legs, allowing some of her vaginal labia touched each other.

Without a soul on the floor of the exclusive hotel, no one heard the groans loaded with pleasure that emerged from the mouths of the two hot countesses as both moved together their crotches. The blonde dragged her pussy up and down, rubbing the wet sex of Celine with long frictions, while her nemesis contradicted her rubbings in the opposite direction. Now the nails were cruelly nailed in the other ass, inviting them into closer contact. Their firm tits—the real instigators of the sexual conflict—were crushed between bodies at war with the buried nipples still hurting the enemy flesh.

And the eyes…the eyes of the beauties spoke at close range in their own language: hate, passion, frustration, lust, envy, rivalry. Everything shone in their eyes, in their brown and blue irises. Celine’s eyes and Hannah’s eyes were threatening mutually without words, warning the other look that her body would be fucked until the complete submission.

However, aware of how they were resolving their differences, Hannah suddenly felt the urgent need to clarify certain terms.

“I’m fucking you, dirty whore, but that doesn’t mean you get me horny.” The angry words of Hannah blended with the friction between the two pairs of beautiful, female lips.

“It’s what it looks like, feeling how your pussy shakes under my cunt,” Celine growled, feeling how the hot debate about who was getting horny and who wasn’t provisioned her naked body, and her wet cunt, with fuel to keep fighting.

“Your cunt will shake much more when you cum against mine.”

The hunger for victory reinforced both female bodies, but also the wills and the egos of the rival beauties. An earthquake arose from the depths of their vaginas: an unwanted, unstoppable sexual awakening that would explode from one moment to another.

“I’m gonna fuck you, Hannah!”

“I’m gonna fuck you first, Celine!”

Fornicating increasingly faster, with the blonde still riding the brunette, the angry females fought skin to skin, flesh to flesh, pussy to pussy, determination to determination; the sweat made their perfect skin shine, because of the combination of efforts and summer heat.

It was then when Hannah felt it: being pressed insistently against her labia, something hard, long, wet tried to penetrate her. Opening her mouth against Celine’s lips, she panted hotly, moaning like never before in her entire life. Her mind, lost in nebulous dilemmas, knew that this new weapon of mass destruction was the clit of Celine.

And the knowledge threw her abruptly, brutally beyond the limit. Hannah’s body convulsed, detonated under her hated enemy—suddenly, she came like she’d never came before in her life!

Embarrassed and disgusted, Hannah pushed her opponent and rolled away, as if suddenly Celine’s body was pure poison. Completely filled with sweat, she felt her body burned by frustration because of the interrupted sex, which infuriated her even more. ‘You fucking bitch!’ the angry blonde shouted inside her head. ‘You fucking bitch! How dare you…?’

“You slut!” she yelled aloud. “You’re gonna pay for this!”

“Shut up, bitch!” Celine cried, rising to her feet as fast as Hannah. “You lost, so…”

With a powerful jump, the angry German beauty clashed against Celine, body to body and, before any of them knew what was going on, their hands, feet and knees were hitting the opponent as whips of fury. The sexual war and its conclusion had overexcited the couple, filling their muscles with a renewed strength and a mutual hatred—Celine felt that Hannah was robbing her of her deserved victory, and Hannah hated that her nemesis had been able to humiliate her in that dirty way. The sweaty beauties fought in an explosive match as violent as ephemeral: they knew that the momentum would run out in just a couple of minutes, as exhausted as they were.

The slaps beaten faces and the knees destroyed bellies; nails ripped hair and feet kicked legs. In a furious attack, the countesses threw their right fists forward, sinking them hard on bare left breast of the rival. The blow was unison, like the cries of pain: the two women mourned, with their tears jumping from one face to another.

“You bitch!” they shouted at once, with their eyes talking about destruction. The fists of both beauties returned to the attack, falling like a devastating rain on the other chest: the majority of the blows struck at one of the two firm targets of the rival, but others just clashed against the other arms. However, neither Hannah nor Celine tried to defend themselves, as a reddish veil of anger clouded their senses. The women only thought of one thing: to crush the enemy’s tits, no matters the cost.

“You…” the brunette growled, trying to form an insult in vain. Gradually, she was feeling that the punches of the blonde were forcing her to retreat, destroying her beloved tits, while her own fists gradually became weak. Again, Hannah showed that she was stronger than her.

“You fucking German sow!” she cried, giving another step to her opponent. “I fucked you! I have won!” The French countess threw herself desperately on Hannah with their hands now open. Crashing against her, Celine grabbed all the tit flesh that she could grab with their hands, squeezing angrily the fat boobs of the blonde.

“Fuck you, cunt!” Hannah complained; it was her turn now to go back before the opponent’s momentum. However, she wouldn’t give up now, so she grabbed the breasts of the brunette with her own hands, digging her ten nails in them hardly.

“Oh, damn bitch!” Celine sobbed.

The two beauties threw back their heads, closing their blue eyes and gritting their perfect teeth to keep from crying, but the gasps and groans of pain arose from their throats constantly. Although the suffering ran through her body, Hannah didn’t give up, so Celine soon began to be overwhelmed again.

“I’m gonna tear your ugly little tits off your chest!” the blonde threatened, pushing the brunette near the bed.

“No!” Celine cried, halfway between a plea and a negative. Helplessly, she stumbled against the bed, falling on it with her nemesis on top.

“You’re mine!” Hannah smiled with tears still running through her face, with tremors still running through her body.

“Never!” the brunette denied, grabbing Hannah’s nipples with both hands and tugging on them in a desperate move.

“Fuck!” the blonde groaned, just before her opponent suddenly pushing up with her pelvis. Celine managed to roll over Hannah, and the smile switched sides.

“You’re finished, you cheap bitch!”

“In your dreams!”

Now it was Hannah who abruptly lifted her hips, throwing the exhausted brunette aside. The amazons fell to the ground loudly, losing their grip on the other tits.

“Fight, you cunt!” Hannah yelled, desperate to end a fight that she felt she was dominating. However, Celine was proving to be a wild tigress, impossible to tame. The hands of the women collided, searching for each other, and their bodies embraced each other again, rolling over the floor. Their badly injured tits clashed together again, forcing moans of pain after suffering the cruel punishment.

Incredibly, Celine managed to roll over Hannah, hitting her against the ground; a second later, a punch pierced the abdomen of the exhausted blonde. The woman gasped suddenly, losing most of the air from her body, but she reacted in time to grab the brunette’s hair and roll over Celine.

But the brunette didn’t give up, despite getting back in the bottom position: her hands pulled the golden mane of Hannah hard, bringing together both faces… to bite the blonde’s chin like a rabid animal.

“You dirty whore!” Hannah yelled, escaping from the bite and hitting Celine’s head against the floor once, twice, three times. “Give up! Give up!”

“Fuck you!” With her remaining strength, Celine threw a desperate punch that—luckily for her—struck Hannah in her temple. With a cry that reverberated on the walls of the room, the blonde countess fell to the ground.

With both naked women totally exhausted, the silence finally returned to the room 69, only broken by the wrecked gasps of the females. With her body broken by the pain and exhaustion, Celine wept softly on the ground while, beside her, Hannah shook her head to clear her mind.

“When will you understand that you have lost this fucking fight?” the blonde asked through tears.

“We had rules, bitch,” Celine complained. “And you’ve broken them.”

“There are no rules when two real women fight.”

Slowly, the two countesses were recovering their senses to get ready for the end of the eternal fight. It was then that both beauties realized that Hannah’s long, firm legs were around Celine’s torso, just above her waist.

For the first time in her life, the arrogant face of Celine was filled with real worry. Hannah just smiled and took a deep breath: she began to squeeze the exhausted body of the brunette as hard as she could, trying to broke Celine in two. The French beauty gasped and moaned in pain as she was forced to expel all the air from her lungs sharply. The blonde kept the crushing for several seconds…and then she leaned over Celine.

“Does it hurt, you little bitch?” she whispered in the ear of her victim, who clung to her legs desperately. “You’re not going anywhere. This is the end, sweet girl.”

The blonde kept squeezing the body of the brunette and Celine kept moaning distraught. The sweaty bodies of both women were shaking on the floor, one trying to escape and another trying to destroy the other woman. It was too late to Celine, not having the strength to escape from the perfect scissors of her nemesis.

“You…fucking…slut…” she moaned, desperately digging her claws into the thighs of Hannah for scratching. The blonde gasped, but the pain would not stop her now: it was her time. Slowly losing her consciousness, the brunette countess kept dragging her fingers up and down, leaving several red lines on the thighs of Hannah…but it was useless.

Two minutes later, her last strengths left her body.

“I…I…give up…” Celine grunted without air, without will, without pride. “You win…”

Slowly, Hannah opened her legs, freeing her enemy. Now that the adrenaline was gone, her whole body ached terribly; she felt every punch, every scratch, every hairpull from Celine, but none of this wiped the smile that shone in her face. ‘I’m the winner!’ she shouted inside her head. It seemed impossible, but she had defeated her most hated rival, in an agonizing, dirty and desperate catfight. She had emerged as the best countess!

In front of her, the French beauty was moving slowly on the floor, completely defeated, physically and mentally wounded. Hannah enjoyed the show, with a cruel thought coming to her mind.

“We haven’t yet finished,” she whispered, but her opponent seemed unable to hear her words. Remembering the sexual humiliation—Celine had fucked her cunt!—Hannah crawled to the other countess. “There is still one last thing…”

Sitting on Celine, the blonde brought her naked and wet pussy over the face of the brunette. The glassy eyes of the other beauty opened wide, with Celine suddenly understanding what was going to happen.


“You really enjoyed fucking my superior body, didn’t you, you cocky lesbian whore?” Hannah whispered, rubbing her cunt against the sweaty face of Celine. “So do it again…”

“No, I…”

“Fuck me…or I will tell everyone what happened in this room,” the blonde threatened. “Fuck me right now…or everyone will know that I ruined your body.”

Celine swallowed under Hannah. The sexual odor of the blonde’s pussy filled her nose, while the tears fell again through her exhausted but beautiful face.


“Fuck me!”

Quivering, the long tongue of Celine de Comminges-Couserans, the proud French Countess, came out her mouth and, with a slow lick, explored the sexual anatomy of the blonde. Hannah moaned, biting her lower lip as her pussy was licked by the defeated brunette a second time.

“Come on, you fucking sow…Faster.”

Bringing her lips against Hannah’s pussy, Celine kissed the hot, dirty labia of the blonde before gently nibbled her erect clit. The German beauty gasped increasingly heavily, holding her far tits to increase her sex drive.

Then Celine penetrated her cunt with her tongue…and Hannah howled.

“Yes, you hot bitch! I love your fucking tongue. Yeah!” Pinching her own nipples hard, the blonde trembled over Celine. “Yes, yes! Faster!”

The tongue went in and out, in and out, again and again, fucking Hannah’s pussy increasingly harder. The blonde shouted, the brunette cried…and, finally, the orgasm arrived. A powerful, sticky and smelly cumshot fell on Celine’s mouth, ending her humiliation…

“Never forget this, Celine.”

The words were a soft whisper in the air, but painfully penetrated the mind of the brunette.

‘Revenge,’ was all that Celine could think before falling unconscious…

(Celine doesn’t think so!)

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