Chapter 1: Beth and Sandra Get Closer to Jehovah by A.Penman

Joseph and I sat comfortably ensconced in the big chairs in my living room as we spoke at length and with much enthusiasm about life, love and of course, the merits of a life devoted to good works in Jehovah’s name. On this particular night, on the other side of my living room, sitting close and comfortably on the couch, Joseph’s wife was engaged in a spirited girl gab with my lady friend Sandra.

I must confess right here to not really being all that interested in Jehovah. But I always welcomed Joseph into my home because he was such a nice man. Plus, he always was accompanied by his lovely and quite busty wife, Beth. And visits from the couple had yielded an unexpected godsend, so to speak.

A few weeks ago, on their very first visit, the women had taken an instant liking to each other. That’s when this intriguing development just happened.

On that night, two fulsome women impulsively hugged each other. Over the course of the visit, they embraced each other two or three more times. Then, when Joseph and Beth departed and we escorted them to their car, the two women shared yet another long, deep embrace. I marveled at how comfortable the two curvaceous women were with such full and intimate body contact. Joseph seemed to enjoy his lovely wife’s long and tight embraces with my equally lovely girlfriend as much as I did.

The bond between our lovely ladies continued to grow, almost exponentially. Every time that Beth and Joseph came by to share the word of God, Beth and Sandra shared multiple enthusiastic hugs. These weren’t just the polite, cursory hugs either. Both women eagerly put their entire bodies into each embrace. And with each subsequent visit, both the frequency and the enthusiasm of their embraces grew. It got to the point where the two large breasted women seemed to want to hug each other again and again and again.

Earlier this afternoon as we readied ourselves for the evening’s visit from the couple, Sandra asked me to assess her planned outfit for the evening.

“DC, I’m thinking about wearing this top tonight. Do you think it’s OK? Is it too…well…too sexy?”

Sandra was wearing her favorite burgundy crop top. It was sleeveless, showing her buffed and beautiful arms. The high neck showed no cleavage. But it fit her tightly, like a second skin and proudly announced her full, DD breasts. At the bottom was about a two or three inch strip of her oh so sexy bare tummy, button included. Damn!

I loved the top. She knew I loved the top. However, I got the distinct impression that it wasn’t me who Sandra was trying to impress, at least not this particular night. I hesitated. I knew I had to choose my words carefully.

“I’m not sure about that top, Sandra. I mean I like it, but they are religious folks after all.”

“I guess you’re right. How about if I wear a loose fitting sweater over it? That way I won’t look too…”

“Incredibly sexy?” I offered.

“Uh huh.”

“Sounds good to me.”

“You always know just the right words, DC.” Sandra smiled.

The next thing I knew, her arms were around me, hugging me tightly. Those DD tits that I so loved were rolling and mashing into me. I could feel my manhood starting to assert itself.


“What, hon?”

“You’re giving me a woody.” I said with some exasperation, because I knew there wasn’t enough time to do anything about it.

Sandra just reached down and grabbed my crotch.

“Mmmm…hold that thought.” She commented slyly. She gave me a quick peck on the cheek, then went off to adjust her wardrobe, leaving my cock stiffly poking at my jeans.

Less than an hour later, Sandra and I welcomed Joseph and his lovely wife Beth into our home for an evening of delightful, meaningful chat and, as always, a non-alcoholic beverage. The girls quickly paired off while Joseph and I sat down in our comfortable “man” chairs. But then I noticed something.

“Um.. Joseph?”

“What, DC?”

“Well, I mean no disrespect, but I must say that your wife Beth looks rather toothsome this evening.”

“Oh…yes, when I saw that blouse, I told her that I felt she might be dressing a bit too provocatively.”

“Provocative is a good word.” I said, with a tinge of innuendo.

“But, she said she wanted to wear that top because she wanted to impress Sandra. Knowing how much she likes Sandra, I decided not to debate the point. I wouldn’t have won anyway.”

Beth had on a white, thin fabric top that was ribbed. It was a little thicker than a tee top but it hugged her upper body so tightly that there could be no mistaking the size and fullness of her breasts. My goodness! Beth’s tits were phenomenal!

“Sandra has on kind of a sexy top too. I guess she wanted to impress Beth. But I reminded her that you were religious folks, so she decided to cover up with a sweater.”

“What sweater?” Joseph asked.

Joseph’s comment was spot on. I looked back across the room to see that my lady had taken off her sweater. Apparently when she saw the blouse Beth had on, and how it emphasized her fulsome breasts, she saw no reason to be prudish or modest. Without any inhibitions, both women’s eyes were fixed on each other’s gorgeous assets. When eye to eye contact resumed, they smiled warmly and compliments were passed.

“What a lovely top, Beth!”

“Oh goodness me, this old thing?” Beth feigned modesty.

“Old or not, you look breathtaking in it.” Sandra poured it on. Beth blushed a bit, then returned the compliment.

“That top you’re wearing looks great on you, Sandra.”

“Oh…goodness. This old thing?” Sandra teased Beth, but now she blushed a bit. They both giggled.

It was rather difficult not to leer at the cornucopia of perfect female assets that were across the room, but I managed not to be a pervert. I turned back and engaged Joseph in political and philosophical discourse. He was always eager to talk politics. So was I. But I would always have to re-direct the flow of conversation whenever he turned to religion and tried to sell me on why I should convert.

Meanwhile, across the living room our women continued to chat and exchange the occasional compliments.. hair, nails.. the usual stuff. But now it seemed the two of them were struggling to maintain eye contact. You could see them stealing not so furtive glances at each other’s endowments. And then it happened.

“You know, Beth, we haven’t had a really good hug yet.”

“That’s right, we haven’t.” Beth replied. The excitement in her voice was apparent.

The two women stood up and faced each other. Son-of-a-bitch! I hadn’t noticed it before, but neither woman was wearing a bra! And I swear, as Jehovah’s my Witness, it appeared that both women’s breasts had swollen at least a cup size!!! Wow! Their breasts aimed directly at each other, proud and firm and so large. Erect nipples could no longer hide from view. And then the two close friends melted into each other’s arms. Joseph’s wife and my girl came together in such a warm, loving embrace! You could see their big, full breasts crushing together, kind of wrestling with each other. It must have been a really good hug because you could hear both women moan.

“My goodness! They’re at it again.” Joseph pointed out.

“Those two sure love to hug each other!” I observed.

“All Beth could talk about for the last week was how much she was looking forward to seeing Sandra again.”

“Yeah, Sandra has mentioned Beth quite a few times too.”

“You know DC, my wife and I are always so involved in church matters that the poor dear hasn’t had any time to cultivate any close relationships with another female. It makes me happy to see Sandra welcome Beth into her arms and the warm embrace of woman to woman friendship.”

“Well Joseph, I must say that recently I’ve noticed a nice change in Sandra too. I think her budding relationship with your lovely wife is the reason for this.”

“Oh look, D.C. They’re sharing a kiss!”

I looked over just a couple of seconds before the two good friends separated their luscious mouths. A shimmering string of their shared saliva stretched out and eventually popped. I expect that each of them got a sizable dollop of spit on her top. You could see their well matched breasts crush with each ebullient breath they shared.


Beth turned away from Sandra to acknowledge her husband.

“Yes, Joseph. What?”

“I just wanted to say how delighted I am that you have found such a lovely new friend in Sandra.”

“I’m delighted too, sweetheart. It seems that Jehovah is looking out for me. At a time when I really needed a woman friend, he gave me Sandra.”

Beth planted a quick but hard kiss on Sandra’s mouth. Sandra sighed.

“I’m lucky to have you too, Beth.” Sandra said, then repaid her with an equally hard full mouth kiss. When it was done, Beth broke off the embrace to make an observation.

“You know Sandra, it occurs to me that you haven’t yet given me a tour of the house.”

“Well, it’s not much of a house.” Sandra feigned modesty.

“Don’t be silly! It’s a lovely house. And I want to see it, ALL of it.”

Lovely Beth emphasized her request with a sly wink. Sandra’s eyebrows raised and her breathing became animated.

“I think I can arrange a tour, just for you,” Sandra smiled at her friend, but there was just a hint of slyness in her smile, “just a minute, sweetie.”

Beth waited patiently with an odd look on her face while Sandra went to the kitchen and came back with two cold beers, one regular for me and one non-alcoholic beer for Joseph.

“Thank you, hon.” I said.

“And I thank you too, pretty lady!”

“Why, Joseph! You smooth talker!” Sandra teased him and winked. Joseph laughed.

“You boys stay right here and talk your sports and your politics and your philosophy. While you’re at it, enjoy a cold one. I’m going to give Beth a tour of the house.” Sandra stated, cheerfully.

Then my lady smiled at me and leaned in to give me a soft kiss on the cheek before she returned to lovely Beth. The two women then went off into the house, arm in arm. Joseph took a healthy swig of his beer then commented.

“Women! What do they find so fascinating about seeing the house?” he asked, bemused.

“I don’t know, Joseph. I just know they love stuff like that. But we do love them.” I offered.

“Indeed we do!”

“Here’s to our lovely ladies!” I raised my beer in a toast.

“To my Elizabeth, and your lovely Sandra!” Joseph responded enthusiastically.

“May their friendship blossom and grow.”

I had no idea, but that statement would shortly prove to be prophetic.

We clinked our bottles then took a drink. As soon as the beer hit my mouth, I realized that Sandra had given us the wrong beer. She had mistakenly handed Joseph the beer that contained alcohol. He didn’t seem to notice. I was in a bit of a quandary. Should I tell him?NAH.

We then resumed our discussion of life and the state of the world, the country, the state and the city. Our views often differed, but Joseph and I always seemed to find common ground. Before we knew it, almost thirty minutes had passed.

Just as I was about to mention that we hadn’t seen the girls for a while, I heard a few pronounced moans coming from down the hall. Five minutes later, those moans turned into pronounced grunts and groans. What the? Joseph noticed them too. I had an odd and good feeling about this.

“Wow! It sounds like our two gals are havin’ a good old time.” I said, trying to normalize what I suspected might have been going on. Or should I say, what I hoped was going on. But then I thought to myself, “Nah, that can’t be it. Those two hot, very large breasted women who had a thing for hugging each other…they couldn’t possibly have been…no. Get a hold of your fantasy life, DC! It’s not what you think…”

But then, once again, Sandra’s voice came wafting down the hall in the form of a groan that I knew all too well. Then, my over active mind envisioned those two busty gals who loved to hug and mash their tits together, off in one of the bedrooms enjoying a bare-breasted, tit-mashing embrace. With first hand knowledge of Sandra’s gloriously sensitive nipples, I imagined her and Beth enjoying a spirited nipple duel. I was beginning to feel, well, aroused.

The next thing I noticed was that it wasn’t just Sandra who was moaning and groaning. The lovely Beth seemed to be having her share of breathless moments too. It occurred to me that it wasn’t just my imagination anymore. Whether it was just a long, passionate embrace and kiss, or whether they were, as I hoped, locked in a sensuous battle of four naked DDs, these gals were gettin’ busy! I had to think fast, before Joseph’s curiosity got the better of him.. before things got out of hand. Because, just judging from the now irrepressible squeals and moans and grunts of deep pleasure that were coming from that bedroom, things were about to get out of control right quick. Sweet Jehovah! Please, I beg you!

“Say, Joseph. How about another non-alcohol beer?”

“Don’t mind if I do, DC.”

I was in the kitchen and back in a few seconds. I handed him his beer, just as Sandra had earlier. We clinked our bottles like manly men and then swigged. A few more minutes passed in random chat. Several more swigs were taken. Joseph’s beer was almost gone. And then…

“Shay DC…whattaya spose is takin’ them gals sho long?”

And there it was! His words were saturated in alcohol. He was getting drunk. This could work to my benefit.

“And what’s with all the gruntin’ and the groanin’?”

“Darned if I know, Joseph.”

“Should we go check on them?” He asked.

“I’m sure they’re fine.” I reassured him, hoping he would insist.

“But thas sha lotta moanin’ and groanin.’”

“Yeah, you’re right. Things are getting pretty noisy back there. We better check.”

I walked down the hall while Joseph staggered along just behind me. I was amazed to see that the door to the master bedroom was wide open. Things between the two busty girlfriends must have gotten so hot so quickly that Sandra didn’t have time to close it.

We arrived at the open door and looked in. I gave Joseph the finger over the lips shush sign and whispered for him to hold on to the door frame. Once he steadied himself, we both quietly looked in to see Beth and Sandra stretched out on the bed in a head to toe completely naked embrace. Their arms were wrapped around each other tightly and they were, not surprisingly, kissing very passionately! Their bodies were undulating very sensuously. You could see the amazingly beautiful side bulge of their fully mated breasts. You could hear the low, excited moans of pleasure that were going back and forth between their locked mouths. Their breathing was hard and labored.

“Wush going on with them wimmin, D-SHE? And why are they nekkid?” Joseph slurred.

What was I going to say? Think, DC! Then it hit me.

“They’re bonding with each other, Joseph.”

“Looks to me like they’re rasslin’ with each other.”

“Nope…well, perhaps a little. But I read about this on the internet. When two women like each other the way your lovely wife and my beautiful girlfriend obviously do, this is how they express their feelings.”

“Beth likes to watch them wrestling gals on the internet.”

“Well, I’m certainly no expert, Joseph. Maybe they are wrestling.”

“Well, I gotta shay like the kids say, ish kinda hot!” Joseph slurred.

“I agree. It is hot. So let’s let them have at it. Let’s be really quiet and watch how this goes. What do you say, Joseph?” I suggested. He was all for it.

“Oh heck, yes. I like the looks of thish.” He eagerly agreed.

I could tell that the sight of his glorious wife and my gorgeous girlfriend locked up the way they were was getting to him. No doubt that the alcohol was having an effect too.

Beth and Sandra had turned up the heat a bit. They were now rolling back and forth as the pelvic slams began to intensify. Judging by the way she was moving so rhythmically with Sandra, I began to get the notion that Beth was not a stranger to this activity. For that matter, it now seemed obvious that my Sandra had some experience in this too. To put it mildly, they were mashing their tits and rocking their hips like two women from an A. Penman story. Not that I, personally, have ever read any of his stories. I prefer to keep my reading “high class.”

Things seemed to be progressing rapidly between our two ladies. The full contact body to body bond they were sharing was getting really intense. The pounding of their pelvises and the slapping of their smooth, sexy bellies was glorious to see and hear. No doubt about it any more. They were going at it with their juiced pussies…these two hot women were fucking! And oh boy, were they ever fucking! Beth and Sandra’s voluptuous nude bodies were so sensuously locked together! The heat between them was amazing to see. The sexual battle between their bodies was becoming furious. Between their deep grunts and sharp cries of passion, they fucked and wrestled and rolled, back and forth and back and forth. A couple of times they almost rolled off the bed. It was so cool to see these two women going at it like this!

My cock stiffened. I decided to check Joseph, to see what was going on “down there.” He had a hard-on too! Oh well, even the righteous. I sniggered to myself. But in his defense, what man could watch this glorious sight unfold before his eyes and NOT get aroused?

“Hey DC, friend!” he asked, like a man who just had an incredible idea.

“What, Joseph?”

“Whoyathink’s gonna win?”

And there it was. Time for a little mano-a-mano fun.

“Well, duuhhh…SANDRA, of course!” I said indignantly.

“Oh, I don’t know about that. My Beth is a tough little cookie. I think she’s gonna beat your Sandra.”

“All due respect, Joseph, but you must be crazy. Can’t you see how my Sandra’s beating your Beth? She’s definitely gonna win.”

“Wanna bet?” he challenged.

“Of course I wanna bet!” I snapped.

“I’m not allowed to do any real gamblin’. So I’ll just betcha a dollar. What do you say?”

“You’re ON!” I said as we shook hands on the deal. We then returned our attention to our two battling beauties.

“What is THAT?!” Joseph asked in utter disbelief, unable to comprehend what he was now seeing.

I too was stunned! I was stupefied! Were my eyes deceiving me? Oh lord!!! Please don’t tease me! I knew exactly what was going on. I just couldn’t believe that it was actually happening in real time in my house on my goddamn bed!! I whispered an explanation to Joseph.

“That’s called the scissor lock, my friend.”

“What does it mean?”

“Well, it’s kind of like the ultimate challenge between two women.”

“And what does that mean?”

“As I understand it, Joseph, it means they wrestled to a draw. Now, they’ve agreed to settle it this way. Indeed, they must settle it this way.. in a scissor lock.. woman to woman.”

Joseph blinked and then squinted his eyelids, as if to get a better look; to bring everything into focus.

“Sweet Jehovah! Are they rubbing their ‘cookies’ together?” he asked in disbelief.

“Their ‘cookies?’” I asked him.

“Yeah, you know, their woman parts! Good gracious!”

“I know. It seems shocking. But yes, they are rubbing their ‘cookies’ together.” I replied, unsure of his reaction. I had to think, to prepare myself for the worst.

“Sweet Jesus! We’ve got to STOP them! That don’t seem right! Shouldn’t we stop them?”

“Absolutely NOT, Joseph! This is something us men should not interfere with! It’s a very private thing between two women!” I explained resolutely.

“Well, it just doesn’t seem right. I’m gonna break them up.”

He started to move toward the girls, but I gently grabbed his arm. Think, DC!!!

“Joseph! No! Wait!!!” he looked at me, oddly.


I released his arm, then continued. I had to convince him. On the bed, Sandra and his beautiful wife were now going at it in a serious pussy to pussy fuck. There was no stifling of moans and groans. The squish of their locked vulva was sublime!

“If you break this up, Beth is going to be really angry with you! Not to mention Sandra. Do you want to risk that?” I implored him.

“Now, how do you know that?”

“You’re gonna have to trust me on this one, friend. This is something that our lovely ladies very obviously NEED to do. It’s been almost inevitable, since the first day they met.”

“I don’t know about that, friend.” he was still not convinced.

“Look. We are witnessing a ritual that’s as old as time. In a way, a very intimate way, they are bonding with each other. You…WE must not interfere!”

“How do you know this stuff?” he asked. There was still some doubt in his mind.

“I happened to come upon an article once, on an internet website called ‘Ancient Sacred Female Customs.’” I was stretching the truth, just a bit. “Look, Joseph. There’s no real harm going on here. Just two very beautiful women, solidifying the bonds of their friendship in the most intimate way.. by having a lively, vigorous girl/girl competition. Right?”

“I suppose…” he acquiesced.

“Besides, I’ve got a dollar to collect from you.” Finally, I appealed to his sense of machismo.

“In your dreams, DC! You’re gonna be paying me that dollar.” Joseph said, as a renewed sense of pride in his wife swelled in his chest. We fist bumped and returned our attention to the sexy action.

“Ughhh!” Beth groaned.

“Come on, Beth! Show her what’s what!”

“Aggghhh!!! Sandra cried out.

“Go Sandra!” I countered.

We no longer saw any need to disguise our presence. Nothing, it seemed, was going to stop these two women from finalizing the bond of their friendship, cunt to juicy cunt. The two sexually locked women were now oblivious to anything in the room except the exquisite labia lock they were in. Joseph and I were on the edges of our seats. Well, we would have been, had we been sitting down.

The exciting sex duel seemed to be progressing the same way the body wrestle had gone. It was a very closely contested match. Every time it looked like one of them was getting the upper pussy, the other woman would rally. I dare say that, in every possible physical way, beautiful Beth and my gorgeous Sandra were a perfect match for each other. For over twenty more exciting, nerve-wracking and dick-hardening minutes, Joseph and I watched as his wife and my girlfriend enthusiastically ground their naked cunts into each other. Ever so slowly, Joseph and I had worked our way deeper into the bedroom to get a better view of the incredible, sweat soaked skirmish. It seemed the closer we got to them, the more vigorously the two women went at it. I’m sure they knew we were there, but that just didn’t matter. I had never seen my Sandra operating at such an intense sexual level. She and I were going to have to have a chat. I would also guess that Joseph had never seen his wife so single-mindedly sexual either. Joseph and I now spoke in normal conversational voices as we stood no more than three feet from the pussy pounding goings-on.

“You were right, DC. No way we break this up! GO BETH! Show her, honey!” said a proud man.

“Told you so. You better get that dollar out of your wallet, Joseph. C’mon Sandra! Give it to her!” said another proud man.

Keeping their hips pumping and their pussies grinding, Beth and Sandra now sat up in a tit crushing embrace. They locked their hungry mouths in a savage, chewy kiss as their swirling tongues wrestled inside and outside of their voracious mouths.

“Those two just can’t stop hugging and kissing!” a pleased Joseph observed.

“Nothing wrong with that.” I said, quite pleased to see their breasts come together once again. The action between their tongues was incendiary! But then the moment arrived. They split up and went down on the bed, flat on their backs. I nudged Joseph.

“This is it! Pay close attention!” I told him.

The two sexual warrior-lovers took hold of each other’s right leg and pulled hard, struggling desperately to gain leverage and whatever slight physical advantage could be had. I could see that both cunts were drenched in their combined woman juices. The sights and sounds and fragrances of the two sexually locked pudenda was starting to get to me. I was getting a bit woozy, but I concentrated and kept it together. After all, just like it was for Joseph, this was a first for me too. My dear sweet Sandra.

“Come on Sandra! You got her!”

“No, she doesn’t! Go Beth! Give it to her darling!” Joseph countered.

But it was too late. Sandra began to pour it on. Yes!!! Beth was slowly succumbing to my woman. Sandra’s pussy was now taking charge, in a wonderful womanly fashion. The pure primal nature of this encounter thrilled me in a way I had not anticipated. My dear Sandra! We are definitely going to have an after visit chat. And, judging from the expression on his face, I expect that a long talk between Joseph and Beth would undoubtedly take place once they got home.

Now, my dear lady was completely dominant. Beth was seconds away from total collapse. The now sad look on brother Joseph’s face told me he knew his woman, after a valiant struggle, was resigning herself to defeat. But, the lovely Beth was being fucked sooo good by my Sandra that pure sexual ecstasy was now within her grasp. All she had to do was accept her fate. The look on her face told me she was ready.

I had to get closer! Joseph was of a like mind. We both moved in to watch with fascination as Beth’s glorious cunt struggled in a rapturous loosing effort against Sandra’s sublime pussy. Still interlocked as tightly as possible, given the amount of sex fluids coating them, the two cunts warred for another fifteen-seconds or so before Beth’s entire body spasmed and her admirable pussy gushed in effuse orgasm. Cum juices were seeping out. Seeping then became gushing. And, as Beth’s climactic juices warmly bathed Sandra’s pussy, my girl, knowing she had prevailed, exploded in her own powerful orgasm. There was sticky girl goo everywhere!

Beth cried out. And then she just cried in tears of joy. My lady was in tune with her emotional outburst. Sandra’s eyes teared up in recognition of this long anticipated moment of pure lust and joy that she was finally able to share with her beloved friend. With the long awaited encounter now over, the two women remained locked together. Their entire bodies were still, except for the slow, insistent rubbing together of their locked vulvas. The tears had now subsided and both women had this look of pure bliss on their beautiful faces. Beth’s eyes opened and she sat up.

“Come to me, darling.” She requested the warmth of Sandra’s naked embrace. My lady happily obliged her. With their bodies once again pressed together, Beth and Sandra shared a tender, loving embrace and a long, soft kiss. They kissed and moaned and kissed some more and moaned some more. I managed to get a fascinated Joseph’s attention.

“This is a very intimate moment for them. We should probably leave them alone.” I advised.

“You’re right. Let’s leave them alone for a while.”

Back in the living room, Joseph and I enjoyed some tea that I brewed. I didn’t want to give him any more alcohol. He had pretty much sobered up and was, I expect, more than ready to take his luscious wife home. But as we quietly discussed the extraordinary event we had just witnessed, I reminded him of our wager.

“Ahh…yes.” Joseph said. He manned up, reached for his wallet and removed a crisp one dollar bill. He started to hand it to me, but then held up.

“You’re not welshing on our bet, are you?” I asked suspiciously.

“Oh no, never. But I’ve got a proposition for you.”

“Hmm…I’m listening. Speak.”

“Well, DC, I know my Beth. She’s as gracious and charming as they come. BUT, she’s also a proud woman.” Joseph tried to explain.

“Please continue.”

“By gracious I mean she’s gracious in defeat…” he paused thoughtfully. I sensed something was coming.


“Like I said, she’s proud. And her pride took a blow tonight.”

“Get to the point, brother Joseph.”

“My point is, that wonderful, gracious and proud woman is almost certainly going to want a rematch with Sandra. Maybe even demand one.”

“I see where you’re going with this, and I LIKE it!”

“Ultimately, of course, it would be up to Sandra. Do you think she’d be willing to give Beth another shot?”

“Well, my lady is also very gracious, friend. I’m pretty sure she’d be willing to have another go with your lovely wife. So, Joseph, put that dollar away. Next round, double or nothing. Deal?”

“You got yourself a deal, pod’ner.”

“But! If Beth should win next time, then…” I said.

“I hear you, loud and clear brother.” Joseph broadly grinned.

“Then…the rubber match. For that one, if it’s needed, the bet will be three dollars.” I proclaimed.


We shook on it. Like men.

“You know, Joseph…this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

Sandra and Beth then rejoined us in the living room. I assumed by the wet hair that they had taken a quick shower together. Just the thought of the two of them, drenched and pressed together under the shower, the delicious vision of Sandra giving Beth a breast to breast lather while their mouths were locked in a passionate kiss made my dick stir once again. Both women looked lovingly at us with what could only be described as “Cheshire Cat” grins.

“And what are you fellas talking about?” Sandra asked, coyly. Beth’s eyes seemed to twinkle. Indeed, both women seemed absolutely radiant!

“Man stuff.” Joseph said, flashing a big smile at both of them.

“Oh, I think it was a little more than that, you sweet men.” Beth teased us.

“Actually, Joseph and I were just saying how much we’re looking forward to our next get-together.”

“So are we!” Beth and Sandra replied in perfect sync.

The End.

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Alternate Ending:

Joseph Andrews pulled into his driveway, put his SUV in park, then turned off the motor. With his hands still holding tightly onto the steering wheel, he sighed and looked at his lovely wife Elizabeth. The ride home had been silent, as he and Beth were stunned by what had happened forty-five minutes ago. She turned and met his eyes with a slightly disappointed facial expression. Her eyes then looked away, like a puppy who had just been naughty.

“I thought for sure you’d beat her.” He said, shaking his head ever so slightly.

“She was way better than I thought she would be. Tonight, I just lost to the better woman. Sorry, my love.”

Joseph reached across and took his wife’s soft hand into his.

“Don’t worry, darling.”

“You’re not upset?”

“Goodness, no! Well, perhaps a little. But it was a splendid match!” Joseph said with visions of the evening’s events causing that familiar stirring in his loins.

“Besides, a rematch with the lovely Sandra is almost certain.”

“Really!!! Wow!” Beth cried out.

“I thought you might like that.”

“They’re both OK with a rematch?” Beth could barely contain her excitement.

“D.C. is all for it.”

“And Sandra? What about her?”

“Do you seriously think that the lovely Sandra would pass up the chance to go at it with you again?”

“Well,” Beth cooed. “we really fit together VERY well.”

“Understand something, dear wife.”


“You must win the match!”

“Must win? Why ‘must’ I win? You’ve never demanded that before.”

“Because if and when you do, it will establish the need for the tie-breaker…the ‘rubber’ match.”

Beth Andrews gasped in delight. “Joseph Andrews, I love you!”

“Beth, I love you too! By the way, do you have anything left in that sweet pussy for the man you love?” Joseph asked, with a sly grin that indicated he already knew the answer. Beth winked and got out of the Rav4.

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    I know that my stories are not typical of the sexy fare that is served up here. This makes your complimentary thoughts so much more appreciated…



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