Breast Hegemony by AnubisX

Breast Hegemony by AnubisX Story

Chapter 1
Territorial Clash

It was a beautiful, hot summer morning in southern Florida. Letitia Corwin parked her red convertible car in the swanky upper-class neighborhood before walking to the nearby beach. It was the first time she came to the remoted place, more than 20 miles from home, but her friends’ stories about the beautiful beach of white sand and small coves had pushed her to see the place with her own eyes. She had also heard a lot of rumors about all kinds of wild things going on there, including orgies under the moonlight.

Brimming with anticipation and a certain sense of adventure, Letitia accelerated the pace, arriving quickly at the beach…to find that her destination was to find a mundane, boring place, disappointing from any point of view. Half an hour driving…for this? she thought with bitterness. In front of her green eyes lay a beach identical to others in Florida, with nothing special beyond beautiful rock formations in the distance. And on top of that, the beach is empty, Letitia sighed, her desire to meet some hot guy blowing up in pieces.

Angry with her friends for recommending this place, Letitia took off her shoes and walked into the beach, her feet sinking softly into the perfect, fine-grained sand. I don’t even have an audience here, she cursed, feeling that her breath-taking body was wasted by not having eyes set on her curves. Letitia was used to catching the attention of all the men wherever she went, especially on the beach, causing comments in the background, whistling of admiration, and some obscene screaming, but now her round ass, wide hips, sexy legs and, especially, her spectacular breasts were only receiving silence.

Frustrated, the woman dropped her shoes and towel near the shore, the sun illuminating her beautiful eyes and delicate nose, her fleshy lips and long redhead mane; a set of pretty features that, as many people used to say, made her look like Scarlett Johansson in her early 20s. Like the New York actress, Letitia was a busty beauty, although the redhead had always boasted that she came in a bigger package than Scarlett in terms of height and bra size. In fact, at that very moment, her thin, ultra-tight white shirt could barely contain her thick boobs, the bold V-neckline exhibiting firm, youthful titflesh which Letitia was tremendously proud of. At 21, she was still called ‘T’ by her friends, a shortened version of the obscene ‘Le-tit-ia’ that she had begun to hear when her breasts started to grow spectacularly during her adolescence. She enjoyed those nicknames, and any others that referred to her ever-swelling young endowments: her co-workers called her ‘Titsketeer’ since she showed up in a sexy musketeer costume at a party, and her ex-boyfriend always called her ‘Queen of Tits’ because he had never before been with a woman with such incredible boobs.

“But today, no one will enjoy my babes,” she whispered. With her hands on her tight, short cutoff jeans, Letitia doubted if it was worth staying in a bikini in such a boring place. Should I go back to the city? she thought.

However, she didn’t have time to make a decision, because, suddenly, an annoyed female voice rang on the beach.

“Hey! What do you think you’re doing here?”

Turning around, Letitia saw a fiery, barefoot blonde with an angry-looking sneer on her face approaching her. Feeling the territorial rivalry that the other female brought with her, Letitia stepped up to the challenge. After all, she wasn’t the kind of girl who ever let anyone push her around. But then she and the blonde stopped in their tracks, momentarily frozen. What the hell? The redhead’s jaw dropped and her eyes widened open in surprise. A few paces from her, the blonde copied her gesture…as she had copied her look.

If Letitia was the redhead Scarlett Johansson from “The Perfect Score”, that stranger was the blonde Scarlett Johansson from “The Island”: two sides of the same coin; same facial features, same body builds, two brash, supreme beauties whose accidental encounter put their intimidating physiques to the test. Letitia hated to see her own green eyes, her own fleshy mouth on the blonde’s face, but that was nothing compared to what she felt when she looked down at the other girl’s chest. Under her tight white shirt, two globes of incredible proportions were pushed against the cloth, peeking over the neckline as the thin fabric was unable to contain them.

“I said, what do you think you’re doing here?” the blonde repeated.

Raising her eyes, Letitia saw the other woman focused on her big bust, obviously as stunned as she was by the female equipment they both possessed.

“I’m here to get some sun and take a dip,” she snapped back at the other busty girl, barely being able to hide the disdain in her voice. “What the hell does it look like?”

The blonde snarled softly, taking another quick look at Letitia’s tits before facing the redhead’s green eyes with her own green eyes.

“Do you even have any idea where you are? Do you think you can park that red convertible car of yours in front of my house like you own the place and come to my beach, you fucking bitch?”

“What did you call me?” the redhead grunted, her gesture twisted as if she’s been slapped in the face, as she took a threatening step toward the blonde. No one’s ever talked to her like that before, and she certainly wasn’t going to let a body thief like that blonde be the first to do it without consequences. “I can park my car wherever I want, and this is a public beach,” Letitia said, taking another look at the fat breasts of her newly discovered rival. “So shut the fuck up, you spoiled airhead whore.”

In the past, this kind of superheated display by Letitia would have been enough to get most other girls to back off, but the blonde wasn’t an ordinary girl. Bobbi Miller—that was her name—had never moved back in her whole life. At 21, her molten-lava-like temper was well known in her neighborhood, in her workplace…and on that beach, from which she had thrown out countless young women with her bitchy attitude alone. But there was no backing down in this busty redhead at all, so the blonde took her own defiant step forward, the rage that sprouted forth from her shining under the morning sun as a perfect reflection of Letitia’s own anger.

“I’m not gonna shut up when some stupid ginger brings her ugly tits to my beach,” Bobbi snorted before both girls exchanged a new look at the other boobs, emphasizing where the real problem was.

“And who made you and your pathetic tits queens of the fucking beach, dumb blonde?” Letitia retorted. “Go back to your posh house and leave me alone, slut.”

That similar-sized redhead trespasser had obviously gotten Bobbi highly, highly agitated. Her words, her presence on the beach and, above all, her naughty, bold glances on the blonde’s tits tripled the hatred that Bobbi felt through her body.

“Go back to your daddy’s girl car and leave me alone, you stuck-up dingbat tramp,” she spat out. Before her, the almost-twin face of the redhead twisted with animosity, but Bobbi didn’t realize it, because her feline green eyes had fallen back on her enemy’s tits. Agitated under the tight shirt, the other glands looked just as impressive in every way as her own boobs, the significant size of the other woman’s assets slowly worked its way into a brain that didn’t want to believe what the eyes were looking at.

Since her body had begun to mature to make Bobbi a woman, the blonde had rarely met anyone of her age and physical build who was as big, or even bigger, than her in the breast department. If a woman surpassed her, it was because she was fatter, or older, so she didn’t play in her league of attractive, thin young girls with fat tits that drove men crazy. On the other hand, there were the females who had gotten their size from surgical enhancement—Bobbi despised those plastic women.

Now, however, what she had in front of her face was a girl who made her feel uncomfortable. A weird mixture of fascination, hostility, deep curiosity, and, finally, burning jealousy vibrated under her soft skin. The arrogant redhead wasn’t only matching her physique in an almost perfect copy of facial features and hot curves, but she also seemed to have cloned her amazing chest in some secret lab. Why did this redhead bitch have to come here? the blonde thought bitterly, her mind suddenly playing tricks on her. Would her friends still call her ‘Big B’ if they saw this redhead? Of course they would still do it, she replied to her thought with pride, remembering all the nicknames she had received during her life: ‘Big B’, ‘Boob Boss’, ‘Boobi’; even once their friends called her ‘Boobquistador’ when she showed up disguised as a Spanish conqueror at a party. The blonde felt herself strongly identified with those names, with how others called her by highlighting her greatest treasures, creating an unbreakable link between her breasts and herself as a woman.

“What’s your fucking name, blondie?” her rival sneered suddenly, as if she could read her mind.

“Bobbi, but you can call me ‘Big B’, ginger,” the blonde answered.

“So I guess that means I’m ‘Biggest T’, right?” the other beauty said mockingly. “Because you don’t stop staring at my tits, I’m sure it’s more appropriate than Letitia, my real name.”

“I’m not the only one looking at the other tits, girl,” Bobbi replied. “And you’re definitely not ‘Biggest T’. ‘Not-so-Big-T’ sounds more appropriate.”

“You bitch,” Letitia grumbled. “You’re not bigger than me.”

Bobbi had always enjoyed watching her prominent bust put other girls to shame, but this busty redhead not only refused to give in, but also believed she was better than her. Arrogantly pulling out her chest, the blonde let her opponent witness her tits again, eager to make her see who the queen was on that beach. Letitia immediately responded in the same way, not hiding from a duel of this kind.

Toxically proud of their boobs, always eager and willing to trumpet them to other women, the redhead and the blonde put their hands on their wide hips as they presented their own heavy virtues to the rival and analyzed the other bustline with critical eye. No matter what side or angle they looked from, the other tits looked so awesome under that tight low-cut shirt that both beauties began to wonder what would have happened if they had met each other in another environment, wearing one of their daring halter tops on a disco dance floor or one of their short tube tops at a college party, showing even more titflesh in front of a conflicting beauty who had already increased the tension level in their bodies to DEFCON 3.

Two minutes passed on the lonely beach, and during each single second the girls were unable to tear their eyes away from each other’s chests, their pupils shaking with rage from the sight of the other dangerous V-shaped neckline and the impossibly deep, generous and hypnotic valley of bare-skinned cleavage squeezed between the rival’s fat orbs. As a final insult, Letitia and Bobbi ended up furiously realizing that the other woman didn’t wear a similar white shirt, but wore exactly the same brand-new, ultra-tight shirt.

Beginning to lose control, and unable to see any difference between their fabulous torsos, the two beauties looked up and down at the other woman, trusting that, despite their first impressions, their bodies weren’t as similar as they seemed. Sizing each other up in more detail, they evaluated the greenish intensity of the other eyes, the thickness of the fleshy lips, the strength of the arms, the narrowness of the waists, the width of the hips, the length of the legs. Barefoot in the sand, both seemed to have the same height and weight, not a gram of fat on their 5’9’’ body frames, their figures looking slim and shapely, long and lean under the derogatory scrutiny of the other woman. Their slender bodies made their breasts look more striking, bigger, even unreal, as if the young females were performing some kind of a magician’s trick, or creating an optical illusion against gravity and physics.

But the comparisons didn’t end there: Bobbi and Letitia weren’t only wearing the same shirt, but they both wore similar short cutoff jeans. With a double derisive, resentful snort, the girls eyed the other’s clothes up and down, visibly angry because they had not only confirmed that their physical attributes were a virtual mirror of each other, but also because they now knew that they shared a taste for the same kind of clothing, and they were now dressed almost identically.

“Get a good look?” Bobbi suddenly said, her eyes finally moving away from the other hot body. In front of her, Letitia’s full lips curled up in a snarl against the hypocrisy of the blonde.

“As if you weren’t looking at me…” the redhead grunted heatedly, her eyes locked with the gaze of her rival defiantly. “I bet you think you fill out that shirt pretty good, don’t you?”

“Better than you.”

“I don’t think so.”

Again, the eyes fell on the curves that were so hard for both women to stop paying attention. After all, they kept arguing about their most outstanding attributes, as if this encounter were a critical point in the course of these young tit-queens’ lives, a time when their own personalities could be permanently, radically altered if they didn’t prevail over that conceited and astonishing copycat.

Aware of the rival’s umpteenth scrutiny, the busty girls put their fists confidently on their hips before subtly took in a deep breath and puffed out their chests as far as she could in their foe’s direction. Letitia felt that she was quickly developing an extreme dislike for this blonde, for her boobs and for her entire attitude, and she could feel the same negative feelings emerging from Bobbi towards her. Determined to take some kind of advantage, the redhead reached down to the waist of her short cutoff jeans and tucked the fabric of her shirt even deeper inside, straining the fabric over her bustline. Sneering disdainfully, the blonde watched as the cloth hugged Letitia’s large breasts so tightly that it looked like the shirt was going to disintegrate from one moment to the next. Through the white cloth, Bobbi could clearly see her foe’s bikini bra…and her thick nipples in arrogant erection.

“What a pathetic, childish spectacle,” she growled jealously but, a second later, she got into the game, stretching the white cloth down deeper into her own tiny cutoffs while her pretty face exhibited a cocky condescension. Bobbi’s heavy tits almost tore off the shirt, two round flesh masses squeezed under that cotton prison, her bikini and her big, stiff nipples sticking out through the now mostly diaphanous fabric. In front of the blonde, Letitia snorted with contempt, directing a calculated and disgusted boredom toward her unoriginal foe.

“You don’t impress anyone,” she spat with envy, her eyes moving between Bobbi’s critical eyes and her menacing fat breasts.

Time slowed down again as the rising tension on the beach reached the morning sun’s ardor. Now in silence, the rivals let their gestures and glances of disgust and contempt speak for them, both beauties so finely attuned to the slightest nuance of each other’s face that it was almost as if they were telepathically connected…or maybe the enemy’s face was just so similar to her own that the gestures were nothing more than the familiar reflection of a daily mirror. The two big-breasted girls glared daggers across at each other for a few more moments, until the silence was broken again.

“I’m getting tired of this fucking game,” Bobbi said, shifting her shoulders to push forward one of her fat boobs, then the other. “I don’t like any cheap bitch coming around here trying to show off their tits on my beach…”

As if they had a life of their own, Letitia’s heavy breasts moved in imitation of the other beauty’s twin glands, right and left alternating to push themselves forward.

“And I don’t like any cheap bitch coming around here trying to show off their tits on the beach she thinks she owns…”

“I’ll show off my tits in front of your puny tits whenever I want,” Bobbi grunted.

“Puny?!” the redhead screamed, her ego pierced by the ultimate insult to a woman like her. “Are you calling my breasts puny?!” Having her incredible pair of majestic boobs, the two things that she values above all else in this world, slandered and disparaged that filthy and misleading way was more than she could bear. “You…vulgar, stuck-up, blonde bitch!” Letitia cupped her big, heavy glands, her hands overwhelmed by the amount of titflesh. “Do they look puny to you, you fucking cunt? They’re much bigger than your tiny boobs!”

“Tiny?!” It was the blonde’s turn to get offended. Every rational thought vanished from her head, leaving only wounded pride and desire for revenge. “There’s nothing tiny about my tits, you disgusting, big-headed ginger!” There was nothing more important in Bobbi’s life than her super-breasts, than feeling like the queen of every place she went thanks to her astonishing, gorgeous bustline. But that conceited redhead not only didn’t bow down to her pair, but she despised it with lies. “You’re a jealous cunt who can’t accept being in front of two superior tits!”

“Mine are superior to yours!”


None of them were aware they’d come this close, but Letitia and Bobbi were now screaming into each other’s reddened faces, their big boobs quaking with anger at close range from each other. The insults came and went—“Whore!” “Bitch!” “Slut!” “Sow!”—as the two matching racks were coming ever more perilously closer together, now only about a few dangerous inches apart.

“I’m gonna—”

“If you don’t—”

Both gasped, their threats abruptly cut off by an accidental, electrical contact. As if their impossibly round, remarkable large and unbelievably firm twin pairs of heavy, rubbery globes had grown tired of words and had decided to take the law into their own hands, they collided together with a slap of flesh that resounded all over the beach. The girls leaned their heads back abruptly, their golden and crimson hair waving under the sun while their green eyes practically rolling back into their heads with the nuclear shock that went through their bodies from top to bottom.

But a second later, they were both recovered. Until that moment, neither had been aware of it, but that was the interaction they had both long been waiting for, from the instant they looked at each other’s tits. So instead of retreating, Letitia and Bobbi pushed forward, waves of fat and muscle driving savagely and harshly into each other with megatons of stored hostility.

Now it was ‘Titsketeer’ versus ‘Boobquistador’, ‘Queen of Tits’ versus ‘Boob Boss’, ‘T’ versus ‘B’. For the first time in their lives, they both felt that there was another way to resolve differences with a woman, a way that fit like a glove in busty girls like them. The word titfight appeared in their heads as a natural thought, a crazy concept hidden for years in the subconscious but now emerging with the force of an erupting volcano.

The battle for breast hegemony had begun.

Chapter 2
Echoes of Titflesh

In nature, there is a reason why some species are solitary: the survival of the strongest, fittest, best specimen. Dangerous animals like leopards, bears, rhinos and busty girls don’t like the company of others, especially the company of creatures of their own kind, and that’s why the competition between rivals for the opportunity to copulate or to control the territory are always critical, desperate and, sometimes, lethal.

To Bobbi and Letitia, critical, desperate and lethal were words that perfectly suited what was happening right now between them on the lonely beach. Crashing their hot tits into each other with all the force they can muster, feeling their big glands compacting against the equally large boobs of the antagonist, both beauties realized how much wild animal was really in them in spite of all the social construct. Like leopards, they roared against the other face; like bears, they grabbed the contender to keep her from escaping; like rhinos, they pounded their natural weapons against each other relentlessly. And like busty girls, they boasted.

“You think your tits are tough?” Letitia snarled, getting totally into that new, exciting and frightening experience.

“Against my tits, yours are nothing!” Bobbi spat, nervous but thrilled by a kind of fight she’d never dreamed of.

Grabbing each other by the forearms, the redhead and the blonde kept crushing and hitting their breasts together, their tight and thin shirts barely being able to contain the electricity that, bursting between their fighting busts, went through the rest of their young bodies. Throbbing and twitching, the women ended up looking down at the center of it all: their sexy boobs pressing and straining against the opposite chest, trying to push and force the other one back. But both were equally stubborn and strong at this beginning of the match, and that didn’t look like it was going to change anytime soon.

“Is this what you do with all the girls that come to this beach, bitch?” Letitia asked as she checked out the mind-boggling breasts of the blonde fighting against hers for a space that didn’t exist. “Is that how chicks fight in your snobbish neighborhood? Tits to tits?”

“Just a puffed-up cunt who come here looking for trouble in the car that bought her daddy’s money would fight like this,” Bobbi said, her eyes watching the train crash between her big bosoms and the astonishing pair of the redhead. “I’m sure that where you come from, girls just push each other around with their tits like they were the toughest whores in the world.”

“You’re enjoying this. Admit it, bitch.”

“You’re the one who are enjoying this. Just say it, slut.”

Hypocrisy overwhelmed the words of the two rivals. Although none of them wanted to confess it, both felt that they had finally found their raison d’être, the thing they were put on the Earth for. The nature or some goddess of war had decided to equip them with those incredible tits for a specific reason, and that reason was right there, forcing itself against their own round prides as if destiny had decided that, after 21 years, it was time for the Ragnarok, for the Doomsday between blonde’s and redhead’s divine attributes.

Pushing forward even harder, Bobbi felt the youthful firmness of her boobs put to work, the solid core of their glands doing what the blonde now knew that they existed for, the one thing she was sure her tits could do better than any other woman’s boobs: crush and smash the breast pride of any rival. But even with that victorious impetus in her head, Bobbi felt that Letitia’s pair delivered as much pressure as it received. For the first time in her life, the blonde was facing a girl who seemed capable of matching up to her beauty, age and attitude but, above all, capable of matching up to her own till-now-unmatchable natural endowments. Bobbi was very aware of the volume and scale of her own knockers, of the awe-inspiring authority of her perfect tits, having spent many hours examining, admiring them in any mirror that she could find. But now, as she stared at the redhead’s pair, she had some doubts about who was firmer and fuller.

“I’m gonna flatten you, bitch,” Bobbi exhaled, jealousy momentarily invading every inch of her body, her thoughts moving between the arrogant self-confidence and the fear of the possibility that Letitia might actually be able to beat her in this desperate beach titfight.

“Just wait till I squash yours with mine,” the redhead growled, her heart and ego on the same roller coaster as her rival. As she was wrestling breast to breast with the blonde, sometimes she felt confident that her fat globes would be too much for Bobbi, but moments later, Letitia found herself having doubts about the outcome of this unexpected, red-hot contest. She’s never come across anyone like this blonde before, someone who challenged her alpha position as ‘Queen of Tits’, someone who threatened to equal her, or even outdo her, in the area of her greatest strength and pride. Sharp, contradictory twinges of anxiety and overconfidence spasmed through Letitia’s body, the redhead struggling to put aside the first insecurities of her life by telling herself that she outshined any woman in terms of frontal development, this blonde slut included.

Determined to take the bull by the horns, Letitia decided to raise the tone of the confrontation, separating herself a little bit from the other girl to abruptly send her overflowing love sacs against Bobbi’s tits with a devastating impact that made both beauties grunt. Spitting an unintelligible insult, the blonde returned the blow with her own hard boobs. The four breasts trembled, crashing into each other as the pain that ran through the torsos of the busty girls added a savage excitement to the duel.

The path was open, so the women knew they had to do it again, no matter how much it hurt. Without a moment’s pause, blonde and redhead took a short impulse to beat their tits together again, and again, and again…. Between grunts of exertion and groans of pain, the beauties bombed the enemy’s jugs with their flesh artillery, both pair of magnificent round boobs flying as explosive projectiles through the air directly at each other, meeting and mushrooming equally together. Little by little, the girls began to lose grip on the other forearms, instinctively looking for more freedom of movement for their aerial strikes, their shoulders waving from right to left, from left to right in an increasingly burning conflict.

“You’re gonna regret coming to the beach to look for me!” Letitia cried out, resolved to prove to her nemesis and to herself that her fat tits could bear all the punishment they needed to win. “Next time you see my car parked in front of your house, you’re gonna stay home, crying like a little bitch!”

“Next time you see a beach, even if it’s in a photo, you’re gonna shake in fear remembering what I’m gonna do to you here!” Bobbi groaned, feeding on the gestures of suffering on the redhead’s face to overcome her own pain. “Get ready for the trauma, tramp!”

Mutual anger forced an end to the bombardment, making way for the land army forces. Commanded by Florida’s toughest nipples, the boobs crushed together, testing the enemy militias against each other in a fiery, grinding breast to breast ground warfare. Bobbi and Letitia gasped indignantly, feeling the firm weight of the other woman against her own as evidence that the violence of the previous bombing had not been as effective as they had believed: the other titflesh was still tight, hard, full. Trying to force the rival back, trying desperately to overwhelm the rival’s bust, blonde and redhead separated their torsos again, ready for another artillery strike.

“Give up, you bitch!” both girls snarled at once, hammering into each other with breasts that looked like they’d never surrender in their obsession to dominate and tame the opposing globes. With the sun and the effort filling the soft skins of their bodies with sweat, the rivals accelerated the pace, far from getting tired. The mutual flesh impacts coming faster and faster, harder and harder, without tactics or technique, only perfectly synchronized frontal lunges, surrounded by grunts and groans rising in intensity that, along with the dull thuds of repeated contacts, were forming a kind of muted drumbeat on the empty beach.

But not even two women so formidable, fit and stubborn could keep this mutual punishment forever. Their labored breathing started to take on the sound of two train locomotives, chugging quicker and louder after each tit-crash, the danger of derailment of the troop train threatening to leave the war front without soldiers at the most decisive moment.

Finally, Letitia and Bobbi reached their aerobic limits, and not even all the frenzy adrenaline from their young bodies could keep moving them. With two or three clumsy, slow final chest blows, the girls ended up being pressed together, exhaustion versus exhaustion, pain versus pain, each beauty leaning against the other to try to gain some rest and find some energy for the next assault.

No one knew how long they spent this way, holding each other up under the blazing summer sun, sweating and panting, their bruised boobs throbbing from the beating received. But with every second they passed with their hot glands crushed together in that awkward hug, the more annoyed they felt as they perceived the insulting firmness that the other round weapons still possessed under their tight shirts.

“I’m gonna end up crushing you, no matter how long it takes,” Bobbi promised, her fleshy lips closing to the ear of her rival.

“My girls are tough enough to hold onto yours all day long,” Letitia replied against the blonde’s ear, her thick mouth almost touching her lobe.

“Bullshit. I don’t think your girls can take one more blow.”

“Come on, prove it to me. We’ll see if it’s not yours that can’t take it.”

Both beauties threw back their heads, facing the other green eyes in search of an insecurity that the other words didn’t show. But looking at the beautiful irises and dilated pupils of the other woman, they only knew one thing for certain: all self-doubt, any lack of confidence that could have their rival was well hidden behind hatred and challenge.

Then they separated their torsos, their breasts apart from each other for the first time in many minutes. Letitia was immediately assaulted by a strange and contradictory feeling: relieved by pulling her tits away from the firm weapons of her nemesis, and frustrated by not having them crushed against her own. With Bobbi’s hands slowly engaging with hers, the redhead saw the same conflict in the blonde’s face gesture.

“Do you miss my tits against yours already, girl?” Letitia muttered, wanting to get into the other woman’s head. “What a dyke you are!”

“Funny. Seeing your longing eyes, I was gonna tell you just the same thing. You have to be a fucking horny lesbian to wish my tits were still crushing yours,” Bobbi replied. “A horny and masochistic lesbian.”

“You’d love that I’d be a fucking lesbian because then I could show you I’m so much more than my fabulous boobs, blondie,” Letitia grunted. “But you’re not gonna get that lucky.”

“I’d be the one to teach you a thing or two about that, ginger,” Bobbi spat out. “But you’re gonna have to be satisfied with your wet dreams.”

“You cunt,” the brunette groaned, taking air as she prepared for the blow.

“You tramp,” the blonde responded, her breasts swelling up on her chest.

Staring at each other, both girls let the hatred jump from one glance to another; the more they stared, the more their mutual loathing grew. The last words of the discussion had made dirty the atmosphere, the mutual accusations about each other’s lesbianism making their four fat, bruised tits throb.

Unable to contain female animosity any longer, the beauties hurtled back together again, their belligerent boobs leading the charge. Their massive, sexy chests smacked into each other, unyielding and unforgiving in that last attempt to achieve total annihilation…but all the girls achieved was screaming in unison, sore from the shocking flesh impact.

Bouncing off each other, Bobbi and Letitia broke free from the rival’s grip, pushing angrily each other away in the process as they took a few steps back on the hot sand of the beach. The morning sun shone the sweat that covered the young bodies of the women who, in between gasps, tried to recover their breath. The blonde moved her eyes from Letitia’s fuming face to her formidable breasts, only to know instantly, painfully, that the redhead’s fat weapons had still not been mortally wounded. The cotton of the T-shirt was so attached to Letitia’s body after the war of tits, the white, light cloth was so translucent under the battle perspiration, that Bobbi could clearly see the firmness that her foe’s glands still maintained despite all the punishment received.

“This is far from over,” she growled, an affirmation and a challenge at the same time. A few feet from her, Letitia’s tits swelled defiantly, the outline of her white bikini bra now visible through her T-shirt.

“Yeah, we’re not done yet…” the redhead said, her eyes fixed on Bobbi’s aching but still firm tits.

Under the watchful gaze of her nemesis, the blonde brought her hands to her own boobs, gently cradling and massaging their wounded armament, in an exhibition with which she hoped to intimidate her opponent as much as prepare her tits for the next round. In front of her, Letitia did the same thing, her dense breasts molding under the fingers of the redhead in a defiant display of hardness and firmness.

Then, between Letitia’s fingers, Bobbi saw two big bulges on the tips of her chest: her nipples. Longer and thicker than she would ever have believed it was humanly possible, they were pushed against the fabric of her T-shirt. Swallowing, Bobbi felt the urgent call of her own nipples; looking down, she saw with surprise that her spears were erected under the cotton with exactly the same impressive size as the redhead’s flesh pikes.

“What’s up, girl?” Letitia spat, her eyes staring at Bobbi’s bustline. “Am I making you hard?”

“Not as hard as I’m making you,” the blonde said, again that odd conflict of lesbian accusations erupting between the two young beauties.

“My nipples are always this hard and stiff,” the redhead growled.

“Mine are harder and stiffer than yours,” Bobbi exclaimed without thinking, for a moment surprised at her own words. However, the gesture of growing anger on her rival’s face let her know that her boast had been appropriate.

“When I told you my tits were bigger than yours, I also meant my nipples,” Letitia replied. “Bigger, stiffer…and much, much harder.”

Hearing the other woman’s smug words, Bobbi felt the urgent hunger of her jutting nipples. Her swollen weapons rubbed and chafed against the fabric of her blouse, bursting with the desire to be free and to be at war with Letitia’s arrogant nipples, hardness against hardness. Somehow, Bobbi sensed the nipples of her redhead challenger clamoring for exactly the same thing, shaking in the confinement of white cloth while asking for freedom.

However, Letitia didn’t take the initiative, and neither did Bobbi. Undoubtedly, one line had been crossed by forcing their tits together in a kind of fight so dirty and obscene that they’d both dream about it for the rest of their lives. But the next line—to strip their breasts in front of the other beauty, in a public place—seemed to be beyond what any of them would dare at that time. Of course, Bobbi’s house wasn’t far away, and both of them could cross that line and any line that followed it in the loneliness of her bedroom, but the blonde didn’t feel capable of throwing a challenge of that caliber. But that didn’t mean she was going to let that stuck-up busty bitch get away.

“If you’re as big and hard as you say, why don’t we do this close and slow now?” Bobbi defied, looking cautiously at the shapes of Letitia’s round boobs and thick nipples under her diaphanous T-shirt.

“No pounding? Just rubbing against each other to the end?” the redhead asked, studying her opponent’s weapons. “Don’t think your nipples are gonna help you in close combat.”

“I was just about to tell you the same thing, bitch.”

“You cunt.”

Letitia and Bobbi approached each other. The next phase of their breast-battle was already there, and promised to be much more intense and hotter than the previous one…

Chapter 3
Close and Personal

Not a single breeze blew on the hottest beach in the world at that very moment. Last week’s heat wave seemed like a joke now, with the rival beauties walked towards each other with steps that left footprints in the hot sand. Stopping a few inches from the other chest, the girls aligned their tits slowly and carefully, keeping an eye on the long nipples that were pushed underneath the other T-shirt.

For a moment, seeing the incredible dimensions of Bobbi’s spears at close range, Letitia felt her legs like jelly. Is it possible hers are bigger than mine? she wondered, licking her fleshy lips. She had always been very proud of the size of her own nipples, especially when, late at night, she returned home from a party or a date and undressed herself in front of the bedroom mirror. Sometimes, it had been the excitement of the flirtation game; at other times, it had been the hands or even the tongue of an admirer to whom she had allowed access to her sexy treasures. Whatever the case, once freed from the bra, Letitia always stood proudly in front of the reflection of her aroused nipples, amazed at the volume they had grown to, one more merit to retain the ‘Queen of Tits’ title.

Now, however, that arrogant, dirty blonde was threatening to outdo her in that aspect, even when she now had the longest, thickest nipples in her lifetime. Instinctively, Letitia moved her fingers over her nubs, ready to rub and pinch them to try to harden her weapons even more…and found Bobbi doing exactly the same thing with her nipples in front of her. It was then when, looking the blonde in the eye, the redhead knew that doubts about which of them was bigger were not affecting her alone.

“That’s not gonna help you,” Letitia found herself saying, and Bobbi responded by dropping her hands on her wide hips with pride.

“It’s you who needs the extra help, not me,” the blonde spat, forcing the redhead to take her fingers away from her fat nipples.

“Come here,” Letitia snarled, eager to get tangled again with her bitter rival in tit-duel.

Bobbi nodded, and the two girls walked toward each other. For the blonde, time seemed to slow down, the thick breasts of her nemesis swaying over her chest as she felt the weight of her own tits after each step. The full magnificence of her nipples made her feel invincible for a moment, the girl almost feeling sorry for Letitia when she knew the terrible desolation that the redhead would feel as soon as her unbeatable daggers stabbed her rival’s boobs, as soon as her huge rams pressed against her foe’s nipples. She remembered certain nights, when in the loneliness of her bedroom she had stripped her breasts to touch her nipples and fantasize about not only being ‘Boob Boss’, but also ‘Nip Boss’, the woman with the nipples that ruled over others.

However, as soon as her tits crashed into Letitia’s bosoms, Bobbi knew the title had to be earned…on the hardest way. The long nipples of the redhead felt like they hadn’t felt it in the first round of the fight: hard as iron, hot as fire, two twin blades recently tempered in the forge. The points pierced through cloth and flesh equally, penetrating the blonde’s chest with cruelty. Shit! Bobbi thought bitterly, her proud trophies lacerated by the other beauty’s weapons, which left behind them stabs of discomfort spiced with ecstasy and ardor.

“Fucking bitch,” the blonde said, hugging her rival at the same time she was hugged, both young women bringing their breasts together in close contact. Then, the redhead’s nipples started to crawl across Bobbi’s bustline, forcing uncomfortable panting from her.

“Stupid cunt, I have the best nipples here,” the redhead grunted, and for a demoralizing second the blonde wondered if the other beauty was right. But then Bobbi saw the trembling in Letitia’s green eyes, and she noticed the hesitant tone in her voice, and the truth came out: her antagonist was as upset by mutual penetration as she was. Nothing was decided yet.

“Keep dreaming,” she sneered, standing on tiptoes to drag her nipples from bottom to top through Letitia’s round boobs. Moaning, the redhead attacked the lower part of Bobbi’s chest as the blonde used gravity on her side, trying to subdue Letitia’s breasts from above as her nipples lacerated the titflesh exposed at the top of the neckline of the tightly-fitting T-shirt.

Breathing heavily against the other face, the females held their position until, sick of holding the heavy weight of the other chest, Letitia managed to swap positions to try to crush Bobbi’s weapons from above. Determined to endure the punishment as long as her nemesis had endured it, the blonde clenched her teeth against the weight of the other tits while she pierced her lower part with her erect nipples.

The bust queens kept exchanging the position of their boobs for two, three minutes, trying to exhaust the other breasts with their own weight, trying to perforate with nipples that felt like drills. But the words had been spoken, and the challenges and boasts had been thrown out, so as confidence in their own spears grew, the girls felt it was time to discover which nipples were superior.

Letitia made the first move: pushing her tits from right to left, she sent her nipples against the sides of Bobbi’s unprepared rods in an impact that surprised both beauties by its strength given the little space to maneuver between the massive crushed bosoms. Groaning, the blonde felt her long nipples give way and let the dual daggers of her rival bend and corner hers.

“Is that it?” Letitia asked, an egotistical feeling flooding her body as an arrogant smile illuminated her pretty face. “For all your bragging, slut, I didn’t expect it to be so easy…”

The redhead stared at the blonde, seeing the first defeat of the fight exhibited in the shameful redness of her cheeks…but then, suddenly, the fire returned to Bobbi’s eyes, burning like coals that have just been fueled to white-hot intensity.

“You’re so wrong if you think I’m gonna let you come to my beach to beat my nipples,” the blonde grunted. Taking air, she concentrated on the hardness of her spears to free her nipples and counterattack with a quick movement. Letitia felt the thick and hot weapons of her enemy smacking into her overinflated nipples, a side attack that pushed her swords aside, bending them into a humiliating position of inferiority.

Like a changing tide, Letitia felt how her victorious excitement gave way to defeatist bitterness. Her tremendous nipples had been bent as easily as they had bent Bobbi’s nipples before, and the change in the blonde’s face—a smug half smile—only served to add another brushstroke of humiliation.

“It was obvious this was gonna happen, bitch.” Bobbi spat. “You’re all bark and no bite.”

“I came to this beach being the ‘Queen of Tits’, and I’ll leave this place keeping my title.” Letitia waved her big breasts, causing her nipples to escape. Then, the nipple-fencing started for real.

Trapped fervidly between almost five pounds of compressed flesh, the hot daggers rubbed against each other, their sides pushing and hitting length against length. Bobbi’s heavy, large shafts and Letitia’s equally thick, bulky rods competed to bend and catch the rivals as they had done just moments before, but success was only partial: the surprising length of the nipples were proving to be a disadvantage in this lateral struggle, making it easier for both pairs of spears to flex each other over and over again. However, none of them could corner the opposing nipples now that the skirmish had broken out, the movements of the dense tits of the beauties preventing any of the four fantastic long weapons from getting trapped.

Even through the cotton of their T-shirts and the nylon of their bikini bras, the women could feel the desperate struggle for domination between nipples almost like there’s almost nothing separating them. Looking intently at the other green eyes, both beauties wondered what would happen if that were the reality, if they got rid of their bonds and really competed flesh against flesh. With their sexy full lips spread slightly apart to exhale the gasps of the fight just a few centimeters away, Letitia and Bobbi felt pangs of uncertainty about where all this was going. Their thoughts were getting dirtier, hotter, the idea of stripping their greatest treasures on a public place for the first time in their lives by flooding their minds. As unbelievable as it may seem, two women so arrogantly proud of their big tits as they had never done topless on the beach, as if they had somehow wanted to reserve the grand prize for those who deserved to share privacy with them. But now, surprisingly immersed in an unexpected titfight, they were more and more willing to break that taboo with an unknown woman they already hated with every fiber of their beings.

But there, while their nipples kept getting stuck together, was much more than raw animosity and crazy exhibitionist ideas. The building anger and the flaming jealousy mixed in a painful indignation that tortured the girls because of the lack of surrender of the other, the non-admission of a breast inferiority that should be recognized aloud. Flying over fat boobs and electrified nipples there was also burning curiosity, an agonizing, intense need to know who had the best attributes, who dominated in size, shape, weight and firmness, who crushed, bent and stabbed.

Something else was stirring as well, something unexpected and unpredicted, something unknown and unexplained, something primitive that had lived hidden in some unexplored primal lair buried deep inside the busty women and now emerged on the surface for the first time. Bobbi and Letitia could feel it, in the tip of their nipples, in the flesh of their breasts, in the contour of their lips…and between their legs, under cutoff jeans and panties, in their very neuralgic core of femininity: a different kind of sexual arousal, unlike anything girls would have felt before, an unparalleled phenomenon in two heterosexual women with no interest in other girls beyond humiliating them.

“I’m gonna beat your tits right now,” Bobbi gasped, trying to ignore what was throbbing in her crotch to focus on the boob struggle. But as soon as she hugged her rival tighter, the burning fire in her sex intensified. “Fuck,” she growled, closing her eyes, her body weakening briefly against Letitia’s body. Incensed and shocked by her own momentary surrender, the blonde waited for the redhead’s assault, seizing her moment of weakness but, instead, she felt Letitia’s body soften against hers as the other girl cursed softly.

“Shit,” the invader of her beach trembled in Bobbi’s arms. “I’m gonna wipe out your tits.” The arrogant redhead grunted her challenge in an almost sexual tone, letting the spoiled blonde know that this new torment was affecting both of them.

Recovering from the dangerous moment, the two beauties pushed their breasts together with an impetus that sought to compensate what had just happened. Somehow, the excitement was at the same time hardening and softening the breasts at war, a contradiction that infuriated the amazons on the lonely hot beach, suddenly the control of the surprising sexual sensations becomes vital for the resolution of their feud.

“Damn bitch,” Letitia snorted, feeling the cloth of their white T-shirts being pushed down by friction between torsos. The necklines widened, and the big cleavages of both girls swelling up even more as the opponents pushed their bosoms together as tightly as they can, more and more naked titflesh touching each other. Between Letitia’s legs, palpitations grew worse, but hearing and feeling Bobbi, she consoled herself knowing she wasn’t the only one with problems on that front.

“Fucking cunt,” the blonde spat. The plunging V-necks of their identical T-shirts felt now barely able to keep the dueling bustlines under the fabric. A dirty cleavage contest began, still nipple to nipple, each battler fighting against her own arousal, the busty young women trying to intimidate the other with a combination of size, weight and heat.

“I’m gonna swallow you up,” Letitia grunted, trusting that her cleavage was deep enough to make her threat true.

“I’m the one who’s gonna swallow you up here, bitch,” Bobbi said. “Just ask my friends what happens to their titties when they dance with me.”

The redhead swallowed saliva, her cheeks reddening at the words of her rival. In the past, one of her fetishes had been dancing chest to chest with her friends and enjoying the feeling of her breast swallowing other girls’ smaller breasts. Now, her nemesis admitted to do the same—it was impossible not to be destined to fight tit to tit against her…

“You could also ask my friends, but I’d rather prove it to you myself.”

Pushing forward, the amazons crushed their mighty hooters even more together, the bearhug reaching the physical limit under the morning sun. Now cheek to cheek, Bobbi and Letitia grunted with exertion, but both were so evenly-matched that neither could gain physical or psychological advantage.

Then the tremors of the pussies caught the girls’ attention again, like a fishing net from which the gasping mermaids couldn’t escape. Body to body, breast to breast, and after more than two weeks without sex, Letitia and Bobbi moved their beautiful faces to bring them nose to nose, their eyes full of fire.

“Do you think you’re fucking sexy, with that cute doll face and those fat tits?” the redhead grunted suddenly.

“And you?” the blonde replied. “You think you’re hot because you have a pretty face and big boobs?”

The words of the young females came from their mouths uncontrollably; somehow, they were a sort of admission about how they were affecting each other.

“Big boobs…and a much better ass than you’ll ever have,” Letitia boasted.

“Oh, yeah?” Bobbi spat out. “When I came to the beach looking for you, I could see your ass…and it didn’t impress me.”

“Well, check it again.” Pushed by an instinct she didn’t quite understand, the redhead grabbed her opponent’s arms and, without pulling her tits away from the other pair, brought Bobbi’s hands over her hard buttocks in a bold action. The blonde’s cheeks reddened even more as she felt her nemesis’ firm ass between her hands, but immediately she let herself be carried away and began kneading the flesh worked at the gym with her fingers.

“As I was saying, I’m not impressed,” she lied, secretly surprised by the power that Letitia exhibited back there. Then pride spoke for her: “Grab my ass, and dare to tell me yours is better.”

Almost before Bobbi finished talking, Letitia’s hands were already on her buns. Her strong fingers immediately felt the hours of exercise that the other girl had spent on her derriere, the balance between hardness and sensuality forcing a jealous whistle that escaped from between her clenched teeth.

“I’m not impressed either, girl.” Another lie that flew over the beach. “And yes, I dare to tell you that mine is better. I already told you: I’m so much more than my fabulous boobs.”

“Fuck your boobs,” Bobbi grunted. “And fuck your ass!”

“Fuck you and your body!” Letitia screamed.

The exchange of offensive words brought them back into combat. Bobbi pushed her impressive udders against Letitia’s, challenging her again to another cleavage clash, and the redhead responded by shoving her own super-jugs forward. Their weapons of mass destruction tried to totally annihilate the other, fighting to reduce the rival flesh to a pre-pubertal state by sheer erosion. But it was no longer an exclusive game of her proud tits: their nails lacerated each other’s glutes through the short cutoff jeans, trying to prove that the adversary’s ass wasn’t a big deal. The anxious and desperate squeezes to the other bottoms ended up pushing their pelvis together, the buttons and zippers of the pants crashed together with a metallic sound.

“Is this what you want, bitch?” Bobbi asked, her mouth almost kissing Letitia’s lips as she exhaled her hatred. “Your whole body against my whole body?”

“You should have been satisfied with just having your tits whipped, cunt.” The red-headed woman felt the hot breath of both of them mingle in the little space between their mouths. “Now, you’re going back home with your body beaten from top to bottom.”

“You’re not gonna beat a single inch of my body.”

In the upper bodies, their tits crushed, their nipples stabbed, in a static trench warfare that tested the resistance of soldiers at the front, and their numbers to overflow enemy defenses, full of mines and barbed wire. In the lower bodies, their pelvises began to bang together in a maneuver war, a blitzkrieg where the attack force and the ability to inflict damage where the enemy was weakest was the key. The two Great Wars, the deadliest conflicts in human history, were exploding in unison in the bodies of the two Floridian beauties, the national pride against other countries being replaced by the feminine pride against the other woman, the desire for domination of imperialism being replaced by the desire for female domination over the other busty girl.

Now that they had come to the full body-to-body hostility, the amazons felt rush of adrenaline running through them, pushing them into a state of victorious excitement that led them to believe they could score a quick knockout on their foe. Supremely confident in the density of their big bosoms, in the strength of their hard buns, in the power of their female pelvises, they confronted each other with the enthusiasm of those who took to the streets shouting out for war in 1914 but, as they kept violently smashing against each other over a span of several long minutes, their confidence started to falter a bit.

“Why don’t you just give up?” both complained at the same time, their words as synchronized as their frustrated thoughts. “Oh, don’t imitate me!” Again the same sentence, and another burst of rage. “You fucking whore!”

Losing control, the girls released the other ass to start pulling rival’s hair while, from the breasts to the thighs, they crashed their bodies together in furious frontal lunges. The frenzied anger that each female felt for the other grew and grew with each punishing blow that they were forced to take from the chest, belly, pelvis and thighs of the nemesis, an abuse that ended abruptly with the women slapping each other one at a time.

With their cheeks throbbing from the smack, the beauties retreated, concluding another eternal assault that had only solved that the two mortal enemies still had everything to solve.

Chapter 4
Soaking Wet Ecstasy

Heavily panting, the girls tried to catch their breath as waterfalls of sweat flowed down through bodies that began to be affected by fatigue and pain under the hot summer sun. The burning stings for each collision received throbbed here and there through their feminine curves, but undoubtedly the irritation focused on the big beauties that had started all this.

Fuck, my tits, Letitia thought bitterly. Her precious twin treasures had never been treated in such a harsh way before; Letitia’s pair still held its incredible firmness, but everything that had happened in the last assault was beginning to crack its defenses. Certainly, against the menacing mass of titflesh of her rival, the redhead had no choice but to grind her teeth and trust that her tough breasts would eventually win the competition with their volume and hardness, but the sexual shocks that had temporarily softened her round weapons seemed to have changed the whole game. Maybe… she mused, watching how the sunlight illuminated Bobbi’s tired but still proud body, several steps away. Maybe I can use this to my advantage, she said herself, remembering the brief weakness she had felt in the blonde when they had both connected nipples in filthy duel.

“You dare to continue this without our T-shirts?” Letitia asked suddenly, improvising her plan on the fly. What she did know is that, wherever the fight was headed now, it had to go on with both girls getting rid of some of her clothes.

Bobbi didn’t respond immediately. Her throbbing, sore boobs inflamed her resentment toward the other tit-battler. For the first time, her greatest trophies were unable to prove their superiority, and that was being a new unpleasant experience for her. Worse still, Letitia stood defiantly before her, ready to prolong this duel as long as she can with her tired but still dangerous body. I have to do something to weaken her, the blonde thought, staring at the redhead’s curves under her tight T-shirt. Ruined by the friction raids, soaked through and transparent with sweat, the white cloth made Letitia’s bikini bra visible; and there, in the center of each covered orb, were her jutting nipples. That’s it. The sight of the other long spears made Bobbi remember what had happened when they had fought nipple to nipple, and the fragility that irrefutably both of them had suffered in that lusty moment, with the fire spreading and weakening the rest of their bodies. If I can stand it, if I insist long enough, I can soften this fucking ginger up that way, she ruminated.

“What surprises me is that you dare to keep fighting without the protection of your T-shirt.” Bobbi smiled, her pretty face bursting into wicked delight, finally seeing a way out of this boob problem.

Letitia also smiled, the thoughts of the two warriors coming to the same conclusion: if sensuality had always been a weapon to use against men, and if that same sensuality was undeniably capable of affecting the rival…why not use it against the other pompous woman, showing her which one of them had, not only the strongest, toughest and largest boobs, but also the sexiest ones?

There was a confidence in the girls, but also some vertigo. Both had just accepted, perhaps too easily, a new aspect of their rivalry, a newly discovered facet that might not be so easy to control. Straight women embracing the sexual nature of a fight only in order to win it. Too many things could go wrong, but Bobbi and Letitia would do anything to achieve breast hegemony, even the unthinkable.

The women proudly stood up straight, and a second later they grabbed their shredded T-shirts, staring at each other in silent wait, the gauntlet thrown with one last defiant glance. Finally, with a sneering grin on their faces, the contenders slowly removed their T-shirts, the unveiling of their upper bodies feeling like a major event.

As if it knew that more delicious naked skin from the attractive women was being discovered, the wind blew softly from the east, its breeze licking the sweaty half-naked torsos of the beauties in a caress that made the busty amazons tremble with pleasure. But the small heat wave that surrounded the girls quickly dried up the breeze, letting it shake the golden and crimson soft manes before disappearing as quickly as it had appeared. With no more company than sun, sand and sea, Letitia and Bobbi took their T-shirts and tied them around their slim midriffs, their green eyes unable to move away from the other identical white bra, full of disdain and disgust when they found that the other beauty was again copying them.

“What’s the matter? You don’t have a personality and you have to wear the same bikini as me?” Letitia grunted.

“Bitch, this is one of the few models of this brand big enough to hold tits of my size,” Bobbi replied.

“And yet, you cunt, my bikini is at least a bra cup bigger than yours.”

“Oh, please. How many times do I have to say you can’t compete with me in size?”

The rivals began to walk in circles, facing each other, now dressed in short cutoff jeans and bikini bras. Their glances ceasing to focus on the other bikini to check out what was behind the nylon cups, to measure those mounts of flesh that barely wobbled after each step of the girls. The sense of aversion that they both feel for each other became even more palpable, the air of competition between Bobbi and Letitia rising to a much more serious level now that their most precious possessions were out on display under the bikinis, open to even greater comparison and critique.

“Yours aren’t as big as mine. Period,” the redhead said, even though her eyes glued to the other girl’s chest weren’t able to see anything that supported her words. Now that there was no T-shirt, the intimidating sight of Bobbi’s killer rack was enough to make her wonder if she was fooling herself into thinking the blonde didn’t possess attributes as large as hers. But, at the same time, Letitia kept telling herself that no woman of her age and constitution could surpass the size of her breasts without surgery, and that included her unexpected enemy on this crazy day, and her big natural tits.

“On this beach there have never been boobs as big as mine, and that includes yours.” The confidence in Bobbi’s voice was faked. Heavy, fat bosoms of her rival filled her eyes with hesitation, with doubts about which one of them was actually right. Her worries, however, clashed again and again with her haughty pride: she was called ‘Big B’ for a good reason, or rather, for two good reasons, for two thick spheres whose size made believe that only magic could hold them so high on a thin torso like the blonde’s. So, as she watched carefully the weapons of her nemesis, Bobbi felt herself sailing through the contradictory waters of uncertainty and vanity.

Perhaps a minute passed, perhaps two, as the girls continued to circle around one another, leaving behind them the tracks of their delicate bare feet in the sand so that seconds later the other beauty would step on them in a metaphor that they both fervently wished to make reality. And as time went on, the enemies kept debating mentally with themselves, because the question, the question that really mattered, wasn’t going away. It was still hanging there, unanswered, in the minds of two young women who kept comparing their tits with derogatory looks.

It’s the only question in the world… Bobbi thought.

…in our own little universe… Letitia followed in a twin thought.

…that matter right now… the blonde maintained the mental connection.

…that matter at all… the redhead continued.

Who is bigger? both beauties concluded, the question accelerating the pulse of their hearts under their dense boobs. But it was too close to call, and they realized that there was just no way of knowing, at least not without going even further and removing the last obstacle, the last support that could mask reality, and strip their breasts completely. But none of them were prepared for something like this, and maybe they would never be, so for now they would have to give answers to their other concerns—who was firmer, tougher, sexier—with a bra-clad titfight.

“Okay, bitch, how about this?” Bobbi broke the silence, stopping to, with her hands at her waist, stare at her rival. In her head, the idea of softening the redhead with her sexual breast-power was still burning like a forest fire. “We continue this fight in the water, tit to tit, our hands wherever we want, until your babes deflate against my pair.”

Letitia gasped softly, excited to see where the confrontation was headed. Few things were more erotic than wet skin and wet clothes, so the blonde’s challenge only intensified even more everything that was going on between the hot antagonists.

“If that’s what you want, slut…” the redhead glanced intently at the other girl. “I’m gonna reduce your tits to nothing.”

Bobbi snarled in response and began to walk toward the sea. A few steps away, Letitia did the same, leaving behind her towel and shoes. Now, the moment she had left home hours earlier seemed very, very far away—what was going to be a beach day had turned into something intense and unexpected, the feisty redhead getting into the fight of her life.

The blonde and the redhead slowly entered the sea, its surface completely calm, the water licking the female bodies from their feet to their hips; no more, because both beauties stopped when the water was about 30 inches deep, just an inch below their suggestive navels. Behind the girls, their tied T-shirts floated on the surface of the sea, spread out like white mermaid’s tails. Like everything on that beach—the sun, the sand, the two women—the water was hot too, but it was nothing compared to the hell that, under submerged cutoff jeans, was scorching the females’ crotches. Knowing the intensity of what was to come, the amazons felt the goosebumps rising on their skins, felt their nipples hardening even more than before, poking through the fabric of the bikini tops like small tents.

“Let’s do this right.” Letitia smiled in an attempt to take control of her body and the situation. Looking for the psychological advantage, she sank her hands into the sea before bringing them upon her formidable breasts. Then she began to soak her tits, lasciviously handling them in front of her rival.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Bobbi’s gesture twisted, but not with discomfort, as Letitia expected, but with contempt. “Do you think you’re really hot, you cheap bitch?” Her hands plunged into the water. “Let me show you…” With audacity, the blonde kneaded her fat glands with both hands, ten fingers wetly squeezing her sexy titflesh.

“I’ll ruin your boobs, cunt,” Letitia promised, the hot water dripping down her striking cleavage. “I’ll fuck them with mine.”

Bobbi was surprised that the sea didn’t begin to boil at that very moment, her crotch bursting into flaming fury with the last words of the redhead.

“A loser like you could never fuck anything from someone like me.” The blonde’s boobs throbbed under her hands, the sun shining on her dampness. “And much less my perfect tits.”

“You’re the loser,” Letitia shot back angrily. “And if you still think your tits are perfect after seeing and feeling mine, then you’re even more pathetic than I thought.”


“Yeah, enough!”

Sick of each other, the warriors squeezed their wet breasts one last time before throwing themselves into the next round without hesitation. Free of their clinging T-shirts, the two girls were now able to swing their large jugs with even more force than before, firing their huge torpedoes at each other in a continuous barrage, exploding against their foe’s bosoms over and over again like bone-shaking depth charges. The naval battle shook the waters, the sea raging in miniature around the swinging hips of the girls, the T-shirts tied around their waists waving behind them. The hot water splashed on faces and bodies, blending with several layers of sweat as the breasts collided violently together between groans of pain and fury.

Then, as Bobbi had announced, the hands went into action: the strong fingers of the beauties gripped the opposing forearms, holding the opponent in front of them to throw a frontal tit blow and then deeply rub the four glands in vicious friction. White bikinis barely covered a small portion of their big boobs, allowing the naked skin and sensitive titflesh to measure against each other like never before. Letitia could hardly believe the heat and firmness she felt against her pair, Bobbi’s breasts exhaling feminine power even after all the punishment that her twin gems had received. Looking down, the redhead saw their four tits brushing together, moving up and down, right and left, like vast water balloons that threatened to burst from one moment to the next. Her pupils shivered, hypnotized by the glow of the sunshine on the drops of water and sweat in their throbbing curves.

“Horny bitch,” Bobbi growled, and suddenly Letitia realized that they were now rubbing their bosoms slowly, very slowly. Her mouth didn’t stop exhaling soft, broken gasps, as did her antagonist’s mouth. The blonde stared into the redhead’s eyes. “After all, it looks like it’s me fucking your tits.”

“You…” Letitia huffed, feeling the nipples of her rival crawling through her flesh, feeling her own nipples responding as they tried to penetrate bikini cloth and skin. Here we go, she thought, knowing that the time to test much more than just firmness and size had arrived. “I’m gonna fuck your tits so hard you won’t brag about them on this beach again.”

“We’ll see who fucks whom.” Both beauties trembled at Bobbi’s statement. The foundations upon which both women had based their love and sexual lives cracked, and mutual acceptance of sensuality as a weapon against the other woman went from theory to practice.

Hugging each other passionately, Bobbi and Letitia kneaded their fat breasts together just as they did against men’s pectorals: exhibiting raw sex appeal through weight and solidity, through the heat of the flesh and the hardness of the nipples. This time, however, in front of them were two round adversaries with the same armament, threatening beasts of fire and electricity habituated to devour. Chest to chest, bikini to bikini, the girls shivered in the sea, their gasping mouths too close one to the other.

“This is what you were looking for, isn’t it?” Bobbi asked, her green eyes vibrating against Letitia’s green gaze. “Rubbing your tits against a hot chick like the bitch in heat you are.”

“Remember, you started this, coming here looking for me,” the redhead spat as she felt the hot, sweet breath of her nemesis against her fleshy lips. “You must have been a long time without fucking. Or maybe women with better tits than you make you horny.”

Angry at Letitia’s words, Bobbi thrust her nipples against the other beauty’s nibs through the white bikinis. They could almost hear a sparking sound, an electric shock that made the two rivals moan. Half a second later, Letitia took one step back, the water waving around her hips as the women kept the hug.

“Looks like I’m the—” the blonde couldn’t finish her sentence, because Letitia’s nipples came back in vengeance, stabbing her stiff pair. Another electric shockwave, another double gasp…and now Bobbi was the one retreating before the powerful sensations.

“Bitch,” Letitia licked her lips. “You want more?”

“Always, whore,” Bobbi replied.

Their stiff nipples collided again, pushed together in a furious impulse, but this time both beauties endured the contact with a sharp hot gasp. The bikini cloth seemed to swirl around the erections, their nipples feeling like electric batons that made the slender bodies of the girls vibrate.

Then Letitia took her nipples away from Bobbi’s. An arrogant smile appeared on the blonde’s face, as victorious words formed between her lips…but her foe wasn’t exactly running away. Moving her big, heavy boobs up, the redhead started to drag them down, her thick nipples roughly crossing the upper slopes of the other breasts like skiers sticking their ski poles into the titflesh. Bobbi snarled against Letitia’s mouth, her green eyes flashing with hatred and lust as her mountain range in the form of twin peaks was assaulted. She pushed her bosoms upward in response, climbing Letitia’s mountain elevations with her nipples like ice axes, and succeeded in getting her rival to exhale an identical grunt against her face.

A second later, skiers and climbers met each other, and a nipple fight broke out, hardness against hardness, to see who gave way first. A miniaturized thunderstorm threw its lightnings on the battlefield, and the girls moaned with their mouths almost touching each other. The crotches throbbed fervently underwater, the pelvises coming in contact as the four nipples finally managed to bend each other enough to follow their path.

The sensual rubbing ended up with Letitia’s tits under Bobbi’s boobs, but the battle was far from over. Immediately, the breasts of both amazons took the way back, and went up and down, down and up, always crossing nipples, the erotic war going on for three, four, five long minutes. The girls soon were gasping heavily, face to face, horny as they’d ever expect, suddenly the nearby and beautiful lips of the other becoming appetizing even for two straight women like them. The confrontation had definitely changed.

During a particularly vicious friction between big breasts, Bobbi felt her tortured bikini bra being pushed to the limit, her large fleshy cargo threatening to break free from its white containers. The possibility that her boobs were exposed reddened the blonde’s cheeks, and her rival must have noticed something too, as she suddenly threw her tits back to look down. Seeing Bobbi’s bosoms and nipples still hidden, Letitia snarled.

“What’s up, bitch?” Bobbi sneered. “You want to strip my girls so badly?”

“You sow.” The redhead’s face smashed nose to nose, almost mouth to mouth against the blonde’s face. “I bet you’re really afraid I’m gonna pop yours out, aren’t you?”

“You’re the one who better be afraid.” Bobbi gave her rival a nasty look as her nipples met again with Letitia’s pair. “I bet if I took your bra off, those fat tits of yours would fall straight down to your knees.”

“You’d probably be able to tie your big girls in a knot behind your back.” The redhead pushed her breasts forward again, the four glands rubbing together in vicious duel.

Bobbi responded to her increasingly-hated nemesis with a derogatory grunt, her boobs moving up and down, to the right and to the left, in an attempt to strip Letitia’s jugs. The other beauty came into play, her tits always rubbing against the blonde’s knockers from the opposite direction, always competing flesh to flesh, skin to skin and fabric to fabric. The cheeks of the amazons burned under the sun, the possibility of not just beating but also humiliating the other woman by stripping her breasts first flooding their bodies with chemical flows of excitement.

As the battle progressed, Letitia and Bobbi felt that the chest to chest frictions were beginning to take their toll: their tits scorched, shaking and throbbing, the flesh becoming softer and the nipples becoming harder. Constantly, both girls looked down to check if a nipple, or even more, had come exposed, but unfortunately the punished bikini cloth of the opponent managed to hold somehow attached to the other wet curves. The frustrating impossibility of progress angered the foes, the promise of a possible victory in the next friction being insufficient for both of them.

“Enough, blondie!” Letitia was sick of it. “Our hands wherever we want, you said!”

“Fucking cunt!” As soon as she felt the nails of the redhead on her proud rack, Bobbi knew what Letitia was trying to do. “You want it, you got it, ginger!” she growled, her hands falling quickly on opposite breasts.

For the first time, the two titfighters felt the power of the other boobs with their own hands. Firm, large and hot, they burned to the touch, even under layers of sweat and seawater. Jealousy forced the nails to sink into the flesh, a double howl of pain echoing on the beach before turning into a tamed series of animal groans. The fingers grasped the bikinis, trying to pull them off, but the women pushed their tits even closer together, avoiding being undressed by crushing them against each other.

And then, Bobbi felt one of Letitia’s nipples against her palm…and she instinctively grabbed it with her thumb and forefinger, pinching it gently, feeling her thickness, her length, comparing it to her own erect weapons. Seconds later, the blonde felt Letitia’s fingers on her nipples, returning the favor, and she brought her other hand against the second redhead’s nipple. The four spears were strengthened under the manual assault, the fiery gasps of beauties mingling as the women measured each other.

“Do you still think your nipples are better than mine?” Bobbi whispered, her mouth too close to Letitia’s lips.

“Much better, bitch,” the redhead cried, her green eyes fixed on the blonde’s green eyes. “Mine are weapons ready to fuck little shits like yours.”

Watching Letitia’s beautiful, defiant face at close range, feeling her hot body against hers, holding her amazing tits in her hands, hearing her dirty words, Bobbi felt that she was losing control. What this unexpected and long fight was awakening in her body, in her mind, in her soul could no longer be retained. She couldn’t delay the inevitable.

“I’ll be the one doing the fucking here, you slut,” she spat, just before her teeth bit the red lips of Letitia. Her rival responded with her own bites…and the female battle turned upside down.

Chapter 5
Broken Chains

For a moment, the only thing that was heard at sea was chewed flesh. The plump lips of rival beauties were bitten with uncontrollable hunger, the teeth collision still calling the arms while the girls felt they were falling into a pit that had been dug out of hot nipple friction and boob blows, a pit from where the beautiful enemies might never come out again. Female voices of passion and ardor called them from the depths; they spoke of broken chains, but as Letitia and Bobbi continued to exchange fierce bites, they clung to the edge of the pit one last desperate time, trying not to fall at all. Their heterosexual egos asked the voices of their subconscious if it was still a fight, because the last thing they wanted was to make out with a big-titted whore they hated to death.

The voices answered from the bottom of the pit, from the most secret part of their thoughts: it was a fight, but in the most feminine way possible—in fact, it was the ultimate way for two sexy, selfish beauties like them. Their heated struggle for breast hegemony had expanded into a global body conflict, where all female firepower was at the disposal of the core of the rivalry, servants from the hottest boobs in Florida. Sex as a weapon, at its finest; a leap into the void that, finally, both rivals accepted.

Freed at last from social and moral ties, the girls intensified their bites and, inevitably, a kiss exploded between their appealing mouths, the first one that they ever shared with another woman in their lives. Moving their faces to one side and the other, they massaged their mouths together, sucking the moisture and sweetness of the other thick lips.

“Hussy,” Letitia murmured, abandoning the other woman’s fat tits to grab her head from behind in an attempt to control her face and her mouth.

“Tramp,” Bobbi whispered, her hands sinking into the red hair to seek domination in this new phase of the female battle.

Then, the mouths of the opponents got stuck, wide open. For a few seconds, Bobbi and Laetitia simply grunted, their jaws panting with burning dragon breath until, feeling impotent from the blockade, and with no other weapon at her disposal, Letitia took advantage of all that hot space between lips to sink her tongue into the other mouth. The invasion of the wet lair awakened Bobbi’s tongue, and her snake-shaped beast reacted by intertwining with the assaulting pink-headed serpent in a deadly, soaked fight.

Bobbi Miller was an expert kisser, just like Letitia Corwin was, so the clash of tongues was immediately felt as a threatening challenge, the movements of both snakes exhibiting a maneuverability that both beauties had never expected to find in another woman. They felt shocked too; after years of kissing guys, none of them were ready for the incredible sweetness of the soft rival tongue.

Is this what guys feel when they kiss me? both women thought hotly, the malleable fullness of the other lips kneading against their mouths like an unstoppable tide. This toxic softness? Letitia wondered. This overwhelming feeling? Bobbi asked herself. Nervous and excited at the same time, the girls moaned mouth to mouth, the other grunts echoing in their ears.

Then, palpitations drew attention back to the focus of the rivalry, and the redhead and the blonde felt it: their heavy competing chests, crushed against each other, were shaking, less hard and firm than usual. It’s working! they shouted inside their heads with a bittersweet taste: yes, the other boobs were getting weaker from the sensuality of the oral assault…but the same thing happened with their own round weapons.

“Are you getting weaker, busty bitch?” Letitia asked when the two of them separated their mouths a few inches for air.

“Speak for yourself and your fat tits, you cow,” Bobbi grunted in reply, offended and full of hatred.

Lips and tongues clashed again in a desperate, asphyxiating struggle as the amazing breasts of the narcissistic warriors competed in that new phase of the conflict, kneading each other with a dangerous malleability that the girls had never felt in their sacred weapons before. There it was, the road to victory, an uphill mountain path, without fence to prevent a deadly fall, with dangerous sharp bends, so narrow that the two women couldn’t walk together to the top and the glory that awaited them.

“I’m gonna melt your tits,” the blonde gasped, her teeth chewing on Letitia’s lips.

“Yours are so shaky that they’ll soon be mine,” the redhead spat, her tongue licking Bobbi’s mouth. “I told you mine would fuck yours, and they’re doing it!”

“There’s nothing in your body that can fuck anything in my body!” Bobbi’s pelvis crashed into Letitia’s underwater, and the bone-crashing made the girls growl…and gasp for pleasure. Before they knew what was happening, the two beauties were rubbing their crotches together, in a way they hadn’t done during previous pelvic skirmishes.

“Keep rubbing up against me, cunt,” the redhead groaned. “The more you do it, the softer your tits will get!”

“Feel my superior body, slut, ‘cause that way your boobs will lose all their firmness and I can finally finish them off!” the blonde threatened.

In a state of excitement and fury, the busty girls grabbed the other round ass, squeezing their buttocks and bringing their jeans-covered crotches even closer together. With the catfight getting faster and faster, the T-shirts ended up loosening from the waists, being dragged back to the beach where it all started by the small waves that began to rise in the sea. Just as the battle between the beautiful young girls was turning into something different, the hot morning was beginning to give way to a noon that, with the southeastern winds blowing increasingly strong, was slowly but inexorably clouded over the heads of Letitia and Bobbi.

But none of that worried the rivals, none of them wasted a second of their thoughts wondering how long it had been since the beginning of the hostilities or how a storm seemed to be approaching Florida’s coast against the weather forecasts. Absolutely all their thoughts were centered on the burning of their bodies, on the growing sensitivity of their tits…in those cutoff jeans that stood in the way of their most animal intentions. The female fingers squeezed the shorts’ denim, the nails trying to get through the raw but smooth fabric, soaked by a sea that was getting more and more agitated.

“C’mon, ginger!” Bobbi said, feeling the opposite body from head to toe. “Take your jeans off so we can do this like women!”

“You don’t want us bikini thong against bikini thong, bitch, I’ll assure you that,” Letitia replied, tugging at the blonde’s jeans as hungrily as her nemesis.

“That’s exactly what I want, tramp.”

Letitia felt one of the Bobbi’s hands grabbing the front of her shorts. Desperately, she brought her right hand against the blonde’s fly, and both beauties fought in the sea to unbutton the other jean’s button first. Stumbling through small waves, the girls looked at each other with hatred, face to face, as the buttons resisted their manipulation. It was then that a wave of lust flooded their bodies and, longing for the taste of the other mouth, they both kissed again. The wind blew their hair, crimson and golden filaments mixing in a still hot air despite the approaching storm.

Bobbi’s button popped first off, to the blonde’s disgrace. The zipper of her cutoff jeans was opened with eagerness and rudeness, Letitia’s fingers ripping her way into Bobbi’s white thong to grab her plump sexual anatomy. The dirty attack took the blonde by surprise, a sharp howl rising from her throat.

“You fucking dyke!” she cursed, finally breaking her rival’s fly to squeeze Letitia’s fat crotch between her fingers in revenge.

“You’re the only dyke here!” the redhead cried out as the other woman’s hand pawed her most private parts.

The competition was going downhill with no brakes. After one-and-a-half-hour fight, where neither one nor the other had managed to overpower the busty enemy, tit to tit or tongue to tongue, everything could be used to win, even the dirtiest ones. And, of course, once the sexual tool had been accepted through hot kisses, the other pussy was no longer out of reach.

Both were surprised by what they felt through the bikinis, as the other cunt felt fat, big, a strong sexual construction ready to give and receive pleasure. However, the surprise immediately gave way to a certain logic: the unexpected would have been that a woman like the rival, with such impressive tits, such incredible ass, didn’t have a pussy that matched all those physical qualities. The unique women like Bobbi and Letitia were astonishing in every way, so their genitals, the neuralgic center of their femininities, could not be any different than what the enemies felt between their fingers. But that it was to be expected didn’t make it any less painful for the girls, so they both grunted in envy against each other.

“You had to have a fat pussy too, right?” the redhead protested. The waves raged around the amazons, hitting bodies stuck in tense struggle.

“Yours is fat too, girl,” the blonde answered, her mouth looking for Letitia’s mouth to spit out her hatred at point-blank range. “You keep challenging my body, bitch.”

“And you keep challenging mine, cunt, part by part.”

The couple struggled in the middle of the swell, squashing their other crotch, pushing each other breast to breast under a now gray sky.

“What are we gonna do about it, ginger?” Bobbi asked.

“You know it well,” Letitia said. “Everything we need to soften the other fucking tits once and for all…including milking your ugly pussy all the way to the end!”

“I’ll take everything you’ve got inside your weak pussy out first!” the blonde screamed. “And then I’ll finish crushing your boobs!”

“You dirty whore!”

“Cheap slut!”

The girls’ slender fingers began to roughly handle the other cotton-clad crotch as their free hands pulled the strap of the other bikini bra to try to strip the rival boobs all at once. Meanwhile, Bobbi’s and Letitia’s mouths crashed together again, white teeth twinkling under the last beams of light from a sun that was just minutes away from being fully hidden behind the clouds. That was a total war: teeth against lips, hands against cunts, and the provocative, obstinate breasts battling as they hadn’t stopped doing for more than ninety minutes.

Letitia gasped sharply against Bobbi’s mouth as she felt the blonde’s hand probing passionately her covered pussy, and felt the hot gasp of her nemesis against her face as her own hand seized Bobbi’s cunt through her panties. The beauties grabbed, squeezed, felt each other, their hips rocking in the sea, the water splashing in all directions as the cutoffs slowly slipped down the thick, juicy thighs.

“You filthy gutter whore!” Letitia grunted, her mound of Venus clutched by the blonde’s fingers through the thin bikini fabric, her labia crushed by the palm of the cruel hand of her hated enemy. She took revenge by pushing her hand more viciously against Bobbi’s sex, feeling her bush of hair, the bulge of her mound and the creases of her labia through the bikini with malice and passion.

“You fucking lesbian cunt-grabber!” Bobbi snarled, her fat tits struggling against Letitia’s heavy pair, her angry teeth biting the redhead’s seductive lips…and her hand somehow pushing itself underneath the other bikini panties.

“Oh, shit!” Letitia howled, the fingers of the blonde stroking her vulnerable sexual anatomy, no cloth protecting her now from the underwater assault. The redhead felt that all the alarms on her body were triggered, a wave of humiliating dirty pleasure running through her shaking skin. “Two can play this!” she managed to grunt, her hand slipping violently under her foe’s bikini.

“Fuck!” Bobbi moaned, her face twisting with fury and pleasure, her cunt now invaded by long, hungry fingers, just below the hot seawater. Trembling from top to bottom, the blonde clenched her teeth, aware that everything she had fought so far was in danger of being worthless if she didn’t move Letitia’s lustful hand away from her pussy right now. So she stopped pulling the redhead’s bra in vain and, closing her fist, got ready to punch.

Letitia had to reach the same limit at the same time because, as Bobbi’s fist flew towards her rival, the redhead’s fist was thrown towards her. The knuckles of both amazons hit hard the side of their compressed tits, and the flesh shook with the strength of an earthquake. Screaming in pain, the girls felt the vibration of the double blow spreading through the four glands, causing a rebound effect that threw them back, one away from the other, in a spectacular fall into the sea.

Seconds later, the busty girls emerged to the surface again, splashing water everywhere as they shook themselves. The last rays of sunshine made their wet curves shine before the clouds completely took over Florida’s sky. The first raindrops fell on the beach as Bobbi and Letitia growled furiously.

“Dirty bitch,” the blonde spat out. “I’m gonna beat your tits and your pussy right now.”

“Come and try it, cheap slut,” the redhead snarled. “I’m gonna finish you off.”

With their sexes still pounding hard, the girls waded towards each other until they crashed together chest to chest in the increasingly chaotic sea. Exchanging quick and furious tit-blows, they used their fists to clumsily hit the other crotch, right where the open zipper left the bikini panties in plain sight. The underwater punches caused however more carnal stimulation than real pain, and soon the two beauties found themselves panting with pleasure as they battled each other with boobs and fists.

A flash of lightning shone in the distance, followed by a searing thunder that announced that the storm was almost there. With the waves becoming higher, the situation got really dangerous, but for Letitia and Bobbi there was nothing more dangerous than the weakness they began to feel in their own bosoms. The titflesh trembled after each blow with a shakiness their proud glands had never shown before, the quaking breasts being slowly overpowered by sexual excitement.

“You’re not gonna defeat my tits!” Letitia cried as she and her rival hit their right boobs together, then the left ones, the heavy sound of flesh clashing echoing through the waves.

“I promise you I will do it!” Bobbi grunted as she threw herself forward, her left hand grasping fiercely one of the blonde’s fat breasts while her other hand tried again to get under Letitia’s panties. Her nemesis grabbed her cunt and her right tit in response, just her bikini panties and bra avoiding a total assault against her erogenous zones.

“Tramp!” Letitia gasped just before the beauties’ mouths locked each other in a hot kiss, lips against lips, tongue against tongue.

This new and close body-to-body conflict was interrupted almost before it started. A wave almost as high as the girls struck them suddenly, throwing the couple into a chaos of water where it was impossible to know what was up and what was down until, long seconds later, the girls found themselves lying on the sand of the beach under the rain.

The storm had finally arrived.

Chapter 6
Carnal Storm

For a moment, both beautiful girls felt disoriented. The dark sky, the wet sand and the rough sea seemed to be one and the same thing until the heads of the busty rivals stopped spinning. Bobbi then realized that both had ended up behind the rock formations at the end of the beach. It was impossible to get there walking and, with the storm, access by sea was obviously blocked, so the blonde’s pussy pounded heavily knowing the private arena in which she was with her nemesis in this final stage of their war of sexy bodies. Without inhibitions and without possible witnesses, there would be nothing to stop them from doing what they wanted with each other.

Standing up, Bobbi saw she’d lost her shorts—they were probably being dragged by the sea along with her tight T-shirt. Several feet from her, she saw her red-headed enemy getting rid of her own cutoff jeans before getting on her feet. In white bikini, the two beauties faced each other, visibly exhausted and horny under the rain.

“No one can see us here, bitch,” Bobbi said, “so if you want to take off something more than your shorts, go ahead.”

“You can’t wait one more second to see me naked in front of you, huh, lesbian whore?” Letitia replied. “What are you dying to see? My big tits or my fat cunt?”

“Shut the fuck up, ginger,” the blonde growled angrily. “We both know that sooner or later we’ll be out of clothes if we want to find out who’s sexier and bustier, so why don’t we stop beating around the bush and get on with it?”

Letitia didn’t answer with words, but with her gaze—a gaze that let the blonde know that her rival had accepted the inevitability of what was about to happen long before she even brought the topic up. Seconds later, the redhead simply nodded slightly, and Bobbi knew that the time of truth had finally come.

No one moved, however, as if the moment was too important to leave it behind in a hurry. They keep watching each other, waiting for the next move as the downpour fell on them, soaking their bikinis so much that they clung to their bodies like a second skin, the protuberances of nipples and labia visible against the cloth.

Letitia made the first move, an eternity later. Grabbing her white panties, she pulled them down, sliding them past her juicy thighs before letting them fall on the soaked sand. Bobbi wasted no time, and imitated her opponent, stripping her crotch in front of the solemn eyes of the redhead. As they had both felt with their own hands, the other pussy was as fleshy and succulent as the mouth that the hated rival had on her beautiful face and, as they had done with their lips, they couldn’t wait to bring them together in another kind of kiss. Under the light of the umpteenth lightning, their well-trimmed bushes glowed wet from more than just rain, but it wasn’t the only thing soaked: at the apex of their cunts, erect clits were starting to peek through the jungle of pubes as nukes coming out of the nuclear silo.

“Have you ever fucked with a woman before?” The question came out of Letitia’s throat with sincere curiosity.

“No, never,” Bobbi came clean. “What about you?”

“Not a single time,” the brunette answered.

“Good. So what if we see how we do our first time before moving on to the main event?” the blonde said with a quick glance at Letitia’s fat bosoms.

“Do you want some pussy to pussy action before I rip off that bra and beat your tits? Sounds perfect to me!”

“When I’m done with your cunt, your tits will be so soft they’ll be hardly a real challenge.”

“We’ll see who softens who first…” Letitia whispered, walking forward.

The beauties met each other near the shore, their breasts coming together again—somehow, their tits seemed bigger than ever, as if they were jealous that the competition had shifted to pussies and wanted to get in the way.

“Get your fucking tits out of my way so I can fuck your ugly pussy, bitch,” Bobbi grunted.

“Slut, it’s your tits on my way, so put them away and let me screw your dirty cunt,” Letitia replied.

Both pushed themselves forward a little more, crushing their large bosoms tighter together as their hands grabbed the other hips. Rain and wind were swirling around them, the wet sand sticking to their naked skins like an abrasive and protective armor that promised to turn any body friction into a mutual torture.

Tired of the duel of intense glances with the blonde, Letitia bumped first. The crotches came into bare contact for the first time, and a horny, chocked groan escaped from the throats of the two rivals.

“You whore,” Bobbi moaned, hitting back with her sex. Another double grunt, this time sharper, resounded on the beach.

“You cunt,” the redhead spat, she and her nemesis bringing their pussies back together.

For long minutes, the girls stood under the storm, moving their hips with slow, meticulous movements, squeezing their own ass muscles to deliver the most focused frictions. This had to be just an exploratory opening before the real sexual battle between cunts, but everything that had happened between the two beauties for more than an hour and a half immediately turned this sexual prologue into a real battle of carnal endurance. Bobbie and Letitia groaned and panted, sobbed and drowned out screams as they felt the fat private anatomy of the enemy against their own, friction after friction, bump after bump. As their pubes intertwined against each other tortuously, their clits hardened and extended enlarged, ready for their own battle of arousal stiffness.

And then the competing women stopped looking intently into each other’s eyes to close them and lock their mouths in a passionate French kiss, strong tongue against strong tongue. A few inches below, their tits were squeezed together under the bras, their hard nipples locked in battle through the soaked cloth.

This was really, really different from anything they had ever done before—not only because they were touching pussies with another woman for the first time in their lives, but because their sexualities were being tested in a way that would have been impossible to predict. Tremors of guilty pleasure ran through the bodies of the dueling beauties as they continued to drag their cunts together, the slow, heavy bumping contrasting with the fast, violent rain that fell on them.

“Bitch,” Bobbi groaned when she felt her tongue bitten by Letitia. She immediately took revenge by catching the redhead’s invading tongue with her teeth.

“Dirty slut,” Letitia moaned, her hard nipples seeking and finding the blonde’s through the bikinis. “I’m gonna eat you, bent you…fuck you.”

“You don’t have the tongue, the nipples or certainly the clit to do any of that.”

“Bring your little clit against mine and I’ll show you how wrong you are.”

Arching her pelvis, the blonde accepted the challenge, pushing her thick sexual weapon against the redhead’s pussy. It was easy to find Letitia’s long, fat clit, and both girls gasped excitedly as they felt their most sensitive parts make contact…

As if a starting gun was heard above the storm, a frantic, heavy bumping broke out between the female crotches. Instinctively, both beauties opened their legs, exposing more of their pussies as the erotic duel became violent. Clit against clit, Letitia and Bobbi rubbed and touched each other in mutual violation, their nails digging deep into each other’s hard ass.

“Your clit is as pathetic as your tits, ginger,” Bobbi grunted as she trembled against the shaky flesh of her rival.

“Your tits are weak, blondie, but your clit is even weaker,” Letitia spat out, heated gasps and thunders sounding together in the air.

One hundred minutes of thrilling body-to-body fighting finally took its toll: both beauties came rudely, viscously in a sudden double orgasm. With their hearts pumping harder, the women felt the rush of their climaxes running through their cunts and thighs, through their bellies and backs, until reaching their fat breasts—the titflesh shook like jelly, suddenly not so firm, suddenly not so hard, the weakness making its presence felt in the most incredible pair of bosoms in all of Florida.

Screaming, the girls pushed each other apart, separating their bodies under the storm. Rain and female juices ran down their thighs while, surprised by what had just happened, they looked defiantly at each other. When they’d had sex with a man, they’d never climaxed so soon, but everything about this astonishing nemesis broke every previous rule.

“Not bad, bitch,” Letitia said. “But we both know this was just a warm-up before the main event.”

“When you say main event you mean my naked tits crushing your naked tits, don’t you, slut?” Bobbi replied.

“To even try that you’d have to take off that bikini bra first,” the redhead stated, “and I don’t think you have the courage to do it now that your titties must be so soft that I’m sure they’re sagging pathetically on your chest.”

“Your ugly tits are the only weak and soft ones here now that I’ve forced your pussy to come,” the blonde groaned.

“Keep dreaming, whore. Fuck you and your saggy tits.”

“Saggy tits, my ass.”

Determined to prove her enemy how wrong she was, Bobbi slowly reached behind her back, looking for her bra clasp. Several steps away from her, Letitia bit her lower lip—this was it, the moment both busty beauties were really looking forward to, the moment with which this long fight really should have begun. No more secrets hidden behind tight, small nylon cups and bragging rights based on years of conquest and alpha woman status. The truth was about to be known, and only a few pounds of sexy flesh would decide which of the two fighting women was really right.

Letitia could almost swear she heard the ‘click’ of Bobbi’s bra clasp being opened. In front of her, she saw the blonde’s bikini cups pulling forward slightly, loosen a little, but remain attached, sticky with sweat. The redhead couldn’t help but whimper, the impatience growing inside as the white nylon was slowly peeled away from her rival’s sexy skin. She was so caught up in the blonde’s show that she didn’t even notice that the storm was easing, moving inland as it left behind a gentle drizzle and an overcast sky.

Bobbi’s hands finally pulled down the shoulder straps, and her amazing set of breasts spilled forward into Letitia’s privileged sight. The girl couldn’t help but involuntarily exhale a little gasp, the other young woman’s plump boobs settling firmly on her chest with no sagging at all, pointing straight ahead with the impertinence born of pride and vanity. The blonde’s weapons looked bigger than she had expected and, if they were weak after the orgasm she had obtained from Bobbi, they certainly didn’t show it. Under her own bikini, Letitia felt her pair gently throbbing, her flesh undeniably softer than usual, and a momentary wave of uncertainty struck her: what if she was the only one of the two rivals whose pair had gone soft? Looking at the blonde’s round, pale bosoms, she worried about how strong and dense they looked, and about how she could confront them with her own sapped big tits.

“Like what you see, you bitch?” Bobbi said with an arrogant smile on her beautiful face, her green eyes shining under a ray of sunshine that escaped from the black clouds of the sky. Soft drops of rain fell on her naked breasts, the contrast between the whiteness of her boobs and the soft tan of the rest of her body making her rounded assets stand out even more. “Having a change of heart about how this is gonna end, right?” Staring boldly at Letitia, the blonde purposefully played off her foe’s reaction by lewdly rubbing her hands all over the broad expanse of her huge nude breasts.

That was Bobbi’s mistake. Letitia’s attentive eyes saw how the titflesh responded to the sensual groping, and she noticed that the blonde’s breast was softer than it looked—not much, but enough to calm Letitia’s doubts.

“It’s hard to change my heart when I can see how soft your tits are now,” the redhead mocked. “Has the orgasm I got out of your dirty cunt made you that weak, girl?”

“You filthy tramp.” Bobbi moved her hands to her pink nipples, starting to pinch and caress them. “Do these look weak to you?”

“Yes, they look weak too,” Letitia lied, watching the incredible size of her enemy’s nipples with ill-concealed envy. She had known they would be big because of the way she had felt them against her own tits, and between her cruel fingers, but feeling them through a bikini bra and seeing them fully exposed were two entirely different things. Long, thick and swollen to rock-hard firmness, Letitia has never seen two more ominous-looking nipples in her life—except for her own.

“If my tits and nipples are so weak, then why your little boobies are afraid to come out and face my big bruisers without protection?” Bobbi grunted, sticking out her proud, liberated tits, shaking them challengingly toward the other buxom woman.

Letitia’s face flushed with anger at the taunt. She wasn’t going to let that golden-haired whore insult her greatest pride without consequences, so she moved her hands back and, with slightly trembling fingers, untied her bikini top.

“I don’t see anything to be afraid of, bitch,” the redhead said as she pulled her bra to unglue the white nylon from her sweaty big tits. Naked for the first time in front of her rival’s, the fat orbs swayed a little—no more than Bobbi’s breasts did, but neither less—before settling on Letitia’s chest with arrogance.

Bobbi’s heart dropped like an elevator in freefall as soon as she saw the redhead’s bosoms unleashed. Despite what she had felt during the whole fight against her own boobs, between her own fingers, she had been sure that in the end she would prove that her tits were the firmest and biggest on this beach. She had seen doubt and maybe even fear in Letitia’s green eyes once she had gotten rid of her bra, but now it was those same feelings that flooded her own gaze as she examined the pair her nemesis brought to this interminable struggle of breasts.

“Your bruisers are gonna end up black and blue after they tangle with my twin killers,” Letitia snarled at Bobbi, responding to the taunt the blonde had thrown at her a minute earlier.

“Bullshit.” That was all Bobbi could mumble nervously at the time. Perfectly full and round, like a pair of oversized pale bowling balls, Letitia’s huge jugs looked incredibly lethal to the blonde’s eyes, so firm and dangerous that she seriously thought whether all the work she had done against them for more than an hour and a half had been for nothing—any advantage over the redhead which she was counting on by the time they both faced each other with their naked tits had immediately disappeared.

“Cat got your tongue, girl?” Letitia smiled back at Bobbi with the same wicked leer that the blonde had given her moments ago. The redhead opened her arms, showing off her spectacular rack to her nemesis as the clouds kept opening to make way for a lustful sun that kept shining on the naked female bodies. “What do you think of these?” Letitia asked, the last raindrops of the sudden and short storm rained down on her tits. “You really think yours has any chance against them?”

“I’d be more impressed if you touched them to see if they’re as firm as they look,” Bobbi spat out, clutching at the only hope she had left. To her surprise, Letitia’s eyes glowed for a second with what seemed like hesitation—had her desperate shot hit the mark?

“You slut…” The red-headed beauty slowly raised her hands, bringing them over her magnificent set of breasts. Monitored by Bobbi’s green eyes, Letitia started to cup and rub her massive pair. Her titflesh revealed itself vigorous, heavy, almost indomitable under her fingers…but not as hard as it should be—there was a certain malleability there that made Bobbi master her doubts.

“Oh, damn,” the blonde exclaimed. “It seems that the tits of a certain smug redhead are not as all-powerful as she thinks.”

“I could say the same thing about yours, you fucking slut,” Letitia replied. “We’re both softer now, but mine are still the best here. And besides…” Bringing her fingers over her impressive pink nipples, she gently pinched them, “…these things are harder than ever before, unfortunately for you.”

“Mine are as stiff as iron, you cunt,” Bobbi grunted, touching her own pair. “And ready for action…” Despite her confident words, her eyes couldn’t help but glow with envy at the sight of Letitia’s nipples, the other incredibly wicked-looking spikes of flesh standing in the center of Letitia’s boobs like prominent, fully excited trophies.

Taking a step forward, each woman took her hands off her boobs, placing them on her hips and presenting her credentials for the final battle before her hated archenemy. Both saw how closely matched their two pair of tits really were: virtually identical in size, weight and shape, they stood at the same height on the torsos of the girls, and showed the same distance between nipples—nipples equally pink and thick, surrounded by equally large areolas. It was undeniable that the coming titfight promised to be disputed on equal terms, which only made Bobbi and Letitia much more determined to beat down the other super-bosomy beauty.

“It’s time for the last round, you cunt,” Letitia broke the silence. “Naked body to naked body.”

“The gloves are now off, bitch,” Bobbi replied. “We’re going at it bare-knuckle…or should I say bare-nipple?”

“Now it just your pride and joys against my pride and joys.” The redhead took a challenging step forward. “And no clothing barriers between us.”

“I’m gonna beat yours badly,” the blonde warned, approaching her enemy, “so that you would never ever dare to think about coming back my beach.”

“You don’t have the jugs for that, you sow,” Letitia grunted.

The mood at the beach had turned deadly serious under the sun. The stakes had become dangerously high for the two incredibly competitive young women, since total breast supremacy was now on the line. Pushing all doubts from their minds and reinforcing their supreme faith that each of them had in her strong big boobs, the busty beauties started walking towards each other. The thought of losing to anyone, even this massive-chested bitch, was just simply not an option—nobody was going to back down now…

Chapter 7
The Answer

As the huge breasts crossed the air to smash into each other without hesitation, the two rivals felt the weight of inevitability on their shoulders. Since they had met on this beach, nothing could have prevented them from reaching this final naked duel, nothing could have prevented their proud tits from being freed from their clothes and put to the test against each other. It was fate, though none of them believed in such things.

Their breasts finally clashed flesh to flesh, and the long confrontation finally reached its last phase. The naked contact was electrifying, thrilling, but above all very painful as their immense pairs collided together with such ferocity that made their earlier attacks seem like just playfighting. There was no mercy on the sand as the vicious tit-brawl continued with a quick, desperate exchange of blows, the two nude girls swinging their boobs at each other with a frightening passion.

“Busty bitch!” both women howled in unison, their big tits slapping against each other in their natural state, unimpeded and unprotected, weakened after blows, frictions and orgasms, but still dangerous. Grunts, groans and intensely labored breathing accompanied the frenzied collisions, thwacks, plops and splats also resonating under the sun from the enraged contact of sweaty flesh against sweaty flesh.

“Give up, you stupid troublemaker!” Letitia asked, striking a vigorous frontal blow against the blonde’s sexy bosoms.

“You give up, fucking intruder!” Bobbi swung her tits to smash them toughly into the redhead’s pair.

The two enraged young girls sent a hail of blistering thumps against each other’s colossal boobs with their hard breasts for many incredible minutes, attacking from all possible angles, in every way they could, back and forth, up and down, right and left, each bent on destroying the other’s most prized possessions with her own impressive assets, striving desperately to defeat and humiliate the other’s huge proud endowments. But, as much as they tried, as much as they could now inflict maximum damage on each other in their topless state, the other beauty didn’t surrender.

Another problem soon arose: without the support of bikini bras carrying the load, the increased burden of holding, lifting and swinging the heavyweight breasts was starting to wear both women down. Even worst, the voluminous flesh of their unleashed weapons were already completely covered by rivers of sweat, making them so slippery that Letitia and Bobbi found it increasingly difficult to control their weight after each impact. All of this caused the assaults on each other’s racks to slow down, until the mutual slapping degenerated into something more like a grinding motion.

“You slut,” the redhead whispered, forcing her big bosoms against Bobbi’s to drag them across the opposing breasts.

“You cunt,” the blonde replied as she accepted the change in tactics and maintained full heavy contact against Letitia’s flesh.

There wasn’t much more trash talking for the next few minutes of battle, every beauty trying to crush and distort the other girl’s tits as much as they could, their flesh masses rubbing together with insistent, agonizing pressure. For the first time, their naked nipples could really fight, with nothing standing in their way. Like little daggers, they dug into each other’s increasingly tender breastflesh, poking so harshly that both rivals seriously thought that at any moment their tits would start to bleed.

In a moment of the torrid contest, Letitia’s right breast dragged itself from bottom to top across Bobbi’s left boob, but the redhead had the bad luck to have her fat gland slip then into the canyon between the blonde’s huge tits. Bobbi quickly saw her opportunity and, looking to take advantage of it, she grabbed the sides of her own bosoms to press them together. In front of her, Letitia exhaled a short moan of pain, her aggressive boob trapped tightly in the flesh that she hated so much.

“That’s it, bitch. Feel me…” Bobbi smiled as she squeezed her boobs inward to apply more and more pressure on the imprisoned tit, her big orbs trying to crush Letitia’s fat weapon in a vice-like grip.

“Stuck-up whore…” the redhead cursed as she felt momentarily overwhelmed. Clenching her teeth, she retaliated by forcing her right hand in between her right breast and Bobbi’s left one, and placing her left hand on the outside of her unhindered left boob. Pressing her own tits together, Letitia took her own captive: Bobbi’s right breast. “You feel me!”

“Fucking cunt!” Now it was the blonde’s turn to moan while her redheaded nemesis hugged painfully her boob.

Bobbi didn’t give up, and neither did Letitia: both beautiful women kept pressing their tits together and squeezing each other, each trying to overpower the tough antagonist with the strength of their hot boobs. It was two, maybe three minutes of moaning and panting, of excruciating pain and boobs getting softer and softer as they were trying to make the other gland explode—minutes that served as another test in the ongoing personal competition between redhead and blonde, minutes that served as a new measure of who had the biggest, firmest set of breasts.

“Are you ready to give up?” Bobbi asked, her trapped bosom throbbing in pain.

“Why would I give up?” Letitia spat out with pride despite the suffering she felt in her captured breast. “I’m the one who’s winning.”

“Bullshit!” the blonde groaned. “You fucking tit is about to explode.”

“It’s your ugly tit that’s in danger!” the redhead replied. “You’re getting soft so fast that soon your boobs will be mine.”

“Mine can stand firm all day and all night, bitch!”

“Mine will stay firm long after yours goes weak, slut!”

Despite the bravado, just ten seconds later neither of the girls could take the pain any longer. With a double grunt of frustration, they freed their breasts to, again on equal terms, push both bruised pairs together, nipple to nipple. The cruel rubbing duel returned, this time with the four best tits in Florida almost worn out.

The resolution was close, so the beauties decided to bet it all. They were gradually bringing more and more of their bodies together, belly against belly, thighs against thighs, their arms wrapping the other body, their hands grabbing the other ass. No one knew who kissed first, but redhead and blonde suddenly found themselves also tongue to tongue, their full lips locked and their lovely eyes closed. Every inch of skin got all bristly, every ounce of flesh trembled with pleasure and weakness.

And then, again, the girls crossed swords. Moaning against the other mouth, the enemies felt their twin clits come into contact, tangling and scratching against each other. It was the second time their thick genital weapons found each other, but somehow this time the touch went much further—beyond fire, beyond electricity. All the nerve endings in their heated cunts and large breasts came alive as the clits challenged each other, the threat of a second, devastating orgasm falling heavily on the two girls.

“You bitch,” Letitia gasped, biting Bobbi’s fleshy lips, her pelvis trembling as she instinctively pushed her pussy forward and matched the sex spear of her nemesis with her own spike.

“You whore,” the blonde grunted as she penetrated the redhead’s mouth with her hungry tongue and returned every lick of her foe’s clitoris with hers.

Incredibly for two women so proud of their tits, they both ignored them for a few seconds, focusing all their attention on their warring pussies. Length to length, the clits dragged across each other, each trying to bend the other’s down, the orgasmic sensations throbbing roughly, almost painfully in the depths of their vaginas.

“This time you’ll come first.” The words came out of Bobbi’s throat without her being able to stop them. But, feeling the insistent clit of the redhead against hers, she didn’t regret spitting them out.

“Not if I fuck your clit first,” Letitia said. “That’ll show you who’s more of a woman here.”

“You can’t fuck a clit bigger than yours, you stupid ginger!”

“My clit is bigger than yours, dumb blonde, just like my tits are bigger than yours!”

“You delusional cunt!” Bobbi’s blood started to boil. “Your fucking tits and your fucking clit don’t stand a chance against mine! I’m bigger!”

“You’re the one who’s delusional, you fucking tramp!” the redhead almost screamed. “I’m definitely bigger than yours, whether we’re comparing tits or clits!”

Like a flash of lightning, a flicker of hate and determination crossed Bobbi’s eyes. Her hips accelerated the tempo, her clit crashing again and again against Letitia’s clit.

“Why don’t we just settle this then?” she asked. “Now we’re naked, so we can check fair and square who’s actually bigger at the top and the bottom.”

“That’s what we’re fighting for, isn’t it?” Letitia matched the rhythm of her nemesis’ pelvis, blow by blow, friction by friction. “We both need to know who’s bigger…”

“Then match your tits to mine head to head, and let’s see it,” Bobbi said. “And don’t stop bringing your clit against mine until I show you that yours is much smaller and weaker.”

“You silly cunt,” the redhead repositioned her chest against the blonde’s pair, making sure both racks were perfectly matched. “My big babies are gonna swamp your little weaklings…and my long spear is gonna break yours.”

“You’re gonna come on my clit, and your tits are gonna deflate against mine, you dirty slut.”

“After I fuck your pussy and tits, I’m gonna go over to your neighborhood and tell everyone how weak and pathetic you really are.”

“I’ll be the one who fucks you from top to bottom,” Bobbi exclaimed, she and her opponent crushing their clits together with passion. “Then I’ll take your car and make sure all your friends know what I did to you.”

“That will never happen!” Letitia had enough, and started to push forward with her boobs. Half a second later, Bobbi did the same thing.

What happened then was strange to see, with two duels taking place in completely different form and rhythm but, at the same time, being part of the same whole. At the bottom, asses and hips were shaking chaotically, pushing the rival clits together over and over again in desperate, fierce struggle; at the top, however, everything was happening slowly, the mirror-image tits compressing together into a duel of size that would destroy the ego of one of the young women.

Feeling their pussies on the verge of orgasm, the beauties gazed down, and her green eyes become glued to the sight of their large boobs forcing themselves into each other. No one of them would have thought it possible to see a spectacle like this, two incredibly similar and powerful pairs of breasts locked in a fleshy competition whose ultimate goal was to figure out which bustline outweighed the other. Letitia and Bobbi found themselves wishing that they had started with this, that they had fought this way when their tits were in their prime—now they could watch their own bosoms soften against the other woman’s pair, the punishment of two hours of breast battle taking its toll. Still, the firmness of youth was still there, and the tits managed to crush each other in agony until, running out of physical space to go to, they began to pancake against each other, spilling out at the sides.

“It’s time, bitch,” Letitia moaned, seeing her big boobs matching up with the blonde’s fat breasts inch by inch.

“Yes, the time has come.” Bobbi sneered at the redhead. “My champs are finally gonna swallow up your little tits and spit them out.”

Both girls left the other hard butt and, lifting up their arms, intertwine them around each other’s neck and shoulders, each right arm overlapping the opponent’s left. Closing the last bit of space between their torsos, their cleavages shrank to almost nothing as their breasts kept flattening together, still perfectly paired and without a single ounce of flesh overtaking the other mass of tit. Down below, their clit had stopped their mutual laceration, getting stuck tip to tip, close to the breaking point, in imitation of the nipple encounter that was happening above—somehow, it was as if they were holding their breath before the imminent answer to the most important question.

“You know I’m gonna win, slut,” Letitia boasted, turning her head to calmly whisper into the blonde’s ear. “Just face it.”

“Give up now.” Bobbi replied against the redhead’s ear. “There’s no way you can match up to me, you bitch.”

“You nasty blonde, quit now and you’ll save yourself the humiliation.”

“Fucking ginger, if you were smart you’d be the one quitting now.”

“You fucking know mine are gonna be bigger!” Letitia responded with a temper that was increasingly hard to control.

“Prove it to me, sow!” Bobbi was sick of her enemy and the air of supreme confidence in her voice. Feeling in her bones that there was no way she could lose when it came to a size contest like this, she pressed a little harder with her breasts and clit.

“You stupid bitch…” the redhead grunted as both girls responded to the mutual taunts by pulling each other tighter together, forcing their amazing boobs to balloon out even more.

“You’re the dumb slut here…” the blonde returned the insult, sweating in the morning sun.

The next thirty, forty seconds were the longest, most desperate, most agonizing and most important of Bobbi Miller’s and Letitia Corwin’s lives. Feeling their own proud sacks of warm flesh spreading out evenly against the pair of the other young busty beauty, they kept bringing every single inch of titflesh in line, increasing the pressure until, finally, they have plastered every last bit of the rival’s total breast area with their own.

Florida’s most impressive boobs were now completely pancaked together, total volume against total volume, in a way that no one who had seen such wonders of nature would have believed possible. Nipple to nipple, and stretched to their very limits, the tits have reached the final showdown. Feeling their clits throb against each other, Letitia and Bobbi knew that they were just a couple of seconds away from finding out the answer to the burning, crucial question…

In this ultimate comparison between buxom goddesses, a slight edge finally appeared. To the human eye, it was impossible to see, and even with a tape measure it would be difficult to gauge, but both women knew their own tits so well that it didn’t take them long to realize that, as their pairs shifted and strained against each other, one set of breasts was just barely managing to overlap the enemy’s. Won by only the slightest, smallest margin imaginable, the larger pair being a mere fraction wider around the edges, it was hard to say if, in this case, there was any difference between a victory and a draw but, for both arrogant busty girls, a thousandth of an inch was as good as several inches of difference. It was enough, and it was a victory. And they both knew it.

The winning woman pushed her full lips against the loser’s ear, her exultant, heated breath could hardly be contained enough for the words to come clear from her throat.

“I guess now we know who is bigger,” she whispered with quiet, malicious triumph, emphasizing her point by thrusting her breasts and clit forward.

The defeated woman howled, all her defenses falling apart abruptly, the whole entire being of this big-busted beauty shook to the core by the realization she has actually been beaten in the one and only area she had never thought she would ever even be challenged in—much less surpassed. The victorious pressure against her nipples and clits was enough to force her beyond a chain of devastating orgasms, her pussy exploding all wet against the dominant pussy, her nipples for the first time in her life squirting milk against the conquering nipples. Her proud bosoms immediately softened, squeezed by the powerful weight of the other pair and, before she knew it, she was on the sand, knocked down and humiliated, her nemesis on top of her defeated young body. Closing her beautiful green eyes, the embarrassed girl felt the tears running down her red cheeks.

“I told you this would happen, bitch.” The other woman’s conceited voice was accompanied by her warm skin, her young flesh. The winner took her prey on the beach, forcing passionately her tits and cunt against the defeated beauty’s assets until, seconds later, she came victoriously against her beaten rival.

“You fucking slut…” the sobbing girl gasped. “This isn’t over. I’ll find you, and then we’ll really finish this…”

“Whenever you want, wherever you want, however you want,” the other beauty whispered. Rising up on her feet, she licked her sexy lips, her tits— the best pair in Florida—shining in the hot sun. “Now that this is my beach, I’m sure we’ll see each other more often, you blonde loser…”

With the breast supremacy settled, Letitia Corwin grabbed her small bikini and, with a last look of contempt at Bobbi Miller, she walked away, already thinking about her next visit to this beautiful beach of white sand and small coves.

The End.

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