Chapter 3: Beth and Sandra – Pizza for Two by A.Penman

8:15 PM.

Sandra Turner returned from the kitchen with a bottle of spray cleaner and a couple sheets of paper towels. She knelt down in front of the couch and took a couple of seconds to assess the mess she had made. She was surprised by the sheer volume of the sticky ejaculate that lingered as a memory on the middle couch cushion.

“Sweet Jehovah! Did all of that come from me?”

She sighed, and then got busy cleaning. A second trip to the kitchen for more paper towels was necessary. These were used as a blotter to absorb the remaining moisture. Hopefully, the cushion would not be stained. Oh well, she could always trailer-park-trash-it and flip it over.

“Good gracious, Beth Andrews,” she thought, wistfully, “you bring out the best in me.”

Then, at the mere mention of Beth’s name, Sandra’s body was hit with an unexpected, second surge of desire. The epicenter was her still slightly tremulous womanhood, but the concentric circles of lust spread to the far reaches of her breasts. She felt her nipples twinge as if…as if they were being pushed back into her tit flesh by the physically dominating nipples that adorned the breasts of one Elizabeth Andrews. Her memory of what had just taken place rekindled a fire in her loins.

This unexpected craving, she thought, came so soon after such a powerful orgasm. Yet, somehow it made sense. As wild as they had been in their minds and on the phone, it wasn’t enough. There remained the overwhelming need for the flesh of another woman…one particular woman. She glanced at the digital clock on the end table, then reached for her cell phone and made the call.

8:25 PM. Andrews household.

Beth Andrews stepped out of the shower, dried off and returned to the bedroom. She removed the top sheet and then the fitted sheet from her matrimonial bed.

“Oh my!” She observed as she noted that her cum had seeped through to the mattress pad. A rather large wet spot remained.

“Off to the washer you go, too.”

She removed the mattress pad and then returned her copy of “Busty Nymphos” magazine to its home between the mattress and box spring.

And then, she heard her cell phone vibrate on the nightstand. She shook her head and addressed the slightly jiggling phone. “What took you so long?”

“Sandra! Hi!” said a not-so-surprised Beth Andrews.

“It’s great to hear from you! Gosh, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?”

Beth was in full sarcasm mode.

“What’s on your mind?” She asked, as if she was a cat who had caught a mouse and then released it, only to catch it once again. But Sandra wasn’t into the game. She was blunt in her response.

“My nipples want to fight your nipples…my tits want to wrestle with your tits…my pussy wants to…”

“Didn’t we just do that? If my memory serves me correctly, I dominated you. I gave you an explosive orgasm.”

“Oh, cut the bullshit Beth, you won a phone sex fight.”

“And now you want me to come over? Now you want to do it for real?”

“YES, I do!” Sandra squealed. “How fast can you get here?”

Beth decided that teasing Sandra might be fun. It gave her a kind of perverse thrill. It made her feel dominant, if only for a few seconds.

“Gosh, I don’t know, Sandra. I was just settling in for the evening.”

Beth was enjoying the momentary power she had over an obviously vulnerable and still horny Sandra.

What do you mean ‘settling in?’ It’s not even 8:30 yet!”

“What the hell do you think I mean? I just got out of the shower. Now I’m putting some lotion on my luscious breasts, my smooth tummy and my creamy white thighs and my…”

“STOP IT!!!” Sandra screamed into the phone. She struggled to regainer composure.

“You can settle in for the night here…I’LL put the lotion on you.”

An image flashed in Beth’s mind. In it, she was stretched out naked in Sandra’s bed. Her eyes were closed as her clouded-with-desire mind absorbed the sensations of the brunette’s skilled hands working a lovely, scented lotion into her smooth tummy. Then, from aloft, a slow drip, drip, drip of lotion would land on her sexually tense breasts. Sandra’s soft hands would then gather those precious drops of lubricant and redirect them, spreading them evenly over her bountiful tits, careful not to miss the tiniest bit of flesh. Her fingers would spread out in a fruitless effort to gather in and squeeze her massive tits. But Sandra would quickly realize that the only things that could possibly contain or control Beth’s fulsome tits were her own substantial breasts. It would be necessary to match boobs in a naked tit to tit scrum. In her mind, Beth could hear the succulent SPLAT. Her mind would cry out in joy at this sweet meeting of flesh that she so loved.

It was a nice fantasy, but Beth Andrews knew that things would likely happen much differently once their bodies met in that aggressive first collision. Still, she stifled a gasp, even as her loins began to ache with desire and her nipples tented her silk nightie.

“See you in a few minutes, honey.” Beth ended the call.

A certain sense of satisfaction wove through Beth’s mind. But she was not foolish enough to think that she had any real advantage over Sandra. She sighed, and then felt a bit of premature moistness in her crotch.

Elizabeth Andrews, esteemed wife of revered church elder Joseph Andrews, terminated the phone call then quickly dressed in a pullover V-neck, no bra, a simple thong, a pair of jeans that were far too tight for a woman of her status, and a pair of simple black flats. She quickly headed to the garage and jumped into the Prius. The automatic garage door opened as she put the car into reverse to back out. But her excitement level was now so high that she hit the accelerator a bit too enthusiastically. The undercarriage of the car loudly scraped on the pavement. She had to slam on the brakes to avoid crashing into a neighbor’s car that was parked across the street. The sudden adrenaline rush caused her to stop and try to regain her composure. She heard a familiar voice come from a car behind her.

“Is everything OK, Mrs. Andrews?” The reassuring voice of a neighbor called out.

Beth couldn’t make out who it was, through the glare of headlights, but he sat, patiently waiting for her to put the car in drive and move along. She waved acknowledgment, hit the button to close the garage door, shifted gears and then drove off into the night to meet her destiny. The thought crossed her mind that she, the devoted wife of a JW church elder, was heading into the night for her second lesbian sexual encounter. Did it bother her? Was she riddled with guilt? Hell no! The thought of her and lovely Sandra locked in a sweaty two woman tryst made her loins surge. Guilt? Fuck that concept, that’s somebody else’s problem.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is D56FCA2C-CAD2-4451-AB82-6C5008593D02-9055-0000091CE45141E8.png

Meanwhile, Sandra Turner took a quick shower, then prepared her voluptuous body for the night that lay ahead. Standing naked in front of the bedroom mirror, she filled her hands with her meaty tits. They were in a state of heightened sensitivity. As she caressed them, she addressed them.

“Get ready, ladies. You’re going to be taking on Beth’s two big girls again. This could be a long night!”

Her slowly hardening nipples then tingled, as if to let her know they were ready. The luscious flesh of her mons veneris announced its eagerness with a shiver.

Then, like a coach rallying the team before the big game, she addressed her throbbing woman weapons. “OK, everyone seems ready. Let’s do this!”

Sandra then sighed and thought to herself, “I wish that DC could be here to witness this, but…”

The doorbell rang, rather impatiently, announcing the arrival of busty Beth Andrews. Sandra’s body came alive with lust. Hoping to catch Beth off guard, she decided to answer the door naked. It rang again, sounding even more urgent.

“Damn, Beth, be patient!” Sandra said as she swung the door wide open, her glorious nude body on full display.

“Domino’s…your large pepperoni pizza, ma’am,” said a handsome, nonplused young man who couldn’t have been over twenty years old.

Sandra’s burgeoning excitement caused her to forget that she had ordered a pizza. A lot of calories would be burned tonight. Some form of nourishment would be needed. Her shame at the circumstance was eclipsed by the joy of feeling this virile young man’s eyes devouring every square inch of her flesh.

“Just a moment,” she read his name tag, “Brett.”

Sandra went off for a few seconds, located her wallet and then returned with a crisp twenty dollar bill. The exchange of cash for pizza then took place without incident. Well, except for the fact that young Brett couldn’t disconnect his glare from her naked breasts.

“Have a great night, Brett! And keep the change.”

Sandra smiled and gave him a deliberate sexy wink. But Brett, the pizza delivery man, just stood there.

“Is something wrong?”

“Well, ma’am,” he hesitated slightly, “normally, this is the part where you invite me in for wild sex.”

“You’re absolutely right, Brett. The pizza delivery guy always gets laid…unfortunately, not tonight.”

“Why not?”

“Because I’m doing lesbian sex tonight.”

“Ah…” Brett nodded, understanding. “Some other time, perhaps.”

“Don’t count on it, Brett, goodnight.”

Sandra started to close the door, but handsome young Brett just stood there.

“Oh miss, before I leave…”

“What now?” asked a slightly irritated and still naked Sandra.

“Well, we at Domino’s pride ourselves in being a full service organization.”

“Meaning what?”

“Perhaps, for your next pizza delivery, you should request our girl Barbara.”

“Why Barbara?”

“Because she’s blond, sexy and she’s got a great set of tits! She would be a good match for you.”

“I…don’t…” Sandra hesitated, but he persisted.

“And she loves a good tit to tit tussle, or so I’ve heard.”

“I’ll…um…pass on that, too.” Sandra graciously declined.

“Are you sure, ma’am? She comes with her own extra virgin olive oil for pleasure enhancement, if that’s your thing.”

“Have a great night, Brett…”

Brett took the final hint that he should leave, “You too, ma’am.”

Sandra watched as strapping young Brett walked away. She made a mental note to request Barbara for her next pizza delivery. Wrestling a busty twenty year old, tits to tits in extra virgin olive oil did indeed have a certain appeal.

Beth Andrews passed young Brett on her way up the walkway. Their eyes met briefly as they passed each other like two fictional characters in the night.

“Good evening, young man.”

Brett nodded and smiled. “Sure wish I was you.”

Not missing a beat, Beth responded, “If you were me, you’d have fantastic tits.”

Brett laughed heartily, then jumped into the Subaru hatchback and drove off to fulfill his mission of delivering authentic, corporate-style pizza to the denizens of the night.

But Beth didn’t fully understand the young man’s wistful words until she saw Sandra standing completely naked in the doorway.

“Let me guess, you answered the door in your birthday suit, thinking it was me.”

“Get your ass in here, Beth Andrews! And get out of those clothes!”

The door closed hard. The pizza was carefully set aside.

“Smells good! Can I have a slice?”

“We’ll re-heat it later.”

Without pause or concern, the two concupiscent women slammed into each other. They careened off the nearby wall, kissing hard and breathlessly, grabbing and groping and eventually tumbling to the floor. The struggle to remove Beth’s limited amount of clothing was a shared effort. In seconds, their naked bodies were grinding and slapping into each other. They were both feverish with lust. Smooth, long legs became entwined and their cat-ball body roll ultimately deposited them onto the living room carpet. Sandra heard something crash to the floor, but there was nothing she could do about it. She was much too busy with raging, out of control desire.

Just like she had done over the phone, Beth had taken the top position and seemed determined to hold on to it. Sandra bucked her hips repeatedly, but with each upward thrust her pussy clashed hard with Beth’s thick fuck meat. She then tried to change the focus of this naked tussle to their perfectly matched breasts. But Sandra’s pencil eraser sized nipples were being dominated by Beth’s rock hard bullets. And her tits were once again under the firm control of Beth’s tits. Damn! How could this happen?

The scenario was unfolding almost identically to their phone sex fight call a little less than an hour ago. Quite simply, Beth was overpowering her.

“I told you what I was going to do to you, Sandra. My tits are crushing your tits; my body is dominating your body.” Beth asserted.

“Get off me, you dyke!”

“Shut the fuck up, bitch! You wanted this. Now take what’s coming to you. And who’s calling who a dyke? Lesbo slut!”

This fire was close to raging out of control. Both women were engulfed in desire, even more-so than when they were on the phone. And, while there was much to be said for imagery that flashes in one’s mind in the middle of a heated phone chat, nothing could match the feel of flesh on flesh, especially when that flesh belonged to one Elizabeth Andrews. Sandra was thrilled by Beth’s assertiveness. It seemed that her sometimes prissy friend had a dark side, a secretive side that only served to titillate her.

“Yes, Beth…I want this…I need this. But so do you.”

“No argument there,” said Beth as she stretched Sandra’s arms out, pinning her chest to chest.

“But remember, I asked if you wanted me to come by before. You just wanted us to fuck over the phone.”

“What’s your point, slut?”

“My point is, sexy Sandra, now you’re really gonna get it.”

Beth smacked her belly hard into Sandra’s tummy. The brunette gasped and then freed her wrists from Beth’s grasp. She then mustered the strength to roll her sandy blond haired rival. She had but a split second to gloat as she looked deeply into the blue/green eyes of this oh so hot woman…this woman with whom she so desperately longed to be locked pussy to pussy. But as soon as her body relaxed a bit, Sandra was, once again, on her back and being dominated. It was kind of a kinky sensation.

“Damn, Beth! Have you been wrestling with Rhonda Rousey?”

Beth smiled, “I wish!”

And then, Elizabeth Andrews directed her shaved cunt deep into the lush wetness between Sandra Turner’s thighs.

“Ugghh!!!” Sandra gasped as her silken, hairless pussy slotted with the invasive pudenda, and a deep woman fuck commenced.

“Beth, you mother-fucking whore!”

“Shut up and fuck, bitch! Body to body!”

“Cunt-to-cunt, all night long!” Sandra issued a challenge.

Beth said nothing. She merely flashed a sinister grin and then let her pussy do the talking. Sandra splayed her legs wide, committing her cunt fully to Beth. The sandy blonde vixen adjusted the stroke of her hips and sealed herself in a thick fuck with the brunette beneath her.

“Oh god!” the two women cried out simultaneously.

Sandra had “won” their first ever physical duel, just barely. But now, with this in your face attitude, she had to wonder if, on that night, Beth had been a bit reserved in front of her husband.

Sandra knew how DC felt about busty women getting busy with each other. In private, he had not been the least bit reserved about what he imagined every time she and Beth shared a tit crushing embrace. He did not hesitate to let her know how he envisioned them entangled in a bare breasted bear hug. It was then that Sandra confessed to him that she suspected, even hoped that eventually things between her and Beth would get out of control; that their “enthusiastic” embraces would unfold exactly the way they did on that night when the two of them could no longer suppress their overwhelming sexual desire for each other. DC was all in on that scenario.

But now she extrapolated in her mind that the power/sex dynamic was likely quite different in the Andrews household. She began to suspect that Beth was a tigress who’s claws were always in a state of retraction…but not tonight.

Two naked, undulating female bodies took on a coating of sweat and residual lotion that made them coalesce into a sticky mound of cat-balling female flesh. It was a strange dimension of sexual pleasure that neither woman had ever before experienced. The prurient pleasure of this reunion of their bodies was greatly enhanced by the total lack of inhibitions in both women.

“This is going to be one hellacious fuck fight, Beth.” Sandra pointed out as her body began to writhe under Beth’s exquisite fuck stroke.

Mouths locked again and tongues twisted. Spit oozed out of the corners and two thick pussies quarreled in a bath of pre-cum. Beth’s clitoris found Sandra’s and a steady grind of clit on clit began. The two exacerbated women fucked with every square inch of their bodies until an unchecked orgasm washed over both of them at the same exact moment. For both Beth and Sandra, as cum spurted from their enmeshed twats, it was one of those moments when a few seconds seemed to go on forever. It wasn’t until they both became painfully aware of the other’s fingernails digging into their ass cheeks that they realized the first round was over and nothing had been decided…nothing but unmatched pleasure had been achieved.

A breathless Sandra Turner whispered her intent into Beth’s left ear.

“Let’s finish this in the bedroom.”

“Lead the way.”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is D56FCA2C-CAD2-4451-AB82-6C5008593D02-9055-0000091CE45141E8.png

Ah, the scissor lock; the ultimate way for two women to bond, to fight, to reckon, or to just plain fuck. What a glorious tradition! Two women could not be any closer than the naked joining of their sacred woman parts.

Sandra found herself wondering how far back in human history this most intimate practice went. Did it go back to some remote prehistoric outpost when two antagonistic women decided that this was how they would settle a dispute? Was there a first winner and loser? Was that first cunt to cunt duel so unexpectedly exciting that the two cavewomen met again and again to battle with their private parts? Did they tell the other women of the wonders of such intimate encounters? Most of all, in 2000 BC, Sandra wondered, what did their pussies smell like?

Historical perspective was nice, but right now, over four thousand years later, Sandra Turner was on her bed staring down her long, smooth legs directly at Beth Andrews glistening vulva. She quietly marveled at its opulence and thrilled, knowing that her own womanly lips would, in a matter of seconds, be engaged with this glorious anatomy. She thrilled, all over her body.

Then, like two naked novitiates locked in a steamy shower brawl, Beth and Sandra came together in a delicious squish. This precipitated a full body shudder in both women.

“It’s ON, bitch!” Sandra proclaimed as she slotted her thick cunt lips deep into Beth’s folds of flesh.

“Oh yeah! I’m gonna give you exactly what you wanted, Sandra.”

The room became momentarily silent as the two frenemies locked in mutual lust. They jammed, squirmed, pushed and ground hard into each other, forcing meat to meat in this most womanly duel. They fell to their backs and pulled on legs to force their inosculate pussies even tighter. They sat up, slamming bellies and tits, bear hugging in furious tongue twisting kisses. And then the cycle would repeat as Beth and Sandra waged a war of sexual dominance. Each woman desperate to satisfy her own lascivious needs while in the process of dominating the other.

Their first sexual encounter was born from pure desire, brought to life by the regular breast to breast embraces. But this had an extra element. Sex to sex, who was the better woman? No mistake, there was a ton of pure lust in this clandestine tryst. But there was rivalry too.

The two women were now, once again, flat on their backs, rhythmically grinding their wet pudenda into each other. Each stroke sent shock waves of pleasure through their writhing bodies. Both women knew that it would not be long before their clits emerged. And when that happened…

Sandra felt the hardening of her shaft. The response in Beth’s girl tool was instantaneous. The two clits sought each other out instantly. The connection was made. Sandra’s swollen shaft felt the full length of Beth’s turgid rod. As the two clitorises engaged, anguished cries came from their chests. Sliding up and down and side to side, Beth and Sandra sought to maximize the interface between their shafts. Beth was more than willing to match the full length of her engorged clit to Sandra’s clit. What gut-wrenching friction this was! It was even better than the first time.

The two women purposefully kept the rotation of their hips economical. Neither woman wanted to break the cunt to cunt, clit to clit frisson of this coupling. The interpersonal connection was much too deep. Beth and Sandra committed to a full on battle of the two highly innervated girl cocks.

And so, drenched in sweat, they fucked and fucked and fucked, for almost a solid hour in conjoined bliss. Control and dominance shifted back and forth between the two so often that both women began to wonder if there would ever be a decisive stroke or thrust that would take the other down.

Beth decided that it was time for her to take control, again. She sat up, lifted Sandra’s right leg over her left shoulder and began to ride her. The extra pressure from the weight of Beth’s body bearing down on her caused Sandra to shriek, buck and curse.

“GODDAMN YOU BETH ANDREWS! You fucking whore!”

“Do you want me to stop? Have you had enough?” Beth asked, sarcastically.

“Yes! NO!!! Aw Christ!” Sandra bellowed in a sublime mix of agony and ecstasy. “Please don’t stop! Fuck me Beth…fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!!!”

“As you wish, m’lady.”

Elizabeth Andrews, loving wife of a respected church elder, devoted follower of the holy word of God, then fully immersed herself in the less than sanctified situation she was in. She used the advantage of her current position and judiciously applied a small but effective portion of her body weight to the carnal connection in between their thighs. She could feel Sandra’s cunt part slightly in surrender to hers. She felt her clitoris sink even deeper into Sandra. What a heady rush! She was inside another woman! It was both humbling and powerful at the same time. She’d never been this close to another woman in her life.

Her female tool relocated Sandra’s shaft and the two clits ground into each other as their labia mated and created a vacuum tight seal. Beth’s pelvic strokes were slow, deep and full of intent. Sandra’s resolve was slowly slipping away, but she kept her thick twat in sync with Beth’s pussy. But when she opened her eyes and noted diaphoresis falling from Beth’s jiggling tits, her mind and body became hopeless captives to this glorious woman. No longer willing or even able to challenge, Sandra surrendered to the moment. She moved her hips in the rhythm of response as Beth rode her cunt like a hobbyhorse. Beth looked down at Sandra and smiled warmly. DC’s woman found this odd.

“Are you going to mock me?”

“No, my dear, I’m just going to fuck you.”

Beth’s low voiced words got to her. A few more seconds and steadfast strokes passed. Sandra relaxed her vagina. She no longer cared about winning or loosing. All that mattered was the vaginal connection that she shared with this amazing woman. She let loose with a gushing orgasm that made her entire body twist and squirm. Then she went limp. Beth felt the hot shots of ejaculate bathe her cunt. With one last forceful downstroke she responded in kind. Sandra’s head tilted back, her eyes closed and her mouth opened as she gulped mightily for air. Beth came down on top of her and they embraced each other tightly. The synchrony of their breathing was accentuated with an occasional deep sigh. This gave the two spent women reason to yet again revel in the thrill of their breasts together.

“It was that first fulsome embrace, Sandra Turner.” Beth whispered into the brunette’s ear.

“What about that first embrace?” Sandra asked, a bit uncertain.

“The first time your beautiful breasts met my breasts.”

“Again, what about it?”

“Your big beautiful tits seduced my tits.”

“No shrinking violets on your chest, dear Beth…the seduction was mutual, as I recall.”

“True.” Beth smiled to herself.

“So, Beth, are you trying to make a point?”

“I guess I’m trying to say that I’m glad that Jehovah brought us together.”

The two oversexed women then looked deeply into each others’ eyes before sharing a warm, passionate kiss. Their tongues entwined. Their tits began to roll and wrestle. Sandra’s hips responded to Beth’s, and once again they began the slow dance of love and wanton womanly sex. And now, with their naked pussies reunited in this woman to woman mating dance, Sandra Turner broke off the kiss and cried out…”Thank you, Jehovah!”

“Amen.” cried Beth Andrews.

The End


Tired from a lengthy drive, DC turned the wheel in order to pull into his driveway. But he was stopped by a Toyota Prius.

“What the hell?”

He then backed up into the street and executed a perfect parallel park between two of the neighbors cars.

At the front door, he inserted his key, but noticed that the door wasn’t locked.

“Hmm…” he thought to himself. “I’ve got a feeling…”

DC then quietly made his way around the house and stopped just as he reached the bedroom window. As he suspected, he heard the grunts and groans of two women. Then, a surreptitious peek through the window revealed two women deeply engrossed in the throes of sexual bliss. Oh, those glorious DDs! How they loved to wrestle and fight! How these two amazing women loved to fuck!

Then DC had a brilliant idea. He pulled out his iPhone, set it to video mode, pointed and let it record for a full two minutes. It looked like the girls were going to be going at it for a while, so DC returned to his car to view the recording he had just made.

“Wow! This came out really nice!”

Pleased by his video skills, DC put his phone into message mode so he could share the beauty of this recording with his friend, Joseph Andrews.

The text part of the message read: “THEY’RE AT IT AGAIN! ENJOY! DC.”

“Jehovah is good to us.” Came Joseph’s text response.

“AMEN, brother!”

Knowing the girls needed their woman to woman time, DC decided to get a hotel room in town. He was an understanding man.

The End

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