Daughter Daughter Mother Daughter Mother Daughter Mother Mother by A. Penman


Carol Johnson stepped out of the shower, after almost ten minutes of luxuriating in lush lather and stinging hot water that always managed to excite every nerve ending in her voluptuous, forty-one year old body. Her daily morning shower ritual had become an exercise in self indulgence in recent months. And why not? Now almost a full year out from her divorce and with no immediate prospects of getting laid, and no knight in shining armor forthcoming to sweep her off her feet, for the time being, her only recourse was her own probing fingers and the “neck” massager in the top drawer of her nightstand.

Now standing naked in front of her full length bedroom mirror, her eyes appraised her voluptuous MILF body. She wasn’t entirely thrilled by the additional five pounds, (or was it ten) she had recently acquired, but she did enjoy the extra fullness those pounds added to her already large breasts. She admired her womanly hips and prided herself in her “bounce a quarter off of it” flat stomach. Still, a slight frown was followed by the words, “OK, so maybe I should start jogging again.”

Then, a devilish grin from the hot bitch in the mirror was followed by the comment, “But seriously, girl, when is this slammin’ body going to see some skin on skin action again?”

***Fifteen minutes later, downstairs in the kitchen…

“Good morning, gorgeous!” Emily Johnson chirped. It was how she greeted her mom every so often when Carol was looking especially good.

“Oh, you…” Carol slightly blushed.

And then mother and daughter exchanged their routine peck on the cheek, then the other cheek kisses, which they always finished off with a firm lips to lips smooch. Don’t get the wrong idea. There was nothing even remotely incestuous going on. Carol dearly loved her precocious, beautiful young daughter. As far as Carol was concerned, lips to lips between mother and daughter did not qualify as unusual.

Emily was twenty years old and in college with an undecided major. Her daughter was charming, bright and had a body that was as voluptuous as hers, albeit twenty years younger. Emily dearly loved her mom. When the divorce was finalized, there was no hesitation over who she chose to be with. Carol was always there for her daughter; always warm, loving and understanding. Unlike the asshole who she watched abuse her mom for what seemed like most of her life. She even detested having to acknowledge he was her father. But he was out of their lives now and, thankfully, didn’t seem to care about keeping in contact with them. As long as the check shows up every month, then good riddance to bad rubbish, Emily thought.

The two shared coffee and a light breakfast, giggling and girl gabbing. It was an ideal mother daughter relationship.

“What’s on your plate today?” Carol asked.
“I’m off to meet Angie at the health club for a workout.”
“Then what,” Carol paused, “…if I’m not prying.”
“Oh, mom, you never pry. After we shower and dress, we plan to hike along the riverfront.”
“Oh, that sounds lovely!”
“You should join us.”
“I will sometime, but today, work beckons.”
“I’m going to hold you to that, dear mother. I’ve been wanting to get you out on a brisk, calorie burning jog.”
“And why is that?”
“Because I’m tired of listening to you gripe about the five pounds you’ve gained…or is it ten?”
Carol laughed. “You know Em, I was just standing in front of my bedroom mirror thinking that those few extra pounds have added a bit of fullness to my boobs.”
“Damn mom! Your boobs don’t need anymore fullness. They’re big enough already.” Emily teased. She stood up, preparing to leave.

“You know, young lady, it’s a good thing your my daughter, or I’d…”

Emily leaned down and gave Carol a soft kiss on the cheek. “You’re right mom, I am lucky to be your daughter. OK, I’ve have to run. Angie’s probably nervously pacing right about now.”
“Angie is a sweet girl.” Carol observed.
“She’s my best friend. We’re very close.”

Carol smiled and shook her head. “Have a wonderful day honey…love you.”
“Love you too, Carol. Bye!”

Emily picked up her gym bag and headed out the front door. Carol Johnson smiled inwardly and thought to herself, “You’re the one good thing that came from my disaster of a marriage, Emily.”


The front door of the residence of Florence Evans opened slowly. Angela Evans glared at her friend, Emily Johnson.

“Are you familiar with the concept of punctuality?…I’m Just curious.” Angie chided.
“No, I’m not. Is that some new trend?” Emily snapped back. She entered and set down her gear. The door closed hard. The two twenty year olds stared silently at each other, then Emily made a move to Angela. The brunette put her hand out in a stop gesture.

“No; not here…downstairs, in the exercise room.”
“Hm…so that’s how it’s gonna be.”
“Yeah, that’s how it’s gonna be, miss tardiness.”
“Lead the way, bitch.”

The two young women stood on the mat, hands on hips and facing each other. Their chests were heaving. Another in a long series of their private showdowns was at hand.


Angela Evans lunged hard at her BFF Emily Johnson and the two young women went tumbling to the mat. Angie quickly subdued Emily in a full body press, pinning her outstretched arms above her head and squashing her massive, naked breasts into the equally hefty bosoms of her best friend and sexual rival.

“You KNOW how I hate to be kept waiting, especially when we’re planning a fuck wrestle!”
“Oh, I know…but you ALWAYS want to fuck wrestle with me.” Emily noted.
“Is there anything wrong with that?”
“Of course not,” Emily then rolled her hips and took the top position, “bitch!”

They began their vigorous, sexy roll and slam battle, quickly becoming covered in sweat, which triggered the excretion of sex juices as their naked pussies slowly worked their way toward each other. Angie grunted in lascivious delight as her smooth vulva responded to the challenge of Emily’s swollen pussy.

Months ago both girls had agreed that, if these clashes were to be a regular part of their friendship, they wanted to feel maximum flesh on flesh intimacy. Once the pubic hair had been removed, the two girls became emboldened and began to experiment with a number of various lubricating agents, from baby oil to body lotion to butter. While the butter didn’t do much to enhance their pussy grinding, it sure made their pussy licking a tasty treat.

“Ugh! You whore!”
“Cunt fight me, slut.”
“You are SO on!”

The small downstairs exercise room became silent except for the moans and noises of two young, firm bodied, sexually locked women. It was modestly equipped with weights, a treadmill and a rowing machine for aerobics and one of those sit up machines to help maintain their tight abdominal muscles. But with all of its mats, the workout room had become the arena for the erotic sexual confrontations between the two young girls whenever Florence Evans was at work or, even better, out of town. Eventually they dropped their memberships at Planet Muscle because the management did not consider fuck wrestling a legitimate workout routine.

The rapport that young Angela Evans had with her mom was as loving and caring as was Emily’s relationship with her mom. Nearby neighbors and schoolmates since senior year in high school, it was an easy friendship to nurture. They shared many common interests such as music and literature, and they both frequently expressed their admiration for each other’s physical attributes. But it was the showers, those highly sensual post workout showers at Planet Muscle health club where the long, lingering glances suggested to both girls that something much deeper could be bubbling just beneath the surface of their still platonic friendship. It was there that Emily and Angela began to envision a meeting of their voluptuous bodies. Eventually they came to agree that there was absolutely no reason why regular physical encounters should not be a part of their blossoming relationship.

It began innocently enough. The kiss…then the even hotter kiss. Next they moved to bra and panty kisses with slobbering tongues. Finally, the next logical progression was fully naked kissing with their firm youthful bodies pressed fully together. Then, pussies sought each other for the purpose of rubbing and grinding and sloshing and fucking…and things exploded from there. They would meet regularly for what was first called “girl wrestling.”

But one day, Angie felt the need to make a rather obvious observation.

“Why don’t we just call this what it is…fucking?”
“No, we’re wrestling. OK, and fucking…and wrestling.” Emily teased.
“Well, then let’s call it fuck wrestling.”
“I like it! We’ll meet on a regular basis to fuck wrestle with each other. It’ll be great exercise! Think of all the calories we’ll burn!”
Both girls giggled.

But today’s sexy encounter seemed different. A satiated Emily stretched out on top of Angie, her breasts still fully mated to Angie’s, their tummies moving synchronously in the respiratory patterns of post coital bliss. Yet, Angie knew something was off. She gave Em a friendly slap on the butt.

“What?” Asked a startled Emily.
“Spill it.”
“Spill what?”
“Whatever it is that’s bothering you.”
“Nothing is bothering me, Angela,” Emily snapped. “so mind your own damn business!”

Emily suddenly felt her body being rolled aggressively as Angie pressed down on her and looked her directly in the eyes. It kind of excited her.

“Listen, you…we are best friends, lovers and sexual rivals. That’s about as close as two women can be. If I’ve got a problem, I share it with you. When something’s bothering you, I expect you to share it with me…that’s the deal. Understand?”

Emily sighed and nodded understandingly.

“Whenever you’re ready.”
“Oh…I don’t know if I should be starting this, but I’m worried about her.”
“About who?”
Emily bit her lower lip, then opened up. “I’m worried about my mom.”
Angie’s eyes perked up in recognition. “Is she OK? Is she sick?”
“Oh no, nothing like that!” Emily was quick to reassure. “It’s just that, well, I think she’s lonely.”
“What makes you think that?” Angie asked, again feeling a familiarity with Emily’s plight.
“Well, sometimes at night I can hear her crying in her room.”
“Hmm…that’s worrisome, and more than just a bit familiar…go on. What makes you think that she’s lonely?”
“Well, for one thing, she’s taking much longer showers these days.”
“So what? Lots of women take long showers.”
“And…she’s using her ‘neck massager’ quite a bit at night. She thinks I can’t hear her.”

Angie burst out laughing.

“I’m sorry, Em. My mom has one of those ‘neck massagers’ too.”

Now, Emily burst out laughing.

“I’ve heard those things are really good for soothing sore neck muscles.” Angie teased.
“Not to mention the convenient penis shape makes it easy to get to those ‘hard to reach’ areas of a woman’s body.”

The two girls now laughed hysterically. But then it got serious again.

“I’m sorry Emily. I didn’t mean to make fun.”
“It was rather funny. Still, I love Carol and I’m worried for her. I want her to be happy. Goodness knows, she spent so many of her prime years in misery, married to that asshole I’m supposed to call my father.”
“I know what you mean. My dad was never abusive, physically, but he treated my mom like it was the fucking 1950s. When she finally did speak up for herself, he called her a feminist slut and, within a couple of weeks, he handed her divorce papers.”
“What a jerk!”
“Oh yes, but it was the best thing he ever did for her.”
“Angie, can I ask a rather personal question?”
“Of course.”
“Has it been a while for your mom?”
“You mean…”
“Oh, gosh…they’ve been divorced for a little over a year so…”
“It’s been about the same time for my mom, too. I wish there was some way to help her.”
“I wouldn’t worry, Em. Your mom is a stone cold MILF!”
“Hey, bitch…that’s my mom you’re talking about.”
“Sorry, but she is! I’m surprised men aren’t beating down your door to get to her.”
“Well then, I should say that your mom is a stone cold babe too.”
“I know she is…HEY! Have you been checking out my mom, you slut?”
“Oh hell yes! Your mom has an amazing body!”
“So does your mom.”
“I know.”

Angie looked at Emily curiously. “Do you really want to help your hot mom?”
“What’s going on in that evil mind of yours?”
“Pure genius…pure evil. Shall we hatch a plan together?” Angie pushed away from Emily and sat up. She spread her legs and stroked her pussy. Emily sat up, scissored their legs and met her, cunt to cunt.

“Ah, yes, sweet Emily. I think so much better when we’re pussy to pussy.”

It took two solid hours of labia locked, clit grinding brainstorming, but the two young daughters eventually concocted a plan to bring some much needed joy into the lives of their beloved mothers.

And it was a delightfully devious plan…

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Carol Johnson looked across the kitchen table at the young girl. Her jet black hair framed dark brown eyes, high cheekbones, a narrow nose and full, sensuous lips. She was an unexpected, though welcomed morning visitor. She was beautiful, sexy and she was her daughter’s best friend. And Angela was wearing a tight fitting, mint green u-neck top, showing an inordinate amount of her youthful cleavage which made it hard for Carol to concentrate.

Explaining how she had been wanting to get to know her best friend’s mother, Angela reached across the table and gently caressed Carol’s hand. The touch of the young girl’s silken flesh on hers gave Carol an unexpected thrill. She gasped slightly. Angie noticed, smiled inwardly, then released her hand.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Johnson…I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”
“That’s OK dear, you kind of caught me off guard. Besides, I don’t get touched much these days.”

OOPS! Carol knew instantly that she shouldn’t have said that. It was not the kind of information a mother shares with her daughter’s friend.

“Gosh, now I feel a little uncomfortable.” Angie feigned shyness.

Carol impulsively reached across the table and took the young girl’s hand firmly into hers. She gave it a loving, motherly squeeze.

“That’s OK, and by the way, call me Carol. There’s no need for formality here.”
“OK, Carol.”
“So,” she released the young girl’s hand, “what brings you here today? And do you prefer Angela or Angie?”
“Either is fine. And I came by to see how you are doing while your here alone for a few days.”
“Did my daughter put you up to this?”
“Your daughter loves you very much, Carol. And yes, she did. So, here I am. Besides, she talks about you so much I decided I should get to know you.”
“What a splendid idea!”
“May I tease you a bit, Carol?” Angie didn’t wait for a response. “Em said that you’re beautiful, but she didn’t tell me that you’re a stone cold babe.”

Carol responded with an odd look, and then a blush. “You flatterer!”
“Well, it’s true!”

The room became silent. Forty-one year old Carol Johnson looked deep into Angela’s eyes. The young girl returned the deep eye contact with a confidence far exceeding her age. It felt odd to Carol, and yet, oddly thrilling. She suddenly felt the need to get away from this young woman. This little “get acquainted” encounter was beginning to stir unexpected feelings inside her. Just the sight of her large and clearly braless tits pushing out over her u-top, the way the toothsome young thing was looking at her as if she was undressing her, the honeyed words coming from her luscious lips…It was getting to be too much.

“Well, Angela,” Carol said, rising to her feet, “I don’t wish to be rude, but I have errands to run today. But I must take a shower before I get going.”
“Oh, I guess I should leave.”
“There’s no need to rush…finish your coffee. But do me a favor and lock the front door when you leave.”
“Sure thing, Carol.”

Angie then stood up, moved to Carol and gathered her into a tight, breast crushing embrace. Carol’s eyes rolled as her own full, braless breasts met and mashed with the twenty year old woman’s spectacular set off tits in a mountainous collision that seemed more of an overture. Wrapping her arms around Angela’s back, an anxious Carol politely returned the embrace, trying to keep it as generic as possible. But it was difficult for her to remain neutral as the young woman’s large breasts seemed intent on mating with her tits. Her head swooned at the feel of Angie’s protuberant nipples digging into her bulging, sensitive tit flesh. It was embarrassing to note that her nipples had hardened in response, yet thrilling to know they were still capable of responding to such delightful stimuli. When the embrace broke off, the young woman spoke in cheerful tones.

“Thank you for the coffee, Carol. It was good to finally spend time with you, even if it was just for a few minutes.”
“You too, Angela, don’t be a stranger. Gotta get moving.”
“As soon as I finish my coffee, I’ll be on my way.”

Carol smiled, then turned and dashed upstairs. Sitting down to enjoy the last sips of her coffee, Angie heard a voice from somewhere in the distance.

“Don’t forget to lock the door.”

The first few seconds of shower water that came crashing down on Carol’s head, shoulders and chest was, by design, freezing cold. She needed to do something to clear the image of the young temptress’s full cleavage that damn near poured out of the tight top she was wearing. She needed to do something to suppress the recollection of their braless breasts mashing together in that incredible embrace and the shameless response of her nipples to the highly intimate encounter. But the cold water didn’t do what she hoped it would do. It had no effect at all on what her body was feeling; what her body had not felt for almost a year.

Angela Evans stepped outside and pulled the front door to close it. But at the last split second, she stopped. She opened the door again, re-entered the house, shut the door firmly behind her and locked it.

Thinking back on the situation, the older woman’s body language, and what she felt were a couple of subtle “tells,” Angela’s confidence swelled.

“No, Mrs. Johnson, I won’t forget to lock the door.”

The voluptuous 20 year old gingerly made her way up the stairs. The sound of shower water came from the partially open door at the end of the hall. Angie Evans took a deep breath in, exhaled and then stripped naked. She moved swiftly, wanting to catch Carol still in the shower. She then relaxed a bit, recalling Emily’s observation that her mother was taking much longer showers these days. Slinking surreptitiously into the nicely decorated bathroom, Angie heard a couple suppressed moans coming from the MILF in the shower. Not wanting to scare Carol, Angie quietly announced her presence.

“Um, hello. Excuse me, Carol? It’s Angie. Carol?…Mrs. Johnson?”

A startled Carol Johnson pulled back the shower curtain and damn near had an apoplectic event when she saw young Angela standing naked before her.

“Angie! What are you doing here?”
“I just wanted to tell you that I locked the front door. Now I can join you in the shower. I think you need someone to wash your back.”
“What makes you think you could just brazenly come in here and take a shower with me?”
“Because you invited me, that’s what.”
“I most certainly did NOT invite you, you brazen little tramp!”
“Really, Mrs. Johnson? When a woman really has things to do she’ll just tell you. ‘Time for you to go, so long, nice chatting with you.’ But, when a woman makes a point of telling you she’s going to take a shower, when there’s no real reason to do so, that’s an invitation to join her.”

Carol started to object, but she was slowly loosing the will to do so.

“Get dressed and get out of my house!”

Angie ignored her, pulled the shower curtain aside and stepped into the enclosure and under the shockingly cold water. The sudden close proximity of their naked bodies caused Carol to experience weakness in her knees.

“You know, Carol, you’re wasting your time with this cold shower.”
“What do you mean?”
“Some recent studies have shown that the idea behind them is a myth…that they don’t do anything to suppress one’s sexual arousal. In fact, they have the exact opposite effect.”
“Yes, it’s true. So we might as well enjoy a nice hot shower.”

Young Angela Evans reached around the older woman to adjust the water temperature. She then moved in closer to Carol, face to face, in order to remove the apricot-scented gel from the shower caddy. This deliberate action aligned her breasts with Carol’s. She then squashed her fulsome twenty year old breasts into the surprisingly firm tits of her best friend’s mother. As their nipples crossed, Carol once again felt a tinge of shame over how quickly her own nipples hardened in response. She knew that she should have pulled away, but as with the earlier embrace in the kitchen, the young girl seemed determined to lock tits with her in the most intimate way. And oh my word, Angela’s youthful tits felt so good! She wondered how her tits felt to Angie.

“Oh my, Carol! You’ve got great tits! I wanna have a nice, long tittie wrestle with you.”
“I thought you were here to wash my back,” the hot mom pointed out.
“You’re absolutely right. Turn around, Carol…please.”
“Angie, I shouldn’t…we shouldn’t…it’s…”

Angie leaned in and planted an aggressive, full mouth kiss on Carol’s luscious lips. Instinctively, the sexy MILF’s mouth opened and the younger woman sunk her tongue deep inside. Carol responded and snaked her tongue with Angie’s, moaning with desire over the kind of heated kiss she had not shared with anyone in such a long time. Angie broke it off and smiled.

“Turn around Carol,” she repeated.

Emily’s sexy mom relented and turned her back to the young woman. Angie took a couple of handfuls of apricot shower gel then quickly lathered up her tits, tummy, crotch and thighs. She then wrapped her arms around the older woman from behind, ran her gelled hands up Carol’s impressively flat stomach, then filled them with the sandy blonde’s fulsome tits.

“Damn, Carol! Your tits are incredible!”

With every firm squeeze of her tit flesh and each gentle pinch of her nipples, Carol Johnson moaned in long overdue lust filled satisfaction.

“Aren’t you supposed to be washing my back, young lady?”
“Oh, I’m sorry, you’re right.”

Angela then proceeded to “scrub” Carol’s back, using her full, soft tits as a loofa, up and down, side to side.

“My goodness, Mrs. Johnson! This back of yours is filthy! I’m going to have to scrub and scrub until you’re squeaky clean!”
“I think my front is going to need a good scrubbing too!”
“Oh, I’ll get to that.”

Every stroke of the young woman’s fantastic breasts across her back softened Carol’s will to resist and slowly pushed her past the point of caring about what was proper between two consenting women. This young woman was skillfully giving her sensations she had not felt in such a long time. She was young, but she definitely knew how to pleasure a woman. Whatever part of her body she wanted and however she wanted it, Carol was now willing to surrender.

Angie continued to use her DD “scrubbers” to whip up a healthy lather on Carol’s smooth back, while her hands stroked and squeezed in tit grabbing reach-arounds. Not feeling quite confident enough yet to allow her fingers to probe Carol’s pussy, Angie let whichever hand wasn’t occupied with a tit casually meander in the immediate area. Her fingertips would stroke in purposeful circular patterns in close proximity to the treasured twat, like an aircraft circling a landing field waiting for permission to land. As it turned out, that would not be necessary. In her quest to turn Carol into a wanton slut, the youthful temptress passed the point of no return. Her body now bathed in carnal lust, not to mention a delicious lather of apricot scented shower gel, Carol turned and suddenly became the aggressor. She pushed Angie’s back against the shower wall in an assertive body press, the most intimate one so far. This thrilled Angie. She loved it when a woman fought back…like Emily did. She made sure that her legs were parted and her cunt was accessible, just in case Carol had a mind to slam into her.

Carol first kissed her hard, then smashed chest to chest with Angela. Now, it seemed, it was Carol who determined to lock tits. But, because she loved the challenge, Angie fought back, taking the mom hard into the opposite wall of the shower stall. The erotic battle was on! Both women pushed and pulled and shoved and shoved, back and forth, again and again, all the while keeping their bodies pressed together as far as the soapy lather would allow. And with each aggressive slam, their bodies became more lustfully entwined. The two women were slowly moving toward a mature pussy to young pussy encounter. But then, fate intervened.

The soapy lather that thrilled suddenly became the slick film that betrayed them. The porcelain tiles of the shower floor had accumulated too much residual. In the vigorous battle, all foot traction was lost and the two women went tumbling to the floor, bouncing hard on their asses. They came down facing each other with their legs intertwined and their pussies perfectly aligned, with about two feet of space between them.

“Ow…my ass!” Carol grimaced in pain.
“Mine too!” Angie replied.

They looked at each other and shared a laugh. But soon they both wondered if destiny was pointing the way.

The blond mom could not help herself. She stared across the short distance into Angela’s firm thigh flesh and beheld the young girl’s voluptuous cunt, wondering if there was any part of this girl’s body that wasn’t spectacular. For her part, Angie could not help being impressed at the firm and youthful appearance of Carol’s pussy.

“Interesting position we find ourselves in…don’t you agree, Carol?”

Understanding the potential explosiveness of the situation, Carol’s conscience kicked in. This mother to daughter’s best friend thing with its accompanying guilt had not yet left her mind completely. She made a less-than-convincing case for them to untangle.

“Uh…Angie…before this gets out of hand, we should probably get up.”

But Angie moved in closer, narrowing the distance between their tumescent twats to less than six inches.

“I don’t want to get up, Carol. I rather like where we are. I think you do too.”
Carol suddenly felt a twinge of anger. “I should slap you in the face, you arrogant little tramp!”

It somehow pissed her off that Angie was right. How could this young temptress be so perceptive? Right from the first moments downstairs in the kitchen, she seemed to sense her needs. And now, here she was, dangerously close to her first lesbian sexual experience since high school.

“Slap me if you must, dear Carol. But I’m not leaving until we find out what we both need to know.”
“Oh really, and what is it that we both need to know?”
“We both need to know how good it would be to fuck each other…plain and simple.”

The water from the shower was still coming down on both women. Their bodies now were mostly rinsed of lather. But there could be no cleansing the powerful desires they felt. Angie knew that she had to be decisive, but she couldn’t be arrogant or condescending. She closed the distance between their cunts.

Carol gasped and began to breathe heavily as she felt the young woman’s thick labia fold into hers. She knew it would only be a matter of seconds before their clitorises located each other, and then….

“You young slut!” Carol cried out, feeling her ire slowly give way to long repressed passion.
“Let me touch you, Carol. Let me satisfy you. Let me fuck you!”
“Sweet fucking Jehovah!” Carol Johnson, forty-one year old MILF groaned as her hips began to respond to the motion of Angela Evans’ hips.

They wrapped their arms around each other, smashing their tits and kissing hard while their craven cunts devoured each other in a deep, escalating fuck.

“God! I haven’t done this since the days when women had pubic hair.”
“Eeewww! Pubic hair? That’s disgusting!” Angie teased.
“Well, you have to remember, that was thousands of years ago, before the invention of shaving or Brazilian wax.”
“Gosh, Carol, it must have been awful.”
“Yes, it was! I don’t know how I survived that time.”

The two women giggled, then got down to the business of clenching tightly and fucking their clean shaven cunts. It didn’t take long for Angie to realize that she had unleashed a beast…that she had the proverbial tiger by the tail. She had seduced a skilled, mature woman; a woman desperately in need of body to body heat and unbridled sex.

They fucked until their cunts were raw, in the shower and after that, in Carol’s bed, in every possible position, long into the afternoon. Angie was exhausted! The older woman had fucked her senseless…but she loved it! Oh how she loved it!

Two days later, in the exercise room. Angela and Emily, stretched out naked, side by side on the mat…

Angela: I still can’t believe you’re on board for this!
Emily: Are you kidding? I can’t wait to slam bodies with that hot mom of yours.
Angela: Careful what you wish for, sweet Emily.
Emily: What does that mean?
Angela: Well, think about it. Two sexy forty year old women, neither of whom have had any intimacy, sexual or otherwise, in over a year…
Emily: You mean except for Mr. Neck Massager?
Angela: HA!!! Exactly!
Emily: So, what are you saying? Are you saying…?”
Angela: Your mom, dear Em, is an animal in bed!
Emily: HEY!!!
Angela: Once she lost all of her inhibitions about fucking me, she fucked the shit out of me!
Emily: Oh, that’s bullshit!
Angela: Listen to me Em…you and I have made the decision to enter the dens of two lonely lionesses. I stirred the sexual beast in Carol, and I got way more than I bargained for.
Emily: What’s your point?
Angela: My point is, you are about to enter the den of the other lioness. You better be ready, because you are going to unleash the beast!
Emily: Hmm…perhaps we should spar a few rounds.
Angela: I like the way you think.

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Fresh from a shower, Florence Evans stood naked in front of her full length bedroom mirror, admiring the temple that was her perfectly toned 40 year old body. She looked over her shoulder at her tight, shapely ass, smiled and gave herself a pat of approval, then turned and watched as the gorgeous woman in the mirror slowly ran her hands up her toned, flat stomach and eventually filled them with breasts that were large, firm and luscious. She reveled in her own pulchritude for a few more long seconds before the woman in the mirror asked the inevitable question; “Seriously, girlfriend, when is this slamin’ body going to get some skin on skin action?”

Then, she sighed, knowing that she had absolutely nothing going on in her so-called personal life.

“Well, Florence,” the woman in the mirror pointed out, “this sexy body isn’t going to keep itself in shape.”

And with that, Flo Evans donned skin tight gym shorts and a thin, skin tight workout top that covered and caressed her full tits and left no doubt where her nipples were located. Her abs remained enticingly bare. It almost seemed a shame to wear anything at all since she was working out alone. She grabbed a hand towel, stopped in the kitchen for a bottle of trendy, designer water, then proceeded to the basement exercise room that she and her daughter Angela so loved.

Florence didn’t make a lot of money. As a server at an upscale cocktail lounge, their were good tip nights and bad tip nights. After the divorce she quickly learned how to carefully budget and manage her finances. Indeed, for almost the entire year after the split, the financial situation was very precarious for her and Angela. There were even a few months when she struggled to make the house payment. But a benevolent judge compelled her ex husband to live up to the financial terms of the divorce or face incarceration. This helped a lot. It was tough going for a while, but she stayed strong, determined to provide a good life for herself and Angela. Things eventually turned around and finances became much less of a concern.

Noting early on that her daughter loved to exercise, Florence slowly but surely built a workout room for her in the basement. And whenever she could afford it, a new piece of equipment was added. Angela absolutely loved it! Eventually, the shapely young woman got her mom to make use of the room and to exercise regularly, because…

“Gotta keep that sexy forty year old body in shape, mother dear.” She would often tease.

Angela was right. Florence quickly realized the benefits of working out. Parts of her that had started to become soft had become taut and toned again. No doubt, with a sexy MILF body like this, men would be tripping over each other to get to her and get with her.

However, things didn’t quite work out that way, at least not for her. Of the men that approached her, the younger ones acted like they were doing her a favor just by talking with her. While the “older gentlemen,” perhaps a bit insecure about their greying hair or balding heads seemed to think the best approach was to impress her with their worldly possessions. To be sure, Florence craved sex; her still desirable body needed to sweat and writhe with another human. But she wasn’t just a piece of ass, after all. If a man couldn’t show her a bit of respect, she shut him down. And so, the loneliness began to set in. Oh well, might as well take out her frustrations on the barbell set. Plus, if things built up too much, there was always her faithful “neck massager.” It always treated her like a lady. She chuckled to herself and then gracefully descended the basement stairs. At the bottom of the stairs Florence noted that the lights were already on. Perhaps her sometimes forgetful daughter had left them on. But when she heard a grunt, she scanned the room and was shocked to see someone.

“Excuse me…who the hell are you?”

A very lovely young woman then sat up on the weight bench, toweled off her forehead and then smiled at her. She was dressed, if you could call it that, in a few scant pieces of cloth that barely covered her tits or her crotch.

“Oh, hello Mrs.Evans. It’s me, Emily Johnson. I’m Angie’s friend.”
“What are you doing here?”
“I can see that. But how the hell did you get in?”
“Well, I used my considerable skill with a paper clip and a credit card, jimmied the lock and here I am.”
“That’s NOT funny…well, it is a little.” Florence cracked a smile, her anger slowly melting.
“The spare key, under the mat.” Emily confessed. “I was expecting Angie, Mrs. Evans. She told me to use the spare key if the door was locked…and the door was locked. I hope I didn’t overstep any boundaries.”
Florence sighed, “Well, if my daughter trusts you…I suppose it’s OK.”

Emily rose from the weight bench and walked over to Florence, jiggling deliciously, then stopping within a foot of her. Considering how nearly naked the young woman was, it was a distance that made Florence Evans somewhat uncomfortable.

Then, caught completely off guard, the sexy mom suddenly found herself in the full embrace of Emily, her daughter’s best friend. Florence marveled at the perfectly orchestrated maneuver that had aligned their bodies so fully, so perfectly and so amorously. Emily had matched up their bellies and breasts to perfection.

“I thought I was alone. If I frightened you, I apologize.” The youthful blond girl whispered into the mom’s ear.
“You, you did frighten me,” Florence gasped at the erotic body contact. I thought I was going to be alone…I…”

She was damn near the consistency of wax left outside on a hot day. Florence couldn’t believe how her body was tingling, especially in those sensitive woman parts. Damn! When the bitch in the mirror asked about skin on skin action, she didn’t say anything about woman to woman skin on skin.

Feeling obliged to be polite, the sexy MILF returned the embrace with equal enthusiasm, not yielding an inch in the crushing of mature breasts with young breasts, and not retreating from the silken press of their naked bellies. Unlike her counterpart, Carol, Florence was slightly less ambivalent about mixing it up with a hot young bitch.

The embrace broke off, but the two women remained close, both chests noticeably heaving, both sets of nipples clearly stiffened in arousal.

“Forgive me, Mrs. Evans. I’m a hugger…I love to hug. Besides, I’ve been wanting to get better acquainted with my best friend’s mom. And what better way to break the ice than a nice warm hug?” She paused for a second. “And by the way, where is Angela anyway? We were supposed to work out.”
“Let me guess, my beautiful, ditzy daughter didn’t call you?”
“No, she didn’t. What’s up?”
“Angie got called into work.” Florence explained, apologetically.
Stifling an urge to chuckle, Emily thought to herself, “Of course she did.”
“Oh pooh…” Emily pouted then sighed, “well I guess I should probably go so that you can get your workout in.”

Angie’s young friend then turned and walked to the corner of the room, bent down slightly to retrieve a pull over top from her gym bag. It wasn’t an ostentatious bend, but it did show her luscious ass to Florence. Now in her top, Emily returned to where Florence stood, gave her a soft peck on the cheek and said goodbye.

“It was really nice to spend some time with you, Mrs. Evans, even if it was only a few minutes.”
“You too, Emily. Don’t be a stranger.” Florence responded with uncertainty. “Oh, and call me Florence, or Flo. There’s no need to be formal.”
“OK, Flo, enjoy your workout…bye bye.”

Emily turned and casually sauntered to the stairs, thinking to herself, “Wait for it…wait for it…and…”

“Emily, wait!” Florence called out.

“YESSSS!!!” Emily’s mind sang out joyfully. She turned back toward the sexy older woman, “Yes, Florence?”
“I was just thinking, you did come over to get a good workout in…”
“I did. And?”
“There’s no reason why we can’t workout together, is there?”
“No, not at all, in fact, I was hoping you’d ask me to exercise with you.”

Emily turned and slowly moved back toward Florence. A few feet away, she set down her gym bag then removed the sweat top she had put on, once again displaying most of her luscious, youthful skin. Florence’s eyes rolled at once again seeing so much of this voluptuous young woman. Good gracious, her body was exquisite! And, despite the fact that she had just been admiring her forty year old anatomy and was quite pleased with it, her mind sighed in fond remembrance…ah, to be twenty again.

“Shall we get started?”
“OK, but there’s something I want you to do first, Flo.”

Florence gave her a slightly confused look. Emily reached into her gym bag and withdrew a couple pieces of cloth, both navy blue in color, and held them out to her.

“Put these on, please.”

A quick assessment caused Florence to gasp. It was a top and a bottom that covered the exact amount of flesh as the so-called outfit that Emily was wearing. They amounted to not much more than a couple pieces of cloth with strings.

“Good gracious, Emily, I can’t wear those!”
“Why not? They’ll fit you.”
“I’m sure they will, just barely. But the question is, why would I want to expose so much of my body?”
“From where I stand, Flo, your body is smokin’ hot! So the question is, why wouldn’t you want to expose as much of it as possible? I say, if you got it, flaunt it, sexy momma.”

Florence chuckled while her eyes leisurely scanned Emily’s body once again, taking in every rounded curve, every deep cleft, noting how the abundant young breasts stood firm and proud, how smooth and solid the belly was, how firm and creamy looking the young thighs were. The g-string that covered Emily’s womanhood presented a thickly folded cameltoe. Emily was fully aware of the fact that her body was being assessed, and she enjoyed it.

“Do you like what you see, Florence?”

Determined not to be intimidated by the young thing, Florence huffed, snatched the so called outfit out of Emily’s hand and ordered her to turn around.

“And don’t peek!”

Emily did as she was asked. Florence slipped out of her workout attire and slinked into the incredibly small outfit. It fit her body perfectly, but felt like nothing more than a couple of band aides covering her nipples and her now tingling cunt. There was just too much woman for two small patches of polyester to contain. She marveled at how much of herself was available to the naked eye. Then Emily announced that she was turning around.

“OH MY GOD!!!”

Just as Florence had done to her, Emily allowed her eyes to take a leisurely stroll over every luscious curve and cleft of the sexy MILF’s body.

“Do you like what you see, Emily?”
“Mrs. Evans…you are hot, hot HOT!!! You have a rockin’ body!”
“Thank you.”

Pleased with the reaction her body got from the discerning eyes and sugar-coated words of a well endowed twenty year old, Florence, nonetheless began to feel the wheels of uncertainty starting to turn inside her mind. What, if anything, had she set in motion? That question would be answered almost immediately.

Quick as a cat, Emily closed the short distance between them. Florence let out an involuntary gasp as, once again, the young woman ensnared her in a perfectly executed embrace. The full on crush of their nearly naked tits was, no doubt, intentional, as was the sumptuous, full belly press. But then, the young woman upped the ante.

Her mind swirling in mouthwatering thoughts from the fullness of this body to body contact, Florence then felt her ass being gently squeezed in a tacit effort to tilt her pelvis forward. The next thing she felt was the audacious placement of Emily’s fulsome mound on hers. Two tiny strips of polyester fabric could barely disguise the fact that both clean shaven pussies were clearly aroused and could easily get at each other. As she gently pressed her crotch against Florence, the youthful provocateur remembered Angie’s words about unleashing the beast in this gorgeous, forty year old woman. Florence felt a sense of desperation that came from not knowing for certain what to do or how to react. Fighting the nearly overwhelming need of her body, she pushed away, ending the seditious embrace.

“Oops, I did it again! Like I said, Florence, I’m a hugger…I love body contact!”
“So do I, Emily. But my goodness, we’re both damn near naked!” The MILF pointed out.
Emily just shrugged, “So much the better.”

Florence gave Emily a look that was somewhere between anger and disbelief. What was going on inside this young girl’s mind?

“Forgive my casual attitude, Florence. I apologize if I made you uncomfortable. It’s just that you’re so beautiful, I couldn’t help myself.”
“I appreciate that, Emily. And I like body contact too. But you must understand, it’s been quite a while since this body has…well…you know.” Florence immediately regretted her words.

“I understand completely, Florence. Let’s get busy, shall we?”

The two scantily clad women commenced their workout in earnest, following each other from one piece of equipment to another, building up momentum and, as dedicated exercise partners often do, encouraging each other and pushing each other to do just one more repetition. It was highly stimulating for both of them. To her surprise, Florence found the young woman to be an excellent workout partner. She pushed Emily just as hard as she was being pushed. It was invigorating, to say the least. And with each additional rep, each muscle that strained in response to the weight, Emily’s exquisite young body began to glisten in a fine sheen of sweat. And, as her own muscles were pushed to the limits of endurance, so did hers.

Florence went down to the mat to finish with some good old fashioned sit-ups. Emily saw an erotic opening.

“Don’t you want to use the ab machine?
“Nah, I prefer the old fashioned way.”
“OK, then let me spot you, Florence.”
“Spot me?”

Emily knelt down at Florence’s feet and held them firmly to the floor. The MILF immediately felt the benefit as the strain now was entirely on her abdominal muscles. She grunted as she got to sit up number ten, eleven then twelve. At sit up nineteen and twenty, she was grunting and groaning quite loudly. At twenty-five, Florence dropped to the mat and stayed there, obviously spent.

“Makes it a lot harder when someone holds your feet, doesn’t it?”

Florence nodded in agreement, through heavy breathing. And with each rise and fall of the gorgeous mother’s magnificent chest, Emily’s sexual arousal grew. A few seconds passed and breath returned to her body. Florence rose up to her knees, then sat back on her haunches. She looked at Emily, feeling spunky.

“OK, youngster, let’s see how many you can do with me holding your feet to the floor.”

Emily moved in close. They met nose to nose. The twenty year old playfully gritted her teeth.

“OK, old girl, I’ll accept that challenge.”
“You won’t be able to do twenty-six sit ups, not with me holding your feet.”
“Unlike you, Flo, I could do that without breaking a sweat.”
“Well then, let’s see what you’ve got, you brazen little article.”

Florence Evans felt the competitive juices now coursing through her blood vessels. She thought about upping the ante, but Emily beat her to the punch.

“OK, you middle aged trollop. But a challenge ain’t worth a damn unless there’s a meaningful bet attached.”

Florence knew this situation could easily escalate, but she neither could or would back down.

“What’s the bet?”

Emily pretended to think it over.

“I got it…if I win, you have to take me on in a very sexy wrestling match.” There was a smugness in Emily’s response. Florence pondered.
“And if you can’t match or beat my twenty-five sit-ups? If you lose?”
“Your choice, of course, but it has to be something very sexy.”
“OK, young Jezebel…how about this…if I win, you have to give me a post workout massage?”
“I’ll sweeten the pot, you brazen old broad. If I can’t beat your measly twenty-five by at least three more sit-ups, I’ll not only give you that massage, but I’ll gladly scrub your back in a post workout shower.”

Florence thought it over. The chance of ending naked and in a compromising situation with this young woman was at least fifty-fifty. Her mind told her to beware. But her body…well…different story.

“You’re on!”

Emily went down to her back on the mat. Florence grabbed her ankles and, using her upper body weight, secured her feet firmly to the mat.

“I’m ready.”

Emily started out vigorously…eight, nine, ten…no sweat, no strain…thirteen, fourteen, fifteen…

Florence noted how the young woman’s body had become lustrous with sweat. The tiny patch of cloth that covered her pussy was completely saturated in a fluid of undetermined origin. Sit ups eighteen, nineteen and twenty now brought forth grunts. The young girl’s abs were clearly straining. When Emily got to twenty-three and twenty-four, it was clear that she was struggling.

“I’m gonna beat you, Florence.”
“You’re going down, Emily!”
“UGGGHHH!!!” The young blond girl groaned.
“You said you’d beat me by three…”

But then, as if she got a second wind, Emily Johnson continued until she reached sit up number thirty, like it was really no challenge at all. Flat on her back, she grinned and gloated.

“You suckered me, didn’t you, Emily?”
“Yes, I did.”

Sitting up, Emily opened her legs, reached around Florence’s waist and pulled her forward as she fell back down to the mat, taking the luscious mom with her. The smack of wet skin on wet skin filled the room. Florence gasped at the full on meeting of their nearly naked bodies…again.

“Because, I really want to wrestle with you.”
“You little slut!” Florence objected, but she made no effort to separate herself from Emily. The young girl’s body simply felt too damn good. The next thing she knew, she was on her back, in an increasingly intimate flesh lock with her daughter’s best friend. The simple act of breathing now enhancing the growing familiarity of their slick bellies.

“Let’s get it on, old girl!” Emily taunted her. She wasn’t about to back down.

It now was apparent to Florence that, with those two earlier embraces, the young temptress was laying the groundwork for this full on confrontation of bodies. Did she care? Oh, hell no!

Florence was stronger than Emily anticipated. She was on her back again, with the MILF on top of her rather quickly. It seemed as though Florence was increasingly willing to enhance the contact between their bodies. This was fine with her. Having wrestled so many times with Angela she knew exactly where more and more intimacy could lead them. Florence’s tits were fully squared with hers. Her nipples were hard as rocks. Emily’s abundant tits responded to the subtle press and roll challenge of Florence’s ample breasts. Wait a minute! Was that a crotch bump that Florence just laid on her? And another one?

“Too much real woman for you, Emily?”
“Ungh…ugh!!!” Emily tried to bridge her lower body, but Florence had cleverly shifted her body weight so as to make that impossible. This was the sign of an experienced woman.
“You’ve done this before, haven’t you?”
“I’ll never tell.” Florence smirked with satisfaction.

Emily strained mightily and rolled the older woman. Their bodies were slick with perspiration, which added another level of sensation to this multi-layered encounter. But she was only able to maintain her dominance for a few slippery seconds as the surprisingly strong and wiry MILF overpowered her once again. Angie was right! Emily now began to feel like she had awakened a sleepy lioness and now was about to face the sexy consequences of this decision. But she loved it!!! Their bodies fit together very well. She couldn’t wait to lose the string bikinis they were both wearing. So, she decided to speed up the process.

Emily slid her hand up Florence’s back and tugged at the string around her neck until it came untied. Just as skillfully, her left hand found the tie on the g-string and popped it loose. Emily felt Florence’s body stiffen in a reaction. She rolled her onto her back, then sat up and straddled her, coming down with her crotch just below the mom’s crotch. She yanked both top and bottom and threw them across the room.


Florence lay helpless as the young woman quickly untied and discarded her own top and g-string.

“Emily!!!” Florence Evans spoke out in a not so convincing objection. “We can’t wrestle completely naked. It’s not proper!”

But before she could raise another half-hearted complaint, Emily was stretched out on top of her, once again in a perfect matchup of womanly body parts. Damn! This young woman seemed to have the lusty skill of a woman twice her age…a woman of her age.

“I said I wanted a sexy wrestle, Flo. That means I don’t want anything coming between us. Strictly woman to woman, with every square inch of our flesh pressed together.”

And then, before she knew it, Emily’s mouth was on hers and a probing, sweet tasting tongue slipped through her lips, searching for her tongue. Florence responded eagerly to the type of kiss she had not shared in almost a year. But, the scrumptious seal of four lips and two tongues was broken by a deep chested gasp as Florence Evans felt the initial stroke of Emily’s smooth as silk, pussy lips on hers.

“Good Lord, Emily…we…we can’t…PLEASE get your pussy off of my pussy…we…c c-can’t… we can’t fuck…we…mustn’t…”
“If I’m not mistaken Florence, just a few seconds ago I felt at least two crotch bumps…”
“That was a wrestling move, not…intentional…”
“Nonsense! That was an invitation, and you know it.”

Any further objection Florence might have offered was quickly and efficiently thwarted by the insistent strokes of the young girl’s swollen labia on hers. It had been far too long since her cunt had experienced this level of sexual arousal. Even Mr. Neck Massager never turned her on like this. And self gratification was a lonely game. In her increased cravings for real sex over the last few months, she hadn’t considered women as a viable solution to her desires. But good Lord, this young woman was pushing all the right buttons. She was so sexy and hot for her young age.

With every juiced stroke of her cunt, Emily could sense the slow but sure crumbling of Florence’s tepid resistance. But now was not the time for smugness.

Emily’s lips were now at the MILF’s ear. “Let my body give your sexy body what it needs, Florence. Let me love you…let me make you writhe and sweat…let me fuck you.”

Like many walls of repression that had crumbled over time, Florence Evans’ defenses crumbled on the exercise room floor. Emily then felt Florence’s legs wrap around hers, and the upward push of her pelvis, the thrust of her cunt was the final submission to this unexpected moment of sexual healing.

“Fuck me, Emily! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!!!”
“Yes, Florence…YES!!!”

Emily felt the sting of fingernails digging into her ass. She cried out in ecstasy. Florence’s entire body spasmed when she felt a stiff clitoris slip past her cunt lips and penetrate her. But when Emily directed her girl cock into a full on confrontation with hers, it felt like her entire body was about to explode. Florence’s body responded to every undulation of Emily’s body. The two women then began to fuck with savage intensity. Hip bones and bellies slapped and pressed with each pelvis grind. The longer they went, the more the two women locked into each other. For almost fifteen minutes, the two ravenous women fucked with their entire bodies. Sweat dripped off of them freely. Florence had turned into an uninhibited animal. Emily was able to pump at least three shared orgasms from her.

“Oh, sweet Jehovah, this is so good…so fucking good!”

Emily paused and looked deeply into her eyes. “It’s about to get a whole lot better.”

The young seductress then broke away completely. Florence looked up out of curiosity. When she saw what was coming, her entire body trembled. Emily deftly scissored their legs and closed the distance between their slavering cunts.

“Good gracious! Emily…Scissoring? This is not…”
“This is how we finish things, Florence, with our pussies locked.”
“Geeez, Emily, I haven’t done this since the days of my youth, when I had a full cunt of hair!”
“Ewww! That’s disgusting!” Emily teased.
“I’ll say. When we were done, we spent almost twenty minutes untangling our bushes.”
“What was the situation? Was it a girl fight that turned into a sexual challenge?”
“Neither, we were just two girls who wanted to know what it would feel like to grind our pussies together.”
“Ah, so it was research.”
“Well, then, why don’t you and I do a little research of our own, Florence?”

Before foxy momma could even respond, Emily’s lavishly appointed labia were working their way into a succulent inosculation with hers.

“UGH!!! Naked cunt to naked cunt! Why haven’t I done further research into this?” Florence moaned.
“So much better without hair, Flo!”

A switch was flipped in the mind and being of one Florence Evans. When young Emily Johnson, her daughter’s best friend matched her clit to clit once again, the long sequestered lioness emerged, and there was hell to pay. Her hips rolled tightly and her cunt slotted and squeezed the youthful twat.

“Oh…FUCK!” Emily cried out, now realizing she was in for the fuck of her life.

The young girl matched her pelvic grind with the MILF’s, taking hold of a leg in order to hold her ground. But it soon became apparent that she was out of her league. Florence Evans could fuck! She resigned herself to take what was coming. And what was coming was the most profoundly sexy fuck of her life.

“Goddamn it Florence! You’re a fucking animal!!! Fuck me sweet momma! Please fuck me!”
“Come on, young pussy! Give it back. Fuck my cunt you little whore!”

Emily struggled valiantly. But she simply could not keep up with Florence. Now flat on her back, pounding her fists into the mat, the young woman’s eyes welled up with tears of shame and ecstasy through one powerful climax after another. Finally, her body went limp.

For the next four hours, Emily’s youthful womanhood was ground and pounded to one shrieking orgasm after another by Florence’s firm, fulsome and mature cunt. She was out fucked and outclassed, but she loved it!

Two days later, her pussy was still tender. She stretched out naked on the exercise room floor with her BFF Angela Evans.

Angela: Well? Did you and mom do it?
Emily: Did we do it? Bitch, I’m still sore!
Angela: I warned you.
Emily: Yes you did. But your mom is an animal, Angie.
Angela: Ha, ha! You woke up the beast.
Emily: The lioness can seriously fuck!
Angie: Was she hesitant at first? Like Carol was?
Emily: Of course she was. But once I stroked my sweet pussy on hers…
Angie: She stroked back, big time!
Emily: Oh yeah, I’ve never been fucked like that!
Angela: Hey! Are you saying she’s better than me?
Emily: Well, duh…of course she is.
Angela: Oh yeah? Well…your mom is a better fuck than you. What do you think of that?
Emily: I think we need to work on our technique.
Angela: Have I ever told you that I like the way you think?
Emily: Go easy on me, if you would.

Angie flashed a sinister smile, just as their pussies met.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is D56FCA2C-CAD2-4451-AB82-6C5008593D02-9055-0000091CE45141E8.png


It was 5:30 PM on a routine, but busy Friday at Amanda’s Beauty Salon. But, it was now closing time as Carol Johnson locked the external doors to the main entrance of the shop, where she had started working as a stylist shortly after her divorce was finalized. Amanda had to leave early and asked if Carol wouldn’t mind closing. Carol was happy to do so. The acquisition of this job came at the perfect time in Carol’s life. As a newly single mom, worry mounted over how she would take care of herself and Emily. She felt she could not depend on her ex husband to meet his child support responsibility. But to her surprise, he came through, however reluctantly, and met his financial obligations.

At that point in time Amanda Brown, owner of the salon, was short one stylist. She had gone through beauty school with Carol. The two women struck up a casual friendship, but they hadn’t really kept in touch after graduation. But when Amanda learned of Carol’s divorce, through the gossip circuit, she tracked down Carol’s phone number, called her and told her that there was a stylist position available. If she was looking for work, the job was hers. It would be a mutually beneficial arrangement. Carol thanked her profusely and, with Emily’s approval, started work one week after divorce court proceedings ended.

Within six months, Carol had slowly become a popular stylist. She had begun to develop an ever increasing list of regular clients, both men and women. Amanda was delighted by this. Business was booming. She had made the right choice.

This day had been steadily busy, and she was glad it was over. A little sweeping, sterilization of instruments and general straightening up, and Carol was done for the day. But, what to do?

The girls were out of town for the weekend on a camping trip. It had been a long while since Carol had had an entire weekend all to herself. How could she indulge herself? What kind of mischief could she get into? But then, reason reared its ugly head: Stop kidding yourself, Carol. You haven’t been involved in questionable behavior for years. She sighed.

Carol locked the door to the beauty shop, this time from the outside. Her car was in back, in a small employee parking lot, but she wasn’t quite ready to go home to an empty house. Traffic downtown was light. She looked up and down the street, scanning all the places of business. Her eyes then came to rest on the Belvedere Hotel, on the corner of Main and Bromley Avenue. The old hotel was one of the few remaining historical buildings in the downtown area. It was rumored to be just as beautiful inside as it was outside. It had a great reputation too; beautiful decor, lovely guest suites, and high end dining with a well-known chef, which meant chichi clientele. It was also known for having an upscale cocktail lounge.

And there it was, the magic word, Carol thought. She had not treated herself to a cocktail in years. Why not indulge? Why not today? Who knows? There might be some classy, unattached gentleman there with whom she might strike up a conversation, at the very least.

A few minutes later, Carol was being shown to a corner table by an attractive hostess named Amber.

“I hope you’ll have a pleasant experience here. Florence will be your server.”
“Thank you, Amber.”

Carol couldn’t help noticing Amber’s ample attributes. Her youthful bosom was large and full. Every other aspect of the young woman’s anatomy was tantalizing as well.

But then, the sexy 41 year old had to snap herself back to reality. Damn, girl! One heated lesbian encounter and all of a sudden you’re checking out any sweet young thing in your purview. Get a hold of yourself!

“Hi! I’m Florence. I’ll be your server today. What can I get for you?”

Carol Johnson, forty-one year old MILF looked up and locked eyes with Florence Evans, forty year old MILF. Neither woman was aware at that moment who they were addressing.

“Gosh, Florence, I’d like a cocktail…maybe a Manhattan?”
“Excellent choice, we make a great one here.”
“You wouldn’t be slightly biased, by any chance, would you, Florence?” Carol said with a smile.
“I am indeed, but that’s because it’s a great Manhattan.” Florence smiled back.

There was something familiar to both women about each other.

“Manhattan it is.”
“Coming right up, Carol.”

Carol had forgotten to remove her name-tag. She realized that as she watched the rather attractive server sashay off to the bar. When she was able to take her eyes off of the woman’s impressive behind, Carol looked around the room and noticed there were not many people. Oh well, Mr. Right missed his opportunity, she mused.

In minutes, Florence returned with her cocktail.

“Enjoy!” she said, cheerfully. The two women exchanged another deep look. But now they were thinking in terms of familiarity. Did they know each other? If so, from where? Once again, Florence smiled and went off into the room. Carol then turned her attention to the Manhattan. Florence wasn’t kidding. It was a great Manhattan! She reminded herself to leave a good tip.

About ten minutes passed when Carol’s reverie was interrupted. Now dressed in street clothes, Florence Evans sat down in the chair across from Carol Johnson and smiled warmly.

“I take it that your shift is over.” Carol observed.
“It is. I just wanted to tell you that Linda will be taking over for me. She’ll stop by in a few minutes to see if you need anything else.”
“So, Florence, off to the husband and kids?” Carol cheerfully asked.
Florence shook her head. “No, it’s just me and the daughter now. Single mom, just like you.”
Before Carol could respond, Florence continued. “A woman knows.”

Carol was starting to like this lovely woman.

“Let me guess, you arranged your work schedule in order to be home in the evenings, so that you could spend as much time as possible with your daughter.”
Florence started to say something, but Carol interrupted her. “A single woman with a daughter of her own knows.”

Now, Florence was feeling an attraction to this lovely woman. Get a hold of yourself, Flo, she thought. One wild lesbian tryst with a hot young thing and suddenly you’re checking out any attractive woman who…OH MY GOD!!! She studied Carol’s face, finally seeing the resemblance. The remaining pieces now fell into place in Florence’s mind, as did a smidgen of guilt.

“Now, let me guess, Carol…your daughter is off somewhere for the weekend, right? Perhaps a camping trip?”
“How in the heck did you know?
“Because your daughter Emily is on a camping trip with my daughter, Angela.”
“Oh my goodness! Florence! If I had known that you worked here, I’d have come in for a drink long ago. I’ve been wanting to meet you. Your daughter talks about you a lot.”

Now Carol suddenly felt a twinge of guilt.

“As does your daughter. FINALLY, we meet. How cool is this?”

Carol thought it over as she gazed at Florence’s lovely face. She had dark brown eyes that were large and captivating. Her hair was a reddish brown, or a brownish red. As a beautician, Carol knew that it had been through several color variations and this was where she had settled. It didn’t matter because the color was complimentary to her clear, smooth skin and her full red lips.

Almost imperceptibly, the two women had reached across the table and clasped hands in a firm and friendly manner.

“So, you have the weekend to yourself…just like I do.” Florence observed.
“Yep…and not a damn thing to do.”
“Exactly! We’re both so wrapped up in being moms, we hardly do anything for ourselves.”

She pondered Florence’s words, wondering if this chance meeting was kismet. Then Carol took a chance.

“I have an idea, Florence.”
“Let’s hear it.” Florence said, enthusiastically.
“Well, you don’t need to go home today, neither do I.”
“Go on, please.”
“Why don’t you and I not go home together?”
“That sounds good to me. What do you have in mind?”
“We don’t have to go far. The food here is fantastic!”

Carol agreed. She called Linda over for the check, but Florence wouldn’t let her pay for her drink.

“Thank you Florence. By the way, the restaurant here might be a little out of my price range. Maybe we could go someplace less expensive.”
“Don’t worry, we can use my employee discount.”
“Are you certain that’s OK?”
“It’ll be fine. Let’s go eat, I’m hungry.”

Florence didn’t need to wait for the dining room hostess to seat them. But she did acknowledge her.

“Brenda, my friend and I will be having dinner. We can seat ourselves, hon.”
“By all means. Enjoy your dinner, ladies.” Brenda replied cheerfully.

Florence chose a rather secluded table in a corner, where she and Carol could chat with more privacy.

Both women perused the menu as a handsome waiter named Eric told them he’d give them a few more minutes to decide. Speaking for both of them, Florence bypassed cocktails in favor of a bottle of wine. She chose a Pino Noir from California’s Russian River wine region.

When Eric returned with their wine, the two lovely women had made their dinner selections. Carol chose something that she liked but wasn’t too expensive. She did not want to take advantage of Florence’s generosity.

Soup, salad and finally entrees arrived. And with each course, each sip of Pino Noir, a deepening attraction between the two women developed. Before they realized it, it was 1920 and their meal concluded. Florence payed the check, using her employee discount. Carol insisted on leaving a generous gratuity for young, handsome Eric.

Dinner conversation had revealed their parallel lives. There were so many similarities it was a bit disconcerting. But the one solid bond they shared was their lovely and loving daughters, the best of friends. But, during the course of the meal, in both women’s minds there was an occasional twinge of guilt over what had transpired over the last two weeks. Carol was unaware that her Emily had done to Florence what Angela had done to her. Florence was equally in the dark. This must remain secret, both women thought to themselves.

Outside the Belvedere Hotel, a light sprinkle had started. But the sky was so dark that it threatened something more profound.

“Where’s your car?” Carol asked.
“Right across the street.” Florence pointed to the bus stop.
“Mine is in Amanda’s parking lot. Wait here, I’ll be right back.”
“You don’t have to…”
“Nonsense! I’ll drive you home. It’s the least I can do.”

The rain had started to intensify by the time Carol turned up the driveway alongside the beauty shop. By the time she made it to her car, the rain was coming down with authority. She hoped that by the time she swung around to pick up Florence that she would not be drenched. She unlocked the passenger side door to make it easy for her new friend.

“Oh my goodness! We’re both soaking wet!” Florence stated, noting the appearance of soft flesh underneath the thin material of Carol’s now translucent uniform. It was quite easy to see the fullness of her bosom above the bra line. Florence averted her eyes, but noticed a slight stirring from deep within.

“It’s a good thing I don’t live too far,” she said, more-so to divert her thoughts than to make idle conversation. “Turn right at the next traffic signal.”

Carol followed Florence’s explicit directions and, despite having to drive slower due to the rain, they arrived at Florence’s house in just under fifteen minutes. In the driveway, Florence instructed Carol to turn off the ignition.

“Why?” Carol asked.
“We’re both soaked. Come on inside, dry off, and I’ll open a bottle of French Chardonnay. We can celebrate our new friendship.”

Florence’s eyes were mesmerizing. Carol felt powerless to resist. Things were getting a bit moist in her nether region.


They stepped out of the car and Carol hit the lock button on her key. Now, the rain was seriously coming down and in the few seconds it took for them to briskly walk around to the back entrance, the closest one, the two women were, once again, thoroughly drenched.

Once inside, their clothing freely relinquished its rain water to the kitchen floor. The brisk run through the downpour had made both women breathless. They giggled at their sadly humorous condition.

“My God, Florence! We’re flooding your kitchen!”

Florence sighed, “Come on.” She took Carol’s hand.
“Where are we going?”
“Upstairs. We have to get out of these wet clothes, before we both catch cold.”
“But…” Carol started to object, but Florence anticipated her.
“No buts…you can wear one of my robes. Then we can enjoy a glass of wine while your clothes dry in my dryer.”
“My goodness! How will I ever repay you?”
“You can take me out to dinner next time, OK?”
“You’ve got a deal!”

They both laughed as they scampered upstairs. In the master bedroom, Florence gave Carol a bath towel to dry off and a soft terry cloth robe.

“The bathroom is through that door.” Florence casually gestured to the master bathroom.

Carol nodded, then disappeared for a few moments. Florence took the opportunity to locate a laundry basket. She stripped down, towel dried herself and put on a robe similar to the one she gave to Carol. Now warmed up and dry, Florence languished in the sensation of the soft terry cloth against her skin. She heard the bathroom door open and felt a stirring as a rather sexy looking Carol came out.

“That robe suits you.”
“It feels wonderful! I didn’t know what to do with my wet clothes…they’re in the bathtub. I didn’t want to get anything else wet.”

Florence smiled, retrieved Carol’s clothes, quickly noting the size of her brassier, and then put them in the plastic laundry basket with hers.

“Let’s go. The laundry room is downstairs, off the kitchen.”

Minutes later, the sound of the tumble dry process could be heard in the background as the two new friends relaxed on the couch with a chilled glass of French Chardonnay. It was almost 2030. Carol figured that it would be an hour before her clothes were dry enough to wear and she began to wonder if she would actually be going home. The possibility of an overnight stay had not been broached. But then…

“Say, hon, since we don’t have any obligations for the weekend, why don’t you spend the night here?”

Carol was flattered and even a bit titillated by the offer. But she had to be coy.

“Gosh, Flo, it’s a lovely offer…but I couldn’t impose on you like that. I really should go home.”
“Home to what? An empty house? Besides, it’s not an imposition. And I would LOVE the company.”
“Gee, I don’t know…”

Florence moved close to Carol, flashed her doe eyes, took Carol’s hands in hers and spoke.
“We have wine to drink, I have snacks. There’s eggs and such for breakfast.”

Carol then sighed. “I’ll stay on one condition.”
“Name it.”
Noticeably nervous, Carol swallowed, “Kiss me, Florence.”

The words had barely passed through her lips when Florence’s lips were on hers…soft at first, as if searching for the best possible fit. But then, Florence’s kiss became more assertive. Carol relaxed and gladly accepted Florence’s tongue into her mouth, bringing her tongue forth to slither and snake with it. The kiss became bathed in saliva. There was drool at the corners of their mouths. Each woman’s spit tasted faintly like high class chardonnay. It was a far more delicious kiss than Carol had imagined it would be. And she had indeed spent the last several moments wondering what it might be like to share a kiss with this sexy woman. Now, it was happening, and a portal was opening.

As her lips jostled with Carol’s and their tongues entangled, Florence wondered if this was exactly what she wanted all along, since they first locked eyes in the Belvedere Lounge.

The kiss broke off and the two moms looked at each other. There was a bit of “what are we doing?” apprehension on both of their faces, but when Florence dialed the number, Carol answered the call. Carol’s loins quivered as she watched Florence rise to her feet. Florence smiled and then walked toward the stairs. She ascended them slowly and vanished. A casual, aroused Carol rose to her feet. The sandy blond untied the sash of her robe and let it hang loosely. She closed her eyes, then placed her hands flat on her belly, noting how smooth her skin felt as her hands slowly moved upward and filled with her exhilarated breasts.

Emily Johnson’s gorgeous mother then climbed the stairs in order to meet Angela Evans’ toothsome mother in what would surely be a sublime encounter…

Florence Evans sat, naked and alluring, on the edge of her bed and smiled as Carol Johnson casually walked into her room. Her breathing suddenly changed as she watched Carol’s robe fall to the floor.

“Come.” Carol held out her hand.

Florence rose to her feet and took Carol’s hand in hers. The blond MILF then walked her to the full length mirror and they stopped in front of it.

“Oh, so you want to compare bodies, do you?”
“I do.”

They squeezed in tightly in order to fill the narrow viewing space. They regarded each other’s body parts and then, like two teenage girls seeing each other naked for the first time, they giggled. They compared boobs, bellies and even assessed each other’s clean shaven pussies.

“Hum…very nice,” Florence said, “but I have to say, my body is a little hotter than yours.”
“OH BULLSHIT!” Carol objected. “My tits are bigger, firmer and…”
“The hell they are! Turn in.”

Carol didn’t hesitate. She turned in to meet Florence in a tit to tit press. Hands went instinctively to each other’s hips and they met in a belly press while tightening their breasts in a rolling crush. Despite their efforts not to, each woman closed her eyes and succumbed to the temptation of comparing mother to daughter from the perspective of just how fucking good their respective bodies felt.

Neither woman knew why, but each of them was aware of a certain “maturity” or mature feel that each other’s body had. It was a sensation that neither of their daughters’ fine, youthful anatomy had yet achieved. Indeed, they had both been with girls. Now looking deeply into each other’s eyes, Florence and Carol knew they were with a real woman…mature in both body and mind. This was an incredible turn-on for both women.

“Oh Carol…I need this fuck. I need it bad!”
“Me too, Florence…let’s do this!”

But they didn’t leap, lunge or hurry in any way. Hand in hand, the two women walked purposefully to the bed.

“On your back, Flo…scoot up.” Carol directed.

The tip of Carol’s tongue slowly circled Florence’s deep belly button. Next came a tentative dip, followed by an emphatic plunge…Carol then blew soft warm breath into the fleshy umbilical cavern…Florence shivered softly, eyes half closed, sensing the ultimate destination of Carol’s skilled lips and tongue. Her new friend didn’t keep her waiting long.

Carol’s lips and tongue set out on the short journey to Florence’s smooth cunt. Upon arrival, they were greeted warmly.

“Welcome, stranger. Make yourself comfortable.” Florence said in a low tone.
“I believe I will avail myself of the local hospitality, ma’am.”

Then, the soft slurp of a flattened tongue on swollen receptive labia could be heard. Florence’s body stiffened in response as the tip of the meaty, lingual probe located and began to engage her clitoris in a sexy dance.

“OHHHH!!!” Florence cried out.

Carol pursued the course of oral pleasure, licking, blowing warm breath and an occasional gentle bite. Florence realized just how long it had been since anyone had given her oral pleasure. She figured it had been pretty much the same for Carol, so she suggested that she turn her body around so that she could administer a little reciprocal pleasure.

In seconds, the two MILFS were in a sixty-nine position, mouths and tongues on smooth, wet pussies engaged in luscious postprandial delights. Carol’s body stiffened and relaxed with each skillful stroke of Florence’s tongue. Florence and Carol were totally into each other now, each woman delighting in the act of giving and receiving pleasure at the same time, of licking and being licked at the same time. Soft lips cajoled clitorises to full erection, then sucked each hardened girl cock. The two women then seemed to naturally engage in a lick and suck clit challenge. And with each stroke, the figurative edge of the cliff drew near.

“You’re pushing me to the edge, Carol!” said Florence, through her chesty breaths.
“I’m right there with you Flo.”
“Let’s jump!”
“Yes! Oh FUCK YES!”

Both women’s tongues now worked feverishly to push the other, sinking into wet labia, exploring the folds of womanly flesh, then withdrawing, returning their attention to stiffened clits.

Florence felt that slow build of pressure in her gut. She knew she couldn’t hold off much longer.

“Oh God! I’m gonna cum! Shit!!! FUCK!!!”
“Go ahead, baby. Cum for me!” Carol urged.
“Cum with me, Carol!”

And then, bodies stiffened and both women’s faces were bathed in each other’s love juices. Agonized screams slowly tapered into throaty moans. Deep breaths ebbed…Bodies went limp…

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After about ten minutes of post-orgasmic bliss, Carol and Florence stirred.

The reddish-brown haired MILF looked up at the ceiling and spoke through a sigh.

“Damn! That was great, Carol! I don’t think anyone has ever licked my pussy so well…especially not a man.”

Florence immediately regretted such an awkward statement, but it was too late.

“Well, Florence, how many women have dined on your tasty twat?”
“That’s NOT what I meant, you bitch!”
“That’s what it sounded like.”
“OK, smart ass…how many women have tasted your pussy?”
“Several hundred, at least…I’ve lost track…maybe thousands…”
Florence shook her head and smiled. “Yeah, right.”
“All kidding aside, Flo, you’re really good at that, too. That was an amazing orgasm.”

The two women propped up to look at each other. Florence scampered to the bathroom for a couple of towels so they could wipe their faces. Then she stretched out alongside Carol. The two satisfied lovers kissed, then Florence eased Carol onto her back. The busty blond MILF stretched out languorously, sensing what was coming next. Her arms encircled Florence’s waist as the cocktail waitress mounted the beautician in a perfect matching of their tantalizing MILF bodies.

“Ohhh…you feel so good, Florence.”
“Wanna fuck?”
“Is the Pope Catholic?”
Flo chuckled. “Then let’s get body busy.”

They began this horizontal slow dance with each other, attempting to match every square inch of skin. Carol’s eyes were closed. Her mind became immersed in the incredible feeling of this silken body that began to undulate ever so slowly. They were cheek to cheek. Florence’s warm breaths danced across her sensitive ears. Her voice softly enticed Carol.

“Come on, baby. Move that body with me.”

Carol obliged, then felt the practiced movement of Florence’s meaty tits on hers. She was delighted by how well their tits matched up. Her nipples responded to the stroke and snap of fencing nipples, and then her boobs luxuriated in the roll and crush of Florence’s elegant tits. But in an unplanned mental slip, her mind compared the mother’s tits, quite favorably, with the daughter’s youthful chest. Little did she know that Florence was occasionally making the same mental comparisons.

Ever so slowly, Florence’s lower body began to ripple against hers. Her response was to meet and match the rhythm of belly to belly and hips to hips. This wasn’t a twenty year old girl. This was a woman. Carol’s pussy was wet with desire. Her legs parted in need of feminine coupling. Her memory enticed her with images of the mature beauty’s pussy. She recalled the taste, fragrance and the feel of it and reasoned that they would match up well. The first full contact between their labia confirmed her suspicions.

At first, Florence teased with brief bumps and strokes. But when she felt Carol’s hands tightly grip her butt cheeks, she rubbed and held her cunt deliciously with Carol’s until she could feel the coalescence of thick labia, and the fuck began in earnest. Both women’s bodies stiffened at the thrill of this fervent caress. Sounds of succulence now danced in the night air. A satisfying cadence was established. Each pump was followed by a moan or a grunt. As each cunt on cunt thwack intensified, mutual groans became louder. Carol felt the yearning for full inosculation. Thick labia slotted in an electrifying merging. Bodies stiffened and then relaxed into ripples of womanly movement.

“Keep it there…nice and tight. Keep them together.” She pleaded.

Florence did what was asked of her. Her need to meld her cunt to Carol’s was equally strong. She shifted her lower body slightly, forcing her pelvis hard into Carol.

“You like that, baby? Is that what you want?”
“Oh, fuck! Yes!”

Florence had achieved the perfect full kiss of their sex hungry pussies. Her clitoris had furrowed its way into Carol’s cunt and was met by Carol’s in a twisting encounter. She kept her movements economical. The blond MILF responded with a perfectly compatible stroke. Hips meticulously pumped as the friction of moist, locked flesh and the grating of stiff woman cocks rocketed them to a fiery plateau of passion that neither had ever known before. They kissed hard and wet as their massive breasts wrestled. Inhibitions had abandoned both sexually frenzied women.

“Fuck me Florence! Fuck me good!”
“Fuck me back Carol! Give it to me! Fuck my cunt!”

The red haired MILF felt her body slightly slip from a buildup of sweat that had slowly coated their skin. It had the oddly dual effect of making their flesh cling to each other’s with an extra layer of intimacy, while at the same time creating a slickness that was astonishingly hot.

Then, in a surprise move, Carol rolled Florence, wanting to take over the fuck. She got in a few strokes, but then, she was once again on her back.

“Not in my house, bitch!” Florence exclaimed. “I’m driving this Eldorado!”

But, again, as soon as Florence made this dubious declaration, she was on her back again with Carol’s eyes locked with hers and Carol’s insistent cunt pumping deliciously into her cunt.

“I don’t think so. And who appointed you alpha bitch, slut?” Carol wanted to know.
“I did!” Florence responded as she muscled herself back on top.

And then, the two sexually antagonized women found themselves locked in a spirited, orgasm inducing, roll around body to body fuck wrestle. Without knowing it, they were engaged in the same fuck battle that their daughters Emily and Angela fought on a regular basis. Like mothers, like daughters, it could be said.

Two or three silent orgasms had transpired during the intense battle of two incredible MILF bodies. There were ebbs and flows in the duel. But since both moms were in fairly good shape, neither was willing to give in to the other.

Then, while lying on their sides during a post climactic ebb, their bodies still fused like Siamese twins joined at the everywhere, a mutual understanding was easily reached.

Glares and sly grins were exchanged as the two determined women, though somewhat spent, agreed with their eyes as to what would constitute the ultimate way to settle matters of the moment. They shared a lengthy kiss that combined the tastes of desire and challenge in their shared saliva. A quick twisting of tongues and licking of lips ended and then a mutual sigh proceeded the disentanglement of arms and legs and tits.

Sexual energy now returned to their bodies as they propped themselves up and positioned their smooth legs into opposing Vs and slowly closed the distance between their thick wet twats. Two mature cunts became ensnared, enmeshed, embroiled in a thick, mind blowing fuck.

Just like their two daughters would seal their youthful cunts in daughter to daughter sexually combative duels, Florence and Carol embarked upon what would turn into a protracted mother to mother challenge.

Luxuriating in the thrill of their thick labia now folding into a deep fuck, two women, long deprived of sexual pleasure began to move their hips rhythmically with each other.

“Oh damn, Florence. I was hoping we were going to do this.”
“Me too.”
“Have you ever done this before?”

Watch out for loaded questions. Careful how you answer this, Florence thought to herself.

“A couple of times, when I was a young girl. Curiosity, you know?”
“I do know. I was a young girl once myself.”
“I have to say, Carol, I’m glad you’re a woman. I don’t remember pussy to pussy ever feeling this amazing.”
“I’m glad you’re a woman too, Flo. Your cunt feels so good against mine.”
“Then, let’s fuck.”

They sat up fully so that they could engage as much flesh as possible. Meaty tits mated once again. Both women gasped at the dead on stab of nipple into nipple.

Rhythm…rhythm…rhythm. It was all about timing, tempo, and accents, with tasteful bumps, rubs and presses thrown in. Like the steady five beat clave of Cuban music, peppered with flavorful accents of a master conguero, a thing of infinite beauty was the measured and purposeful cadence of two pelvises with and against each other. Each sagacious movement designed to increase intimacy and sensual gratification, one mature stroke at a time.

Both women instinctively knew that to garner the most pleasure, the connection of two cunts should be thick, lush and consistent. Labia should be fully mated like two mouths in a wet kiss…clitorises should be forward and readily available to each other for the sake of rubbing, scraping and grinding together, all in one persistent pelvic rhythm, each woman adding her own tasty accents like a nipple pinch or the gentle bite of an earlobe. And then mouths would meet in this two women pas-de-deux with the kind of desire that both had long forgotten was inside of them. The two horny moms held onto each other in a crushing bearhug with a profound emotional release neither had surrendered to in years.

But make no mistake. When two women found themselves conjoined with each other in such an intimate fashion, competitive spirit always seemed to find a way to bathe two tightly locked pussies.

And so it was with Florence and Carol. The deep inosculation of their swollen labia and the consistent contention between their engorged clitorises eventually brought catty to the forefront of this cunt to cunt engagement.

“You feel like you’re about to cum, Florence.”
“Are you serious?”
“Yes! I can feel it…you’re really close.”
“Oh, bullshit! As sweet as my pussy is, you’ll cum way before I cum.”
“I doubt that. My pussy is way too much pussy for you to handle.”

But now, both women were breathing faster and deeper. Self control was comfortably seated on the other side of the room, watching mockingly as two sex crazed women escalated their cunt fuck.

“No way! My cunt is gonna suck the juices from yours. You’ll be writhing in ecstasy long before me.”
“Obviously, we don’t agree, Carol.”
“Then, let’s just fuck it out Florence.”
“A fuck to the finish?”
“Everything you’ve got, bitch!” Florence issued a sexy challenge.
“Against everything YOU’VE got, bitch.” Carol accepted, willing to fully immerse herself in this female to female clash of tits and pussies.

Arms wrapped around each other, compressing large full breasts, causing them to burgeon out to the side like four antagonistic portobellos with nipples.

Florence and Carol were able to fully match smooth bellies, each fired-up forty year old now struggling hard to meet the challenge of everything against everything. Not just for the sake of winning a womanly duel, but even more-so for the sake of immersing themselves in pure hedonistic pleasure so long absent from their lives.

Eyes closed as tits smacked and crushed. Womanly hips pumped in synchronous movement.
As into-each-other as they now were, the two women suddenly found the darkrooms of their closed eyes slowly developing imagery of two naked daughters between their respective thighs. A shiver of sudden awareness, laced with a sprinkle of guilt jolted them. Both sets of eyes opened. They kept themselves cheek to cheek, in order to avoid any eye contact that might prove uncomfortable or incriminating.

Eventually, the overpowering surge of their locked thighs took over, bringing them back to delicious reality. These two MILFS were engaged in a tangled, lotus-eating encounter.

Carol and Florence were in a bear hugging scissor which, with only the slightest provocation, ignited into a fiery catball. In their growing delirium, the two dueling MILFS lost a battle with stability and tumbled to the floor.

Carol came down on top of Florence and the now vigorous catball fuck continued without missing a beat.


Florence’s only focus now was to explode with cum, preferably in sync with the luscious woman on top of her.

“Fuck me good, Carol. Grind that cunt. Ummmm!!!”
“I’ve got what you want, baby. We’re both going to erupt!”

Carol turned up the heat and Florence responded. Pelvises now slammed hard as both women plunged over the ledge into weightlessness. They writhed and wrestled back and forth on the floor, bodies pressing and slamming, sweat now freely flowing, fucking to climax, again and again…and finally, to exhaustion. About thirty minutes later, Florence lifted a sleepy Carol in her arms, placed her under the covers of the bed and joined her for the night.

Sleep came quickly to the two new friends and spent lovers. Falling asleep in someone’s arms was a long forgotten sensation. They relaxed with it joyously, until morning.


Saturday, 0830. A sleepy-eyed Carol Johnson reached an arm out to embrace her overnight paramour. But she wasn’t there. On the pillow next to her was a folded blue bath towel with a yellow sticky note on it. The note read “For you, my dear.” Carol smiled to herself at the lovely gesture, then accepted the offer.

Under the stinging hot shower water, Carol groaned as she felt neck and shoulder muscles slowly relax. It was perhaps the most delightful shower she’d taken since, well…

But where was Florence?

Now dried off and wrapped in soft terrycloth, Carol checked out her face in the mirror. Satisfied with what she saw, she then spotted a hair brush. As she reached up to brush out her still damp hair, she changed her mind, deciding that she looked rather sexy with that tousled look.

“You are one hot bitch, early in the morning!” she told the woman in the mirror with mussed up hair.

Leaving the bathroom, Carol descended the stairs and then stopped in the living room to retrieve her cell phone. As she meandered toward the kitchen, she checked for messages, especially any from Emily. There was one, and it was fairly recent.

“Good morning Carol…it got a little chilly here last night. Forced to cuddle with Angie all night in our tent. Then there was the rain, of course. But today is gorgeous. Looking forward to LONG HIKES! YAY! Love you mom! See you soon.”

She sat down at the kitchen table, wondering what to do next.

Carol’s nostrils processed a familiar scent in the air, then she heard the final gurgles and sputters, and the sweet sounding beeps of an automatic coffee maker announcing the brew was complete. The blonde MILF turned around and observed that everything had been thoughtfully laid out on the counter. Alongside the coffee machine, Florence had placed sugar, half and half, spoons and two nice sized coffee mugs. Yielding to the moment, she got up and fixed herself a piping hot cup of coffee…half and half and one sugar. Back at the kitchen table, she relished her first sips of the delicious brew, while she savored the sexy events of last night.

Less than five minutes later, a door opened and Florence appeared.

“Good morning, gorgeous!” Flo sang out.
“Hi there, hottie!”

Carol watched excitedly as Florence fixed her coffee and joined her at the table, planting a full kiss on her lips before she sat down.

“Did you sleep well?” Florence asked.
“Are you kidding? I was exhausted! I slept like a rock!”
Florence flashed her a sly grin. “Yeah, we kind of wore each other out.”
“Ya think?” Carol returned a sly look, then noticed a few crystals of sweat on Flo’s forehead.

“Thanks for the shower and the delicious coffee, Flo.”
“You’re welcome, Carol.”
“I reached out to hug you and you were gone. Then I saw the towel, made use of it, and came downstairs. When I smelled the coffee, I figured you weren’t far away.”
“Oh…yes…I got up early so I decided to get in a morning exercise session.”
“Ah, that would explain the sweat on your forehead.”

Florence smiled, wiping the perspiration from her forehead onto the palm of her hand, then onto her robe.

Carol’s eyes scanned her unfamiliar surroundings.

“What?” Florence asked.
“Do you know how long it has been since I woke up in someone else’s house?”

Florence leaned in on the table, propped her chin on her folded hands and looked longingly into Carol’s eyes. She said nothing, but Carol knew. There was desire in the air.

“So, what do you have…a stationary bike or something else?”
The redhead rose to her feet. “More than that…come on, I’ll show you.”

The two women descended the stairs to the basement workout room. Carol’s jaw dropped as she checked out the array of equipment.

“Wow! This is really nice! But it must have been expensive.”
“Not as expensive as you might think, Carol. I’m kind of a savvy shopper. I look for good deals on equipment, and you can always find a set of weights or an exercise bike at a yard sale.”
“So this is why your body is so sexy! I’m impressed, Florence.”
“Well, it wasn’t for me, originally. Angie loves to exercise, so I did all this for her. Of course, my loving daughter made me commit to a regular exercise routine.” Florence confessed, shrugging her shoulders.
“We do it all for our daughters, don’t we?” Carol said with a sigh.
“Exactly, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.”
“Emily loves to exercise too.”
“I know. In fact, she was here last week to workout,” Florence’s mind beseeched caution. “I almost didn’t recognize her.”
“So, the three of you worked out together?”
“Well, no. That day, Angie got called in to work a shift at the nursing home.” She stopped there.
“Then you and Emily worked out together?”
“Uh huh.” Florence now felt like she was treading on hot coals. No mistakes, girl…measure every word, she reminded herself.

Carol then mentioned, with caution, how Angela had joined her for coffee almost two weeks ago when Emily was out of town for a few days.

“It was sweet of her to stop by to check on me. Your daughter is a lovely girl.”
“Thank you. But she didn’t mention her visit with you.”
“Emily didn’t mention that she was here working out with you, either.”

Now the blond mom wondered why neither daughter had mentioned their visits and began to speculate over how odd it was that both daughters managed to drop by at a time when both she and Florence would be alone. Thoughts that she had never entertained now entered Carol’s mind.

“Excuse me…you said Emily comes here to workout?”
“Yeah, the girls work out here maybe three times a week. I don’t know exactly how often, I’m usually at work.”
“HERE? NOT at the health club?”
“Of course! Why would they go there? Why pay good money when they have all this?”
“Why, indeed?” Gears of suspicion now churned in Carol’s mind “…three times a week?”
“Yes, and I must say, they work out in rather skimpy outfits.”

Now Florence wondered if she had given too much information. She watched as Carol took out her cell phone and dialed a number.

“Planet Muscle…Brad speaking…how can I help you?”
“Good morning, Brad…this is Carol Johnson. Is my daughter Emily there? I need to speak with her.”

Florence looked on, totally confused.

“Let me check, Mrs. Johnson.” Brad turned to the female associate who was working the desk with him. He didn’t cover the mouthpiece.

“Lisa, have you seen Emily Johnson here this morning?”
“Emily? Oh no, she stopped coming here months ago. She never renewed her membership, for some reason.”
“Did you hear that?” Brad asked.
“Yes, Brad, I did.”
“I hope everything is OK.” Brad said, concerned that he might have gotten Emily into trouble with her mom. He had.
“Oh, yes, everything is fine. Thank you so much, Brad.”
“Have a nice day, Mrs. Johnson.”
“You too…Brad. Bye bye.”
“What was that all about?” a puzzled Florence asked.
“Well, Flo, it seems like my daughter has not been honest with me.”
“How so?”
“She has indicated to me that she and Angela are still members of the health club.”
“Goodness, no! Like I said, they work out here.”
“Yes, you did…three times a week…in very skimpy outfits.”
“Oh yes!”

Carol then paused and looked deeply into Florence’s eyes. Angie’s mom sensed something was coming.

“Let me ask you something, Mrs. Evans,” Carol took Florence’s hands in hers and caressed them warmly. “are we going to become lovers? Is this going to be a regular ‘thing’ between us?”
“Why, Mrs. Johnson, are you proposing that we have a regular relationship…a torrid sexual affair?”
“I am…friends with sexual benefits…just like our daughters.”
“Our daughters, Flo, they’re fucking each other!”

Florence Evans’ jaw dropped…her eyes widened in shock and her hand went over her mouth in a stark realization. All the pieces now came together in her mind. The thrice weekly workouts in such skimpy bikinis, two firm-bodied, nearly naked young women, pumping iron, pushing their cardio-vascular systems with aerobics, sweating and breathing hard. Exercise was the appetizer. Naked body collisions and heated lesbian grinding was the main course.

“How did I miss that, Carol?”
“We both missed it.”
“What do we do? Should we say anything to them?”
“That could be tricky, considering what you and I did last night.”
“That’s different, we’re women.” Florence’s justification was feeble, at best.
“Technically speaking, Flo, so are they.”
“So, what do we do about this? They’ve hidden certain aspects of their relationship from us. It’s dishonest. At the very least, they need to be seriously reprimanded.”
“Yes, they do need to be scolded, seriously. But not because they are lovers. That’s their choice and we have no right to tell them otherwise.” Carol pointed out with wisdom.

Florence understood completely, having pretty much the same approach to parenting as Carol.

“But we should have strong words with them about why they’ve both been deceitful.”

The two MILFs locked eyes for several long seconds. A moment of truth was upon them. There was no longer any doubt of this. If integrity was the issue for both daughters, it should be the same for them. In Florence’s mind, several more pieces of this complex puzzle began to fall into place. It was time for a few provocative, or perhaps slightly uncomfortable questions.

“So, you and my daughter Angela had coffee and a chat?”

OH NO!!! Carol’s mind cried out. She’s figured it out!

“Umm…yes. A lovely chat…You know, two gals getting to know each other.” Carol hesitated, offering no more information than necessary.
“Anything else, Mrs. Johnson?” Florence gently pushed.

Carol was busted and she knew it. Perhaps she could steer this n a different direction, as she now began to suspect there were two guilty women in the room.

“Well, as I recall, I told Angela I enjoyed chatting with her. Then asked her to leave because I had a busy day and I needed to take a shower. But Angie stayed and helped me wash my back, and…”
“That’s my Angie…always willing to lend a helping hand…please continue.”
“Then, all lathered up and slippery, she scrubbed my back with…with…”

Carol looked down to see Florence untie the sash of her robe. “Then what? With what?”
“She scrubbed my back vigorously with her big soft breasts.”
“Vigorously, you say? Wow Carol, your back must have been filthy!”
“Oh, it was! But Angie persisted, selflessly, and scrubbed me until I was nice and clean.”
“My sweet, unselfish girl! Then what happened?” Florence asked, opening up her robe.
“As you can imagine, my front needed a good cleaning too.”
“I can.”
“So then our bellies and our tits met for a good wash and rinse. Scrub, scrub, scrub.”

Carol shook the robe from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She slipped her hands under Florence’s robe and peeled it from her, before continuing.

“What happened after that, Mrs. Johnson?”
“Next thing I knew, we started pushing and bumping our bodies under the shower, kind of fighting with our bodies.”
“HUH!!! Fighting with your soapy wet bodies? Under the shower? My goodness, Carol!!!”

Shocked by what she was hearing, Florence had no choice but to pull Carol to her and firmly press their tits, bellies and crotches.

“Then what happened?”
“As we were jostling around, we lost our footing. We fell on our butts on the slick shower floor, with our legs scissored and our pussies slammed together tightly.”
“That must have been terrible!”
“I was shocked by it all! We tried to get up a few times, but our efforts failed. Next thing we knew, our squashed cunts started fighting each other…stroking and grinding and rubbing against each other!”
“Poor baby! It must have been a harrowing experience.”
“Honestly, Florence, I don’t know how I got through it.”

Florence was now actively rubbing her smooth pussy on Carol’s upper thigh. Carol filled her hands with the firm flesh of Florence’s ass and squeezed. Now it was her turn to ask questions. She mashed her aroused tits fully into Florence’s breasts, scraping nipples across dotted areolae. Florence shivered, then softly gasped.

“Now then, Mrs.Evans…about that exercise session with my lovely daughter…”
“What about it?”

Carol had redirected her slowly moistening pussy into a more direct confrontation with Florence’s mound of womanhood.

“I suspect that you two did a little more than workout.”
“Why so suspicious, Carol? Emily and I had a really good exercise session, that’s all.”
“Lots of sweating and heavy breathing, I expect.”
“Yes, it was a really vigorous session.”
“I see…and what kind of outfits were you two wearing?”
“Well, I started out with my standard workout attire. But then, Emily insisted that I put on a very skimpy bikini…dark blue, almost no material. You should have seen the way this tiny thing displayed my voluptuous body. It was shameful!!!”
“I can imagine…then what happened?”
“We went through all the equipment…we did weights, spotting each other like good workout partners do, and then we hit the aerobic machines.”
“So, that was it? That was the complete workout routine?”
“Not exactly…we ended up having a sit-up challenge, which I lost.”
“Aw, poor Flo,”

Carol dropped down and took Flo’s left nipple into her mouth, sucking on it to console her.
Between gentle bites and sucks, Carol encouraged Florence to continue.

“But then, she forced me to wrestle with her. I didn’t want to, but I lost the sit up contest, lost the bet.”
“That certainly must have been unpleasant.” Carol said, slowly kissing her way up Florence’s chest, shoulders and neck.
“Unpleasant doesn’t begin to describe it.”
“Your sweaty bikini clad body, writhing against my Emily’s firm, nearly naked body…”
“Yes, the two of us, rolling back and forth, our bodies locked in a heated wrestle…right here on this mat.”
“I see. And at what point did the bikinis come off?”
“Well, you’re not going to believe this, Carol, but the wrestle got so heated that bikinis just kind of came off…”
“I hate it when that happens! Then what?”
“Then, both of us naked as the day we were born, our pussies started to tangle!”
“I LOVE it when that happens!”
“Eventually, my experienced pussy prevailed. Emily’s young twat was vanquished. But she didn’t seem to mind…in fact, she rather enjoyed it. You could say that she erupted in pure joy.”
“As did you, seconds later, I’m sure.”

Carol took Florence down to the mat. Both women, now fully charged and nearly out of control, fused their bodies and began a chest crushing, pussy pounding, roll over and over grapple.

“Shit!!!” Florence cried out as their twats tangled.
“Oh FUCK!!!” Carol yelped as her pussy spewed cum all over the redhead’s twat.
“Fucking slut!!!” Florence screamed at the pulsating release of her own cum onto her new lover’s sticky cunt.

They collapsed, limp in each other’s arms, breathing hard, but happy for such sexual bliss.

They lay quietly for several minutes. Then Florence re-opened the questioning concerning the events of the past two weeks.

“Why do you think our two daughters decided to seduce us?”
“I’ve been wondering about that, too. I have no idea. But we should get to the bottom of this.”
“So, what should we do? Yell at them? Express our displeasure over such behavior? Maybe we should withhold privileges.”
“They definitely need a good talking to…but let’s have some fun with it.”
“What do you have in your devious mind, Carol?”
“Something evil…something diabolical…something FUN!”
“Are we talking payback?”
“Oh yeah!”
“I like it!” Florence enthusiastically responded.


Monday, early afternoon.

“Are you sure about this, Flo?”
“They’ll come downstairs. They always do.”
“I expect that they want to get back into their normal ‘exercise’ routine.” Carol put the word exercise in air quotes. Florence chuckled.
“I’m betting on their devotion to that routine.”
“Emily texted me Saturday morning. She said that it was so cold on Friday night that she and Angie kept warm by ‘cuddling’ all night in the tent.”
“Is that what they’re calling it now, ‘cuddling?’”
“Yes, just like we’ve been ‘cuddling’ for the last three days.”
“I like the way you ‘cuddle’ Carol.”
“I like the way you fuck, Florence.”
“This is going to be FUN!”


The two moms had taken a day off from work, in order to carry out their plan. Carol had parked her car down the street in order to not arouse suspicion. A little bit after noon, Angie Evans pulled her mom’s CRV into the garage. She and Emily unloaded their camping gear. After the weekend they had spent at The Northern Coast State Park, they were ready to get back to the practiced regimen of their daily lives.

Now, home at last, they craved the familiar, which meant a long, hot shower and a workout in the exercise room, followed by a vigorous nude fuck wrestle. Confident that both mom’s were at work, they had at least four hours to themselves to shower, workout, fuck each other senseless and shower again. The two girls giggled and playfully scrubbed each other down under the cascading shower waters, happy to be home again and in each other’s naked embrace. Downstairs in the exercise room, two naked moms awaited their arrival…

Clad in their scanty bikinis, Angie and Emily finally made their way down the basement steps to the exercise room. The light in the basement was on. What the hell? They froze on the steps when they heard the shrieks and cursing of what seemed to be a fight. Taking the next two steps quietly, they looked on in horror at the sight of their mothers, completely naked and locked in a tumultuous, roll around tussle.

“I’ll show you who the better woman is, you tramp!” Carol screamed.
“You’re no match for me. My body is hotter than that flabby body of yours.” Florence screamed back.
“Put your pussy where your mouth is, bitch!” Carol challenged.
“I’ll go cunt to cunt with you. I’ll destroy that ancient twat of yours.”
“Not a chance! My pussy will fuck your pussy into the ground.”
“Prove it, slut!”

Appalled by what they were seeing, by something they had never expected to see, the two young women didn’t know what to do about it. How could they be so distressed, yet so aroused by the sight of their two naked mothers struggling body to body. The urge to break them up was matched by the lurid desire to watch. So, vowing to eventually do something, they watched with divided loyalties. Angie hoped that her mom would win, yet lusted over Carol’s sexy body. Emily’s loyalty was equally split.

A quick separation of the two women caused them to back up a couple of steps so as not to be seen.

“What are they doing?” Angie whispered.
“Damn it! I can’t see from here!”
“Get closer!”

Emily descended one step.

“Oh geeze! They’re getting ready to scissor fuck! And it doesn’t look friendly either!”
“What the FUCK is that all about?” Angie was flabbergasted. She moved down to get a look.
“I don’t know…I didn’t even know that they knew each other! Good lord!”
“Why are they fighting?”
“How the fuck would I know?”

Knowing the girls were watching, Florence and Carol prepared to put on a good show. They started out with more trash talk.

“Now, you’re going to find out who’s the best, you whore!” Carol taunted.
“I already know who’s best, you fucking slut!” Florence responded.
“I’ll slaughter you in a cunt fight, Florence.”
“Bullshit Carol! Bring it! Bring that cunt!”
“Oh, I’m gonna bring it.”

Then came the sounds the two daughters knew so well…SMACK! SQUISH!…followed by the throaty moans of two fully engaged sexual combatants.

“FUCK!!!” Both moms cried out together. Then they dropped to the mat, grabbed each other’s right leg and began to grind. Knowing the girls were watching them, Florence and Carol went at it as two horrified and titillated daughters took it all in.

“You cunt licking slut! I’ll demolish you!” Carole howled.
“You didn’t seem to mind last night.” Flo pointed out.
“Neither did you.”

“Ewww…they licked each other’s pussies?” Angie asked
“Sounds like it.”

“I’ll annihilate you, you clit sucking jezebel!” Florence almost broke character when she said that.

“What the hell is a Jezebel?” Emily asked.
“It’s an old fashioned term for a loose, immoral woman…a slut, a whore.”
“Oh, Angie, you’re so hep to the jive talk.”
“I’m a real cool kitty, Em.”

The pussy grinding act intensified, for the sake of the captive audience. Despite their Oscar-worthy performances, Florence and Carol were quite enjoying the fake war between their thespian cunts. Indeed, an unplanned cameo appeared in the form of an explosive mutual orgasm. Both moms fell limp, moaning in the afterglow.

Finally, the daughters had had enough.

“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!” Angela Evans demanded to know. Emily stood beside her, both of them hands on hips, like two angry moms getting ready to scold their children…two angry moms in barely-there bikinis.

Feigning shock, Florence and Carol separated, scrambled on the mat, grabbing their robes and covering themselves in a disheveled manner. The theater continued.

“What are you doing here?”
“We thought you weren’t going to be here until tonight.”
“We got ahead of traffic…never mind that. What in the name of Jehovah is going on here?”
“How long have you two known each other?” asked Emily.

The MILF moms then wended their way through their rehearsed explanation.

“Carol stopped in at the Belvedere lounge last Friday for a cocktail. We recognized each other, so we had dinner together. It seemed like a good time for us to become better acquainted.” Florence explained.
“We had a great time together, getting to know each other.” Carol added.
“Talking about our lives and of course, our beautiful daughters…it was great fun.”
“We have so much in common. You could say that we bonded.”
“So, we exchanged phone numbers, to keep in touch and to build our friendship.”
“How did this lunacy come about?” Emily asked.
“Simple, I invited Carol over for a workout.”
“You girls enjoy working out, why shouldn’t we?” Carol began the needling process.
“Things were going great, until…”
“Until this puffed-up bitch challenged me to a sit-up contest. I wasn’t going to back down from that!”
“Watch your mouth, loser!”
“Screw you, Florence! You cheated and you know it!” Carol accused the redhead.
“I did not cheat!”

Carol and Florence peeled off their robes, preparing to go at it again. They slammed tits and snarled. Their hands tore into each other’s hair.


“Goddammit! You two…Stop it!” Angie yelled.

The two moms let go of each other. It was hard for the two girls not to feel arousal as they watched the chests of their moms heave.

“You two should be ashamed of yourselves!” Emily scolded.
“For what?” Florence asked, ready to drop the hammer.
“For acting like…like children!” Emily said with a haughty tone.
“Oh no, Emily…” Florence paused, “we weren’t acting like children. We were acting like…like…”
“Like twenty year olds.” Carol finished the sentence.
“Exactly, Carol…we were acting just like our daughters do. A nice, sweaty workout, and then a naked wrestle.”
“Don’t forget the part about fucking, Flo.”
“That’s right, can’t forget the fucking part.” Florence agreed, sarcasm dripping from her words.

Angie and Emily felt the proverbial rug being pulled out from under them. Their faces were flushed. Knees felt unsteady. They were busted and they knew it.

“What?” Emily whimpered.
“How?” Angie sniveled.

Both fully embarrassed, they watched their mothers embrace and share a naked, intense kiss.

“When Carol and I met, we were immediately attracted to each other.”
“Then it became obvious that we were both, well, lonely.”
“Don’t forget how horny we both were.” Florence added.
“Exactly! So, we decided, why shouldn’t two sexy forty year old women with hot bodies get naked and fuck the living daylights out of each other?” Carol explained.
“But here’s the really strange part, girls. The more we fucked…”
“Oh my, did we ever fuck!” Carol emphasized.
“Indeed…the more we fucked the more we talked and the more we talked, the more we realized that we both had something to confess to each other.”
“In other words, we both realized we’d been duped by our daughters.”
“Seduced by our daughters…”
“Fucked by our daughters.”

The room fell dead silent for several seconds. Carol added punctuation to the shame in the air.

“You two didn’t actually think that you could pull this off, did you?”

Both girls buried their faces in their hands. Tears flowed. Wet sniffles could be heard. Florence turned to Carol and spoke.

“Do you want to go take a shower, Carol?”
“Only if you promise to wash my filthy back with your big, beautiful tits.”
“Oh, absolutely!”

Carol blew a sarcastic kiss to Angie, then she and Florence walked off together. Young Angie’s shame devolved to tears.



Emily Johnson and Angela Evans went through the motions of their workout routine without enthusiasm or emotion. Naked, simply because there was nothing to hide any longer, they completed each exercise wordlessly. After thirty minutes, they stopped, toweled off and stretched out on the mat alongside each other. Considering the guilt and shame they felt, the workout ending fuck wrestle seemed inappropriate.

“How did I let you talk me into such a stupid thing?” Emily foolishly began to assign blame.

Angie turned to look Emily in the eyes. “Excuse me, miss Em, but I don’t recall twisting your arm.”
“What are you talking about? This whole misguided adventure was YOUR idea!”
“An idea that YOU eagerly agreed to. Need I remind you of how you were salivating over my mother’s body?”
“And YOU were clearly slobbering over the thought of fucking my hot mother.”
“I don’t deny that.”
“I guess we both should have known better, Angie.”
“You’re right, Em. I wonder what they’re going to do to us.” Angela worried.
“We could be in for a tough few weeks to come.”
“I have a feeling that we’re going to get what we deserve, Em.”

Emily sighed, almost in tears.

Sitting on the bottom steps, Carol and Florence overheard the entire exchange between their daughters.

Carol sighed. “Shall we?”
“Lets go.”

Now, both girls were aware of the presence of their mothers, standing at their feet. They gasped when each mom untied her robe, and then shed them.

Florence Evans knelt down and parted young Emily Johnson’s legs. Carol did the same to Angie.

“What the hell?” Emily exclaimed. Angie was equally taken aback.
“You two young ladies have been VERY naughty.” Carol said, shaking the finger of shame at them.
“It’s time for your comeuppance.” Florence scolded playfully.

Before either of them could say a word, the two twenty year olds were in a tit smacking pussy pounding fuck wrestle with each of their forty year old moms.

Mouths and tongues, tits and bellies, arms, legs and naked cunts clashed in two simultaneous body on body fucks.

“You fucking dirty, hot bitches!” Emily screamed as she felt Florence’s womanly clitoris sink into her cunt.

Angie was in a similar situation. Her slick body was writhing out of control under the full weight of Carol’s body. Her cunt was splayed by the thick fuck of Carol’s womanly cunt.

But the two young daughters had no intention of being shrinking violets. They both drew upon their acquired skills and engaged their respective mothers in tumbling, back and forth body-locked fuck wrestles.

The rest of the afternoon was filled with the sounds of slapping flesh, squishing cunts, grunts, groans and screams…interspersed with explosive mother-daughter mother- daughter orgasms…

It should be noted here that, in this wild sexual fracas, experience prevailed over youthful enthusiasm. Again…

The End

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