Chapter 4: Sandra Orders A Pizza

The Wednesday evening customer flow at the South end Domino’s had been slow. This was not unusual for mid-week business. Things would undoubtedly pick up on the weekend; they always did.

Most of the staff had spent their shift in the break room, drinking coffee or colas, laughing and joking around. On slow nights like this, it was even possible to step outside for a couple of hits off a joint. They would take turns monitoring phone lines and the storefront for any signs of customer activity in a designated rotation.

“Domino’s, how can I help you this evening?”

Young, handsome Brett McConnell was just minutes into his early evening shift at one of America’s most beloved purveyors of formulaic, corporate style pizza when his first telephone order came.

“Yes, ma’am…a medium pizza with everything except anchovies…that’ll be $14.95 and it’ll be delivered in less than thirty minutes, or your pizza is free. Can I have your address please…uh ha…726 Meadowlark Lane…Sandra Turner and…and…”

The name and the address sounded familiar to him…so familiar. And then, it hit him. Holy shit! It had been almost six months, but Brett remembered that this was the hot, thirty-something woman who had answered the door completely naked one night when he was on his delivery rotation. He fondly recalled those gorgeous tits. He knew what he had to do.

“I’m sorry ma’am, may I put you on hold for a minute? Thank you…be right back…”

Brett hit the hold button then yelled excitedly to the first co-worker he saw.

“Jim! JIM!!!”

Jim Jordan stopped in his tracks. “What?”

…“Go find Barbara! NOW!!!”
“Her shift is over. She’s getting ready to leave.”
“Just find her man,” Brett yelled, “and bring her here!”

Somewhat reluctantly, Jim followed the orders of his shift supervisor. He quickly located Barbara in the ladies changing room. He knocked on the door and spoke assertively.

“Barbara! You in there? Brett says he needs you up front before you leave. It sounds urgent.”
“Awww…fuck!” moaned a frustrated Barbara Graham.

Out front, Brett finalized the telephone order.

“I’m sorry for the wait, ma’am. If there’s nothing else, your delicious Domino’s pie will be delivered soon.”
“Nothing else, thanks.”
“Have a pleasant evening ma’am, and thank you for choosing Domino’s.”

Just as he hung up, a noticeably miffed Barbara appeared before him.

“What do you want, Brett? I’ve had a boring shift and I want to go home.”
“I have one last delivery for you.”
“So? Give it to somebody else. I’m signed out. I’m tired and I just want to get out of here.”

-Brett smiled at her.

“Oh, I think you’re going to want this one. This is an off shift delivery, a ‘Barbara special’ delivery.”

The recently turned twenty year old’s eyes lit up. The allure of a potential match with a woman always did this to her.

“Tell me more.” She said as her enthusiasm peaked.
“Well, do you remember that delivery I did a while back? I told you about it, in great detail.”
“Oh my god…really?”

The busty young blonde’s chest began to gently heave. A youthful longing in her loins started to simmer, like a marinara sauce on the stovetop.

Brett tore off a sheet of paper from his note pad, wrote the address down and handed it to an excited Barbara.

“726 Meadowlark Lane…I think I know where this is. Sandra Turner…hmm, she sounds sexy.”
“Oh yeah, she is. And what a body!”
“Nice tits?”
“Spectacular tits! But perhaps you should find out for yourself, Barbara.”
“My girls can handle the workload.”
“From what I saw, your girls are going to be in for a legitimate tit tussle.”

Ten minutes or so passed while Brett described Sandra’s fine body to his intrepid delivery gal from the fond images he’d stored in his memory bank.

“Shaved?” Barbara wanted to know.
“Oh yeah.”
“Nice ‘lips?’” Barbara’s voice cracked. All kinds of potentially hot scenarios were now going through her mind. Her mouth began to produce excess juice.
“I seem to recall full lips and a pronounced cleft.”

Barbara swallowed back her saliva. Brett could not help noticing Barbara’s increasing excitement. He thought he could smell a faint aroma of sexual arousal emanating from Barbara’s nether regions, but decided it was just the scent of something coming from the kitchen. They continued to banter over what might be in store for her at 726 Meadowlark Lane. Then a loud voice from the back interrupted them.

“PICK UP! Medium with everything but anchovies!”

Brett motioned for the young girl to come closer. His voice lowered as he looked her in the eyes and spoke sincerely.

“Make me proud, Barbara.”
“I will, Brett.”
“Make the company proud. Show those bitches at Pizza Rut that Domino’s has the best ‘special delivery’ gals in the pizza business.”
“I won’t let the company down, Brett. My tits and my pussy won’t let you or the company down.”

Brett McConnell beamed with pride as he watched young Barbara Graham walk out of the shop, pizza in hand, her taut, twenty year old ass swaying gently. He wondered if, maybe, one day he might be able to get himself some of that ass, as Barbara was known to enjoy the occasional hard salami. He sighed, then got back to his duties as shift supervisor.


And, for those of you who are now wondering, about a year ago, staff members at the two local Pizza Rut and Domino’s stores agreed to play a women only charity soft ball game. The rivalry between the two pizza giants had always been a bitter one, both at the corporate and individual store levels. When corporate moguls suggested a softball game as a way to ease the tensions between the two pizza giants, all the girls on both sides were eager to participate. What better way to mend fences and have some fun, all while getting some free publicity and raising a few dollars for a good local cause?

However, during the course of a very close game, tensions started to mount. The constant back and forth taunting and slurs caused tempers to flare and, inevitably, provoked what could only be described as a bizarre melee. A brawl broke out.

But it wasn’t the typical baseball free-for-all where both teams came together at the pitcher’s mound and started throwing fists. At every position on the baseball field an individual catfight erupted. Opposing team outfielders locked up in right, center and left field. The infielders clashed too. There were hair-pulling, shirt ripping cat-balls at the first, second, third base and shortstop positions. Gals were rolling around in the dirt, team jerseys were torn off and bare breasts confronted each other. The same heated scenario unfolded at the pitcher’s mound when the opposing pitchers tore into each other. Domino chicks were rolling around with Pizza Rut chicks, screaming, cursing, pulling hair and ripping team jerseys at every position on the baseball field.

But it wasn’t until the two busty catchers at home plate, their clothing torn completely off, locked up in a much more intimate tussle that the general tenor of the melee changed; most fans at the game agreed for the better. Outfielders, infielders, pitchers and catchers eagerly stripped down to engage in battle. Even the two busty team managers got into a hair pulling, t-shirt ripping, breast to breast roll-around.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, the four umpires, in a futile attempt to break things up, disagreed over who was at fault. They got into a shoving match and eventually tore into each other, fighting with their claws and their voluptuous bodies, stripped down nearly naked, cursing and screaming with their bodies pressed together along the first and third base lines. The action on the field was unbelievably hot. There were leg-locked cat-balls everywhere. To say it was a classic softball game would have been an understatement. Nobody knew what the final score was, but nobody cared.

The following day, headlines in the local newspaper read: “SPIRITED” SOFTBALL GAME EXCITES FANS AND RAISES MONEY FOR LOCAL CAUSES.

From that point on, in this medium sized town 75 miles south of DC, tensions between Pizza Rut gals and Domino gals would often rise to a boiling point, and they would agree to meet for multiple cat fights that always ended up as heated body on body rumbles. At some point the girls agreed that too much clothing was being ruined and subsequent battles should have the caveat of total nudity. The orgasm-inducing altercations were always fierce and often coated in extra virgin olive oil. Rumor had it that, one night, at least a dozen of them met at a very private location for a totally nude, sex-wrestling orgy that was enhanced by a couple of gallons of anchovy oil. But that was just a rumor.

Tonight, however, was different. Tonight would be a special delivery to a very sexy customer. Young Barbara Graham would be offering her full, firm breasts and sexy body in challenge to an unknown quantity in one Sandra Turner. There was always an extra level of excitement for her when this happened. It would, hopefully, turn out to be a very special delivery.


Sandra Turner meandered about the house in her robe, picking up and straightening out, feeling lost and lonely. She had to admit to herself that she was becoming frustrated with the government’s tendency to send her man out of town so often on these so-called “top secret” assignments. Especially on those nights when she was feeling frisky, like tonight. As much as she enjoyed the adult videos, especially DC’s “connoisseur collection” of girl-on-girl videos that he had acquired through his government connections, nothing could replace the thrill of naked flesh on flesh.

Normally she could call her part time lover, Beth Andrews, and the two would get together for a rollicking session of sweaty, woman to woman body banging. On nights like this, they would slam their large perfect tits and grind their luscious shaved twats together until they collapsed, blissfully, in each other’s arms, following orgasm after mind bending orgasm.

But, over the last couple of months, their sexual relationship had cooled. Sandra had gleaned from recent phone conversations with Beth that her husband Joseph had begun to assert his domineering will. It would not, after all, look right and proper for the wife of a JW church elder to be carrying on in a heated lesbian affair, despite how much Joseph loved seeing his wife and Sandra locked in a naked embrace. Always obeisant to her husband, Beth advised Sandra that feelings and desires between them could only be platonic. This saddened both women, as they had come to look forward to their sexual trysts whenever their men weren’t around and, sometimes, even when they were around.

But Beth had recently and reluctantly informed her that discretion is the better part of desire, and that for a while at least, they could no longer satisfy their lust in each other’s arms. Sandra didn’t like the idea, but she agreed. She did not wish to bring the wrath of Jehovah down on her beautiful friend.

And now she found herself thinking, on this long and lonely night, with DC out of town and Beth no longer available, how was she going to fill the void of loneliness and horniness? How in the world?

“Ding Dong…” came the front doorbell sound. “Ding Dong…ding-dong…ding-dong.”
“Alright, alright, I’m coming!” Sandra yelled at the front door. She swung it open…

“Domino’s…your medium pizza with everything but anchovies, and I mean everything,” said the pretty young delivery gal in a sing-song voice.

Before Sandra’s eyes stood Domino’s delivery gal Barbara, wearing a long white lab coat with a Domino’s emblem, completely unbuttoned and very naked underneath. A name tag was dangling on a string around her neck, resting at the apex of her youthful cleavage. A muscled belly was in full view and a thick-lipped pussy competed for attention. She looked absolutely delicious.

Sandra noticed that the cool evening air had a hardening effect on Barbara’s nipples.

“Perhaps you should come in out of the cold, dear.”

Thankful for the invite, the young girl slid gracefully past Sandra. When the door closed behind her, the two women faced off in the foyer. Sandra smiled seductively. Barbara flashed an equally provocative smile, still holding the pizza in its warmer. When she could take her eyes off of the young woman’s breasts, Sandra looked at the package and asked, “Is that my Domino’s special?”

Young Barbara Graham then shook her shoulders and the white coat slid seductively off of her and gathered around her ankles.

“No ma’am, this is your pizza. I’m Barbara, your Domino’s special delivery.”

Sandra clasped her hands in a prayer pose, looked up to the ceiling and offered the words, “THANK YOU, JEHOVAH!”

She gave the young girl’s body a quick, efficient scan with her hungry eyes. Despite the increased temperature of the ambient air, aroused nipples stood proudly and defiantly on the young woman’s perfect tits. Then, when her eyes came to rest on her face, the youthful pizza purveyor was wearing a slight sneer. A challenge, perhaps? Sandra licked her lips.

“You’re a very tasty-looking dish, Barbara. Very hot!”
“Thank you, ma’am. I’ve been told that I’m very spicy. And may I call you Sandra?”
“Of course you can.”
“Well, Sandra, I’ve also been told that you’re delectable too. Although, I can’t give an honest assessment because you still have your clothes on.”

Sandra flashed the delivery girl a coy smile. Within seconds, she was naked. She thought to herself that, with this unexpected surprise, it was a good thing she took a shower earlier. Now her body was fragrant and ready for this youthful test of sex.

“Brett told me about you, Barbara, but I completely forgot, or I would have requested you.”
“No worries, Sandra. Brett remembered. The poor boy will never forget the night he came here. Anyway, I’m here. Can I set this pizza down someplace?”

Sandra took the pie and sashayed off to the kitchen, making sure to put a little extra sway in her early thirties hips.

“Nice ass!” said the impressed delivery girl.

When Sandra returned from the kitchen, Barbara had turned in order to show off her taut, well rounded buttocks. They were indeed the tight, muscled gluets of a twenty year old, and Barbara had lubricated them in extra virgin olive oil. Sandra was duly impressed.

“Also, very nice!”

The perfect pear shape of the girl’s ass gave Sandra a loin centered tingle.

“Wanna bump booties?” Barbara offered.
“Oh yeah!”

Sandra did a perfect pivot, offering her bountiful ass to the delivery girl. Barbara drizzled a good amount of oil onto the lush ass cheeks and then took a few seconds to apply it evenly.

“Ummmmmmm…” Sandra moaned.
“Very nice, Sandra, but it won’t hold up against my ass.”
“Oh please, bitch!”

Young Barbara Graham stood up, turned around, backed up, ass to ass, and hooked her arms with Sandra’s arms. Sandra knew instinctively what this was meant to do. Four arms clenched and hooked at the elbow. Barbara was surprised when her toned muscle slid across the impressive musculature in Sandra’s upper arm.

The two women then tilted their upper torsos forward, squishing their butt cheeks together as tightly as possible. They used their muscled arms for leverage, forcing butt cheeks into an oily gluteus sandwich.

“Damn!” the pizza delivery girl groaned as she felt her butt melt into the fullness of Sandra Turner’s ass. At twenty years old, she’d had her fair share of ass to ass battles, grinding in oil with other sexy young opponents. But there was something special about this womanly ass.

The oily butt wrestle went on for about ten mouth watering, up and down, side to side cheek slamming minutes. The two women pushed hard against each other, slotting and slamming ass into sexy ass, with plenty of guttural groans. But before she lost control, young Barbara Graham extricated her butt cheeks. Feeling the slow-building fire in her loins, she broke away from the unexpectedly skilled customer and faced her with her chest noticeably heaving.

“What’s the matter, chickadee? Too much woman back there for you?”
“I’m impressed. But I’m here for body to body special delivery.”
“That’s right. Brett told me that you love a good, oily tittie tussle.”
“I do indeed.”
“Then why don’t we adjourn to my bedroom?”
“Lead the way.”
“Grab the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.” Sandra reminded.

Sandra’s words were so intentionally sultry that the youthful Barbara felt a sudden flash of heat shoot through her loins.

Once inside la chambre a coucher, the customer and the delivery girl squared off at the bedside. They stroked hardened nipples across each other, then pushed them tip to tip, matching the milk ducts to each other, feeling them open and suck together. They pushed in firmly and Barbara thrilled as she felt the coarse sand paper of the older woman’s areolae scrape across her pink circles. She spoke in a throaty voice.

“My, my, it seems the old broad has a decent set of tits.”
“Way better than those rookie tits of yours, honey.”

Barbara then took the EVOO and drizzled approximately one-third of a cup over each pair of their now pressed together tits. She set the oil down and the two women began to roll their shoulders and upper torsos inversely in order to spread the oil evenly over the four swirling breasts. Barbara thought that her first move should be to pull away and give Sandra a full, hard slam. But the tight, oily massage was so sensual and fleshy that she didn’t want to stop it. The young woman’s chest heaved into the older woman’s scrumptious tits. Sandra sensed that she was getting to the pizza delivery girl and ever so slowly turned up the heat. Her mind conjured up visions of how her tits would fight and fuck with Beth’s amazing tits, and how Beth almost always won their breast to breast duels and how, just by using her tits, her ex lover could bring her to a point of near climax that was so intense that they would have to finish with their cunts in a full-on fuck. Perhaps she could turn this young woman on with her own tits the way that Beth used to do to her…perhaps.

Sandra dropped her arms around Barbara’s waist and squeezed hard, pressing their tummies firmly together. She eased up on the breast pressure and began to knead her tits into Barbara’s, like a master pizza maker would knead his dough. Every so often she would drizzle a few drops of olive oil to keep the process a smooth one. Considering the oil factor, Sandra did an impressive job of keeping areolae and nipples matched up. But when the sensitized focal points drifted apart, she used the heft of her tits to engage Barbara in a meaty lockup. This frustrated Barbara. But the young girl was a plucky bitch. She came to do battle with her fine tits, to show an older woman that youthful tits are the best. She waited for a momentary lapse, then took the opportunity to pull back and slam her firm breasts into the older woman’s tits. Sandra grunted and was lured into a chest slamming brawl that only lasted a few minutes, but seemed longer. When both women experienced soreness, the chest duel returned to crush and roll. And with each squeeze, Barbara felt herself loosing control in a tit tussle she thought she would easily win; slowly but surely being dominated by a woman she thought she would easily dominate. Sandra poured it on with a decisive series of swirl, push, swirl and push moves. She could feel Barbara begin to tremble in her arms. She noticed that most of the oil had been absorbed into their skin. She realized that her tits could get a grip on Barbara’s tits. The crafty older woman lined up their nipples once again, tip to tip. Milk ducts opened and sucked together. She forced Barbara’s nipples back into the puffy areolae and brought the young woman to a milky tit cum orgasm.

“You cunt!!!” Barbara screamed in dismay. “You fucking cunt slut bitch whore!!! Nobody has ever done that to me before!”
“I’ve never done that to anyone before. Pretty hot, wasn’t it?” Sandra gloated.

Barbara nodded yes, then laid a long, tongue sucking, lip chewing kiss on the customer.

“Don’t get too smug, tramp. We’re not even close to being done yet.”
“I would hope not.” Sandra teased.

Then, young Barbara lifted Sandra off her feet and body slammed her down onto the bed. The delivery gal clambered into bed and came down on top of the customer. Her tits came down onto Sandra’s tits with a delicious CLOP.

“Oh my,” the brunette said excitedly, “aren’t you the take charge lesbo slut.”
“This is my show from now on, Sandra. I’m gonna show you why Dominos pizza gals are better than the competition.”
“I’ll be the judge of that…next week I’ll order from Pizza Rut.”
“I don’t think so. After you’ve tasted my sauce and my toppings, you’ll never want any other.”
“Guess we’ll see about that.”
“Why don’t we?”

Barbara turned her body around and came down again with her tasty twat directly in Sandra’s face.

“Mmmmm…yummy!” Sandra moaned. And then her lips and tongue got busy. Both women got busy.

Barbara immediately began to assert herself. Laying a sizable amount of spit onto Sandra’s cunt lips, she slathered the mouth juice with a flat tongue technique that she had recently learned. As sexy as she was, Barbara felt that the brunette could not possibly out lick her.

Barbara learned this tongue technique three months ago, when Pizza Rut girls challenged Dominos girls to meet in a taste test competition. It was a wild night of all you can eat, mouths and tongues to pussies, oral orgiastic splendor. When she felt Sandra’s body writhe beneath her, she was confident that she had taken control of the proceedings. But Sandra once again surprised the youthful delivery girl when she applied the alphabet technique with her tongue to the ambrosial, twenty year old twat. By the time Sandra got to the letter Q, Barbara’s body stiffened, she cried out, and Sandra was rewarded with a powerful gush of ejaculate in her lovely face.

“What’s the matter honey? Is this old whore too much for you?”

Frustrated, Barbara Graham pulled away. Sandra took the opportunity to wipe her face with the bed sheets. Barbara grinned.

“How does my cum taste?”
“Not bad actually, but it could use a bit more oregano.”

The delivery girl smiled, then applied a generous coating of extra virgin olive oil to her craving cunt. She then did the same to Sandra’s pussy.

“You got something special in mind, honey?”
“Oh yes, I do. I’m gonna take you down. I’m gonna make you scream. I’m gonna make you beg me to stop.”
“And just how do you plan to do all that?” Sandra was curious and a bit amused by the girl’s bravado.
“Young cunt to old cunt, woman to woman. Youth will win.”
“Sorry to inform you Barbara, but in situations like this, experience ALWAYS wins the day.”
“Well, I guess we’ll see about that, won’t we.”

No more words were exchanged. The two women locked eyes and squared off on the bed. Sandra opened her legs and invited the young pizza delivery girl to meet her in a luscious engagement of their oily genitalia. Barbara positioned her legs so that their pussies were in direct opposition to each other. She was only too eager to match her sex against Sandra’s. The way she saw it, the older woman needed to be taught a lesson.

There’s always a moment when two women square off like this that they share a look. It’s a look of multi layered, but subtle emotion. A look of desire that is given to smiles so understated, so fleeting, that, if you’re not paying attention, you miss it. It’s a look of mutual understanding between two women that says, “This is it, pussy to pussy at last.” Then, when pussies finally come together, heads are thrown back and grunts emanate from excited chests.

“Let’s see if you’re any better with your pussy than you are with your tits and tongue.” Sandra chided, hoping to elicit a response. She got one.

“Unngh!!!” Sandra let out a grunt of surprise and pleasure as Barbara Graham’s thick, youthful cunt meat mated with hers in a deep fuck. Instinctively, she threw her head back.
“How’s that for a hot pussy” Barbara taunted the well endowed Sandra as her labia sunk deep into the lushness of Sandra’s pudenda.

Sandra’s whole body quivered as she felt the young girl work her twat into a juicy fold with hers.

“I’m impressed, Barbara. But my pussy’s gonna make light work out of yours.”
“Tell you what, you hot old bitch. I’ll give you the standard Domino’s guarantee.”
“And that is?”

Barbara Graham looked at the alarm clock on the night stand, then turned back to Sandra Turner with a devilish grin. It was 8:30 PM.

“If I can’t bring you to a screaming orgasm in thirty minutes or less, your Domino’s pizza is free.”
“Oh sweetie, do you really think that your sexy but inexperienced pussy can out fuck this luscious, mature woman’s pussy?”
“Absolutely! You don’t scare me, Sandra Turner,” scoffed a legitimately nervous Barbara.

A couple of minutes in, Sandra playfully sniffed the air.

“What are you doing?” asked a confused Barbara Graham.
“Can’t you smell that?”
“Smell what?”
“The aroma…the sweet smell of a FREE PIZZA!”
“You bitch!”

Barbara dug in, applying everything she had learned from her heated scissor locks with Pizza Rut girls. She had to admit, however, that this thirty something pussy was way more impressive than she thought it would be. The outer labia were still firm and strong, and seemed to offer the kind of depth and penetration that Barbara enjoyed so much when she locked cunts with a sexy rival. Sandra also dug in, applying everything she’d learned from her trysts with Beth. She had to admit, however, the younger girl’s outer labia were luscious. They felt amazing. She loved the way their oiled cunt lips slotted and sucked together. She sensed that she was in for an interesting and satisfying fuck. But so far, it was just lips to lips. The stamens of their flowers had not yet emerged.

The smack and squish of their oiled pussies filled the bedroom. The accompanying loud groans and grunts drifted out a partially opened bedroom window and could be heard in the immediate vicinity. A couple of neighbors walking by looked at each other knowingly.

“She’s at it again.” One of them said.

Back inside, two women continued the rubbing and grinding of their oiled pussies. Sandra Turner and Barbara Graham were settled into a regular, comfortable rhythm. Both women were thrilled by the depth of penetration their twats had achieved. The pizza delivery girl looked at the clock and saw that they were fifteen minutes into this sexual endeavor and realized that matters of the flesh were still even. She had made no progress in her effort to keep the Domino’s pledge. This thirty something bitch was good with her pussy too. It was time to take charge of this trib match.

Barbara shifted her pelvis with a side to side motion. It was a move designed to open them both up. It worked as planned and she was able to bring her clitoris into a full on matchup with Sandra’s hard shaft. Now the two rods would rub and grind, slip and slide, thrust and parry, penetrate and lock. But once again, the young woman was unable to take charge. Sandra’s clit matched hers in all the important maneuvers that made a clit fight such a fantastic battle. When Sandra’s clit wasn’t pushing hers back, it was sinking into the folds of her labia minora. She tried to tighten and hold it, but the older woman was just too good, too crafty to be sucked into a clit trap. The outer lips would squish and suck and the engorged girl cocks would press tight and wrestle.

“Oh Gawd!!!” Barbara cried out, and their oiled pussy fight went on.
“Seven minutes to a free pizza,” Sandra pointed out in an intentional taunt, rolling her pelvis with nasty intent.
“Fuck you, Sandra Turner! Fuck you!”
“No, fuck you, Barbara Graham!”

Barbara Graham attempted a last ditch effort to recapture the momentum. Although she quickly realized that her pussy wasn’t in a battle to win, but in a struggle not to lose. She grasped Sandra’s right leg and pulled, then called upon her pelvic floor muscles for an assist.
The idea was to clamp down and to tighten the grip of her cunt. Sandra knew what she was up to. She just shook her head.

“Oh sweetie, don’t you know that Kegel maneuvers have very little effect in an oil match?”

With time running out, Barbara pulled on Sandra’s leg, forcing her swollen pudenda as tightly as possible into Sandra’s pussy. Then she began to pump, hard and fast. It was a last ditch attempt. The older woman matched her, stroke for delicious hard stroke. Both pelvises were rocking and thrusting at a furious pace. Surely the old broad won’t be able to keep up this hard and fast pace, Barbara told herself. But, once again she had underestimated her sexy opponent. Minute after desperate minute of pussy locked thrusting and clit grinding passed. Barbara just could not take this hot bitch down.

DC’s woman was amused, but admired how hard the youthful delivery girl was working. No mistake, the young girl’s body was very sexy and Sandra was deriving almost as much pleasure as she was giving. Perhaps a few more encounters could improve her skill set, if there were to be any more. Perhaps her ex lover Beth could come by some night and observe as she and young Barbara fucked each other. Perhaps the sight of her fucking a busty young girl would get Beth so turned on that they could turn it into a threesome. Perhaps one night she could invite Beth, and Barbara could bring a hot young friend, and things would evolve into a four way cat ball fuck match on her bed. There were myriad possibilities!

Sandra returned to the moment, glanced at the clock on the nightstand and proclaimed: “TIME’S UP!”
“NO!!!” Barbara cried out. “NO!!!”

Keeping their pussies churning, Sandra repositioned herself into the cowgirl orientation. Draping the young girl’s right leg over her left shoulder, Sandra gently scraped her fingernails over the smooth as silk inner thigh of young Barbara Graham, which added another layer of pleasure.

“Omigod!” Barbara moaned.

The addition of partial body weight to the pussy lock was all it took. Barbara screamed and began to thrash. Her breasts jiggled wildly and then her body stiffened. A gush of cum spewed from the juncture of two olive oil coated pussies.

The expression of Barbara’s dismay over having exploded in cum before her customer was all it took. Sandra made a slight left to right adjustment which realigned her clitoral erection to Barbara’s. She added more of her body weight, feeling the thrill of her pussy sink into Barbara. The young girl, who had momentarily gone into post orgasmic, full body limpness, suddenly thrust her pelvis in response.

“You cunt! Fuck me! Finnish me off. Finnish yourself off!”

Sandra’s body cried for the release that was only seconds away. She fucked the young girl’s cunt with all she had. She rode Barbara like a mechanical bull in a Texas roadhouse.

“Yippie Ky-yay motherfucker.” Sandra quoted the famous movie line. And then she exploded.

Feeling the force of Sandra’s ejaculation thrilled young Barbara. It was like nothing she’d ever experienced in her two sexually active years of life. With a splat, Sandra came down on top of Barbara. The two pussies popped apart. Barbara spread her legs, inviting Sandra to reunite their throbbing cunts. As their hungry mouths sealed in a deep kiss, so, once again did their juiced twats. The women began to fuck slowly, like it was a casual afterthought.

The kiss broke off. The two enamored souls looked into each other’s eyes longingly as their matched pelvises ground against each other.

“I’d consider it a pleasure and an honor if you’d request me for any future pizza deliveries.”
“Sandra smiled as her pussy delivers slice after slice of tasty strokes to Barbara’s young vagina.”
“It would be just as much my pleasure, Barbara.”

When Sandra extended an invitation to stay and fuck it out all night long, Barbara gleefully accepted the offer.

Between sweaty fucks that yielded astounding orgasms, two naked women devoured slices of microwaved pizza at the kitchen table while they enjoyed beers and each other’s company. The remainder of the night was a mix of satisfying their hunger for baked dough covered in sauce and toppings, and satisfying their hunger for each other’s tongues, tits and cunts, all coated in Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


One week later…

“Pizza Rut, how can I help you this evening?” asked Brad Nunez, evening shift supervisor. He listened carefully, writing the order down.
“OK, so that’s a medium pie with everything but anchovies…Sandra Turner, 726 Meadowlark Lane.”

Brad was smitten by the sexy voice.

“That will be $15.99, and your pizza will be delivered very soon…probably 20-25 minutes. Will there be anything else tonight?”

He paused, then felt a flash of excitement when he heard the unusual request.

“Why yes, Ms. Turner, Pizza Rut does offer ‘special delivery’ service.”

Feeling a tightening in his jockey shorts, he finalized the order, then ended the call. “Thank you for choosing Pizza Rut.”

Brad urgently scanned the employee lounge, then returned to the dining area where he saw her, just about to open the door to leave.

“Shawna! Wait!” he gestured for the voluptuous redhead to come close.

“What do you want, Brad?”
“Don’t leave yet.”
“My shift is over. I’m out of here,” said the gorgeous young girl with bright red hair.
“No, it’s not. I have one last delivery for you.”
“Screw that! Give it to somebody else!”
“No, this is just for you…it’s a Shawna ‘special delivery.’”

Shawna Meadows, the sexy young Pizza Rut girl’s eyes lit up. Her abundant chest began to slowly rise and fall.

Brad handed her a sheet of paper from his note pad. She scanned it.

“726 Meadowlark Lane…I think I know where this is.”

The End

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