Chapter 2: Beth and Sandra – Jehovah’s Revenge by A.Penman

Sandra Turner sat on the couch and suddenly yelled at the TV screen.

“Espresso Machine! You idiot!” She shook her head in disbelief. “The category was ‘around the kitchen!’ How could you possibly miss that?”

She berated the obviously clueless contestant in the Wheel Of Fortune bonus round. It was beyond her how anyone could miss such an obvious answer.

“You had all three s’s, the o the m and the h, you dumb bitch!” The busty brunette expressed her incredulity at the 42 inch smart TV.

Having finished supper and washed dishes for one, she sat down to relax and enjoy America’s Game. But when the seemingly clueless contestant who somehow made it to the bonus round missed what she felt was an unmissable answer, Sandra became frustrated.

But really, it wasn’t just the frustration of watching some dim-witted game show contestant. It was also the loneliness of washing dishes for one. She missed her man. She craved his muscular body, she craved his massive cock.

But, DC had been called in by the government to consult on a “hush-hush” assignment. She had been alone for a full week. D.C. was in D.C., and there was no word on when he’d be back home, as was often the case with these clandestine government operations. No way of knowing when he’d be home and safe in her loving arms, his masculine hands filled with her fulsome bosoms. Sandra was lonely. Sandra was horny, too. But then, she had what she felt was an excellent idea; a kind of “any port in a storm” notion.

The lovely and well-endowed woman sauntered to a nearby hallway closet, reached up to the top shelf and retrieved a medium sized cardboard box that was designated as “religious paraphernalia” and carefully took it down. Sandra methodically sorted through the contents, until she found what she was looking for. She noted a sudden tingling in her loins.

“Eureka!” She cried out, as she extricated the DVD from D.C.’s “art film” collection. Through his connections, he had managed to obtain a rare copy of this black market adult video.

“Oh yes, ‘Nuns In Heat, The Shower Brawls!’” She recalled D.C. enthusiastically recommending that she watch it sometime. And, with her man out of town for an indeterminate period of time, there was no time like the present.

Minutes later, after pouring herself a generous glass of Chardonnay, Sandra placed the DVD into the player and parked herself on the couch. The buxom brunette raised the remote control and hit the play button. A few opening credits rolled across the screen. It was a production of the Order Of The Sisters Of Mary’s Indulgences. The star of the movie was the so called “bad girl,” a busty brunette woman named Sister ShaRee Marie.

Then came the opening scene, which pretty much set the tone for the entire movie. Sandra licked her lips as the camera slowly panned approximately a dozen gloriously naked women, all standing under individual shower heads, sensuously lathering and rinsing large breasts, firm, silken tummies and luscious legs. And, for the sake of visual enticement, all genitalia were clean shaven. The sight of so many lavish pussies thrilled Sandra to her groin.

“Oh, this is going to be goooood!” She said, her voice adopting a husky tone as images of naked nuns with hot bodies fueled her excitement.

It was obvious to Sandra that any time you get a bunch of hot women together like this, there’s bound to be a healthy dose of lust-infused friction.

The curvaceous, physically fit, mid thirties brunette then tried to imagine herself in that situation; under the showers with a bevy of busty, beautiful bimbos, with their voluptuous bodies glistening, hunger in their loins and tensions mounting. It occurred to her that her body compared favorably to any body in that shower. Then, her mind embellished the waking dream.

“Which one of those bitches would I like to take on?” She thought as her wine-flavored tongue moistened her lips

The camera then answered the question for her, as it slowly panned up and down the perfect body of ShaRee Marie.

“Oh yes! I’d go one on one with that bitch…all day, any day!”

But reality reared its head when Sandra realized she was in an empty room, talking to a TV screen.

She sighed, “Get a hold of yourself, girl.”

But despite her effort to compose herself, the video kept pulling her in.

A few more shots of the young, beautiful faces showing each woman luxuriating in the pleasure of a simple shower, then it happened.

An inadvertent ass bump, followed by “Hey, watch it bitch!” A busty blonde barked at ShaRee.

Sandra gasped. “Uh oh…here we go!”

Next, two busty women turn in and square off; in each other’s faces, tits pressing together, turgid nipples poking deep into soft flesh as they spew vitriol at each other while noting the burgeoning anger and arousal in their loins. It escalates into a shouting match laced with the kind of profanities one does not normally hear in a convent. This quickly devolves into a shoving match as the rest of the women, eager to see a fight, eg them on.

Next thing, the two antagonistic women were on the shower floor, locked in steamy combat as the rest of the showering women cheered and yelped.

“Beat that bitch’s ass, Debbie!”

“Fuck her up, ShaRee!”

The clear delineation of sides ignites even more tensions. Before long, and to Sandra’s voyeuristic delight, six more women are down on the floor and a multi-girl melee erupts. Bodies are slamming into each other, breasts are bashing against breasts, women are cursing, screaming and moaning, not necessarily in that order.

The explosive skirmishes ultimately lead to eight women facing off in four separate scissor-locked battles. Pretty much side by side, eight buxom women engaged in four separate fuck fights.

“Sweet Jehovah! Multiple scissor fights! Fucking brilliant!!!” Sandra exclaimed.

The level of squishing and slurping was well presented by a talented sound person. But the visuals were even more impressive. The lighting and camera work were exceptional for this kind of movie. Those nuns knew their cinematography. They knew how to do a lesbian film.

“Oh please, oh please!” Sandra said to herself, with hope in her heart. And…YES!!!

The camera person did a smooth, barely perceptible zoom to a closeup of each set of shaved, warring cunts. They weren’t the typically brief, tight shots either. This director seemed to favor extended close-ups. The length of time spent on each close-range shot told Sandra that the director was a woman. Only a woman could so lovingly present the beauty of tightly meshed cunts. Each pair of locked pudenda was given lengthy camera time. The camera shifted back and forth from each pair of conjoined pussies, causing the enraptured viewer’s heart rate and breath rate to increase.

Sandra found herself in a private debate over which two cunts were the sexiest, most succulent matchup as her right hand slowly but surely worked its way past the stretch band of her sweat pants, ultimately coming to rest on her unusually swollen labia. A few perfunctory strokes, and then a determined middle finger plunged into her saturated cunt. She gasped, then began a slow, purposeful finger fuck of her needy womanhood. Then…

“Ring!!! Ring!!! RING!!!” came the cell phone intrusion. Goddammit!!

Sandra picked up the phone and snarled, “Who is it?”

“Hi there, sexy!” replied the soft voice of the caller.

Sandra felt a sudden electrical surge that started in her womanly twat and radiated throughout her entire body. Her clit was now in the firm grip of her first two fingers.

“Beth! WOW! What a pleasant surprise! You won’t believe it, but I was just thinking about you!”

Across town, an equally lonesome Elizabeth Andrews stretched out, naked in her marital bed, flipping through the pages of “Busty Nymphos” magazine, a high end publication that she kept hidden between the mattress and the box spring. It found its way out of captivity whenever Joseph, her loving husband, was out of town. She settled on the center fold, which was a full, perfectly lit shot of two beautiful women in a full on pussy to pussy pose. Beth lingered on the shot because it excited her so much. She loved the visual presentation of two luscious pussies locked in sexual bliss. Not to mention that this photo spread brought to mind that intense night of cunt to cunt sex she shared with Sandra. Her fingertips lightly circled her left nipple, feeling the grainy sandpaper of her puffy areola. Her mind recalled the first flesh on flesh meeting of her full breasts with Sandra’s luscious tits. She recalled how their nipples pierced and areolae scraped. Then she licked her lips.

“They say that great minds think alike, Sandra.”


“Meaning I was just thinking about you, too!”

“Wow! How cool is that?”

Even with Beth on the line, engaged in conversation with her, Sandra saw no reason to remove her hand from her aroused pussy. In fact, the idea of having her busty Jehovah Witness friend on the line while she stroked her womanhood was rather stimulating.

What Sandra didn’t know, however, was that on the other end, Beth Andrews had stretched out, completely naked and flat on her back. She secured the phone with her left shoulder and chin. Her left hand teased and pinched her nipples and then caressed the heavy meat of her breasts. The free right hand stroked her smooth tummy as it made its way, at an adagio-like pace, to the anxious anatomy between her silken thighs.

As they exchanged pleasantries, Beth’s memory summoned up their last encounter. She and her new female friend had not been in touch since the night they clashed woman to woman in Sandra’s bed as their men looked on in astonishment. What a night that was!

For nearly six weeks, the memories of going at it with Sandra remained fresh in her mind. But she was hesitant to re-establish contact because she just didn’t know what she would say after such an intensely heated encounter. So, Beth held off, choosing only to privately pleasure herself with mental images of Sandra’s body on hers. Not to mention that she had lost the climax duel, so an element of shame weighed on her mind.

But tonight she determined that six weeks was long enough. The centerfold spread in “Busty Nymphos” and her growing urges to reunite with the fulsome brunette had made her throw caution to the wind and pick up the phone. Sandra was her friend. Indeed, the first true female friend she had made in years. But two women friends could engage in friendly competitions…couldn’t they? Joseph had told her that Sandra would likely welcome a rematch. Perhaps it was time for them to meet and once again duel with their bodies.

“So, Sandra, how have you been?”

“Fine, I guess. Not much going on here, I’m afraid, with DC out of town.”

Beth’s eyes lit up. Her mind began to foment with thoughts on how to close the distance between her and Sandra, and whether or not Sandra might be willing to get together without the men around.

“So, your man is out of town?”

“I believe I just said that, sweetie.”

“Yes, you did. But it’s kind of an interesting coincidence.”

“Oh really? How’s that?”

“Because, Joseph is out of town for his annual all male retreat.”

Sandra’s eyes opened wide. Her probing finger froze. She withdrew it from her cunt, raised it to her lips and licked it clean.

“That is an interesting coincidence.” Sandra replied, now sensing that Beth was as horny as she was. Perhaps the sexy but sometimes priggish woman was interested in a private get together.

Unbeknownst to her, on the other end, busty Beth Andrews was now actively engaged in the digital manipulation of her puffy twat. A discernible gasp came through the phone. Beth was not even aware she had let it go. Now, Sandra surmised what was going on, but said nothing. Rather, her right hand slowly increased its manipulation of her succulent pussy lips. Eventually, she was unable to stifle her own soft, lustful pant. She let loose with a throaty moan. This did not escape Beth’s scrutiny. Now, both women were fully aware of the fact that they were both engaged in self gratification while they engaged in small talk. The simple knowledge of this only served to stoke the embers of desire in both women. Their conversation became disjointed as both women found it increasingly difficult to focus on anything other than the escalating arousal in the most private parts of their bodies, parts that had, six long weeks ago, met and fucked till both of them felt the satisfaction they both desperately longed for since that first bosomy embrace.

“How’s your weather going?” Beth heard her nonsensical words.

“Baked chicken with buttered carrots.” Sandra replied.

“In…in the yard?” Beth panted.

“N n n no…Chardonnay.” Sandra gasped, feeling an orgasm slowly gain momentum.

She had to regain her composure. It would not do to articulate an orgasm over the phone. Or would it?

“Beth, may I ask what you’re doing right now?”

“That’s a silly question. I’m talking with you, of course.”

“Let me ask that another way…what else are you doing?”

“What are you talking about, Sandra?”

Beth was being evasive. Sandra knew it. So, she decided on a more direct approach.

“Well, for example, if you asked me that question, I’d be honest. I’d tell you that I’m stroking my cunt and manipulating my clitoris.”

“WHAT!!??” Beth shrieked.

“Oh stop it, Beth. I can hear you breathing.”

Now, Beth was forced to consider the risk of shame, versus the potential benefits of being honest with Sandra. She did initiate the contact after all. The first two fingers of her right hand split her pussy lips and located a rather easy to locate, stiff clitoris. The gasp on initial contact could have been heard from fifty feet away.

“You sanctimonious cunt! You’re pleasuring yourself, aren’t you?” Sandra pointed out.

“So what if I am? And you have no reason to be indignant. You are too!”

“I’m not being indignant. I’m being delighted, and, very turned on!”


Beth felt her mind swimming in recollections of Sandra’s naked body, and how amazing it felt the first time that their breasts and bodies came together. She swooned as she recalled their mutual, unspoken agreement as, forehead to forehead they looked into each other’s eyes and realized that they’d been building up to this for months. Every one of their “friendly hugs” was nothing more than accelerant. Coming together the way they did was inevitable. All of those tight, telling embraces they shared; the way they both looked forward to each subsequent visit so they could crush their breasts and press their bodies together as the men engaged in animated conversations. Beth fondly recalled that moment of silent resolution, as they looked into each other’s eyes and understood that this was how it was meant to be. They were there, they were naked and hot, and they were determined to fuck this out.

Now that there was nothing to hide, Sandra visualized images of Beth’s naked body in her mind’s eye and it made her shiver.

“Are you thinking about my body right now, Beth?”

“Yes…yes I am. How did…”

“Great minds think alike, remember?”

“Yes…oh yes,” Beth moaned.

“Oh gawd, Beth…your body felt so good that night…”

“So did yours. I think about that night a lot, and how good we fucked and…” Beth paused. “Hey! I could be at your house in fifteen minutes. Why don’t I…?”

“No!…can’t…can’t…wait that long…I’m…too close.”

“What do we do?” Beth asked, angst in her mind and burgeoning desire in her loins. She knew that Sandra was close and it was driving her wild. Any second, her own pussy could gush.

“Tell me…”

“What? What should I tell you…oh god!”

“Tell me how you’re going to fuck me. Tell me everything your body’s going to do to my body the next time we get together.”

“I don’t know, Sandra. That feels dirty…so dirty…I…”

“Yes Beth…it IS dirty…Soooo dirty. So stop being a pretentious prude, throw that bible out the window and tell me how hard and nasty you’re gonna fuck me next time you see me!”

Beth was aghast at how Sandra was talking to her with such complete disrespect. But the fire in her gut told her she needed to participate…wanted to participate. The photo of two women fucking cunt to cunt had brought her to this point. Now, with Sandra on the phone, hot as hellfire and wanting to be fucked, she stood at the intersection of propriety and impropriety, forced to make a choice.

She decided that Sandra was right. There was no justification for her sanctimony. Her mind opened the window and gleefully tossed out a figurative bible…a symbol of years of religious repression. Then it began.

“Well, dear Sandra, next time, I’m on top of you. I’m holding your outstretched arms…you’re helpless as my body dominates yours…my tits are crushing yours.”

“Oh, I don’t think so…I’m too much woman to let that happen.” Sandra scoffed.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP, BITCH! You wanted this. Now take what’s coming to you.”

Sandra was delighted by Beth’s outburst of assertiveness. She wanted to continue the back and forth slut talk.

“Yes, Beth, I want this bad! I need this, so bad! Tell me!” Sandra yelped.

“Close your eyes, Sandra…close them!”

Sandra had put the video into half-speed mode in order to slow down the delicious fucking on screen. She had also stretched out on the couch and pulled her top up, in order to access her engorged tits and turgid nipples. But when Beth barked out an order, the video became less important.

“My eyes are closed, hon.”

“Don’t call me hon…you’re my bitch…and I’m on top of you, fucking you into submission.”

“Yes, it feels so good. But I doubt you have what it takes to fuck this real woman into submission.”

“Can you feel my tits rolling your tits…crushing them?”

“Yes…oh yes!”

“Good, now wrap your legs with mine and slam your belly into mine…”

“God Beth, your belly is so smooth and tight. It feels so good slamming with mine!”

Sandra was now certain she had loosened most of Beth’s inhibitions. And she loved it. It felt as if her body had been doused in accelerant, and the normally prudish Beth Andrews was holding a box of matches.

“Goddammit Beth, my pussy is drenched in my woman juices! I need your cunt! Let me feel your cunt!” In for a penny, in for a pound, Sandra thought.

“Spread your legs, whore.” Beth yelled into the phone, “My cunt is coming for some of that sweet juice!”

Beth Andrews was now thinking to herself, “Dear God! Where is this coming from?”

“Bring it! Cunt to cunt Beth! Let’s lock up.”

Beth’s hand now had a firm grip on her engorged labia. She turned quickly on to her stomach, somehow managing to keep the phone near her mouth. Then, she arched her pelvis, ass up, keeping her hand over her dripping twat. The outer fingers of her right hand matched up with both labia. Her middle finger lined up fully with her clitoris and began stroking the enlarged rod. Her mind now became drenched in her fantasy. The two outer fingers were Sandra’s thick labia. Her middle finger had become Sandra’s womanly shaft, and it was rubbing against hers…battling with hers.

On the other end of the phone line, Sandra’s free hand was vigorously stroking her sopping twat and massaging her own clit.

“We’re cunt to cunt now, Sandra…”

“Yes! Yes! We are!”

“My powerful clit is inside your twat. Can you feel it?”

“Yes! Our clits are fighting with each other.”

“Well,” Beth groaned, “your clit is trying to fight, but mine is dominating yours.”

“The hell it is!” Sandra meekly objected.

“You’re losing to me Sandra!”

DC’s lady was now fully stretched out on the couch. Her stretch pants were now below her knees, her sweat shirt was gathered at her shoulders. The video had been put into full pause mode. The filthy, verbal fuck she and Beth were locked in was all she needed. Her body was on fire.

“Give it up, Sandra!” Beth screamed into the phone, her confidence growing with every stroke of her cunt on Sandra’s quivering pudenda. In her mind, she was in the moment, they were flesh on flesh.

“NOOOO!!!! Too soon!” Sandra squealed.

“Give it up, bitch!!! Shoot that load of cum into me.”

“NO!!! You fucking filthy whore! You won’t beat me! You won’t make me cum…OH GOD!!!”

The brunette remained defiant, but her writhing body was almost out of control. Her feet and shoulders dug into the couch as her pelvis thrust upward, a full foot into the air. Her body was about to explode, but she defiantly fucked the slut on the other end of the phone, slamming pelvis into pelvis as their thick pussies locked in furious dueling.

“You’re loosing to me, Sandra!”

“NO I’M NOT!!! Not loosing!”

“Admit it, Sandra! I’m fucking the slut out of you!!!”

“I…no! I…can’t…oh shit!!!”

“You’re going down, whore! I’m fucking you soooo good!”

Beth was now feeling her own pussy ooze with pre cum…an orgasm was near but she was hell bent on taking Sandra down.

“Let that cum loose, bitch. Shoot it into my cunt.”

“You won’t win….Beth!” Sandra’s resolve was crumbling.

“I am winning. I’m fucking that pathetic cunt of yours! I’m fucking you like an alpha bitch in a JB57 story.”

“JB57? Goodness, Beth, you’ve done your homework haven’t you.”

“You’re finished, Sandra! You’re MINE!”

“I’m cumming, Beth! Can you feel my juice spraying your cunt?”

“HA! YES!”

Beth Andrews basked in her moment of glory. But then…

“My cum, Sandra! It’s shooting deep into you.”

“Aw, FUCK! Goddamn you Beth!”

Beth’s right hand simply could not contain the volume of her ejaculation. Neither could Sandra’s. The couch cushion was going to need a deep cleaning. So were Beth’s bed sheets.

“That was incredible Beth! I came so hard!”

“Yes, it was. And now, Sandra, we’re tied.”

“That means this isn’t over.”

“I know. When are we going to meet in the flesh?”

“Is your body craving my body, dear Beth?”

“It is. Just like your body is craving mine.”

“We’ll meet, flesh on flesh. Soon Beth, SOON!”

“Good, that’s when I’ll finish you off, slut.”

“Guess we’ll see about that, won’t we, whore?”

Elizabeth Andrews turned onto her back. Her body was slowly winding down from the excitement. Sandra Turner rolled onto her left side. She reached for the remote control and pressed PLAY. The women on the TV screen resumed their savage shower scissor fucking. She smiled at the naked nuns for helping her make it through the evening.

“Thanks for calling, Beth.”

“Goodnight, Sandra.”

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  1. Giannis says:

    My good friend, this story was…

    Uncommon for your style,
    Quite hot for a story of this kind,
    Delightful with some special shades of “intellectual humor” (as most of the times).

    I liked it VERY much !!

  2. apenman says:

    Indeed, “intellectual humor.” But you know me Giannis. I like to keep things “classy.” LOL!

    Thanks for your kind words, my friend.



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