Transcendence: Chapters 6-10 by A.Penman

Transcendence by A.Penman Story

Chapter 6

It was over, it seemed.

Lady Bianca rolled off of my wife, legitimately spent. She then stretched out on her back alongside June.
June, still breathing somewhat heavily, seemed to be in a trance of sorts. She also seemed exhausted. Both of them looked incredibly hot and sweaty and naked and physically drained. But, side by side it was an almost indescribable site. Undoubtedly, the two most perfect female bodies I’d ever seen. June’s glistening tits looked amazing. So full and round as they gently heaved on her chest. Lady Bianca’s tits were equally impressive in the nearly perfect, seductive lighting. I thought back just a few minutes earlier, when the four perfectly matched beauties were locked in a battle of sexual pleasure. Recalling this sight caused me to smile, inwardly

I could see the tracks of tears down the sides of both their beautiful faces. There had, apparently, been great emotion and tension in their passionate body encounter

About five or six minutes passed, then they began to stir. The two naked ladies turned slowly into each other. They looked into each other’s eyes, to the exclusion of the outside world. June brought her left leg up and draped it over Lady Bianca’s right leg, the way lovers do when they’re basking in the afterglow. The lady then moved her tits softly into June’s breasts, as though reuniting long time friends. They caressed and touched each other softly, lovingly. Then the lady spoke softly to my wife

“You were almost there.”

“I know.”

“But something held you back.”

“Yes.” June admitted, sheepishly.

“We have to finnish this, June. You’re almost there. The final step is necessary.”

“I know. But I’m exhausted.”

“So am I my dear. And you should know something. No one has ever exhausted me before.”

“Really?” June smiled at her, then kissed her full on the lips. When their mouths separated, Lady Bianca untangled herself from June. June sat up.

“Let’s bring this to a conclusion. Right here, right now, sweet June.”

It was a gentle order to which June complied.

My wife seemed a bit uncertain, but Lady Bianca guided her. In seconds their smooth legs were scissored and their hairless, naked as the day they were born cunts squared off with each other. June sighed deeply when she came to understand what they were about to do.

“I’ve been told about this by lots of women.” June said.

Really? That’s news to me. I wonder why it never came up at home?

“What did they tell you, June?”

“They all say that it’s a wonderful thing for two women to do.”

I think my wife was holding back some. Even I had heard that cunt to cunt encounters were nothing less than earth shattering experiences. Lady Bianca corroborated this.

“It is a slice of heaven, sweet June! Like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. And for a woman in your circumstance, it can be a cathartic experience.”

June nodded, still uncertain for my sake.

Then Lady Bianca sensed it mattered to June that I would be OK with this. She then made her only obeisance of the night to me.

“Steve. Are you OK with this?”

What choice did I have? Really. I thought for a split second then responded.

“Let the healing begin.” I said, trying to be casual about the fact that my gorgeous wife was about to wholeheartedly meet Lady Bianca woman to woman and pussy to pussy.

It was a lot for me to absorb in such a short time. I felt that I was on sensory overload. But, in true manly fashion, I readied myself to view what would, no doubt, be the most amazing spectacle I would ever witness.

I mentioned earlier that I had occasionally fantasized about June and another hot woman together. And although, out of fear and prudishness, I never asked her, June herself had asked me once or twice if I would like to see “every man’s fantasy.” Now I understand why she brought it up. It was because of what those other women had told her. Each time, I would fumble for a nonchalant response, but she sensed I was more aroused by the thought than I was willing to admit. But because of my reticence, nothing of that nature ever materialized.

Now, in spite of the fact that we were here for a specific purpose, the fact remained that this would be the fulfillment of a long standing fantasy for, I believe, both of us. I could not wait to see my wife go cunt to cunt with another hot woman.

With my nod of approval, the two women moved into each other. Their fulsome, wet cunts faced each other. The similarities and differences were striking. June’s beautiful pussy was creamy skinned and dotted with occasional freckles, much like the rest of her body. Her thick, normally puffy labia were engorged by blood flow, to a fullness and splendor that I’d not seen in a long time. However, a quick scan of Lady Bianca’s cunt told me that my wife was in for it. In contrast, the dark haired beauty was wondrously bronze skinned. The lips of her naked tumescent cunt were as full as June’s. Her lovely olive flesh extended to her pussy. But her cunt was different, somehow.

I decided to abandon my chair and move right down on the floor next to them. The two women were so focused on each other and what they were about to do, that they really didn’t care that I was so close by.
The unmistakable fragrance of aroused pussy smacked me right in the face. I loved it, and the fact that my wife was once again giving off that sexy scent. I also noticed that the Lady’s pussy gave off a tantalizing fragrance. It was different, somehow. But very pleasing. And now, seeing this masterpiece of female anatomy up close, I realized why the lady’s pussy looked odd. I know that this is going to sound crazy, but her pussy was not just opulent and beautiful. It also appeared to be muscular.

I began to worry a bit for my wife. June’s cunt was every bit as lush and full as Lady Bianca’s cunt. But it was soft and feminine. By comparison, the lady’s cunt was unmistakably feminine, but strong looking. June may have been woman enough to take on the lady body to body, but I had to wonder if she was really up to this particular match up.

The look of concern on my face must have tipped her off. She briefly broke off her eye to eye connection with the gorgeous healer to send a word of comfort my way.

“Honey. Don’t worry. I’ll be fine.” she softly reassured me.

I looked at her with deep love. She touched my arm softly.

“I need this, honey.” she assured me. “I desperately need this.”

I nodded again. She returned her gaze to Lady Bianca. The two women now focused intensely on each other. A lesson in love and an intimate healing was about to unfold before my eyes in the form of two exquisite cunts locking up with each other.

My amazing wife! She was willing to plunge her lovely pussy into uncharted territory. She was willing to match her cunt against a cunt that was so formidable looking that it made me nervous (and aroused) just to look at it. She was about to make an ultimate sacrifice just for us. And I was to witness what would be a fuck for the ages.

God bless you June! And God Bless America!

Chapter Seven

Potent sexual tension was mounting. The room fell almost silent. The new age soundtrack now seemed to be emanating from the darkened portion of the room. Incense and womanly fragrances dueled for control of the air. Womanly fragrances were winning. The spectacular, dark haired and olive skinned Lady Bianca was about to match cunts with the pale skinned, redheaded goddess I’m proud to call my soulmate. June’s phenomenal pussy was about to get a lengthy lesson in sensuality. Lady Bianca’s cunt would be the teacher.

There was no longer any doubt in my mind. June was totally into this. When the lady signaled her with a warm smile and a nod, June made the initial advance. She slowly scooted her butt along the mat until her pussy lips were the width of a pubic hair away from Lady Bianca’s sweet labia. The two smooth, full lipped and hairless pussies were just that close to each other! I was thrilled by the sight of my wife’s naked cunt, so wet and willing to meet and meat with Lady Bianca’s magnificent cunt. This womanly coalescence was about to begin.

Lady Bianca closed her eyes, took in a deep breath, then exhaled. When her black eyes opened, they locked with my wife’s green beauties.

“NOW, June!” she commanded.

And with that, June slowly sealed off Lady Bianca’s cunt lips with her own. My eyes were fixed on the two pussies. Nothing could have averted my stare. A split second before they made contact, the lady’s outer lips parted slightly, welcoming my wife’s sweet cunt into their warm loving softness. June’s entire body trembled at first contact. Lady Bianca softly moaned. She was obviously impressed with the first full on encounter of their swollen labia. Before my eyes, creamy alabaster labia met and sucked together with thick, satiny olive skinned labia. The image would be burned in my brain forever.

“Your pussy is truly amazing, June.” the Lady said through her heaving chest.

“You flatter me, Lady Bianca. But it is your pussy that is so lush and so wondrous. I’ve never felt anything like this before.” June seemed overwhelmed by the sensations she was experiencing for the first time.

“And now I want you to relax and release, sweet June. Surrender your pussy to my pussy, and together we will vanquish those inhibitions of yours.”

“I’m yours, Lady Bianca. Teach me, woman to woman, pussy to pussy.” June moaned, as her body relaxed and her pelvis rhythmically danced with Lady Bianca’s professorial pelvis.

The two intimately connected women slowly worked their juicy cunts into each other. From my ringside seat I could see how well matched they were. Although Lady Bianca’s cunt was clearly the sensei here.

I watched in utter fascination as my wife’s sweet creamy pussy became lost in the loving, sensual embrace of the lady’s exquisite, tawny pussy. Two gorgeous cunts were locked together. A lesson in love was being given. Lady Bianca, the skilled teacher. June, the eager student.

In a matter of minutes, June’s pussy was nicely lubricated with Lady Bianca’s pungent, yet pleasant smelling love juices. I know my wife’s fragrance. This was not hers.

But it only took a couple more minutes and I began to notice that June was getting really wet, and her womanly scent was now battling for air space with the lady’s fragrance. My olfactory nerves were reveling in this airborne, erotic duel of sex infused aromas. And it was thrilling to once again see my wife’s pussy so juiced.

My sense of sight and my sense of smell were being bombarded with pleasure. Next, my sense of hearing was treated to the sounds that come from two juicy cunts engaged in fucking. And what delicious noises they were! Lady Bianca’s cunt was squishing, slurping and smacking all of it’s skilled loving techniques into my wife’s willing cunt.

For the next stretch of time (really, I have no idea how long) I watched, enthralled, as June’s thick labia folded together with, then sunk into the soft tan folds of the lady’s cunt. They would disappear, then reappear. And then the succulent process would repeat itself. Both sets of labia on both women, the large outer lips and the soft, smaller inner lips were were completely engaged in this juicy sucking together of pussies. It was as though my wife’s perfect anatomy was being surrounded completely in the fleshy perfection of the the lady’s sweet pussy meat. June’s pussy was “on fire.” June herself, was on another plane. I could see that now.

I mentioned before what I perceived as the muscularity of Lady Bianca’s pussy. I was right. This masterpiece of female anatomy seemed to be locking my wife’s formidable cunt in its firmly loving grip, allowing June just enough freedom of movement to respond and luxuriate in this fully locked-together fleshly fusion. My wife was crazed with sensual pleasure.

This soft, full on rubbing together of the two naked cunts was breathtaking to watch. But it also seemed to have a real purpose. With every labia on labia stroking, and with each hot plunge my June’s cunt took into the depths of Lady Bianca’s mentoring, lavish cunt, I could sense my sweet wife slowly letting go of something.

Inhibitions? Fears? Months of some sort of pent up frustration? Months of some kind of stress?

Whatever the case, it was becoming apparent that June’s cunt needed whatever Lady Bianca’s cunt was giving it, whatever it is that only two women in a thigh to thigh scissor lock can give to each other.
I was now completely convinced of this. Andy was right! I was watching my wife’s body move in ways that I had not seen it move in months. It was thrilling!

Once again I have to say that, with the exception of the last few months, my wife was incredibly hot in bed. I loved fucking her. She drained me with her enthusiasm and wild abandon. I believe now that I was witnessing the return of my love. But, the lesson was not quite finished. I had a really sexy feeling about what was coming next.

Both women were now propped up on their elbows, looking squarely into each other’s eyes. And, with her dark eyes, I could tell that Lady Bianca was silently coaching June, challenging her to take it to the next level. The two gently battling cunts were squared off fully, front to front. Pelvises were grinding. Maximum contact had been established, and apparently it was mind blowing to both women. Lady Bianca licked her lips. I could tell that June was pleasuring her deeply. She seemed very pleasantly surprised with June’s abilities.

“You move well June. Considering this is your first pussy fuck, very well indeed.”

“I’m fortunate to have a great teacher, Lady Bianca.” June responded.

“Now June, you must bring forth that strong, lovely female tool of yours. You must be willing to meet with me, clitoris against clitoris. This will be the ultimate test, my sweet.”

“I’m ready and willing, Lady Bianca.” June responded.

“Then, let us begin!” exclaimed Lady Bianca.

Oh man! This was IT!!!

Chapter Eight

Lady Bianca pulled back slightly. This gave me the opportunity to once again closely observe her fulsome vulva. It was truly a thing of beauty. I then turned my attention to the fair skinned pussy that was attached to the woman I had been in love with for more than seven years. It was as wondrous now as the day I first gazed upon it. And now, before my eyes, these two cunts were about to lock up, once again, in what would be the final catharsis for my wife. So far, she had held her own. I sincerely hoped that she was up to this ultimate challenge.

Then, the ever mysterious lady sat up. In her right hand, she held a small, unmarked vial of clear liquid.

I have no idea where this bottle came from.

“What’s this?” my curious wife wanted to know.

“Something that will help you to relax. Something that will help us both. It will feel silky and smooth, but it will intensify the bonding of our flesh a thousand fold.” Lady Bianca explained. Excited, June nodded approval.

She then held the vial about two feet directly above June’s eager cunt and released exactly ONE drop of what appeared to be an oil based fluid directly onto it. I swear, the stuff seemed to spread out on its own, forming a light, even sheen on June’s sweet labia. Whatever this stuff was, it began to mingle with my wife’s juices. The resultant fragrance was subtle, but highly erotic. Wow!

Lady Bianca set the vial down and was about to commence, when my wife stopped her. June then picked up the enigmatic vial and held it directly over the lady’s pussy.

“Shouldn’t you have a drop too, Lady Bianca?”

“Stop!” the lady commanded.

June gave her a puzzled look. I was curious too.

“June, this potion is quite potent. One drop is the usual dosage.”

“But I want you to have a drop too!” June insisted.

“That could be very dangerous. This is strong stuff.”

“Will it kill us? Will it harm us in any way?”

“No, and no. But…”

“Then, I don’t care. I want you to feel what I’m feeling.”

“I’ve felt it before June. Many times.”

“But never with my pussy.” June argued.

“True, but…”

“Lady, please.” my wife implored. She was unrelenting. Then the lady acquiesced.

“O.K. But I’m warning you, this is going to be totally mind blowing.”

And before she could finish the statement, a single drop of the liquid sped toward her pussy. June’s aim was true. It was a direct hit! Slowly and seductively, the mysterious liquid fanned out across the wondrous expanse of the lady’s cunt lips, just as it had done on June’s pussy.

Both goddesses were now sitting up on straight arms. Their gazes were fixed on the “V” of their thighs, each focusing on the other’s pussy. Lucky for me there was enough space for me to see both cunts. Something wonderful was happening. From deep within June’s succulent folds, her beautiful erect clit emerged. It was hard. Harder than I’d seen it in months. The fluid on June’s pudenda seemed to open it up, but I discerned that her female erection was just as much, maybe more, an excited response to the full emergence of Lady Bianca’s stunning, also fully erect clitoris.

From my ringside seat, I beheld two strong, proud female gladiators preparing to become locked in battle in an arena of womanly flesh. I was enthralled!

There was no nod, no signal of any kind. The two women pushed forward simultaneously. Once again they were joined together. The squish that I heard from this collision of their pussies, more than the first, will always be in my mind. Did this liquid of mystery cause a more intimate, carnal bonding between two lush vulvas? Or was it just the heated enthusiasm and desire between the two women?

Chesty groans came from deep within both women.

“Oh, Lady Bianca! What is in that stuff?” June groaned. The lady smiled mischievously.

“I warned you that it was potent.”

“I don’t care. Your cunt feels so wonderful against mine.” June said.

“As does yours. This is a good sign. The empathy between our womanly pussies will be the tipping point. And when our clitorises become fully engaged, there will be no holding back and no turning back.

You and I will finish this and you will be healed, I hope.”

When they were exposed enough to see, I found myself engrossed, as my wife’s clitoris sexually fought, shaft to shaft and head to head with Lady Bianca’s marvelous clitoris. Just as it was between their fulsome labia, there was a strong affinity between the two clits. But, once again, June was the willing student, and the lovely lady was the sensei. Wisdom of the ages, amazing sexual techniques and a healthy dose of prurient pleasures were being passed from the lady’s clitoris to my wife’s clitoris, as it was from her pussy to June’s pussy. But there was also something deeper, more profound, going on here. There was a deep love building between the two women, just as much as the profound heated desire between the two pussies. But it was not the kind of love that I needed to be jealous about. Lady Bianca was showing and giving June a level of love and love making that she had not had for some time. June was receiving, and giving back with all her might. June was, simultaneously, being schooled and fucked, while learning passion and desire all over again. I could do nothing but marvel at this exquisite union of two beautiful women locked together at the core of their femininity.

After nearly thirty minutes of exquisite cunt to cunt, clit to clit fucking and love making, they both dropped flat on the mat. Each of them took hold of the other’s right leg an pulled against each other. The reason for this was obvious to me. They wanted to cunt fuck each other as deeply as was physically possible. I had to adjust my position a bit in order to see. And what I saw was mind bending. As the two women pulled against each other for leverage, I could see my wife’s cunt being totally immersed in the thick meat of Lady Bianca’s formidable cunt. There was no doubt which pussy was in charge. I continued to watch, a bit concerned for my wife’s safety.

The two luscious cunts were so tightly fused! June was completely lost in the moment. Her cunt was battling furiously with Lady Bianca’s perfect pussy. And when the two womanly shafts became visible, it was obvious that they, too, were waging their own personal fuck duel. Then, they would disappear into the folds of luscious cunt meat and continue their loving duel in private.

A while later, who knows how long, I could see June’s demeanor change. She was still actively fucking Lady Bianca, but she seemed, for lack of a better description, accepting. I don’t know, but something had changed. Looking at Lady Bianca, I got no clue.

Then, suddenly, June unleashed a groan so primal that it was a bit scary. My attention was immediately drawn to the juncture of the two locked pussies. And, there it was again; the glow that was trying to leave June.

Lady Bianca then shifted into fifth gear, locking her cunt into my wife’s so hard that I thought June would pass out.

“GIVE IT UP, JUNE!!!” the lady yelled.

“Aahhhaaahh!!!!!!!” June screamed.This now appeared to be a full fledged battle between the lady and the glow, which I now perceived as the essence of whatever was troubling my wife.

June was fucking Lady Bianca furiously, trying to give it up, and Lady Bianca was fucking June savagely, trying to take it away from her, if that makes any kind of sense. For the better part of an hour, June’s spectacular cunt had been crazy glued to Lady Bianca’s cunt. But the union of these two beautiful pussies was now obviously transcendental in nature.

I can claim no knowledge of this kind of thing, but I was now convinced that something other worldly was going on here. Sure, two of the most beautiful women I’d ever seen in my life were locked together at the core of their womanhood and fucking each other’s brains out right in front of me. But the healing process that earlier this evening I kind of doubted, now seemed to be transpiring.

All of a sudden, without any cue, the two women sat upright and wrapped their arms around each other in a full bodied embrace. With their legs still scissored and their thighs locked, their stomachs pressed firmly, tits crushing together, renewing their loving confrontation, body to body for the upcoming climax. And it would not take long. The women then reunited their full lips. Their mouths and tongues were sealed in the most perfect kiss I had ever seen. Then I saw it, once again. The soft glow began emanating from the juncture of the two pussies. In a millisecond, it expanded from the V outward and fully encased both nude bodies. For the briefest moment, I could not see either of them. Then, I heard a blood curdling scream that seemed to come from both women simultaneously. Then, as quickly as it appeared, the soft light that surrounded them both was gone.

The two goddesses then released each other, falling flat on their backs. The only remaining anatomical connection between then was their two swollen cunts, which continued to rub softly together after what, I assume was an epic mutual orgasm.

I watched, fascinated. June’s body gently twitched and quivered, as did Lady Bianca’s body. The two were apart, but still connected.

I don’t know what made me do it, but I reached out and took each of their wrists in my hands and palpated each of their radial arteries. Incredibly, both heart rates were in the low to mid forties! So, I followed up and checked breathing rates. They were also quite slow. Seconds later, my fears were allayed when I noticed more frequent respirations and felt improved pulse rates.

It appeared they were OK, so I moved back to the chair and relaxed. They were either just completely exhausted or on another level so profound as to both seem in a kind of trance.

I thought deeply about what I had just witnessed. In just another minute, Lady Bianca’s lush pussy began to softly rub and kiss my wife’s cunt, which caused her to stir. June’s pussy began to softly, rhythmically rub back in what seemed an autonomic response. Eyes now opened, they propped themselves up on their elbows and looked at each other. Lady Bianca’s look was one of deep satisfaction. June looked both satisfied and slightly bewildered.

They sat up once again and embraced lovingly. Next a soft loving kiss and then Lady Bianca separated herself from June. I heard a delicious sucking noise when the two pussies extricated themselves from each other. June groaned in disappointment, but then rose to her feet to meet the tanned goddess once again in a warm, full body embrace. Once again it was thrilling to see the two contrasting bodies so sensuously entwined. But, I sensed that things were winding down. And I was right.

They separated, but Lady Bianca took June’s hands into hers. She addressed my wife.

“You did it, June.”

“What exactly did I do, Lady Bianca?”

“You released the essence of your inhibitions. There were spirits inside you that kept you from experiencing the full essence of your womanly sexual and sensual potential. Maybe some past trauma from your childhood, maybe some antiquated, irrelevant belief system. It could be any number of things. You were just too uptight. I removed those annoying inhibitions from you this evening. Do you feel any different?”

“I think so. I don’t know. All I know is that I’ve never experience anything as recondite as what happened this evening.”

“The good thing, June, is that this is going to affect your sex life with your husband.” the lady said. She then turned and spoke directly to me.

“Steve. You are IN FOR IT now. I hope that you can handle the deluge of what’s about to happen in your marital bed.”

“I’ll check with my doctor to see if my heart is strong enough for increased sexual activity.” I said, quoting the Viagra add.

“Wise decision.” the lady said.

She then took June’s hand and the two naked women vanished into the darkness.

Chapter Nine

Five to ten minutes or so had passed. I stood alone in Lady Bianca’s living room. Once again, the room lighting had changed to a normal brightness level. Music and incense were still in the air, but my wife was missing.

Five minutes later, Lady Bianca and June reappeared, wet haired and fully clothed. I was almost disappointed. Obviously, a mutual shower had taken place. That would have been nice to see. But they apparently needed some private “girl time” together. I wondered if they were locked in a soapy embrace in the shower. Guess I’ll never know.

The three of us then silently moved to the foyer. The next step was out the door, but there were some final steps. Fully clothed, June gave Lady Bianca a full, open mouthed kiss that seemed both passionate and appreciative. It was easy to tell that their breasts were having one final loving encounter; saying goodbye, if you will.

Then when they broke off, for the first time that night Lady Bianca came to me and gave me a full body embrace which lasted longer than June was comfortable with. She was braless and her tits felt incredible! June, of course, knew this fact quite well. My wife’s breasts were spectacular. But, there was something truly remarkable about the lady’s tits; something warm and welcoming. No wonder June surrendered her breasts so eagerly to these wondrous appendages. In the back of my mind, I wondered if June’s tits would ever meet up with these beauties again. One could only hope.

She then released me and addressed both of us.

“June and Steve. May your love for each other remain strong. Thank you for coming to see me tonight.” said the lady.

“We thank you, too, sweet Lady Bianca.” June replied.

“Both of us.” I chimed in. Then we left.

Chapter Ten/Epilogue

When we got home that night, June passed out.

I went into work on Saturday morning for a few hours, as was my custom, just to catch up with the paper work. I kissed her goodbye on her forehead, but she didn’t stir. So, I left my energy drained wife still blissfully asleep.

At about one PM, when I returned home, I found her still sleeping peacefully in our bed. Indeed, she slept through another night and into the following day. I wondered if something went wrong, but it seems her session with Lady Bianca had physically depleted her. She was completely exhausted.

On the third day, Monday, she finally woke up and joined me for a quick breakfast. I could see her energy level starting to return. Then again, I was off to work. Only this time, with a warm hug and a rather heated kiss.

That same night, what Lady Bianca had predicted came true. The passion returned. As Andy would say, in spades.

After dinner, then a movie, June took me upstairs to bed and ravaged me. We fucked with pure hedonism, like we used to do. Like we hadn’t done in months. Oh my god, she and the sex were amazing! Our emotional and physical connection and love was back! It was almost like we were newlyweds again. Thank you, Lady Bianca!!!

My life with my beautiful wife had returned to wonderful, once again. Of course, when Andy returned from his out of town job, several after work rounds were on me.
Three glorious months of this joyfulness passed

Then, one night at dinner, June told me that she ran into Lady Bianca in an upscale coffee shop earlier that afternoon. She said they sat for a long while and engaged in a lovely conversation.

“Anyway, hon. We both came to a conclusion.” she continued, with a bit of hesitance in her voice. I was wary.

“And that conclusion was?”

“That we should meet again for a private session. Just the two of us. And I really would like to go back and spend some time with her, woman to woman.” June stated, getting closer to the point.

“She’s a mesmerizing woman June. Are you sure she didn’t talk you into it?” “No. We mutually agreed that we wanted to meet again. You know. Girl talk.” June said, in an attempt to mollify me

“I see. Girl talk.” I said, disbelieving.

“And after that, the two of you strip naked and get your hot bodies together once again?” I asked.

“Tits to tits and belly to belly. That’s the idea.” June said.

“And then, pussy to pussy once again? In a scissor lock?” I wanted to know.

“Exactly Steve. My pussy needs to chat with hers again, just for a few hours.”

“Well, there’s no denying that her pussy is truly wise.” I admitted.

“My pussy learned so much about love and letting go, when we locked up three months ago.”

“Humm…” I was still skeptical. But I couldn’t doubt that June was a wild woman in bed after the first encounter with the dark haired healer.

“Well, she has helped you, and made our life much happier.” I said, still contemplating whether or not this was a good idea.

“But I feel like I have so much more to learn from her.”

I was silent, pensive. I was unsure.

“Please, honey?” she implored. I caved. I couldn’t expunge the image in my mind of their bare breasts fully engaged and their swollen labia sucking together. What I saw three months ago, my beautiful wife cunt to cunt with Lady Bianca, had never left me. And so…

“Oh hell. Who am I to stand in the way of continued education and ongoing healing?” I relented.

“Oh thank you, Steve!” June then leaned into me to plant a kiss on me. It was a kiss of desire, and foretold of the passion that would come later that night.

“So, when are you going to meet with her, June?”

“I thought I might drop in on her on Wednesday at around five PM. That’s your long day at work anyway. And then, afterwards, you usually go for beers with the guys, right?” June said.
She was right. I hardly ever got home before ten PM on Wednesdays.

“So, did you call her and let her know that you’ll be stopping by on Wednesday?” I asked, foolishly.

“I don’t have to call her. She knows.” June replied.

To Be Continued In:
June and The Lady!
Coming Soon!

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