The Proper Amount Of Suction: Part 1 by A.Penman

Debbie Dyson was proud of her most recent accomplishment.  Well, kind of.  In just under a year the beautiful brunette with shoulder length hair had risen to the esteemed position of “Associate” at the Mesquite, TX Wolemart.  Technically, her title was “Co-Associate.”  This was not entirely what she had hoped for, as it was a shared title.  But it was a step up to a department head position, and a step up in her career ladder.  So, she vowed to swallow her pride and do her best.  

However, the reason she was not pleased with this shared role was that the person she was forced to share the position with was a woman she did not like.  

Hannah Hoover had been hired a little over six months ago.  She was a gorgeous blond with hair that came down to her middle back.  Except for hair color, she was a physical match for Debbie in every way.  She had quickly become a favorite of both staff and management and had been assigned to the electronics department after her “corporate philosophy” indoctrination and store orientation was completed.  But after about six months, she let it be known that she was not happy there.  She requested a transfer.

Debbie, however, was not thrilled when her supervisor and store manager, a weasel-like man named Bruce Bissell, transferred Hannah from electronics to what she considered her department.  Then, adding insult to injury, Debbie was ordered to orient her.   

Now, just shy of the year mark for Debbie and the seven month mark for Hannah, Bissell decided that both of these lovely women should co-manage the Housewares department.  Debbie had been led to believe by Bissell that she would eventually have autonomy in Housewares.  When this did not turn out to be the case, she became justifiably upset.  

Bissell was known by his underlings as “Bissell the suck up” because he always had his nose up the ass of upper-level management with his lips puckered, ready to kiss ass.  In his office one day, Debbie expressed her distress over this repugnant situation. 

“Mr. Bissell, you told me that if I applied myself and worked hard, which I have done, that I could manage Housewares.  Now you’re telling me that I must share that responsibility with…with…HER!”  Debbie was so upset that she couldn’t even say Hanna’s name.

Bissell peered out over his wire rimmed glasses, barely able to avert his leer from Debbie’s wondrous, colossal chest.  Debbie was so emotional that Bissell could see her hardened nipples pushing out as her white satin blouse struggled to contain her massive breasts.  My goodness, how those top buttons are straining, he thought as his burgeoning cock hid behind the confines of his custom Wolemart executive desk.

“My dear Debbie…” Bissell attempted to mollify her, “You have worked hard and done a wonderful job!  And I know this isn’t what you hoped for.  However, several studies have shown that fostering a healthy competition between employees can significantly improve productivity.  And that’s what it’s all about-the bottom line.”  He said, pleased with himself.  He was bullshitting of course.  There were no such studies.

“You want us to compete against each other?”  Debbie said in disbelief.

Bissell smugly leaned back in his chair.  He raised his arms and clasped his hands behind his head, unknowingly exposing his underarm perspiration stains.  In his mind’s eye, he envisioned beautiful Hannah squaring off with Debbie.  She was every bit as busty as Debbie.  And from the minute he hired her, he knew exactly what he had in mind.

Debbie cringed at the sight of his “pits” and tried not to inhale too deeply as Bissell’s essence began to permeate the office air.  

“Why not?  It’ll be good for the four of you…I mean the two of you.  It’ll be an exceptional competition!  The two of you are so evenly matched!”

“Exactly what do you mean by ‘evenly matched?’”  Debbie demanded an explanation.  

Bissell stuttered a bit as he attempted to explain.  “Well, you’re both young, beautiful women with exceptional assets.”

Debbie looked at him, questioning his meaning.  He attempted to explain.  “What I mean is you’re both young and both have plenty of talent and ambition.  I’m guessing that you’re both twenty-two or twenty-three years old.”

“Twenty-three.”  Debbie verified.

“Look, Debbie.  As I see it, both you and Hannah have bright futures here at Wolemart.  I’m asking that both of you hang in there and accept the situation, put aside any ill feelings and keep this a friendly competition.  I believe that with cooperation and hard work, the two of you can bring housewares up to corporate standards.  I think the two of you will eventually come to see the wisdom of this decision, and the two of you will end up getting along famously.  Wouldn’t that be splendid?”  he lied.

Confused, Debbie left his office in a huff, unsatisfied with what Bissell had said.  Still, she would try to make the best of the situation.

Bissell knew exactly how old they were, as he’d spent some time in private perusing both of their job applications for “pertinent information” such as their marital status.  Sure, both girls were indeed young, beautiful and ambitious.  But Bissell was far more interested in how they matched up physically.  He was quite thrilled by the fact that both women sported such delightfully large bosoms.  Both women were about five feet four inches tall, with beautiful faces and spectacular bodies all around.  Bissell sensed that, given a nurturing work environment and enough time, there would eventually be a heated physical confrontation between Debbie and Hannah and their four EE breasts and who knows what else.  He intended to provide an atmosphere in which the ill feelings between these two magnificent women could foment, to the point when they could no longer keep their hands off of each other.  His intent was to gently guide them to an all out, epic, hopefully naked, winner take all, woman to woman battle.  To his prurient delight, things  between the two busty Co-Associates began to heat up quickly.

After little more than a week of sharing the responsibilities of the job, they began to disagree over this and that-small things at first.  Each of them would come to his office in private in order to complain about the other.  He would make only modest attempts to assuage them, telling each woman that she just needed to work a little harder at getting along and making the department more profitable.  Needless to say, each woman left his office unhappy.

The next thing that Bissell learned, through his small network of informants, thrilled him immeasurably.  It seemed that Hannah and Debbie had begun to openly compete with outfits that each wore to work.  Skirts were getting tighter and increasingly shorter.  Then blouses became an area of contention.  Fully aware of each other’s assets, both women began to show up to work in tighter and lower cut and blouses.  On an almost daily basis, each woman would show up to work in tops that were meant to say “my tits are better than your tits, bitch.”  A sweltering female competition was evolving, just as Bissell had hoped.  Like molten lava, the slow, foreboding bubbling of full, rounded white hot cleavage seemed destined to erupt.  Just thinking of this latent, inevitable clash of the bust lines in the privacy of his office, Bissell could barely keep his right hand off of his crotch.  

But the straw that broke the camel’s back, the incident that provoked a heated verbal argument, happened in the vacuum cleaner section.  The Housewares department boasted a fine selection of the latest home cleaning machines from all the top manufacturers.  But Debbie and Hannah ultimately disagreed on which styles to keep in stock.

Debbie wanted to do away with all canister style cleaners that required bags.  She felt that they were obsolete.  Certainly, no one wanted to buy them anymore.  They would just sit around collecting dust, and not the way they were supposed to.  Why take up valuable display space with vacuums no one wanted anymore when they could better utilize the space to display more of the latest styles of bag-less vacuum cleaners?   Hannah vehemently disagreed with her.  She felt that there was still a market for canister vacuums with bags.  She argued that lots of people still liked and used them, including herself.  There was no way she was going to let Debbie eliminate them.  Not on her watch.  

So there, in front of a delightful display of Shark Navigators, Shark Rocket Ultra-Lights and Shark Freestyle Cordless cleaners, the two busty women stood toe to toe, snarling at each other over the merits and drawbacks of bag versus bag-less vacuum cleaners, no longer able to conceal or control their disdain for each other.  They had reached the tipping point.  A small crowd of excited men quickly gathered, hoping to witness two busty women get into tangled, roll-around catfight.

“Reeeerrrr!!!!”  one of the men vocalized.

“Hiiissssss!!! “ another man responded.  

Over the in-store public address system, a voice announced: “Attention Wolemart shoppers!  Catfight in Housewares!  Once again, catfight in the Housewares department!  Get over there fast!  You won’t want to miss it!  And while you’re there, shoppers, why not take advantage of our everyday low prices on the vacuum cleaner of your choice? ”

Bissell, who had been paged on his personal pager, rushed excitedly to the scene.  When he arrived, the two women were exchanging insults, about to lunge into each other.  He quickly noted the minimal space that separated their jutting, perfectly aligned and heaving bosoms.  The battle of his dreams was about to happen.  But he couldn’t let it happen in public.  He had a plan.    

“Now, now…ladies please!!!”  he beseeched.  “Stop this public display of open hostility between two super hot women!”

Hannah turned to him and spoke first.  “Mr. Bissell, this bitch…”

“Who you callin’ bitch…you bitch?”  Debbie screamed.

“Alright!  Enough!!!”  Bissell asserted, feeling his loins surge from power.

“Both of you.  In my office.  Now!!!”

They both looked at him, frozen.

“NOW ladies!!!!!!”

“Wow.  He’s really upset.  Did you see all those exclamation points?”  Debbie observed.

“He must mean business.”  Hannah offered.

Upset and a bit afraid, both women followed Bissell to his office.  Once inside, Bissell locked the office door and gestured for the two women to have a seat.

“You want us to sit there?  Next to each other on the couch?”

“I want the two of you to be close together.”

“I don’t want to sit next to that bitch!”  Hannah exclaimed.

“I don’t wanna sit next to you either, slut!”  Debbie retorted.

But Bissell insisted, so they begrudgingly complied.  He pulled up a comfortable office chair and sat directly facing the women.  “Closer together, ladies…hip to hip if you would.”

“But…”  Debbie objected.

“But…”  Hannah protested.

“Hip to hip, ladies!”  Bissell again insisted.  

So they moved in close, making contact from their butts fully down to their knees.  Both women tingled at the contact. Bissell sensed their mutual arousal.  He smiled at them through his poor dentition. 

Sitting so close to each other, Hannah’s arm went reflexively around Debbie’s waist.  Realizing what she had done, she recoiled instantly, then moved away from Debbie.

“What’s the matter bitch?  You afraid of a little body contact with me?”  Debbie asked, mockingly.  

Hannah, realizing that she had shown weakness, then felt it necessary to over compensate.  She pounced on Debbie, forcing her down on her back on the couch, and then stretched out on top of her, body to body-all to Bissell’s voyeuristic delight. 

“How’s this for body contact, bitch?”  Hannah mocked.  

Feeling the fullness of Hannah, chest on chest, Debbie became excited and stretched her legs out while wrapping her arms around Hannah’s waist.  Both busty women instantly knew their destiny.  Their bodies acclimated to each other.  Through the fabric of blouses and brassieres, fulsome, perfectly matched breasts began to spar and rhythmically wrestle while Bissell’s cock sprung to attention.  He sensed he could now steer this in the direction it needed to go.

“Now ladies!  Hannah, Debbie please…”

“Stay out of this, Bissell!”  Debbie said, turning to him, surprised at her own impertinence.  But then, to her surprise and delight, Hannah chimed in.

“Yeah Bissell, mind your own fucking business.  This is between me and Debbie.”

Then, suddenly the two women looked at each other and realized something.   Bissell then tried again.

“Actually girls, I was about to say that I have an idea.  One you both might like.” 

“Let’s hear it.”  Hannah said, speaking for them both while not breaking eye contact and tit to tit contact with Debbie.  

“Well, there is a way to settle this, if you’re interested in hearing it.”

The two sexually aroused rivals then separated and sat up.

“What do you have in mind, Mr. B?”  Debbie asked.

“Well, my two prized subordinates, it occurs to me that the Executive Exercise Room will be completely empty in less than a half hour.”

“And?”  They both said.

“Well, it seems to me that when I close the store this evening I could somehow forget to lock the exercise room.  I have been a bit forgetful lately.  This is, of course, after I conveniently provide the two of you with certain necessities, such as mats, towels and anything else that you two obviously determined-to-lock-in-battle women might need.  Perhaps even some baby oil.  What do you think?”  Bissell snorted.

Debbie consulted with Hannah with her eyes.  Hannah understood.  She then spoke for both of them.

“We accept the offer.  But there’s a condition.”

“Name it!”  Bissell excitedly replied. 

“Hannah and I have accepted our fate.  We intend to settle this, woman to woman, in private.”  

“OK.  What’s the caveat?”

The two women smiled at each other, then turned to Bissell.  “You DO NOT get to watch.”  Hannah stated, assertively.

“Oh!  That’s just not fair!”  A frustrated, blue balled Bissell protested.

“Tough shit, Bissell!  You set us up for this!  You think we don’t know that, you weasel?” Debbie added angrily.

Bissell had no choice.  After all his scheming, he couldn’t not let them fight.  Meekly, he consented to their stipulations.  But Bissell didn’t rise to store manager by being stupid.  He had a backup plan…

To be continued in the chapter that follows this one…



It was thirty minutes after closing time at the Mesquite, TX Wolemart store. Debbie Dyson and Hannah Hoover stood alone in the low light of the executive exercise room, facing off at last for their much anticipated showdown.  Naked by agreement, both women stood at the apex of mutual anger and hatred that had been simmering for months and was seasoned with a substantial portion of repressed sexual desire.  

They had agreed that the looser of this womanly clash of bodies would either step down from the co-associate position to a lesser position such as sales clerk, or request a transfer to another department.  They also agreed to one accessory each…

Twenty minutes earlier the two women lathered and rinsed alongside each other in the open showers.  Two magnificent females, cleansing and preparing their evenly matched bodies for the set-to that had been in the offing for many months.  Still, under the cascading waters, their mutual dislike notwithstanding…

“My word, Hannah, you have a fantastic body!”

“May I say the same about you, Debbie?”

“Yes, you may.”  They both giggled.  

“We’re so evenly matched, Debbie.  This is going to be an intense battle.”

“Heated and sensual too, Hannah.”

“I agree.  But make no mistake, Debbie.  I’m taking you down.”

“Oh, I believe it’s going to be the other way around.  When I’m done with you, you’ll be my bitch.”

“I ain’t nobody’s bitch, BITCH!”

“I guess we’ll see.”

“I guess we will.”  Hannah summarized

When the shower was done, they toweled off and donned soft white terry cloth robes from the ladies ware department and ventured into the workout room.  As promised, store manager and weasel extraordinaire Bruce Bissell had left mats, towels and other items.  The two women then arranged the mats along side each other, giving them extra space for the imminent battle.  Hannah then rounded, checking all doors and closets, then returned to the mat.  

“What was that all about?”  ask a puzzled Debbie.

“Just making certain that Bissell isn’t hiding anywhere.”

“Good idea, but are we ready now?”  an eager Debbie asked.

“Not just yet,”  Hannah replied.  

“What’s going on?”

“Grab a few hand towels and follow me.”

The two women then went around to the four ventilation ducts in the room.  At each stop Hannah stood on a chair and, using a stapler she had borrowed from the hardware department, stapled a hand towel over each duct.  It dawned on Debbie that she was covering up surveillance cameras.  When they were finished, the women returned to the mats and stood approximately twelve feet apart.  They removed their robes.  Debbie smiled at her voluptuous opponent.

“How did you know?”  she asked.

“I used to work in electronics, remember?”

“So, you installed these cameras?”

“Not these,” Hannah explained, “likely one of our beloved manager’s lackeys.  I installed a number of others around the store, but I wouldn’t have anything to do with private areas.  Even so, it started to bother me that I was helping them spy on people.”  Hannah confessed.

“So, rather than becoming one of his lackeys, you asked to be transferred out of electronics…very noble I must say.”

“Well, Bissell wasn’t happy about me wanting to transfer.  He doesn’t like anyone going against his wishes.  But you know that.”

“Yes, I do.  So then, how did you get him to agree to the transfer?”

“Well, let’s just say that, more than once, Bissell was the subject of one of his spy cameras.  And I have the videos.”

“You devious slut!  I like it!”  Debbie said wryly.  “But Hannah, by transferring to housewares, weren’t you just playing into his plan to have us compete and eventually fight each other?”

“I suppose that I was.  But let’s be honest, Debbie…my tits against your tits, my body against your body…no way this hot clash wasn’t going to happen!”

Debbie Dyson smiled knowingly at Hannah Hoover.  “So here we are, woman to woman at last, about to match breasts, bodies and inevitably, the power of our suction.”  

Hannah nodded in agreement, feeling her nipples rise.  “You’ve been wanting this just as much as I have.”  She pointed out.

“Oh my, yes!”  Debbie confirmed.      

Confident now that they were free of prurient managerial surveillance, the two fulsome beauties initiated the proceedings.  In his private command central surveillance room on the second floor, when all of his monitor screens went dark, Bruce Bissell began to scream, curse and throw things.  “Those BITCHES!!!” 

To create a mood, the lighting in the exercise room was reduced by one-third.  Indeed, the two women looked like naked warrior goddesses as they stepped on to the mat.  Their bodies seemed to glow in the soft light.   

“Shall we begin, Debbie?”  

“Yes, indeed, Hannah.”

“I want to check out your hose skills first.”  Hannah stated.

“Fine with me.”

Each woman disconnected a five foot hose from her vacuum and connected her attachment of choice.  Hannah chose the Hoover floor brush, model number 43414142.  Debbie selected the Dyson crevice tool, model 917663-01.  The battle was on!

Hannah held the connecting end of her hose in her left hand.  She then raised her right arm high and began to skillfully swing the hose in an arcing motion over her head.  Debbie followed suit.  The room filled with high speed whirring sounds.  It was exciting to both women to hear their hoses slice into the evening air.  Seeing the effect this motion had on each other’s breasts was also extremely erotic.  As each woman increased the velocity of their swinging motion, their wondrous tits moved rhythmically from side to side.  They closed in on each other, swinging their corrugated hoses in calculated, practiced motions, like two martial artists.  Debbie then took a swipe at Hanna’s legs.  Hannah anticipated this and jumped to avoid the high speed hose.  She returned the favor, swiping at Debbie’s legs.  But she also missed when the brunette jumped.  Frustrated, Hannah then took a downward swipe, missing Debbie’s tits by about a foot.  When the second swipe came, Debbie countered with an upward trajectory, fending off Hanna.  Several more thrusts and parries followed.  And with each of these  motions, they inched closer together.  Finally, the inevitable happened as their corrugated cleaning accessories met in mid air and became inexorably intertwined.  Both women tugged and yanked and pulled and cursed in a futile attempt to free their interlocked hoses.  But it was to no avail.

They paused in frustration, fuming at each other as both sets of breasts rose and fell asynchronously.  There was no denying how turned on both women were in the heat of this moment.  Still…   



“Fuck you Hannah!”

“Thank you Debbie.  And fuck you too!”

Debbie tossed her hose aside.  Hanna followed suit.

“There’s no way I’m going to let you take housewares from me you bleach blonde  bimbo!”

“Try and stop me, you brunette whore!!!”

“Oh, I’m going to stop you all right.”  Debbie replied.

“Well, if you think you can, then maybe we should get down to business.”


Debbie aligned their boobs, matching her erect nipples, then areolae with Hannah’s.  Both she and Hannah moaned at the first contact. They clasped hands above their heads as they forced their massive chests into full contact.  

“Oh yes!  Tits to tits, at last!”  Hannah cried out.

“How it was meant to be.”  Debbie said, excitedly.

The increasing force with which they crushed their breasts into each other caused the women to swoon and to stagger.  The longer their tits remained locked together, the more aroused both women became.  Oh, how both women had longed for this exquisite consummation of their perfectly matched bosoms!  Debbie began to wonder if she could climax by just rolling and mashing tits with Hannah.  Both women dropped their arms down in an attempt to maintain balance.  Wrapping their arms around each other in a crushing bear hug locked their spectacular, antagonistic breasts into the skin on skin confrontation that both women had longed for.  It also brought their smooth stomachs into a full on press, and drew them into a direct crotch to crotch encounter.  As the struggle continued, and the body contact between them became increasingly intimate, they could not control the slow rocking of pelvis into pelvis.  Their bodies became so intensely engaged with each other that the two naked co-associates eventually tumbled to the mat.  Both women grunted, groaned, and moaned in sexual pleasure, kissing hard then exchanging insults.  This exquisite roll around wrestling match between their bodies lasted almost fifteen minutes.  Body banging and grinding, swearing and sucking tongues, brought both women to the brink of orgasm, even without any serious cunt to cunt challenge.  

Eventually, Hannah rolled on top.  In order to keep Debbie subdued, Hannah stretched her arms out so that any upper body leverage and strength was neutralized.  The blond continued to mash her huge, dense tits into her brunette rival’s tits, noting how marvelous and full they were and that they showed little or no sag.  She had thought to herself on occasion that if it came down to a battle of naked breasts, her tits would certainly dominate and defeat Debbie’s tits.  The altercation was finally happening, and it was well worth the wait.  But the imagined outcome was not what Hanna had anticipated.  This was a real woman she had chosen to match bodies with,  not a shrinking violet.  Now Hanna found that the uncertainty of the outcome was quite exciting.  The distinct possibility that this woman could possibly take her had a distinct effect on her thick pussy.  She wondered…then sunk her nipples deep into Debbie’s tit meat.   

“Nipples to nipples bitch!”  Debbie demanded.  

“Well, you’re not exactly in a position to make demands you fucking slut!  But I’ll accommodate you.”

Being careful not to allow Debbie any opportunity for advantage, Hannah raised her upper torso ever so slightly, then guided her silken breasts until she matched nipples with the woman beneath her.  Each woman instantly felt the thrill of this pairing.

Hanna pushed downward and the duel continued, first nipples, then tits.  But the contest spread out as bodies aligned, both women wanting to challenge with every square inch of naked flesh…every inch of Hanna’s body writhing in concert with Debbie’s body.  Hanna pushed down and Debbie would meet her with an upward  thrust.  Firm, muscled bellies slapped and pressed.  Then, Hannah began bumping her pubic mound into her adversary’s mound as if to let Debbie know she was indeed the superior woman.

“You better get used to working under me, slut.”  Hannah mocked, feeling both mounting power and sexual tension as her body continued to subdue Debbie’s writhing body.

“Fuck you Hannah Hoover!  The Housewares Department is MINE!  I’ve worked too long and too hard to loose it to a big titted tramp like you!”  Debbie said angrily.

“Face it slut, you’re history.”  Hannah retorted.  

Debbie then screamed and bucked furiously upward with her hips, in an attempt to throw Hannah off.  But each of her upward thrusts was met with a full force downward slam from Hannah, effectively neutralizing any lower body challenge.  Each move that Debbie used to get Hannah off of her was met by a counter move from her sexy rival.  There was a heated chess match going on between their naked bodies, and Hannah was starting to move her queen into position.  But Debbie wasn’t ready to lock queens with Hannah, not just yet.  The battle of breasts, tummies and crotches continued to unfold.  Yet the thick swells of saturated labia had not yet made contact.  Engorged with blood and lust, two cunts remained uninvolved, out of the fray.   

Debbie had to reassess her tactics.  She noted that they were both slick with perspiration and wondered if she could use this to her advantage.  Then it hit her. Create a diversion!  Eye to eye and nose to nose, the two women struggled, breathing heavily, feeling each other’s breath at their soft lips. 

“You have my body pinned, Hannah.  But you haven’t managed to subdue my mouth and tongue.”  Debbie said as she moved her tongue out just past her lower lip and then extended it just far enough to softly stroke Hanna’s full lips.  It was a gauntlet that Hannah could not resist crossing.  She hungrily sealed her parted lips with Debbie’s, and tongues made contact in a slippery, saliva coated wrestling match.  

The bait had been taken.  Debbie increased the heat, kissing Hannah with savage passion.  The two women locked their mouths and swirled their tongues inside.  

The intense kissing had the desired effect.  Hannah’s attention had been diverted enough to where Debbie thought she had a chance to overpower her.  It felt like she was loosing her concentration on their body locked battle.  It felt like the passion of the kiss was overtaking her.

In one concerted, herculean effort, Debbie freed her wrists and rolled to the right, using the slickness of their sweaty bodies to her advantage, and overpowered Hannah. On her back now, with Debbie’s lush body molding to hers, Hannah cursed.

“You fucking cunt!!!”  Hannah screamed.

“You are MINE now, bitch!”  Debbie taunted.

“Just a minor setback, we’ve only just begun, you slut.”  Hannah countered.

Debbie was able to maintain her top position for another ten minutes or so, with breast to breast manipulations and sensual kissing.  But she knew, as did Hannah, that this needed to go to the next level…the ultimate test.

After an extended crotch slamming duel, Debbie voluntarily rolled off of her blond nemesis.  

“You giving up?”

“No way!”

“Then what?”  asked Hannah, knowing full well what was coming next.

“You know exactly what, Hannah…the true test.”

Hannah flashed an evil grin.  She then sat up and spread her legs, daring the brunette to come meet her in the inevitable, full on duel of cunts that would determine the queen of housewares.

Debbie slid her legs into Hannah’s.  They established the classic scissor position.  Two smooth, hairless cunts closed in on each other.  They stopped just an inch apart, just to savor the moment.

“Dyson versus Hoover in the ultimate confrontation,”  Hannah observed.  

“Finally!”  replied Debbie.

“You don’t suck nearly as good as I suck, Debbie Dyson.”

“Oh, I think you’re about to find out that my suction is far superior to yours, Hannah Hoover.”

“Why don’t we adjust our settings to maximum, bare floor/skin on skin suction and find out?”  said Hannah.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Hannah.  My maximum cyclonic suction might be a little too powerful for you.  Why don’t we start out at a medium suction setting such as low pile, until your cunt gets used to the power of my cunt?” 

Debbie’s condescension really annoyed Hannah.

“Oh FUCK YOU!  I can handle anything you’ve got you arrogant cunt!”

“Are you sure that you want your cunt to be sucked into the vortex of my cunt?”

“Bring it slut!!!”  Hannah said, defiantly.

“Suit yourself, Hannah Hoover.”       

“You’re goin’ down, Debbie Dyson!” 

And with that, the two naked beauties nodded to each other.  Then in an unspoken signal, they thrust their pussies into each other.  A full labia lockup was immediately established.  Using kegel response, both women flexed their powerful levator muscles, including pubococcygeus and puborectalis, and pulled thick labia tightly together, creating an exquisite suction between the two locked cunts.  

“Arrrggghhh!!!”  Hannah screamed.

“Uuuuggghhh!!!”  Debbie cried.

The two juiced pussies sucked together, almost with a vengeance.  Both women were overjoyed to finally be joined in this all out cunt to cunt woman battle.  Then Debbie surprised Hannah, pleasantly by pointing at one of  the covered ventilation ducts.

“HEY BISSELL!  Hannah and I are in a leg-scissored fuck fight with our naked, juicy pussies.  It’s a damn shame you can’t see this.”  She shouted into the room.  Hannah laughed out loud, then gave Debbie a high five.  And then, they got busy.

It was a thick lipped battle to be sure.  In truth, neither woman expected to have an easy time of it.  Now the two lush pussies worked themselves into each other in a deep fuck.  

Earlier, in the showers, both women took time to assess each other’s rounded and thick labia.  That is, when they could take their eyes off of each other’s spectacular tits.  Both of them knew then that this was going to be a long, sweaty, orgasm filled night.

With each woman straining and flexing vaginal musculature, maximum purchase was easily accomplished.  They were in a consummate bond.  Each woman’s fulsome labia now felt the delicious, wanton grip of the other’s thickly swollen lips.  It was almost worrisome how evenly matched they were.  In order to maintain their grip on each other, pelvic rotations were much smaller and slower.  The air was starting to fill with womanly musk and the sweet sounds of two cunts sucking deeply into each other.  

“I’m gonna fuck that hot pussy of yours until you scream for mercy, Dyson.”

“You’re the one who’s going to be begging me to stop, Hoover.”

“Let’s get it on!!!”


Both girls focused every bit of skill and effort into their locked cunts, squeezing and releasing, then squeezing again.  The duel continued, evenly contested, for thirty minutes.  From flat on their backs, to sitting up in tripod, neither woman could gain an advantage.  Hannah could feel her thick labia being deeply sucked into the folds of Debbie’s cunt.  But then, she would withdraw slightly and reverse the process, pulling Debbie’s thick meat into the folds of her lush pudenda…

The battle raged on close to an hour more.  They then sat up in order to suck tongues and reunite their colossal, sex hungry breasts. Then…

A sudden surge coursed through Hannah’s loins.  At first it was assertive, but not overwhelming.  Then, in a split second of deep vacuum, Hannah felt her clitoris being sucked deeply into Debbie’s cunt.  It was deep inside the patented Dyson cyclonic vortex that Hannah’s large clit met and mated with Debbie’s bountiful, powerful clit.  Both sweaty sexually potent women let out a shriek at the connection.  In a matter of minutes, the surge that Hannah felt began to build in near excruciating tension.  Tension that demanded release.  Debbie sensed what was happening and really turned up the heat.  Using all the power and control of her vaginal muscles, she focused her cunt on the savory meat with which it was engaged.

Hannah felt her mind slip into euphoria as she felt her fulsome pussy lips being sucked ever deeper into her rival’s cunt, while inside her clit fought furiously with Debbie’s girl cock.  Goddamn this bitch was good!!!  Her hips began to thrash uncontrollably as pounding waves of cum rolled out of her and into Debbie’s welcoming body.  Flailing around on her back, she found the wherewithal to sit up and meet the brunette once again tits to tits and mouth to hungry mouth.  Minutes later, Debbie came hard into her cunt, in an orgasm of bliss and victory.  

The two women fucked, kissed and slammed tits savagely for ten more minutes before Hannah fell flat on her back, exhausted and defeated, but satiated. When their bodies came together once again in a sitting position, Hannah looked deeply into Debbie’s eyes and spoke.

“Guess I’ll be transferring back to electronics.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that.”  Debbie said.

“What do you mean?”

“I still think we can work together.  Bissell doesn’t know about our agreement.”

Hannah thought it over.

“You don’t think I should step down or even transfer?”

“No, we can still co-manage housewares.”

“That’s very sweet and generous, but Debbie, won’t we argue a lot and fight a lot?”

Debbie then took Hanna down to the mat, body to body.

“That’s the general idea you slut.”

Hannah cried out in prurient delight and the two women body rolled on the mat.

“You really SUCK, Debbie Dyson!”

The End

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